He Grew to change into Immortal After Getting Bitten By Zombies But All He Desires Is To Die | Manhwa Recap

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In the scorching heat of the desert a young boy stands in front of a tall ruined building he flips the page of his notebook while two guards half humans and half Zombies watch him with confusion they wonder if what they see is a human and think of him as a nice surprise they both confront the kid warning him that it's dangerous out here.

They ask him if he is here to save the person they abducted earlier and they are sure that this kid is even tastier than him they are really happy thinking that they have two meals to eat today and that their boss Craven will be really happy the kid gives them an annoyed look Ready's his hand and with a swift blow he slashes both their heads.

Off on the top floor of the building other similar creatures are joyously preparing for a toast as it's been a long time since they last feasted on human flesh the boss is happy because the human came to them voluntarily the human is scared as he sees the remains of previous humans who these creatures feasted on just as they're about to.

Start the kid enters confusing both the zombies and the humans the kid stands calmly while the zombies wonder how he got here and where the guards went to their shock the kid throws the heads of both guards in front of the zombie boss this infuriates the boss and shocks the human while the boss stands irritated the kid inquires if there is someone.

Here called Craven the boss gives another angry glare after which the kid states that someone told him that Craven would be available here the human shockingly wonders what is even this kid talking about the boss inquires if the kid is a friend of this human to which the kid tells him no with extreme anger the boss then further inquires as to why.

He killed his guards to which the kid states that they simply annoyed him this reply angers the boss to his limit and he orders his goon named Jeff to deal with the kid Jeff gets happy thinking that he'll eat and finish him with the hotel Style with all his might Jeff jumps towards the kid with his blade and performs his devastating attack of.

Choice Cuts then smirks while looking at the kid and saying bon appetite as Jeff turns his head back he sees the slashed body of the kid joining back together and repairing itself at unimaginable speed the kid tells them it's not enough to kill him while Jeff contemplates what happened the kid jumps in the air and tells him to stop bothering him before.

Hitting him with a powerful kick that throws him out of the building at supersonic speed everyone gets amazed and puzzled at the same time while the human wonders how the kid's body joined itself back together the boss in confusion and anger orders all his fellow zombies to attack thinking that this might have been a trick and it.

Wouldn't work the second time the boss declares war for daring to enter zombie and for taking out his Elite guard Jeff the kid on the other hand swings his hands and slams Bones from his own body into the ground to be used as Weapons while one of the Guard is looking at the bone with confusion the kid grabs the bone And slashes the guard's neck in an.

Instant much to the shock of the boss another guard lunges forward towards the kid but the kid suddenly teleports behind him and slashes the guard's body into two parts other guards are now scared as they see the kid throwing the bone in his hand the kid then inserts his hand into himself takes out a part of himself and with sheer strength hits.

One of the guards killing him the kid then tosses away the current part he was holding and then reaches his body to acquire sharp bones which he uses with Precision to end the two guards standing behind him the kid then again takes out another part of himself and throws it with a swing to put an end to another three of the guards the kid notices a.

Few more guards behind him so he turns his head towards them while stating that they're so annoying he then forms a brain like part from the tip of his finger picks up a bone and hits the part with the bone to throw it towards the remaining guards to get rid of them the only remaining humans the boss and the captured humans are extremely shocked.

While the boss asks the kid who even is he the kid calmly looks the boss in the eye as the boss wonders when did he get here the kid inquires again if the boss is the person craving as is looking for upon the boss asking the kid why he is asking this the kid tells him that only Craven would be able to kill him the boss with extreme anger swings his.

Weapon towards the kid granting the kid his death wish but he is suddenly Frozen by the nerves coming out of the kid's hand the kid then squeezes his nerves and ends the boss with ease thinking that the boss is of no use if he isn't Craven the captured human wonders how a kid can end a zombie in the blink of an eye as the kid walks towards him to take.

Off the tape on his mouth and to ask if he knows where he can find Craven extremely afraid human tell the kid that the zomb boss he just killed was the Craven guy he was looking for all this time the kid gets sad as he learns that he has failed the game the human thanks the kid for freeing him as the kid is going back to where he came from the kid.

Then exits the building and draws a cross on Craven's face in his notebook indicating that even this powerful boss wasn't able to fulfill his wish at this point we learned that many years ago the world was destroyed by the zombie virus the number of humans got scarce and the majority that remained were the zombies these half-human half zombie hybrids.

Then further evolved into monsters called zomghans the emergence of zom Gans resulted in the end of civilization as we knew it the kid managed to survive as a human but sadly since that day he hasn't been able to die he comes and sits near his mother's grave to tell her that he's sorry for failing to be able to join her once again the captured.

Human on the other hand is still struggling as the kid didn't untie his hands he is suddenly startled when he hears his name gayuhu being called from behind he turns around and is relieved to see the captain and donghu the captain and the guy with her inquire about guyu whose well-being while asking why gihu didn't radio them YooHoo was.

Under the impression that Craven wouldn't be here but unfortunately he was leading to yuhu's capture the amazed Captain is unable to believe that a kid did all this upon hearing the news from guyuho but guhu assures her that he knows it's something hard to believe but it happened and that the kid took all the zombies out in an instant the.

Captain inquires about the location of the kid but to no avail as you who forgot to ask the kid anything as he was in a hurry and goo who was really scared of him suddenly something Clicks in the captain's mind and she asks guyu who if the kid was wearing trainers to which she gets a yes answer they reach the kid and see him sitting near his mother's.

Grave while donghu is amazed at how a kid so fragile can kill all the zombans to test out if everything being said is true the captain advances towards the kid with speed-like thunder to deliver a blow with her knife while the kid sits and stares at her calmly as the captain swings her knife the kid tries to dodge and thinks that he got successful but.

The next moment the kid learns he got hit and the captain gets satisfied that she got him however her satisfaction lived short as she watched the kid reach his neck even with his head not on his body she starts firing at him but it proves useless as the kid pops out of his head in an instant with a smile she now believes that whatever she heard was.

True the kid wants her to stop bothering him and to go away but she doesn't stop and hits him again with the back of his weapon she wants to annoy him even more after learning that this annoyed the kid she again opens fire but the kid uses his nerves to block the bullets shocking and impressing the captain at the same time with his never before seen.

