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One day, unexpectedly, the gates in the heavensopened and monsters poured out to Earth. But along with the monsters, there also appearedthose who can defeat them the celestials. The inhabitants of Korea get the message thatstrange things are starting to happen in the country, but the government has a plan tofix the problems, which has been developed since the founding of the Republic. All the peaceful people have to do is lockthemselves in their homes and wait for the arrival of the monster fighting team. Suddenly it turns out that ordinary peoplebegan to have superpowers, as celestials and the thrill of life is not inferior to theendurance of the monsters.

Anyone could become someone who stood in theway of the monsters become a celestial, because the source of power for them was the GOD'SBACKGROUND. It is divided into three types: the first,the Celestial Basis, is owned by those who direct the laws of creation of all thingsand can use the power of heaven and earth. The second type, the Earth base, is ownedby those who control the energies of wood, fire, earth, iron and water the stuff thatmakes up the whole world. The third, the human basis, is wielded bythose who can control the human body with the energies of sun, moon, yin and yang. But there is more.

A base that does not belong to any of thebasic foundations. It is activated by drugs, nicotine, caffeineand other substances, and beings gifted with this base are unpredictable. They are the real disaster, the owners ofthe UNACCEPTABLE base. There is a being in the world who has beengiven the Unexplainable Basis from birth. In order to reveal his potential, he has totake chemicals all the time. Hanyul appeared on Earth to rid it of monsters,looking at how other celestials are failing, and the first thing he destroyed was a giantevil blackbird. The end of the shift at the factory.

The workers are about to go home, discussinghow hard it is for them to make a living. One of the guys drinks an energy drink andimmediately gets a boost of energy that allows him to stay in a great mood, surprising hiscolleagues. After hearing them discuss how vitamins helphim, Hanyul plans to try them, because he knows that any medication has a particularlystrong effect on him. The guy discovered his peculiarity in thearmy when a fellow soldier gave him a food supplement. Two pills made Hanyul super active, and hisbrain started working with tripled power. From these thoughts the boy is interruptedby a pretty girl who calls out to him on the.

Street. Hanyul hopes she wants to get acquainted,but instead the pretty girl utters a phrase that Korean sectarians always say. Han Yunhee tries to catch up with the guy,but he runs away from her with all his might, not wanting to communicate on a fanaticaltopic because of his father, who created a cure to become a celestial many years ago. The idea fascinated the old man so much thathe quit his job and went to his parents' house to experiment in peace. But one day he was away and the family wasonly met with a letter saying that he would.

Return only when he had regained his energy. Twenty years have passed since then. Thinking back on this, Hanyul buys anothercan of energy and goes out into the street where a crowd has just gathered to watch theUFO. After examining the craft, the guy realizesit's not a movie set. Immediately an earthquake begins and a holeis formed in the ground from which the monster emerges. After cursing, Hanyul finds himself face toface with the monster. He's about to run away with everyone else,but the energizer does its job and turns on.

An inexplicable basis, helping the guy seeeverything as if it were in slow motion. Hanyul sees the monsters becoming plentifuland destroying the civilians. Not wanting to run away any longer, the guyjoins in and confronts the monsters, easily defeating them until finally all the uninviteddungeon visitors are rendered unconscious. Just when Hanyul thinks he's won, a monsterseveral times the size of those that came before appears before him. The guy is left to hope for his strength,but suddenly his caffeine effect disappears. From a nearby store watching the battle, Hanyulsuddenly flies into the window, followed by a giant monster who immediately attacks thesalesmen.

After lighting a cigarette, Hanyul gains newpower and saves the employees. Each puff of nicotine makes him stronger andstronger and finally he attacks the monster, dealing it powerful blows. The monster turns out to be strong, but thatdoesn't stop Hanyul from defeating it. Finished with the task, the boy thinks aboutthe fact that his lonely mother is waiting for him at home. The monster comes to his senses and attacksagain, but Hanyul fights back and asks him to stop. The powers begin to run out again, but theboy sees that the monsters are reappearing.

