He Becomes The Supreme Ruler Of 72 Demons With out Counting On It

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The main character is William Twining from a wealthy royal family the director calls him and informs him that the tuition for the last semester has not yet been paid William immediately goes to visit his uncle who managed the money of his deceased parents and paid for Education he is met by the butler Kevin he reports that his uncle's uncle went.

Bankrupt due to Capital Investments and he himself went missing the rest of the servants quit because no one paid them Kevin is the only one who promised not to leave William in this situation they think of a possible safe in the basement and it's true there is a door that William kicks in a luminous Circle appears in the room.

And a guy stands inside it and introduces himself as the Grand Duke dentalian they have tied him up and are trying to listen he talks about the underworld and Lucifer William and Kevin do not believe him and are taken into custody they return to the basement where a magical Mist covers William immediately he wakes.

Up and sees a butler in a goat mask in front of him he says that dantalian told him the truth but at one moment the walls break and another seemingly magician tries to fly away with him but in time William is saved by gantalian and repels the enemy they fight with the help of magic of different elements William stops antalyon because after his.

Next attack a distortion in space could occur and the student could not return after such a played weekend William arrives at the school where he is informed that the tuition has been fully paid and in the classroom the teacher introduces a new student dantalian Huber William was chosen by the voter for the demons so dantalian is pursuing him.

Trying to help in every possible way he's trying to save money for the next semester his friend Isaac and citri who came with an offer come to him his uncle is looking for good art students in exchange for patronage William is interested and he is going to come next weekend for discussions in the evening he finds Isaac when he was trying to.

Call on a guardian angel but due to a mistake he summoned a huge monster bore he chases after them but Citrus saves them but also turns out to be a candidate demon he is going to forcibly take William to him for persuasion but to Italian arise again in fights for William they are able to Riot again but William.

Stops them with his word he expresses to them that he is not going to choose any of them and leaves the demons are joined by gills to race the one day Italian fought for William over the weekend he takes citri to his Commander at the school it turns out that citri has also become a student of the school he tries to lure William to his side with money.

But he forces him to mop the floors for breaking into the prefix room William is surprised that citri and dantalian have gained popularity in different fields so quickly as if they were ordinary students Ernest Crosby is the School Chaplain it was he who sensed the presence of demons in the school William comes to him and.

Wants to report on the demons but at one point he realizes what the consequences could be William is talking to gentallian he knows that he is a descendant of Solomon which is why the demons obey him but dentalian tells him that in addition to the 72 candidate demons there are others who will not listen to him.

In the evening boys from the lower grades come running to William and Isaac and report a ghost they run after him but the ghost also turns out to be a demon citri again offers William to take his side but in the end she still saves them despite the refusal after that they go to the church where the priest Ernest attacks citri he saw a demon in her and.

Detained her Crosby's father turned out to be the destroyer of demons because the right hand of God hung around his neck dentalian also appeared here and surrounded the church with a barrier Ernest admits that he must get rid of the demons and the elector that is William dantalian harnesses for him and.

Is about to desecrate Earnest but William again forbids him to act the priest disappears for help dantalian is on his knees again asking William for help but he scientifically explains why he does not believe in their existence at school they were introduced to a new priest it turned out to be Kevin Williams former Butler Kevin asked to.

Avoid personal conversations with William at school and to call them Pastor Cecil the Hostile commandant Maria Mullins was good-natured in a school fight she first gets to the first aid post and not to the director the day of the Boating competition has arrived Chinese team dropped out as William himself became ill dantalian realized.

That the head of the council was also a demon and told William to be careful in the morning free school children snuck into mullen's room and now they're off to say she's a witch William met with Kevin who confirmed this but citri is on the run after William and says that Miss Mullins has opened a portal to the underworld.

Having reached they cause irritation in front of her but the head of the council saves her he turns out to be the great head of the underworld and the third candidate cameo for a very long time she and Maria were close that is why before her death she came to their place to Say Goodbye Mary will soon die acute a lung disease she.

Wanted to make a contract with a demon to become Cameo and be with him Cameo stay here the school received a return list William as usual came first Cameo called him dentalian citri and Isaac to his place he talks about the plan to build a new building William imagines a good future if he destroys this folder they.

Shake hands and Cameo just gets lost along the way blaming everything on him the Italian comes to his space where he reaches asteroth the Duchess of hell lamia is her daughter she's in love with the Italian and tries to take care of him during the night William and Isaac wake up at night due to strange songs outside on the street they find little.

Goblins who sing about their sadness he herb at the tower in which he once worked was going to walk with the school grounds Sutra comes and says that this is Kim Willis a goblin who always needs to grind something he only needs to speak and he will immediately listen William sent him to India to grind spices.

William notices that Kevin is not paying attention to him and this worries him greatly Isaac offers to invite him to family day at the celebration the father of the second headman Adrian comes up to him and asks him to sit with him at dinner William is unpleasantly surprised but their conversation is distracted by.

Kevin he asks Adrian to leave him alone but without having time to Blink they both disappear it was the work of the Italian at night Adrian's son Mycroft comes to William and invites him the next weekend to celebrate his father's recovery he agrees but dantalian and citri went with him very respectable people of High Society.

Turn out to be at the event because Adrian himself is a high political figure the butler approaches him but William confuses him with Kevin he invites him to go to the room if he is tired William agrees and falls asleep in the room he is awakened by the conversations of politicians they discussed that they needed Solomon's.

