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In the middle of a heated battle, a stray bulletswoops right through a man's chest. As he lies on the ground, he holds onto a young boy named SagaraYoshiharu. The rugged man asks the lad to fulfill his dream of owning a castle, a country, and allthe women. Yoshiharu is confused about this man's dying favor— he doesn't even know who he is!Gasping for breath, the soldier utters his name: Kinoshita Toukichiro. Yoshiharu suddenlyrealizes he's actually Toyotomi Hideyoshi, a Japanese historical figure. The boy pleadsfor him not to die, yelling that the samurai is supposed to serve Nobunaga and unite the country.Hearing the name Nobunaga, Hideyoshi corrects Yoshiharu by saying the head of the Odafamily is Oda Nobuna…before falling into eternal sleep. Yoshiharu screams in despairuntil he realizes this must be a dream..

That's right— he probably fell asleep whilebinge-playing one of his favorite games, Lord Oda Nobunaga's Ambition! However, a horse nearlytramples over him, interrupting his thoughts. A cloaked girl flees on horseback as a soldierchases her. She attempts to dodge the enemy's attacks, but her sword breaks in half in theprocess. Hoping to look chivalrous, Yoshiharu uses himself as a shield to “protect” the gorgeouslady. However, Mr. Knight-in-Shining-Armor here has forgotten he's completely unarmed. He rummagesthrough his pockets and reveals his secret weapon. With determination, Yoshiharu releases anarmy of soldiers through his… mobile phone. Surprisingly, the enemies are taken aback by this”magic.” Unfortunately, Yoshiharu's powers don't last long, as his phone quickly runs out of juice.Before Yoshiharu can meet his doom, a female.

Commander, Shibata Katsuie, comes chargingto the rescue. The enemy soldiers withdraw, but the blonde general below Yoshiharuinstructs her battalion to keep pressing forward. She also kicks Yoshiharu away —he has no right to push down the leader of the Oda clan! After all, she is Oda Nobuna.A little backstory, Japan is divided between warlords who constantly battle eachother. Due to local power struggles, it was decided that the firstborn, regardlessof gender, would be the head of the family. This resulted in the birth of Princess Generals.Inside the Oda village's sanctuary, Nobuna tells Yoshiharu she's aware he used somenewfangled barbarian technology. Unfortunately, his phone no longer works, quickly erasingNobuna's interest. However, she asks if.

He wants to serve the Oda family. Yoshiharuhastily kneels, eager to obey Lord Nobunaga. But Nobuna isn't pleased to hear the wrong name,so she stomps on the face of poor Yoshiharu. It takes Yoshiharu pretty long to introduce himselfsince he's choking. With this, Nobuna just calls him Monkey. Protesting, Yoshiharu claims he'spractically God, but Nobuna doesn't believe in any buddha, so she'll call him whatever she pleases.The Oda tactician, Niwa Nagahide or Machiyo, suggests they give Monkey a position. Nobunaagrees and states he'll be in charge of her shoes. Of course, Yoshiharu abhors this, but he realizesthat Monkey was Toyotomi Hideyoshi's nickname. Does this mean he's taking the samurai's place?Meanwhile, Imagawa Yoshimoto, ruler of the eastern provinces, is quite frustrated at her servantMatsudaira Motoyasu for letting Nobuna escape. As.

Punishment, Yoshimoto will cut Motoyasu's pay eventhough she only eats potatoes four times a week. Suddenly, Hanzou arrives to inform Yoshimoto aboutMonkey's interference in battle. Upon hearing this, Yoshimoto laughs at Nobuna's foolishness.Later on, the greatest spear wielder of the Oda Clan, Maeda Toshiie slash Inuchiyo, leadsMonkey to his makeshift shelter. An old man, Asano, arrives and says Yoshiharu remindshim of his youth. He even wishes Yoshiharu could marry his daughter Nene. However, Nene isapparently just a little child. Uh-oh, auto pass. In mere seconds, Inuchiyo senses an intruder,but it's too late. Yoshiharu has been kidnapped! Somewhere far from the Oda village, Yoshiharu hasbeen captured by a little girl named Hachisuka Goemon, who came to become his servant. She'sToukichiro's companion, and they promised they'd.