Around and the civilians are suffering. Suddenly, a celestial man comes to the guy'said. Throwing a magic card, he creates a spellthat tears all the monsters apart at once. The celestial approaches Hanyul, and he seesthat it is a beautiful girl. She turns her attention to the body of themonster that the guy destroyed alone, and she becomes curious as to who is in frontof her. The girl asks Hanyul to hold out her handso she can learn more about his abilities and before he can think, the boy sees hishand reaching out on its own to the celestial. Looking closely into the palm, the girl seesthe Inexplicable base.

She realizes that she needs to destroy thehero so that he won't bring harm to the earth after his power gets out of control. The guy seems very nice to the blonde, andshe gives him a remedy that is supposed to block the center of his energy. It's the only way that can keep the guy alive. She realizes that Hanyul feels bad now, buthe will soon understand why she did it. The girl leaves, believing that they willmeet again, if it's meant to be. Hanyul doesn't understand anything. He reaches the shelf with energy drinks andtakes the booster, but even dozens of cans.

Don't bring the guy's strength back. About to move in with his mother, Hanyul receivesan urgent message that monsters are appearing all over the county. To find out more, the guy is prompted to uploadhis identity to the app and then some metamorphosis begins to occur. The app tests Hanyul's divine power, takinga long time to download the data. All the while, the guy gets very nervous,absorbing energy to get rid of the effects of the celestial pill. Finally, the app shows the result…

Empty blue energy symbolizes the tree andhas a substance blue in color. In very rare cases, it has water at its baseand this energy is called empty energy. Hanyul continues to look forward to the resultof the test and the number of empty jars around him grows. The pill he received from the celestial womancontained empty blue energy. The hangover drinks helped neutralize thepoisonous ingredients, leaving the empty blue energy in the guy's system in its pure formcausing something to happen to the guy's body. Hanyul is pacing around the room tormentedby fever and is only helped by waterfall meditation, which he remembers from martial arts movies.

Finally, the app declares that the guy hasan Earth base. He recalls the words of the celestial womanand does not understand why she spoke of the inexplicable, but so Hanyul guesses that somethingin him has been changed by the poison the blonde gave him. The president of the country appears on thescreens. He tells the citizens about the monsters thatlived on earth thousands of years ago, exploiting people. Then mankind was saved by a few chosen oneswith a divine base and thanks to them, the world came back to life, and anyone couldget magic powers.

After that, they were called celestials andmany of them gave their lives to close the gates and establish peace on earth. But the monsters have returned and now thecelestials will be patrolling areas of the city to protect civilians from them. Guy sees that the app has sent him a listof abilities that he gained with the Earth base and along with that a list of trainingthat will help strengthen the abilities. Hanyul begins with breathing techniques, takinghis first step toward becoming a celestial. Time is lost and when the guy finally openshis eyes, he sees that everything around him is overgrown with tree roots.

Hanyul tries to remember how many hours hehas been sitting, but looking at the calendar he almost faints a hundred days have passedsince he sat in the lotus pose. After taking a shower, Hanyul returns to life,and he notices that he is not hungry at all, despite the fact that he has not eaten fora hundred days. During this time, he has not even lost weight;on the contrary, he has gained muscle. The guy turns on his phone and checks thelatest news. It turns out that his whole neighborhood hasbeen evacuated because of the vortex through which the monsters appear, but they forgotabout him because no one knew about the guy locked in the apartment.

Hanyul looks out the window and sees thatthere are more monsters and they are all looking out his window. The guy realizes that he needs to find a wayout of the trap before he gets eaten. There is no communication and all Hanyul cando is log on to the app. But even that proves difficult without a connection,he can only see a limited number of features and two ability cards. The guy's first ability is easy steps, a techniquefor moving quickly. Trying out how this feature works, Hanyulmoves from place to place with incredible speed.

