Gods & Supernaturals Are Unlawful But Exist In This World

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In the year 2041, worshipping gods hasbeen outlawed. Believing in anything without a physical form and possessingitems like books about the supernatural are now considered crimes. The Special WeaponsEnforcement or SWE’s always ready to capture anyone who dares step out of line.Just like their target for tonight. As two brothers watch some mindless citizenstake selfies, Yuya contemplates that it’s been 18 years of postwar peace. His brother,Takuya, is bewildered by his sudden statement, but there’s no time to waste. Their squad’sbeen called up. He asks Yuya to rush to the rendezvous point so nobody can teasethem for being the “Useless Brothers.” Tonight’s target is a man called “MiracleMick.” Some of his followers call him a.

Psychic for his magic tricks, but theygenerally cling to him like he's a god. The squad arrives at a rundown building that’sbelieved to be the suspect’s HQ. Everything’s set with their head of command monitoringthe situation closely. The plan is to smoke them out while Takuya leads the team to captureMiracle Mick. However, it’s quite unusual that the drones are failing to detect any lifeinside the building. Seeing this oddity, the chief commands them to go underground,but there are still no signs of life. The chief decides to split the Alpha Team intotwo: Yuya and Takuya go down one corridor while Sonezaki and Reika explore another. Fierceresistance from the believers is expected, so they’re instructed to take utmost precaution.Yuya and Takuya sense something in their sensors,.

Where they soon spot a school-uniformed teenagegirl standing in a dark room. They ask where Miracle Mick is, but the girl’s pretty unbotheredwith the whole situation. Oddly enough, though, the visuals and sensors aren’t materializingon screen, so everyone’s curious as to whom are Yuya and Takuya talking to. The girl suddenlyvanishes into thin air, and replacing her is a sudden barrage of bullets. The believers ambushthem from all sides so the squad’s granted permission to fire back. It’s then discovered thatthe enemies are all packing radio wave absorbers, making them virtually invisible on radar.These rebels somehow knew the SWE would be coming for them. But the chief has fullfaith in the Alpha team’s capabilities since it consists of handpicked, top-level trainees.They can surely take on any given situation..

As expected, the team is victorious in takingdown the rebels. The sensor detects an unusual space. They destroy the wall and find MiracleMick surrendering like a baby in despair. With all that done and over with, the man iscaptured and handcuffed for the world to see. But just as Takuya’s turning around, oneof the believers abruptly rises to attack Yuya. It’s too late to do anything,and to everyone’s shock, a gigantic electric wave sets off inside the building.Meanwhile, in the forest, Naoto stands and wakes his brother Naoya. The two have just escapeda laboratory, from the looks of it. Within the shrubs, they find a car that looks like it’s beenripped straight out of a Cyberpunk flick. Naoto carefully lays his hands on the window where thecar’s biometric system accepts his handprint..

While they’re driving along, Naoya getssentimental. They’ve been waiting to come outside for 15 long years. This era mightjust be the era that will accept them for who they are. Naoya then finds a booklet with the”Mikuriya Lab” logo in the glovebox, and boy, does it contain a whole lotta money. Based on thefact that the car unlocked with their prints and there’s this little gift waiting for them, Naotohypothesizes Mikuriya left these behind for them. Anyway. Naoya’s hungry. He asks if theycan get something to eat. Naoto’s hesitant since his brother might get uncomfortablearound lots of people, but Naoya assures him that he’ll put a lock on his heart.After a few minutes, they arrive at a pub with only a rowdy couple as the other customers.While the brothers are ordering and settling,.

The man mocks them for being out so late. Thetwo just ignore him and shift their attention to the news on TV, discussing MiracleMick’s capture. According to the report, he’s a scammer who deceived people with conceptslike Spiritual Energy. This makes Naoto realize that discrimination toward the supernatural ismore rampant than ever. Not only is it hated, but it’s considered non-existent now.The arrogant man, Jin, doubles down and declares that people who believe in thesupernatural are losing their minds. The bartender tries to add to the discussion,but he’s met with drunken accusations. It’s really not accepted in this society.Naoto isn’t pleased at all. This isn’t what he expected outside the lab. They were toldit would be a new era for people like them,.

