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As most of Team Z's abilities awaken, theyfinally manage to equalize the game with a 3-3 draw with about twenty minutes remaining onthe clock. It seemed almost impossible at first, but with Chigiri's goal, they were closer to their dreams. One more goal and Team Z wouldsuccessfully enter the next stage. The ball lands at Mikage's feet, who is shockedby the fact that the worst team in the entire blue lock is actually competing with them, and withten men at that. He remembers his past and how his parents always treated him like a baby,spoon-feeding him everything. He wanted to do something on his own strength, and thatwas football. Nobody would take that from him. However, when he looks around, he seesno space that he can utilize. His team is.

Just as shocked as he is, and there seems to be noattacking options. At this rate, they would lose. Nagi, who is by the post waiting for the ball toarrive, notices Mikage's sad and dejected face. Suddenly, something clicks in him as well. It'slike his abilities had finally awakened. He realizes that, if he does nothing, their team willlose, and for the first time, they will suffer a loss. Earlier, he didn't care about what happened,but suddenly his passion for soccer is ignited by the idea of losing. Uncharacteristically, Nagidrops back and asks for the ball from Mikage, who passes it to him. This comes as a shock to thewhole of Team Z. Nagi has never done this before, and it has made it easier for them todefend. But now that he is in the game, both attacking and helping outdefensively, they will get overwhelmed.

Nagi races with the ball and dribbles past onedefender after another. He dribbles past Igamura with a cheeky lob and then passes the ball squareto Tsurugi on the flank. To everyone's surprise, Tsurugi has a head start this time andbeats Chigiri in the race to the ball. He looks up to see Nagi asking for the ball inthe penalty area. Tsurugi is surprised because Nagi usually never takes the initiative oreven asks for the ball, but he passes it to him anyway. The ball floats into the box andNagi receives it at a very tight angle. Surely, he would not be able to score from there,everyone thinks. Yet Nagi not only takes the ball with grace, but also managesto score an absolutely fantastic goal. The game turns on its head onceagain as Team V takes the lead,.

4-3. The one thing that Isagi and TeamZ couldn't afford – the awakening of Nagi – has happened. However, withonly fifteen minutes on the clock, there is no time for them to stand back anddefend anymore. Team Z and Isagi have to attack. After the kickoff, Bachira gets the ball fromIsagi and charges forward, while Isgai keeps thinking about how he can influence thegame. With one man down and a goal down, it would be impossible to get back if theyconceded yet another goal. He keeps thinking about how he can use his spatial awarenessto change the course of the game once and for all. Just then, he figures it out. Chigirireceives the ball on the left flank again from Bachira. He tries the same trick of outpacingTsurugi and manages to get ahead of him,.

But this time Nagi is there to defend as well.Thankfully, Isagi intercepts the ball before it can reach him. With his new ability unlocked, heis able to spot a weakness in the opposing defense and position himself to exploit it. He thenlooks around and makes a pass back to Chigiri, who cuts inside to make a shot. The shot isblocked, but it falls to Gagamaru, and yet again the ball is blocked by defenders. Finally,the ball falls at a perfect range for Kunigami. He places a perfect volley to the roof of thenet, and the game is yet again on equal terms. Isagi cheers in happiness as he hasfinally been able to unlock his ability, and the goal has gone just as hehad planned. Using his ability, he can now see into the future for brief moments,with all the positioning around him and the way.

The ball moves. Isagi can see how the goal can bemade and how the opponents can be out-maneuvered. Everyone in Team Z is happy, all but Kuon,who doesn't even know how he should feel. At the moment, with Team Z drawing the game, heknows he is going to be the top goal scorer, but was it worth it? He remembers back whenhe was in school and had barely managed to form a team to play football with. Eventhough his team was weak, he carried them to the regional quarterfinals with the hopeof one day playing for the national team. But he didn't realize that his teammates didn'tshare his ambition. When they finally lost, it was when he finally came to the realizationthat his teammates didn't have the same ambition as him, and ever since then, he has worked forhimself. However, now he doesn't know if that.

