Goku VS Saitama Phase 3 – One Punch Man Vs Dragon ball tidy

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He dodged it? as expected it will take more to beat him. I'll take it to the next level. something has changed in him. I can't reach him anymore. Where did he go now? I got rid of my unnecessary emotions. The roles are now reversed, you won't make it if you don't give it your all. how can i defeat an opponent I can't touch?.

I have to find something. No way. I feel a flow of energy emanating from him. Is this answer to Ultra instinct? Incredible. Until now I finished all my fights in one punch. I got so strong that I got bored quickly. But I have a feeling this guy is different from the monsters I fought not only does he take my blows, but he created a feeling in me that I hadn't felt since I'm a hero. for the first time defeat is a possible option.

I am in doubt and excitement at the same time. No. it's more than excitement. I'm actually happy. I will have to push myself and my limits to have a chance to win. I am stronger now, thank you warrior witch changing hair. I finally made it. I am literally bursting with a new incandescent energy. Here I come. Let's go. I'm really happy to have come across such a strong opponent as you.

You're really in a league of your own. You are not bad either I underestimated you. And you're pushing me to use a strength I've never had a chance to test. I think this is a good time to use all our strength. But the earth might not be able to withstand the shock, so I suggest we go a little higher. There we can unleash our strength. Sound good, let's go. Kakarot … You can't help yourself, can you?.

If these two continue to fight, they will trigger a catastrophe. I don't even dare to imagine the consequences of their actions, but nobody would be able to stop them. His new strength rivals my ultra instinct. I can't predict the outcome of this fight. We're fighting pretty much on equal terms. But the one whose will is stronger will triumph. I will end this fight quickly. Omnidirectional Serious Punch DEATH.

It's too late to avoid it. What's happening? Where am I? Am I dead? No, but I feel I've used up all my energy. Is this the end? Don't go now Goku. Master Roshi, is that you? You still don't understand the basics. We don't master martial arts to win fights. We do it to conquer ourselves. If you only focus on the strength of your opponent, you are still a novice.

Think of all your masters along the way, what'd the teach you? Be as tranquil as the heavens, and as quick as a bolt from the blue. Too much wasted movement. That's why you run out of breath quickly. Wanna be the best in the universe? Then you gotta train not just your body, but also your spirit Don't allow your mind control your movement. Every part of your body must judge and act on its own. Look into your heart, Goku. You will find the answer in there. So fast. Not good. This is the end.

He stopped my Kamehameha again. I wonder where he gets all that energy? This guy is really amazing. I've met a lot of opponents in my life, each one stronger than the other. And now I meet this guy. He is as strong as them but in his own way. I understand that you are a kind of hero. At first I thought your strength came from the fact that you had something to protect. It was as if your desire to protect others gave you a mysterous power.

And maybe it does in a way. I have people I care about too. But that's not my only motivation. I fight to push my limits. To be able to have the chance to face opponents like you. I can admit it now, you impressed me a lot. I even admired you. You quickly adapted to my fighting style. Become even stronger and come back to fight me. I will wait for you.

Maybe we could even train together, who knows. Anyway I can't wait until we can make our fists talk again. What a determination. Don't think it's over yet. This time I can't fight anymore. I'me really at the end of my rope. I can't believe this guy is a human being. I am not strong enough yet I will have to train harder. I'm losing consciousness. Impossible he got up. This time I'm done.

Goku! Wake up! Here, take a senzu. Krilin is that you? For a moment I thought it was that guy,you have the same skull. I was on my way to Master Roshi's house. I heard the sound of your fight I came to see what was going on. Do you have any senzu left? I'd like you to give him one too. Who is that guy anyway? What did you just give me? I've got all my strength back. This is a senzu, it heals even the most serious wounds.

Ohh thank you. That was quite a fight, wasn't it? I agree with you, I felt great pleasure in that fight. Thanks to you I was able to tap into a potential that I didn't even know I had. But there is still some frustration because I didn't win. It's not a victory for me either. The only way to know the winner is to do this another time. I have to go see Master Roshi. See you. By the way I just realized that I can fly like you and your friend, that's strange.

That's right, I was the one who asked Shenron to giver you this ability. I need some exercise, I would like to face the most powerful human being on the planet. Could you fly him to make the fight more fair? Okay, I understand better. Goku, can you hear me? Oh hi Kaiho what's going on? I have terrible news, your battle has had a serious effect on the balance of power in the universe. The shocks caused by your collisions have created a space-time rift thet releases an evil energy. We must find a way to close it. the rift is located in the polar region of the nortern hemisphere.

First go there now with your friend. very well Kaio I will find it. Put your hand on me. I will teleport us to the location of the rift with my technique. I've found it. Vegeta? You're here Vegeta, did you also feel this energy? I don't know what it is this but be prepared.

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  1. I guys, on this video I even have recreated in 3D the epic animation of Goku vs Saitama half 3 (https://www.youtube.com/leer?v=VVVLTwlPbGE) ,
    fan made video of the apt Etoilec1 Animations (https://www.youtube.com/@UCKpvVIrdj_gBxOKmDkZ3-cw ).
    This is no longer a video that wants to display who is the strongest,
    it's merely a big approach to idea Goku's fight in opposition to Saitama the expend of the innovative Unreal Engine

  2. Dude the cease used to be loyal, Goku Saitama vs Superman. After which Goku, Superman, Saitama, Grasp chief, Kratos, Mickey, Mario, Sora, Iron man and the multiverse all universes vs the living tribunal! Piece 10 !

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