Soul to start the war three of them turn into demons and attack William d'antalian saves him again and Adrian turns out to be a demon hiding behind his body the real Adrian died in an accident a few years ago but then Mycroft enters and the demon attacks him so that no Trace is left William wants to save his friend but.

Citri won't let him the Italian is going to help him but that Butler has banished him William visits Kevin and finds out that he was only avoiding him because he was betting on sports teams against him there was a play at the school Kevin calls him to audition for the role there William is very shy in the evening news.

Comes to him that dantalian and citri are leaving on family business but William realizes that they are returning to the underworld the great king collects all the demons dentalian remembers the previous Solomon and worries because he made him a promise that someday he should be killed in his hands a cloud of monsters appears.

At the school because on this day the border between the worlds was erased citri and dentalian arrive from the underworld to rescue him the monsters were sent by balbert because his death was beneficial to him from the church Kevin tries to cut down on dentalian's forces Kevin breaks down and dentalian loses control he attacks.

William and tries to choke him but Baphomet the butler goat saves him and Cameo arrives to remind the attacker that the Demons of his status are forbidden to lose control of themselves had a school play one of the contestants is taken to the hospital William replaces him because only he knew all his lines but because of the desire to.

Get William's word dentalian and citri disrupt the performance Kevin is visited by Michael an angel and brother of Lucifer he beats him up and forces him to torment Solomon he also pretends to be a student and in a conversation with William says that he will take first place in the next exam it was a.

Declaration of war and made William very angry but meeting again in the library Michael says that it was a joke at the exam Michael and Barris William by Magic Drawing cheat sheets on his desk he's put in his cell until a conversation with clarifications Michael visits him there he questions him about the future but Kevin interrupts them at the trial.

William denies his guilt and with the help of Isaac they enter another dimension where Michael is in the guise of an Angel it's about to kill him but they get to Italian and citri they fight and knock Michael to the ground but Kevin prevented them from killing him he won't let his student die William wakes up in front of the judge and Cameo.

Brought in the confessors and the perpetrator was acquitted in Kevin's room William finds his father's ring and steals it in the room with him Kevin pretends not to notice he used to be an angel when he lost One Wing my call interrogates Kevin and threatens to tear off his last Wing Cameo dantalian and citrile leave William and get into.

Battle with Gene the general of the army Michael made her his puppet Kevin gives into threats and tries to dehumanize William but nothing works due to the fact that he did not have faith in God raggle the second priest tries to help Kevin but chills the race arrives to them he came to avenge Gene his beloved he dominates the fight but Kevin.

Intervenes and turns the fight back Italian also arrives and together they are victorious Kevin reports everything to Michael but he was not in a position for another trial the school is about to start a cultural festival with tents which will increase the level of academic achievement here they could treat people with delicious food and if.

You liked it you can leave a badge whoever collects the most badges wins William plans to use this to get a scholarship ichu's friends has already come up with a case and lures people William came up with the idea of sucking up to each of them and created his own Cafe dentalian citrine jills to raise were.

The waiters and Isaac serve the tea when everything was organized they realized their position and that they were deceived Baphomet in the form of a man also arrived at the festival and met with Leonard the same Butler they decided to have a cooking tournament with William as the judge he gave him one hour and they fought for the title.

Of king of hellish Cuisine people also began to gather for this duel their movements were very fast not even visible to the eye time was up and everyone had a few beautifully presented dishes everyone who tried even a piece went crazy with the taste Baphomet wins by a single vote Leonard becomes very disappointed and.

Believes that his losses due to a lack of sweet Foods the evening came and the results began to be announced in the first place was Cameo William was amazed because in his business he called a lot of all the talented people Cameo double jeans Heavenly Army balderet discusses this with the others and Praises him he wants to take William.

To the Underworld for protection from the Angels lamia was sent to find him and dantalian the demons discuss and miss the former Solomon because they spend a lot of time with him talking on various topics lamia forcibly takes William to the underworld through a portal there the Kings meet him and discuss with him his defense they remind.

William that he needs to make a choice he is about to leave but one of the Demons cannot stand the disrespect and tries to attack him but dantalian covers him by chance William drops the ring from his pocket and all the demons around go crazy they understand that by taking away the ring they will gain freedom the demons begin to attack him.

But he puts on the ring and gains tremendous power it reflects balberus attack and Strikes several demons with one blow the king realizes that his power is much higher than theirs and tries to turn everyone on him Solomon destroys the underworld to Pieces jal's arrays tries to attack him believing in his own strength but his blows were.

Useless balbaruth also tries to attack him from behind but to no avail dantalium wants to remove the ring from his finger but Solomon and William's body doesn't even remember him from Williams attacked antalyon flies off 100 meters everyone remembers that they still had a contract with Solomon and therefore he did not fight at full.

Strength a thousand years ago Solomon was a traitor to his father's Kingdom his father himself was eventually imprisoned and later killed soon he made an agreement with dentalian who was supposed to kill him the previous Solomon was killed in his hands perhaps this was the reason why in this life he did not recognize antalyon balbrith does.

Not lose hope and attacks him Non-Stop he sent his army of monsters at him but they were very weak balbaruth leaves Solomon no choice and he is going to kill him but dantalian decided not to give up as trying to awaken William and Solomon he begins to remember and gives his ring to dantalian William passes out and falls into his.

Arms this means that it is he who becomes the ruler of the underworld at school William realizes that no one but him remembers students like dantalian citri or cameo

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