He Grew to change into Into A Zombie 1000 Years In the past However Ended Up Becoming The Most Unheard of Zombie |Manhwa recap

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Do you know how scary it is when a zombie starts to discipline itself? His name is Jiang Si. Age unknown He doesn't know when he became a zombie He only remembers the first day of the zombie outbreak Too late to escape, he became one of them After that, he followed his own kind around Until one day Humans appear with guys that glow blue.

From then on the zombie army was routed Some of the zombies were enslaved by humans and turned into perpetual motion machines Jiang Si doesn't understand why the zombies have to eat people And I don't understand why humans have to kill all the zombies But he knew If you want to live, you have to get stronger And from that day onwards Jiang Si began his life of self-discipline Swimming around the Earth every day.

Lifting weights several million times a day continuously Even the protein powder is eaten as food Even exercising with the TV at night That's it Jiang Si became bald and strong at the same time But despite this He still wants to be friends with humans To be able to realize this dream He has rescued human cubs from fires.

He even avoided a major disaster by catching a plane with his bare hands In the face of a fast-moving train He also needed just one punch to solve the problem To get along better with humans He gathered all the zombies into an abandoned city and asked them to feed on eggs every day However, on this day Jiang Si was buying eggs in the supermarket when he found out that his little brother had become a wanted man again Meanwhile, two journalists are taking pictures.

It turns out that they didn't believe that Jiang Si was capable of lifting a plane with his bare hands But the next second They were stunned by the scene before them They saw Jiang Si lifting trucks weighing tens of tons Then it was a jump in place And in an instant, the truck broke through the atmosphere. After having travelled halfway around the world Jiang Si finally arrived in his own territory The crowd of zombies was thrilled to see this scene.

But the two zombie cubs next to him asked Why don't you bring the truck over, my lord Uh~ that~ I don't actually have a driving licence Jiang Si answers the question awkwardly and then goes to the gathering place of the minions And by now the various zombie elites inside were already waiting a bit impatiently But as soon as Jiang Si opened the door The boys still rushed to stand in two rows At this point Jiang Si slapped the wanted notice on Dog and said.

Dog, what's going on? Why are you wanted by humans again? Dog was in a cold sweat at his words Then he explained fearfully I can't control myself when it comes to humans At this point Blacky, who was next to me, also said Although our zombie territory is still expanding indefinitely but we've changed capitals several times to avoid the humans Saw even suggested the idea of a war with humans.

It's been so long, my chainsaw is getting rusty But just as Jiang Si was about to give them a lecture on the horrors of the human race There was a sudden “boom” in the sky It turned out that human fighters had come over them at some point and the commander inside at that moment was a wonderfully handsome woman The president of the fighter plane was looking at the data on the screen and pondering At this moment, two subordinates reported Everything is ready for action The girl asked with a slight sideways glance: Where's the goods?.

It turned out that the warplane had a heavyweight nuclear bomb on board Come on. I'm going to level this place in 20 minutes. And at this point The zombies below have sensed the crisis The light in Saw's eyes shone brightly He shouted that he was going to fight them But then Jiang Si stopped him. No, you'll lose control when you get close to humans.

It is better to evacuate the area with the citizens first As for the humans, leave it to me. It didn't take long Several armed trucks also slowly drove into the area Their task was to search for survivors on the ground. And that's when The hatch of the fighter jet in the air suddenly opened And there was a young man with white hair in full armour standing in the middle He wasn't afraid of the hordes of zombies below.

Instead, he threatened to kill all the zombies here. Meanwhile, in another place A man in a white coat is staring at the screen in front of him Ming, that seems to be someone from the Academy for Abnormal Human Beings The man heard this and said with a slight tilt of his mouth Then let's play with them And with that he pressed a red button In the next second An iron cage full of humans falls from the sky.

It finally landed slowly in the middle of the zombie horde At the same time The search and rescue team also received a message from the human rescue team They then slowly pressed on with firepower But then a red-haired woman suddenly shouted Why can't that zombie be killed? Looking in the direction she's pointing And there were two zombie cubs cuddled together, shivering And the one in front of them was Jiang Si.

Suddenly A yellow man raised his bazooka and took aim With a “swoosh” The rocket was fired towards Jiang Si at a very high speed. Just for a moment And he was surrounded by a violent explosion and fire However, at that moment someone reminded Yellow Hair that We seem to have bombed the wrong person The man in the zombie mask seems to be an unnatural human being who has just recently come to prominence.

The yellow hair who saw this scene was confused I can't believe I blew up the wrong person But as the white smoke slowly cleared but Jiang Si was standing there intact He rubbed his head in confusion At this point The president on the fighter suddenly spotted the zombie boss So she instructed Xiao Wu to go to B to block it As she gave the order.

Xiao Wu then immediately leapt from the 100-metre high fighter plane Do you know how scary it is for a zombie to discipline itself? Not only can they catch a falling plane with their bare hands He can also hammer a speeding train with one punch He was even unharmed when he faced a rocket fired by a human But when he was confronted by a girl, he was in a cold sweat Just a few minutes ago As rescue teams began to evacuate survivors The white-robed man in some room was about to start getting ready to make things happen again.

Ming, I didn't think they'd pull the civilians out It seems you can't underestimate them Hearing this The man smiled with a slight sideways glance Well, let's give them something interesting. The green-haired man immediately understood Then under his control One of the zombies in the herd suddenly underwent a horrific mutation. Just a little while later.

He had already turned into a licking monster who had lost his mind. This change also attracted the attention of the zombies in the distance But just at that moment The yellow hair of the search and rescue team suddenly sprinted While Jiang Si was still confused He picked him up and ran towards his caravan. And as he ran, he chanted I saved your life. After he threw Jiang Si into the car, he hurriedly urged the driver to run.

That's it. The boss of the zombie was successfully rescued On the road The girl asked him why he was wearing a zombie mask all the time Jiang Si feels embarrassed I don't know how to answer And at this point The other side of the search and rescue team started to run into trouble Only to see the mutated zombie lifting a bus.

And then threw it violently towards them But then Xiao Wu appeared in time He cut the bus in half with just one slash. The crowd cheered at the sight of this scene Great! It's Xiao Wu from the Academy Knife Club! Now we're saved! Xiao Wu told them to take the civilians away first He'll take care of the rest. At this point the zombies suddenly burst out with a tearing roar.

Xiao Wu seemed to feel as if he was in pain. Then the moment the zombies pounced on him Xiao Wu pulled the knife out of his hand. It's just a simple draw and chop. And the zombie's body was cracked. And then it shattered into countless pieces with a “bang”. And yet Just when he thought he could call it a day early Suddenly a sound of footsteps interrupted his thoughts.

Xiao Wu looked in the direction of the sound It turned out that Jiang Si had come to the side of the zombie at some point I'm sorry, I'm late after all. Hearing this Xiao Wu immediately put him in the zombie category And then he brought up his knife and slashed at Jiang Si. But the next second he was naked and hanging from a telephone pole. Meanwhile The short-haired girl on the plane also noticed the anomaly.

Oh no, Xiao Wu's vitals are dropping. The president who heard this was also stunned Xiao Wu was defeated. Damn, the civilians haven't all been evacuated yet. There's no way to strike with a nuclear bomb. Then she was seen to move slightly The next second she was already flashing down from the fighter plane This man was stripped naked and hung on a telephone pole the first time he went into battle to round up walkers Jiang Si was looking puzzled when.

There was another figure in the air that came in a hurry It was their commander who came She quickly drew her sword from her waist. And then she hit Jiang Si with a white blade slash But the next second The indestructible sword shattered The president who saw this scene was in disbelief And on the other hand, Jiang Si was just dumbfounded at the moment At this point the girl's eyes were slightly stunned.

What the hell is this thing? Then he hurriedly jumped back and pulled away from him by several meters Jiang Si looked at the girl who came out of nowhere He was a little embarrassed Then he rushed to explain I~ I already apologized earlier The girl was shocked to hear the zombie speak. But a zombie is a zombie after all The girl then immediately pulled out a second knife.

Come on, let's see what you're capable of At this moment, Jiang Si is also very depressed Can't you humans just listen to what I have to say? As his words fell The girl was already dashing towards him with a knife But the blow didn't hit him. She didn't expect to miss with the speed she was so proud of. Immediately after another 360-degree rotation She used her strongest move, the “Red Blade Slash”.

Just for a moment. Those swept by the red light were cut in two Not even the buildings on either side were spared. But with such a killing blow Jiang Si dodged it with a simple bend. Damn, how dare you provoke me like that! I'm going to kill you today! At the same time The survivors around us are almost done evacuating.

Even Xiao Wu, who had been knocked out by Jiang Si, got on the bus. Then the assistant on the fighter plane hastily called the president Hurry back and evacuate. but she was in the middle of a fight with Jiang Si, and she didn't have time to think about that. And Jiang Si is also helpless at this moment Why is this woman so troublesome? It turns out that the girl was going crazy because she couldn't touch Jiang Si's clothes all the time. Just a few moments They've crossed half the city.

Seeing that he couldn't catch up with Jiang Si The girl immediately activated her second form A large amount of white gas suddenly emerged from her lower legs And when the charge was complete, she ejected like a sword. In an instant, she was behind Jiang Si. And then she used her best move In just a few moments they both landed at the same time So guess what Jiang Si will be hurt by her move?.

Just now This girl thought she'd taken care of the zombies While in contact with the fighter plane The mysterious forces on the other side are going to start doing things again They have a spy on the girl's side. And just when everyone was cheering that they had been successfully saved The spy on the fighter suddenly turned on the nuclear launcher And then he pressed it without hesitation. As the “click” sounded.

The next second the heavyweight nuclear bomb fell from the plane. At this time the spy in the cabin has been controlled by the other two But when they reported the news out Everyone had a look of fear Looking at the nuclear bomb that was plummeting. And the girl started to panic. She then hurriedly opened the ejection mechanism and tried to jump back into the fighter But the next second she was frozen in place. She had just used up all her energy fighting with Jiang Si.

Just when the girl didn't know what to do At this point Jiang Si suddenly came in front of her with a flash Before she could react Jiang Si grabbed her and spun her around on the ground The next second the girl was thrown into the sky And finally landed precisely on top of her fighter It took her a while to get over it. Suddenly.

She was horrified to think that the zombie was still alive By this time, the nuclear bomb was less than 1,000 meters above the ground. However, Jiang Si was not going to escape. He lifted his foot and stomped hard. The next second the ground began to crumble with him as the center And Jiang Si flew into the air like a cannonball. For the sake of his own people. He rushed to the nuclear bomb with determination. And just as he was about to touch the bomb.

Jiang Si reached out his hand and held it tight With a “bang” He hammered the warhead of a nuclear bomb. The people who saw this scene had an incredulous look on their faces. But the next second A loud boom instantly followed the world As a huge mushroom cloud rose up Jiang Si was completely lost in the flames. I don't know how long has passed.

After the flames slowly died out in the ruins The girl on the fighter, however, suddenly showed a look of horror Just because they saw a figure falling from the sky Jiang Si raised his hand and scratched his head and thought Damn, it's time to spend money on clothes again This day he was working out at home The door was kicked open with a snap. The next thing you know, she's telling him to go to some non-human academy without a word. So it started a few days ago.

When Jiang Si was worried about having no clothes to wear The commander on the warplane, however, became depressed What's wrong with the president? How did you become so decadent? You'd better stop. The president has been fighting zombies all his life But now she was saved by a zombie No one can be happy in this mood, right? However, at that moment, another subordinate suddenly shouted: President.

You seem to have made a mistake Just see her take the zombie information and go up and explain This guy is not a zombie. He's the latest unnatural human who likes to wear a zombie mask Hearing this The girl's face was suddenly as gloomy as if she wanted to eat someone The next day, a figure in tattered clothes came to the human city Jiang Si hurriedly teleported to the phone booth After he learned that the minions had been safely evacuated.

