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All this in your sleep but how many remember this character do you remember him how many remember this guy was any of the schmoo or something like that didn't have did he have yeah he had legs so I I started drawing that guy years ago.

So that was like my first character okay I knew I could draw then I mean that's very easy to do so then I started thinking you know what I I really started getting interested in uh Walt Disney so then I just started kind of Through The Years you know started just kind of copying you know some of Walt Disney's characters.

You know and I would just kind of look on you know how Walt Disney did things and I would just begin to illustrate and I always wanted to be a cartoonist well then I started imitating voices how many remember Mr Magoo wow I I can't see him all right here we go where are you remember that one then I was a big fan of Rocky and Bullwinkle.

Remember Rocky hey rookie you want me to pull the rabbit under my head oh that should never works well that's pretty bad I have a preacher's voice now so I can't really do that but so anyway you know I would just kind of draw you know and and uh you know just kind of I just wanted to be a cartoonist that was.

My dream you know and so so anyway that's kind of how that happened and you know you just kind of you know just draw it anyway so I kind of wanted to draw and then I thought well I like people so I thought I'd just draw people too you know and so I just kind of drawn and I'd sit around and my teachers would get mad at me at school because they.

Would say things like you know you um you aren't paying attention I said yes I am I pay attention better when I doodle and so isn't that right Mom so this is kind of me a picture of me I think that looks great that's a great guy I think that guy's terrific so.

Anyway so 1984 I had a dream and in the dream I just I I just saw this being drawn in front of me and this is where mutsby just kind of came alive and so I just started drawing him and of course you're going to see why Norris.

Had to come in my life because I'm not as good as him I don't draw as much but anyway must be was kind of birthed out of this so it's kind of hard to draw sideways I just want to make sure everybody can see but how many like drawn anybody in here like drawn.

Sorry I'm drawing sideways I hope they look good Norris does that look like mutsby you can't tell I don't think I can tell either does that look like mutsby there you go looking much V I tell you he's a great guy so anyway so anyway this is much V.

And it'll say uh what do you call those things okay so that's my must be and I drew him years ago we'll draw on the next service Norris would you like to come now I'm going to show you why you need an animator this guy's a professional anime Norris do you want this one or do you want another color one or all right.

Ladies and Gentlemen let's give it up for Norris Hall what do you want me to do here Norris you could draw whatever you want you could tell your story I just told my childhood oh wait can we get a microphone for him it's really yeah just kind of have a microphone.

Okay we want to make sure the live stream I can you want me to stand by you can you hear if I just stand here okay go ahead and talk can you talk hello hello nobody can hear him candy Matthew go ahead and put the that right there and I don't want to make him nervous okay what am I doing you you draw.

Can they can they get close I can't draw sideways either here go on this side ready can they get a good can they get closer with the camera well I've got him working on the comic book so he's drawing so many characters for me right now because we're trying to get the comic book out.

And I have very similar Styles yeah we just start with the nose it looks like huh can they see can you all see okay good you can come closer if you want to okay but my uh I draw on the computer so I draw.

Um I sketch it I sketch the characters out like this first and then I traced uh I photograph them take them into the computer and then trace it on the computer that way I can add color quickly and easily and it uh.

I can change North that one eyebrow on the right needs to be a little thicker oh okay I appreciate it no I love it you're not as what not as dark as mine oh you're gonna get it when I when he gets on the headlock you'll see it in just a moment when he's done drawing uh.

So anyway here we go now you know why you need an illustrator well I'm a little slow today but that's okay you're doing great so there we go that's mutsby m-u-t-z pH he also did our mural down there in the thing all right thank you.

All right is there anything else you want to draw all right well let's give it up for Norris he did a great job thank you you guys can I mean maybe we can just set them up here I mean where people can look at them unless that would be great Norris thank.

You for being here today we really really appreciate it and thank you for all your hard work you did a great job and again must be his last stand and you can get that uh today at the at the book signing but you can also go to Hank and brenda.org you can also go to Destiny image and even selling on Amazon and I.

Want to thank Kyle Kyle got them into Barnes and Nobles and targets and um I was actually in uh South Lake which is right outside of I don't know where it's at so isn't it close to Dallas somewhere this is like a suburb is that right right okay so it's like a suburb how many ever been to South Lake Texas and uh anyway great.

