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Imagine you are going home from school and you are standing near the bus stop and you are waiting for the bus but at this moment a huge ghost appears in front of you and he comes and asks you can you see me and You can see it but you can't react because if you react in any way then this ghost can kill you then what will you do . There is such a girl who sees ghosts in this whole world and if she reacts in any way after seeing these ghosts, then these ghosts will come and finish her, so how will she live her life now and let's see what happens in her life. Well our story starts with a girl who is running back inside her own house then she sees that her microwave suddenly turns on and below it is her fridge in which A ghost comes out of.

It and it starts coming towards him, then we know that this thing was happening in Al, it was happening inside the TV, in a TV show and it was being watched by our character and his brother. And after that the next day she wakes up to go to school and goes to her school where she meets her best friend Hanna, after that she tells him that there is a new cham on your bag, I liked it very much, so she She says yes, I have bought it at the moment and then yes no, she has shown her own hand which is made up. A little girl has come in front of her whose hair is of yellow color and she is a little rude with them. These people normally their hearts go out to school, have lunch and Nicobar keeps looking outside all the time and she is always John out watching story or story, it seems as if she is seeing strange things and so is her The school day is over, then.

Mee is ready to go home with her friend Khana, but only then she sees that the cham of her bag has disappeared, so she goes back to school and finds the money in her bag. Then she is late after finding her hand, then she rushes to the bus stop and there she waits for the bus and keeps chatting with her friend, but suddenly she sees that His friend would have replied that his photo comes again and again, it is a relief and that photo slowly slowly converts into a photo of a ghost and it scares me a lot and then he takes care of himself. She stands up and waits for the bus from the back but only then this big ghost comes in front of her seeing which she gets completely scared but she does not react this ghost comes to her and asks her what is the time what is happening kya tum me dekh shakti ho mick doesn't reply to him at all she keeps herself in control she is about to run.

But she keeps herself rock from run then just like that the ghost leaves her Later she makes me cry a little because this ghost looks very dangerous, after that when she reaches her home, then she goes to the bathroom and opens her mouth, then she sees another ghost from the back, which is fine with her . When he stands behind, she doesn't try to react back, but she remains scared, then he puts his face back in the water and manages to control himself somehow or other, then he spits a lot of salt before going to bed at night. She takes it in import and keeps it in her room and says okay I have heard that ghosts go away from salt let's reduce hope saying that she is late caste but as soon as she lies down for Soni another ghost comes Which is inside his cover and he takes it out and says to me that you are my mother, seeing someone, he is scared back, that means what is happening with this poor thing,.

How many ghosts has he seen in the whole day today? She has gone to school and she sees that a little salt has spilled, then she forces herself to sleep, then she goes back to school the next day and meets her friend at the police station, but at this time she is a little distant, why because She sees another ghost means there are so many ghosts coming around this poor girl and I feel like these ghosts doubt that I have the power to see them because they keep coming to Miku and in her face They enter and say to him, do you have the power to see us, on seeing this ghost, she stands there like a stone and has not reacted to anything, even she does not move and suddenly it seems like It is as if someone has given him a rock by saying statue, then his friend Khana thinks that maybe Mi Ko is proposing him, then in the next scene we are shown that all the children are getting ready for the gym class, then they Our.

They keep changing clothes here, who is Mick's friend, yes, no, she says that she had seen a movie last time, in which if a man opens his locker, he sees a severed head inside, then he feels exactly like this. Is something like this going to happen inside his locker, I am very scared, so how can he open the locker even after trying to me, then she says, “Look, there is nothing here.” No, but only then the wife notices that there is a severed head on the top shelf right there and then the food says that there is my phone on the top shelf, can you take it out and give me the power, my height? She is not reaching there so poor me tries to take the phone from this severed head no matter how hard she tries and as soon as she touches the phone, this severed head screams loudly and cruel too. She is scared again means she is only a small child and she is.