Muscle power and light punch are another coupleof useful features. Guy decides to try them out on the roof tosee how they work and learn how to control them, but quickly changes his mind and goesback to the training section. It turns out that to get at least one star,he needs to train for at least ten years, which means he'll be seventy when his breathreaches the next level. Hanyul decides to check how many stars healready has. He gathers all the energy in his hands andstretches them forward to count the rings that have appeared on his wrist, but at thatmoment a monster enters the room and the guy has to look for options to help him defeatthe monster.

The predator attacks and a struggle ensuesin the room. Hanyul chooses the toughest absorption techniqueand the art of planting seeds, which helps take the life of the monster. The wounded guy comes to his senses, and thisvictory acts as a stimulant on him his energy levels increase a hundredfold, making himsuperpowered. The substances from the predator make theguy stronger, and he is about to apply a lightunch, but suddenly he notices that sprouts are emergingfrom the monster's body. Hanyul collects a couple of them with him,hoping that they might be useful to him. On the way, the boy thinks of a plan to bypassthe particularly dangerous monsters and hold.

Out until the rescue team arrives. But a new monster immediately appears on hisway and Hanyul has to defend himself using the layering technique. Having dealt with the monster very quickly,the hero hurries to the roof to signal with a light strike. On the way Hanyul has to get rid of a fewmore monsters, but finally he makes it to the roof. Only there, too, he is in for a surprise aneven bigger and scarier predator. There's nowhere to retreat, so the hero hasto gather all his strength, and he releases.

A light punch, and then hides behind the fallendoor, no longer able to cope. A human voice comes from somewhere, suggestingthat the guy come out. The fire devouring Taoist, a non divine, drivesaway the advancing monsters and asks Hanyul to hold out his hand so that he can read hisabilities. The old man takes the guy out of the dangerousplace and Hanyul finally turns on his cell phone, which has accumulated many messagesover the last hundred days. This makes the hero happy, because it meansthat all his kin are alive, but for now he doesn't know how much the world has changed. The guy calls his mother to let her know he'sokay.

In the meantime, he ends up at the policestation. Commander Hyunjun demands his subordinatesleave him alone with Hanyul, and after asking him some questions, he finds out that he'sthe one worthy enough to awaken a powerful teacher. The guy doesn't understand what the officeris talking about and Hyunjun shows him an appendix that specifies the levels of celestialsby which Hanyul must obey him as a junior apprentice. But Hanyul has no intention of obeying. He sasses the officer, mocking him and hisold teacher, all because his level turns out.

To be higher than the commander's. The officer reports to the teacher that hehad to give up his room to Hanyul because the guy is at a higher level. He assumes that the guy has an inexplicablebase, but the old man insults the subordinate, convinced that he simply happened to be weakerin spirit than Hanyul. The old man explains to the officer that allmen are related to water, fire, earth, and metal, and that the fact that Hanyul has aparticle of wood is a rare exception that has added to his influence. Meanwhile, the guy ponders the divine windability that the old man surprised him with.

The guy gets on the Internet and learns thatthe official government version is that all holders of the inexplicable base have beenisolated and are not on the streets of the city. He's glad he hasn't been identified yet, becausebefore that, all holders of such a basis were a danger they wreaked havoc, not knowing howto handle such power. In recent years, they have tried to interferein the mortal world, and the celestials with other bases have united to banish the inexplicableforever. Hanyul is saddened by what he has learned. He doesn't understand why the villains HongGildon and Jong Uchi are revered simply for.

Their traditional foundations despite theirdeeds, while the others have to hide simply because they don't belong to the main foundations. A cup of tea suddenly brings a new power tothe guy, and he realizes that he needs to find something with an empty blue substanceso he can continue to pretend that he is a celestial with an earthly base. Searching special sites, Hanyul realizes thathis salvation lies in the plant seeds he collected from the monster's carcass. Guy discovers that these seeds belong to thePurgatory grass that grows between the worlds of the living and the dead.