Abilities the captain thinks they're on equal ground right now but is shocked when she learns that she is an inch away from her death she gives up and the kid makes it clear to stop annoying him as he doesn't like to kill humans but the words fall on death ears as the captain again lunges forward and Strikes him with another cut before inquiring how.

Long it takes for him to regenerate the kid gets shocked when he sees that the cut hasn't been healed as it has never happened before amazed and curious he asks how she did it to which the captain introduces herself as the captain of the eradication front named Guang Li she invites the kid to join the eradication front as he has the valuable Talent of.

Being Immortal she further tells the kid that there is something in it for him obviously she will grant him his wish of joining his mother to which the boy reacts with amazement as he doesn't believe it's possible gyong tells him that they have a very capable scientist and that he'll be able to kill the kid as this knife was also made by him the.

Kid thinks for a moment and asks the captain if she really thinks that they can kill him the captain smirks and asks the kid his name to which he replies Mirai on the cap that after he has helped the humans eradicate all the zongans she promises that she'll kill him glimmers of Hope are reborn in mirai's eyes as he looks.

Up at her with desperation and hope he asks the captain once again if she'll be able to keep her promise and is relieved to get a positive response the captain asks a girl named garam on a walkie-talkie if she's about to arrive and gets a positive response however everyone seems confused when they hear her struggling to find the gas pedal the.

Captain is somewhat satisfied that she'll be here soon While others discuss whether garum even has a driving license garam rushes towards them in the vehicle with confusion and by luck stops the car at the right spot she steps out and apologizes for being late the captain brushes off her worry thanks her for picking them up and tells Mirai to hop.

On garum questions the captain about mirai's identity and learns that he is the new recruit and that garam will be in charge of him from now on this makes garam happy as she thinks that she has finally been promoted she welcomes Mirai and introduces herself to him Mirai however ignores her and walks past her the captain tells Mirai of his mission.

To go and explore jinhei District which is under the control of the Crimson gang Mirai doesn't know about the gang which amazes the captain to the point where she's convinced that Mirai mastford turned his back on the world for a long time the Crimson gang is a group of zomb Gans who've taken many cities under their control the captain instructs.

Mirai to take down this gang and to do that they must find its boss yuhu and donghu tell the kid that they were investigating Craven because he's a member of the Crimson gang but they feel insulted when miray doesn't reply and it's evident that he has no interest in them the captain explains that one of the leaders of the Crimson gang a.

Paladin must be in the city and in contact with the highest ranking boss she further instructs garam and miray to go into the City and look for leads and that Craven was just the leader of the group her Paladin rules over the whole city she contemplates that it might be better if they all went together however she is bound as she also has other.

Places to explore while chatting they realize that they've arrived at The jinhay District in Chang won City they get out of the car and the captain instructs them to go on foot from here as it's too dangerous from here on and that garam will fill Mirai in on the specifics of the mission after this the captain and others leave Mirai.

Undergaram's command while bidding each other good luck garum feels nervous on her first ever Mission but she must set a good example as a senior garam then dashes and together they reach the inside of the district the girl is thankful for safely reaching this point but is also afraid she hides behind a car while Mirai wonders what she's doing.

Garam opens her notes and recalls the that Jin hey district is a zombian city and not just zomb Gans but a special kind known as chimeric zomgans she warns Mirai to stay alert as they might jump out from anywhere on the other hand the captain and others with her are spying on Mirai from afar as the captain is suspicious of Mirai because he seemed.

Too happy while joining them and she must learn if he has any ulterior motives before completely trusting him down in the district garam instructs Mirai to come and hide or they'll be spotted unluckily at the same time zom guns appear from behind talking about the death of the boss Craven and that's when they confront Mirai the captain and.

Garum are scared as a huge group of zombies wonder who it is while looking at miraya the captain worriedly remembers that she forgot to tell him to hide but thinks isn't it too obvious the leader of the zomb gang asks why the kids here and who the hell is he while garam wonders if Mirai has lost his mind Mir guy asks her if he can kill them all.

With this he instantly teleports and uses his power to form a giant brain while hovering in the air then smashes it on the zom Gans with Extreme Velocity resulting in a powerful shock wave that cracks the district's structure garam wonders what just happened and then it clicks in her mind that Mirai is also transcender it's apparent as the captain.

Never recruits normal people the zombies shiver in fear as Mirai takes another step towards them they wonder if he is even human Mirai leaps towards the zongans and using his nerves extending out from his fingers delivers a fierce blow to end a dozen of his enemies in a single strike he swings his hand again and another brain ball smashes another.

Dozen zombans into the wall Mirai then turns and a series of explosions Rock the ground the captain and her fellow are shocked at what's happening and Amazed by the unprecedented amount of power Mirai holds as more zombans approach the scene they are confronted by their fellows running away and warning them to run away too the next.

Moment they see the kid thrusting another punch into the ground which generates an explosive shock wave lifting all the zom guns up in the air meanwhile a few zombies approached garam and she learns that she is at a dead end and must fight the zomb Gans are angry at her blaming her for bringing the kid here garum takes out a book and.

Knowledge from the boxing Master book starts to transfer to her she uses her special manifestation power known as knowledge transfer and becomes a master boxer delivering a devastating blow to zom Gans that throws them away on the other hand mere jumps in the air and drops one of the zomb while Landing he then continues to deliver another blow.

Which sends the remaining zombans flying and bouncing like pebbles asmirai lands near gadam she asks him if he is planning to destroy the entire city a after attracting every zomb in the area mirei then moves towards another zom gun lying on the ground who is extremely scared Mirai wonders why he isn't speaking to which garum clarifies that.

Obviously he'll be scared as Murray went on a rampage against them Mirai upon hearing that the zombies of low rank and they normally don't speak gets a flashback of when his mom died and he tells the zomb to leave which he happily does just then another horde of zongan's rushes towards them and garum wonders how many more they have to fight the.

Fight Continues for a long time and the day turns into the evening garam takes deep breaths and wonders if it's finally over Mirai on the other hand is still looking for Paladin one of the bosses which makes garam think that he might be joking she further wonders why the Paladin didn't appear and if they might have already killed him without knowing.

