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Can you keep up, Gray? My training is tough, you know. Yeah! I'll do whatever I have to! I'll do whatever it takes to get strong enough to beat Deliora! Stop! You know you don't stand a chance against Deliora! It's too much for you, Gray! Be quiet… It's not like you'd understand… I'm going to avenge my mom and dad! Because, after all…

I have two adorable pupils who I get to see grow one lively day after another. That makes me more than happy. UR! Please… Please stop! I will seal away your darkness. That stance…! Iced Shell?! I have to settle things with him! I'm even ready to die!.

So dying will settle things, huh?! Quit trying to avoid the real issue! Answer me! Who are you?! I'm your… …father. LIAR! My dad is dead! I saw it with my own eyes! Deliora murdered him! This body is a vessle.

It's a corpse that happened to be around. My name is Deliora! You haven't forgotten, have you, Gray?! Iced Shell! D-don't! Iced… Shell! I'll break through Iced Shell! I'm sorry, everyone… I almost forgot something important!.

I find no fault with you when it comes to standing against me with courage However… …very few have the courage to sheathe their sword once it's out. Fear is not evil… It tells you what your weakness is. Once you know your weakness, you can become stronger as well as kinder. You've become a good man, Gray. You're our pride and joy.

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