Is something he wants to strive for, or ifthat is the type of person he wants to be. The final five minutes of the game arrive,and this time Team V is planning to play from the back. However, instead of makinga short pass, Tsurugi notices Nagi's run and makes a long pass. Nagi races to the ball,and Isagi is hot on his heels. He knows that, if he can get past Nagi, Nagi has no optionbut to pass the ball to the other flank, and in doing so, Isagi can hold on until hisother defenders arrive. However, just like Ronaldo did, Nagi uses his back to pass the ballto himself, and with no other defender in sight, he is clear to the goal. This is it. Just then,Nagi feels a thud and a set of arms around him, pushing him to the floor. Kuon tackleshim to the ground. The whistle sounds,.

And Kuon gets a red card and is sent off thefield. He doesn't know why he did it, but he tells the team to win as he leaves. The goalis saved with three minutes left on the clock. Mikage then prepares to take the free kick.It's in a good range, and he probably would pass the ball to his teammates. However, Lemon,the keeper, realizes that since this is blue lock, Mikage would most definitely try to scorethe goal himself. Lemon predicts correctly, as the ball is launched towards the topright corner. He makes a massive save, but the loose ball rolls towards Nagi. He dribblespast a few defenders and chips the ball towards the goal. As Isagi holds his breath, wishing fora miracle, it arrives in the form of Gagamaru, who makes a lunging dive to push the ballback into Isagi's feet. The counter is now on!.

Isagi races with the ball, and hehas three teammates by his side. With most of the Team V members back in theirhalf, it would be an easy goal. However, Isagi knows that the skills possessed by themembers of the team would make it difficult, so he keeps moving the ball around among histeammates as they race towards the goal. As a final sideways pass, he plays the ball towardsKunigami to make the long-range shot. However, Tsurugi manages to catch up tohim and makes a sliding tackle. The ball is now headed out of bounds, andwith only seconds remaining in the game, if it goes out of bounds, the game will be over.Thankfully, Raichi slides in and manages to save the ball from going out of bounds. He passesthe ball to Bachira, who notices three of his.

Teammates headed into the opponent's box. Two ofthem are marked, but Isagi is free, heading to the back post. Isagi is also hoping to get the ball atthe back post to score, and Bachira, as planned, makes the pass towards him. As the ball approachesIsagi and he prepares to shoot, he realizes that Nagi has already arrived to cover him. Nagicuts in front of him to confuse him. Suddenly, Isagi has no idea how he can outmaneuver this; theonce-visible goal just fades away. Should he take a touch or pass to a teammate? He is confused.Suddenly, he has no idea what to do. Just then, he remembers all his goals and puts thepieces back together. His forte in shooting is direct shots without any touches. As Nagiapproaches him from behind to startle him, Isagi slams the ball into the back of thenet, winning him and his team the game 5:4.

Team Z celebrates as the whistle finallyblows and they have qualified for the next round of blue lock. Team V and Misagelook in shock after they have just lost to the poorest team in the whole building;they are determined to do better. Everyone celebrates as Kuon watches on. Kunigami goesto call Kuon into the celebrations as well, but Raichi reprimands him and punches Kuon tothe floor. However, it is apparent that the team has already healed their differencesand there is no bad blood between them. That night, Basira and Isagi are in the diningroom discussing the new abilities that they have unlocked, and Isagi claims to have gained evenmore knowledge of the game after the last match. Just then, they hear a large group of playersheading out of the blue lock. They all sound sad.

And broken after their dreams of becoming playersin the national team were now broken. Isagi and Basira pause for a moment and ponder how theirdreams had broken the dreams of several others; however, this doesn't make them sad; rather, itmotivates them even further. They also meet Niko, who had survived as the top scorer of team Y. Theman seems determined to win after his team lost to Team Z and claims that he will destroy Isagi nexttime. Isagi smiles and tells him to bring it on. The next day, Ego appears on the big screenonce again and tells them that before the next level begins, they will all do a bunch ofphysical training without the ball. He claims that since they are the bottom among all fivebuildings, they will have to do this training until the first building's elite players finisha state of arc training. Despite being reluctant.