That was a relief. But he didn't know… All his movements in the city were recorded by the cameras Just as he was returning naked to his rented room The girl on the other side then spotted him through the surveillance At this point, it seems that Jiang Si also felt that he was being watched And looking at the naked Jiang Si The girl at the moment was also full of black lines This day Jiang Si was working out as usual.

But when I think of the little brothers who are still displaced Jiang Si couldn't help but think I don't know if they've settled in yet And yet, just at that moment His door was suddenly kicked open. It was the girl he had saved. And as soon as she entered, she ordered her men to start moving things around. And while Jiang Si was still confused The girl suddenly took out a letter of admission and put it in front of him.

We're from the Academy for Abnormal Humans I now inform you that you have been accepted From now on you are a member of our faculty After she said that, she fingered Jiang Si Several men in suits got the order and instantly came forward But then Jiang Si hurriedly protested to What are you doing here? Can a zombie also go to school? And yet the girl insisted that he was just a human wearing a zombie mask.

Thus, poor Jiang Si was forcibly enrolled in the Academy for Abnormal Humans. At this point the red-haired girl said: President It's not good for us to recruit people privately like this, right? And the college dormitory is full now, too. Hearing that The president thought for a moment and then said Then let him live with me first What kind of sparks will come out of a zombie living with a human? Looking at the girl in front of me.

At this moment, Jiang Si was in a daze He saw that the woman didn't say anything for half a day Jiang Si asked tentatively: That Am I going to live here from now on? And where will I sleep? What? Is there a problem? Or do you want to sleep with me? Hearing this Jiang Si hastily waved his hand to show that he didn't mean that.

But in fact his heart is still more or less fantasy But then the girl turned to him and said You can stay in the guest room next door from now on. Hearing this Jiang Si said with some loss at once You may have made a mistake. I'm not actually human. The girl didn't answer when she heard the words Instead, she pounded her calves.

Just when Jiang Si was looking puzzled The girl actually removed her calf And then began to explain unhurriedly I cut these legs off myself. It turns out that when the girl was small Because of the zombie wave that broke out in the village Not only did the girl's parents turn into zombies but they also bit her on the calf The girl was trying to survive.

She had to choose to cut off her own legs And she killed her parents who had turned into zombies with her own hands And from that moment on The girl swore: whenever she met a zombie Then she would kill every one of them. Hearing this Jiang Si hurriedly held back the truth that he was a zombie At this point the girl looked at Jiang Si and asked What did you just want to say?.

That… You must have misheard me. I didn't say anything. To ease the embarrassment Jiang Si hurriedly changed the subject again and asked What is this Institute for Abnormal Humans that you're talking about? The girl smiled and did not continue to pursue the topic just now Instead, she began to talk about the history of the college for Jiang Si. It turns out that it's been over 1000 years since the zombie outbreak For the betterment of humanity.

The government created the Institute for Abnormal Humans And this academy was designed to train people to deal with zombies. Hearing this Jiang Si couldn't help but remember what he looked like when he became a zombie He didn't realize that he was now 1,000 years old At this point the girl spoke again and said Tomorrow is the time to register for the academy If you dare to escape.

I'll make sure I even find out what color your underwear is. And my name is Zi Ling. Tomorrow, the Xiao Xiao that you know will show you the way Hearing this, Jiang Si was baffled: Xiao Xiao? Do I know this human? At this point, Jiang Si was confused So much so that he didn't even hear the girl next to him greeting him Now Xiao Xiao is anxious She then turned to Jiang Si and began to criticize.

Then after dropping the phrase “We'll have to do the test later” and she walked into the academy in a huff. Seeing this, Jiang Si hurriedly ran all the way to catch up and asked: That Do you have to take a test to get into this school? So this academy is full of students with special abilities. And if the test is not up to par The college will not admit you Soon they arrived at the place where the new students were tested At that moment, hundreds of people were already gathered in the square.

And these new students taking the test are all different from each other Because there were so many new students in the square Xiao Xiao had to ride on Jiang Si's head to observe At this point Jiang Si asked curiously I've lifted planes in front of humans before Does that mean i don't have to take the test? And yet Xiao Xiao told him The ability to lift planes and such is only very common here And.

The teachers at the college don't even read the news Suddenly, a crippled old man slowly approached the lectern Hello, everyone, I'm your examiner this time You can also call me “Chen”, the president of the sports club. The college has been around for hundreds of years. During this period We have produced a variety of talents I hope that you will train as hard as your predecessors Become a good trainee.

Yet his words were not yet finished Jiang Si in the crowd suddenly asked: “President What if there is a zombie mixed in with the students? Of course, I'll take it apart. And cut off the penis in public Hearing this, Jiang Si felt a chill in his lower body Next it was time for the test The first test was a speed contest With a gunshot from the examiner.

In the next second, the cadets rushed out like swords Just three seconds. They actually ran two and a half laps. And Jiang Si, who was still on the track at the moment, was in a daze Soon we came to the second level This time the test item was shooting Xiao Xiao lifted his gun in a handsome manner Several bullets were fired instantly In the next second.

All the zombie heads on the target are hit on the ground The zombie who saw this scene was silly How am I supposed to shoot this? Do you know how strong a serious zombie is? He just threw a javelin and it pierced a hole right through the moon. His name is Jiang Si. A zombie who has lived for 1,000 years. But accidentally entered a human academy. In order not to reveal himself as a zombie…

Jiang Si can only be careful to keep a low profile. Every time he's tested, he's only just passed the passing grade. The passing line for a fast 100 meter run has to be under 8 seconds… He runs 7:95. The passing line for the shot put throw should be over 80 meters… He'll throw exactly 80.1 meters. But despite that… Jiang Si's actions have caught the examiner's attention. Chen looks at the data in his hand and ponders for a moment.

This Jiang Si is on the passing line in all subjects. But the president of the sword club says he's strong… Is this man hiding his strength? Or does he have some dark secret? Soon, the next test arrives This time it's the javelin throw. A red-haired teenager makes a power shot… In the next second, the javelin shot out like an arrow. It's just a split second.

The javelin hits the zombie target in the lower body. Seeing this scene, Jiang Si could only feel a chill down there. Look at the javelin. At this point, three zombie targets have been skewered But despite that… The javelin is still going strong. And it's finally stuck on a signpost 32 kilometers away. Soon. After the red-haired man's test, it's time for Jiang Si to take the stage.

While passing by. Red Hair also looked at Jiang Si with a disdainful look on his face However, Jiang Si didn't react much. Step forward, pick up the javelin and prepare to throw it in a low-key manner But then Chen suddenly stopped him. This maneuver instantly attracted a lot of attention. Chen walked up and asked You're Jiang Si, the one President Blade introduced to me, right? She said you were strong.

But you've always scored just above the passing line on every test. You're not hiding anything, are you? Everyone here is trying their best… And you're hiding it. Does that mean you're a zombie? Hear that. Jiang Si hastily shakes his hand to show that he's just a human. At this point Chen added… If you can throw your javelin more than 4 kilometers…

I'll give you a pass. But if you can't reach… Then I'll have you court-martialed for espionage. At this point, Jiang Si is completely stupid. He's been on the run ever since he became Jiang Si. In order to survive, he has been exercising every day. Because he doesn't want to be captured by humans and turned into a perpetual motion machine. At this point, Jiang Si thought to himself, “Throw it as far as you can. With that, he raised the javelin in his hand.

With a red light in his eyes next second A powerful energy sweeps through the exam room It's just a moment. The javelin is already flying into space. And with a poof. It's gone right through the satellite. Even so. The javelin is still heading for the moon.

The students in the examination room were all sent flying by Jiang Si's javelin. Looked at the ground cracked by Jiang Si's foot. Chen is on the spot with a two-word compliment, “Holy shit.” Is this still human power? What he doesn't realize, however, is Above the moon at this time… A hole has appeared through the entire moon. He's the strongest zombie on the planet. Not only can he catch a nuclear bomb with his bare hands.

And he can shoot a javelin through the moon. But despite that… He just wanted to be friends with humans. So he hid his identity and came to the human academy. So as not to reveal himself. Jiang Si keeps a low profile all the time. Yet the examiner threatened him… If he doesn't show his full strength, he'll be court-martialed. This just made Jiang Si feel a chill down his spine.

He then seriously threw the javelin in his hand into the air. I didn't expect to accidentally put a hole in the moon. This maneuver just scared the shit out of the examiner. Xiaoxiao ran up to Jiang Si and praised him for his skill. Jiang Si was a bit embarrassed and said… I just threw it in the air. But what they don't realize is In a galaxy far away in outer space… A large meteorite is creeping toward Earth.

And Jiang Si, the culprit, says… I've been accepted, is it time to go home? Xiaoxiao sniffed and hastily recommended that he go ahead and build a regiment You know, as the president of the regiment… That's a lot of power. Not only can you command an army… It's also the ability to use nuclear weapons. And the government will give you a city to run. And the mayor is just the president's henchman.

But Jiang Si didn't think so. After all, he's got a lot of zombie residents under his thumb. Xiaoxiao then leads him to the Biological Research Center. This is the academy's logistics department It's a place that specializes in researching new equipment and weapons. At that moment, Jiang Si suddenly noticed a photo. It's a picture of a family of four. Xiaoxiao saw this and immediately introduced it. The man with the glasses is Dr. Jieming.

He's the former president of the biotech club. But since his wife died… He became obsessed with doing illegal biological research with zombies and humans. He was eventually removed from the academy. And a kill order was issued. That's when a girl came up and asked… Are you the new students? Jiang Si sniffs and looks toward her curiously. Xiaoxiao sees this and rushes to tell him…

This girl was an orphan adopted by Dr. Jieming. The current acting president. With that, she described to the girl her intentions for coming here It turns out that Xiaoxiao wanted a piece of equipment that she could pull out her machine gun anytime, anywhere. The girl sniffs but doesn't look the slightest bit surprised. Instead, she looks at Jiang Si. Jiang Si thought for a moment and said, “I'm not short of weapons… But after every battle, his clothes are torn. So I think it would be nice to have a suit that doesn't break.

Hearing these two's request, the girl was speechless. Meanwhile, on the other side of the “Sword House”… Xiaowu, who was fighting earlier, is kneeling down to be criticized. And right in front of him was a long-legged black stocking girl. At this point, Xiaowu spoke up. The man who defeated me was very strong. At the time I had only just rushed up to the man… And then I blacked out and got hung up on a pole. Hearing this, the girl was instantly interested.

With that, she put down the book in her hands Slowly coming up to Xiaowu's face and asking, Tell me… What's that guy's name? On this day, the teacher was talking about how to set up traps to catch zombies. And Jiang Si is trying to take notes at the bottom of the room. Seeing this scene, Xiaoxiao couldn't help but come up and ask: What are you doing? Jiang Si said without looking back I'm gonna go back and tell my family about this. Xiaoxiao was dumbfounded when she heard this.

But at that moment, the radio suddenly blared Calling all new students to the gym. Jiang Si and Xiaoxiao are confused though… But they arrived at the meeting place very quickly. Just as they were eating their ice cream and puzzling over it Ziling shows up to tell them to settle down. This is a very important meeting. And meanwhile on the other side Only saw a tall, blue-haired beauty gazing at Jiang Si.

Her name is Lanqi. She's the president of the Jian Club. And she's always been in competition with Ziling of the Sword Club. So she came… Just to see how strong Jiang Si, who was introduced by Ziling, is. Looking at Jiang Si's hangdog look… Lanqi instructed her men to find a way to test him later. In the meantime. Several mysterious figures suddenly appeared at the gates of the gymnasium.

The visitor was the leader of all the societies… The president of the Mechanical Life Club. I saw the president walk in. Everyone bends down in honor. Xiaoxiao sees Jiang Si's mute face… Hurriedly pressed his head and bowed to the Grand President. At that moment, the Grand President glanced at Lanqi next to him. and warned her not to mess around. And Lanqi, hearing this, could only stop.

