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Welcome everyone to a brand new video where we're talking about Tampudu, episode six, because you know this channel, you got to do at least one etchy every season, apparently. I will say this, this episode started out pretty wholesome for the most part, because the little sister of Yuzuki, which I forget her name, I think it is like Kagura or something like that. I think her name was Kagura or something like that. But she's basically writing in her diary explaining how since Akigame has been back at their temple, their little family that they have there has kind.

Of started changing. But for the better. Everyone seems a lot more goofy, a lot more free spirited, a lot more determined to do things. And she can see those changes happening. And it all really started because of Akagame. And she's kind of hoping that Akagame could kind of stay with them for a long period of time. That start was actually pretty wholesome.

And I actually did appreciate it given all the bullshit that we've gotten from the show. But right after that we get the opening, and then after that we get a shot of Yuzuki getting out of the shower and her stepping on a scale worried. And as she screams, she calls kind of an all girls a meeting at the house where she is talking to everyone, not about anything really that serious, but makes it seem serious because she goes off saying that she goes off saying that the scale that she was sitting on is cursed. Now, what exactly could we mean by cursed? Well, it means that she gave the.

Description of the scale is not properly giving the correct measurements or the current number that it should have been. Therefore the scale must be cursed. And now we got to do something to break the curse. I E she's gained weight and they need to gain weight. The amount of denial that everyone follows along with this is insane. Although I don't think they want to say it, but eventually they do in the episode. So it's whatever. So basically the whole part of that series is basically them just trying to.

Figure out the best way to lose weight. And one of the options that they actually go with is Pilates. Here's the problem with that though. They do the Pilates, which by the way, is probably the most etchy scene in here. Nothing really gets revealed, but it is definitely the most etchy scene to be etchy that I've probably seen within this show. I was so baffled about the direction, they just go with it and I'm just like, oh, Jesus fucking Christ. I'll give them a straight though.

They didn't do it with the younger sister, so I appreciate that, but Jesus Christ. Oh my God. But yeah, they all decided to do pilates to try to lose weight, which isn't necessarily a bad idea. However, the thing with that is when they do Pilates, then they all have chores to do. Yuzuki has to go to chop wood. Suzuki is going to practice her Ashuri. Akagame and Mia were going to do laundry and stuff like that, which they're.

Doing laundry for literally everyone in the house, which can be a strenuous type of work. So they're all coming back at the end of the day just extremely tired and realizing that they already do enough physical activity so they don't really have to they don't really have to go ahead and do all the work that they're doing because they already do enough physical activity to potentially even offset any weight gain that they could gain. So then Yuzuki brings up the fact that the only option that they probably have is that they have to diet.

And everyone is just kind of dreading that. But they also don't want to tell Akagame that they are dieting. Know he's a guy. Lowell now, I'm not gonna lie, I don't know if I'm missing any steps, but I think when they talk about it, they do eventually realize that even if we were dieting, we're already eating pretty well because Akagame already makes a lot of vegetarian stuff. He doesn't usually lean towards a lot of meat, and a lot of his food's actually healthy.

So I think they just chalk it up to the point that they're just developing and it's not a problem. And it actually is a nice well of confidence until Akigame comes and decides to try to spoil them with some sweets that he made. And everyone is just a tad bit upset because now they think that Akigame is fattening them up. So for Kagura, who throughout this has expressed how much she wants Akigame to stay and tries to convince Suzuki to seduce Akigame since Yuzuki is now engaged. But Suzuki makes a little joke saying, oh, why don't you do it? And.

Kagura is just rushing to do it. And towards the end of this part, they even go ahead they even go ahead and mention how with Kagura, how he hopes that no, not he. Jesus. No, not he. That she hopes that, you know, she was to express this would wait until she's an adult. That's very adorable. I hope that's not the way it goes, though. We'll be honest with you now, I was kind of thrown off by this part because.

These last like, five episodes have at least been one continuous story that's been told within 22 minutes runtime. But we kind of got like a split story thing happening here and I don't know if they're going to continue that or not. It just kind of threw me off where it was kind of connected at first, but it just seems like a whole different story compared to the dieting thing because the dieting thing never really brought up or the weight gain never really brought up after this, which, again, it threw me off a little bit when understanding it.

But yeah, we basically enter a whole new story where Akagame is getting a request in Yuzuki to make puku radish for breakfast or for the meal that they're making. And he sees her walking around the corner with like an axe. And again, Akagame being Akagame, makes extreme, extreme leaps and just super jumps the gun on so much shit. And so he just assumes that she is now practicing her swing in order to execute Akagame. And so Akagame's goal is to try to get her in her best mood so she doesn't.

Kill her. And so they have a breakfast where he makes all this good food, which is all of Yuzuku's favorites, but when she sits down, she doesn't say anything. And when she eats the pickled radish, she also doesn't say anything. It makes Akigama feel even more worried. Now he's doubling around worried and freaked out, being like, wow, I'm going to die, until he runs into Yuzuki on the floor begging for help because she's doing some training with Kiki, who is the current temporary head priest of the temple.

