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Hello bro, welcome to Decode Anime. So, bro, the manga for chapter 233 has beenleaked. There's a possibility that I might receivea copyright strike on this video. So, all I want is for you to help me achievethe goal of reaching 200 subscribers for this channel. Because I'm creating this video with a lotof risk. So, let's start the video. In chapter 232, at the end, Gojo was hit byMahoraga's slashed attack. But in this chapter, it's shown that despitebeing hit by that attack, Gojo isn't affected.

However, Gojo was intentionally slowing downhis healing process. And everyone might have been thinking thatmaybe Gojo is going to lose now. Even Gojo himself might have had the samethought. Then, Gojo starts thinking about his flashback,and he remembers the time when he was fighting Toji. At that moment, Gojo punches Mahoraga witha solid blow while focusing on the fight. This sends Mahoraga flying, and then suddenlySukuna awakens and uses the Rabbit Escape technique. This distracts Mahoraga and removes his attentionfrom Gojo.

Suddenly, Sukuna attacks Gojo with a fire-extinguishingtechnique, but Gojo counters by blasting it. Then, just as Mahoraga is about to launchan attack on Gojo, Sukuna hits him with a piercing blood attack. Despite Gojo's attempts, he gets hit by theattack. On the other side, Gojo tries to dodge Mahoraga'sattacks. Sukuna targets Gojo's back and hits him withthe piercing blood attack. However, Gojo somehow manages to avoid eventhis attack. Then, Gojo thinks that he needs to finishMahoraga in a single hit. For this, he plans to use the Unlimited HollowPurple technique.

And what exactly is the Unlimited Hollow Purple? You'll find out about it in the next chapter. And with this, the chapter comes to an end. So, guys, if you liked the video, please helpachieve the goal of 100 likes. See you in the next chapter.

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  1. Who’s stronger?
    “Gojo (At prime level, that device Woke up) born with Limitless + Six Eyes + 10 Shadows Technique”
    “Sukuna (At prime level, that device 20 Fingers) born with Limitless + Six Eyes + 10 Shadows Technique”

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