Prosper in this world together. However, sinceToukichiro met with his Creator, it's Yoshiharu's responsibility to fulfill those promises.Meanwhile, Saitou Dousan, a.k.a. Viper, Mino's warlord, is doubtful of Yoshitatsu's planto attack. He decides to take the opposite route and befriend the new ruler of Owari Province.News of Viper's visit quickly travels to Nobuna. Manchiyo is doubtful as he's theirrival, but Nobuna purports that if there's someone she wants to ally with, it'd be him.Trying to impress Nobuna, Yoshiharu predicts that she and Viper will meet at the Shoutokuji Temple.Nobuna thinks this is absurd as they have yet to decide where to convene. Suddenly, a messengerarrives and informs them of the meeting place: Shoutokuji Temple. Everyone issurprised by Monkey's abilities..

To show off, Nobuna brings along 500riflemen. Meanwhile, Akechi Mitsuhide, famous for her literary and military talent, isexcited to take down Oda's leader and conquer the Owari Province. However, despite their armybeing ready to ambush, Viper remains level-headed. Yoshiharu knows what comes next, so he ordersNobuna to have her men light their rifles. Spotting this, Saitou Dousan is impressedwith Nobuna's reckless yet smart tactic. The Oda army arrives but without Nobuna.Suddenly, she enters the temple bedecked in a beautiful pink kimono. Apparently, Nobunachanged her clothes as she's meeting the Viper of Mino — it wouldn't be right to dress casually.Viper mentions that Nobuna has brought many gunmen and suggests that rifles are barbariantoys. She sternly responds that Owari.

Province soldiers are known to be the weakest inJapan, but with rifles, they're the strongest. Finding certainty in their alliance, Viperasks if Nobuna will attack Suruga Province and Imagawa. She replies that she'll launch anoffensive on Mino, which baffles everyone. The warlord claims that someone who rules Minorules the nation, and she also reveals her knowledge of Viper's secret plans.Nobuna stands up and unhesitatingly declares she'll conquer Mino Province. Akechiand Katsuie prepare their swords, but Viper momentarily halts them. Nobuna tempts Dousan byinsisting she will transform Japan into a country that can compete against other barbarian nations.Viper laughs, understanding why everyone calls her a fool. Even so, Nobuna doesn't care, and she'llpursue her goals even with no one supporting her..

Viper rises up and declares war against Nobuna.Even though Katsuie is holding him back, Yoshiharu bravely tells Viper to stopbeing stubborn when he knows what lies ahead for Mino. The boy is determined ashe approaches Viper unarmed. In response, Viper places his sword atop Yoshiharu's shoulderand warns that he'll be executed for one mistake. Yoshiharu insists that Viper will say to hissoldiers after this meeting, “My children shall tie their horses at the gate of the fool ofOwari.” In other words, Viper is aware that his son can't defeat Nobuna. If Viper doesn'thand Mino to Nobuna, his life will be wasted, for only Nobuna can continue his dream.Hearing enough, Viper smiles and withdraws his sword, not expecting someone from the futureto say what's on his mind. Yoshiharu confirms.

That Saitou Dousan is a hero of the civil war.Viper is grateful that they've helped him stay true to himself. He'll prepare a treaty handingMino Province to his new daughter, Nobuna. Thus, an alliance is formed between Mino and Owari.Episode 2 The following day, Katsuie asks Monkeyto accompany her to the market. Once they arrive, Oda Nobukatsu, Nobuna's little brother,laughs at the sight of Monkey. He says that a guy like him might be a perfect match for his boorishsister. Yoshiharu doesn't take the insult well, but Katsuie stops him. She's also Nobukatsu'saide, so she can't do anything against him. Nobukatsu believes that her sister isn'tfit to rule, pointing out the tough act she put up at their father's funeral. With this,Yoshiharu asks Nobukatsu what his ambitions are,.