When garam instructs Mirai to now hide he says that he'll just stand here and wait for more zom guns to kill and that he should sure one of them will be a paladin they continue their argument and garam explains that Mirai might be all-powerful but she could die to which the kid gives a cold response telling her that it doesn't matter to him which.

Infuriates Garen the captain watches them from afar as garum tries to put sense into Mirai by telling him that they're here in the first place to save people and that people's lives will always be of the utmost importance however miroi doesn't see it that way which shocks garum suddenly a powerful being Stomps his foot on the ground and.

Calls them out asking what's going on here garam sees the body covered in blades and a lion mask on his back and freaks out when he learns that this is indeed the Paladin the captain watching from afar also gets shocked and garum wonders if she would even be able to fight let alone defeat these beasts and the Paladin in her current state Paladin.

States that he is here to take revenge for his younger brother Craven while the elite guard Jeff standing behind him confirms that this kid is the one who killed Craven upon learning this the Paladin gets Furious holds his blade and bears witness to seeing a Transcendent being for the first time even though he thought they were just a myth as he.

Swings his blades they start emitting extreme wind the Paladin warns the kid that he won't be able to survive after hurting his family the captain watches and rushes towards the scene below as she wasn't expecting garam and Mirai to fall into such a dangerous situation as Mirai walks forward to confront the Paladin he has stopped and warned by.

Garam that he might actually die the Paladin then rushes toward Mirai with all his might but his anger turns into confusion as Mirai teleports in front of him only to teleport again and land between the low-ranked zom Gans with a single strike Mirai slashes all of the Paladin's Army leaving the boss in shock as he sees his Elite guard Jeff sliced.

And hovering in the air Paladin gets super angry and he leaps with super speed towards Mirai delivering slashes of his blades upon mirai's body the Paladin warns Mirai that even if his blades brush against his body they'll still inflict serious damage while bragging about his skills he delivers a fatal blow that slices Mira into many.

Parts much to the shock of garam the Paladin just after attacking turns back to Bragg Moore and receives a deadly hit from Mirai taladin is shocked and wonders why he didn't die while Mirai gets extremely angry that he didn't die the Paladin trembles and for the first time in his life he felt fear the boss then starts to run in circles around.

Mirai at unimaginable speed forming a huge tornado the Paladin shouts that he'll make Mirai pay for hurting his family this triggers Mirai and the Paladin decides to run away using the tornado as a distraction after realizing that he can't win and that he must inform his boss to assemble other paladins however milai leaps out of the.

Tornado and swings his hand piercing the Paladin's body and lifting him up in the air Mirai then continues to tell them that he once had a family too until one day they turned into zombies and he himself had to end them with his own hands Paladin in his final moments warns him that other paladins won't spare him but Mirai shows no mercy and ends him.

Creating a mess this leaves garam in shock and meanwhile the captain intervenes telling Mirai that it's enough and that the mission is now over she tells Mirai that he destroyed the area and that they won't be able to continue the investigation anymore the captain is now sure that Mirai has no ulterior motives but she also knows that.

There isn't a shred of humanity in him she never thought she'd feel sorry for zomgens in her life and wonders if what she took in as a recruit is more of a monster than the zom Gans two Executives appear in the destroyed city of jinhei and with their sharp sense of smell learn that there is no smell of human blood but only that of zomb Gans one of.

Them gets irritated to know that even humans are now creating problems they learn that it's not been long since the humans went away from here and instead of informing other Executives they decide to finish these pesky humans by themselves to end the matter as soon as possible Mirai the captain and others stop at a cave to take a break and eat.

Something the captain scolds everyone for making the mission a failure and destroying the city she calls me Rey their biggest problem whom they once thought was their greatest asset the captain then tells him the truth about double checking him back at jinhei city and that he just had to investigate and not destroy everything garam had to.

Fight forcefully due to miray's actions and she could have received serious injuries if Mirai had lost then every human sitting in the cave could potentially be dead too and that's why the captain can't trust Mirai however mireday reminds her of the order she gave to wipe out the zom guards and that he was just following what she said the.

Captain continues and states that if we destroy everything like you did we won't be able to rebuild and even if we did we wouldn't be able to call it a human society she then tells him to obey her from now on if he wants to die she also talks about retaliation from the executive zombans who for sure took the death of one of their paladins as a.

Declaration of war the two Executives from jinhay City approached the cave they think that finally they've caught their prey but as he barges inside the cave he is surprised to see no one inside and feels fooled by the humans who mask their scent with the smell of food to deceive them this leaves the two with no choice other than calling the.

Other Executives as they think this isn't something they should take lightly in Busan City as the captain Mirai and others drive on the roads they witness you humans being treated as slaves here humans have only two choices either to be slaves or to get devoured by zongans as Mirai watches out of the window he sees two zongans engaged in an argument.

After which they talk about being attentive as they have to capture the humans who caused a rookus in jinhay the captain Parks the car and everyone enters the sewer it might be unpleasant but it's the only way to the eradication front's headquarters while the captain is talking about Mirai she's confronted by her commander Nuri Chong the.

Commander inquires about what they did at jinhai because all the zomb security guards have become more Savage however the captain requests that the commander ask her about the details later as she has some other serious business to do first she calls Mirai and the commander wonders who this new kid is the captain instructs Mirai that going forward they.

Will face many Executives and she doesn't know how strong they might be the only executive she knows about are paladins and they're the weakest of all executives she wants Mirai to come at her with all his might and hold nothing back Mirai confirms if it's an order from her to which she responds yes gets shocked at.

First but then understands that she must want to try to fight with her powers this time as she didn't use them back when she attacked Mirai in their first meeting Mirai is strong and that's why he will be a part of all the missions from now on the captain wants to check mirai's abilities so she can be sure that he'll be able to defeat all the.

Executives the captain is the strongest member of the team after zombies appeared the eradication front found some humans with rare abilities called transcenders who are equally or sometimes more powerful than zom Gans there are other transcenders in the unit but the captain is the strongest meanwhile the battle starts as Mirai.

Proceeds to attack with all his strength but the captain Dodges using her secret ability known as the All-Seeing Eye which lets her calculate all the possibilities within the field of vision right after she delivers a fatal uppercut that lifts Mirai in the air and just after that she hits him with another punch that sends Mirai flying.

