He Can Support watch over Gravity Nonetheless His Weakness Is His Sister

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A young man recalls the daythe world ended. It was a total destruction brought about by an unknownenemy. Back then, he was a young kid, helpless and afraid. His only comfort was alittle girl, who was like a sister to him. But that was several years ago… Now, he stands tall and proud. Thoughmuch has changed since that fateful day, one thing remains – humanity’s struggle againstthe invading aliens. These extraterrestrials are commonly called the Unknown. Much can besaid about them except their origin or motive. The young man receives a report thatseveral Unknown are projected to appear in Sector A of the gulf region. Thereport also orders the students in.

The combat curriculum to proceedto their positions immediately. The young man presses something on his nape,activating a weapon attached to his arm. He then rushes off to fight the Unknown alone, leavingbehind a girl named Canaria, who calls him Icchan. With magical orbs created from his weapon, hedestroys the aliens one by one. When Canaria and two other girls catch up, he’s already done withthe task. Canaria reprimands him for acting alone, saying that it’s dangerous. But forhim, the enemy was rather too easy. He isn’t much of a team player, and beingwith amateurs will only slow him down. Also, he doesn’t like being called “Icchan”; heprefers his real name Suzaku Ichiya which matches his cool-but-dangerous demeanor.Canaria’s an exception, though; she still.

Considers him a younger brother. However, that’stechnically incorrect. When the war broke out, children were sent into a deep sleep andwere only awakened after some time. Since they woke up at the same time, they’renow the same age. Sorry Canaria-senpai. Anyway, Ichiya’s lack of teamwork is both riskyand damaging to their school’s reputation. Canaria urges him to remember what wassaid at the Tri-City Conference: their school’s reputation is in jeopardy.Reputation? Ichiya knows no such thing. He claims students don’t go to a happylittle school where everyone gets along. But she explains that it might make all thedifference in battle when they’re down to their last chance. Still, he says there’s noneed for such a thing; he’s all they need.

After she’s done showering andputting on a fresh set of clothes, the two walk to the train station. They passby two other students from their school, but Ichiya completely ignores them. Canaria’skind enough to at least acknowledge their presence. She tells him it wouldn’t hurt to bea little friendlier to the younger students. He replies that it would lower his soul level.Seriously, what the heck is a soul level? Interestingly, Ichiya’s reading a book on how toexpress one’s emotions. He remarks why he should waste time reading about trivial mattersthat don’t involve battle. He should have picked up “The Art of War” instead. Or couldit be that he’s not as aloof as others think? Upon arriving at their destination,.

Canaria notices that Ichiya is nice andrespectful to adults. According to him, although their standings may differ, it’sthanks to them that they can fight now. Soon after, the two head to South Kanto toattend the Tri-City Defense Liason Meeting. Upon entering the venue, Tenkawa Maihime,head of Kanagawa City, greet them first. She thanks them for taking care of anotherUnknown before coming here. Thanks to them, the world is at peace again. Canaria’smodest enough to say that she’s exaggerating. Rindou Hotaru, subhead of Kanagawa City,simplifies what Tenkawa is saying and tells them they need to make each day count.Chigusa Kasumi, subhead of Chiba city, mumbles that someone worries about the rankings. By theway, he’s ranked 207 now. He adds that anyone.

Who lives and dies by rankings isn’t special.Chigusa Asuha, head of Chiba City, remarks that Kasumi’s constantly dropping rank is “definitely”special. She’s also Kasumi’s younger sister. Kasumi and Ichiya exchange banter. Suddenly, two grown-ups enter the room. One of them isAsanagi Gutoku, a Regional Management Officer. He playfully remarks how everyone’sgetting along well. While Yuunami Airi, another Regional Management Officer, tellshim he’ll have HQ yelling at him again if he can’t sort this out. He replies that what’simportant is your judgment in the field. After the meeting, Canaria asks Ichiya if it wasa good idea to refuse the Tri-City cooperation plan. He replies that he can’t cooperatewith the idiots from Kanagawa and the scum.