And so through another whole big ass misunderstanding, we find out that obviously Yuzuki was never planning on trying to kill Akagame. Rather she's just training to do the Tokuro in order to become a head priest so she could take over the temple and such and such. This is actually also when we find out that and I forgot this was the point that Akigami's main goal for going to the temple was to become a monk or a priest of some sorts. But also realizes that he actually wasn't doing anything to work towards that. And he's just been kind of fucking around and living there and haven't.

Really been working towards that goal. Because after explaining what Yuzuki is doing to become a head priest, he now realizes I haven't been doing that. And holy shit, that is a problem. Kiki, at the very least, does offer Akagame the chance to go ahead and learn or go through the training in order to become the head priest. To become a head priest. Not the head priest, but to become a head priest, since his goal was to become some type of monk or a type know, religious type of figure.

So him doing it with Yuzuki will also encourage her more to do it. And Mia over his this as well. And since she's kind of also in the same boat as Akagame as trying to remove her lustrous feelings and trying to become more enlightened through trying to become a monk or priest or whatever nun, Mia also joins. So now it's Yuzuki, Akagame, and Mia who are all training now to become like head priestess or at least a level of a head priest. And so Mia and Akagame are now telling everybody the news that they're going to train to be a head priest.

And what happens is that they actually find out that they have to take a whole extra test, which Kiki didn't bring up about, but she also brings up that, no, you guys gotta understand, yuzuki hasn't taken the test either. No one's taking the test. I'm currently training her right now to take the test. And so that's the whole goal. And she's been very determined to do this. That's why I'm take that's why I'm training her so long in order to do what she needs to do in order to become the head priest.

This inspires both Akagame and Lahibi is like, I'm going to be by your side through the whole thing. Mia going by being like, hey, wait, we're still doing it together, right? And so the three of them have kind of like this bond now. Just like, yeah, we're going to train hard. We're going to do what we can. We're going to kill this shit. And all of this goodwill and good mood, except when Hona, the dude who is currently engaged to Yuzuzuki, pops up literally out of nowhere to check out.

The temple and have a request from Yuzuki and Kiki. I'm not gonna lie, this completely threw me off, but when this dude Hona comes to the temple to check it out, see the estate, which he's not happy about it, and actually sits down in the meeting to talk, first of all, it's just him, Yuzuki, and Kiki, and everyone's kind of eavesdropping. And he notices, obviously, because he's just that aware, but he actually brings Akagame into the meeting as well. And so it's now Kiki, Yuzuki, Akagame, and Hona, and all of them are all talking, and he's basically questioning like, hey, when is Yuzuki going to.

Be able to take the Tokyo test? Or whatever the fuck. And Kiki's personality changes because usually she's just like this laxadaisical kind of I wouldn't say horny, but definitely just kind of like flirtatious person. She gets a lot more serious and a lot more determined when Hona appears. So there's obviously a little bit of history between them. I don't know what that is, but I hope they delve into that at some point to try to figure out what the hell's going on. But she's basically determined, oh, yeah, no, my person is going to be doing.

This in six months, and don't worry your little head about it should be trained. But Hona actually ups the stakes and tells them that she needs to be ready by three, which is a big ask for somebody who has not been properly trained enough in order to take this test. And that is a huge thing because he's like, oh, well, if you can't do it in three, then I'm going to call this engagement off, because obviously you can't do what I'm telling you to. And so, unfortunately, Yuzuki has to take the challenge of trying to be trained in three months to take the Tokuro test.

Akagami is obviously by her side in order to do it. But now the challenge has kind of been laid out of just like they have three months to train for this whole thing and they need to prep as much as they can, because if they don't either, because I'm assuming that if she fails, then he's going to have her close the temple and move on. Because that's what the lady at the other temple wants to happen or tried to tell him to have happen with Yuzuki and that other temple. So it's interesting, there was always a goal, but now we have a far clear direction, a plot direction into where this goal goes.

They're not just like fucking around anymore, they're actually probably going to be training for the next couple of episodes in order to do this. So that's at least cool. I appreciate that for the most part. Obviously, given this episode on this anime, there wasn't much that I could really talk about, but overall it was a fine episode. Nothing too crazy other than the Pilates shit which caught me off guard. I was like, wow, okay, nothing too crazy. I mean, again, I always appreciate plot direction in any type of anime.

Because plot direction is good and knowing where your anime going is also good. So I guess I'll give it there. But let me know what you guys thought of Temputu episode six. If you like the video and you like these weekly episodes or daily episode reviews, go ahead and like the video and subscribe for more of that content on your feed. I don't really have anything else to say. I thought I had some type of thing that no, I think we had a good with the last couple of announcements or whatever.

But with that being said, I will see you guys later. And if you excuse me, I now have to do what I gotta do. Peace.

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