The sprouted seeds give off dark energy andHanyul immediately tries them in action, sitting again in the lotus pose to sprout the seedsthat did not sprout. After talking to the old man, the commandercomes to Hanyul to deal with him, but the guy isn't in the room. Hyunjun searches the room, scolding the herofor stealing his fruit, but Hanyul finds himself in another world at this time and doesn'tcare what the commander thinks of him. Two hours of breathing practice makes theseed grow into a huge tree, and the ability of the solar wind helps it grow faster andbecome stronger. Guy realizes that he can now grow differentmedicinal herbs that will help him grow stronger.

And hide his unexplainable core. Hanyul eats the first sprouted seed and beginsto meditate. Fever spreads through his body again, butthis time the effect is not as strong as it was before. This is because the empty blue substance worksbetter, but the boy doesn't know where he can get it. The energy gradually drains from the hero,but he doesn't stop and tries to get more results. His fever changes, and he realizes that inorder to absorb the dark energy that the seeds.

Give him, he needs to pick up a differentbreathing technique. A new problem arises. Hanyul guesses that his energies can shiftand then the celestials will guess that something is wrong and open a hunt for him. But there is no other way to hide the unexplainedenergy either. A new disturbing message arrives, tellingof the death of Poseidon's son of the West Sea, and the evacuation of all west coastresidents. People who are trying to escape notice wormsin their path, but Hanyul takes it upon himself to calm everyone down.

The guy notices that a protective dome isforming over them and he is glad to be safe with the others. Meanwhile, not far from the dome, a monsterbird hunts for a civilian and Hanyul wonders if he should interfere. A girl in the clutches of a monster begs forhelp while surrounded by giant worms. The men hiding under the dome look sympatheticallyat the victim, but none of them are going to help her. Hanyul smokes a cigarette and decides to protectthe girl. He performs in front of the bird, waving aplucked tree, and after a few blows the monster.

Is knocked out. The guy marvels at his strength, not realizingif it has to do with the seeds or the cigarette he smoked. At the same moment Poseidon's tears drip fromthe sky, and they become another stimulant for the hero. The heavenly water activates the element ofthe tree, causing Hanyul to become stronger. From the plucked wood, the boy creates a sword,with which he intends to fight against the rebellious bird. The rivals clutch and Hanyul holds his grip,preventing the monster from throwing him off,.

Meanwhile getting closer to the protectivebarrier. Finally, the bird weakens, with not a scratchleft on his sword. Hanyul strikes the predator again, noticingthat it is about to attack the girl again, and in order to protect his victim for sure,the guy covers her with his body and carries her under the protective dome in his arms. When the pair are only a few steps away, themonster knocks the guy off his feet. Hanyul falls and is seriously injured, buthe manages to survive thanks to the substances he was taking. The boy hopes that the girl has managed tohide under protection, but when he looks up.

He realizes that there is something else toworry about the bird is going to attack. The effectiveness of the stimulants is weakening,and the boy realizes that he cannot escape. The sprouts cannot help the hero in this caseeither, and he has only to take his chances and hope for the best. Hanyul decides to resort to magic and usePoseidon's tears to create a blade from the sword, keeping the energy of the demon's submissionin it. Using the energy of the solar winds, the boycarries out his plan and with renewed vigor he attacks the giant bird, setting up a realmeat grinder and finally beheading the monster. Observers manage to film this and Hanyul becomesa true hero, for the bird was a favorite of.

The great deity and even the government turneda blind eye to her evil, allowing her to choose her victims. Videos of the superhero go viral on the netand reach the great celestials. The old magician accuses Hanyul of killingthe creature, but the rest of the town thanks the guy for saving them from death. Lady Yuhwa, the witch to whom the bird belonged,orders punishment for whoever deprived her pet. She wants to make the people tear him to piecesunless they want to feel her wrath. The maid relays to Lady Yuhwa the government'srequest to be lenient so as not to incur the.

Wrath of the townspeople. The witch is prepared to consider this, buton the condition that the servant find another way to appease her anger and avenge the deathof the bird. To this the maid informs her that tributehas already been prepared. The rain stops, which means that Poseidonceases to grieve. Lady Yuhwa unwraps the bundle that has beenin her possession the whole time and it reveals a part of a plant, a treasure of fantasy whoseflowers bloom once every thousand years and it takes at least three thousand years forit to bear fruit. It grows only in the garden of the queen motherof the Western Paradise and is called the.

