He Became Betrayed However He Received The Extinct Energy Of God And Revenged! – Manhwa Recap

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A new Gene structure is spreading throughout theworld pushing humans down the food chain and new Cameo creatures are taking their place improvedstrength endurance and regeneration are only a small part of what distinguishes Cameo from humansand their population is now one-third of all living things female possess harmless abilitiesfor example they can change the internal structure of someone's body creating or controlling itsfunctions but there are more dangerous talents a few Elite Cameo have such power that peopletremble at their ability to destroy as this power can lead to the total annihilation of the humanrace city of Port of Spain in the Mixed Martial Arts Arena a new fighter from the Flaming Embersrocket the human Titan Qi heart appears the guy's opponent is the lethal Spike Cameo quill whohas only four losses to his 15 wins the referee.

Announces the start of the fight insinuating thatChi has no chance of winning and cool confirms the referee's words by intimidating his opponent fuelis a kimya with the talent of a porcupine his body is K capable of lengthening both muscle fibersand turning them into sharp needles The Duel begins she taunts his opponent accusing him ofcowardice over his spikes and quill agrees to have a fair round on equal terms she doesn't trust hisopponent and for good reason as soon as he's about to strike quill releases the needles that punch ismissed by heart but he guesses that quill can only release spikes in isolated areas and for shortperiods of time Hart purposely allows his opponent to get close and land a few punches and when quillrelaxes the man goes on the attack preventing him from focusing and releasing the spikes chemiocomes to his senses and throws needles about.

To win but again she is more Nimble he managesto change his flight path and land a right hook on his opponent the man is putting kimyo downwith blow after blow until his fist is planted on the spikes hewell thinks he's won but thatwas cheese plan keeping his fist on the spikes he strikes elsewhere knowing that the porcupinecan't go wrong in different areas one hour later she won the fight with Cameo but was seriouslyinjured in the process the guy is Flushing blood in the bathroom when the local Hooligans walkand they bet on the man losing and now they think heart owes them restitution she suggests that theguys close the door to discuss the case a minute later he comes out of the bathroom and has a niceconversation with demelia the girl invites the handsome man to come to the party but he refusesagain and asks just to give him his fee the guy.

Takes the money and already on his way out heasks Amelia to clean up the locker room later that night She lays down in the bathroom to relievethe pain after a hard fight the guy swallows painkillers but he realizes he'll have to endureit further to avoid being out of work in the morning heart is greeted by his buddy Tevin whohas known The Fighter for 15 years but has never seen Chi bring home a girlfriend after talking thefriends go to Blazing Embers a dojo where athletes from poor families train the boys are coachedby Leo Thomas an old veteran and hero of the war against kimyo Master Leo has become a fatherfigure to the athletes teaching them their talents and their fighting skills the old man explainsto the boys several times at a time how to use their abilities properly and makes them believethey are unique so they can become real Warriors.

And not ordinary fighters of the human race sheand Tevin prepare for training and Buddy teases heart imagining what will happen when Leo seeshis bruises and finds out about his underground fights to get back at his friends jokes she turnsthe conversation to his girlfriend who takes the guy by the nose in the meantime the master trainsyoung Azam but when the guy is already exhausted on the floor Leo lets him go and moves on to ChiHart tries to pretend everything is normal but Leo already knows about the underground fights andthe enraged old man angrily scolds his Ward not holding back the master slaps cheese face causingSparks to fly out of his eyes the old man would have continued to punish the boy but raw cash ranfor sad one of the strongest kimio with whom Leo has long had a strained relationship enters theroom the the guy's side with the master and Leo.

Asks raw cash to leave but kimio is not happyabout this attitude and he declares in front of everyone that Leo Thomas is his former teacherdespite this the athletes still ask the thugs to leave and a heated conflict breaks out in thegym Rakesh asks for a sparring session but the old man tries to hush up the quarrel without a fightand he demands that the former student leave with his comrades and rage kimio threatens the old manpromising to show him his true strength before he dies in the evening she stays in the rockingroom to help the master clean up the boy asks the teacher to tell him about raw cash and theold man confesses that the villain has always been an arrogant but very strong student Leorecalls that as soon as Rakesh learned about his superpowers he began to humiliate and ridiculehis friends and one day he even destroyed his.

Comrade right in the dojo she promises his mentorthat he will kill raw cash if he ever comes to the gym again but the old man only laughs at thesewords reminding heart of his weakness the old man lets Chi go home but instead the guy goes tothe doctor to check his health after the fight the doc prescribes new medications for the athlete incase of any injuries checks his eyesight and once again he asks the guy to stop and not take anychances for money in the underground ring the doctor shows she the results of his examinationhis organs don't have time to recover from fight to fight and sooner or later it may end badlybut heart as usual laughs at the worries of the others and after thanking the doctor leaves Leodoes not leave the hall and when the door opens behind him the old man knows who is behind itRakesh returns to the dojo knowing that no one is.

Near the teacher she calls a friend and says he'sworried about the teacher but Tevin is sure Rock Ash will be afraid to threaten old Leo relievedHart decides to leave The Showdown until morning meanwhile The Rocker is already engulfed in flamesand Leo notices a gunshot hole on his stomach that rock Ash's nephew gave him Rock Ash angrily ordersthe old man to acknowledge his superiority but Leo refuses calling the Apprentice irresponsible andwanting to write his wrongs Leo Thomas who turns out to be kimyo activates his talent the flameof the Phoenix and with a bright fire he brings down on his rival the former student and teacherCollide in a battle and despite his age Leo is much stronger using aerial attacks he prevents rawcash from activating his superpowers despite the advantage Leo loses his strength due to injury andon his last breath he robs his former pupil of his.