With a wave of her hand, she said she was leaving. But then the men came forward and asked. Are we just going to let that Jiang Si go? Lanqi laughs with a glance of her eyes, compared to Jiang Si… It's still more important than the Great President's business. Because I only respect the strong. At this point, the president walked up to Ziling and patted her on the shoulder for her hard work. Seeing this, Jiang Si couldn't help but ask Who is this Grand President?.

Xiaoxiao thought Jiang Si was jealous. She then opened her mouth to introduce the background of the big president Turns out he was one of the last humans in Dr. Jieming's biological research. Out of tens of thousands of test subjects, only he survived. Since Dr. Jieming has been wanted… He started the Mechanical Life Society. There hasn't been a zombie in his city in 10 years. Because all the zombies that touched him turned into a pile of dust. When Jiang Si heard this, he felt a tingle in his head.

Just then, the Grand President started the meeting. It turns out that the spy we caught last time hasn't said anything yet. After hearing that he secretly pressed the button to launch the nuclear bomb… Jiang Si is furious… So this is the guy who nuked me! ~ Xiaoxiao also said… It's been Dr. Jieming who's been causing the trouble all these years. Actually the zombies haven't had a riot in a long time Hearing this, Jiang Si can't help but think…

The reason why the citizens went berserk… I think Dr. Jieming had something to do with it. At this point, the president spoke up again. If anyone can get this spy to reveal Dr. Jieming's hiding place… Then I'll make him vice president. Hearing that… The freshmen in the gym got all excited. They raised their hands and said they wanted to try it out But two hours passed…

And the spy never responded. Whether it's torture or not… Or whatever it takes, he just won't talk. So much so that later on, the picture got weird and strange There were drums and gongs. There's even an attempt at chanting. Ziling is a headache at the sight of this scene At that moment, Xiaoxiao asked Jiang Si curiously. Do you have a way to make him talk?.

And when Jiang Si learns that he's the one responsible for starting the melee… He volunteered that he could make him talk. This maneuver caused Xiaoxiao to freeze next to him. Hasn't he always kept a low profile? Why the sudden initiative today? It turns out that Jiang Si wanted to find out from him why his men were going crazy Soon enough, Jiang Si arrives at the room where the spy is being held. He looked at Jiang Si without any fear. Then he looked away and said, “Come on!.

You can use any punishment you want on me. But after a long wait, Jiang Si just stood there and didn't say a word. What's the matter? Is there no one at your school? Can't believe you sent this piece of shit against me. But his words were not yet finished… Jiang Si sliced a small hole in his arm with a swish. Looking at the small cut on his wrist With a disdainful sneer, he says: Is that all you've got? I'm not even afraid of all kinds of torture…

Are you tickling me? Jiang Si isn't angry. Instead, he calmly said, “Get up! As his words finished… The spy actually stood up. The crowd was shocked to see this. How did he do that? It turns out Jiang Si planted a zombie virus in the spy's wound. As the virus slowly deepens…

In less than a moment… The virus has taken over his entire brain. The spy is now a completely obedient zombie. Not only does he begin to give his background… And obeyed Jiang Si's next orders. At this point, Xiaoxiao is completely dumbfounded. She didn't realize that Jiang Si had the special ability to manipulate other people's minds. At this point, Jiang Si asks… The zombies had been very peaceful before…

Why are they suddenly out of control? The spy said… Because Jieming spread the potion over the city. And these zombies go crazy when they come in contact with the potion. Jieming will then order them to fight against abnormal humans. Thus acquiring the data Hear this. Jiang Si asked again: why are you doing this? The spy said he didn't know why either.

All he knows is that Jieming collects data for a greater good. He then went on to reveal Dr. Jieming's hiding place It's 500 meters below H City. The crowd that saw this scene can no longer be described as surprised. At that moment, Jiang Si suddenly turned his back and said in zombie language. I put a “kill yourself” virus in your head. You're on your own. As Jiang Si finishes his words… The spy responded with a mumbled reply and then went to get his boxed lunch.

It's over. Jiang Si's zombie identity has been discovered With a tachyon cannon shot from the student council president… Surprisingly, it blows Jiang Si's head off in an instant. Just now. Jiang Si utilizes the power of his zombie virus… Succeeded in learning the whereabouts of Dr. Jieming from the spies. And also found out the reason why the zombie citizens went berserk. And then when he walked out of the interrogation room…

Everyone is looking at him in horror. Even Ziling couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat. But Lanqi, the president of the Jian Club, looks at him with interest. At this point, the president on the podium claps his hands and says it's good. The first-year class is a real hive of talent. Then he asked Jiang Si to go with him to register for the vice president's information. Lanqi, who heard this, was stunned. Since when do vice presidents have to register? Looking at Jiang Si, who is slowly walking towards the back of the gym…

Lanqi can't help but follow with his men. Meanwhile on the other side 500 meters below the surface of a ruined city. Ming, according to reliable sources… Our spy has confessed. Dr. Jieming didn't panic at all when he heard this. Instead, he said, “Then let them come. Green Hair was shocked at his words Then he said that those guys are not vegetarians.

But Dr. Jieming, unperturbed, walks over to the side of the labware and says… They're here just in time. Anyway, the experiment is almost complete. Let them witness this great moment. The birth of a new species. The scene is once again on the Academy side The Chairman is seen leading Jiang Si to an abandoned factory. At this point, Jiang Si looks puzzled. Didn't you say you'd take me to register?.

Why is it still getting more desolate? At this point the president suddenly spoke up and asked… When did you learn to speak human? Jiang Si is visibly stunned by this statement. But before he could reply… The president suddenly turned around and pointed his gun at him. With a bang. Jiang Si's head was instantly drowned in a pillar of energy. Even Lanqi, who was following them, was almost killed.

After she had slowed down… Lanqi is shocked to say that the Chairman's Tachyon Cannon is really scary. At that moment, the Chairman looked at Jiang Si, who had his head blown off, and muttered… Though I don't know how you managed to sneak into the academy… But a zombie's weakness is in the head… And you've had the misfortune of meeting me. And just when he's still smug about it. Jiang Si, who was originally motionless, suddenly made an “instantaneous flash”. In the next instant, he grabbed the chairman by the neck with one hand.

With a thud. The president was pushed into the wall by Jiang Si. A few robots suddenly fell from the sky. They're firing a barrage at Jiang Si. And the Chairman took advantage of this gap to hastily escape from Jiang Si's hands But the scene in front of him stunned him again. The headless Jiang Si crushed all the robots in the field with his bare hands. It's coming! Jiang Si's second form has finally arrived.

Just now. Jiang Si after taking care of all the bots… The chairman on the sidelines is aghast What the fuck is this shit? A zombie without a head is still so strong. Lanqi and her men, who are hiding in the shadows, are completely dumbfounded. Just then, Jiang Si suddenly made a power-up… In the next second, he's already at the president's side. But the president isn't slow.

He can counterattack while dodging Jiang Si's attack A tachyon cannon is fired… But it doesn't hit Jiang Si. The president is in a state of shock. How can this guy be so flexible without a head? But he can't think about it now. Because Jiang Si's fist was already swinging at him like lightning. Just in the nick of time… The president rushes back and dodges a few dozen meters to distance himself.

That's good. You're the first zombie that can make me go all out Let's hope this fight doesn't end too soon. Hearing that… Lanqi, next to him, knows that the Chairman is getting serious. Jiang Si on the other side. At this moment, he's suddenly mutated. His head, which had been shattered, grew back. The two Lanqi's were dumbfounded by this scene.

What kind of creature is this? At this point Jiang Si spoke up: let's talk about it I don't want to hurt you. The president feels the small cut on his neck Then he slowly took off his clothes and said Your plan may have failed. I'm a robot. You can't control me at all. As his words finish…

Several figures flew through the air. Just a few seconds… Those pillars of light converged on the president's body. As the white mist slowly clears. A mech-covered robot is added to the field. Zombie, I hope you can hold out a little longer. Because it's been a long time since I've used my full power. With that, he rushed towards Jiang Si with great speed. In a split second, Jiang Si was hit in the jaw by his kick.

Not only that… Just before Jiang Si even hits the ground… The President instantly flashed below him again… throws a barrage of punches to the chest. The force of that punch sent Jiang Si flying a hundred meters into the air. At this point The two men watching from the sidelines are completely stunned. Is this the strength of the chairman? The Chairman flew over Jiang Si again.

And then there were countless thumps and bangs! Jiang Si was punched so many times in the air by the Chairman. When it feels like it's almost time… The Chairman came to Jiang Si's body in a flash. And then he stomped him into the ground. Just as Jiang Si hit the ground… At that moment, a red energy light suddenly illuminates on the president's chest. Next scend. A powerful shockwave is seen blasting towards the ground.

This horrible energy even shook out the surrounding buildings The chairman, who had finally stopped, breathed a sigh of relief and said… He's going to die this time, isn't he? But when the smoke clears. Jiang Si came out of it in one piece. The president was in disbelief when he saw this. At that moment… Jiang Si in the center of the arena suddenly yells to the sky. The terrifying power of the roar caused Lanqi, who was several hundred meters away, to almost lose his footing.

The president's mech even cracked on the spot! When Jiang Si stopped hissing and slowly turned around… The duo watching the fight are stunned on the spot! Because at that moment, Jiang Si had already changed into his second form. Never mess with a Jiang Si with hair. Because he just casually fucked the mighty Chairman into scrap metal with a single blow! Just now. Jiang Si has unlocked his second form. He just appeared on the scene and caused the world to change.

At this moment, a fierce wind began to blow with Jiang Si at the center. It's even affecting the entire city. Xiaoxiao, who saw this scene from afar, was in disbelief Lanqi, who was in the battlefield at the time, was so scared that she didn't dare to utter a word. While everyone was looking puzzled… Jiang Si, still in the abandoned warehouse, finally speaks up. I told you from the beginning. I don't really want to go to war with humans. The chairman who heard this was stunned.

But when he was about to retort Jiang Si, however, suddenly laughed with a tilt of his head and said… How do you want to die now? This bizarre scene was a shock to the Lanqi duo next to them. How did he not only change his form, but his personality as well? The two of them then began to run away at breakneck speeds. After all, it's their own lives that matter. However, the chairman, who was still on the field at the time, didn't even think about his current situation He even arrogantly stated…

I've never been scared of a zombie in my entire life. After that, he clamored for Jiang Si to fight him again. At this point Lanqi, who had already fled a long way away at great speed, was thinking… This distance should be considered safe now, right? Suddenly, a figure passes right by them with a thud. The two people who saw this scene were instantly shocked. Because the Chairman was blown to pieces by Jiang Si's punch! However, before they could react… Jiang Si had already flashed in front of them again.

The president rushed to call out for his mechs. But the robots were still in mid-air when… They were blown to smithereens by the Jiang Si with a bang. Lanqi, who was still in the air at the moment, was also shaken down by the aftermath of the explosion. When the president saw this, he shouted at them. Help me kill that zombie! But Lanqi doesn't want to talk to him. He's so strong, who would dare to go on him? There you go.

The three of them ran off in different directions. But Jiang Si, who saw this scene, didn't move. Instead, he raised his right hand And then it plunged into the ground. In the next second, the earth began to shake. And Lanqi, who was still escaping towards the outside at the moment, froze in her tracks. Because she was suddenly blocked by a concrete road in front of her. Even the chairman was hit by this sudden roadblock. It turns out that Jiang Si has lifted an entire new city under development.

The crowd was dumbfounded by the sight. What the hell is this? Is there an earthquake? Xiaoxiao on the other side is also looking at everything in front of her with disbelief This is an uninhabited city Unexpectedly, it was lifted At that moment, Jiang Si in the middle of the battlefield suddenly made a power move. With a thud… He's heading towards the president with great speed.

