He Entered A Indulge in Pact W/ A Demon Lady & 6 Of Her Sisters PT:2

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Yuta Agatsuma is just an average guy whodreams of falling in love, dating happily, and getting married someday. But all thesesimple dreams that should happen naturally are immediately taken away from him oneday when his sister Yoru summons a demon. Lars, the demon of wrath, appears beforethem and offers the boy a love contract out of nowhere. She’s not the kind ofdemon Yuta expected to see, so a love pact doesn’t seem that bad if he eventuallylearns to fall in love with her, too… right? However, the more he learns about the demon girl, the more he realizes thathe’s knee-deep in trouble. He runs home to his sister, hoping tofind a solution. But when he arrives,.

He’s only welcomed by more problems. Six more demons are summoned to the human realm.And Lars explains that they’re her sisters. Gree, the demon of greed,Rubia, the demon of pride, Slow, the demon of sloth, Lust, the demonof carnal desire, Levi, the demon of envy, and Belze, the demon of gluttony,complains about her empty stomach. Yuta asks why they’re here, andLars says that the contracts he signed earlier are for everyone – whichmeans he now has seven demon girlfriends. Poor Yuta thought it was just a7-page contract, not 7 different ones! Oh well, that’s what he gets for not reading them!.

And so, from being a loveless boy,he now has seven girls to love. Yuta only hoped Nodoka Kanzaki,the classmate he’s crushing on, would notice him. He’s been wishing to havethe chance with her, but instead of getting a cute love story with the human girl,he’s entangled with a harem of demons. It doesn’t help when Nodoka discovers hissecret after the demons eat at her family’s restaurant. Nodoka is surprisinglymore understanding than he expected. She promises to keep his secret and says shelooks forward to befriending the demons, too. Yuta can finally breathe a sigh of reliefnow that Nodoka won’t be a problem. However, the bigger dilemmas are just about to begin.

CH. 4 The demons summoned by Yoru hold enoughpower to destroy the world. Because they wanted to experience falling in love witha human, they formed love pacts with Yuta. Now that they’ve been living withthe siblings for quite a while, their quirks are finally manifesting. One day, Yuta finds Yoru watching amukbang video with some of the demon girls. He’s fascinated at how they're mainlyjust enjoying living in the human realm now. Food before romance, huh? As far as he remembers,they came here to experience love. But oh well, even if it’s not for love, they all still livetogether, so Yuta wants to get along with them.

Suddenly, he notices Gree lecturing Belzeabout her expenses on food lately. She reminds her that just because she’sbringing in their living expenses, it doesn’t make it okay tojust spend them carelessly. Belze has spent a hundred thousand yenon food in the past few months. Well, Yuta can say that she’s really morefocused on food before romance. Gree tells her about the humanrealm saying, “Those who don’t work, don’t eat.” If Belze wants to keep eating thismuch, she needs to work for the money herself. The demon of avarice notices Yutapeeking from the side and asks him what kind of job he thinks would suit the other.

Maybe working at one of those maidcafes frequently seen in the city? Or perhaps as a bunny girl attendant at a casino? Well, those are quite the suggestionsto make Yuta flustered! But those don’t seem right. He suggests thatthey consider more normal jobs. This only makes Belze upset andstorm out of the room. Of course, Gree tells their contractee that they’llleave him to deal with her. The demon of gluttony is the least expressive and mostdifficult to read out of the bunch. So, Yuta is worried about how to take on thesituation. He slowly enters Belze's room and sees her under a blanket, trembling infear as she says she doesn’t want to work.

She repeats what Gree toldher about the human saying, and the boy asks why shedoesn’t feel like working. Belze explains that if she works,she’ll just get hungry. In fact, she already is right now – eventhough she ate so much for breakfast. Yuta realizes the demon girlhas always been saying that she’s starving. He tries to convinceher that money is still necessary to eat and that the food will taste muchbetter after she has worked hard for it. However, Belze interrupts his speech and sayshe doesn’t understand her at all. She then tells him about how each demon has their ownspecial characteristics. It’s rage for Lars,.

