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Today the person we are going to talk about is very exclusive, we know that we had seen Gee in the first episode itself, Urine had saved Asokandriyas, it seemed that he had attacked them before, but after the first episode u gayab ka ho tha kya i saw her appears after waiting a lot of episodes mount natok and gas you know i keep searching for strong content for you and if on anime too Kamal's video is going to come soon well gas in this video you are going to know a lot of insights so let's find out that after the first episode u had disappeared in u's spin off first jio's appears u is shown u takes out his sword and says u Leave it you should know that your begging for your life is futile. After that a man is seen holding a woman and he says.

To her that I will never do this again in the next scene. The man becomes Jeevan and says that I promise you that I will not eat any man after today but why kills him as soon as the salary is due, after this the scene is shown of Kasub a crow who tells him that You have to go to Snow Mountains, there are demon hunters on Snow Mountains, so reach there quickly and kill the demons, after this a very beautiful scene is shown and we are told that this is Tyson error, it is from North West Point. After this an old lady is seen who says that we call her a bear without a cave, with this the old lady tells that she has killed many Matagi hunters as well, her old lady Someone else is also sitting with him and he says that yes, I was also feeling like this because the air here is very tense, but after that.

She already says that do not say that you should be removed from here as soon as possible. And after this, the power of Shinabs is shown, then they say that I am free after a lot of both and I can't trust anyone like this every time for Remedies and from this we have come to know that here Shino those medicines We have to buy, for this we are clearly shown to the people in the scene and she says don't take tension, I just want to kill the bear, here we have understood who is this bear, after that people say if If you want some more sails, then tell me, they both are sitting and talking that it is very loud from outside, something is shaking, how is it that you went back to the mountain alone, in the next scene a girl is shown. And three people would have kept her at home, after that the girl says that I was not alone, there were stars with me, but the man standing among them says that.

Because he is a dog and then leave the revenge of the mother on us. After that Shinovo asks her lady what is all this going on after that the lady says from the sign that it's name or this life I mean it's name or I have given Chand and that's why I don't like it I am naming her Riya, the person with the body says that the mother who was a Matagi hunter and this Riya is her daughter, so one day her father and father's friend were killed by a Matagi but you are the above thing. That her father died right here in front of Riya and since then she acts like this, whenever she comes out of the village, she runs straight to the mountains. Real holds the gun from behind and pushes the man and in the next scene it is revealed that he pushed the man was Jee Poor Jee kills the Demons and pushes a girl if in the scene He says.

Well you are Riya and says no, I have given her the name Riya, why he says let's calm down now, tell me how the team attacked you, people look at you and say what happened Hai Ye Beams Aur Woh To Aloo Hai Nahi People Say That Demons Had Played A Drama On Us, After That They Ask Are You A Policeman ? You have become the leader of Demons and there is no fault of these people here because these people do not even know that there is such a thing called Demons in their world, why do they say no, there is nothing like this in our organization. It is non political, he asks what is it on your waist, then he takes out his sword and bows down in front of those people . look at its strange movements big police bullet.

Yes, I know he is the thief. One of the men says that he is the one who killed the Banner family yesterday on top of the mountain because the police had told that the suspect was half-coloured . He gets fond of his rakhi on Hawari here and says that for one thing I had helped him and these people don't know what they are doing. In the scene itself, it is shown that someone is pointing fingers at Jiao and the finger that was repeatedly pointing at Gee was Shino's finger and you know that I am thinking of the setting of Jahaan Giwaan Giwa. that here instead of snooker there is Sunny also he says take whatever you hold him and hit him he says is there any insidious that you have found me and I see your communication skill is very useless as usual here Sheenu She is enjoying the wheat and the one who always starts she says can.

I help you something Vue says new munni go from here she starts she says you will be the one to make more effort will read to talk to people Because this is the reason people hate you, man has come to u and she tells him that if you want me something, and after eating this she faints, u no holds Riya and says Hai ki isko toh ho ho hai hai sharif hogi let's look at him tell him to band unnecessary things and help me here and here he breaks the ration in his cool hero pose and goes to help people And here Riya i.e. Ya 's fast is shown near Kriya her father's conversation is shown with some man where her father is talking whether Riya should learn to play Gana or not because those people Till date no female even tell good and guys here if you are getting confused by the name.