Place and we're at the Barnes and Nobles and they were excited to be uh receiving these books well I'm not used to it uh can you see anything right there well I was going to make some shadow pictures for you okay anyway but um they were excited to get the books in and I I was really amazed I already had my books for adults and Brenda's I had my Throne Room.

Prophecy book which you can also get and then of course Brenda's daily decree and they were excited about their shipment coming in so thank you for your love and support thank you so much and uh get one for your your neighbor get one for your if you you know if you've got grandchildren how many you've got grandchildren how many of you have.

Children how many have enemies anybody have nmec you could buy a book for any category you know and it'd be a blessing so we're really excited well this day is very special to me I'm very humbled by it because to be really honest with you I have been creating these characters I've got four series and uh lots of characters I don't.

Know probably how many are in all the series Brenda maybe 40 50. look Norris you've been drawing them all probably 40 50. uh there's four series that we're working on so there'll be four different things one will be um much being Milo uh then we've got the galactic quest of Captain zepto then we have Pi Gus detective at large it's a pig series and.

I have a secret agent Sue which is a little girl she's a detective and so we're going to be working on this stuff but I literally started creating them about over 20 years ago and at one point I just walked away from it I said God I just hey I'm too busy a I don't B I don't really want to continue on I don't really know which direction you have but.

I've learned something with God when you lay down something and you give it truly to him you know what it's amazing how it resurfaces and when it does resurface it's right have you ever tried to make something happen anybody ever tried to make something happen and uh I've learned in my life you can try to make.

Things happen but boy it's better just to give it to God and let him make it happen so Lord I salute you too amen so thank you for celebrating with us today and um I want to do this I want to start off today I want to talk about what a nation looks like filled with glory and obviously you heard the prophetic word that just came.

Forward maybe this is new for you and you're like well what was that well the Bible says in First Corinthians 12 28 that God has set in his church first apostles second prophets thirdly teachers and then the list goes on so you can see that God has placed these things in his church this is after he rose from the dead he he he.

Implemented this in his church the other thing that we find is Jesus setting in uh to his church what we call the five-fold ministry which is the Apostle Prophet evangelist pastor and teacher and then you go over to First Corinthians 14 and it talks about how God will in a church service prophesy or he will speak his heart his mind his.

Will and his intent and always remember that there is information constantly hitting planet Earth and it it sometimes it's in the media that you know that's what we're seeing today that has a tendency see to you know get most of what people put their faith their hope their trust in it's true or there's what is called the occult realm which is you.

Know where people go and they read horoscopes or there's witchcraft or or sorcery and psychic type stuff which is is in the second heaven which is where the Warfare realm is and sometimes people are pulling a lot of those assignments and agendas of what the devil wants to do and then speaking it out as it's God backing it or God.

Wanting to do it or somehow God has taken his hand off but then there's the third way and that is God where he speaks from his throne room and he speaks his heart and he looks for those that he's appointed as prophets or prophetic vessels that will speak his heart his mind and his will now recently you heard on the news that Chuck Schumer.

Once uh Judge Amy Comey uh Coney Barrett was confirmed which was amazing how many of us saw that October 26 2016 and there was a prophecy that was prophesied right here four years to the date four years to the date October 26th 2016 before the 2016 election God says.

There's going to be vacancies on your Supreme Court Trump had not yet been elected and God said there'll be the third vacancy and at the third vacancy I will put a woman there now he spoke that on October 26 2016. fast forward four years to the exact day she was confirmed just like the prophecy said.

Why am I saying this to you because there's so much information that is being fed into the Earth right now that people are they don't know what to believe they don't know who to believe you know I've had people say well Pastor what what if what if you're wrong I said well I I put everything out there for God if I'm wrong people will not show up.

Probably who knows I don't know but I said I don't fear that because I don't spend time listening to the news I spend time with God and there's too many prophetic words that line up so accurately and so detailed that if all of the words are lining up then obviously what he's going to do on election and then this election is going.

To line up too does that make sense so I don't fear I I don't know why people even ask those silly questions so uh I I've been celebrating for a long time because I realize that our nation is not going backwards and the devil is trying what he's and that's why you're going to start seeing major exposures coming of uh.