Avarice for Gree, and hers is gluttony.While the others can keep their quirks in check using their own magic powers,Belze's powers aren't as strong as everyone else’s. She can’t fully suppress herown characteristics, so it impacts her body. She adds that it’s the same for Slow,who’s always asleep. This is a fact that Yuta knows because even today, Slowis sleeping in a separate room again. He now understands that the demon girlsmay be powerful enough to ruin the world, but they still have their own issues to deal with. However, he tells Belze that thisdoesn’t change the practical matter of needing money to eat, making the demon sulky.

This boy isn’t faltering, huh?! Okay then, Belze will make him understandwhat her hunger feels like! With a sting on his forehead, like what Larsdid to the punks they met at the mall last time, the demon makes Yuta’s stomach feel so empty. He can’t think straight as his mindbegins to get overpowered by his stomach. His body won’t listen to him;it only screams that it wants to eat. See? It’s unbearable. Although, as a human,he seems to feel it even more than Belze does. Yuta’s thoughts are clouded with nothing but the thought that he wants to eat…to put anything in his mouth!.

And so, he crawls closer to Belze andstarts sucking on her mighty fine… thigh. Startled, the demon asks what he’s doing,but Yuta can only say that his body is doing it alone. Somehow, he realizesthat he’s doing something out of pocket. These thighs are so tender… but what the heckis he thinking? What is he doing to this girl?? He can’t control his body. He can’t moveaway until Belze finally touches his forehead again and removes the feelingof hunger in him with another sting. But as we all know, this is a harem manga,ladies and gentlemen of the jury. And this won’t be a harem manga if the other girls didn’tbarge in because they heard a weird noise. Lars thinks Yuta is getting stolen from heragain and says if he liked thighs so much,.

Then he could have just told her. Yeah,Yuta, you know she can give you that! And give him that is exactly what shedoes when she shoves his face straight to heaven. Once again, the boy isgetting crushed by a demon. Gree crouches beside them and offers herclothed thighs, too. How kind of her. At this point, all Yuta can do isvehemently denying that he has a thing for thighs before grabbing Belze’shand and rushing out of the house. Outside, she mentions that the wholehand-holding thing flustered her, which he apologises for as a spur-of-themoment thing. He brought her out of the house because the chaos inside wasno place to have a calm discussion.

Just then, the demon girl squeezes hishand and admits that she’s aware of how wrong it is that she’s only relying onGree all the time. Belze knows she needs to earn her own money for her food,but working among humans scares her. Yuta thinks this makes sense. If theyswitched places and he was told to go to work in the demon world, he’d surely freak out, too. Belze may be a demon, but her feelingsare no different from a normal human girl. He asks her for forgiveness sincehe’s been repeatedly telling her to work without thinking about how she mustbe feeling. While holding Belze’s hand, he exclaims that he’ll help her search fora place where she can be at peace working.

The two of them walk around town to seewhat options are available until Yuta’s feet subconsciously bring themto Nodoka’s family restaurant. The girl cleaning their storefrontgreets them and even thanks Belze for her continued patronage. Apparently,the demon has been eating a lot there. Suddenly, Yuta sees a recruitmentnotice posted in the store. Nodoka says one of their staff quit, so they’recurrently looking. What perfect timing! The boy enthusiastically says that they’rejust in the middle of looking for a job for Belze. Nodoka beams at this and saysthey’d gladly welcome her if she’d like, especially since her parents aresmitten with her healthy appetite.

However, Belze still seems deflatedabout the idea until Nodoka mentions that the position comes with fullboarding. The demon asks what that means, and Yuta explains that theyinclude meals in her compensation. Sold! Without any other questions, Belze says she’ll take the job. Well, what canwe say? She’s the demon of gluttony, after all. And with that, it’s been decidedthat she’ll work at Nodoka’s family restaurant. They walk home and Yuta sayshe’ll visit her at work with everyone. Before returning inside, Belze shyly grabs theboy’s shirt and whispers a little thank you, flustering Yuta. He says hebarely did anything, though.