And he replies he'll make a massive advertisingcampaign to make everyone eat rice jelly! Yoshiharu quickly points a finger at him,saying he's only worthy of being a governor if that's his goal. Nobukatsu changes his plansto destroying Imagawa and Saitou. Besides that, he's also considering bringing all thecute girls to Owari. Pretty tempting, but Yoshiharu continues firmly opposing him.Still, Nobukatsu consistently describes Nobuna as selfish, violent, and friendly with barbarians.He even blurts out that their mother believed he should've been the successor to his father, nothis stupid sister. Hearing all this, Yoshiharu hits Nobukatsu, which aggravates the boy. Hepromptly orders Yoshiharu's head to be cut off. Katsuie immediately reports this toNobuna. If Nobuna doesn't oblige,.

Nobukatsu will start another rebellion.If that happens, Katsuie has no choice but to fight against Nobuna. This leaves her nochoice but to obey Nobukatsu, but thankfully, Nobuna and the others quickly stop her.Manchiyo suggests promoting Yoshiharu to a general. With a higher rank, Yoshiharu'sactions could be justified. However, he has to do something significant to deservethis promotion. So, Nobuna orders Yoshiharu to use 3000 kan to accrue 8000 kokus worthof rice. However, at Owari's market prices, he'd only be able to buy 4000 kokus. If he cannotdo this in a week, he'll be beheaded promptly. Yoshiharu is confident as he knows somethingtricky he learned from the game. Goemon even volunteers to break and enter for him.However, Yoshiharu confirms there's.

No need for that because he has a masterbuy-and-sell plan he learned from Romance of the Two Kingdoms and Age of Exploration.Meanwhile, Nobukatsu is quickly losing his patience. However, his advisers emphasizethat if Nobuna doesn't fulfill her promise, it'll be suitable to initiate another rebellion.Somewhere else, Manchiyo reflects on this possibility, asking Nobuna what she'll do ifNobukatsu revolts again. Nobuna plainly replies that she'll kill him. If she can't even uniteher family, then Japan is beyond her reach. Yoshiharu has cashed in big bucks with his tradesecrets. But he's forgotten the most important thing: the rice. Nobuna beats the guts out ofhim for failing to obtain a single sack. But he explains that Inuchiyo is already buying therice, so they'll arrive before the deadline..

Nobuna despises waiting, so she teases Yoshiharuby saying she can judge his intelligence using a globe. Accepting her challenge, Yoshiharucasually points at Japan and the European countries Nobuna calls barbarians. Amazed, Nobunaasks the boy if she's foolish for thinking that these barbarians will someday conquer Japan.Yoshiharu smiles and tells her she's special. Because of Yoshiharu's gentleness, Nobunaremembers a close companion who taught her everything. Yoshiharu seems a tad jealous afterhearing this, which Nobuna senses. Nobuna insists on knowing what the boy's thinking of, andjust like any romantic scene, tension rises with only a small gap separating their faces.As the sun sets, Yoshiharu is about to meet his end. Nobuna is forced to kill him out of duty —her feelings can't interfere. On the other hand,.

Yoshiharu willingly accepts his fate.With tears falling down her face, Nobuna aims her sword at Yoshiharu's neck,but suddenly, Inuchiyo and Goemon intervene. Outside, 30,000 kokus of rice are being delivered— four times what Nobuna asked for. However, Nobukatsu has already started his rebellion.Apparently, Nobukatsu's army tried to stop the rice from being brought into the kingdom. Sincethey failed, they decided to raise an army. Sakuma Nobunori and Hayashi Michikatsuhave barricaded themselves inside the castle with Nobukatsu and Katsuie.Katsuie pleads to Nobukatsu, but his other advisors remind her of her sworn duty.Meanwhile, Nobuna is determined to defeat her brother. If the Imagawa knew about this, they'dsurely take the opportunity to invade. However,.