Eye his nephew manages to pull raw cash out beforethe building collapses Leo Thomas remains in his dojo forever repeating the name of his favoriteChi standing in the rain at his teacher's grave she listens sadly to the words that are dedicatedto the Great Master Hart's friends suggest that he Avenge the old man in a few months raw cash willhave a tournament the winner of which can fight him one on one the team wants Chi to representtheir jock at this tournament but the guy doesn't understand why he should he's the only one ofthe group who has no Talent the friends don't accept the objection everyone remember is thatthe master thought heart was the best in their dojo and they are ready to support their comradebut he will have to step into the ring himself four months pass the company arrives at the rawcash Enterprise Arena where they are assigned a.

Separate locker room Tevin also performs forthe Blazing Embers jockstrap and he and she get ordinal numbers tevin's girlfriend asks himto be careful and the guys get ready to go out a speakerphone announces the tournament organizerraw cash huchi's team looks forward to seeing rawkesh is introduced as the most powerful man inTrinidad one of the top strongest men in the world and with an impeccable reputation the announcertirelessly lists the merits and Riches of raw cash calling him a local Prodigy the presenter doesnot forget to mention the death of raw Cash's Mentor silent on the fact that the hero himselfgot rid of his teacher she can't listen to the presenter's enthusiastic speeches any longer hecan't wait to be released in the ring the team gathers for a meeting the danger of the tournamentis that it allows you to defeat your opponents by.

Destroying them 10 Heaven realizes that the masterwould punish them for participating in such fights and he doesn't even tell his girlfriend about thereal rules of the tournament it's tevin's turn to step into the ring and his opponent is sung Razzintact kimeo whose speed is second to none making sure he hasn't suffered a single injury in hisentire career Tevin looks at his opponent with a smile bragging to him about his merits sungraz onthe other hand wastes no time he throws the first punch in Tevin falls to the floor untouchedreminds his opponent that no one has ever been able to defeat him and this fight will beno exception but Tevin gets up and the battle begins with renewed Vigor she supports his friendrealizing that he is clearly weaker than sungraz but kimeo's speed is so fast that he manages tocreate doubles from his residual images and Tevin.

Has to fight off several opponents at once chaosensues in the ring and the audience can't figure out which fighter is leading this round butfinally Tevin uses his hidden fake superpower and transforms into a rhinoceros wearing therhino skin Tevin becomes much stronger and more elusive than sungraz but his opponent's speed isstill his trump card and the armor can't resist his attacks she shouts out Clues to his friendreminding him of his teacher's lessons the main thing is to find his opponent's weakness whichusually lies in his talent Tevin begins to think imagining where sungraz might have a gap andhe manages to use his opponent's speed against himself the audience referees and rock Ash himselfare amazed that Tevin was able to defeat sungraz the super fast fighter flies off to the net andloses Consciousness after which the Medics carry.

Him out of the Arena on a stretcher and Tevinis greeted like a true hero only Tevin is not greeted by Chi he's gone off to prepare for thefight and his friends are worried that he won't be able to hold his own when he faces raw cash thereferee announces Hart's fight with nanaku paying attention to the fact that she is an ordinaryMan Without superpowers the mutant opponent is unhappy about being paired with an Ordinary Boysince he himself boasts something special watch watching what is happening from the Rostrum rawcash thinks that Chi's face is familiar to him but the fight turns out to be so exciting thatthe organizer leaves it for later hard does a great job of fending off his opponent's blows butnanaku hasn't activated his talents yet and no one knows what to expect from him then Aku takes histime activating his superpowers enjoying cheese.

Fury for a long time the rivals remain equal butthe mutant is certain that very soon the human offspring will die as will all his other opponentsany attempts by Chi to fight back nanaku ridicules calling them attempts to escape but the audiencebelieves that the opponents are absolutely equal only coach nanaku knows that this is an illusionand once the mutant has had enough he will show his true face venaku uses his trademark takedownand Chi's friends watch in horror as he bleeds to death and only nanaku's trainer realizes thatfirst blood is just the beginning of all the fun Hart notices a serious wound on himself but he'snot about to give up he goes on the attack again but again nanaku proves stronger and rolls himback against the bars the mutant enjoys the trail of Blood on the floor choosing the execution shedeserves the audience cheers in anticipation of.

What's to come next the friends begin to getseriously worried and Tevin gives his friend the same advice he recently received from himtension Rises and attends nanaku lets out a growl that amazes even the referee the more Chi losesblood the more nanaku gains momentum Awakening his instincts Hart's friends try to somehow stop thefight but it proves impossible nanaku lets out a loud growl again announcing that he is ready toactivate his superpower to become a true Hunter shouts of approval erupt in the hall and onlyChi's team realizes that the guy is about to end Hart looks up at his opponent and notices thesatisfied gaze of raw cash who is watching with interest the guys guess what the catch is nanakuis getting stronger from the sight of blood and he was led into the ring stain with blood from otherfights and she had no chance of finding a blind.

