He goes encourage in time in uncover to take grasp of his revenge on the lady who ruined his lifestyles

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Hello, anidark is here today I will startsummarizing the ishi anime you will find his name in the comments section but first don't forget tolike And subscribe to the channel and let's go The Story begins with a young man named kiaru when hewas sleeping he had a nightmare that caused him to wake up from sleep the same dream was alwaysrepeated to him also he was always hearing an anonymous voice this voice says to kiaru youmust become strong then comes a woman this is the mother who raised kyaru and her name is Annashe asked him about the dream he was having so he said that he was fighting the Demon King she toldhim that he would finally become an adult and that after his birthday she also wondered what categoryhe would get a magician a swordsman or even a hero of Heroes then he went to collect some apples fromthe field but suddenly he heard a voice this voice.

Was saying you have to get the eye of the spiritsthe eye that sees all creation he was shocked not knowing what to do he started walking like azombie towards the forest the night came kyaru is still in the forest he was standing in front ofa water lake but suddenly a little fairy appeared in front of him this girl told him to ask heranything so he told her that he wanted to get the eye of spirits the eye that sees everythingand she actually agreed to give him this power so she kissed him from his right eye she turned greenhe began to see energy and spirits and also he is able to read the name of the fairy but suddenlyhe remembered the dark past in his previous life he was on a mission with three adventurers theadventurers are fighting the Demon Queen but they suffered serious injuries and wounds now it'skiaru's turn he is a magician who uses healing.

Magic so he must help the adventurers this girlis called blade she directed the insult she also said that he is just a healing magician so hemust carry out orders he is a healing magician but when he heals a person all the memories andexperiences of that person are transferred to kyaru automatically he can't stand a person's painso he was always running away but the knights are catching him they made him addicted to drugs inorder for him to heal heal others in exchange for drugs also the adventurers treat kyaru like slavesthey beat him tortured him and practiced the most terrible violence on him he said that he hadalready gained immunity to drugs a year ago and also said that he was waiting for this opportunityto fight The Demon King and he actually used healing magic in the attack which is not logicalhe also had several experiences from the fighters.

He cured he can also change the shape of his bodyand indeed he coped with the attack with ease but the demon s was crying she said that she could notprotect her he told her not to worry because they would start all over again in the second life hetook the heart of the demon s and it is a jewel this jewel is called the Philosopher's Stone thisprincess whose name is Flair she wants to take the Philosopher's Stone but kyaru does not want tobecause he knows that the kingdom will use this gem in brutal acts such as corruption and worlddomination he said that he would save this corrupt World by the power of God he also said that hewould go back in time in order to take revenge on the adventurers and also fight the corrupt Kingdomhe also wants to know what the demon queen wants to protect she said that if he did he would losehis memories but he doesn't care because he swore.

That he wouldn't forget the pain he was in and heactually went back in time then he thanked this fairy because she helped him restore his memoriesand so he decided to take revenge on Flair he has already been chosen as a hero like his previouslife also he knows that the princess will come for him so he decided to gain immunity to drugsand drugs by eating poisonous plants and actually days later the princess came to him everyone ishappy that kyaru has become a hero she was very nice too she told him to call her in an informalway and actually moments after they arrived in the city this city is really subordinate to halfhumans but the knights conquered it and they also made the native slaves the king told him thatthe magic that kyaru uses is healing magic so he asked him to do his best in the service of theKingdom at night he went to his room in order to.

Rest but suddenly the maid came to him she diddecent things with him but he took advantage of the situation he took all her experience andinformation about the palace and that's for the Revenge plan so he did the same with the restof the mates the next day he went in order to treat the heroine of the sword and her name isKira krylet she lost her arm while defeating a powerful demon so kyaru will heal her and in facther arm has come back again but kyaru collapsed and lost Consciousness because he saw all the painand suffering of the sword heroine but after he collapsed Flair beat him she asked the old manto torture kiaru in fact kyaru was acting he was just pretending to lose consciousness he wanted towait for the right moment in order to take revenge the next day he didn't want to continue treatingpeople because of the mental pain but Flair came.