Just for a moment. Jiang Si put one hand on the president's head. He then grinned and said, “How was it? Do you feel scared now? Jiang Si's subordinate “Aju” finally couldn't take it anymore He actually rallied the citizens to attack the humans Just now. After Jiang Si changed into his second form… In just a few rounds, he easily took down the unstoppable chairman.

At that moment, Jiang Si said with a wicked smile. Although I have no control over the robot. But your brain isn't made of machines, is it? With that he cut the chairman's scalp with his finger In the next second, countless Jiang Si viruses took over the Chairman's entire brain in an instant. Jiang Si read some memories from his brain. I didn't realize that the seemingly unstoppable chairman was also a poor man. When he was 5 years old. His parents died in an accident.

And then Dr. Jieming captured him for body modification. From the head down… There's almost no place that's normal. Seeing this, Jiang Si couldn't help but pity him, he said: Living like this… Aren't you more of a zombie than us? Then he let go of his hand. Jiang Si just let him go. Lanqi down below rushes over and catches the dying chairman. She is also in a state of shock.

I didn't realize that Jiang Si had the ability to read other people's memories. Waiting for the night time… Jiang Si rushes back to the dormitory and packs his bags while thinking… How did I lose control of my emotions again? I've been exposed. I'd better run away. But as he takes his luggage and prepares to leave… Ziling, however, appeared out of nowhere and stopped him in his tracks. Jiang Si is helpless at the moment. I'm obviously a very kind zombie…

Really don't like killing people. But for freedom… Still, with a single turn he lurches toward Ziling. However, at this point Ziling suddenly showed him a letter of appointment. And it also said: from today you're the vice president of the Academy for Abnormal Humans. When he heard this, Jiang Si was puzzled. But the appointment letter in front of him doesn't look like a fake. And then he subconsciously asked.

Was this stamped by the president himself? Also, didn't he say anything else to you? Ziling indicated with a slight sideways glance The president just said you're a rare talent. He didn't say much else. And meanwhile on the other side… Lanqi is shocked when she learns that the Chairman is leaving Jiang Si behind. However, the Chairman says… It doesn't matter if he's a zombie or a human.

The main thing is that he can help us catch Dr. Jieming. And then ask Lanqi How's the arrangement going this time? At this Lanqi says she's ready. We're ready to go anytime. Good. Let's hope we succeed in catching Dr. Jieming this time. The screen turns. At this point inside some abandoned town… Aju hissed angrily.

Our king has been captured by the humans. What should we do? Kill the humans! ~ Rescue the Great King! ~ At this moment, Jiang Si's minions are passionate! However, Blackie on the roof is disdainful… How could our king be captured by human? I think it's just that Aju's got too much time on his hands. And so, after a few days of peace…

At this time, an aircraft carrier suddenly appeared in the sea. The president stood in the command center and shouted into the microphone. Everyone, listen up. There's only one chance. Dr. Jieming must be captured at all costs. It wasn't long before they arrived at the ruined city where Dr. Jieming was hiding. But Jiang Si took Xiaoxiao with him as if he were shopping… Look around. That's it.

A group of human armed forces suddenly appeared As soon as they saw Jiang Si, they all saluted him. Jiang Si was baffled by this maneuver. At that moment A captain stepped forward and reported that as of today… The 56th Army Group, consisting of 120,000 men… Only follow the orders of Mr. Jiang Si, the Vice President. It's over. Jiang Si's little brother, Aju, is under human control.

Just now. The President is trying to catch Dr. Jieming… He gave a group of human troops to Jiang Si. Looking at the 120,000 humans at his disposal. Jiang Si asked curiously… Is it true that if I told you to die right now you'd be willing to do it? With his words just falling out of his mouth The soldier immediately took out his grenade and shouted, This is my honor! ~ This left Jiang Si speechless.

What's wrong with this guy? And then… A dissonant voice suddenly interrupted his thoughts. I don't get it. Such a strategically important location is being guarded by a little piece of shit. You guys better be good and hide behind us later. I don't want you to get hurt by mistake. Xiaoxiao suddenly exclaimed Are you the president and vice president of Stainless Steel Academy?.

Meanwhile, over at the carrier… A teenager in armor taunts relentlessly Is there no one left at your academy? I can't believe you're sending a rookie to guard such an important strategic position. Upon hearing this, Lanqi immediately retorted. If you want to help, then help… Don't talk nonsense in front of me. At this point, the chairman also came up and added… Do you believe this new guy can beat the shit out of you? That comment made President Steel's face full of disdain.

Then he said he'd sent reinforcements. You're in for a treat. And in a control room a few hundred meters underground… Ming, they've all entered the city. What do we do? Dr. Jieming smiled evilly at this and said Well, let's play with them first. With that, he pressed a button on the console Next.

Countless zombies are coming at Jiang Si and the others from all sides of the city. And that's when it happened. Green Hair suddenly realizes how there's a strange thing mixed in with the zombie horde. So it's Aju trying to get revenge on the humans. So he encouraged the zombies to attack the humans. But the next day, only one of them followed. And after he put the gasoline in Aju's hand, he ran away. As he left, he said that he wouldn't dare disobey the king's orders. Aju was speechless when he heard this.

Can't we just keep the king from knowing? These gutless bastards. Isn't it just a few human beings? Let's see how I'm going to cut them down. But just then. The green gas floating down in the air made him sniff it curiously. Green Hair was overjoyed at this sight. He didn't realize that this zombie's stats were ridiculously high. At the thought of this, Green Hair couldn't help but laugh out loud.

Come on, let's see how strong you really are! Meanwhile, on the ground. The weaker zombies were quickly wiped out. Looking at the zombie corpses in front of us The Jiang Si is also full of questions This doesn't seem to be my ethnic group. Xiaoxiao turns her head sharply when she hears this. I don't know anything about this. At that moment, Steel President suddenly stepped forward and taunted him.

You're all weaklings. You better go home to your mommy. Don't stay here and get in the way. But he hadn't finished his sentence. There was a sudden roar in the distance. Jiang Si saw this and rushed forward to ask: Aju, what are you doing here? But Aju doesn't answer his question. Instead, he drank the gasoline in his hand.

Xiaoxiao is totally shocked by this scene. What the hell is this? Suddenly Aju pulls the chainsaw in his hand. The roar of the engine was instantaneous. Then Aju suddenly looked up and roared. Then he charged towards Jiang Si. Do you know how strong Jiang Si's little brother Aju is? Just a random hit… Beat the president of the baseball club so bad he cried out for his mom.

Just now. Aju, by mistake, inhaled the green potion… He can't even recognize his own boss, “Jiang Si”. And then he pulls out his chainsaw and goes to war with the humans. Aju roars up to the sky. In the next second, the buildings around them cracked open Xiaoxiao, who was directly in front of him, was flown out of the building. Luckily, Jiang Si showed up just in time… Helping them block most of the attacks.

At this point Xiaoxiao asked with a horrified look on her face What the hell is this guy? Aju, who is completely out of control at the moment, screams about killing humans Hearing this, President Bang became interested. That's good. Finally, a decent zombie. But then the Jiang Si pulls Xiaoxiao along for the ride. Xiaoxiao is puzzled and asks: why are we running away? Isn't there a President Bang here?.

Jiang Si said without looking back. Don't be stupid. That guy can't be killed. Xiaoxiao is shocked to hear this. At this point, Jiang Si reminded Aju is truly immortal. But their escape was seen by President Bang as Jiang Si's fear. But he wasn't done taunting… Aju punches the vice president right next to him and sends him flying. With a loud thud.

It's only now that President Bang reacts. He then hurriedly turned around and asked, “What's the situation? What just happened? However at the moment the Vice President was completely speechless By the time he looked back again… Aju has somehow gotten in front of him. And then there's a series of thumps and thumps. Green Hair in the surveillance room exclaims, “This is awesome! This guy's combat power is simply off the charts.

And the President of the Stick in the middle of the field is in deep shit. He's trying to fight back. But in the next second, Aju slapped him in the face and spun him around. And then he kicked him several hundred meters away. And with a thud… President Bang and the vice president lost their fighting power in an instant Aju came at them with another flash. He then raises the chainsaw in his hand and slashes at him. And on the other side, on the roof of a building.

Jiang Si and the three of them are relaxing and watching the show. Xiaoxiao shouted: “Oh no! It looks like President Bang is about to lose it. President Bang, who was so arrogant just a moment ago… And now Aju's beating him up and making him cry for his mommy. The Xiaoxiao duo are in a state of shock at this scene. Aju is about to take the life of President Bang. The squad leader next to him hurriedly asked, Vice President Jiang… What do we do now?.

Jiang Si thinks to himself as he observes Aju's movements. If I make a move, I'm probably going to blow my cover. He then turned his head to Xiaoxiao and said, “You go down and beat him up! Hearing this, Xiaoxiao hurriedly said… Even President Bang is no match for that guy… Wouldn't I be serving him dessert if I went down there? However, Jiang Si doesn't pay any attention to her ranting. Instead, he bites down on her arm. Afterward, Xiaoxiao was confused.

Oh no, am I going to turn into a zombie? Then she put her hands on her chest and scolded angrily… You're not trying to have bad thoughts about me, are you? The Jiang Si who heard this was speechless And then he said… Remember to be gentle when you beat him up. It turns out that Xiaoxiao is under the control of a zombie virus… She's already transformed into a fighting loli. It's over.

Jiang Si has bitten someone. But not only did the bitten girl not turn into a zombie… Instead, her fighting power went straight up It's all because Jiang Si is afraid of revealing her identity… So he used his super zombie virus… And he reorganized and upgraded Xiaoxiao's genes. Just for a moment. Xiaoxiao transforms into a battle loli. Just as Aju was about to kill President Bang…

Xiaoxiao hurriedly smashes a rock on top of his head Aju turned around in irritation and asked, “Who is it? How dare you mess with me? At this time Xiaoxiao walked up without haste and said The one with the saw… What's the point of bullying a weakling? Come play with me. Aju is stunned when he hears this. Then he said with a hard look in his eyes, “What are you?.

You're not worthy to fight me What's the matter? Is that all you've got, bragging rights? I'm gonna beat you to a pulp in a minute. With that said, Xiaoxiao immediately pulled out a special Gatling from his crotch Just for a moment… Countless bullets were fired at Aju. But what she didn't expect was… Aju dodged the bullets with just a few random movements. But the president of the club behind him is not so lucky.

Good thing he's wearing steel armor. Otherwise, even if Aju hadn't killed him… He also died at the hands of Xiaoxiao. Just then. Xiaoxiao suddenly arrives in front of Aju with an instantaneous movement. Then another 360-degree leap in the air. A moment before it reaches Aju's head. Xiaoxiao hastily pulls off two high-explosive grenades. Then he slammed them into Aju's mouth.

With a loud boom. Aju was instantly engulfed in flames. But when the smoke cleared. Aju walked out again as if nothing had happened. And even mockingly said, “I'm immortal Don't waste your breath. But his words were not yet finished… He was hit in the face with a round of buckshot. Xiaoxiao shouted with an evil grin on his face, “Not bad!.

I was just warming you up. Meanwhile on the other side The squad leader asked with a curious look on his face, Vice President Jiang What exactly did you just do to her? Nothing. I just modified her genes a little bit. And that's just the beginning. And I can make her stronger. The screen is on Aju's side again.

Even though he's immortal. But he's still in a lot of pain from all the attacks. At that moment, Xiaoxiao in the middle of the field suddenly laughed wildly to the sky As if her body had been subjected to an evolution Seeing this scene, President Bang was completely shocked. Now they just want to go home to their moms. Suddenly Aju takes the lead… A sprint towards Xiaoxiao kills it. But it's a miss.

Instead, he was stepped on the ground by Xiaoxiao With a thud. Xiaoxiao hits Aju in the face with another sweeping kick. The force of the kick sends Aju flying hundreds of meters backwards. At this moment, Xiaoxiao picked up another bazooka and shouted Aren't you immortal? How about a taste of this? At this moment, Aju, who's been beaten up, just got up and saw the gasoline next to him. Then he hurriedly picked up a bucket and poured it into his mouth.