Away at super speed gilhu while watching the fight concludes that Mirai will be the strongest human if he wins Mirai gives an awkward glance and the captain now knows that mirei is going to beat her for real Mirai throws bones at the captain and she wonders why only bones when he has a lot of other things at his disposal the captain activates her.

Ability again and counts that nine bones at a speed of 43 mph are rushing towards her she lunges forward and grabs all the bones in the blink of an eye juho is shocked to see her abilities while the commander orders her not to destroy the base as the bones turn to dust in the captain's hand miray throws another kick at her which she barely manages to evade.

Mirai lands on the ground and starts attacking again the next moment the captain is worried as she can feel that these attacks are far more powerful than the ones before in theory the captain can dodge bullets using her ability but mirai's attacks are even faster than bullets milai throws another punch which slightly hits the captain and that's.

When she stops gives up and declares Mirai the winner she is now sure that Mirai is far more capable than she thought everyone is amazed and garam thinks that the captain wasn't even able to counter-attack this battle gave the onlookers hope that they might now be able to defeat the executives they caught a glimpse of the possibility of a.

New world the captain moves and orders everyone to get ready while Mirai wonders what they're getting ready for me and I is a little irritated as he couldn't even hit her once the commander guesses that the captain found Mirai and recruited him like she always does due to mirai's special abilities and he must have destroyed a city on the way due to.

Which security is tightened the cap gets embarrassed and praises the commander for her smart guess however the captain tells her that they've got to go to all uke Island for now which is known as the slave farm for humans the captains want everyone to leave now and bring back the scientist John who went there to investigate the captain tells the.

Commander about the knife she made which if used on Murray slows down his regeneration ability she tells the commander about the promise she made to Murray to kill him this shocks the commander and she asks the reason he doesn't want to live which even the captain doesn't know at this point the commander learns that Mirai is an.

Immortal the commander starts devising plans to go to the island and gathers everyone to give a mission briefing the commanders explain that their numbers are too low so for this Mission they'll use secure weapons and try to recruit more new members to the force the captain is impressed by her quick and decisive plans gilhu questions how.

They'll steal a boat from the port as it's filled with zom Gans the commander makes it clear that with Mirai on their side they don't have to worry about zombans Mirai and others arrive at the port and the captain orders him to take out zombans as soon as possible from the bus and Port everyone spits up and is.

Instructed to stay alert meanwhile in Busan the meeting between the Crimson gang Executives and the Seven Supreme Guardians takes place rishul who is the sixth highest Supreme Guardian explains that the humans have destroyed jinhai and that the seventh Paladin has been killed too he explains how they failed to track down the culprits naid fichi.

The fourth highest Supreme Guardian confirms if they were really humans who did this and Yaro yeru at number five confirms that the area was filled with human stench Arlo at number three guesses that if a paladin was killed then it must be a transcender to which svetus at number two answers that it doesn't matter even if it was a.

Transcender they're just humans tarot at number one asks for more information from rishul which he doesn't have and so they come to the conclusion of not acting rashly and only tightening the security and sealing all cities Tourette orders rashul to capture the humans and warns him not to fail this time upon yeruyeru's inquiry rishol tells her that.

He'll first be looking for them in his territory at the Boston Port the captain orders Mirai not to harm any humans in the area miray Dash's towards two zombans and quietly ends them with a swift kick after which he lands and dashes further quietly garam and donko ask each other if they found a boat to which they both reply negatively dong ho.

Wants to look where the zom guns are roaming and luckily just then he sees Mirai killing them after which they both move forward as guyu who is looking around he hears the voice of a woman who is a Slave at the port and the zom Gans have captured her thinking that she'll be a tasty meal the two zom guns brag about their great job of abduction and.

Then go on to complain about their superiors who have reduced their rations and stopped them from even eating human labor while keeping their own bellies full the woman cries for help as the zombies proceed the woman's child Shan intervenes but the mother scolds him to make him go away however one of the zom gun picks up the child and tells him.

That he is lucky because they don't eat kids after which he throws him out as guhu sees this he yells at the zom guards to stop and the kid cries for help YooHoo acted out of emotion and is a bit afraid as he's bad at fighting The Zone gown gets happy seeing that they now have two humans to eat with all his might punches the zomb but unfortunately.

Doesn't harm him and in return the zongan grabs yuhu by the face and just as he is about to hit him he himself gets killed and guho falls to the ground this shocks the other zomgaan as he sees Mirai with a brain coming out of his fingertips before the zomb can ask who Mirai is he is crushed by a brain attack too everyone thanks Mirai as he is lost.

Somewhere while seeing the mother's bond with her son Mirai turns around and walks away as the mother and her kid thank you just before running away from the place Mirai walking away and wonders why he suddenly got so sad the captain radios everyone that she has found a boat so assemble at the given location dongho.

Picks some clothes that zom Gans use to wear while working suddenly zom guns find corpses of their kind and the cat Captain gives orders to leave before it's too late they reach the island in a boat driven by garam who just learned it using her knowledge transfer ability YooHoo approaches Mirai on the boat and tells him that he is also a transcender.

With the ability of true manipulation which can change the way people feel just by talking to them he then proceeds to use his ability but it doesn't work which makes you who wonder why yuho is shocked to learn that his abilities were neglected due to mirai's extremely low mood and he wonders how sad he might be guhu then tries to give him Comfort by.

Telling him to talk to him whenever he needs it after which he leaves donghu Praises gihu for not being afraid of Mirai while talking to him to which goo who clarifies that he is not afraid because he knows that Mira is just sad and looks for a reason to continue living garam suddenly sees a huge ship heading their way and on the ship the.

News of corpses being found at the Port is already delivered the captain of the ship SS feeder gets an order to search the boat as rischuli enters the scene from behind rishul orders the ship captain to do whatever he wants with it so the captain announces through the speaker to stop the fishing boat or it will be destroyed garam asks the captain.

What they should do while the captain wonders if they fight they'll be repeating what happened in jinhay the captain suddenly sees the zomb gong clothes donk who stole from the port and orders him to wear them everyone gets nervous as the big ship's Captain arrives to inspect he asks dong who and garam if they're transporting the humans.

To our uke Island to which they both reply yes the captain gets a bit suspicious when he sees that there are no shipments today but donghu clears the air by telling him that he has extra staff with him the captain then gets more suspicious when he raises a serious concern about why humans are taking the slaves as this type of work is done only.