Trafficking and pedophilia and different things and you're going to be shocked at who's been involved in this stuff but also God has dedicated this election to the children the ones that are that are in the wombs the ones that are yet to be born the ones that are born and the ones that never had a chance to walk this Earth it means a lot to us and that's.

One of the signs of what God does when a nation is filled with Glory he comes and he begins to celebrate the children what do you think the Deliverance of the children of Israel is all about it's father God delivering his people how did he do it through his glory God's glory is moving towards this earth right now and he's that's why children.

This the the talk of it is in the news because it's a sign when God's glory begins to come God begins to celebrate the children and he begins to vindicate them amen that's why our nation's not going backwards I want to read to you a prophecy that was spoken this was at brother Copeland's in January of this.

Year at the beginning of the year he called me out he had me come on stage and I said Hank I believe you've got a word for this nation and God began to speak now I'm saying this because Chuck Schumer was saying that this is the darkest days that we are heading into now I want you to hear this word this was in January this is before Chuck.

Schumer said that these are the darkest days uh in history because they didn't get their way and uh so why would God contradict himself God said we're entering into a revolution of light and always remember God's nature is he always speaks a contrary word to the conditions that are happening in the earth and I'll talk about that so let's.

Look at this prophecy they'll put it up I I thought I had a copy of it and I don't saw I'm depend upon you this was January 23rd down um my brother Copeland's God says I desire says the spirit of God to bring manifestation of my light for some say it's a new decade but it is not just that it is a decade of a revolution of light where I shall.

Awaken this nation to the Revival to the glory that you have declared desired and you have prayed for therefore the light that is coming notice how God's talking about light they're talking Darkness notice the light that is coming and is why there is so much division in fighting at this time because the enemies of Darkness are.

Desiring to stop the light The Awakening and the exposing of deep corruption that shall come to the surface is the spirit of God Therefore your house that you call white shall be white again but it shall also be known listen carefully as the lighthouse for I'm overturning laws in this land.

And I'm giving it Authority and I'm empowering and empowering to my people that the greatest reform shall begin to take place so this is what God Said Amen now I want to also uh read to you a prophecy that they have back there this one came when I was on with brother Copeland how many watched it on Tuesday of this last week well we're going to be.

Uh live Tuesday night election coverage with America stands Bryn and I will be live with them uh to talk about what God is doing with the election and then we are praying about now don't hold me to this we're praying about Wednesday night and we'll let you know probably last minute because my schedule is all over the place where we may be doing and it.

Looks like we're going to do it we'll meet and do a Wednesday night election coverage uh after the fact and then we'll be back on Thursday night with America stands again talking about us we got a full week but this prophecy came do they have that Jared do you have that prophecy okay I want to read this one so this one came just right in the middle.

Of the show on Tuesday with brother Copeland when I was on I had the honor of being with him God says it's not too late hand of provision of private reservation okay in fact I hear the spirit of God say something I have not lifted my hand off of this nation says the spirit of the Living God.

For this is the time that my hand has been extended with Mercy for even in the days when the disciples looked and saw that it was late some are thinking that it's too late that I do not have a plan to minister to the multitudes of this nation but yet when it was late in my hand of provision and preservation showing my mercy and two thousand years.

Ago the enemy Was Defeated a public display listen carefully says the spirit of God it was a public display triumphing over him in it how shall I once again how shall I show again the victory that shall come once again to this nation I'll do it with public displays of my power of my victory that I won that day and that Victory stands.

Forever courts shall be shaken 7281 peace to the land you know I can hardly read it guys is there can you make it bigger please make it bigger okay I got to read it off of this one peace to the land public displays of the name of Yeshua New Era celebrate Victory and so you will see public displays of the.

Court being shaken again and more vacancies for it shall be you shall see a place of 6-3 and it shall go to seven two even eight one because of vacancies there should be public displays of worship and honoring and cleaning of the streets and peace and Shalom shall come unto the land that they will say we remember the days when violence filled.

The streets we remember the days when there was chaos in riots we remember the days when socialism tried to overtake the land but God says listen now public displays of the name of Yeshua the name of the Lord shall be seen in the land and this shall stand because you're in a new era says the Lord.