Then mother means hunter who hunts in the cold, in the last thing it is decided that India's baba will give him a gun. Will teach to drive but the gas weight shows something like that in the next scene, which was too much. In the next scene, Gaurav Priya is shown standing at the entrance of a burning house. Seeing all this, Riya is not able to understand anything, she starts cooking different names, but she takes her father's name along with it, and the very next moment she sees a bear. Somebody is having a dream and after that it is known that he sees a dream and that dream is up to him . In the scene, Shinnobo is shown doing something like this and we know that this act was done even with Tanjore and don't take any wrong idea here.

Because we know that the hospital started, after that the girl and That old lady is sitting at the same place, you know, she tells the girl that now you have come, the situation is going well, it started here, she tells that the girl was sleeping for half a day, here Snowy has something in her hand. It is of medicine type , she tells the girl that in this situation, you should not take revenge from anyone, so drink it, Riya is a little drawn to see the medicine, but she says that without any complaint, drink it with this Riya Tala's dog is shown biting in Ghiya's hand, it means here also there is no respect for chickens, stars are friendly with everyone, but why is he doing this to him, I do not understand here. Taking fun of you, Snoop then says that it is like this, Snowy says that if you do not like it, then I want to ask you two or three questions.

. Maybe he says to people Munni be calm which I will explain to her because it is my beginning she says keep calm you leave it don't do all this like she says those who attacked you if they were really beer If it turns out this is not the thing we are looking for then I want to ask my big question so first of all tell me what is insurance and who are you guys a friend that demons are those who eat humans And they are very brainy but weakness is sun and special type of sword natural bread and there are some people who have to learn special techniques and kill these demons first she says that and they are called demon hunters so Here Riya has become fond and says do you kill demons, from here she says you are doing isect as if we are killing humans, we only kill evil demons here.

It is said that if there is such a demand which has not eaten any person till date, then we will keep him with us and give him love, but we have not received such a demand till date, after eating everything, it starts saying back, do you want our help? Should I have those beers? Turia says no, I don't need you, I will take my revenge myself. What to do, she takes it out from there. Riya counters with you. She has been there and scolds him saying that nothing happens like this day nothing happens here also asks why you have to go alone are you hiding something from us but here the lamp says that from my way By the way you are making me angry, I said that man, look, he has been a child to you, take care of him, he says that I have not seen such oppression till date, that he has become human again, but man here, after paying you lakhs Riya also swallows it from there.

And now I am getting the feeling here that it was really taken out, so look guys, I was getting confused here that the bear without cave because I thought that the bears are there today. They just go to sleep when it's cold, but here bears without caves are those who can't find a cave to sleep in, and they wander around in pain, but if something like this is shown in the panel [MUSIC] ] Tata will be bye-bye, they go out to find him on top of the mountains, it is all night scene and in the next scene, we are shown that Riya has reached the mountain and there is a lot of snowfall. Riya is accompanied by her dog Taro. It is very strong wind blowing on the mountain, but even in the midst of those winds, both of them keep moving forward. Again Riya's flashback is shown here Riya is a child, here she is her father. It is telling that this is the screen of beer, which is Meet, this.

Is the blessing of the mountains, that's why come here, come here, don't touch it, how is it? Yes, it is exactly the same as it is inside your stomach, brother, what do you like about it, what do you like, ask whether you like it or not. Me yaar kuch aur rated sa ho gaya hai, real dog which was wired, its garden has blown up and is lying at one place, seeing this scene of Riya, is she a fat caste and what is a fat caste, don't ask me because I am running family friendly content And there is one thing going on in Riya's mind because I have remembered the things and see that he tells Yu that no demand can become a human, now it is shown that Riya's father is the same as Demon . The upload here is from the very beginning, I mean why does Meet Veet touch me on my father, I.