By zom Gans gai ho freaks out that their game is over but the captain assures gihu that she chose donghu for a reason so don't worry donghu tries to get himself together and gets a flashback to before zomgaars when he wanted to be an actor widely respected by all he then at once tells the zombsu Kim sent them and then wishes it.

To be true that at least one zom Gan on the port should be named kielsu Kim as they were humans before they turned into zombans the zom gun gives donghu a deadly look upon which he thinks it's over but luckily the zomgaar knows about a keel Sue situation cooling down milai wonders if he can just kill this zom Gan just before rishul appears from behind.

To check what's taking so long rushul talks to the captain about kyosu and says that something is different about that zom Gan the zom gun ship captain then orders everyone to pay respect to the executive rashul who is in charge of the oriuk island rishu leans towards Mirai and asks if they've met before however he then moves back to his ship.

Along with the Captain after the captain asks if they should take these humans along with them to the island to which rishul once again tells him to do whatever he wants and to stop bothering him the captain instructs Mirai to remember this executive's face as it won't be long before he will have to fight them everyone arrives at allyuk.

Island's human slave farm and everyone bows before rishul as he enters the building the guard inquires about the humans from the zombin and in return gets an order to prepare rooms for them the captain orders donghu and garam to go back and say hi to kiosu before going in the captain orders garam and donghu to find some boats that they'll use when.

They need to leave zomgaar orders Mirai to go to cell 7 and the captain to go to cell 25. the captain looks at the human slave farm and we learn that some humans are raised for manual labor some for specialized skills and others for entertainment for the zombans the few chosen for these roles are sold to different cities but the majority of.

Other humans who don't get selected become food for the zom Gans and are sent to slaughterhouses a human smacks his shoulder against the captain and walks past her the captain orders Mirai to protect yuhu until she gives further instructions saying that they'll have to be more cautious of humans than the zom Gans in this place a guard takes Mirai.

And gaiuho into a cell while the captain tries to search for June the scientist they came here to look for as Mirai and guhu reach inside they are confronted by a hooligan guy who sees the hooligan beating a woman and rushes to intervene the hooligan throws the girl away and tries to teach gaiuho and mirei a lesson he strikes yuhu with a devastating punch.

And orders them to be his personal doormats from now on you who tries to explain that they're here to save the humans upon which the hooligan tries to raise his hand again only to be stopped by mirai's foot much to the amazement of the hooligan Mirai calmly utters if he can kill this bald guy the hooligan thinks that the kid has lost his mind.

And you who stops Mirai from doing it with all his power the hooligan throws a punch in mirai's face but he doesn't even flitch after getting hit instead the hooligan gets his hand damaged Mirai points his finger on Hooligan's forehead and with a mere flick sends him flying away to be smashed into the wall this shocks everyone present a guard enters.

The cell while gaiuho is worried over the fact that they haven't even found the scientist yet and a brawl has already started the guard watches the hooligan with anger and reminds him of being warned before but as he is not understanding he gets special treatment from the zom gang guard guho is relieved when he sees the hooligan gone from the.

Cell he wonders what the special treatment is and if the zombans are going to kill him the old guy in the cell Falls at the guy whose feet begging for mercy and explaining that he hasn't been of much use to the zongans lately and they'll send him to the slaughterhouse the mother of the child gets into an argument with the old guy.

Saying that her child should be the one to be helped to leave this slave Farm while Guru wonders why they are acting like he is in charge here he feels sad for the conditions humans have to endure on the slave farm he assures everyone that no one is going to die he tells them that they're here to rescue the humans and help them escape this place.

In the captain's cell another hooligan is trying to teach her how things work around here the captain tells him that he can take her work and she can even get him some more to be noticed by the zombans and not become their food the hooligan gets amazed at how she knows that he is going to ask this while the captain lays down for some rest.

The captain tells the hooligan that she'll get her out soon and then thinks that before preparing the Escape Plan she should first locate Jun the scientist an announcement is broadcast ordering the human slaves to get to work and report to supervisors the captain gets ready but wonders why the announcement.

Sound is so familiar in the field you who wonders how he got such a tedious task and whether he will even have time to find June uho hopes that Mirai is given a task that doesn't annoy him Mirai is being instructed by an inmate on how to sue clothes Mirai doesn't understand and starts suing his own hand after which the inmate makes him sit.

Aside and makes Mirai watch him work a girl passing by looks at mirai's hand and stops to offer some plaster to help him bandage the wound she applies multiple bandages to his hand while Mirai says that he doesn't like them and doesn't need them the girl scolds him and tells him that his wound would have been infected if it weren't for the.

Bandages the girl asks his name to which he replies Mira on the girl thanks Mirai for ending the chapter of the hooligan as he took most of the work from everyone in the cell we which could have led to non-working humans to slaughter houses the girl hayen introduces her friend Jason to mirahi hayan tells Mirai that jaizian is the only one who helped.

Her in the cell and even fought against the hooligan for her while jaisian wonders why she is so excited hayen thanks Mirai and gives him the compliment that he's cute while blushing to which Mirai gives a cold response the girl then runs away jicion tells Mirai that the other cells are even worse because the competition is so Fierce she.

Thanks him for getting them free from The Hooligans as Jason confirms if the kid's name is Mirai Mirai finds his mother's reflection in her face after which he gets up and walks away making Jason wonder if she said something wrong Mirai goes towards the sewing machine again and starts to damage his hand again.

Meanwhile the captain can't find June after looking in the field the workshop and even the detention cells she wonders if she missed any areas she thinks that it would be really bad if she had already left she suddenly hears the announcement again telling all humans to go back to the cell and that's when she remembers that the voice is familiar.

That of June the captain asks the hooligan in his cell about the announcement room to which he tells her that they're broadcasted from the guard room he further tells her that he is in charge of cleaning the guard room and asks the captain when she is going to give him her tag to do his work the captain punches the hooligan and tells.

Him that she'll apologize later the hula bit Falls unconscious while the captain wonders where the guard room is the captain reaches the guard room and enters while the guard zomgaan is sleeping the captain enters the room and feels relief that she found her as June sees the captain she bursts into tears and hugs him June explain how she worked.