At the same time. Xiaoxiao's rockets are also coming towards him at this time. But with a flash of cold light… That rocket was split in two. It turns out the Aju's combat power has gone up a notch with the gasoline. And Xiaoxiao was cut in half by Aju's blow! The president and vice president of the club were shocked to see this! It's over. She's going to die this time.

At this point, Aju mocks with a haughty look on his face. I told you I was immortal. Be more careful in your next life! ~ And yet, just then Jiang Si on the rooftop suddenly raised his hand and made a fist. In the next second, Xiaoxiao's originally separated body… It miraculously began to heal again. The change was a shock to Aju's face. He didn't expect Xiaoxiao to be immortal.

This is the correct way to use a Gatling machine gun. It's a direct hit. Even Aju would be confused. Just now. Xiaoxiao was transformed by the zombie's super virus… Not only has her combat prowess gone up several notches… She's even got the same immortality as Aju. See this scene. At this moment, the two presidents just want to go home and find their mother.

On the other hand, the two of them are now getting more and more energized. Xiaoxiao growled with an evil grin on his face and said, “Not bad! I'm happy today, so I'll play with you to the end! ~ Aju, who heard this, was also confused What's going on? Why does it look like she's more of a zombie? Jiang Si, who was standing on the roof watching, didn't expect… After Xiaoxiao's genetic mutation… She's got so much potential.

But at this moment, she's already shattered all over. And the pain of being cut in half just now is real. No, we need to end this fight soon. Aju, since you're not staying home properly… Then don't blame me for lending Xiaoxiao a hand to beat you up With Jiang Si's deliberate manipulation… Xiaoxiao's potential is once again stimulated. Just for a moment… And she's in front of Aju.

And then there's a big bang. Xiaoxiao punches Aju in the face. That powerful force caused him to fly upside down dozens of meters But just then… Xiaoxiao comes up behind him with another flash. And then there's the hammer blow. It hits Aju hard on the side of the head. With a loud thud. When the dust clears.

Aju just climbed out of the pit… And he saw Xiaoxiao standing in front of him again. Then came a series of beatings At this point, Aju has no resistance at all. Seeing that Xiaoxiao was about to give him another set of combo attacks Aju raises his hands in surrender. And he said he's going home right now. He'll never come out again. Jiang Si is embarrassed to hear this.

And Green Hair, who was observing from the surveillance room, was also confused Suddenly, Xiaoxiao drops the machine gun to the ground Then the tense state of her whole body disappeared in an instant. At that moment Aju, who was hiding in the pit, noticed the change as well. He then jumps out and hits Xiaoxiao in the face with a sneak attack. Jiang Si was so angry when he saw this! Xiaoxiao, what are you doing? You believe his bullshit? And as soon as you let your guard down, you'll be back to normal in no time.

Xiaoxiao, who heard this, was full of regret. She didn't expect her physical condition to disappear so easily. At this point Aju mocked with a cocky look on his face So it was an injection. Now that the drug has worn off, I'll see how you die. Jiang Si who saw this scene was speechless Looks like I still have to do it myself. And at the moment, Green Hair, who was observing from the shadows, was thrilled. This zombie is too strong.

Even play sneak attack Then he excitedly controls the keyboard and tries to get Aju to destroy them all. As Aju gets closer and closer. Just as he was about to kill Xiaoxiao and the others Suddenly Green Hair notices that there seems to be another person on the street Looking at the slowly approaching Jiang Si… Aju stops moving at once. Just when the Green Hair thought he was in for another good show…

Aju suddenly trembled and couldn't speak properly. At that moment, Jiang Si shouted with a black face, Aju Didn't I tell you to guard the house? What are you doing here? When these words came out, the few people next to them froze in their tracks And at this moment, Green Hair in the surveillance room was also stunned Because no matter how he manipulated… Aju's not responding at all. It turns out that with the appearance of Jiang Si.

Aju's consciousness was instantly pulled back hundreds of years. That was his first meeting with Jiang Si. At the time, he thought Jiang Si was just a little zombie. I didn't realize it had only been a few years. Jiang Si has become the leader of the zombie world. The scene returns to the present. At this moment, Xiaoxiao and the rest of the team are in a state of disbelief. Because Aju, who was so arrogant a moment ago, is now so scared that he pissed his pants. Do you know how scary Jiang Si is in his second form?.

Aju with his undead body was only looked at by him… He pissed his pants. Seeing this scene, Green Hair was in disbelief. He then pressed the console to continue controlling Aju. But watching Jiang Si approaching him step by step At this moment, Aju is so scared that he doesn't dare to utter a word. Trance Aju remembered that summer hundreds of years ago. Back then, he was still the king of the land.

But it wasn't until the guy who called himself Jiang Si showed up… At first Aju thought he was just a normal little zombie. But the next moment he was being choked by Jiang Si. From now on, you're my little brother. Is there anything you don't like? Hearing this Aju nods his head in agreement. The screen returns to the present again. At this moment, Aju is afraid to move. Now the Green Hair is furious.

Then he cursed angrily, “You are immortal what are you afraid of? But since Aju used to disobey Jiang Si… And he was broken into pieces and hung on a tree by Jiang Si for hundreds of years as cured meat. So, no matter how Green Hair manipulates Aju… Aju's body instinctively tries to resist. Just then. The computers controlling the zombies were blown up by the green hair And Aju runs away from the scene out of fear. Green Hair was dumbfounded by this scene.

And the trio of spectators next to him were also dumbfounded. As for Jiang Si, he himself looks puzzled Aju, this kid is really something too Am I that scary? Seeing his plans spoiled by Jiang Si Green Hair is furious. But just as he was about to continue… Suddenly, a big hand landed on his shoulder. Forget it. These zombies are just an appetizer.

The real show is just starting now. With the sound of his voice Several helicopter gunships appeared at 10,000 meters. It's the president of the Abnormal Human Academy. Lanqi turns to the traitor and asks, Speak! ~ Is Dr. Jieming down there? Yeah, they're hiding about a thousand meters underground. And the total area is almost 10,000 square meters Lanqi, who heard this, couldn't help but stare.

How are we supposed to find it if it's so wide? But she hasn't even finished her sentence yet… The president of the Stainless Steel Academy next to her drew his sword and said… You'll see what I'm going to do next. That said… He ejected from the helicopter like a sword. Lanqi, who saw this scene, couldn't help but spit it out You're quite the reckless man, aren't you? But when he heard this, President Steel advanced instead of retreating.

He waved his long sword from side to side at will. In the next second, the wind of the blade was already spiraling towards the ground. It's just for a little while. There was a loud bang on the ground. I didn't realize it was only a few breaths away. The president smashed a 100-meter-deep hole in the ground. Lanqi was speechless at the moment. He's too impulsive, isn't he? Then she said to the president.

Making so much noise… What if there's a trap down there? However, the president is not concerned about this. He even said that all traps are useless in the face of absolute power. And with that, he jumped out of the helicopter. Can you believe it? This little zombie who hasn't even been weaned… It's a zombie king that can destroy humans. Just now.

When all the armed forces enter the dungeon… They searched and found no one suspicious. This confused both the president and the chairman. Did Dr. Jieming escape? Meanwhile, on the ground. Mr. Lanqi couldn't help but spit Why do we have to stand guard up there while they rush down to arrest people? Ziling, who heard this, couldn't help it Afterwards, she could only faintly advise.

Who made them higher in rank than us? At this point, the scene comes back to a tall building Ming, all of them are rushing in. What do we do next? When Ming heard that, he rubbed his eyes and said. It's time to show them my great experiment. Execute the plan. Meanwhile in the dungeon President Steel arrives at a cylindrical incubation chamber.

Driven by curiosity… He peeled off the note on the incubation pod. The paper reads: Zombie King inside. Open it if you're a man with balls. How could President Steel stand to see such words? He ordered his men to open it. But just then The chairman next to him suddenly said Our main purpose is to make arrests.

Don't look for trouble. Seeing that they didn't fall for it Green Hair was in a hurry to report back to Ming that they had gone soft. Hearing this Ming nonchalantly pulls a detonator out of his pocket. With the push of a button… Next secend. The remote-controlled bomb behind the incubation chamber starts counting down. The chairman heard this sound and felt bad.

But it's too late to dodge! Then a violent explosion was heard. The fire engulfed all the soldiers in the room in an instant. However, an explosion of this magnitude seemed to the president… Even tickling him would be easy. But when Ming learned that the things in the incubation bin had come out… He immediately said, “Hahaha”, and laughed furiously. The destruction of mankind begins today. Come, my greatest experiment.

Go slaughter all the humans. Even me. The screen came to the dungeon again As the smoke slowly clears At this moment, President Steel and the Chairman are both baffled. It's because of the Zombie King written on the note… It's a baby zombie that hasn't been weaned yet. President Steel and his team are dumbfounded by this sight. This thing is the Zombie King?.

You've got to be kidding me. But just as President Steel was about to step forward to find out what was going on. The president suddenly tapped him on the shoulder and said, “Be careful. The more harmless something looks, the more dangerous it can be. Because just a little while ago… The president knows what it's like. But the uninformed President Steel doesn't care. He rushed up and swung his sword. However, the little zombie who was breastfeeding dodged it with an extremely strange movement.

The president who saw this scene couldn't help but shout, “Holy shit! I knew this would happen. He then yelled at the soldiers behind him with a wave of his hand. Retreat, or we're all dead. As his words fell All the soldiers then rush towards the outside. But the unconquerable President Steel looked on with disdain. He doesn't believe that a little zombie can take over the world. And then he struck the zombie again.

Looking at the zombie that was cut in half by the slash… President Steel thought that was the end of it. But the next second… The zombie split into two separate entities. President Steel was dumbfounded by the sight. What the fuck is this monster? And that's when it happened. The two separate little zombies suddenly let out a strange burst of speech And then they fused with each other in a strange way.

Here we go. Jiang Si's wife is here. Just now. After the president and a few others attacked the dungeon… All they found was a zombie with a pacifier. The real Ming had already escaped to the roof of the building. Ming, before they realize it. Why don't we let the zombies out and just run while they're gone? That's it.

Green Hair then released all the zombies in the city It was only a moment. A large number of zombies rushed towards Lanqi and the others. However, Lanqi didn't panic at all when he saw this scene. Just as the subordinate next to her was about to call for backup Lanqi, however, walked up alone and said, “No need”. You can step back for now. After saying She then stepped forward and removed the hairpin that bound her hair from her head.

With a swish. The hairpin transformed into a sharp sword. In a flash, Lanqi is holding a sword. As valiant as a heroine. With a swish and a flash Lanqi had already kicked the zombie in the jaw! Then there were countless thuds and bangs. In the next second, all the zombies on the street were kicked into the air by Lanqi! At this moment, Lanqi is using the bouncing force of a big tree…

And with a swoosh, she's off into the air. The vice president was shocked to see this. The Lanqi in the air is whizzing by with a very fast sword. It's only a matter of breaths. Lanqi has landed. The zombies in the air are all cut to pieces. The vice president, who was eating his lunch at the moment, was dumbfounded. It's because a top quality zombie sushi was cut out of his plate. Lanqi said with her arms wrapped around her.

That's all the zombies… Not enough to warm me up. And the Green Hair on the rooftop is very angry. I didn't realize that the zombies he just released were cleaned up by her If only that chainsaw zombie from before was still there I'm gonna make this bitch suffer. He then commanded the other zombies to charge towards Lanqi. But just then Two strange figures suddenly appeared in the alley.

It's Dog and Blackie. They're here too. Blacky walked up to one of the zombies and asked. Have you seen this zombie in the picture? With a chainsaw in his hand. But he hasn't even finished his sentence yet. The notice in his hand was flipped off by the zombie. Blackie is speechless at this scene. This wild zombie has no quality. And then Dog walked up and asked.

