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Welcome to Panorama Anime, here’s a fullrecap of the Mugen Train Movie Mugen train tells the story of Tanjiro, Zenitsu,Inosuke’s next mission. There we meet Kyojuro, the Flame Hashira,as well as 2 others, one who has been sent to eliminate Tanjiro, and one whose strengthis beyond anything we’ve seen yet. Tanjiro, Zenitsu and Inosuke meet Kyojuro,who apparently loves bento boxes, on the Mugen Train. After an explanation of the situation by theHashira, they discover two demons hidden on board and witness Kyojuro's impressive abilitiesfirst hand. Later into the night, all four Demon Slayersfall asleep, with Tanjiro dreaming about being.

Reunited with his lost family. They have fallen into the Blood Demon Artof the Lower One demon. The demon had mixed his blood into the inkin their tickets, allowing his plan to go into motion without being noticed. Whilst the Demon Slayers are asleep, Lowerone instructs four vulnerable passengers to tie their wrists to them, fall asleep, andenter their dreams. they must search for their spiritual coreand destroy it. Kyojuro's intruder finds his core, but hisintensely strong spirit manages to stop her in the real world.

Nezuko, who is unaffected by the Blood DemonArt, emerges from her box and tries to wake up Tanjiro. Though her attempts to do so fail, she isable to alert him that he is in a dream and trapped. In an ultimate attempt to wake himself up,Tanjiro draws his sword and slashes his own neck in order to regain consciousness. Tanjiro's intruder finds himself in Tanjiro'ssubconsciousness. Figments of his spirit guide him to the spiritualcore but he relents, unwilling to harm such a pure-hearted soul.

Tanjiro awakens and discovers his peers deepasleep. Nezuko burns the ropes off the wrists of theDemon Slayers, which awakens them. When Zenitsu and Inosuke fail to awaken, Tanjirotasks Nezuko with protecting the passengers and climbs onto the roof, meeting Enmu. He attacks Lower One, who repeatedly forceshim into unconsciousness but tanjiro knows to just commit suicide (because that’s greatfor your mental health). He beheads the demon but guess what, the demonis actually now the train ! Inosuke then awakens and assists Tanjiro in battling the demon. Nezuko joins the fight and is nearly overwhelmeduntil the arrival of Zenitsu (asleep of course).

The flame hashira comes up with a plan. They distract while tanjiro and inosuke takecare of the neck. It’s not easy, especially since the driverfatally stabs tanjiro, but tanjiro is able to cut the neck with his Hinokami Kagura (Thered one). The entire train derails as a result. Tanjiro struggles with his wound but managesto stabilize it under Kyojuro's guidance. They are met by Upper Rank Three, Akaza, whoengages in an absolutely epic battle with kyojuro. Despite Kyojuro's tremendous strength andspeed, Akaza overwhelms him with his unique.

Martial arts and powerful regeneration, injuringKyojuro severely. Tanjiro and Inosuke cannot do anything butlook from afar helplessly. Kyojuro “sets his heart ablaze) and unleashesone last, powerful attack at Akaza, and while stunning him it is not enough. At that point the sun is coming up so Akazascrams, the trio is wildly sad, word is sent that the flame hashira has been killed butthe head of the corps appreciates him for not letting a single passenger or comradedie in his presence. And that’s all for The Mugen Train Movie. Thank you guys for watching, make sure tolike, share, subscribe, and here’s some.

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