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Good day, gentle viewers in today's news. Double Gundam announcementsboth good and bad. A look into Pokémon historyand shakeups at Right Stuff. All of that today alongside our firstlook at the spring 2023 anime seasonal ranking. So without any further ado, I interestingglance and welcome to glance reflection. Let's jam. Let's start today with Gundam. First the bad news.

If you happen to be a fan of the currentlyairing second season of GundamThe Witch for Mercury, then I'm sorry to say that on May 14th,instead of your regularly scheduled new episode of Excitement, we will insteadbe getting a recap episode. I've never been a big fan of recapsand I've historically seen them as a as a necessary evil to counter poorplanning and other unfortunate events. However, I can be glad thatat least for the moment, this recap episode isjust supposed to be for one week. Honestly, when I first heard that.

Any semblance of a delay was happening in my mind,I just flashed back to like last season where we had a whole handful of full shows that just gotstraight up, delayed for multiple weeks. Heck, Nier Automata from last season is still technically ongoingbecause it got delayed so much. So one week we can handle. Plus, we've already had precedent for thisas there was a special recap episode back last year during thisshow's first season.

So with luck, that's all this is. Sure, the lack of new content for a weekis depressing, but that's just,you know, first world problems. Onto other Gundam news. It's been announced that a new Gundamspinoff manga is in the works titled Gundam Werewolf. The story takes place back in Gundam HomeUniverse of Universal Century. Specifically,UC 0087 approximately during the same timeframe as the Zeta Gundam anime storyline.

Not much is known about the project. It's going to cover a three wayconflict of the era and of course, introduce a brand new mobile suit Gundamwith the name Werewolf. It is always interestingto see how Gundam develops over time, you know, and how it releases new projectsbecause Gundam has never been one to continually latch on to new trends in the same wayas other media franchises is. Right. So while they are seeing massive successright now.

With witch of mercury at the momentand I believe that their gunpla sales for the mercury line haven'tbeen higher than this in a long time. It's still good to see themplanning on continuing Gundam of all types as time passes, even if this isjust a manga, not an anime. Still, Gundamwhile the universal Century Gundam is are getting a little bitharder to swallow. I feel like for new fans of Gundam,I still think it's good to at least keep it aroundas like a setting which I feel likeWerewolf is planning on doing.

Sure, it does take place at the same time roughly as Zeta Gundam,but this is Gundam not Marvel. I doubt we're going to see Kamilleor Char pop up mentioned perhaps, but actually appear. Well, at least I hope they don't. We don't always need that kind of massiveinterconnected universe. Personal opinion, of course. Now, before we continue,I wanted to give shout to supporters of this channel over on Patreon,because, yes, this video is not sponsored.

And the more support that we getover there, the less sponsors that glass reflection will lead at any given time. So an immense thank you,especially to patrons like… We can't continue thiswithout your support. So however much you were able to help,I am eternally grateful. Let's move on to talking about Pokémon. While the series is currently celebratingand working on its recent launch of its brand new animeseries, Pokémon Horizons. A fan of the franchise has been workingbehind the scenes to keep lesser known.

Parts of the original anime historyin tact. After 12 years, a fan of Pokemonwas able to track down copies of a two parter episode of Pokémonthat was supposed to air in 2011. During Pokémon Black and White,the episodes “Team Rocket versus Team Plasma” Parts 1&2covered well, exactly what you may expect from the title,but its history is a lot more interesting. As I said, these episodeswere supposed to air but never did. The episodes were set to launch around the time of the massive earthquakeand tsunami that hit Japan.

You know, in and around that time period. Originally, the episodes were just delayeduntil they were officially canceled, leading to many fans speculatingthat the episodes contained imagery quite similar to the disasterin question, hence the cancellation. Now, these episodes getting axeddid leave a bit of a hole in the show's narrative as there was some build upto those episodes only for thatnever to actually come to fruition. But now the scripts of those episodes arepublic and can be read archived freely. They are all in Japanese, of course,so we in the West will need to wait.