So this is what God is speaking about because we are in a time where what does a nation look like filled with Glory that's the question God is asking if they would put up that picture in 2016 I was walking just before the election and it was that summer and I was walking with my two German Shepherds and as I was walking with him I now have three.

German Shepherds a German Shepherd she's about six months old and uh our two other ones just love her but I was walking in a park and there was nobody there it was a kind of a sunny sky and and I don't even really remember a cloud in the sky and all of a sudden I saw what looked like a cloud over three trees as I was coming around the corner.

And I thought to myself what in the world is that is something on fire as you can imagine as I was walking around where at the top of the tree there was on at the top of the middle when there was a swirling smoke and I thought is there something on fire and I was a little nervous about going around the side but hey when you got.

German Shepherds and other things you're not you know Second Amendment stuff you know you're not you're not really concerned and so I was walking and and I thought well what in the world is this and the cloud began to get closer to me it literally moved from that third tree and began to settle right there if they can put it.

Back up right uh in the middle there and uh I noticed my our dog's Behavior was odd at that moment they began to sit down and and literally right here look up and just stare and they didn't it's like they didn't even move as the cloud came closer to me God is my.

Witness I fell down on my knees and I began to shake and I said Lord you were in this place and I didn't I lost track that I was in in a public place and God spoke to me four things that day that I've shared with you but one of the things he said to me and I'll never forget it in 2016 and I didn't.

Understand it when he said it to me he said what does a nation look like filled with Glory and I remember shaking there in this visitation my dog's on the side this cloud above me I said God I can't answer that he said not many can answer that because they only look.

At things through the eyes of you know towards Evil all they see is evil or they only see the bad or they've not ever seen the glory because it's never come in this fashion and so for years I kept asking him well then what does a nation look like filled with Glory how do we know if that's what you're going to do we're hearing.

Prophecies that are saying that you're you're moving fast with your presence and your power and your glory is about to cover this Earth as the waters cover the sea God how do we know begin to search the scriptures and I began to see a pattern that when God's glory begins to come to the Earth there's certain things that begin to.

Happen and I'll go over these after brother Copeland in more detail but let me give you one example when God's glory begins to come the Earth begins to move so you'll see increase of of the shaking of the very soils and you'll see the shaking of things that everything that can be shaken will be shaken nothing will be able to escape the glory you.

Can't hide out in your basement you can't listen to me you cannot dispose of emails and other things when the glory comes you are exposed that's why come on why is there so much talk of corruption because when the glory comes corruption has no chance corruption is one of the signs that the.

Glory is is manifested you say well how do you know we're going to talk about this in two weeks because when the priests would go into the holy of holies where the glory of God or the Manifest presence of God was people would say oh that's you know Bartholomew he's a great priest he is such a holy man wow he treats his family with such honor but.

Yet when he went into the glory if he had corruption in his life he didn't come out one of the manifestations of when God is is is extending his glory to a nation into a people you will see the sin level rise you will see corruption begin to come into manifestation another thing is not only does the Earth shake but you'll.

Begin to see weather patterns out of control when the glory of God begins to come to a nation or to to a people the weather patterns will be all jacked up why number one the enemy will counter the glory how do you know Mark chapter 4 Jesus is the glory of God he was the word that.

Was made flesh and dwelt Among Us so every time Jesus went into a place it was the Manifest Glory of his father you say how Jesus said if you've seen me you have seen my father so everywhere he went it was the glory of God manifest what was another thing that happened how do you know when the glory comes you have riots you can see that in Jesus.

Ministry they would he would come into a a city a place and they would be uproars in the up when the apostles began to have the manifestation of that Glory upon him the whole cities the Bible says we're thrown into up Wars and they would say no don't let these men come into our cities because they have turned the city upside down what are we seeing riots.

Weather patterns corruption sin are you listening we are in the middle and too many are just looking at the polls and I want to say pull your head out of the polls and the media and realize the glory of God is manifesting and we win so Mark chapter 4 Jesus the Manifest.

Glory says in verse 35 let us go to the other side so right there he was declaring that his glory was coming that his glory was moving once he got in that boat the glory was moving when he spoke at the glory was already manifesting and already set in motion and and think about this Devil's operate in the waters also that's why every.