Seeing so many ghosts and that is why she is the only one who is seeing all the ghosts so she is not even thinking what should I do with her Thinking big, he is going very big, then he is sitting in the class room saying no to me, that's why another ghost comes out from the desk of food, which after taking him out, catches Jana completely. She is late and she is stuck, I do not understand why all the ghosts are coming around the food again and again, then I am scared, she asks to save her friend, let me go. I have to go to the nurse's room, my health is deteriorating, so yes, no and I both go to the nurse's room, where I used to try to get this ghost away from me, so what does she do? She sprays him, there is some alcohol in the spray, she takes the spray and keeps on hitting this ghost and this ghost starts burning a little and he goes away from the gate.

But he is holding the food from his back. And after that he slowly starts coming to Mick too to quarrel Mick but only then his nurse is caste here so this Thar's ghost goes through the gate and lays hold of the nurse and he goes to the nurse After school, both Jana and Me are going out and they see a goat with a cell attached to it. So yes no say let's go from the gate to the line then yes no stand in one line and I have to stand in another line and there is no human being in this line wherever they stand Everyone's ghosts are standing here and there is no realization of this matter, then Khana points that why are you standing in that line, they see you, then only ghosts are standing in this whole line, which can be done. They are staying next to a ghost from a horse, who is holding all these.

Small buttons, that means what is happening, the ghosts are holding the ghost, I did not understand, then in the same way, those people take the society from the goat. They take it and then go back on their way, then as soon as those people move forward, they see that someone has left a small cat in a box like this, so yes, there is a caste in that cat. She picks up the cat and says that I want to pet this cat. She is very happy to see the cat. Brother, there is a ghost everywhere, well after that she takes a photo of the cat and uploads it on the internet and says that if anyone wants this cat, then you come and meet us in the park and the cat If you take food then both me and me are sitting there for the cat only then a gangster type guy comes there.

And he is relieved to see them from a distance, seeing him the situation is a bit scared, she says hey Why is this guy coming to us, then after some time another guy comes there who says to him can I take this cat, then looking at him he says yes you can but only then me There is a fear of caste , seeing him they say that no, we will not give this cat to you. The reason is that there are many ghosts following the man and some of those ghosts also look like those of a cat. When there are ghosts, Biku thinks that this guy is dangerous, so Mick doesn't want to give him the cat, then that guy goes out of there in frustration, then Marco says that we will give the cat to this gangster guy, then he says yes or no. Why do you say that I know that this person will take good care of this cat? The reason behind this is that I have seen that there are ghosts of cats around the gangster guy,.

But when they are in engine form, then Maraco says that we should not judge anyone by looking at them. The judge buys a book and says that she is going here and the next day she is going by bus and she is sitting comfortably in the bus, but only then does she hear that someone is talking in the bus. So when she moves her eyes here and there, she sees that everyone remains calm, then she says, where is the sound of five people laughing, then the one who is sitting in front of her is a ghost in Al and his Kar mandi happens, all four mandis come out and there is a caste around Meeku and she starts talking to each other. But here Maku has to take off but she is not able to take off, because when the ghost takes off here, Miku is completely scared, after that Niku goes.

To a cafe where she is sitting in front of him. A man comes and sits next to which there is another female ghost. Seeing Meeku, this man starts to line up a bit on her, but at this time she is afraid to see the ghost, then this female ghost is of this man. Along with she is in love with this guy in Al, this female ghost feels that she is hitting the line on this guy, so this female ghost rushes to Meeku to cook him, but only then this Meeku seems to have her mind and She starts watching wrestling in her phone and says that I like such hat cat mustache people who have muscles, then they see ghosts. But it's a matter of boy, he feels that the line is hitting him, so that boy runs away to Meeku and he has to say that we should meet sometime, but only then there is a caste of food, then Biku is ready to.

Eat. When she starts taking them out from here, then she sees that the boy who is about to meet the girl, the ghosts of at least five to six boys are lying behind the girl, so both of them speak to each other. Country also does, then after that Niku says that she should take this prayer bead, which will save her from ghosts, so she wears it in her hand and she keeps walking with her friendship, only then she strikes him. It happens that she should give it to Jana as well. At first, she repeats a little, then she also gives two prayers to Khana, after that both Meeku and Ha Naa start taking them out of a dangerous lane, then Biku thinks that he has prayer bits. So she is totally tension free because of these ghosts she keeps seeing the ghosts of here but she keeps on moving inside but then suddenly her prayer bits break and then Meeku comes to know that there is a dangerous dangerous ghost here.

