He Can Blend into Water, and Fair One Bottle of Water Can Enable Him to Plod By Doorways

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A man's body would disappear as soon as ittouched water, but instead of being afraid, he thought of a way to earn millions. He carefully wrapped himself up and went tosomeone's door. He poured the water through the crack in thedoor and slowly infiltrated into the room after the water seeped in. In the next second, with a sound, the manregained his original form and successfully infiltrated into the room. Then, he put all the valuable things in theroom into his backpack and even found some pocket money in the wardrobe.

From then on, the man became even more crazyand earned several million in just a few days. Despite his bold actions, no clues were leftand the police only found a little water trace. The couple saw the news and exclaimed howstrange things are these days, little did they know that their son was the thief. It was only when the man put a big pile ofmoney in front of the couple that they felt something was wrong because they knew theirson was a unemployed drifter and the huge amount of money must have come from an illegalsource. The father urged him to return the money intact,but the angry man did not realize that his father was doing this for his own good.

Determined to do something big, he decidedto buy a villa and live by himself. He set his sights on the billionaire, butwhen he started, he found that the billionaire's house was too heavily guarded. Even if he tried to approach the door, hewould be discovered by the bodyguard. But there is always a way out. The man discovered that a delivery truck carryingmountain spring water would enter the compound every day. Finally, he came up with a good idea. A few days later, he took advantage of theunloading workers not paying attention and.

Quietly approached. Then he silently melted into the bucket ofwater. Workers discovered an anomaly, and the manhad disappeared. He sneaked into the home of the wealthy manunnoticed. After a while, he confirmed it was safe andcrawled out from the water bucket. However, there was not even one safe in thelarge room and the drawers were empty except for a bottle of mysterious pills. When the man saw the “Heaven rewards diligence”sign, he seemed to have thought of something. He remembered that in the movie, the bosswould hide the safe behind such characters.

Sure enough, he found it. But as soon as he splashed water on the safe,the entire room sounded the alarm. The man tried to hide in the safe, but thewealthy man's safe was too sophisticated and the water couldn't penetrate. The man had no choice but to return to thewater bucket. After the bodyguards rushed in, they foundeverything normal in the room and took the water bucket out without thinking. It was lunchtime, and the chef poured thewater into a pressure cooker to prepare ingredients for the wealthy man.

Before the man could react, the chef firmlyclosed the lid. As the temperature in the pot increased, thechefs even smelled a refreshing meat aroma. It's true that if you don't try to die, youwon't die.

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