If we can't find Aju… Will the king beat us up too? Hearing this, Blackie couldn't help but break out in a cold sweat as well He then reassured himself that he would find him. Meanwhile in the dungeon The zombie with the pacifier reached out and shouted! Let's play! Hearing this, the chairman and the two of them were speechless for a moment. President Steel even drew his sword and slashed at the zombie.

But the zombie dodged it. At that moment, President Steel suddenly built up his strength. And with a swish, he cuts the zombie in two. And yet the zombie, cut in two, acted as if nothing had happened. After a few bounces, it's back together again. President Steel was furious! Then he cursed: Don't run away ! Dare you fight me for real? After hearing that, the zombie suddenly pulled out the pacifier.

And then something weird happened. Only to see the little zombie that was originally less than a meter… Now it's a tall, beautiful zombie. Seeing this scene, the two presidents were dumbfounded What the fuck is this? And yet, just then. The zombie suddenly said to them… This is one sexy, long-legged zombie you don't want to mess with. President Steel just for looking at her one more time…

She crippled him with a kick. Just now. When that zombie cub pulled out the pacifier… It turned into a long-legged female zombie. However for the steel president… A beautiful woman only affects how fast he can draw his sword. He then slashes at the female zombie with a double-edged slash. But the next moment he was dumbfounded. It was only because his dominating blow was caught by the female zombie with a flick of her hand.

And no matter how hard he tried… The sword could not advance any further. Seeing this, President Steel knew that he was no match for her. Then he turned around and shouted What are you waiting for? Get over here and help! ~ The chairman who heard this no longer hides And then there was the boom. Mecha 1 shines.

But he hasn't even had a chance to strike yet… He was sent flying by an inch strike from the female zombie. That horrible force directly pierced through a building. Finally. And coincidentally landed in front of Blackie and Dog. Looking at the human who suddenly appeared. Dog subconsciously asks, “He looks like he's dying, should we save him? Next to him, Blackie sniffed and spat in a hurry. Are you stupid?.

We're zombies! ~ That's it. Suddenly there's another loud bang on the other side of the dungeon. Then we saw President Steel flying out like a cannonball. Ziling and Lanqi rushed forward and asked him. What's going on in the dungeon? Seeing President Steel endure the pain, he raises his hand and points behind them. See for yourselves. The two of them turn around in a hurry when they hear this.

But when they saw the visitor clearly, they were shocked. Because that beautiful zombie is now leisurely leaning on the railing and yawning. And then she even threw a wink at Lanqi and the others. Watching this bizarre scene Ziling instantly feels that this zombie must be something special Lanqi, who was next to her, also hastily drew the sword in her hand She says: work together later Can't let her get away. But facing the pressure of the two presidents.

This beautiful zombie is not panicking at all. It even hooked its hand at them in amusement. And meanwhile on the other side Jiang Si and the others are relaxing and eating barbecue. At this time, Vice President Steel picked up a glass of wine and said fawningly, “President Jiang Please drink. But Jiang Si had just picked up his glass and hadn't even had a chance to drink yet… There was a sudden rumble from the other side of the street. Xiaoxiao next to him couldn't help being stunned by this strange sound.

Is something happening over there? When he heard this, Jiang Si then stood up and said Let's go. Let's go over there and see what's going on. It's over. Jiang Si is losing his wife. It turns out that the beautiful zombie with a bumpy figure… At this moment, he turned into a mutant bull demon king with eight-pack abs Just now.

Lanqi and Ziling are going to join forces against the female zombie. But it turns out that the vampire girl isn't backing down at all. Instead, she came right at them. Lanqi took the lead. She threw the sword in his hand towards her. With a whooshing sound It only made a small cut on the female zombie's face. see this Ziling, who was next to him, also rushed forward with his sword drawn.

But the next second… She was kicked in the jaw by zombie. The pain is so intense that Ziling almost passes out. At that moment, the female zombie spoke up and said, “The speed is not bad. It's just a shame the power is so far off. Ziling can't stand it when he hears this. So she did a 360-degree spin in the air. And then she kicked the zombie in the head. However, such a fierce blow.

The female zombie was fine. Ziling feels bad when he sees this. She then hastily retreated to the back with an instantaneous flash. Right in the middle of her retreat… Lanqi, who was next to her, rushed forward, wielding her sword. Only to see countless sword qi surrounding the female zombie's body. Just for a moment. The surrounding buildings were split into countless pieces by the sword energy. But despite that…

The female zombie is still unharmed. Meanwhile, on the other side. President Steel endured the pain and came to a secluded area. He took off his pants neatly. He then activated the backup motor on his neck. In the next second, there was a mechanical sound of clicking. a few seconds President Steel has transformed into a Steel Knight. That's right. This is the Stainless Steel Academy's secret card.

Heart of Steel number 1 The screen comes to Lanqi and his side again It's a back-and-forth battle at the moment. But just as Ziling and Lanqi were about to launch a general attack on her. The female zombie in the scene suddenly stuck out a two and a half meter tongue. And then a series of mutation growths occurred. The Lanqi duo who saw this scene were stunned on the spot. What the fuck is this? That's when the female zombie suddenly hit the ground with a slap.

The powerful airflow immediately blew them away. And the female zombie who originally had a diminutive figure… She's turned into a mutant cow demon with eight-pack abs. But luckily, President Steel, who succeeded in his transformation, has finally arrived. At that moment, the Lanqi duo, who had been severely injured, shouted… Retreat! You're no match for him! However, President Steel's self-confidence is so high that he doesn't even care about their cries. He then arrogantly walked up to the mutated bull demon. Human, I hope you can withstand my blow.

Come on. One move to win. At that moment, President Steel and Bull Demon Zombie swung their fists at the same time. As the fists clashed for a moment The powerful shockwave sent Lanqi and Ziling flying. The loud explosion also caught the attention of Jiang Si who was not far away. Soon, as the smoke slowly cleared At this point, only half of President Steel's body was left in the field. On the other hand, the Bull Demon Zombie next to him is really fine. Human, you've already lost.

Give up your pointless resistance. I am the greatest zombie king this world has ever known. You're all going to die. What he doesn't realize is that Jiang Si, who is not far away, is about to arrive here. Here we go. Jiang Si has unlocked his second form again. With just a casual punch, he sent the new generation of zombie kings flying off the planet Just now.

The new generation of Zombie King, in order to be able to destroy the world… And he's turned on his third transformation. The little unweaned zombie at the beginning… At this moment, he has become an emotionless Ultimate Zombie King. But against such a fearsome opponent… Lanqi and the others never gave up. But in the face of absolute power… Their efforts are in vain. The Zombie King simply raised his hand and flicked it…

President Steel's mecha was instantly disintegrated. Lanqi and Ziling were sent flying 100 meters into the air. Luckily, Jiang Si appeared in time to save them. But before they could react The Zombie King ordered : Go. Eat them. As his words finish… Countless zombies rush towards Lanqi and the others. Jiang Si was furious when he saw this.

He then threw Lanqi and the two of them to the ground and yelled. Are you guys blind? Get the fuck outta here. The zombies were confused when they heard that. Just for a moment. All the Zombies stopped moving. And at this moment, the Zombie King was puzzled and asked, “Who are you? Jiang Si slowly walked into the horde of corpses And then asked rhetorically, “You're the zombie king.

So what am I? With his words just falling out of his mouth The countless Zombies all kneeled down. A few minutes… All the zombies were trampled under Jiang Si's feet. Why are you afraid to talk when you see my face? Hearing this the Zombie King grinned So we're kindred spirits. Then he added: Since there can only be one Zombie King.

So let's compare. That's it. He then punched Jiang Si in the face. But such a horrible punch was countered by Jiang Si's taunting words Have you not eaten? The Zombie King who heard this was instantly enraged However, before he could react Jiang Si's fist had already landed on him. It's just a split second.

The force sent the Zombie King flying several dozen kilometers. And finally, it flew off the land… It hit the carrier with a bang. Dr. Jieming, who was watching the battle from the roof, was dumbfounded. How did such a horrible thing appear halfway through the battle? On the other hand, the Zombie King on the other side laughed and said, “Interesting! Finally, I've met someone who can fight. With that, he plunged into the sea. Then he lifted the submarine, which weighed tens of thousands of tons, into the air.

With a loud boom… Jiang Si is drowning in dust. Meanwhile, on top of a building Blackie is giving the chairman emergency treatment. But then Dog suddenly tapped him on the shoulder and said. Look over there. I think I can sense the King's breath. With the sound of his words A figure instantly emerged from the center of the submarine.

Only to see Jiang Si fly into the sky after… Then he threw out a rope and wrapped it around the Zombie King's neck. Then he pulls it violently to his side. Next Secend. Jiang Si kicks him in the face. The terrifying force of the kick directly removed all of the Zombie King's five senses. The Zombie King is now completely enraged. He rushes to the ground and raises his submarine again. Then he swung it towards Jiang Si.

With a loud boom. Jiang Si was knocked thousands of kilometers off an aircraft carrier. At that moment, Jiang Si's eyes turned cold and said Do you like smashing things that much? What's the matter? You can smash it if you can! ~ At the moment he doesn't realize the gravity of the statement And meanwhile on the other side After seeing how powerful this Zombie King is The president was hastily persuaded: let's evacuate quickly.

What Dr. Jieming has researched is not something your king can deal with. But he hadn't even finished his sentence… And Blacky smiled contemptuously and said. Human, take a good look at this. No one in this world is a match for the Great King. Not even the gods. Because the king is invincible. As his words finished… Jiang Si on the carrier suddenly made a flash.

In the next second, he was already in front of the Zombie King. Just when the Zombie King was still there surprised why Jiang Si's speed suddenly became faster… Jiang Si's fist had already slammed into his face! The terrifying force directly sent the Zombie King flying off the planet. But the Zombie King didn't even have time to catch his breath. A carrier is speeding toward him again. With a loud boom. The Zombie King was smashed into the moon. No way! ~.

Jiang Si has turned into a handsome man. Facing the onslaught of the new Zombie King. He simply raised his hand at random. Next secend. The new zombie king is split into a million pieces. Just now. After that zombie king was smashed into the moon At this moment, Xiaoxiao and the others in the arena have been completely dumbfounded. However, at this moment.

The zombie king on the moon has a sudden burst of power. Next secend. The carrier is headed straight for Earth again. And with it, the Zombie King's rage. Seeing this scene, Jiang Si immediately jumped on the spot With a thud. He then rushes towards the zombie king. But then the Zombie King suddenly entered the carrier's inner sanctum. He was destroying the nuclear reactor.

Just as Jiang Si reaches the carrier. A loud boom was heard across the continent. Xiaoxiao who saw this scene was screaming for help! However… As that mushroom cloud slowly dissipated in the air. Jiang Si landed on the battleship in one piece. He then began to say in a mocking manner That's not even enough damage to tickle me. The Zombie King is completely speechless at this point.

And then he began to build up his strength again. Next secend. His arm quickly lengthens and moves towards Jiang Si. It's just a split second. Jiang Si was sent flying into a tall building. And then the Zombie King spoke again. Since neither of us can do anything about the other. Why don't we work together to destroy the world? Meanwhile, on the Chairman's side.

After seeing the Zombie King's terrifying strength. He then began to persuade again: we'd better run quickly I know your king is strong when he transforms. But they can't just keep fighting! ~ But he hasn't even finished his sentence yet… And then Blackie interrupts him and says. Who says our Great King can only transform once? The president who heard this was full of shock He didn't realize that Jiang Si had a third form.

The scene is once again on Jiang Si's side. He got up from the rubble and said… I'm not interested in destroying the world. Actually, I'd rather live in peace with the humans. Only a weakling would want to destroy the world. The Zombie King was speechless when he heard this. He didn't realize that as a zombie, Jiang Si still wanted to make friends with humans. Just when he's wondering what's going on. Jiang Si suddenly transformed again.