Until someone comes along with a decenttranslation because I'm not one to rely on machine translationfor something like this personally. But like all we knew about these episodesbeforehand were just whispers and rumors. Like I remember back in the day. If I'm remembering this correctly,one of the English producers of the Pokémon adaptation claimedto have watched the episodes in question before the Pokémon company Internationaljust determined that they weren't going to be adapting it. So it's possible it exists somewhere.

But really, who knows what exists anymore? It all depends on how things got cannedand what state they were in when it happened. The episodes might have gotten the axbefore everything was fully finalized and, you know, everything got tossed. We have no idea. But this at least is a nice little bit of Pokémon historythat gets to stick around. So some quick industry news for you today.

The vice president of anime retailerRight Stuff has announced their departure from the companyafter being in that position since 2014. This marks the second major departurefrom the anime company following the former presidentand CEO departure last December. According to Anime News Network,who posted the story originally on the first of the month,Crunchyroll, the current owners of Right Stuffhave declined to comment on any of this, but it doesleave some unfortunate questions behind. For those of uswho loved using the retailer in the past,.

Crunchyroll purchased the companylast year, ostensibly to bolster their e-commerce service,which left people like me skeptical but hopeful because it's been no secretthat Crunchyroll hasn't much cared about their home video releasemarket for the last number of years. And while that is not all right stuffhandled, they had a bunch of offerings from all different kinds of merchand media. I personally was very, very hopefulthat this could have led to Crunchyroll pivoting to make more home media offeringsfor the shows that they stream. But all that relied on the Right Stuffteam sticking around.

And continuing to do the great workthat they have been doing since before I was born. But now, with a bunch of the main crewout of the picture, it's going to get harder and harder to see what Crunchyrollactually plans to do with the company. I can say that I'm not optimistic anymore. I'd like to be,but given the circumstances, that's very hard right now. And finally, at the very end of the video,we are going to be checking in on the spring 2023anime rankings.

Thanks to our friends over at animeTrending now, we are three weeks behind here. A glass reflectionfor looking at this chart. And honestly,I feel like that's a good thing. While I am sort of trying to cover upfor the fact that we here haven't actually made episodesconstantly for the last three weeks, and I probably would have reacted toeach individual week had that been an option, waiting until,you know, three weeks of charts have been made available.

And for things to settle a bit and for people to have actually watcheda reasonable amount of things hopefully will make the charta little bit more accurate in this third weekrather than week number one. That's not to say that it did happenor that it would have happened, But, you know, I sometimes liketo be optimistic, especially considering, you know, there were a lot of thingswith this particular chart in these particular rankings from lastseason that I wasn't the biggest fan of. But this season is stacked.

And while I do not expecteverybody to have watched literally everything that airedlike I have, I'm still quite hopeful that the charts will be decent,mostly because there's a lot of good stuff this season and it's very hardfor me to feel like the top ten will actually be legitimately bad. So in this third week, toppingthe chart is Mobile SuitGundam The Witch from Mercury Season two. Not a freaking surprise. You want to know why?.

Because it's amazing. I wasn't all that hopeful. Honestly, I've had many great, great, great Gundam series in the past. Start offstrong with an amazing first season and then they're popular enoughto get a sequel and it's just not good. This is a regular thing with Gundam,so I was not actually all that hopeful. Now, granted, we're only like a smallhandful of episodes in, and as I said at the very start of this video,we're getting a recap episode so soon.

But overall, this season has the potentialto be freaking amazing. But it all depends on whether or notthey stick the landing. At the moment, though, as we are goingweekly, the fact that it is in number one is well-deserved. Now, moving down into actual new animeterritory, we have Hells Paradise in 2nd [OSHI NO KO] in 3rdand Heavenly Delusion in 4th. None of that surprises me either. In fact, Hells Paradise was the first anime.