Major city is built on a port because demonic spirits want to have access to the trade to the wealth to the business right and so that's why Israel's greatest enemy was the Philistines they were a Port City their God that they worship Philistines a port city on the water they worship.

Dagon the fish God that's why in The Book of Revelation the Beast is coming out of the sea because demonic spirits when the devil was cast down he also was cast down not only on the Earth but he was cast into the sea and so he operates and he tries to manipulate Nations and cities through the waters so in Mark 4 when Jesus is.

Saying let us go to the other side verse 35 immediately the spirits and the demons that operated over the water said we've got to stop the glory from coming we need to manipulate and and do things with the weather so that it looks as though that they're they're finished he's the prince of the power of the air he uses the air and so what happens a.

Great storm arose to try to stop the glory and then we've got people who don't understand the Throne of God and how his heart is for this nation and the Earth right now and they're declaring that these storms are judgment and in Mark chapter 4 the storm came and Jesus awoke from his sleep after the disciples.

Were panicking and saying don't you care that we die so here they were fishermen who obviously understood what a vicious storm would be like that they were even to the point of afraid that they would lose their life and Jesus didn't even say oh look there's a storm he just rose up and said peace be still and he spoke to the wind and he spoke to the water.

Remember he spoke to the Sea why demons demons of the air Demons of the sea and do you know what happened think about it he's he would never have rebuked his father so don't think every storm is is is God sometimes it's just the Earth convulsing because the amount of sin you could read that in the Book of Leviticus because of.

Sin the Earth you know vomits convulses okay we reap what we sow but then there's also the work of demonic spirits and some is also the hand of God we know that in in the Book of Job where God does send the Whirlwind and we see that with with Moses and the children of Israel he he used the wind.

But you have to discern the source and and what God's agenda is and what's trying to counter it do you understand so what did Jesus do he rebuked the wind rebuke the sea and what happened he gets over immediately in mark five you can keep reading the story and the man with the Legion of demons.

That's a lot of devils immediately met him why because the glory was coming the glory was touching a region and the enemy used storms to try to counter it just like he's doing today and notice when they cast The Devils out of that man in Mark chapter 5 where did those demons want to go remember they went into the pigs and.

They went right in back into the water the source of where they were operating and manipulating so what do you see when a nation's filled with Glory you see weather patterns out of control you see the Earth shake things being shaken you see corruption is that the Forefront comes to the top come on you see rioting chaos in the cities come on read the.

Book of Acts but look here also in Exodus chapter 19 when a nation is filled with Glory watch what begins to happen in Exodus chapter 19. God comes down on the mountain I want to prove this to you so God comes down upon the mountain and and this is so amazing to me in verse 16 and it came to pass on the.

Third day in the morning when God In His glory came down that there were Thunders and there was lightning and a thick Cloud upon the mountain and the voice of the trumpet was so exceeding that all the people in the camp began to trouble so I mean you know there's weather patterns there's there's certain weather things there's Thunder there's lightning.

Okay you can also look in the in the book of Exodus where there was uh tremendous wind and the whole Mountain began to Shake in Exodus 20 verse 18 and all the people saw the thunderings and the Lightnings and the noise of the trumpet the mountains smoking and when the people saw it they they ran you know they were afraid of the Manifest glory.

Of God you know the Earth is the Lord's and the fullness thereof and so when God begins to show up the Earth responds okay that's why we're seeing things in in such chaos and and and and and interesting stuff now go to Joel chapter two because I want you to see this no you know what before you go to Joel go to Genesis one I want to back up.

Because we started our message here about the prognostication and false prophesying that this nation is entering into its darkest season by those who are a party of no religious affiliation well then what are you speaking by it should be no clue that's why I don't I didn't vote for you I voted by the way two and a.

Half hours in line on what day was it Brenda Tuesday two and a half hours it took me to vote and I didn't vote for you all I'm gonna tell you I voted for I don't care I voted for Trump and I voted everybody that stood for the right for life that loved Israel that loved America loved our veterans love our.