Only to see his original gray skin slowly begin to break apart With a roar of rage In the next second, Jiang Si had transformed into a white-skinned young man. Lanqi and the others who saw this scene had question marks on their faces. What the fuck is this? Is he a human or a zombie? On the other side of the room, Dog slapped the president in the face and said… Check it out. This is the real power of our king.

When the chairman saw the white boy on the high floor He was in a state of disbelief. No way, how did a zombie become a human? Just then the sky suddenly changed. In no time at all, it began to rain. The Zombie King was confused when he saw Jiang Si's transformation. Am I fighting a human? And then he went back up to find out what was going on. But as his fist was about to hit Jiang Si's face.

The space around him suddenly changed. The raindrops that had been falling stopped in midair as if they were standing still. At that moment, Jiang Si suddenly raised his hand and waved it. Next secend The zombie king's body was split into countless pieces in an instant. At the same time, the raindrops flew backward. It's not just that. Even Ziling and the others are floating in the air. Even the fish in the ocean are affected.

At this point. The Zombie King, who was already only halfway through his body, was all fear. He didn't realize that the gap between himself and Jiang Si was so great. Jiang Si slowly walked up and said You didn't know where to drink milk when I was the zombie king It's over. The aliens have come to destroy the Earth. But the moment the ship descended on Earth… And it was blocked by an unimpressive teenager.

Just now. Jiang Si while changing into his third form With a single casual hand raise, he sliced the Zombie King into a million pieces. Even the gravity around it changed. Just then. A giant eye of wind has appeared in the sky. Xiaoxiao was in disbelief when she saw this. At the same time Ziling and Lanqi fell out of the air.

So it's the end of Jiang Si's spell. The gravity around us is back to normal. Ziling is dumbfounded at the moment. Is this still the power of a zombie? Suddenly, a hundred-ton whale falls heavily from the sky onto a tall building. Dr. Jieming was also shocked at the sight. It's the first time he's seen a zombie like this. At this point, the greenhorn next to him said, “Ming This kind of zombie is beyond our comprehension.

We'd better run. But the divided Zombie King is still not giving up. He leapt up from the ground. Then he shouted, “Recovery! Next secend The separated body begins to reorganize. And when it was restored to its original form, it said arrogantly. As the king of zombies… The basic function is “undead.”.

There's nothing you can do about it. Jiang Si only gave a soft “Oh” when he heard this. And then he raised his hand again. The zombie king was grabbed by Jiang Si's neck again. Looking at the Zombie King in his hands like a little chicken. Jiang Si said with a disdainful look on his face Do you have some misconceptions about death? Actually, it's eternal life that's the most painful The Zombie King was clearly stunned when he heard this.

Then before he could even retort The next moment, he saw Jiang Si's terrifying eyes. A split second. The Zombie King's consciousness arrives in an unfamiliar environment. There were countless giant aircraft carriers in the sky above the Earth. And on one of the main ships… A mech-clad alien gave the order. Countless mech warriors began to march toward Earth. This is the sixth time human civilization has been destroyed.

But he hasn't had time to be happy… He saw a mysterious man on Earth suddenly transform. Next secend All their carriers were in flames. And the mystery man… I don't know when he's already in outer space. Back in the present. The Zombie King is seen to be in pain. Just for a little while.

The zombie king has stopped moving in Jiang Si's hands. Let's take a guess… What exactly will Jiang Si do with this zombie king? Here we go. Jiang Si's back to his old, dumb self. But despite this… Ziling and Xiaoxiao are still afraid to go near him. Jiang Si in his 3rd form just now… Just one look made the Zombie King roll his eyes.

Ziling, who was watching the battle from afar, didn't know what was going on. All they see is the Zombie King being choked by Jiang Si and then instantly stops moving. Just then, Jiang Si suddenly let go of his hand. Next secend The zombie king fell off the roof. With a loud thud. The zombie king is already dead. The president was in disbelief when he saw this. At that moment, Blackie explained.

He should have been scared by the King's third form and his consciousness dissipated And Dr. Jieming in the distance is also confused He didn't expect the zombie king he had worked so hard on to die of fright just like that At that moment, Green Hair hugged him and shouted, “Ming”. Let's get out of here. Or we won't be able to escape later. But he hasn't even finished his sentence yet… Jiang Si is already at his side. At this moment, Green Hair and the others were instantly dumbfounded.

We've never shown our faces before. How did he know we were here? Looking at Jiang Si's displeased face Green Hair was instantly paralyzed with fear. At this point, Jiang Si spoke up and said, “Are you guys just going to fold your hands? Or do you want to follow along and meet the Zombie King? When they hear this, they immediately raise their hands in surrender. Behind them, Dr. Jieming, though reluctant… But at this moment he could only bite his teeth and give up resistance.

And so, Dr. Jieming, who had done so much harm, was finally captured alive by the Inhuman Academy. And after that… Xiaoxiao and Ziling see Jiang Si crouching there, wondering what he's thinking. So now Jiang Si is back to his cute self again. At this point, Ziling tells Xiaoxiao to go over and ask… she said that if she succeeded, she'd make her vice president. Xiaoxiao was reluctant. But Ziling pushed her from behind. Xiaoxiao has no choice but to walk over there.

She says hello to Jiang Si. Just then, Jiang Si suddenly stood up violently. This startled Xiaoxiao, who was next to her. But then Jiang Si simply spoke up and said I still want a dress that won't break. Xiaoxiao was relieved to hear that. Now Jiang Si seems to be no longer dangerous at all. And with that, she asked as she walked… Do you remember what just happened?.

Jiang Si rubbed his chin after hearing that… The memory of what happened just now is a little fuzzy. But I've had to beat up a lot of strange guys like this before. The screen comes back to the non-human side of the academy. Only to see the green hair in the escort car was looking at the side with a strange face It turns out that Dr. Jieming is grinning with an evil look on his face right now. Oh, I didn't realize there was such a powerful species. Jiang Si, right? I must get your genes! ~.

And then create a being more powerful than you. Here we go. Jiang Si's wish has finally come true. Not only did he allow his citizens to live in peace and happiness Even human armies lined up to escort them. Just now. Ever since Dr. Jieming was captured by Jiang Si… He's been appointed president of the First Society by the humans. He was also given the right to run a city.

But Jiang Si asked if he could have the city of H, where Dr. Jieming was. The heads of state who heard this questioned. What's so great about that shithole of a place? Yet Jiang Si stands by his choice. He also said that he would definitely manage the city of H In this way, Jiang Si not only became the president… He also received a letter of appointment from the city of H But when the non-human academy learned of this… Very irritated.

Ziling, next to him, also has a headache This Jiang Si, I really don't understand what he is thinking. It turns out that the reason why Jiang Si wants H City… That's because he's got tons of zombie citizens. To be able to help them move as quickly as possible… Jiang Si also ordered his army to protect the streets. At this point. Jiang Si, high above the building, looks at his citizens with a sense of relief. At that moment, Blackie came up and reported: “My Lord!.

As you requested… All the citizens have moved in. Well, that's good. Now they'll finally have a home of their own. Suddenly. The human legions began to drill in the city. The little zombie who saw this immediately asked They're not going to hit us with a flaming dick, are they? One of the soldiers heard this and then said…

You are citizens of President Jiang Si. Then you're the ones we'll protect from now on. The little zombie who heard this was speechless. What is wrong with these people? And on the rooftop at this point Jiang Si's minions are also excited. I didn't realize zombies had their own city. At this point, Jiang Si spoke up, saying, “Sometimes the continuation of a race doesn't have to depend on war. With that, he left the rooftop without looking back.

Blackie saw the boss leaving… Then he hurriedly asked: Aju has been hanging for half a month already Can we put him down now? Jiang Si sniffed and waved his hand to indicate… Just let him hang on. And with that, poor Aju is left hanging in the municipal building with a look of resignation on his face. Wooooooo! ~King, I was wrong. I won't dare again. I'm getting dried out in the sun.

King, please let me down. I promise I won't dare next time. And with that, Mr. Jiang Si's first season comes to an end. I'd like to thank everyone for watching and enjoying Next up is a preview of the second season… Ziling is attacked by a mysterious creature. That powerful force directly crippled her. It was hard for her to recover, but she realized… Her attacker was the always timid Xiaoxiao.

We'll see you next time for more exciting episodes! ~ Do you know how scary it is to be bitten by a Jiang Si? Not only can her head rotate 360 degrees… And even after being split in half, she can still recover. Just now. Xiaoxiao is trying to get the vice president position… she challenged Ziling, who is the president. And Ziling was not expecting it… After the mutation, Xiaoxiao's combat power is surprisingly high.

Just a few simple collisions have left her with some serious internal injuries. At this point, Xiaoxiao also said mockingly, “Sister Ziling”. I haven't used my full strength yet. Ziling can't hold back when he hears this. And then she instantly moved behind Xiaoxiao. But at that moment Xiaoxiao's head suddenly does a 360-degree spin. This startles Ziling, who was about to attack. She then does a backward somersault.

With her hands on the ground, she asked, “Are you still human? However, before she could even finish her sentence… Xiaoxiao has already turned around and raised her machine gun. Ziling rushes to the back when he sees this. The sound of machine gun fire was heard. Ha-ha-ha, Ziling. Now I think I'm ready for the presidency. Ziling was furious when he heard this. With that, she lent her feet to the ground.

And then she rushed towards Xiaoxiao like a sword. With a dominating horizontal slash. Xiaoxiao's machine gun was instantly reduced to scrap metal. But the tough-talking Xiaoxiao is still taunting her. Sister, is that all you've got? But she hasn't even finished her sentence yet. Ziling had already cut her in half with a single slash. Ziling was shocked to see this. Why isn't she hiding?.

But Xiaoxiao, who was split in half, wasn't afraid… Instead,she laughed out loud. And then the weirdest thing happened. The body that was originally split in half began to recover slowly. In no time at all, Xiaoxiao was like a normal person again! Ziling is in a state of shock. What the hell did this Jiang Si guy do to Xiaoxiao's body? At this point Xiaoxiao opened her mouth again and asked, How's it going? With my current strength, I should have no problem becoming a president, right?.

With that, she threw a violent punch towards Ziling. With a loud boom Ziling was instantly knocked off the wall and out of commission. Ziling is losing. Xiaoxiao transformed back into her human form. Ziling, are you okay? Did I just hit you too hard? Tell me the truth. Did you turn into a zombie after being bitten by Jiang Si or not?.

No, I didn't. Wasn't it just checked in the lab yesterday? All the cells in my body are completely normal. And what about this 360-degree turn of the head and the regeneration of your body? Xiaoxiao then explains. I can now control my transformation freely. And when the mood strikes… It can also be enhanced by injections of stimulants And without any side effects.

Ziling was speechless when he heard this. I'd love to have such a powerful transformation effect! ~ She then pulled Xiaoxiao away from her. And then she's ready to go find Jiang Si. Let him bite her, too. It's over. Jiang Si is biting human again. But the girl who was bitten was not angry… Instead, she's enjoying herself.

Just now. Ziling, after seeing Xiaoxiao's shapeshifting ability… She immediately took a plane to H City. And in the city hall at this time… Jiang Si is assigning jobs to his minions. First up is the financial power of the city of H Jiang Si's first thought was Blackie. From now on, you're the head of the Finance Bureau. you're in charge of the family's money.

As his words finished… The door to the conference room was kicked in with a bang. Looking at a panting Ziling Jiang Si asked curiously, Are there any instructions? However, he hadn't even finished his sentence yet… Ziling running towards him in a hurry. Just when Jiang Si was still in a daze Ziling suddenly opened his mouth… Then she forced Jiang Si to bite her.