Spot as his opponent mutated before the match evenstarted despite this she doesn't give up and tries to defeat the mutant but nanaku only smirks atthis with his side smile the smell of blood is getting stronger and stronger enraging the monsterleaving heart no chance Gathering the last of his strength she throws himself at nanaku and they endup on the floor a few minutes later the man rises leaving Cameo lying on the ground but the joy wasshort-lived the mutant grabs Chi and tries to cut him in half in front of an astonished audienceslumped friends and a satisfied organizer she his strength is leaving his body he can no longerresist and nanaku announces to the audience that he is about to destroy the guy tossing him to theedge of the Ring the mutant heads over to Chi the words of the old Master resurfacing in his mindTevin asks him to stop the fight but everyone.

Just laughs at Chi's weakness and demands an epicfinale a disappointed Rock Ash doesn't even look toward the ring anymore looking at the mutant'smouth she accepts his end but suddenly Mr Leo's fiery face appears in front of the guy giving himnew Strength the whole room sees the ring filled with yellow flames and the barrier wall begins toheat up she's friends try to contain the barrier to keep the Flames from escaping Louis Hemlockcreates an ash wall and stops the Flames Azam saves a spectator and Tevin carries his girlfriendaway once at a safe distance everyone realizes that she has awakened a talent just like MasterLeo the Flames keep circling the ring and nanaku accuses Chi of cheating the guy registered as anordinary man but turns out to be a top level Cameo the mutant threatens heart but the rebellious guyin the Flames is no longer afraid of the shark's.

Head he feels his body which no longer feels painand for a second she even doubts that he is alive after examining himself kimio realizes that hehas been reborn nanaku continues to be angry and with renewed Vigor he swoops down on Chi oneof Chi's friends missed all the excitement while he was running for pizza but the guy immediatelydrops the food when he sees what his friend looks like now coach nanaku for the mutant to run out ofthe ring raw cash is also asked to stop the fight but the organizer decides to wait recognizinghis teacher's flaming tongues Kevin asks his friend to stop and not destroy the shark lest hebecome like his enemies but can she hard do it having mastered the power of the Phoenix flame shecannot stop and he is about to wipe nanaku off the face of the Earth looking into the enemy's facethe new Cameo vaporizes the mutant she's team is.

Upset that the guy crossed the line no one knowsyet that because of this the dojo's best student will become Humanity's greatest enemy but aboutthat later in the meantime the Flames slowly fade on Hart's body and he comes to his senses Tevinruns towards his friend and she confesses to him that he can't feel his body Tevin berates hisbuddy for destroying his opponent but there is no way she can explain it the guys look at thestand organizer who by this point has managed to escape believing that the next victim of theVigilante may be him the referee asks everyone to keep calm but Rock cast shows up behindshe's back having guessed that the new Cameo is Leo Thomas Apprentice he's Furious and causesa scandal not understanding how the master could pass the talent on to the man Rakesh understandswhy he knew the boy's faces and he laughs at them.

Calling them Leo's Little Wolves he is bothangry and amused that the Master's successor is an unsightly loser athlete Chi the organizersays aloud that old Leo's death is his doing the audience and journalists hear this and the boyshope that rock Ash will now suffer the punishment he deserves the richest kimio doesn't care thathe's exposed but he doesn't realize that all his words ended up on live TV no sooner does theorganizer realize this then the cops break into the club Rock Ash is about to get rid of the copsbut the acolytes remind him that the filming is still in progress despite this the businessman isnot about to give up and his friend has to cover him with his body after shouting a few scathingwords at Chi raw cash disappears while his comrade in arms detains the policemen heart calmly letshis enemy go wishing he had fallen into the hands.

Of the cops before Master Leo's team finds himshe speaks from the huge screen warning Rakesh that he will not forgive him for the death ofhis Elder Mentor heart repeats several times that they will pursue the killer until one ofthem is gone four months later all the while Rock Ash is hiding from the authorities blazingwith hatred for chief for forcing him to reveal the truth fears grow among the human race no onefeels safe around kimyo anymore and a ban on the use of talents comes into effect in additioncrime is increasing among the Vigilantes and the mutants feel threatened by the humans theyare disadvantaged in public places and are not hired the chancellor issues a statement sayingthat he does not know what awaits kimio next a mutant girl shows up in town trying to findChi many years ago The Cameo and the humans.

Were already at War the kimyo's numbers had grownmany times over and they wanted to seize power and destroy the human race all nations of the humanrace were forced to unite against the common enemy and defend their lands the army of villains wasled by one man kind the first on the list of the strongest and most talented Cameo with a Divinelevel because of kind's influence the War lasted 124 years when the war ended the peaceful cameoin the humans developed a means of incarcerating such powerful mutants but despite a reliable wayto keep themselves safe the humans destroyed Khan Trinidad 1942 a group of young volunteers arriveat the military headquarters of the national Army and are greeted by Colonel Catherine Forbes thegirl introduces herself to the young soldiers many of whom have lost their parents and immediatelydivides them into two camps kimeo and humans from.

This day forward the teens will become part of anarmy that fights against kind the training turned out to be harsh but the young soldiers receivedplenty of food and clothing many of the young men found it hard but most of them had nowhere to goElsa and Kevin notice a lonely boy and offer him friendship to which he happily agrees one day theheadquarters is attacked by Heinz troops Colonel Forbes realizes that there is a traitor in thecamp but she leaves the search for him for a more peaceful time major Jamie olfum nicknamedspider wolf arrives at the camp Forbes reports to him that she is evacuating with the childrenbut alpham asks her to wait while headquarters conducts an air strike on the enemy major spiderwolf meets kaine's Army calmly standing on the slide the evil kimyo demand that the guy tellsthem where the little Warriors are hiding but.