Yoshiharu is uncertain as Nobuna kills herbrother in the game, and he can't let that happen. The next morning, 1200 of Nobuna's men surroundthe castle. Nobukatsu is doubtful they'll win, but Sakuma and Hayashi assure him theyhave Katsuie, who's willing to sacrifice herself to slay the princess. Beforethey can act, Nobuna's soldiers shout her name in unison — this is Yoshiharu's plan.As the yelling gets louder, Nobukatsu gets even more annoyed. Katsuie is torn between duty andfriendship but ultimately chooses to side with Nobuna. She shouts together with the othersoldiers, and finally, Nobukatsu surrenders. Later, Katsuie apologizes for not fulfilling herduty, and she hands herself in for punishment. However, Nobuna spares her because she's neededin the fight against the Imagawa. Meanwhile,.

Nobuna commands Nobukatsu to commit seppuku,which he quickly refuses. In that case, Nobuna will kill him herself. She exclaims thatanyone who rebels against her, family or not, will meet the same fate. Her personalfeelings shouldn't get in the way, or else their conquest won't succeed. Determinedby her decision, Nobuna raises her sword… However, Yoshiharu hastily stops her. Nobunainsists that she has to set an example, but Yoshiharu says she'll just harm her loved onesand become a monster. Yoshiharu retells the story of a count who killed his brother, destroying apart of his heart. He was never the same again. Yoshiharu doesn't want that to happen to Nobuna— he wants her to continue spinning her globe and talking about her dreams. And, honestly,Nobuna doesn't really want to kill her brother..

Finally, Nobuna calms down and forgives Nobukatsu.Nobukatsu is overjoyed and promises never to raise a rebellion again. As a matter of fact,he changes his name to Tsuda Nobusumi. That night, Nobuna tells Yoshiharu that shefinally believes he's from the future. However, she doesn't want to be controlled by him.Yoshiharu promises he won't do so unless he sees her straying from the right path. With that,Nobuna wants Yoshiharu to swear his loyalty by kissing her hand. Yoshiharu obligingly does soand promises to make Nobuna's dreams come true. Episode 3Meanwhile, Saitou Dousan is facing a power struggle as the Mino Three: Inaba, Ujiie, andAndou rebel against him. Yoshitatsu won't allow Viper to hand over Mino Province to Nobuna. If itmeans killing his own father, he'll gladly do so..

Goemon quickly reports the news to the Odaclan. Apparently, has left his castle to engage with an army almost ten times the size ofhis own. They interpret this as Saitou Dousan's intention to die on the battlefield. Nobuna alsowants to refrain from sending reinforcements because she knows Dousan won't accept herassistance. However, Yoshiharu senses that Nobuna is frustrated for not being able to help.In private, Yoshiharu gently approaches her, apologizing for his prying demeanor earlier. Heknows she badly wants to help but just can't. Nobuna suddenly recalls the person who gaveher the globe. He was a barbarian missionary, and meeting him made her dream of uniting Japanand traveling across the seas. Unfortunately, he's already dead. Nobuna feels likeeveryone she loves dies so quickly,.

Just like her father and now the Viper. Despiteher sadness, she jokes about Yoshiharu being safe as she has no intentions of loving him.Meanwhile, three visitors arrive with an evil plan in mind. Leading them is Asai Nagamasa, thehead of the Asai clan. Nobuna asks what brings him to Owari, and he replies that he came to removethe suffering of the princess: Saitou Dousan. Nagamasa recommends that the Asai and Oda forcesattack simultaneously from the north and south, leading the battle to its immediate end.Nobuna will then have the chance to rescue the Viper. With Oumi, Mino, and Owari united,the Imagawa won't stand against them. The catch is that Nobuna must become Nagamasa's wife.Nobuna is clearly taken aback by this sudden proposal, but Nagamasa keeps portraying them asa beautiful couple. She asks Nagamasa if he's in.