The players in front are not going to reduce at all, after that Niku sees that there is a huge ghost who stands like this, but only then it is in front of Miku, his rabbit must have fallen there, then Miku poor guts Karka casti and she catch the rabbit and go from there after she tells her that let us go towards her then she tells me that no we will not go towards her because she is standing in the middle she does not want ghost and maku Is it yes or no she goes through the ghost because Mika feels that if yes or no she goes through the ghost then something big can happen to her and in this scene also poor Maku's condition is bad after that both Miku and yes no They are sitting in the garden but belong to the dynasty, then we are shown in the next scene that there is a woman with intelligence, whose name is God Mother, she has the ability to run away from ghosts and she is a type of tantrik. If there is a type, then here.

We come to know that Meeku and Haina have come near it, those people come here to buy some player beads, then this God Mother says that it seems that both the boys have time like this. If she has come to pass , then I give her some cheap inspired pad, so first she gives it cheap too, but after wearing that prayer, immediately that player also breaks from my hand, so she feels that here If there is some problem, then she says wait, I am going to bring my special player too, then she casts inside in God and she has also brought that special prayer, she says that she is with Meeku who is her friend. He has a lot of spiritual power due to which many ghosts are attracted towards him. Speaks but Lemon does not have that much spiritual power, because of this she gives Meeku a special player and says that this prayer is also very special, it is at least 100 times more powerful.

Than the old one, so my Ko Khushi wears it but within a few seconds that prayer bed also breaks, so seeing this, God Mother is in full tension, she says that there is such a power which is more powerful than me and that of this girl. This previous girl is lying behind, how is she living her life, she gestures and asks Nikku, are you seeing something dangerous, do you feel like there is something like a ghost around here, then everyone has an answer. She says no, but if God understands that such a wrong thing is happening with Meeku and she is seeing ghosts, then we see that Meeku is shopping for pudding with her friend Thana and is sitting at her home. Well when she keeps on shopping she sees another ghost there along with the shopkeeper but this time she ignores this ghost and goes out Well when she is sitting in her house with her brother she is scary.

When she is watching a serial, she sees something on TV that she runs away from there. She says I am going out to have a drink. Near a vending machine and from there she keeps taking some soda to drink, but then her 500 enka coin falls from her hand, so when she goes to take the coin, she sees that there is a coin under the vending machine. There is a small ghost sitting, so seeing him, he says that there is a cute ghost here, well it is good, but seeing Meeku, the small ghost runs away from there and he enters the throat of a corner, so I Knowingly she drops the coin in the street to see this ghost, but as soon as Mucus enters the street, she sees that along with the small ghost, there is also a big dangerous ghost, seeing which I am shocked. She is scared again and she says what a big mistake I have made,.

Now I try to take my coin from her with some effort, but that ghost also opens its mouth to release a gas and that Meeku. Biku's eyes are in tears but he tries to take back his coin but at the same time a crow comes there and runs away with the coin, so Meeku feels like a sister. When I get it, she asks to take it out from there, oh friend, this crow ran away from my coin lake, now I can't do anything. The crow flew to the lake , then the next day we are shown that his younger brother starts following him because he thinks that his sister is probably trapped in some boy's dal and he thinks that there is a dangerous boy here. who is controlling her sister and because of this she is worried about her sister and she has.

Also told her classmate that it may happen that her sister has set up a boyfriend and she is in love with her boyfriend. When she keeps roaming together, then he chases Meeku and he reaches a library where Meeku keeps reading a book called Super National Things, how the child and his brother feel that the book is mine. Her name is reading how to set people, then when she wants to read the book, it is written in the book that if you want to make someone fall in love with you, then you have to kiss him and leave your markings on the body of the person. On reading, her brother thinks that there might be some such markings on Meeku's body too, so he goes to find out, then in the next scene we are shown that Meeku is taking a bath and she is relaxing. But at this time a ghost also comes in her bathroom, seeing which scares me back, she silently.

