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Welcome to Panorama Anime, here’s a fullrecap of season 2 of Demon Slayer. Demon Slayer Season 2 takes place immediatelyafter Kyojuro’s death where we see what happens in the months following his passing. Akaza meets with Muzan, who is disguised asa young boy, and reveals his disappointment in Akaza for only being able to kill Kyojuro. Akaza vows to kill Tanjiro who later goesto meet Kyojuro’s brother and father. Tanjiro is violently dismissed by his father,who is a former Flame Hashira and now an alcoholic. However, his brother explains to Tanjiro thathe is a bearer of the first breathing technique, called “Sun Breathing”.

Four months after Kyojuro's death, Tanjiro,Zenitsu, and Inosuke accompany the Sound Hashira Tengen Uzui to infiltrate the Yoshiwara red-lightdistrict, where demons are suspected to reside. Tengen had sent his three wives to infiltratethe district, but they stopped sending messages, causing him to worry. Tengen disguises Tanjiro, Inosuke, and Zenitsuas little girls weirdly and sells them to the three largest courtesan Houses in thedistrict to find clues about his wives' whereabouts. While they search Zenitsu is then stealthilycaptured by Daki, the Upper Rank Six demon who is praised by Muzan for her strength andbeauty. Tengen interrupts Tanjiro and Inosuke's conversationto reveal Zenitsu is missing, but the two.

Refuse to abandon him. Tanjiro returns to the Yoshiwara districtwhere he confronts Daki. During their fight, Daki overpowers Tanjiro,and with the impact of her attacks, one of the straps on Nezuko's box breaks, meaningTanjiro can no longer carry her and has to leave her stationary. Tanjiro prepares himself to face Daki alone,realizing she will be the strongest demon he's faced yet. Inosuke finds a holding cell full of obi underhis House that Daki has used to absorb her victims.

Inosuke manages to free Suma and Makio, aswell as Zenitsu, all of whom assist him in his fight, before being joined by Tengen himself. Meanwhile, Tanjiro battles Daki by himself,trying to use his Hinokami Kagura but is too fatigued to fight effectively. Tanjiro and Daki continue to fight, causingimmense destruction to the district, taking the lives of numerous innocents. Tanjiro unleashes a powerful series of attacks,but Daki saves herself by transforming her neck into an obi, making it difficult to cut. When Daki approaches the injured Tanjiro,Nezuko appears and destroys her head with.

A kick. Daki begins fighting Nezuko, seemingly bisectingher with ease, but is stunned to see her already standing. Biting through her bamboo muzzle, Nezuko maturesin appearance and faces Daki, filled with rage. Nezuko fights Daki, who is overwhelmed byher regenerative abilities. Nezuko throws Daki into an inhabited building,injuring some of the people inside. Tengen arrives and beheads Daki, but she doesn'tdie, and Gyutaro emerges from within her. Gyutaro begins fighting Tengen using his sicklesand Blood Demon Art.

Tengen struggles to protect the civiliansas Daki and Gyutaro fight together. Tanjiro calms Nezuko down, and Zenitsu andInosuke arrive to help. Tanjiro, Tengen, Zenitsu, and Inosuke fightthe Upper Rank siblings, the clash is split as Daki engages Zenitsu and Inosuke, whileGyutaro clashes with Tengen and Tanjiro. Syncing their powers and fighting as one,the Upper Rank siblings overwhelm the Demon Slayers. However, Tanjiro, realizing his Water Breathingis more useful defensively, is able to fend off Gyutaro's attacks. Hinatsuru fires wisteria-laced kunais at Gyutaro,allowing Tengen and Tanjiro to move in and.

Reach his neck. Gyutaro neutralizes the poison and stops theircharge. With his Blood Demon Art, he fends off Tengenand grabs Hinatsuru. Seeing her life in danger and hearing Tengen'spleas, Tanjiro combines his Hinokami Kagura and Water Breathing, unleashing a very fastcharge that stuns the demon, saving her. With Tengen fighting Gyutaro alone, Tanjirojoins Zenitsu and Inosuke in facing Daki. Tanjiro and Zenitsu open the way for Inosuke,who saws off Daki's head with his swords and runs away with it. Gyutaro suddenly appears, stabbing Inosukefrom behind and retrieving Daki's head.

Tanjiro sees Tengen injured, freezes, andZenitsu pushes him off the roof to save him. All seems lost as everyone is down and Gyutarotaunts tanjiro. Tanjiro deceives him, headbutts him whilesimultaneously stabbing him with a poisoned kunai, and opens an opportunity to cut ofGyutaros head. Zenitsu realizes this, and uses his fastestform to attack Daki. Gyutaro neutralizes the poison but Tengenhas recovered and engages in a stunning 1v1, Tanjiro sees his chance and hops in, getspoisoned, but uses all his might to reach gyutaros neck. Inosuke rejoins Zenitsu, who reveals thathe simply relocated his heart to avoid a fatal.

Wound (beast). The Demon Slayers simultaneously behead thesiblings, but Gyutaro’s body explodes, sending waves of blood blades and destroying the city. Nezuko burns the blood blades with her BloodDemon Art and heals all the Demon slayers from the poison by setting them ablaze withher blood demon art (quite comically at that). The Twin demons have a wholesome flashback,Tanjiro succeeds in getting a vial of blood from and upper rank demon, Tengen retires,the head of the Demon slayer corps is ecstatic, and our trio is simply just happy to havesurvived. And that’s all for season 2 of demon slayer.

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