Police officers love Law and Order yep yep yep that's exactly who I voted for a proud American Patriot of the United States of America yup yup that's me that's what I voted for yep amen now they're shrieking and squealing oh I feel like the Democratic party are having a meltdown like that that almost.

Sounds like Lance Walt Walnut I feel like you're like the Democratic party you know having a meltdown like the witch on The Wizard of Oz glance if you're watching that's the best I could do but listen in Genesis chapter one that kind of sounded like him didn't it for a minute okay.

Look at America look at America that looks great I tell you that looks great all right but God always speaks a contrary word contrary word to the conditions of the earth Genesis 1. look I'll prove it to you in the beginning God created the Heaven and the earth now watch the conditions of the earth you ready the.

Earth was without form void and what was upon the face of the deep Darkness and what did the spirit of God do did he remove his hand when darkness was upon the face of the deep see people are sitting there prophesying that somehow.

God because I mean we're not decrying the fact that there is Darkness upon the Earth how many of you can see it but what is God doing he's moving he's hovering that's what that word means he's hovering I believe with all my heart that God's looking at the darkness which is another thing when Glory starts coming upon a nation Darkness shows up.

Darkness manifests look where's the spirit of God hovering over the Earth and what is the earth dark what is happening right now in the earth it's dark it's been dark where's the spirit of God he's hovering what's he hovering for he's waiting for us the church to vote but to quit yes come on give Jesus a handclap.

And he's also waiting for us to start speaking contrary to what's being spoken with fear come on he wants us to speak Faith look at what God did so the spirit of God is hovering waiting for something he's waiting for words of faith he's waiting for contrary words to be spoken in the.

Very conditions he wants us to get in agreement with him not in agreement with the conditions oh there's rioting sure there's writing so what let there be light and look at what God did verse 3 and God said let there be what light let there then there was light and I also think the Bible says in the Book of John that.

That Jesus is the light that came into the world that is lit all men I believe that the father was speaking by the spirit of God let there be Jesus because there was nothing made that was made that was he had had his hand he made it and I think he was prophesying Jesus into manifestation at everything in.

Creation has the touch of Jesus and His glory that needs to be brought to him amen look at Joel chapter 2 because I have people that they sell books I mean Publishers you know this fear sells if I had Throne Room prophecy up here which I had which which I wrote and December 2020 is going to be like hell.

And it had burning streets right cop cars overturned people in black antifa outfits which do you think would sell his own room prophecy or December shall be like hell 2020. which one would sell publishers which one would sell.

Fair one thank you for her honesty fear sales and here's the thing they've been selling fear for not these but people have been selling fear for so many years and then their stuff never comes to pass and they're living high off the hog riding in there you know rolls royces and everything because you supported their.

Fear-mongering no it is bold but it's the truth I'm tired of it so is God so Joel chapter 2 I will give them this that there is Darkness on the earth we're not putting our head in the sand because that's one of the signs when God's glory begins to manifest you're going to have Darkness.

But look at what it says it's a day of darkness and of gloominess so there's people that are speaking Doom and Gloom okay how many know there's Doom and Gloom out there if you want to come into agreement with it do we deny that there's Doom and Gloom how many of you believe that there's Doom and Gloom look at your neighbor and.

Say there's Doom and Gloom right don't look at your spouse she's going to think there's something wrong in the marriage look at somebody else okay Doom and Gloom but the problem is that's what only thing people think that there is is just Doom and Gloom well the Bible says in the book of Isaiah arise Shine the.

What has come the light has come and what has happened the glory of the Lord has risen upon you and it says that darkness is there Darkness has covered the Earth gross darkness which means mental oppression has covered the people but the Kings or the people shall come to the brightness of the light not the darkness that's what Isaiah 60 says so.

What I'm saying is you have light and darkness at the same time if I would have kept reading Genesis chapter 1 after verse 3 you would have seen verse 4 God divided the light from the darkness they do exist together at the same time the problem is we have been stuck every election in Doom and Gloom we've been stuck most people you talk to.

Them I walk with my three German Shepherds and I talk to people on the streets and they are terrified I had one guy the other day say hey man I got all the Bud Light you want are we still going to celebrate I said I don't need Bud Light I got the light of Jesus but we can celebrate with the.