Tries to remove it from there, but that ghost comes closer to me . He goes to the bathroom and says that we take a bath together as sisters, well here I tell you one thing that it is very common in Japan where brothers and sisters take a bath together, so this is not a bad thing . In anime, don't be wary of watching this, this is a common thing in anime. Miku tells her that yes, you are the one who bathes together and finds a way to save Maku from this ghost . And her brother take a bath together and only then her brother also lies down to see that there is someone like this on Miku's body. There are no marks, then the next day Nikku wakes up early in the morning and goes to have breakfast, then Meeku's father, his mother, his brother and he himself are sitting there, but here there is another ghost, a very big one, which is his father's. Stands behind and this ghost is making pudding pudding again and again, then Miruku.

's brother tells him that yesterday you brought a pudding, did you eat pudding, otherwise you don't tell me, I will not eat puri, I just brought it. She has such a voice that she tells me that now I do not want to have breakfast, I am taking her out from here, she silently starts taking me out from there, but when something strikes her, she turns back and goes to the kitchen. Puri comes out and she goes and offers him her father's thing, it means that Meeku's father had also died earlier and he was seeing her since when, here, my father comes to pudding. Paas aur bolte hain woh mere ko tum yeh meri lai ho thank you so match ki dekh ki papa ke gosht ko mukti mil jaati ke papa ke gosht mil jati ki mukti mil jaati hai then we are shown in the next sim that godmother comes to her Odia, this is the same girl whose hair is of yellow color, which was tied to one in the beginning, she comes here to Gaur mother and.

Takes a bracelet from her and we come to know that this girl who is Odia, she also sees ghosts since childhood. But it only sees small ghosts and only the outline of the big ghosts is visible and the megalosus ghost is not visible to it at all and since then it felt that it is a Chosen One, its less is this From childhood, she used to feel that all these ghosts have to be driven away from here, then in the next scene, we are shown that the shop of God Mother has become a band and when she asks the people that here Why did it happen, someone from there says that God Mother said that she had met one or two such girls in front of whom their powers failed, so God has taken them out of here to do farming in their village, then only Odia would have doubts. Hai Meeku then we are shown in the next scene that Udiya keeps following Maku and Haina then the next day when they are at school Udiya comes running to Meeku and says to her are.

You able to help me Meeku helps her to keep all the instruments in the room, then as soon as Oriya is alone in the room with Bhigo, Oriya locks the room and then she tells Meeku, are you there? If you have the power to see them, then you will know here that it is not Oriya, but the bottle caps have already come here, which attract these little ghosts, then Miku would give it to him, whom are you talking about? Shakti is not looking at anyone, are you talking about cockroaches, she says no, I am talking about those ghosts, then she says to me, what are you saying, I do not understand anything, let me go from here. I am taking out here, Meeku sees small ghosts and Oriya also sees small ghosts, but Oriya does not see this big ghost here at all, whoever has seen Meeku and this big ghost keeps coming Meeku and.

Odia have money mother says to me that you are calm, if you do all these things, then this big ghost will come and finish both of us, please be calm, but Odia does not remain calm here. There is some strike that when he has seen wrestling, in that the guy is choking someone, then he attacks me with this on Oriya to make him unconscious and Mir makes Oriya unconscious like this. And takes her out from there with Udiya, then in the next scene we are shown that Meeku is sitting as a nurse and Udiya is also carrying her there, then when Udiya picks her up from there, she tells Meeku that what happened today whatever happened we should forget it yes i can see them but you should stay away from them like this she talks in a cryptic language in oriya and leaves from there but the user feels that miku has threatened her Hai that Meeku has told her that.

Meeku is much more powerful than her and she should be careful with Meeku which is completely wrong, then on the same night Mere is going to her home that she is going over a flower. When she is walking, she sees another ghost in front of her, then Miku does not look at her at all and starts to take her away, but this ghost is lying down holding Niku's hand, then I get struck: This is a ghost, it is not a ghost, it is al I am a human being and an intellect is a woman, so she tells herself to herself, friend, I have seen so many ghosts that I am still a real person. Meeku talks to Buddhi saying that she looks like a ghost and then she realizes that Buddhi needs a little help, so Mere makes her sit on Buddhi's back and takes her from there to her house. On the other hand, as soon as Meeku reaches her house, Guddi's daughter has come there and she gives her tooth to him, and then a ghost also comes there, who has to speak a number near Meeku.