– When they enter the house, they’reimmediately welcomed by Lars, who asks what they’ve been doing. Has Yuta beenfeasting on the demon’s thighs again?! Now, that’s an awkward thing to explainto his sister. He scrambles to say it’s a misunderstanding and asks Belze toexplain, too. But the demon just giggles. – CH. 5 Another day comes, and a new problemensues. Lars and Slow are at it again, arguing about who will sleep with Yuta.

They’ve already decided to sleepseparately during the night, so he doesn’t understand why the twodemons keep arguing every evening. As he walks to the bathroom, Yuta issurprised when Lust suddenly emerges from the dark corner. He also doesn’tquite understand how this demon thinks, so he asks if she wants to bathe before him. However, that’s definitely not what Lust wants.The demon timidly asks him to please kiss her. Of course, this makes our MC short-circuit.The flustered boy suddenly starts blabbering, asking what’s up with her. Sure, they mayhave made a love pact with each other, but that sort of thing should be doneat a later step in the relationship!.

Yuta’s panic is only met with a calm replyfrom Lust who apologizes, bows, and leaves. – That night, Yuta ponders on the awkwardencounter. He thinks Lust is a serious demon compared to the others, so sheprobably wasn’t joking. She could’ve been seriously asking him for a kiss, buthe reacted quite rudely. But then again, he doesn’t really know her intentions, sohe shrugs it off and decides to properly ask her about it tomorrow. After all, theremight have been a different reason behind it. Oh, boy, you’re in for a ride. –.

Morning comes, and Yuta wakes up, but hisbody feels too heavy to move. He wonders if it’s sleep paralysis. MaybeYoru is up to something again?? Well, not exactly… No new demons are in the house,just the existing ones you already live with. The boy realizes three demons are surrounding him, arms and legs wrapped around his bodyand hands in places that shouldn’t be. What happened to theirpromise to sleep separately?! Meanwhile, Yoru and the other demons arebusy making breakfast in the kitchen when Lust interrupts them to bid farewell. Shetells them she’ll leave the house for a bit, and Yoru wonders where she’sgoing so early in the morning.

Well, here’s your answer! Lust waits for Nodoka outside theirrestaurant, which is also her house. The human girl asks why she came here alonewhen their store isn’t even open yet. But the demon isn’t here for food. UnlikeBelze, who would probably want to be there for food first thing in the morning,she’s here to ask her for advice. Lust explains that she was under theimpression that human lovers would immediately kiss and do the deed, clarifyingif she was mistaken. The straightforward question catches Nodoka off guard, and sheasks why the demon brought up the topic. Lust says that it’s something shefrequently saw in dramas. Good.

Morning kisses that are soon followedby scenes of people making love. Hence, she believed humans would do these thingsimmediately once they became lovers. Could it be that she’s beenwatching foreign dramas?! Nodoka frantically explains that, to begin with,dramas don’t depict reality. In reality, things are different. Between Japan and overseas nations,things like kissing are handled differently, culturally. For other countries, kissing mayjust be part of their greetings. Conversely, in Japan, kissing right after starting togo out isn’t really done by many people. In fact, most people treat it assomething much more significant. She finishes by saying that she believesit also depends on personal differences.

With that, Lust bows and thanksher for the “good consultation.” Nodoka brushes it off, saying she didn’tdo anything impressive. She questions why the demon went out of her way to askher when she could’ve just asked Yoru. Lust simply says she believed shewas a more appropriate party to ask in matters of love. The demon leavesthe girl wondering what she meant. Nodoka ponders if Lust wants to dothose things with Yuta and worries if her answers are appropriate for the case. – Yuta arrives at school, thinking abouthow he couldn’t ask Lust since she was.