Love with her, to which he plainly responds, “No.”Political marriages are the way of the world, and love is a mere obstacle. With this,Nobuna hastily refuses his offer because she wants to choose someone she loves. Nagamasaquickly assumes she's in love with the Monkey, which she aggressively denies with a kick toYoshiharu's face. Nobuna and Yoshiharu suddenly have some sort of lover's quarrel, which Manchiyoquickly defuses. Nagamasa just laughs this off and threatens the death of Saitou Dousan if Nobunadoesn't marry him. If she makes an enemy of Asai, the Oda clan will surely fall.Considering Nobuna's feelings, Yoshiharu approaches Nagamasa. He tells her thatthere are better ways of charming a woman. Still, Nagamasa makes it clear he has no intentions ofloving Nobuna. If the female warlord really wants.

To marry someone she loves, she must give up herconquest. Yoshiharu disagrees as he's promised Nobuna he'll help her fulfill her dreams.Consequently, he won't let Nobuna give up anything she desires. Nagamasa smirks at thisabsurdity, which makes Yoshiharu want to lunge at him. However, Inuchiyo stops him becauseif he does that, war will erupt. Nagamasa emphasizes that no matter how much Yoshiharuloves Nobuna, their bond will never be. Once again, Nagamasa asks Nobuna abouther decision. She's hesitant to answer, but she has to make a choice. But beforeshe can say anything, Yoshiharu stands up to oppose the proposal. Katsuie, Manchiyo, andInuchiyo also stand side-by-side as a barrier to protect their princess. Fortunately, Nagamasagives up but leaves with a venomous warning..

Meanwhile, Mitsuhide arrives at the castle witha letter addressed to Nobuna. Accompanying her is Saitou Dousan's daughter, Kichou. However,there are no signs of the Viper. Mitsuhide sadly hands over the document containing SaitouDousan's last words. He's grateful for Nobuna, who made him realize that the time hespent expanding his borders was worthwhile. “All men will die someday,” Viper wrote.However, if Nobuna carries on his dreams, that'll be sufficient. For now, this is goodbye.Tears start streaming down Nobuna's face, and she impulsively orders a rescue, but Katsuie sends herto sleep. For her, it's the most reasonable thing to do, but Yoshiharu disagrees as he doesn't wantNobuna to wake up with the knowledge that Viper is dead. So, he volunteers to save Saitou Dousan.With Goemon and her army of bandits, Yoshiharu.

Sails the river to save Saitou Dousan from thewar. As Yoshiharu arrives, he tries to reason with him, but the Viper refuses to leave. Instead, hetells Yoshiharu that he is Nobuna's only hope, for he's from the future and, thus, the only one whocan truly understand Nobuna's dream. Yoshiharu is touched but insists that Viper still returns withhim. He doesn't want to see Nobuna's disappointed expression as she loses another person she loves.Meanwhile, Nobuna wakes up and finds out that Yoshiharu went alone to Mino. Thisclearly doesn't sit right with her. On the other hand, Yoshiharu is able toconvince Viper to come along with them. However, Yoshitatsu is eager to end his father's life.He orders his soldiers to throw flaming arrows at their boat as they sail through theriver. Yoshiharu doesn't have an organized.

Game plan for this — only hopes and prayers.Fortunately, they're able to cross the river, but Yoshitatsu doesn't give up that easily.Even if they run, the horses will surely catch up to them. Perhaps, this is the end.But suddenly, rifle bullets start shooting at Yoshitatsu's army. Yoshiharu looks back andsees Nobuna with most of the Owari army behind her. Katsuie and the other soldiers chargetheir spears at the enemies, causing them to retreat. The enemies can't defend themselvesand choose to run for their lives. Fortunately, Nobuna has come to save the impulsive Yoshiharu,even though she's a little mad at him for leaving her. Well, love can really make us do theimpossible and most foolish things. Surely, it will also lead Nobuna to fulfill herdream of leading Japan to a brighter future.

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