To him she was treating him kindly and said thathis skills would help a lot of people but when she left she decided to put some medicine in the cupof tea while he knew everything and actually a few moments later the maid went to kyaru in order togive him tea he drank tea but lost Consciousness then they took him to prison everyone treatshim like a dog beatings assaults all kinds of dirty torture and of course all this happensbecause Flair wants it Days Later Flair went to him and indeed he was addicted to the drugshe asked him to behave like a dog in order to give him the medicine and he did but she hit himin a sensitive place then she poured the medicine on the floor and also put her shoes on his headand so he was doing healing in the daytime but at night they were assaulting him mercilesslybut six months later he is now ready to carry.

Out the plan the plan of Revenge on the woman whotook everything from him in the past and indeed indeed thanks to the skill of alchemy he untiedhis chains and also melted the iron he will take advantage of the absence of the king in order totake revenge on Flair the princess was frightened but one of the knights came and said that he hadcaptured the prisoner she returned to normal after hearing this news but the guard told her that heshould tell her about a Secret order concerning the prisoner so Flair invited the guard to herroom but he killed the guards and said that this skill was copied from The Sword heroine Kira whatthe hell is going on in fact this person is kyoru he disguised himself as a guardian using healingmagic then he tore off Flair's clothes and he also nullified her magic he said that he would takerevenge on her but this said that she did all.

This in order for him not to feel pain while usingit to heal then he asked her to play a game with him then he broke her finger she screamed atthe top of her voice but no one heard she said she was going to give him money and women but hebroke her second finger she was screaming but he was laughing he said he was going to break all herfingers but she should and scream that's the game and actually she was enduring the pain he brokeall her fingers but he did Magic healing so her hand came back to normal again she said that'snot fair but he doesn't care and he broke her finger again but this time she screamed so shesuffered a loss then he immobilized her legs and now he will take revenge on her and indeed shewas wishing for death because kyaru took revenge on her in a very clever way then he changed someof her facial features and also erased all her.

Memories in order to make the princess become hisdog he also faked the incident he made it seem that the princess died in a fire the guard is thecriminal he also left a burnt corpse that looks exactly like flair and actually the next morningshe couldn't remember anything so he identified himself he said he was her husband her name isFeria he said she's always begging him to do a few things with him but she's begging him like a pigat the same time he was planting these imaginary memories inside her mind and actually she becamehis puppet she was carrying out all his orders and indeed after following his orders she huggedhim and said that she loved him also kiaru changed his name in order to avoid problems his nameis kiaruga days later he decided to leave the village in order to avoid problems but while theywere going he heard the citizens talking about the.

Death of Princess Flair also the citizens wantprincess norn to return as soon as possible he becomes scared because princess norn is the onlyone who has discovered that he has recovered his memories of his previous life also she is verydangerous so he wants to avoid her for now they went camping but while he was sleeping he wasremembering the Misadventures of the adventurers princess norn she was giving him medicine ina perverted way but then she hit him hard in that place after getting out of the norn tentthe heroine of swordblade comes to him she used to love women and hate men she loves norn so sheis jealous of kiaru because he was accompanied by norn she was hitting him hard kyaru when he cameback to his tent he finds the cannon bullet hero he was a psychopath and also loves kiaru so hewas assaulting and beating him then kyaru woke.

Up from sleep but he found farya next to him sohe did that thing with her in the morning he went to wash his face in the river and also decidedto take revenge on the rest of the adventurers at all costs they left for a city named Leonardothis city is located in the east of the Empire it is a good city in terms of freshness but itis full of crimes and illegal actions then they went to a restaurant but kyaru noticed somethingstrange in the water this water is poisoned so he warned Furia he noticed that all the inhabitantshad symptoms of poisoning so he drank this water in order to make an antitoxin and actually a fewminutes later he made a good antidote that works against poisoning and the diseases resultingfrom that poisoning then on the way he found a merchant who was infected with this poisoning sohe went to him in order to make a profitable deal.