By activating his superpower Jaime spreads a webof death and gets rid of the Invaders Elsa and her brother and Buddy are hiding in one of thehulks the whole time but the company decides to move on so they don't fall into the hands of themutants but the trio was found and the boy had to run away with his friends to protect Elsa andKevin the boy decided to fight an army of monsters and suddenly his hair burst into yellow flamesand he was able to get rid of his enemies while the major went on to destroy the second partof the army looking at the charred remains the boy realizes what his purpose is he proudly declplayers to the major that he will save others and gives his name Leo Thomas she looks longinglyat the photo the picture is of his teacher Leo and he and Tevin getting their first belt butthe story shifts back again to 1957. the war is.

Still going on and somewhere in a trench a youngSoldier asks the sergeant to leave the dangerous place instead the sergeant asks to wait a littlewhile and the plane appears on the horizon flown by the now familiar major altam with the help ofthe young Soldier the major opens fire on the army of evil mutants but when that stops working theprivate gets out on the wing and goes into active support mode the monsters are about to attack theapproaching plane but it proves too late standing on the plane's Wing private Leo covers everythingwith Golden Flame the enemies scatter in different directions screaming while the Allied Army lookson an admiration at how easily the young Soldier defeated an entire Army private Leo is proud ofhimself too and he asks the major to let him go to the ground to help the Army there the majordoes not allow the soul Soldier to leave the.

Plane but he does not listen to orders and jumpsfrom High Ground the evil cameo try to get rid of the Punisher while he flies meanwhile spider-wolfinterrogates one of the generals using his talent and knife skills the commander agrees to telleverything he knows and spider wolf rushes the confession to stop Leo who plunges everythingaround him into flames a few hours later the colonel summons the major and rewards him forhis heroic exploits and for the young private Services the commanders discussed the gifted boyand the major admits that if Leo is not brought up properly he could be a danger to everyone fromtalking about Leo the colonel moves on to military news and other kind base has been discovered andsomeone has to destroy all the planes stored there nature spider wolf and his Ward private Leo aresent on this Mission Leo asks the major for his.

Own plane knowing that his merits have impressedhim but the wolf spider puts the youngster in his place and orders him to get ready for the missionElsa congratulates her friend on his first raid the girl has also matured and now the couple'sbanter turns into mutual flirting kinds Air Base the major describes the private's missionexplaining that they must avoid casualties as much as possible their goal is only to destroy theplanes Leo fails to hold back and gets rid of the guards with fire but the major doesn't scold theunderling because they find the wagons with the missing men the guy is even more proud of himselfnot everyone can carry out the first mission with such a result but the chief asks the privateto cool down and continue doing his job the major orders Leo to prepare for the release of thehostages but suddenly spiderwolf makes a surprise.

Cry staring somewhere in the distance the majornotices kind himself whom they have not been able to find for many years Leo reports everything tothe colonel and the whole Army must come to help but the major refuses to wait if they miskinethere will be no Second Chance the boy gladly accepts the majors offer to do everything withhis own hands even if it will cost them their lives the wolf spider destroys kind's guards andLeo launches a fire Shield preventing the outlaw from activating his talent the psyche kind is surehe is being attacked by an army but only two brave warriors appear before him ready to fight to theend next the kind appears the Demonic kimio who is surprised by such a small Squad the demon triesto attack the pair but the major gives the order to Dodge in time and all of Khan's attempts tolaunch a psyche-proof feudal Leo notices that.

Something is happening to the ground it seems toseparate under kind's feet and tries to destroy the guy but the major orders the private to moveagain and he almost manages to escape the Trap suddenly the ground grabs Leo's leg and he istrapped the blocks dragged the guy under them the major tries to save his subordinate ignoringthe giant snake kind he breaks the Earth prison and frees Leo once free Leo rushes to kind butthe major warns him that the snake fenodos has such power that only three equal forces candefeat it and it can never be done alone so now the private has only one mission to survivethe guy launches a stream of fire and Thanatos rushes at him the major yells to the soldier thathe can't let the snake bite him once it does it will activate its talent and consume his soul kindenters the conversation he threatens the soldiers.

Despite his sewn up mouth but spider wolf and Leoonly laugh at his threats the colonel gathers the Army to the air base ordering them to take allthe weapons they have in stock a subordinate reports to the colonel that kind's men are alreadyloading cargo planes but Forbes is confident that the major and Leo can handle it and apprehend TheOutlaw before they arrive that's what the brave Soldiers do but success isn't always on their sidekind gains strength and throws off his attackers the major orders Leo to hold on for there is notmuch left before the Army arrives falling to the ground Leo notices another cage of civilians whichmeans he won't be able to fully activate his power but that doesn't stop the major he declares tokind that they don't care about his threats and the wolf spider launches its whips enveloping thevillain and his comrades in them Leo meanwhile.