Really hard and somehow ended up here the captain tells the scientist that they are soon going to break out from here but June cries and says that they can't as there is no way on the other hand Jason urges everyone in mirai's cell to get to know each other by writing down their goals to which only heian seems excited.

Jason assures heian that they don't have to worry anymore about the bald guy while YooHoo wonders if they can be so Carefree at this time yuhu decides to talk to Mirai in this free time to get to know him better and then he says that he and Mirai will take part in the activity too jaisian also gets the old man ready as everyone starts to write.

Down their goals Mirai asks you ho what should he write yuho instructs him to write whatever comes to miray's mind and guhu tells him that it's an order upon mirai's inquiry as Mirai starts to write you who gets curious as to what he's writing after everyone is done the old man first tells his goals he wants to see his grandchildren as he hasn't seen.

Them since the world has changed and he wants to see them before he dies the old man hopes that they are still alive Jason gives her Comfort by telling him she's with him now it's Jason's turn and she tells everyone that her goal is to cook a meal and share it with nice people guhu cries thinking how sweet these people are and how he must get.

Them out while Mirai gives him dead look when it's hayen's turn she says that she wants to get close to someone and starts to blush while looking at Mirai YooHoo doesn't write anything so next up is mirai's turn Mirai slowly says I want to die for my mom's sake this amazes jicion and here we learn about the past when Mira was a kid his mother Hilton posed.

For a photograph while Mirai looked really happy mirai's mom Praises his amazing skills at saying goodbye to his friends and his mom jokes that you might become president one day due to them nibe gets excited that he might really become president but is told by his mom that she is just joking as it has nothing to do with becoming president.

Mirai gets angry and inquires why she is teasing her while the mother adores her son's cuteness Mira's mom suddenly coughs and the passing person is also coughing Mirai wonders what's happening when they reach outside their home Mira's mom tells him to go inside and she will join him later after work Mirai notices a person nearby coughing badly.

While the person thinks about what's happening to him all of a sudden something didn't feel right to miray as he got the strange feeling that he would never see his mom again he tells his mom that he wants to come too so she takes him along to his place of work Mirai is giving his mom awkward looks which forces the mom to ask if she did.

Something wrong to which Mirai says that he doesn't know his mother inquires if he is getting bored after which she decides to close the shop early today she also feels a lot more energetic because of her son's company me and I was really bored but he was happy to spend peaceful time with his mom Mirai didn't want this time to end but.

Suddenly his mother starts to cough badly and he wonders what's happening to her just before she falls to the ground Mirai worriedly inquires about his mother's help and if he should call an ambulance but his mother stops him saying that she is just a little tired mirai's mother decides to head back early to get some rest after which she.

Is sure she'll get better despite his mother's assurances Mirai is extremely worried for her they both reach home and munai's mother starts to chop vegetables for cooking while Mirai wonders while looking at her that she now seems better and is relieved to know it milai's mom asks how the food is and Mirai loves it which makes his mom Happy mirai's Mother.

Remembers that she got a present for his son and then gives him a new school uniform as in the past Mira had to wear old and donated uniforms Mirai gets excited and wants to try it on it looks a lot bigger than her mother expected but Mirai loves it so much that he wants to sleep wearing it because his mom bought it for him it's almost 1am at.

Night when an emergency broadcast appears on every TV stating that a biological disaster has unfolded across the entire country so don't leave home or interact with strangers all residents should evacuate to a safe area immediately Mirai wakes up scared and sees something that barely looks like Mariah's mom coughing in the kitchen.

Mirai rushes as he sees blood on his mom but gets shocked after seeing her turn into a monster the monster lunges at Mirai while he screams mom at the top of his lungs the monster bites Mirai while he cries in sangly not able to believe what's happening the clock rings and the monster backs off while mirai's eyes are closed he he opens his eyes with a jolt.

And wonders what was that he wonders if he might be dreaming as he turns right he sees it his mother has her mouth wide open leaving Mirai traumatized the monster attacks Mirai again while he keeps crying and screaming suddenly unknowingly Mirai pushes her mom smashing her into a wall with unimaginable power Mirai even gets more.

Amazed at what is happening and why is he so strong all of a sudden as his mother starts to get up again he runs away calling for help and wonders what on Earth is happening right now he wonders how he is still alive after being brutally attacked he stopped and couldn't believe his eyes when he looked at the destroyed City he left.

Flourishing with life just before he slept a horde of zombies approaches me right so he hides under a wrecked car and wonders what these things are Mira sees two people trying to figure out what these monsters are they guess that they're not zombies because one of them was bitten by one and hasn't turned into.

One they are both suddenly attacked by zombies who bite them after which Mirai gets super scared and stops breathing so the zombies don't find him however when he saw his mom as a monster he couldn't control his emotions and tried to run away but the monster jumped and caught him Mirai keeps screaming and begging her mom to get away he even tries to run.

Away but meets a dead end magically his lost arm regenerates in mere seconds while he keeps crying and keeps telling his mom that it hurts his mom however turned into a completely different being moves forward to attack again but this time Mirai gets a little angry loses control of emotions and unknowingly throws bones out of his body faster than.

The bullets which ends the monster as Miller keeps saying stop it please stop it his mother in her final moments calls his son by his name just before hugging him her mother falls to the ground as he trembles and looks at her Mirai is unable to believe that she is dead he wanted to be wrong but he wasn't Mirai kneels down on the ground as he realizes.

He is responsible for his mother's death a zomb enters mirai's house after hearing some voices he finds Mirai and takes him to his friends to Feast on him the other zongans feel happy too the bigger zom gun holds me right by his head to see what he looks like before eating him he sees mirai's face and his wide open eyes then starts to laugh as.

He thinks he is terrified of the zom guns Mirai requests that they kill him as he is suffering because of his mother's death by his own hand the big zombies that they were just zombies until now and suddenly they got their Memories Back and became much stronger the zombans chuckle over the fact that other.

Zombies can't even talk with a swift blow the zomgaar uses his powerful hand to kill Mirai as his friends complement him by comparing him to a killer from some movie however as he looks towards the kid milai asks him why didn't he end him the zom gun gets shocked and delivers another fatal blow followed by a powerful kick that sends Mirai flying.