So this is far beyond disappointing. Withextremely strong emotions whirring inside him, Naoto telepathically destroys glasses infront of the loudmouth. Naoya insists they leave before they cause any further damage, andhis brother comes to his senses before agreeing. As terrified as Jin is, he doesn’t want toback down, so he keeps bothering the boys, trying to keep them there. Naoto, however, ismore focused on the TV as it discusses how psychic topics were made taboo after World War 3.Offended, the man shoves Naoto into the wall. Naoya tries to protect his brother, but Jin justchokes him by the collar. With just one touch, though, the man starts hearing and seeing things.He starts hearing the inner voice of the woman he’s with, and boy, are the revelationsscalding. First, she’s only milking him for.

His money and hates how he’s all talk abouthis game but can only last a minute in bed. Ouch. Also, he sees the bartender flirtingwith his girl. Double ouch. To cap it all off, the bartender has been watering their drinks toget him to spend all his money. Triple ouch. And really, at this point, the two of them are justmocking his foolishness. Quadruple ouch. With his ego bruised beyond repair, he lets go of Naoya.Both the woman and bartender are shocked that they’ve spilled their secrets. Enraged,Jin grabs a bottle and throws it at Naoto, but he shatters it midair. The dude’s poweris so intense that it sends Jin flying to the wall – nearly breaking it. With all the hooplasurrounding them, the brothers skedaddles away from the scene before anything else happens.After paying, of course!.

Meanwhile, in the SWE Headquarters, the chiefinforms the team that they’ve failed their mission. Miracle Mick managed to escape rightafter his capture, thanks to an electromagnetic pulse. The unit's network system was also damaged,leading to the loss of valuable records. There is also an unidentified flying object caught nearthe vicinity, but it's probably unrelated to the electromagnetic pulse. Or is it….. ALIENS!The chief admits he foresaw unexpected events to occur tonight. After all, a certain idea isabout to be broken. Sonezaki asks what he means, but the chief says they'll know in time. For now,the priority is to get the systems back online. Meanwhile, Takuya and Yuya can't stop thinkingabout the girl that ONLY THEY saw. Was she real or just a figment of their imagination? Whoknows? Moreover, Yuya is curious about how Takuya.

Caused the electromagnetic pulse. Because of it,their equipment, weapons, and drone shut down, leading to the escape of Miracle Mick.What's even more disturbing is that after the explosion, the girl reappearedwith debris floating around her. “The barrier is broken. Unless onebecomes aware of the tuned connection, all moments will collapse.” That’s all shehad to say before vanishing once again. This girl was found unconscious on an islandin the year 2023. And… Woop, that’s this year… be careful y’all…. She was then taken by ascientist. Her identity remains a mystery. Episode 2Meanwhile, Naoto’s still bothered by his accidentalrelease of power at the pub. He gets even.

More of a rude awakening when the car’sTV shows him the war-like scenes occurring in the present. Naoya wakes up and sees ittoo. This can’t be what 2041’s really like. Back to 2023. Mikuriya watches the doctor checkon the mysterious girl’s vitals. But it seems the old man needs the doctor’s services morethan the girl. Anyway, she was brought to a surprised Dr. Losyukov's lab. It appears thatthis girl plays a bigger role than we think. In the present, the escapee Miracle Mick hidesoutside a diner. However, he’s immediately spotted and cornered by a girl in red highlights. Thefrantic man demands to know what else she wants after turning him into a cult leader. She’sconfused as he seemed to love powertripping as one. But he definitely didn’t expect to getcaught – she promised that with their weapons,.

The SWE would fall before them. That obviouslydidn’t happen. But he’s still alive because of those precautions. Since he's hungry,she might just treat him to a meal. Fate is something you cannotpredict. Coincidentally, Naoya and Naoto are inside the Diner. Naoto reads a bookillustrating how World War 3 happened in 2023, followed by a planet-wide disaster that decreasedthe population by two-thirds. Both of them do not have a memory of this war because they weretaken to the lab in 2014. What’s weird is that they were in the lab for only 15 years; it shouldjust be 2029. Where did the extra 12 come from? A memory plays back. Mikuriya took Naotoand Naoya from their parents when they were kids. It was a heartbreaking departure.Meanwhile, Takuya’s still bothered by his.

Unknown powers. He can't help but stare at theirfamily picture, but Yuya interrupts his thoughts. It’s been 15 years since their parents left. Theydon't even know if they're still alive or if they even remember they had children. Alright.Takuya’s about to throw the picture away, but his brother stops him. That’s a bit TOOfar. Despite everything, they still want to know the reason why they were abandoned. Yuyatouches the picture and is suddenly swarmed by visions of Naoya and Naoto. As Takuya checks upon him, the alarm bell for a new mission rings. In the Diner, Toru tells Kiyo to stop readingthe manga he’s holding. It’s illegal. Oh, god. Not the manga! Toshihiko accidentallyhits the glass of water since he forgot he was injured. The group loudly commentsthat if there was a miracle healer,.