Active innovates the ability as well and in aneffort to avoid hitting the civilians he launches a beam of kind the private challenge is kind toa fight but a giant snake is released along with the villain the major orders the guide to retreatrealizing it won't work and the monster tries to draw out their Leo's Soul the wolf spider throwsback his subordinate but kind does not rest he is going to destroy the hostages and blame it allon the unruly military the soldier prepares to die thinking in his last moments about Elsa butnot for the first time the major does not let the guy die spreading his net he saves him againand covers the cage with the civilians with his body Leo's first Mentor spider-wolf major diesthe colonel leads the Army to kind's base hoping to save his men but on the hill they are met bykind's Army which has grown even larger since the.

Last encounter kind laughs at the fragility ofthe Major's body and this angers Leo even more he decides to continue the battle no longerrestricting himself to the use of force but kind convinces the boy to come to his sensesand switch to his side to pool his talents Leo transforms into a fiery night and prepares toattack the villain permal Forbes also commands the start of the operation and smashes the enemytanks leading an entire Army behind him the story is carried back many centuries to Greece whereFour Brothers came into the family and became the first Cameo their talents so impressedpeople that they worshiped them as Gods two of these talents now belong to kind and Leo sothe villain dreams of getting the boy to himself in order to unite and end the man's rule if herefuses kind promises through fear for it but.

Leo does not agree to serve evil and destroy theEarth he also cannot forgive the villain for the death of the major believing that he was likea father to him Leo is very worried and tells the dead teacher that he would like to exchangeplaces with him tine is going to destroy the boy for Disobedience and Leo realizes that he cannotdefeat Thanatos talent but he is willing to give his life in the name of the fight kind attacksthe private leaving him no chance but the guy doesn't stop fighting then the villain orders theserpent to Devour the Rebel's Soul Leo fights the snake with the last strength and when kind lowersthe shield the guy makes a decisive Dash and wins the Souls released from the snake fly aroundLeo goes to the cage to free the living people kind is informed that everything is ready for hisdeparture the colonel commands the Army to rescue.

The civilians and capture kind but it finds onlyLeo lying on the floor the villain has escaped the colonel Mourns the major and lifts Leo into hisarms a month later a hospital in San Francisco Leo is promoted to Major and receives a visitfrom his fellow officers who inform him that kind is dead for that the guy and his dead supervisorare honored as Heroes but Leo blames himself for the wolf spider's death there are three ways tobecome a cameo not counting receiving a gift at Birth first talent transfer where the possessorcan mentally transfer his or her talent to a receiver the method is reliable but it leadsto the Fatal outcome of the one who gives his abilities the SEC second method extraction alsolethal but also illegal which causes Cameo the most Agony and the Third Way possession of theobject extremely rare but it happens that talents.

Develop not in a human child but in an objectby obtaining such an object the possessor can use its power she thinks that the ban on theuse of talents came into effect at a very bad time because for many years there was no betterspectacle than a fight between two Cameo and Leo's jock always took part in the best matches andthe strongest kimio quietly walked around the streets of the city but the boy remembers againthe old days when it was different the Battle of Waterloo 1815 the soldiers of the British army aredefeated in one of the privates asks the colonel to call the reaper for help Watcher replies thathe has already requested assistance and now only has to wait kimyo were a rarity in those daysbut they have won many wars a messenger asks the general to send a Reaper and the commanderturns to his own son who is already ready to take.

To the battlefield Jack the Reaper rides to theaid of the army having received orders from his father to return alive noticing Cameo approachingthe British immediately lie down in the trenches knowing that a mercy strike may hit them as wellthe French do not understand what is going on a lone soldier rushes at them drawing the admirationof Napoleon himself with his courage none of them realizes that the young Warrior has other worldlypowers and the reaper Dismounts from his horse and draws his deadly sigh it takes Jack no morethan five minutes to finish off Napoleon's Army swinging the side left and right all the whilethe English soldiers are afraid to open their eyes lest they become accidental victims the Frenchlook on in horror at what is happening trying to shoot back at the mutant but noticing anyone witha weapon in his hands Jack immediately draws his.

Scythe over him now the names of the heroes whosnatched Victory from Napoleon are forgotten even though England won only thanks to three kimioand now when the world seems to have grown to the point where all live in peace when the kimyohave found their places among men and when kimyo have been born into all families segregation hasdisappeared many Cameo began to use their gifts for the benefit of humanity some of them addedBeauty and color to this world and each of them tried to protect his brother walking beside himshe visits the doctor who looks in amazement at the boy's tests all his injuries have disappearedsomewhere Hart proudly informs the doc that he is healing thanks to his talents but the doctor hasnever seen this before as even cheese extracted tooth is back in place and his eye has recoveredthe doctor asks Chi to remain careful his wounds.

Are healing but the scars remain which meanshe is still vulnerable he wants to keep an eye on the converted kimio and asks him to give upexcessive activity for a couple of months to which she readily agrees but only a week passes a groupof kimio Bandits arrives at a Suburban overpass intent on trashing the neighborhood and punishingall members of humanity the cops surround the bandits but bullets fly off the mutants of Steeland stone and they Pelt the cops with parked cars kimios show up to help help the cops they quietlyapproached the bandits as they heatedly discuss their plans and continue to waste governmentvehicles one of the mutants notices that his accomplice is not responding and turning aroundhe sees that they have been attacked streams of yellow Flame or flying around she and Tevinshake hands contentedly but the bandits are.