Away as they think that the kid is finished Mirai gets up again and the zom Gan trembles munai gets super annoyed at this point with tears falling from his evil eyes he leaps into the air holds the zom gun's head and shows him how he wants to be killed he then continues beating him telling him this is how he wants to die the other two zomb Gans run.

Away while he thinks that it hurts so imagine how much pain his mom might have been in when she died he rises and remembers when his mother gave him the gift step by step he started to walk away and kept wandering from that day until the present the scene shifts back to the present and me and I ends his story by saying that to this day his.

Goal is the same he wants to die this shocks everyone present in the room there was silence in the room but it wasn't due to fear or any other emotion no one had any idea what to say to Mirai to comfort him jicion tells Mirai that he is a disgrace the way he is right now and asks him why he has to die she goes on and tells them that he doesn't even.

Know how his mom felt at all Mirai is of the mind that he must die too as his mom died because of him Jason tells him that if she were his mother she wouldn't even be able to look at him right now which angers Mirai and he stands up to warn Jason to watch what she says Jason doesn't stop and goes on to ask Mirai does he even know why his mom said sorry.

Just before dying with a deadly look Mirai warns Jason to stop and suddenly the whole cell starts shaking Wonders that if he doesn't stop Murray no one knows what horror will fall upon everyone you who gets up and orders Mirai to stop but he doesn't Justin taunts Mirai saying it seemed like Mirai was emotionless but maybe she was wrong.

She explains that someone who loved his mom so much shouldn't want to die Jason doesn't stop even as the shaking intensifies Mira is at his limit Juan's Jason but to no success Jason tells Mirai that his mom knew he would end up like this that's the reason she said sorry she said sorry because Mirai had to live without a family shaking calms.

Down a bit and jicion requests that he let go of his mom as it's the only way to truly say sorry to her Mira wonders how Jason reminds him of his mother it feels like his mother is talking to him the shaking finally stops completely and Mirai sits down in the corner everyone was shocked discussing if Mirai was responsible for this shaking on the.

Other hand the scientist informs the captain that the only way to get out of this place is by killing the executive rishul she explained about the barrier that doesn't affect you when you enter But stops you from leaving and it has something to do with rishul she assures the captain that they will for sure have to fight the executive and she doesn't.

Even have layouts for the place so it's hard to escape the captain remembers how her commander said that they wouldn't be able to escape because it was under the jurisdiction of the executive going in and out as pleased won't be possible the commander foretold that the scientist wouldn't have the layouts and she herself would be whining about how there.

Was no way to escape suddenly June's alarm starts to ring she takes out the device and tells the captain that this device named Ring Ding Dong which she made a while ago can wipe short-term memories too suddenly the guard room's door opens and the captain remembers that the commander said there are more people like them trying to do good right.

After we see a new character enter the scene he enters and tells June to go now the guy starts to look at some layouts to churn out an Escape Plan while the captain wonders how Nuri is always a few steps ahead the captain suddenly peeks at the guy's work and tells him that he should escape with them she then picks up the layouts while the guy asks Gian.

With confusion who is this woman the guy shouts and the captain's face turns dead serious indicating that she is serious about the escape the guy snatches the layouts in fear of getting killed if a zom gun sees them the captain turns around grabs the snoring zom gun and Slants him on the ground shocking both the guy and the June the guard wonders.

What's happening just before getting another deadly punch from the captain which forces him to drop unconscious on the ground the guy wonders how she took down a zongan so easily the captain uses the rending dong to wipe the gods memories and says that she can even kill 100 untrained zongans and they even have someone stronger than her on their team.

The memory wipe gets completed and the guy wonders what he just witnessed the captain expects that this will be enough to make this guy trust her team the guy thinks for a while and finally plans on joining as it would be a great help for him to have reliable Partners the captain tells the guy that they'll be gathering everyone at a certain place in.

The building to which the guy objects as there are too many people the captain can't do that because she wants to take everyone along with her and tells him to trust her and do as she says the guy wonders about his abnormal strength and if he can trust her when the captain asks about the Escape Route she is shocked to learn that the guys.

Suggesting the main gate as an escape route the zom Gans underestimate humans and the security is lacks so an easy Escape Route isn't a problem the real issue is fear which humans have and it's hard to believe that everyone has the courage to escape the humans won't follow and the main reason for this here is the executive rishul the captain then.

Asks where rishul is to show humans he can be beaten up so they'll follow her order and escape the place the captain boldly he asks the guy about the rituals whereabouts to which the guy wonders if he should have joined and that these people have completely lost their minds the next morning guards order human slaves to get to work and the captain.

Thinks that finding a shul would be easy while rishul watches the prisoners from above thinking how annoying this is the captain Wonders that the best time to attack rashul is when all the prisoners are watching to eradicate the fear of zom Gans from the humans all her comrades stand tensed as they know something is about to happen just before.

The captain says let's get the show on the road the captain stops and a guy from behind tells him to move in a daunting way everyone behind her chats about why this girl stopped when she doesn't respond the guy again yells at her and tells her to move the captain suddenly yells calls garam and instructs her to get the boat ready at the main.

Gate garam and donghu freak out upon hearing the voice outside the human slave Farm they rise and hurry to full fulfill their Captain's command All Humans wonder if the girl has lost her mind as a guard approaches the captain and inquires what happened to which the captain smashes his face in the wall rishol gets attracted to the situation.

The captain finds it funny that the escape plan is through the main gate the captain warns the executive that everything that's about to happen is his own mistake and that today marks the end of his era everyone present is impressed and wonders if she killed the zombie suddenly jumps down in the blink of an eye and starts to walk towards the.

Captain the executive asks if she is the one who killed the Paladin and if she is here to kill him too the captain says that she just wants to free the humans you're just icing on the cake everyone including the hooligan gets hoped that they might actually be able to escape while on the other hand rishul gets angry and starts to Omit a devastating.

Aura he warns everyone to shut their mouths just before the captain wonders if he is actually the the reason why everyone is afraid ritual can't believe that a human would dare stand against him in his own territory he asks the captain if she thinks she is too powerful after killing one Paladin rishel is about to show Captain the.

Difference between the power of a paladin and an executive but Captain tells him that his opponent is behind him milai delivers a deadly punch from the back that throws a ritual away at unimaginable speed and the captain orders Mirai to take care of this right after she tells all the humans to escape as they're confused you who uses his.