Peach tree of immortality. After the queen sacrificed herself to closethe gate, no one ate peaches of immortality from this tree and now Yuhwa wants to sproutthe tree to become the new queen mother of the Western Paradise. Hanyul is brought before the leader of thecelestials, who demands that the lad no longer publicly commit bold acts or make the celestialslook bad in the eyes of the people. All decisions must be agreed upon or elsethe guy will be punished. The guy doesn't understand why he's beingscolded, because he was saving people and trying to make the world a better place.

Despite the fact that his sword was takenaway from him, Hanyul rejoices over his victory, because he still has a trophy a live log tiedto the monster's leg. From it the hero tears off a new sprout, whichhe can grow again with the power of the solar winds. A year passes. Discontent grows in the city over the appearanceof foul smells. The government is looking for ways to purifythe water, but the residents realize that it is all about the snakehead monster, whichno one has yet been able to eliminate. It appeared in the waters a month ago, whenthe celestial energy was in complete disarray.

Having come a long way in the human world,he has become so powerful that he now claims to be a god and has proclaimed himself lordof the Han River. He declared that no one would now be ableto use the water unless a human sacrifice was offered to him. Yang Giju, a disciple of one of the eightsacred celestials, the Heavenly Wolf King, reads the news about the Serpent head, atthe Shin Somin meeting. The guy behaves in a snide manner at the meeting,thinking that the girl can't talk seriously about fighting monsters and a ruckus ensuesin the hall. Despite this, Shin Somin quotes his master'swords and demands that the guy shows him respect,.

To which Yang suggests that the rival shoulddispose of the snakehead and only then talk about something. The day before, the four mystic celestialsfailed trying to defeat the monster, so none of the students want to risk attacking themonster fish, because he uses both earth and water techniques at once, and this makes himmany times stronger. Only celestials with multiple techniques aswell, or someone with a rare tree rank, can defeat him. Yang Giju leaves the audience, realizing thatthis talk is in vain. He is certain that there is no man or celestialwho can destroy the monster fish.

Shin Somin goes into the forest and retrievesthe sword that Hanyul confiscated years ago. There was a commotion in heaven over the sword,but gradually its energy disappeared and everyone calmed down. The girl is sure that Pak Hanyul could defeatthe serpent. She is aware of the fact that for the pastyear the guy has been working in a small restaurant, leading a normal lifestyle. He doesn't use the app and doesn't know hisrank, but Shin decides to catch up with him on the treadmill and by turning on the stalkingtechnique she tries to catch up with the hero to talk to him about what's going on.

She fails to catch up with the guy and Shinends up in an empty clearing. Hanyul comes out to her on his own and aftergetting her cell phone from the girl, he logs into his app and shows Shin Somin his profile,which hasn't changed at all in the last year. The girl tells the hero about the monsterand that she was going to use his sword. She admits that the heads of the facultiesare waiting for the celestial students to solve the problem and she wants to win thecompetition by defeating the snake. Hanyul is angry that thousands of people aresuffering because of the celestials' homework. He is willing to help his girlfriend, butonly if the sanctions imposed on him are lifted and he is compensated.

Shin returns his sword to his master and beginsnegotiating his punishment. The curfew is lifted for him immediately,and he is also given permission to do as he sees fit without worrying about being noticedby civilians. The guy pulls out the sword he missed duringhis time apart. He agrees to help finish off the monster,the lord of the Han River. The pair arrive at the riverbank, accompaniedby guards, and Shin does not understand why the guy does nothing for a long time, silentlylooking at the muddy water. On this occasion, Hanyul happens to have ahandful of sprouts, which he dips into the water, and they turn into water hyacinths,which should cleanse the body of water.