Going to fight they merge into one to defeat thestrongest kimio now a huge Stone an iron golem is standing in front of the guys but they're goingto take it out quickly so they can finally have their lunch the head cop realizes what's aboutto happen he orders his subordinates to clear the area and stay out of the way of the heroes shelaunches fire streams and Tevin transforms into a rhinoceros and together the friends attack thegiant mutant the battle begins and when it becomes clear that the bandits have no chance they askChi to stop and laugh together at their amusing joke but she is Unstoppable he throws a flamingspear at the Giant and the stone Monster explodes into hundreds of pieces taking his true form thecops arrest the bandits and the inspector thinks cameos guys for their help tea Leafs through thegirl's diary admiring her sister Yukiko Hearts.

Grades she asks her brother to take her withhim and she promises to do so if she gets first place in her class after spending only a shorttime with his sister she leaves promising not to disappear again the boy returns to the hemlockMansion at the Mansion the fighters begin training Andrea the granddaughter of Leo Thomas givesthem a mission the boys must move her and for that she will reveal to them the secret of herTalent Tevin challenges himself to be the first to show his strength turning into a rhinoceroshe moves forward but Andrea stops him and asks him to practice looking for other images Tevintells of two other skins he has The Lion and the blacksmith but they both carry more danger thanbenefit so he only uses the Rhino armor despite this Tevin decides to show off the Lion's skin andis activated in front of his friends kimio looks.

Very handsome and strong impressing even Andreatrue the performance ends with Tevin joining the Air and assuming his usual appearance nextAndrea summons chi in front of the guy are Stone dummies that he has to work with with fire kimiotrains his spear throwing compressed at long-range attacks and Andrea reiterates to him that theseare now his permanent weapons which only remain to be improved the girl is pleased to note that sheis learning and progressing quickly and to impress her even more she spectacularly throws his Javelinat the Target hitting it in the very center after heart azim a nunchaku wielding guy takes the floorin 30 seconds he's wrecking dumbass but Andrea thinks he's adding too much extra to his talentLewis enters the field feeling like a winner but Andrea laughs at him as well as the other Fightersand the friends hope that at least he can put the.

Girl in her place Lewis activates his talentand surrounds the set with an ash Vortex From the Ashes the guy manages to create a giant Hydrathat rises above the ground and he asks Andrea to wipe the cocky grin off her face the girl admitsthat some have managed to impress her a bit but what Anton has yet to perform and Andrea suggeststhat the guy outdo everyone else with his talent she advises her friend to step back knowing thatAnton's Talent is not so harmless the boy knows how to create ones and use them to take on ananimal form the danger is that Anton can't always control himself in animal form and it becomesdifficult to tame him the guy transforms into a giant Conga and this of course impresses Andreabut she refuses to open the bag and name her Talent becoming the new teacher of the group Thethe girl is going to make them stronger than now.

So they can handle raw cash for the first time ina long time the fighters feel worthless this night kagai is watching the mansion from afar the girlreports to someone about the power demonstration Andrea gave but the master asks the girl not tohurry their time will come but for now let the new teacher take care of the boys several mutantsattack the garbage dump again and find raw cash there the villain is even happy to be discoveredand after months of confinement he can let his animal nature loose Rock Ash worries about whosent the mutants after him and he reminds them of his talents standing on High Ground a pair of menwatches the mercenaries surround raw cash kagai thinks the master should have sent more Titansafter the villain but the master explains that he doesn't want the mercenaries to win his goalto test the mutant strength by arranging for them.

To fight the strongest kimio the Titans attackrakash and Eva is the first to attack but the villain cuts off her wing on the Fly calling thegirl a giant pigeon enraged raw cash smashes his Rivals demanding that they not come to his houseUninvited Eva begs the villain for Mercy but Mercy is not his strong suit and he follows through hercomrade is going to avenge Eva but raw cash is not afraid of it in spite of the fact that the mutantforces the magnetic attraction he escapes from the dangerous field and Dodges bullets shatteringthe Titan's iron body into several pieces with an anuenka pulse raw Cash's minions come to his aidbut the villain doesn't need if he's doing just fine on his own another Titan remains alive whorealizes that he cannot overpower raw cash the villain gives the guy a chance to live longer andoffers to tell him how they found his Hideout the.

Titan takes advantage of the pause and attacksdreaming of becoming the one who destroyed the great raw cash clouds of black smoke rise overthe battlefield cage and RAM Prasad watches their last Titan Falls but the master orders kagaito continue his trials Rakesh and his team get rid of all the Raiders but they continue toworry about how they knew about the hiding place but the friends are also worried about theorigin of the Titans all their parts suggest that unknown technology was used to create themChas tells Rakesh that someone very rich has sent Hunters to him and now the villain is threatenedby technology the world didn't know about before this news flatters raw cash because the stakesare high for him but now he will have to look for a new Hideout later at the hemlock Mansion thecompany listens to a news release that reports an.

Attack on the country and government buildings itis reported that the attackers were neither human nor came ill they had cybernetic enhancementsdetails are not yet available only that it was the worst attack in history Andrea can't holdback her tears the guys can't hold back their emotions either but no one can figure out whatthe attackers wanted after thinking about it Andrea says they have to step in and help thefighters agree but they are going to work in secrecy as the ban on kimyo's abilities has notyet been lifted the master orders the boys to contact the inspector and find out what kind ofhelp they can provide but everyone is a little scared that the inspector might arrest them righton the spot azim checks the police reports and confirms that cyber enhancements are everywherethe criminals are popularly called cyber Cameo.