That I watched out of anythingbecause I thought it was going to be probably one of the most popularshows of the season. And it turns out I am not actuallythat Off the Mark. [OSHI NO KO] also doing extremely well,which is very deserved despite not having the Westernmarketing campaign of, you know, Crunchyroll behind it, which normally iswhat pushes things up into the top. The fact that this is just kind of I don't know if I don't knowif grassroots fanbase is the best thing to describe it, but [OSHI NO KO], I feel likeis moving forward a lot on its own merits.

And it is extremely well put togetherand if you're not watching it, you should. Heavenly Delusion similar as well. It's not a Crunchyroll led show. It is a Disney led show. Technically,and they also don't seem to be caring all that much about advertising it. So its popularity and also its well,its quality has nothing to do with them at all. But its popularity in the West.

Could be attributed to themhad they actually been doing anything. Moving down the list is Skip and Loafer,followed by Demon Slayer and my love story with Yamada-kun at Lv999. Between these three like I'mloving skip and lowfer, it is just like this. This perfect little high schoolslice of life series from P.A works that I'm absolutely enjoying.Demon Slayer is Demon Slayer. I don't really think I need to commenton that all too much. Out of those three though, my love story with Yamada-kunis probably the one I dislike the most.

Not that I dislike it really. In general, I actually enjoyed it and I'm enjoying ita heck of a lot more than a lot of the things that I dislikefrom last season. So that's a plus. But it seems to me that there is a particular type of romance showthat seems to do really well with the anime trending audience. And with that in mind, I'm actuallysurprised that it's only in seventh now. Of course, apparently it was in the topfive at one point in time.

In fact, according to the little icon next to it,it was in second place at one point. So dropping down to seventhis quite interesting, but we'll have to see how that continuesas the season progresses. Following that, the last three in the topten is insomniac's after school. The dangers in my heart and the reason why Raeliana ended upat the Duke's mansion. Now, Raeliana is new to the chart,apparently only just entered the top ten recently, and I don't know how to feelabout that one just yet.

We're only three episodes into it and I am keeping up with it,but it is doing a couple of things that it's one of thoseI feel like the characters know more than the audience does,which gives this interesting clash of what is going on versuswhat we are watching. Because if the characters knowmore than we do then they are going to be actingand doing things that we don't know about. And depending on how it is written,that can work out very well. But also in times I feel likethey occasionally will do things.

And they'll be like,Oh, this makes perfect sense. And then I'll be watching itbeing like, How? How does this make sense? Based on what? Because we don't we don't know. As it continues, I am very interestedto see how it goes on. Dangers in my heart,I wasn't all that impressed with. But you know, it has some interestingparts to it and we'll see how that goes. Continuing on Insomniac'safter school is a thing and it's okay. Like really, I have no problem withany of the top ten I really don't like.

I can nit pick on things like Yamada kunand dangerous in my heart and even insomniacs. I can nitpick on all of themif I really, really, truly wanted to. But I kind of don't. I mean,a part of me is a little disappointed that some of my more favorite shows ofthe season aren't in the top ten at all. The fact that, like Magus Brideand Vinland saga got kicked off the top ten now and things like OtakuElf or Tonikawa isn't on the list. Like I have my own personal favoritesand I can be disappointed.

That they're not in the topten on anime trending. But like, you know,normally I would be really annoyed only if there was something on the list that I absolutely hated and questionedwhy it was there. And you know,I don't really feel at this time around. So that's an improvement over last year. Overall, we're going to have to seehow the rankings continue. But if you want to be voting on this chartas the season progresses, there will be a link in the descriptionwhere you can do so.

Anime Trending, of course, does not sponsor glass reflectionin any way, shape or form. I just think what they're doing is neatand I continue to think what they're doing is neet only if some of my favoritesend up in the top ten like they have been. It's very interestinghow that works out, isn't it? And that's it for our show today. So subscribe if you haven't hit thelike button, if you enjoyed the video, and until next time, whenever that may be. Ladies, gentlemen and others,watch more anime and stay frosty.

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