He’d be saved. Oh, someone like Miracle Mick!Hearing all this, the real Miracle Mick is in a sweaty panic. Before he can coverhimself, Toshihiko quickly takes notice, approaches him, and asks for a miracle.What they don’t know is that the SWE team’s set up outside. They’re ready for another capture.Anyway. Toshihiko insists that Miracle Mick cure him even though the pessimistic Toru triesto manage his expectations. A bike accident rendered his whole arm immobile, so he needsa miracle to be able to play the guitar again. Speaking on Mick’s behalf, the red-hairedgirl claims he can be cured for a price. Naoya overhears and whispers to Naoto thatit’s impossible. The lil bro agrees. But it’s not their business to butt into.Mickle is in a PICKLE. He’s forced to.

Perform his scammy faith healing practices…which don’t appear to be working at first, but the scene turns red. And…. Toshihiko’s fingersmove?! He’s so thrilled he tries to lift a cup of coffee, but the girl stops her and tells him hecan’t use it for a day or he’ll just reinjure it. Seeing the “miracle” with his own two eyes, theinitially-doubtful Toru now begs Miracle Mick to cure his blind right eye as well. This earnsa condescending laugh from the red-haired girl, but a desperate Toru’s alreadyon his knees at this point. As this happens, the SWE team stationedoutside finds one more major target: a traitor with a warrant of arrest.This mission is absolutely critical. Things are the same inside. Miracle Mickis redoing his hocus pocus – more intensely.

This time. After a while of blabbering nonsense,Toru's blind eye gains vision and he celebrates Mick’s godliness. The girl claims their nexttask is to protect their savior. Naoya’s visibly bothered by this, so Naoto stands up.He intervenes and spills that the three boys are being tricked. Before he can continue, thedoor explodes and the SWE storms into the Diner. The three boys do try to protect Miracle Mickbut are quickly defeated. As the SWE begin to arrest everyone inside the diner, involved or not,Naoto and Naoya try to escape. But someone fires a bullet at Naoya and nearly ends him. Uh-oh.This enrages Naoto. He telepathically slams the culprit into the wall. Meanwhile, Yuya remembersthese people from his vision. The waitress sneakily crawls from the bar but is quickly seenand shot. Naoya pulls her along in their escape..

The chief radios that while theirmission is to capture the targets, they have the green light to kill anyone whointerferes. The SWE Alpha Team mercilessly showers Naoto with bullets. Realizing that theywere fully intent on ending him, Naoto’s anger reaches a new high. He stops all the bullets inmidair and sends the agents flying far outside the Diner. Then the brothers escape with the waitress.Afterward, the news informs the public of Miracle Mick’s recapture. The others he “healed” can beseen as well, but their ailments have returned. It doesn’t matter, since their witness statementswill all be considered hallucinations. However, the Alpha team can’t deny Naoto’s powers. Itdisproves everything they’re taught about the supernatural. Their new mission is to capturepsychics to prevent them from creating social.

Chaos. Obviously, this is top-secret information.However, the chief mentions that some psychics are exceptions to the rule. The red-haired girl walksin, smiles at them, and releases sharp blades that skewer everyone in the room. The chief just smirksdespite a blade protruding through his skull. She’s then introduced as Kimie Kobayashi,a mind controller and member of the SWE. Kimie explains that she’s been working undercoverbehind Miracle Mick. She turned him into a cult leader so that the SWE team could crush him andtake credit. The chief has been waiting for this moment for the barrier to break. With this,the Alpha Team will be awakened as psychics, but the public can’t know thatspiritual energy actually exists. Meanwhile, the waitress thanks the siblings forsaving her but doesn’t want to get associated.

With them. However, she advises them to hidesince the SWE will surely be after them. Naoto asks what exactly happened in the war and whypeople deny the existence of psychics. And, why does the SWE hunt down psychics but keepthem in their ranks? But, she refuses to answer “weird questions.” As the waitress walks away,Naoto concludes that she must be a psychic as well. This is a lot to unpack – but they’llhave to unravel the facts to find the truth. Episode 3The brothers set off to their parents’ home to verify what really happened.They’re still hopeful that their parents will remember them and can discuss everythingthat’s happened these past years. Sadly, they arrive at an empty lot. This is whenShoko Futami, the vanishing girl, appears.