Nowhere to be found in the house this morning.Takashi greets him and starts questioning why his friend has neglected him lately. Couldit be that he got himself a girlfriend?? Nah, that’s impossible! Theboy laughs at the thought, and Yuta realizes he absolutely can’t tellhis friend about the love pacts he made. Walking to their classroom, they are shocked whenthey see their classmate Satou being lovey-dovey with his girlfriend in the hallways. Takashiruns off, sulking and thinking that the boy is showing off. But Yuta is dumbfounded becauseSatou isn’t the kind of guy to be that outgoing. Suddenly, Nodoka calls out to Yuta. Hegreets her and asks why she’s out of breath. The girl has been hurriedly running to findYuta to inform him about something happening.

In town. For some reason, everyone has gone“crazy.” Lovers and couples have been freely kissing and hugging without minding beingseen in public. Even her parents hadn’t done that in front of others before, but nowthey’re even planning to go on dates again. She continues to tell him about how Lustvisited her in the morning to ask about when lovers usually start kissing – ofcourse, she can’t tell him about the other part. Nodoka worries whether that mayhave something to do with what’s happening. Recently, Yuta has learned about howdemons have special characteristics. Lust is the demon of carnal desire, so shemay be involved in the state of their town. –.

The boy gets home that day and seesthat even news outlets are reporting the ongoing public display of affection bylovers everywhere. Rubia remarks that “it” has turned into something troublesome, makingYuta ask if she’s talking about Lust’s powers. Well, the demon of lust surely has affectedso many. Even Slow and Belze, who are known to have weaker powers than the others, aresuddenly latching themselves onto the boy. Lars and Levi hold the two back while Greeand Rubia confirm his suspicion. Lust’s powers have started getting out of control,influencing humans and the weaker demons. Yuta exclaims that they must stop it and askswhere Lust is. According to Gree, the demon has been isolating herself in her room on thesecond floor ever since she came home. However,.

At this rate, the people of the world will haveto live based on the whims of their desires. If they don’t stop this now, then they might see more than just kissing andhugging on the streets. Yikes. Yuta then asks what they should do.What could be the cause of all of this?? Well, Gree knows the answer – it’s probablybecause Lust’s urges haven’t been satisfied. – CH. 6 Yuta ponders over what he justheard. If Lust is unsatisfied, then to bring her back to heroriginal state, they must… Hmm….

Okay, hold that thought! You’remaking Lars frustrated here again! Gree suddenly begins to explain the family creston their chest. She says it can also function as a barometer for the affection of their lovecontractor. Normally, it’s a full crest, but if the bearer doesn’t feel they’re receivingenough affection, half of the mark will be erased. Yuta is confused about why she’s telling him this.What does it have to do with what’s going on?? Rubia quickly answers his question and explainsthat as soon as the crest begins to fade, demons like them can no longer control theirpowers, and the magic will start running wild. How is he only finding out aboutthis all-important fact now?! Well, Lars says it was written in the contract.Yuta has once again missed a crucial thing about.

His love pact. He really needs to startreading contracts before signing next time – not that he'll sign more, especiallyafter what he's experiencing right now. Gree chimes in to say that it’s a rareoccurrence. She also wonders if Lust is really that starved for affectionfrom Mr. Contractor, aka Yuta. The boy cries out, asking why all the other demonsseem so nonplussed about the issue. But all six of them just say it’s because they believe hecan bring Lust back to her original state. Gree encourages him, saying a good squeezeand a peck on the lips are all he needs to do it! She adds that looking overwhat people are doing in the town, he can see the images thatreflect Lust’s inner desire.

Hmm… that’s a lot simplerthan what he had in mind! But Gree doesn’t forget to tell him that ifhe wants to, he can probably go even further… Uh-oh, Lars isn’t gonna be happy with that!She yells that he’s supposed to do it with her! Although, jealousy isn’t exactly Lars’ secondname because she asks Yuta to take care of Lust, too. She also knows how the other demon is inpain and trusts that her darling can help her. And so, Yuta goes up to Lust’s roomas the other demons cheer on him. – The boy stands before the bedroom door,reminding himself about what Gree said. Just a quick squeeze and a peck. It’s easyenough to say, but can he really do this?.