When it's all over Ziling left the conference room without looking back. But she had just left the municipal building … The aide rushed up to remind President Ziling that… You're being reckless. Have you forgotten that Jiang Si can control people's minds? What if he controls you to do something unspeakable? And yet Ziling, who heard this, was more than sorry… Instead, she also said: to have such power…

Even if he controls me to sing, dance and play basketball, that's fine. But what they don't know is At this moment, Jiang Si is still in a state of confusion. But with his careful planning The city of H is finally slowly getting on the right track. Citizens have developed a variety of stores while living and working in peace. Like a barber store for zombies. Or a zombie real estate company Even a zombie driving school has opened.

It's just that getting a driver's license is a little more difficult for zombies. At the moment, Jiang Si is looking at his city with a sense of relief. The dream of so many years has finally come true. But what he didn't know was… An even bigger crisis is looming. one-eyed woman studying Jiang Si's data. I don't get it. Why would the Academy of Abnormal Humans want a guy like that for mayor? At this point the secretary next to her stepped forward and said.

Inspector Chen, I heard the Grand President of the Stainless Steel Academy say… That Jiang Si seems to be a zombie. But the one-eyed woman who heard this was unimpressed… It's not like we haven't seen them slandering each other before. Though I don't believe they'd let a zombie become mayor. But this guy named Jiang Si really doesn't sit well with me Come on, let's go to H city and find out. What's the origin of this Jiang Si? Here we go.

Mr. Jiang Si has unlocked a new character again This woman not only has white skin and long legs… She even seems to have a long history with Jiang Si. Just now, over a glacier in the North Pole. Suddenly a helicopter came through here. Not only that. The humans have sent a giant cruise ship. Soon, the expedition arrived at its current destination At this point the Doctor asked.

I heard that ancient corpse are suspected to have been found here. And I've heard from the scouting party The corpse was buried 500 meters under ice. If we can get it out in one piece this time. That would be a great discovery. And so, with the help of the crane The body was soon hoisted up. As an archaeologist It's the first time he's found such a thing.

With the crane slowly pulling the ice out of the ground. A looming body also finally emerges in front of the crowd From the looks of it, it appears to be a young girl. Just as Dr. Qi is shocked by this discovery… The assistant next to him is suddenly covered by a man's mouth The next thing you know, the man is biting down on his neck. The Doctor was shocked at the sight. But before he could react He was kicked to the ground by another man.

It turns out that the one who attacked them was a mysterious organization. And their target was the frozen corpse. The man in the lead is seen smashing the ice away with an ice pick And then a bizarre scene happened. The body was dry, but now it's alive again. The vampire next to her rushed to drape his coat over her. They then kneeled before the woman and cried out Greetings, Lord Vampire King. May my king be forever young.

The vampire king who heard this did not think much of it Instead, he just opened his mouth and asked, “Is that stupid bastard named Jiang still alive now? What was it that caused Jiang Si to instantly change form? Just now. Jiang Si was still enjoying his afternoon tea in H city. But he was suddenly summoned by Ziling to the Academy's headquarters. This is all because of a strange incident at the main academy. A researcher was exploring the North Pole when he suddenly mutated. Killed the entire team.

Ziling and Lanqi were confused when they saw this. This guy doesn't look like a zombie. They had no choice but to find Jiang Si, a professional. Soon enough, Jiang Si arrived in the city of technology. But just as he entered, he was surprised by what he saw. It's because no one here is normal. Just then. A man carrying a stick came to Jiang Si and said Hello.

I'm the hard president of Steel Stick Academy. I heard you're the one who captured Dr. Jieming. Jiang Si immediately went up to him and shook his hand and said, “Yes. But when they've only just separated… President Hardy thought to himself with a sneer. What a little piece of trash. It's not even worth my time. But just when the other presidents thought Jiang Si was weak. President Steel, however, hid himself in a corner and spat out.

Should have known he was here… I'm just rotting at home and not coming over The screen came to Jiang Si's side again He's now in the lab. And yet, for something like recognizing a species… Jiang Si is obviously confused as well. But when he saw two holes in the man's neck The long-lost memories suddenly came flooding back. Ziling, who was next to he, stepped forward and asked, “How's it going?.

Do you see something? Just then. The researcher suddenly hissed. But when he saw Jiang Si's face. He was good again in an instant. It turns out that Jiang Si has already transformed into his second form. Oh, that's interesting. I didn't realize it was a Blood. After saying that, a terrifying aura began to erupt around him.

Just for a moment… Lanqi and others were all “boomed” and flew out At this point, Jiang Si spoke again: I remember… Shouldn't this race be long extinct? Meanwhile, on an island in the Arctic. A man knelt on the ground and said, “Your Majesty! That Jiang Si is not only alive He's also living a good life. I remember after he destroyed the last human civilization…

And now he's mixing with humans. The vampire king who heard this immediately said angrily, “Very well! I would be more or less lonely if you were gone. But this time I won't lose to you. What is it that makes even Jiang Si frown? Just now. Jiang Si, after realizing the appearance of the Bloods… He instantly transformed into his second form. The terrifying aura directly blew many presidents away!.

Especially President Bang. And he almost had internal injuries from the shock. And then, while the crowd was still baffled. At this point, Jiang Si suddenly laughed and said, “Interesting. I remember the Bloods should have been destroyed by me a thousand years ago. After saying He then pinched the researcher and asked Come on, tell me where Zhu Xiaohong, the one who likes to drug me, is now? But how would he know the whereabouts of the Vampire King when he's just turned into a vampire?.

He didn't get the information he wanted… Jiang Si then returns to his original form. And in the hall at the moment… President Stick still doesn't think that Jiang Si was responsible for what happened just now. Only President Steel, who was hiding on the sidelines, was thinking with a look of horror… I should have stayed at home and not gone out. Just then, Jiang Si finally came out of the room. Seeing this, Ziling and the others rushed forward and asked: any special findings? Jiang Si said.

It's best if you guys stay out these days after speaking He just started frowning there for a second. Ziling and Xiaoxiao felt bad when they saw this scene. But the next moment Jiang Si rubbed his head and said I've forgotten what just happened. I can't help it, Jiang Si always forgets something when he switches forms. Meanwhile on the other side.

Next to a certain large villa… Inside a cobwebbed alley. Xiaohong, the Vampire King, is speechless at the moment. Just then, a coin suddenly landed next to them Turns out the aborigines thought they were beggars… So they gave them a dollar. Seeing this, Lanling immediately picked up the money with glowing eyes. But the vampire king is not happy about it. You're all in such a state…

Why did you wake me up? But she hasn't even finished her sentence. The girl next to her cried out Wooooooo! ~King Do you know how we've spent the last 1000 years? After you lost the battle with Jiang Si… There was no place for us Bloods. Lanling and I faked our own deaths to avoid him. And from that moment on…

And we've been hiding all over the place. Such an alleyway… We don't even know exactly how many years we stayed. The Vampire King was instantly enraged. I didn't realize how miserable the Bloods are now. But then she sighed and said It's no use summoning me. Because I can't beat Jiang Si. At this point, Lanling, who was next to me, suddenly interjected.

King, the reason we woke you up was because we got an important piece of information. We have discovered a special human being. He may be able to help you defeat Jiang Si. The girl next to her chimed in, Yes! That man may give us hope. The vampire king who heard this was instantly interested. With that she asked, Who is it? At this point Lanling pulls a wanted notice out of his pocket. That's right.

It's the same Dr. Jieming who's in the slammer. At this time, a prison hidden 3,000 meters underground… Not only was it equipped with all kinds of high-tech weapons There's even a president at the entrance to each floor. And yet such a prison was built to hold just one human being. It turns out that after the Blood Queen was awakened a thousand years ago… Only to find out that her nemesis from back then is still alive. Good thing her subordinates said… There is a human who can help her defeat Jiang Si.

And that human is the same Dr. Jieming who created a generation of zombie kings. But at the moment, Dr. Jieming is still locked up in a prison. Seeing this scene, Jiang Si couldn't help but ask… Why don't you just kill him? Ziling says he can't kill him yet. Not only does that guy have a lot of undercover agents around us. And there's a lot of research that hasn't been done yet. Hearing this, Jiang Si then asked again What if that guy runs away?.

But he hasn't even finished his sentence yet. The president next to him laughed and said it was impossible. Then he turned around and said… Since you're the one who captured him. Then I'll show you. After a while. So they took a helicopter to a valley in the middle of nowhere. President Stick says… Dr. Jieming is being held in this prison 3,000 meters underground.

It would take us at least two and a half hours to get down there by elevator. Not to mention security. Not only are there high-tech weapons… And each floor is guarded by a powerful president. It's a prison. Dr. Jieming couldn't escape even if he had three heads and six arms. And… We also strapped a giant detonator to his body. But anyone who comes near him…

Then the detonator will detonate immediately. Dead or alive. Dr. Jieming will never leave this prison in his lifetime. Jiang Si was in a cold sweat when he heard this. The human race is too cruel. He then turned around and said that he had to leave first. After all, Jiang Si in his original state was infinitely close to normal human thinking. Meanwhile, in an alleyway When the Blood Queen saw their conversation…

They felt a chill down their backs. 1000 years have passed. Has mankind evolved to such horrors? The scene returns to the prison side again. The President Stick saying in a leisurely manner Your little boyfriend is about to get in trouble. As far as I can tell. President Steel tipped off Inspector Chen… He said President Jiang Si is a zombie.

And that he built a city of zombies. Ziling is flabbergasted when he hears this. She then asked him why he was telling her this. President Steel said… Zombies don't interest him at all. Because in his eyes… Only the strong can get his attention. However, on the human side of the city Jiang Si is still shopping happily without any knowledge of it.

What is it that even scares Jiang Si? As a zombie he became a human president… He even built a zombie city with honor. A disgruntled President Steel then ratted to his superiors. Upon hearing the news, Inspector Chen immediately decided to investigate. Luckily, Mr. Bang found out about it. He admires Jiang Si as an opponent. He then told Ziling the news. At the same time.

Jiang Si, who is still unaware of the situation, is still strolling around. At that moment His cell phone suddenly rang. Ziling called her as soon as he got the news. She told Jiang Si… Due to President Steel's whistle-blowing… At this moment, Inspector Chen is on his way to H City. If she finds out that what President Steel said was true… Then you're not going to be able to hold on to your job as president.

Jiang Si broke out in a cold sweat when he heard this. And then he said, “I'm actually a human. But the next moment Ziling cursed… Don't think I don't know what those things in your city are And with that, she hung up the phone. Now Jiang Si is completely panicked, it's over. Are we going back to the Ruins again? No way. I must not let the citizens down on me.

Just when Jiang Si was worried about what to do next… A nearby makeup store suddenly caught his attention. Meanwhile, inside the underground prison… Dr. Jieming is thinking about something at the moment. At this moment… The delivery guy comes in with his cart. At this point, Green Hair cried out in fear, “It's over. We're going to die. Yet Dr. Jieming is laughing: Jiang Si.

I must get your genes Ming, what are you talking about? Aren't we about to be executed? It won't happen. Don't worry. They're not going to kill us until they get my research. And I had it hidden in a place no one knew about before I was captured. At this point, Green Hair said: “Jiang Si is too powerful. Even if we get his genes, we can't beat him. Dr. Jieming smiled evilly and said.

We need a strong body to serve as a vessel. In time, I will naturally be able to research a more powerful being. Ming… We're stuck here, not to mention research… Even if you want to give a “love” to the video, it is difficult Dr. Jieming, who heard this, suddenly went quiet. The staff then arrived with the food delivery robot Unexpectedly, Dr. Jieming not only didn't resist… But also was also particularly cooperative in eating the food delivered by the robot.

The Green Hair is baffled by this sight. Why is Ming suddenly so obedient? It turns out the delivery guy was actually a gap he planted. And the purpose of this was to put a bug in his mouth. And then when the delivery man walked out of the prison… Dr. Jieming immediately asked Where is the Zombie King's body being held now? Report to the Doctor. He's being held in the mountain lab on the 200th floor. And there are two presidents guarding the laboratory.

Good. From now on, you can follow my plan.

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