Told you earlier that Riya's father was a hunter, that is why he taught Ariya how to use a gun. Kriya has remembered this. Do not panic on seeing your victim, that father has taught him that first of all he has to breathe through his nose and exhale through his mouth. Here after this, pull the target and trigger, but he has also remembered that he had kept his father's identity hidden; But when the wires went off, then brother must have said in the bag that only after that you show me, you fire your father's gun, that his father's throat is blown away by the short shot, but he comes running back towards Riya, then see this Chowk caste What was it, I slit his throat but still how is he alive and I think Riya has forgotten here that demons don't.

Care so I tell you to listen and after that Riya gave her life to Father. Movie gun has been given to him and he is kept in the hall, after that she says that if he cannot become human again, then I will have to kill him and here we come to know that when his father became life for the first time Then he had left Riya, then Riya went here only to let me finish her time, why did she leave me, she is struggling with her life with her father, but then why does he come there and kill him with his sword. Kat gives her father's hand. Sheenu will come back in the last. Sheenu meets Riya and says see we have met again. Now again some past scenes are shown. Real over there, Riya tells her that this time I have given you baby. I won't save you from next time, son, take care that yes, I know that If we want to stay alive then we will have to kill after this she is a celebrity by showing her light and caste has gone from there.

So let's talk about the present then in the present scene Riya's father jo hai I mean daemon father jo hai apna haath go While doing news he tells people that if you take care of me and Shloka says are you sir because I have the power to reach the other world in a bigger way than my poison. Riya is scared to see all this and she says Don't stop, why say that what has happened now, this guy has become a complete forest, it is happening like this, on the other hand, Riya's life is being done by her father, who is doing his blue demon art and here he is making blue nickels. Means friend, some devastation is going on here, like take it off at all, but why is it lying comfortably counter to Bloody Mart, after that gives him the fourth form and opens his throat, seeing all this, she has gone to the shop and In the next scene, it is shown that Riya takes the gun in her mouth, after that she is going to press the trigger of the gun with her thumb,.

But from the beginning she takes the child, she says what are you doing. Thi now says that you people can consider me as your own, my dog ​​died, my family died and my father also died in front of me. Jiyo comes to Riya and Ji tells her that he had told her while dying in life. And we know that he is cold, he is out of there saying this, but Snow she tells him to rock that where are you going, you say like this that do not forget that we should go and because this thing in them I think that you brother, you were from Harsh training army, that you consider yourself as Hashirani, means whether you are Harsh or not. After this, Shinovo also leaves from there. In the next panel, we are shown Sunrise and Riya picking up the gun. And she starts looking at the sun, with this the blood on her gan, which her father and mother used to bleed, also flows away, after that she smiles and this scene becomes more, in the next.

Scene, Gee is shown. There is some thinking in the elder of Rokarki that he will give water puri, there is such a breeding that attacks all kinds of attacks, if you want to master this breathing, then you have to keep your heart calm, your heart always If you want to become the strongest steven hunter, then you have to keep your heart study less and gentle. Now let's come to the present and from the beginning it has been saying that you have changed. In the beginning she says you are always cold but her girl you were worrying too much, did something happen to you, did you listen carefully after listening to this, Giv was thinking because before this mission he was in trouble. It was coming and we get to know from here that Tanjore started using his Rizvi Think right here on Tomio u are thinking at this time whether I did it.

Right by leaving life or not kiya giv abhi thinking out of thinking that no there is nothing like this if nothing like this happened now then my heart will not come at all after that it is shown before dangerous and u ka hai hota ki hum no dangerous achieved a jain start It was done well, a lot of big things are happening these days, yes, by the way, these saree talks are going on in a food shop, these saree talks seem to end after that, because the favorite dish has come, the solvent icon has started, why will it be face? Caste is surprised to see because he saw her laughing for the first time then it was gas because story and other kisan paper want to see video tell me comment don't speak and don't forget to share this video with your friends

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