Knuckle punch he goes man I'm scared to follow filled foul I said well you don't need to be scared to beep beep beep beep beep in your own words I didn't repeat the I did not repeat the cuss words I tell you I didn't repeat the cuss words I beat I did I said well you can you don't need.

To beep beep beep beep beep beep beep beep I felt like the Road Runner on uh but I said Don't Fear dude he goes are you sure he goes I got to tell you a secret he goes see all these houses here I go again he goes every one of them is voting for a president Trump how do you know he goes I've been talking to him in private as well why.

Don't they why don't they wave their flag okay why don't they fly their American flag he shook his head he said no I said go in there and fly an American flag this is America and I almost went home and officer Herrick at your wedding you.

Gave me keep America a great flag and I've been waving it proudly in my home I literally with three German Shepherds I want to put it on my back and care and start walking with it around the neighborhood like this I mean I do I mean it's just me I mean it's just me.

But I want you to look at this verse real quick Brenda I'm going to do that on Monday I'm going to go all over the neighbor with my dogs and other stuff and I'm gonna but look at what it is it's a day go to Joel chapter two verse are you enjoying this or I just feel like I'm just rattling on okay.

Come back next week brother Copeland will be here Joel chapter 2 verse two it's a day of darkness and gloominess nobody's decrying that but but they they think that what's next is associated with the gloominess it's a day of clouds and thick Darkness people go oh see right there and it's a day of darkness and.

Gloominus and clouds and thick Darkness oh work worked because you don't understand that this is Genesis 1 4 the dividing of light and darkness yes there is Darkness Isaiah 60. come on light and darkness I just quoted it that word clouds in thick Darkness I want you now to look at Exodus 20 verse 21.

It is the Hebrew words that speak of God's glory so how what what does the nation look like filled with Glory weather patterns will get weird riots and Chaos begin to happen deep exposure and Corruption and even death right deaths of world leaders deaths of high-profile people Pastor I don't believe that Isaiah 60 in.

The year that King Uzziah died I saw the Lord High I lifted up and His glory filled the temple a death of a king and the glory of the Lord you're going to see more unusual people not be on planet Earth anymore yeah and I'm not prophesying anyone's death I'm just simply saying I'm I'm quoting Isaiah 60 verse 1 and just watch.

Now here's the thing you have to understand what's going on when the glory of God begins to come weather patterns earthquakes shakings corruption rioting chaos right people getting mad foaming at the mouth like you see on TV.

Some of the people you vote for but we're in a new era don't put a check mark by their box anymore but look at what you see and the people stood afar off and Moses Drew near unto what the thick Darkness where God was you mean to tell me Moses went into a thick dark cloud yeah.

The same ones of Joel chapter 2 when it's a day of Doom and Gloom right in the middle of it the spirit of God Genesis 1 3 is hovering hovering hovering the spirit of God has not moved himself off of this planet or the nation or even this election are you listening so you have to understand that that's.

How God operates I'm going to show you one last one if they would come to the piano next next time I talk to you we'll talk about another thing that begins to happen when the glory of God what does the nation look like filled with Glory one of the other things that marks.

Opposite of what you think there are so many people that think that God is just so mad at us that he is just gonna give us a socialistic leader pack our courts continue to murder babies in the womb and act like that doesn't matter elect people on the left to a place of.

Promotion and prominence so they can take religious freedoms away from his church really you don't understand I'm not looking at the polls I'm not even looking at those that are speaking on TV I like what that is it a song that says this.

Because I have seen it February 12 2019. 12 years into the future I had a vision just two days before Valentine's Day you've heard it in the future doesn't look like now it's amazing what God is about to do and what's amazing is that song that says my eyes.

Have seen the coming of the glory of the Lord on this United States of America God bless America my eyes have seen it come on what are you looking at are you looking at the fake polls the fake news are you looking at people who don't have.

A patriotic spirit no I'm looking my eyes are looking at the glory of the Lord what does the nation look like filled with Glory and one of the marks of when God's glory begins to come listen to me his goodness will always manifest you cannot separate God's glory.

From his goodness I want you to look here Exodus 33 I'm white more you kind of noise.

Build our way foreign welcome songs foreign more going away he's awesome.

You thought foreign foreign you stop on midnight thank you

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