At first, the whole crew begins the harshtraining and continues for ten long days. It is then announced that the first round ofvoting is over and instructs the players to get ready and proceed to the building's centralbasement. Isagi and the others are eager to play against other teams, however, they are shockedto see the other players, who are 237th in rank, from Team X and Team W. Ego appears on screenand remarks that although they have undoubtedly already noticed, only Building 5 is presentin Blue Lock, which accounts for the absence of players from Buildings 1 through 4. Up untilnow, he had lied to them to make them believe they were bad and fight ferociously for the initialpick-up. All of this was a ploy to undermine their dubious self-assurance and instill inthem a desire to be the best in the world.

Ego announces that for the second selection, theywill have to enter the field one by one. Team Z huddles up one last time, wishing each otherluck and promising to meet on the other side. Suddenly, Rin Itoshi casually shoots acurve ball and hits it with the next one, leaving Isagi stunned at his skills. Rin walksto the door and enters first into the second stage tests. The others wonder if they know him,as his name sounds familiar. Isagi follows him. Isagi walks down a small tunnel and finds himselfin a field. A holographic blue lock man stands in goal and hands Isagi a ball from the wallsbeside him. A red circle starts surrounding him, prompting him to shoot. Isagi missesa hurried shot, but then realizes this is the next test and starts making bettershots. As soon as he scores the first goal,.

A timer of 90 minutes appears, in whichhe has to score a total of 100 goals. The challenge becomes even harder afterthe first 30 goals, as the timer doesn't reset and he is asked to score more goalswith hologram defenders present as well. Soon the challenge gets even harder as theballs thrown at him are no longer at the desired pace and the defenders start movingas well. However, Isagi enjoys the challenge and with that ten-day-long physical training,he has plenty of stamina to adjust himself and find a good rhythm at the test. He soon finishesthe challenge and heads to the new room, which already has a bunch of competitors who had passedthe last challenge just like him. Moments later, Bachira also enters the place and they are bothhappy to see each other. They are then told by.

Ego that in order to enter the next stage of thetest, they need to form a group of three. Bachira and Isagi decide to wait for Kunigami and Chigiriand take into their team whoever comes first. Suddenly, Isagi is approached by Nagi, whoinvites him to join Mikage's team. Mikage is taken aback by Nagi's decision. Nagi revealsthat Isagi was the most remarkable player in their game and that he wants to play footballwith him. Isagi refuses, claiming that he is in a team with Bachira. To all of their shock,Nagi then asks to be in his group instead. Mikage gets frustrated but accepts it after realizing howserious he is. The decision is all up to Isagi and even though he wanted to wait for his friends,he knows that Nagi is the best player he knew, so he decides to take him into their team. Thethree of them head to the next level of the test.

Inside, they find Rin Itoshi, Jyubei Aryu,and Aoshi Tokimitsu. The top three players of the whole blue lock according to theirnew ranking. They seem to be the best of the bunch and are confident that they canwin against anyone who comes their way. Once again, Ego appears on the screento explain the rules of the next matchup. According to Ego, the third stageis a 3v3 minigame in which a Blue Lock Man serves as the goalkeeper. Whoever scoresfive goals first wins. The victorious team then steals a player from the losing team tomake a four-man squad. The fourth stage is then a 4v4 match, with the winning team onceagain stealing a member to create a five-man squad. The newly formed five-man team thenclears the 5th Stage and passes the second.

Selection. The losing three-man team becomesa two-man squad and competes against another two-man team. The player who is not chosen fromthe losing two-man squad will be disqualified. The rules are announced, and they can pickanyone to be their opponent as long as the opponents agree to play against them. This newsgets Isagi and his crew excited, but the other group doesn't seem to care. They seem to be superconfident, and this flares something up inside of Isagi. He walks up to them and challenges thebest of the bunch to a three vs three matchup.

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