. 4631 Maku has to say this number four to five times, then Miku listens to this number and starts taking it silently from there, but that intelligence holds Maku's hand and says that you wait to help me, my daughter will give you the record. That's why this Meeku wrote that number in her phone 4631 and this number is shown to my intellect, so as soon as that intellect sees the number, its memory starts and she immediately rushes inside her house and a She opens the safe by applying this combination and then it comes to the ghost and I have to say thank you and disappear from there, then I think that maybe I should help the ghosts too, here all the ghosts are bad. Thinking that it is not so, she quietly takes it out of there, then after that Meeku and Ya Na are in another goat like that and after taking sweets from the goat, they go on their way, but only then Meeku Ko sees.

That there is another elite level ghost Rahat in front of her, whom she ignores and drives out from there, then in the next scene we are shown that Meeku's friend who was not there, wakes her up at her house while sleeping. And she keeps on eating a lot of paan, after that she gets ready for her school and leaves from there, but when she goes on her way, she sees a dog there, then she talks with the dog for some time and there But only then we have seen that Miku has two seats, there is a lot of spiritual energy coming out of it, due to which there is this big ghost lying behind it, which was shown to us in the previous scene and this The ghost repeatedly catches small booths, throws them on the friend and starts eating them for sure, so from this we came to know that Biku's friend has so much spiritual power inside her, due to which the ghost starts roaming around her. Either they get burnt or they start getting destroyed.

And these small ghosts start burning on the spot, then they keep on moving forward only then they see that there is a small child crying, there is relief, so they only Asking what happened, that little child has to say that his dog has gone to this abundant building, then when she says to the building, oh you, this is the same ghostly building from which I wanted to stay away, now I can't go inside it I want to but what should I do, I have to help this child, so yes, I have added my courage and she enters inside the building. At first, after entering inside the building, she is very scared, she does not understand what to do. She keeps on calling the dog's name again and again and tries to call him to her but she doesn't get any response and this ghost keeps on holding these small buttons again and again by saying yes or no on top of the dal. Ka raha hota hai means brother, what are you doing, you are cooking your people,.

Then I thought that let me pretend that I am not here in some ghostly place and I am happy. Inside, she seems to be laughing and laughing inside, and then when she hears the dog's barking, she rushes to catch the dog and takes it out from there, and there are many ghosts behind it at this time. They live inside this haunted mansion but as soon as they come out, there is no small pappu here, there is a very big dog . After dinner, she wants to eat near Meeku and meets her and she tells him this whole story, then after listening to all this, Niku says that how did she enter the haunted mansion, but only then Meeku notices this ghost. On top of which sells very dangerous and it has gone completely behind the door, then only then Nikku says come on,.

I have kept this area which is a category, we should go here, then Meeku and yes no both milk shine . They keep going near and as soon as people reach near Shine, the ghost also follows them . I wish that he could get a lot of good things to eat and The world wants me to leave this ghost of Jana and is going to do anything for it, please save the food by any means and only then the entry is made of the two guardians of this Mr. These two guardians look like female guidance and they People come and start attacking this ghost from a gate, seeing this, Meeku is very tense and confused that what is happening, they are pampering a lot of ghosts, for that both are from ghosts. but these are the ghosts of Mr., they are the good ghosts in Al who are.

Helping Miku, then both the ghosts of Mr. Starts eating and then the entry happens of Legendary Shine Gaur who immediately after taking entry here catches and kills this ghost and in this scene this makeup looks very amazing, well after that food is eaten with a lemon She takes a selfie here and says that this selfie has come very well. In this selfie Mr. Board is relieved as soon as he kills the ghost, that scene has also happened. After that Mr. Board goes to Meeku and says three What is the meaning of these three, none of us knows at this time, then after that yes no, she uploads the selfie and says that we should get one million likes on this selfie and now what in the story It is about to happen, I am not understanding anything because I am feeling that now Meeku has got Mr. Board which is going to.

Heal him and he has said three, it probably means to me that Why is it that I will help you three times, it means that now the story is going to be more interesting, so if you do not want to miss the next part, please subscribe to the channel.

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