From Chiba. According to his “unbiased”judgment, he’s all they need. Perhaps he needs to tone it down a bit and learn thatsometimes working with others is…better. On a serious note, Ichiya talks about histime during the cold sleep. He says that he was dreaming the whole time. And even now, hestill has the same dream. He crawls on the ground, with something heavy pressing down on him, whileall the things he cares about are taken from him. Before he was put to a cold sleep, he witnessedthe horrors that befell everyone. He remembers the red sky and mankind’s despair. But now mankind hasthe power of “World.”His World, “Free Gravity,” allows him to control… You guessed it! Gravity!While Canaria’s “Heart Warming” grants those who hear her sing a power boost. Canaria’s impressedto learn the names of their abilities; she didn’t.

Even know they had names in the first place.Well, that's because Ichiya just made them up. Now that their powers have manifested,they won’t lose to the Unknown again. Just as they were protected back then,they must become heroes to protect others. Suddenly, a warning broadcasts throughout thearea. The appearance of a large-scale Unknown has been detected in the southern waters of theAqua Line, near the gulf region. With alerts going off now and then, Canaria can no longerkeep up with the projected Unknown appearances. Ichiya takes Canaria with him as they fly ahead ofthe other Tokyo students. He instructs his forces to stay behind rather than hold him back. Luckily,Canaria tells the rest to follow suit immediately. Meanwhile, the Chiba and Kanagawa forces,led by their respective heads and subheads,.

Arrive at the area to fight the enemy.Gutoku and Airi monitor the situation and award points to the two schoolsfor following protocols. Tokyo school, however, are deducted pointsfor their leaders' disobedience. The Chiba forces attack from land, theKanagawa forces control the waters, and the Tokyo forces, I mean, Ichiya,attack from above. Canaria starts singing, and all the student combatants in thearea suddenly have their powers amped up, and their injuries healed. Soon, the Tokyostudents finally arrive and join the fight. Amid the intense battle, Hotaru notices howtheir combined forces are fighting inefficiently. Specifically, she talks about friendly fire,which happens when one side is far stronger.

Than the other or when the enemy is too weak. Asa result, the battlefield becomes a place to keep score. Allies fight each other over who gets theenemies, and some idiots try to one-up others. Over the phone, Asuha comments that she doubtsher brother gives a hoo-ha about the score, but the child from Tokyo is obsessed. Fair enough,Ichiya tries to hard-carry every.single.time. Maihime questions why people on the same sidefight each other in the middle of a battle. Hotaru replies that it’s because of the rankings.Those with higher ranks earn better compensation, and most importantly, they’re oftengranted special exceptions in their home base. Anyone would fight for that. Butnot Maihime. She fights for all of them, and her ever-loyal subhead respondsthat it’s what makes her so admirable.

With more Unknown appearing and the growingdisconnect between the forces, Maihime decides to use her trump card. As she powers up her flamingsword, Asuha orders her troops to withdraw, or else…they’ll be sitting ducks. The Chibastudents hurry off back to their train and depart the place. They don’t even bother to waitfor Kasumi, who’s busy aiming for the targets. Ichiya realizes the situation and ordershis troops to disperse. No worries, as the flying students ride on theirNimbus 2000s. Those who don’t have one, like Canaria and her aides, getfree tickets to fly with him. Maihime unleashes her monstrous energy sword, wiping out everything in itspath. Although impressive,.

Her attack also destroys the Aqua line bridge,which is vital to mankind’s resistance. Yikes. After the battle, Gutoku gathers the headsand subheads of the tri-cities. And no, they aren’t in for a treat or a pat on theback – more like a…scolding. Although they managed to win the battle, they seriouslyhurt their chances of winning the war. And here comes the blame game… Maihime’s aboutto say something when Hotaru pins the blame on Ichiya. She’s probably relying on his badreputation. He’s pissed off by this accusation, but even more so when Kasumi adds thatit’s his fault for not taking the hit. The kids bicker among themselves asCanaria tries to lighten the mood. In the end, Gutoku decidesthat they’re all to blame.