Special ability to go with the flow and shouts that these people sent rashul flying away so he's going to escape to entice everyone to follow everyone starts to run while zombies if they have all lost their minds the captain blocks the way of the zongan guards so they can't harm the humans she tells his comrade to run away as she'll be enough.

For all the guards hoyong's friend asks him if they can trust the the girl and that she might get us killed but hoyong trusts her after witnessing the events he saw in the guard room a horde of guards inquires if the captain thinks that she can take on so many guards alone the captain tells them that they might be more in number but even more.

Than that people are dependent on her right now so she'll deal with all of them she activates her ability and gets ready to wreck havoc ritual on the other hand is irritated and inquires about mirai's identity he remembered him from the additional staff on the boat they hijacked he asks me Rey if he thinks this will be too easy Mirai clearly has.

No interest in his words so he just replies that he doesn't know rishul asks him to get out of his way which the kid tells him he can't do as Mira gets on his nerves rashul jumps to attack Mirai but with minimal effort Mirai sends him flying away once again and as he is crying for his stomach Mirai passes a deadly look and teleports in front of.

Him to use his limb to cut racial eye which makes him scream like a kid mirror gives rishula a death stare as he wonders what just happened and what's with this terrifying pressure that he might get crushed beneath he remembers that this pressure feels very similar as he looks into mirai's eye and remembers when he kicked open a door and picked a.

Kid from the house to share his food with his friends he suddenly remembers that it was the same kid who killed his friend just before Mirai asks him if they had met before The Executive gets scared as he knows it's his end things take an unexpected turn when suddenly rishul starts to laugh like crazy and thanks that his teacher is finally here.

Much to the confusion of Mirai rushul explains how he felt fear for the first time after zomgaars appeared and that he understood that he had to get stronger he did what he had to do got stronger and became an executive however he became too powerful and didn't have anything more to fear so he got bored since then he has trying to get into.

Luxury Brands and designer products but even that didn't excite him but now that Mira is in front of him the very person who taught him fear and inspired him to grow stronger he wants him to teach him again he jumps to attack Mirai again but a swift punch thrusts him into the wall again excited he rushes to attack again but is hit with a brain attack Midway.

Followed by a devastating limb attack pretty sure Marvels at mirai's strength and thinks that he might die at this rate however he loves it he leaps into the air and tells Mirai that like transcenders there are also special zombans called predeons rishal uses his special ability to jet stream to throw sharp feathers that pierce mirai's body.

To which Moriah responds with a similar attack using bones but luckily rishul can easily Dodge as he can fly however after consideration Mira suddenly launches himself into the air gixx ritual in the face and grabs him by the head to throw him with full force on the ground Mirai then Dives towards the ground at amazing speed and tries to hit.

Rishaw with his deadly limb attack but he luckily Dodges and gets back in the air rishul asks if the kid Can Fly And as he is about to finish his sentence Mirai teleports behind him and slams him on the ground after looking at Mirai the captain learns that he is blasting high blood pressure from the soles of his feet while trying to imitate Rochelle.

And as a result he is getting stronger June asks the captain if she has already dealt with all the guards to which the captain tells them that they are useless and had no skills the captain instructs her team to get everyone on the boat while Mirai is fighting rishul everyone follows guy you who but there are zom Gan guards at the main gate luckily.

Garum suddenly appears behind the guards and using her knowledge transfer ability she uses the Taekwondo manual to finish the guards garam and Dong who hope that they are not late to which the captain tells them they're right on time while the other guy wonders how they easily keep droppings on Gans Down Jason and the old guy stop as they don't see heyon.

Behind them Jason gets worried and runs back to look for her meanwhile rishul uses his lethal attack to slice off mirai's arm after which Mirai launches a barrage of bones that hit ritual with extraordinary speed Mirai suddenly teleports and slams ritual on the ground while Jason stands wondering what this was Jason sees Mirai coming back to the.

Ground and Mira asks her what she is doing here with sympathy just before telling her to go away as it's dangerous here from underneath the wreckage rishul notices a connection between milai and jicion the feather passes by me Ray and when he sees that it's about to hit jicion he gets dead serious and stops.

Him at the last moment rishule is astonished by mirai's speed in blocking his attack Mirai gets angry and he teleports to grab rashul by his collar and jumps into the air while gisean watches with amazement Jason sees heian and the hooligan along with her who are crying because heian showed her mercy and unlocked his cell Mirai delivers.

Devastating blow upon devastating blow to Ritual while he wonders how the kid's strength has increased he wonders if he struck a nerve by trying to kill jiza Mira throws rishul towards the ground and before he falls miraya launches a barrage of punches followed by a lethal punch and a limb attack that makes ritual lose his hands and legs Mirai.

Holds rishul by his neck while he screams and shakes Mira then drops in him on the ground while rishul tells him that in secret he was thinking that he might win he is highly certain that he is going to die today he sees Mirai approaching him from the sky with a bone in his hand and he starts to laugh like crazy and tells Mirai to end his tedious.

Life Mira however is not going to kill him as he was ordered to only beat ritual to the brink of his death and then knock him out the captain and guyu who are in Shock as they wonder if ritual has been knocked out just before garam delivers the good news that the barrier has been lifted the captain and garam decide to finish off the remaining.

Zongans it's evening and the prisoners still can't believe that they were able to escape successfully mirei on the other hand drags rishul and throws him in front of the captain after which he gets a thank you and appreciation from the captain for finishing him off so easily Jason comes near Mirai and thanks him for saving her earlier Mirai.

Suddenly remembers that she told him to to let go of his mother and after a brief moment of silence she asks him to let go of his mom but what should he live for then Jason tells him to find that out for himself she further explains that no one really knew what to live for after the zombans appeared some are trying to look for family members.

Who might already be dead and some are hoping for a better tomorrow she explains that people don't keep living because they have hope but because they're looking for something that will give them hope that's what Mirai should find something that gives him hope seeing this conversation the captain tells Mirai that she thought of him as a.

Means to an end and that she only let him come with them because their goals were aligned however she can treat him as a member of their unit now but first she asks if he still wants to die to which shockingly Mirai says yes and the captain walks away on the ship the captain wakes rishel up and tells him they need to talk we really hope that.

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