When he finally opens the door, he sees Lustsweating and looking weak with messed up clothes. It’s surely an uncommon sight because this demonis usually the most composed out of all the girls. She wobbles as she gets up to greet him weakly,and Yuta panics after seeing that her crest has already faded. There’s no more time to lose! Heneeds to act now or else things might get worse. But is a hug and a kiss reallyenough to put an end to this?! While contemplating what to do, Lustsuddenly prostrates and apologizes for causing trouble. Just as expected, the verypolite demon she naturally is comes out. Lust tells him about her visit to Nodoka. Shesays she learned that humans aren’t creatures that immediately start kissing and making outlike in the romantic dramas she watched while.

In the demon world. Now, Lust knows that kissesare important, so even among established couples, there are cases when it’s not so readily done.She bows in apology again for being so brazen. Yuta panics and says it’s alright,making her raise her head. But the apologetic demon only continues, saying she heard from the other girls thathe hasn’t kissed anyone else yet. She thought he had done it with the others and thatshe was the only one being left behind. This makes Yuta realize why thedemon suddenly asked him for a kiss before. Lust would always watchhim from a step behind everyone else, so he thought she was just more mature,but in reality, she was feeling left out.

Poor demon. The realization hits our MC hard, andhe quickly pulls the demon into his arms. Lust asks if he’s just pitying her,but the boy immediately dismisses her and says that he really wanted to hug her,and that’s why he’s embracing her now. It’s so embarrassing to say out loud, butYuta musters up the courage and continues. He tells her that as her contractedlover, he still isn’t sure what to do, and he still doesn’t know many areas. Buthe can’t stand seeing her suffering face, so he promises to work hard sothe demon doesn’t have to cry. Flustered, Lust thanks the boy as her crest goesback to normal. The demon is grateful that despite.

The chaos beginning with her misunderstanding,she’s met with such kindness instead of scolding. Yuta points out her chest, andthe ever-so-composed demon quickly apologizes for her state andputs her clothes on properly. They didn’t go so far as to kiss, but everythingseems alright now. Yuta wonders if that means Lust’s heart has been satisfied. The demonsuddenly approaches him to apologize again and he scrambles to say it’s nothing sincehe’s partially at fault, too. But she only inches closer to him and says that to prevent thisfrom happening again, she’ll also “try her best.” Try her best at what exactly?! Well, we don’t know, either. But that gentletouch on his chest seems like something.

– Downstairs, Slow and Belze are back to normal, too. Gree remarks that it’s as expected oftheir Mr. Contractee. He did a great job! – Suddenly, Yuta receives a call from Nodoka.She informs him that her parents are back to normal and says she’ll fillhim in on other details later. Nodoka ends the call and wonderswhat on earth Yuta and the demons are up to. Did they really kiss and do the deed? Hmm… are we sensing some jealousy over here?.

– At home, Yuta tells Yoru about whathappened – the city’s been acting strangely because of demonic powers.He asks why his sister came home late, and she explains that it’s because she had itrough, too. The president of their black magic club was saying the chaos was caused by the wrathof a demon, so they began an appeasement ritual. She exclaims that it’s almost like the ritual worked. With all your brother's hardwork, he just won’t agree with that. Suddenly, they hear the demons arguingin the living room again. Lust insists that she sleeps with Yuta tonight sinceLars and Slow did it with him yesterday.

The boy realizes this must be what thedemon meant when she said she’d be trying her best. He can’t help but feel bashful,wondering if he’ll sleep with her tonight. Levi surprises him when she teases him in thekitchen, asking if he did lewd things with Lust. Meanwhile, Lars and Slow continue to bickerover who will sleep with him, and Lust joins in, exclaiming that the two should stop becauseshe will be the one sharing his bed tonight. Yuta turns to Levi and denies theaccusation, but his denial is only met with another taunt when the smaller demonasks if he wants to do it with her instead. – Well, well, well… Yuta’s life surelykeeps getting more interesting.

Who would have thought that simply wanting to fall in love would lead him to have sevendemon girlfriends with specific needs? As Yuta discovers their powers and special quirks, he also learns how to help satisfy them.Being in a love pact may not be for everyone, but as the demon girls say, theyknow Mr. Contractee can live on.

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