With him the merchant did not trust this medicinebut after he tried it he became shocked so kyaru decided to sell him a box full of men medicine andalso he will return to him two days later in the evening in order to deliver him more medicines themerchant agreed thus kyaru has sold 28 potions for 28 gold pieces then he decided to buy slaves sohe went to the market he gave the merchant money and went to see the slaves but he was interestedin something special a girl belonging to the clan of ice wolves she attacked him in a brutal way hewent to her and found out that she wanted revenge on unknown people so she is nervous and wantsto kill but he told her that he would help her in Revenge and indeed she smiled but collapsedbecause she is sick he decided to buy her because she is interesting and also she looks like himbecause she wants revenge this girl's name is.

Satsuna and she is from the ice wolf Clan shewas six so Kia reused healing Magic on her but he discovered satsuna humans invaded her Villageshe is weak so they took her to sell her in the slave market they killed some of her clan membersothers were sold in the slave market so there are a few clan members who managed to survivethe humans who care carried out the attack are soldiers from the kingdom the chiaru hatesthen he gave her an antidote by kissing Freya was ashamed then he went to that Merchant in orderto give him more medicines the merchant suggested 10 gold pieces per dose and of course kyaru agreedto it but he was feeling strange why this Merchant never tries to cheat him they returned home kyarugave satsuna more medicine but she woke up and slapped him but Freya explained it to her shefinally understood things so she thanked kiaru.

For treating and taking care of her then he askedFreya to go in order to get some food and drink and she actually went what satsuna attacked kyarubecause she wanted to escape but he stopped her he told her that he untied the collar that was on herneck he said that he did it because he is stronger than her he can stop her at any moment he told herthat she is weak so she cannot protect her Village he said that he will make her stronger and alsohe will help her in Revenge because tomorrow the soldiers of the Kingdom will attack the villageagain he told her to give him her real name the name inscribed on on the soul that when she did soshe would become his slave all her life she said that she agrees but first kiaru must help herprotect her Village and also he must give her strength he said that he would give her strengththe way is to exercise with her every day and in.

Fact he did she began to cry with joy because shefeels that her strength has already increased the next night in the village of ice wolves there area large number of soldiers will invade the village the soldiers tortured some girls satsuna wants togo now for Revenge but kieru stopped her he said that the soldiers are trying to lure some wolvesin this way he said that she should wait he will eliminate a large number of soldiers first thenshe will go out and take revenge and indeed she was obedient the attack has begun but the soldiersare very strong because they use very powerful spells finally kyaru decided to intervene he puta mask on his face in order to avoid problems he said he was a sword hero the soldiers are inShock he was actually cutting up soldiers in a brutal and professional way then Freya appearedshe used the most powerful magic and in fact a.

Large number of soldiers were eliminated then heasked satsuna to come out in order to take her revenge and actually she was very angry she toreup the soldiers without any Mercy she was really happy because now she is killing the people shehates and actually a few moments later all the Army was exterminated then they celebrated thisVictory everyone was feeling happy then he found out the cause of the water pollution in the cityof lanarda the ice wolves want revenge on humans so they put poison in the water used by humanshe said that he could strengthen this poison in order to eliminate a large number of humans butat the same time he could turn this poison into a cure that would heal all humans he wants satsunato choose but she wants him to cure all humans she doesn't want to kill innocent people and in facthe turned the poison into a cure using magic then.

He did that thing again with her and she actuallytold him her real name and now she's his he decided to take care of her until he dies but nowhe wants to take his revenge on blade and bullet meanwhile kiarus lookalike who is that guard hewas standing in front of the king the king forgave him but he has to bring the real healing hero herewe have reached the end of the first part of the feed we will publish the second part tomorrow onthe same date so don't forget to support the video by liking and also subscribe to the channelsee you next time thank you

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