But she isn't interested in what the villainsare called he's going to end them whoever they are the next day at the Republican Bank the OldGuard comes in for his shift and the day begins as usual but a minute later there is an explosionin the hall a terrifying creature emerges from a cloud of dust but one of the customers is aboutto fight it off the monster recognizes Cameo as the customer and the women prepare to fightbut the cyborg strikes the girl before she can activate her powers the girl kimio Freirelets go of her sharp Spears Gathering her last strength and asking her buddy to hold out untilthe police arrive the women compete with each other using their super skills but the cyborg isnimbler and stronger when the cops arrive at the bank there are only a few bodies in ruins theinspector learns that there are several Cameo.

Among the dead but the monster has not touchedthe vault door because Ferreira left no chance for the monster to get in giving her life for itupon learning that Freya is dead the inspector falls into despair not understanding why the girltook the risk but he worries more about who the monster was that was able to handle kimio esri sheand his friends come to the inspector and offer to help the cop is happy to see The Familiarcompany and he takes them inside to show them what the cyborg Left Behind the cop tells thecompany about the death of Frere and shows the wall with dozens of sharp spikes embedded in itthat chained the monster despite her many wounds the cyborg lives on and laughs about how shedestroyed the girl Tevin remains in the Mansion interacting with the students of the kindergartenrun by Hemlock the director has had to pick up The.

Kindergartners after hours while their parentsrescue victims of attacks on the city despite her pain the cyborg refuses to make a deal andtell her who created her she admits that her gift is foresight so she is not afraid of attacksknowing in advance the movements of each opponent she orders the cyborg to talk but she laughs andtells him that she knows the date and place of his death the cyborg laughs at the company thinkingit foolish to waste his talents on helping people the gift of foresight activates on its own and thecriminal does not understand where she is or why she sees this future the last person the mutantmet her gaze with was Chi and she most likely sees the prophecy for him the monster noticesa man standing in the burning ruins she turns to him but the guy does not respond occasionallyonly glancing at the girl with a sideways glance.

At that moment she realizes it's a vision of theguy destroying the whole world the cops and cheese company don't understand what's wrong with thecyborg she's screaming and her eyes are filled with fear Anton releases the conga which canclear up the situation the monkey is not happy to be disturbed but he is flattered that humanscan't cope without his help Kong says that the monster girl has three talents two of which wereforcibly given to her this means that somewhere there are two dead Cameo who had their abilitiestaken away the inspector realizes that the other cyborgs may also be multi-talented and this couldbe very dangerous a civilian is walking down the street and her daughter accidentally releases aballoon someone's hand prevents it from flying away leaning over the girl Master kagai Returnsthe balloon to her much to her consternation kagai.

Arrives at hemlock's mansion and introduces hishuge cyborg to him Hemlock tries to protect the children of his compound but the giant cyborgsteps forward the villain enters the group with his destruction machine he says hello to thechildren nicely but Tevin realizes that everyone is in danger and he sends his charges to the backroom the four Cameo can turn around the cyborg fires missiles at him the guy puts on his Lion'sskin and stops the explosion Andrea rejoices at her buddy's victory in orders Azam to prepare toattack from the other side but before he does the guy has to run to her room for a valuable red bagkagai demands that the fight Begins the cyborg giant grimdor throws off his robe and Reveals Hisiron body The Defenders take turn friends trying to attack the big man and he is even frightenedby how strong Andrea turns out to be the cops.

Continue to search the lair of the cyborgs or asthey call themselves The Titans the data shows that the attacks occur at the same intervalseven minutes apart and they all occur so far apart that the cops have to stretch their forcesthe first witness statements from the bank come in they all say that it wasn't a robbery the cyborgshowed up specifically for Cameo frerei besides the bank was empty and there was nothing to rob inthe courtyard of the Mansion the Fight Continues against the giant who takes a big beating fromAndrea and her students the girl proves to be stronger than the cyborg but he does not give upso the battle is long and hard Andrea reminds Azam of her back which she could really use right nowand the guy hurries into the house to get it the inspector doesn't understand why anyone would wantto destroy the freyrie and risk their lives for a.

Rank as the sergeant reports to the inspector thatone of the groups managed to make contact another multi-talented cyborg destroyed a high rankingCameo upon hearing this Chi realizes that this was the plan to split everyone up and destroy thedefenders in small groups the inspector doesn't understand what she is talking about azim entersthe Master's room and finds the back but it proves so heavy that it pierces the floor Andrea is angrythat the guy is slow but he has no idea how he can lift that weight the cyborg turns on his weaponand fires missiles Tevin in the form of a lion closes in on the group of pupils and manages torepel the attack Tevin grows weak but Andrea asks him to hold out a little longer while she fightsthe cyborg unable to cope with the girl grimdor lets out a grim scream and unleashes a laser beamfrom his mouth that shatters the ground Andrea.

Falls to Earth but the thought of children givesher strength and she Rises to fight back the Giant and hold on a little longer an exhausted ASM pullsout a red bag and Gathering his last superpowers he throws it under Andrea's feet the monsterdoesn't understand why the master is excited about the back to which Andrea tells grim that hewill now become her prey Tagai recognizes the bag as hers and realizes things are bad Andrea untiesthe rope and a cry of grim horror erupts from the Giant's mouth even her friends are surprised thatAndrea is in the top of the strongest the girl never mentions it for nothing but now she has toreveal the truth after breaking the seal she opens Pandora's chest and even kagai is happy that hegot to see it with his own eyes Andrea summons a saber from the box and reveals her Talent sheis skilled with any kind of weapon and instantly.