Episode 2: At Chiba, Kasumi and Asuha are having theirmeal together. As Kasumi gets another serving of food for his sister, his phone, whichhe left on the table, rings. It’s a call from Miss Airi. But for some reason, Asuhadeclines the call and turns off his phone. Sometime later, the heads and subheads areinformed of an assignment to guard the Aqua Line. The half-destroyed infrastructure isbeing repaired with the engineering students’ help. However, there have been rumorsof an Unknown sighting near the area, and as a result, the engineeringstudents have been too scared to work. Airi and Gutoku have tried contactingthe school leaders for this assignment,.

But strangely, nobody answeredtheir calls nor sent them a reply. Airi asks if they didn’t see her in their missedcalls list. Maihime says her phone is always getting lost, while Kasumi’s surprised to findhis phone turned off. Ichiya, on the other hand, proudly tells her he’s seen her missed call,but he deemed it unimportant. Otherwise, she would have kept calling until she gotthrough. He sees no reason to be questioned since she wouldn’t even try calling a secondtime. Did this teenager really just school an adult? Not at all…according to Canaria. Shetranslates his response as “I’m terribly sorry.” Gutoku says it’s no big deal since theyonly meant to confer with them. However, they had to choose some members for a temporarypatrol force. Although he knows they’re busy.

With their military camps and school, Gutoku’sconfident that they’ll take the responsibility of guarding the students. For what it’sworth, Airi tells them to do their best. At the Aqua Line, Ichiya complains aboutbeing dragged into this mess. Kasumi, on the other hand, blames the one who firedthe attack at the Aqua Line. For once, the two boys agree. They continue to badmouthpoor Maihime, who feels guilty upon hearing this. But Hotaru cheers her up, saying shedid the right thing by saving everyone. Everyone except Asuha and Canaria startsbickering with each other again. Canaria, as usual, tries to pacify them. She urges everyoneto smile. But there’s nothing to smile about. A few moments later, the engineering students.

Arrive. Maihime proposes that theyhelp them while they’re on patrol, while Kasumi suggests that they split intotwo groups of three. To decide the groupings, they play rock-paper. Yup, you heard that right.Maihime suggests that those who use rock will be the rock team, and those who use paper will bethe paper team. Truer words were never spoken. Canaria, Asuha, and Maihime compose the all-femaleteam, while Hotaru is lumped together with the boys. Using their abilities, they help withthe repairs and maintenance work done by the engineering students. The girls have teamed upnicely to speed up their progress. Meanwhile, Kasumi and Ichiya engage in their typicalback-and-forth sniping at one another. On the other hand, Hotaru wants to wrap up hertasks quickly so she can reunite with Maihime.

Out of the blue, Gutoku arrives at the Aqua Linewearing a beach outfit. Airi is also with him, and she invites Ichiya and his teamto have lunch with them. She informs the three that Maihime and theothers are already at the place. At lunch, Canaria catches up with Ichiya. Hotarurushes to Maihime’s side while Kasumi shares a table with Asuha. Gutoku thanks everyone for theirhard work despite their busy schedules. He adds that the battle against the Unknown continues,but with the three cities' cooperation, they will overcome them. To mark this special occasion, theladies of Kanagawa have prepared today’s meals. After filling their bellies, Gutoku givesthem a new task that requires their expertise. Interestingly, he hands them swimsuits.He explains that the rumors of an Unknown.

Sighting near the area are true. Althoughthere haven’t been any casualties yet, the Administration can’t ignore it. Canaria’s puzzledhow an Unknown snuck in without being detected. Gutoku asks Yaegaki Aoi, a Kanagawa student,to show them something. Aoi brings out her magic-infused cutter and demonstratesher World. It can scan the thoughts and experiences of someone and relay them toothers. Plus, she can replay it to multiple people. Hotaru adds that they might want to bracethemselves for what they’re about to witness. Seeing through someone else's eyes, Ichiyadiscovers something disturbing – a man trying to kiss the source of the vision. Nevermind that. An Unknown can be spotted far out into the ocean. Gutoku claims thereare a few others who have spotted it..