Half the job is done and now all that remainsis to destroy the monster that has reared its head over the city. The battle begins. The serpent shouts that he is not going toobey, but Hanyul is not interested in the monster's opinion and prepares to finish himoff with a sword strike. The people on the shore close in on the waves,which fly in different directions, though Shin notices that it has completely cleared. The serpent senses its power and Hanyul'slack of rank, but hyacinths help the hero resist, and he pulls out a tree struck bylightning, causing the monster to laugh with.

Incomprehension. Hanyul launches a storm dart at the serpentand the charge of lightning spreads throughout the body of water, destroying the SnakeheadMonster. This is immediately reported to the townspeople. The boy does not share everyone's joy he fearshe will be punished for drawing attention again. But in the meantime, he finds a chintamani,the inner core of the water dwellers, which is believed to be a wish fulfillment stone. Hanyul is about to take the stone, but theelders come to him and the hero is put in.

Chains. The celestial Wolf King is about to deal withhim for another transgression. Shin tries to stand up for the boy, but isprevented from doing so. The master warns the girl that she'd betternot get involved, or she'll have to answer for breaking all the rules too. The boy is not afraid to look the Wolf Kingin the eye, believing that he has nothing to fear, for he has saved the world again. He realizes that the celestials suspect himof being inexplicable, but Hanyul knows he will be protected by an appendix that determineda different outcome.

The Wolf King lets the boy know that the loveand gratitude of the inhabitants will not save him from punishment, but Hanyul onlylaughs, calling the skymen cowards who came to the scene immediately after he destroyedthe monster. Celestial strikes the guy and strips him ofhis chains so he can fight. The leader of the non divine is angry at thecaptive's defiance, but he accepts his challenge and a sword fight ensues between the guys. Elder Pun Baek appears on the scene. He stops the fight and delivers a requestfrom Lady Yuhwa she asks for pardon for Hanyul and to bring him to her.

Pun Baek brings the boy to Yuhwa's gardenand while they wait, he advises him to be less arrogant, but Hanyul jokes as usual anddeclares that he will figure out how to behave himself. Finally, Hanyul finds himself in the throneroom. There, sitting on the steps, Lady Yuhwa iswaiting for him. Lady Yuhwa's garden is legendary it containsthe best and rarest medicinal herbs. Upon learning of this, the lad devises a planto get the mistress's attention. Hanyul stands before his mistress, and hermaid shows him the sprouted seeds of the herb Purgatory.

These seeds were found on the black marketand Yuhwa tells him that she plans to seriously punish the seller. Realizing that she is talking about him, theboy falls to his knees and begs for forgiveness, to which Yuhwa gives him a pardon, includingfor the death of a bird, but in return he must work in her garden. The hero's wealth of experience has becomeknown to all and now the lady wants her garden to be fragrant as well. The boy would be glad to agree, but he admitsthat in many years of experiments he has not managed to grow more purgatory grass thansmall sprouts.

The boy's audacity and courage impresses Yuhwa. She agrees to send her friend back, providinghim with everything he needs to succeed as quickly as possible. The mistress is confident that such kindnesswill make the boy obey only her. After thanking Yuhwa, Hanyul leaves. The lady summons her assistant and asks forher opinion on the boy, to which Jaejoongbi calls him suspicious and asks the lady tobe more careful. But Lady Yuhwa also has a cunning plan sheis going to put the hero in the sixth building of the garden, where there is nothing interestingso that he can't steal a single grain from.

Her, and if he does, become a great fertilizer. The girl helps the hostess, but in her mindshe thinks about how she can learn everything about the peach tree as soon as possible andleave as soon as possible. Because of this, she waits for Hanyul, hopingfor his help. During the meeting, Hanyul, senses the powerof Lady Yuhwa and Jaejoongbi. He measures his rating, but it turns out tobe too low. This suggests that the guy needs to try harderand train as hard as he can. As he ponders, the boy comes to a tree coveredin pink flowers, which he keeps secret from everyone and gives him the wish stone he obtainedduring a battle with a monster, asking for.

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