Before them. For some reason, Naoya receivesher message directing where they should go. We return to Shoko’s past. She’s unconscious andstrapped to a bed where Dr. Losyukov performs an experiment on her, ordered by Mikuriya asprophesized by Misaki. He injects something into her brain. Nothing happens to Shoko, but Mikuriyafalls to his knees due to his worsening condition. Meanwhile, a female student named Meg has beenfound suspended by the neck outside her school building. Her other friend Yoji cut and bledhimself out too. Their friends are terrified and guess that it could be the black magic they curseda guy named Yusa with. Sorry, they did WHAT?! But Yusa is doing fine, while they obviously aren’t.In this curse ritual, they combined castor oil, fish head, wheat stalks, and animalblood. Despite their uncertainties,.

They idiotically continued with the ritual.Little did they know that it’s legit. We’re voting for natural selection this time.Now, Naoya and Naoto arrive at their dad's factory, but it looks abandoned. Inside, theyfind a picture of the factory’s founding alongside their family and the workers. This confirms thattheir memories are real. But where is everyone? Meanwhile, the SWE Team has mobilized toinvestigate the incidents. They’re still dumbfounded by the truth about psychics. Kimiereminds Takuya to be careful, as losing control of one’s psychic powers can lead to self-destruction.The SWE Team raids the “curse ritual” room and finds a pile of prohibited books. They scold theteenagers involved – who then confess their acts, but admit that their friends have perishedas a result. Kimie’s sure that there’s.

A strong psychic behind all this though.Oh no. Marika stands up, opens the window, and jumps out of the building, leading to herfatal death. The other boy desperately begs for help, but Reika knocks him out. Well… I guess thatworks. Then they notice that the other girl’s now walking on a thin ledge outside the window.Reika mindlessly shoots at her, causing her to luckily fall on a nearby roof. Sonezaki triesto stop his colleague but loses his mind. He ends up firing at Takuya, Yuya, and Kimie. Thethree try to figure out what’s happening. At the abandoned factory, Naoya touches twosmall rocks on the ground. He’s bombarded with a vision of deep rage… and a dog beingsacrificed… it’s the heartbroken student from earlier. All for a little crush?! Maybeit’s time to outlaw crushes next time, too!.

As Naoto warns him not to look too deeplyinto it, a student pleads for help…. And a pink-haired girl watches from the distance.Anyway, the student breaks down since the black magic has eliminated nearly their entire group.Naoya thinks it’s because a dog was sacrificed, and others speculate that this act deeplyangered a psychic behind the scenes. Out of nowhere, Naoya’s head is floodedwith a desire to kill. The girl mindlessly stands and points a broken bottle at herthroat. Before she can pierce herself, Naoto stops her. They can’t leave her alone. Back at the high school, Sonezaki leaps downand aims his gun at Takuya. He can’t shoot as he’s sent flying by telepathic powers. Kimeireminds Takuya to stay in control. One thing’s.

For sure: their opponent’s absurdly powerful.Naoto and Naoya now arrive where the girl directed them. Inside, they find a mother holding a knifeagainst them. She isn’t the psychic though… it’s the kid in her arms. He angrily declares thatit was revenge for unjustly brutalizing Kotaro, the dog. Naoto tells the mother that hisson has killed multiple people, but she’s still protective of her little Masayuki.Naoya then finds a picture with Shoko and instinctively thinks she led them here. Theyclarify that they’re only here to inform her of Masayuki’s wrongdoings. Before theycan say another word, the SWE barges in. Kimei instantly fires a taser gun at thelittle boy, making him fall to the ground. Without a second to waste, Naoto releases ashockwave so they can escape from Reika and.

Kimei. But lo and behold, Yuya and Takuyaare waiting downstairs. Guns are pointed, tensions are high…. But Naoya and Yuyaare suddenly lost in a distant memory. Their memories align. They know there’sa connection between them. And somehow… Shoko was involved in all this.There’s still so much for all of them to learn. The world is as complex as it iscruel, and they don’t even have the luxury of time to really make sense of what’s going onaround them. But amidst the chaos of it all, the truth may be waiting right ahead of them. Thequestion is, will they be prepared to handle it?

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