They all saw it emerge from the seaand flee underwater. For this reason, he wants them to explore the ocean andtake care of the Unknown lurking there. After changing into their swimsuits, they splitup and search underwater. Aoi keeps tabs on everyone while Kasumi and Canaria, who aren’tas adept at swimming as the rest, stay on land. Armed with his sniper, Kasumi listens to thesounds in the water. He shoots upon hearing a disturbance in the waves. It turns out to beIchiya; luckily, he evaded his shot. Kasumi claims that noises resonate better in waterthan in air. Though he seems disinterested in fighting for the most part, Kasumi’s focused onlocating the monster. Ichiya believes he’s being excessively protective of his sister and thatshe may resent him for it. He says it's fine,.

And if he only wanted to be adored and neverhated, he'd never make it as a big brother. As Asuha explores the sea below, a suspiciouscreature lurks behind her. Kasumi asks Ichiya to throw a rock into the ocean. He then usesthe sounds to locate everyone. When he pinpoints Asuha, he also discovers that the Unknown isclosing in on her from behind. He snipes it just before it can devour her, sending a signal to theothers, who immediately converge to the location. Although he might not admit it, Ichiya’s impressedby Kasumi’s ability to detect an enemy from even the faintest sound echoes and shoot it fromabove the surface. He’s like the creature that rules the night: the Vampire Bat. Now imagine agun-wielding Batman. It’s weird, right? Kasumi feels the same way. They banter once again, butthis time, they seem to be getting along well.

On their way back, the students discuss everythingthat transpired. Maihime says that in the end, there was only the one Unknown that Kasumitook out. Hotaru says that no one was hurt, and that’s all that matters. Still, Ichiya wonderswhy the monster’s appearance didn’t trigger the gate to open; thus, they couldn’t pick up itssignal. In any case, all they can do is wait as the Administration looks into the matter.Episode 3: Gutoku and Airi meet up with Mahiru Okuni,South Kanto’s Chief Medical Officer. Okuni hands over the list of studentswho’ll be transferred “inside.” She reveals that the list includes thewounded and least talented students. The following day, Ichiya heads outearly and boards a bus. His subordinate,.

Hashibiro Kosuke, chats with him aboutmeeting up for their patrol shift. But he seems to have an important thing to do, sohe declines Kosuke’s request. Unknown to them, Ichiya visits a wounded student at thehospital. He claims it’s not a friendly visit; rather, he informs Uzurano thathe’ll be transferred “inside.” Uzurano’s relieved to hear such news. Ichiya,however, scorns him for getting hurt in an easy battle. Even if he were to continue, he’sonly going to suffer more. Try as he might, Ichiya couldn’t hide his soft side.He tells him to do whatever he can, even if he’s no longer on the battlefield.He then gives Uzurano a bag of sweets as a present to his parents. Of course,he passes it off as a symbol of.

Well-mannered Tokyo students. As he leaves,he accidentally drops his book on homecoming etiquettes but quickly picks it up. Whateverhe says, Uzurano knows he has a good heart. Meanwhile, Kosuke and companypatrol around Umihotaru. Everything looks calm and peaceful…until a swarm ofmonsters appears. They don’t seem tough, so he boasts they’ll wipe them upin no time. Boy was he so wrong! Just before they attack, atowering…literally…towering figure emerges from the water. Give it aneye, and then you’ll have Sauron. This giant Unknown’s a new type and now the largestknown monster. HQ has classified it as a leviathan-class. They must now interceptand eliminate it as soon as possible.

Amid the briefing, the Tokyo unit’s actionshave been questioned. It’s revealed that both the head and subhead were absent duringthe battle. We know that Ichiya was at the hospital while Canaria was up to somethingelse. Kosuke, who served as the unit commander, decided to retreat after futile efforts topierce the monster’s armor. Due to that, the Unknown now have controlof Umihotaru and the Aqua Line. Ichiya stands by Kosuke’s decision,but Kasumi thinks he’s only blaming his subordinate. Maihime chimes in, andthe rest gang up on Ichiya for abandoning his duty. Canaria comes to his defense but isstill unable to convince the others. Anyway, Gutoku orders all three schoolsto strike together at dawn.

Later that night, Ichiya resolves to fightthe gigantic monster alone. This way, he can keep others from harm’s way.It’s also the perfect opportunity to gauge his powers. After all, he’sall they need!

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