Masters any technique some of the items in herweapons have separate talents which makes Andrea even stronger the girl prepares for a real fightshe once again offers grimdor to calm down and surrender but being refused Andrea attacks grimdorresists aiming missiles at the girl but she easily shatters them too this turns the wizard on evenmore and she rips the cyborg apart and thrusts her saber right into his heart the cyborg doesn'tfall enraged he promises revenge and Andrea has to summon her next weapon the Elliot with a smallblade she continues the battle by cutting off the Cyborg's tentacles and making incisionswhere he still has living flesh remembering Leo's grandfather Andrea deals with the cyborgwho dishonors cameo's name she summons weapons again and again until she holds the Azure ax anduses it to finish the villain off finished with.

The cyborg Andrea turns to kagai inviting himto be next but the evil Master offers to talk a little first he promises to tell her what he'shere for if the girl will give him time but that's when she returns seeing the villain he throwsa fiery spear at him from afar and then kagai offers to start the battle Tevin asks his parentsto pick up their pupils and take them away from the Mansion the boy realizes that a serious battleis coming but he drops out because the Lion's Pelt has robbed him of his powers the others begin tofight kagai but the evil Master only laughs at the Warriors believing himself invulnerable andfighting the fighters as equals Anton uses the rod but the villain easily jumps over it dodginghis blood follows she comes to his friend's Aid and the Fire Sticks attack from all sides Chi'sbody begins to catch fire and a torrent of flames.

Tosses the wizard against the wall preventing himfrom uttering a word heart blames the villain for pharah's death but it becomes bad news for thevillain as well he wanted the girl alive dodging punches kagai still tries to just talk but thefighters can't hear him then the villain uses instantaneous movement and the friends realizethat kagai knows how to teleport climbing to the roof kagai asks them to calm down and listento him the friends are joined by azim and Tevin altogether the fighters realize that before themis no ordinary enemy but one who has learned to receive multi-talent and has organized attackson the country Andrea returns to her friends and does not let kagai catch her breath she announcesto her friends that kagai is the most dangerous criminal of rank 102 missing the company demandsa confession from kagai why he destroyed peaceful.

People in kimeo but the villain was just waitingfor that he is ready to tell his rival everything if they keep quiet in order to do so he hasto cast a sonic wave on everyone and assume a different image she recalls the villain a longtime ago his black power grew so strong that he was made illegal and imprisoned on the island fromwhich the villain escaped all his masks are tied to his emotions and the one he wears now speaksof an anger that no one can handle Tagai once again asks to hear him out he admits that theTitans are indeed his creation which he created to achieve the goal of unleashing a nuclearwar against humanity in the villain's opinion humans stand on top of this world only because oftheir intelligence but all power has always been with them when kimyo appeared on Earth they had achance to take power into their own hands but they.

Contaminated their blood by mixing with humans andwith each generation they became weaker and this allowed humans to enslave them now the villainis going to cleanse the planet of the human race in dirty blood leaving only the strongest levelCameo the friends are infuriated by these words for they are meant to protect those who are weakerbut but this only amuses kagai he and his master are already close to their goal and he is readyto destroy anyone who tries to spoil his plan fra Rai was one of those who refused to defect to theevil side and the others will be the same as her the six friends are also on the list of thoseto destroy but she warns the villain that they will always stand in his way kagai tells Chi thatpeople have sentenced Master Leo to prison for his talent and the guy shouldn't serve that speciesseeing his friend's hesitation Andrea asks him not.

To let the villain sowed out the villain ordersthe girl to shut up warning that he only didn't destroy them because the wizard has big plans forthe company Andrea doesn't understand how they can defeat kagai but he has no intention of continuingthe fight tonight after regaining his usual appearance the villain says goodbye and disappearspromising to meet later the friends gather to discuss what they have heard they don't knowwhether to believe kagai's words and Tevin thinks the villain had no reason to lie especially sincethere is nothing they can do about it finally everyone one notices hemlock's body that samenight at the houses of Parliament the minister convenes an emergency meeting to decide what todo about the situation the ministers discussed that banning kimyo's talents now will only do themharm the new enemy is far more dangerous and they.

Cannot cope without the mutants abilities opinionsare divided some believe that they should not seek help from kimyo but Chief Chancellor Abel entersthe room and finds a solution two days after what happened hundreds of people gather at the Mansionto say goodbye to Hemlock his ex-wife arrives for the memorial service with her son Leon Jr Hemlockstudents say kind words to him remembering all he did for them Louis the Dead Man's nephew isdeclared the head of the family the boy declares that he will never stop fighting he approachesLeon and says that he will be the next one to take over Louis then asks his fiery friend to lightthe torch and throwing off his robe he sends his uncle into his final Journey according to familytradition the ashes fly in different directions and Lewis disperses them around him gay gainingnew power all gathered learn the secret of the.

Hemlock's power which consists of the ashes ofall the men of the family well guys if you like this video and you want a second part commentbelow with the word star also subscribe to the channel hit the bell and like the video but mostimportant leave a comment until the next video

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