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求救! クソ 雑魚 クソ雑魚怎麼?只是垃圾雜魚啊? 算了,也沒什麼大不了 我會把他們全部踢爆 あ あああああ我叫“阿阿阿阿阿” 名字是隨便亂取的 只要大家和那個家都在 我就心滿意足了 為了守護黃昏之丘與家族.

先等一下,阿一 黑鳥就交給我了 サー! イエッサー!遵命,長官 沒有你的話,這個世界就太無聊了 做自己喜歡的事情最重要 不管是在行星或現實世界都一樣 我們是在玩吧,這是遊戲 ネトゲ廃人 ネトゲ廃人 我不想成為網遊廢人 討厭到都想死了.

可惡 這就是現實 我只是活在垃圾不如世界的垃圾人類 弟 弟垃圾弟弟、垃圾父親 垃圾… 這世界就是垃圾 極致垃圾的垃圾世界 エンドコンテンツ エンドコンテンツ這就是最後的終極階段 “黒い鳥” 黒い鳥幸福黑鳥?.

行星是烏托邦 沒錯,把阿一交出來 那傢伙不適合玩家人相親相愛的遊戲 阿一是做不到的,他是我們一家支柱 禁止調查現實生活 那是我們家唯一的規則 我不知道真正的家人為何物 今 帰ったぞ 我回來了 おかえり歡迎回來.

-士郎-歡迎回來 歡迎回來 士郎 我們對彼此一無所知

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3 thoughts on “GOOD NIGHT WORLD | Legit Trailer #1 | Netflix

  1. Whats up, dumbass Americans that bitch and are drained about Isekai being the same shit your entire time.1:05That's why. Some Jap abhor their each day actuality so that they yearn for escapism.

  2. i've viewed a few of NAZ's exhibits within the past. they're a respectable bunch of exhibits as to high quality and style… nonetheless the writing selections they've made in outdated initiatives i've viewed? meh. some had been reasonable at only. 'Biscuit Hammer'? ugh, that used to be monstrous, i couldn't even catch past the first episode. both the supply or NAZ's screenwriters stink. 'Infinite Dendrogram'… meh writing. fun fable and it regarded pretty… nonetheless the vogue the fable used to be plotted out used to be reasonable. 'Identity:Invaded', used to be apt! visually it main more polish to manufacture all the pieces look much less… synthetic/made by pc programs within the precise-world segments vs the trippy, original, and surely CGA all to hell 'thoughts invasion' segments of that show conceal. as to the writing, improbable! one of many one homicide mysteries i've viewed in anime! 'My Sister, My Writer' ok. this show conceal will get a REALLY noxious rap! honestly, even supposing it used to be only 10 episodes with two 12-minute specials i loved the hell! outta this show conceal! visually apt with a damn fun fable. even with a bumrush medication within the screenplay, all the pieces trusty meshed smartly. my first exposure to NAZ's work used to be funnily enough 'My First Female friend is a Gal'. apt show conceal, delectable, goofy, amusing, filled with horny moments with horny women, merely pretty visually, and in 30 years staring at anime 'MFGFIAG' is the ONLY anime that obtained me alive to enough to noticeably are attempting the manga out. with only 10 episodes over again and one plump-size particular episode NAZ hit this one outta the park for me. sadly, the anime long-established ending to those 10 broadcast episodes in most cases turned the closing 2 plump eps and half of the third to the final episodes into NAZ's efforts to manufacture TV verbalize material when there used to be ZERO supply materials accessible. the fable surely 'feels' fully rather a few in those sections and NAZ dropped the ball there. i learn the manga with out cost on-line your entire formulation by Chapter 91 and merely obtained tired of it. so, of the FIVE anime i've viewed that NAZ made, only ONE had a screenplay that i believed used to be fully awesome. TWO had been exhibits with GOOD to ABOVE AVERAGE screenwriting. ONE show conceal fully sucked and ONE show conceal used to be trusty reasonable. IMHO, a studio that might perchance perchance barely score a 50% with me? surely not a studio i'm following carefully, 'Accurate Night World' looks attention-grabbing enough for me to present it 'The Three Episode Rule' in October… nonetheless i don't contain high expectations for it.

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