He Grew to turn out to be A King And Now She Sleeps Bare In his Mattress To Form Him Stronger

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Roaming alone on the streets of Italy, GodouKusanagi asks locals for directions despite not knowing how to speak Italian. As hisgrandpa's an ethnologist, he collected stone tablets and pots from all over the world.Godou's in Sardinia to return one to its owner. While looking at it, a blonde girl callshis attention and speaks to him in Italian. Godou can't understand what she's saying,but seeing a knife pointed at him means she's not being friendly. Realizing hedoesn't understand her, the girl talks to him in Japanese and asks for the tablet.Miss Blondie, or Erica Blandelli, introduces herself as a knight of the Copper Black Cross.She can't be wrong, as that tablet is the grimoire she's looking for. Not understanding what shemeans, Godou quickly assumes she's mugging him..

Suddenly, a loud roaring resounds nearby.Godou lifts his head and can't believe what he's witnessing: a giant boar bigger than thebuildings. “A Heretic god!” Erica exclaims. She tells Godou to leave and calls her maid,Arianna, who has sick driving skills. Erica jumps atop the car and tells the maid to drivecloser to the monster – they must stop it! Using her magical shoes, she jumps on top ofa building and changes to her fighting outfit. Engaging in battle, she reaches out her hand andsummons her Lionheart sword. She strikes the Boar, but its shield is too difficult to penetrate.Meanwhile, Godou runs to find Erica but trips and lets go of the grimoire. Suddenly, a glowingyoung boy picks up the tablet and giggles at seeing it. His name is Victor, and he claims tobe the strongest who will defeat all enemies..

He says he has revived the king of the ancientgods to fight him, but he's yet to be defeated. Victor's words puzzle Godou – this kid soundslike his gramps! He then sees Erica jumping on top of buildings, distracting him. Victor quicklyrealizes he might be after that witch, but Godou clarifies he's here to return the grimoire.For some weird reason, Victor laughs and thinks Godou is a good kid and warrior. So, hereturns the tablet to him. When Godou touches it, a white horse appears, and bright light flashes.Strangely, the horse and Victor disappears. On the other hand, the giant Boar flicks Erica,making her fall from a building. Luckily, Godou catches her on time. Godou can't believehis eyes as a tornado starts swirling around the beast. “That's the avatar of a god,”Erica says, and then the monster disappears..

—At a train station, Erica explains what just happened. That giant Boaris a real god, a rogue god in particular. They manifest themselves on Earth and bring disasterscorresponding with their characteristics. Those who possess magic can perceive their real form,while humans can only see a natural catastrophe. Erica wonders why Godou's clueless. He hasa powerful grimoire! Godou repeats that he's only here to return this tablet to LucreziaZora. Hearing that name, Erica has to be sure he's referring to the Witch of Sardinia. Whywould a witch give an important magical item to a Japanese man? Well, all Godou knows is thathis grandfather and Lucrezia might have dated. But more importantly: why is Erica followinghim!? She asserts that she's entitled to keep.

That grimoire safe as a knight of the CopperBlack Cross. Since the train hasn't arrived yet, she invites Godou to travel by car.— After a taste of Arianna's sick driving skills,they arrive at Lucrezia's abode. They hear a voice asking who they are. When they look up,they see Professor McGonagall—I mean, a cat perched on the roof. Erica quickly announcestheir intentions to deliver Ichirou Kusanagi's package to Miss Zora. Hearing thatname, the cat instantly lets them in. Inside the house, a gorgeous lady lies on thecouch. Godou can't believe Lucrezia is this young when she's supposed to be the same age as hisgrandfather. She doesn't deny she's older than she looks but can assure Godou she's still got it.Anyway, Lucrezia takes the tablet and tells.

Them it's the Prometheus Grimoire. However, shenotices something different about it. To be sure, she asks Godou if he ran into someone other thanErica. He soon recalls the kid that talked funny. Learning that, Lucrezia gives him the grimoirebut Erica protests. Godou's a novice in magic! But Lucrezia is certain the grimoire wants tobe with him, and his fate is inevitable. Still, Erica doesn't agree with this foolishness.That night, Erica's WASTED. Without a choice, Godou takes her to her bedroom. Thinking he'sArianna, she asks him to remove her clothes. Godou does as asked and covers Erica with a blanketto avoid temptation. However, Lucrezia has a different plan as she locks Godou in Erica'sroom. The old woman ignores his protests and determines he'll get some action tonight.Well, he does get some action, but in the.

Form of Erica's fist. Godou tries to explain,but Erica doesn't care as he's already seen her body. Suddenly, their little brawlstops as rain pours heavily outside. Sensing a different aura, Erica immediatelychecks the problem while Godou follows her. To their surprise, the Phoenician godMelqart thumps on their sanctuary. Erica tries to talk to him, but Melqart isn't a fanof arrogance, especially from a human. Suddenly, lightning strikes Melqart, which only meansone thing: another god challenges him. Erica has to do something, or this islandwill perish, so she prepares to fight. Arianna's there, ready to drive her to thebattle's location. Despite her warnings, Godou goes with her. He recalls Lucrezia'sexplanation about the trickster god Prometheus.

And another god's power lying within thetablet. Y'know, the horse from earlier? Furthermore, the grimoire can steal a god'sAuthority – one can use it as their own. Lucrezia is also very certain Erica feels a lot ofpressure right now to keep this world from running into chaos.— As they get closer to the battlefield, they seeMelqart and Victor, also known as Verethragna, the ancient Persian warlord and god of light.Lucrezia told Godou about the Victor, the invincible god holding all ten avatars. Soyeah, that's Victor. Verthragna purposely gave Godou the white horse to enable him to enjoy thefight. And now, here he is, reviving Melqart just so his strong desires to win can be satisfied.Verthragna summons the goat and the raptor..

Now only one avatar remains. Melqart tries to hithim, but Erica interrupts. She begs them to stop, but of course, gods don't like itwhen you command them. Verthragna repeatedly strikes her with lightning, butfortunately, Godou arrives to save her. He makes a deal with Melqart by showinghim that Verthragna's last avatar is inside the grimoire. If Melqart protects them,Verthragna can't transform into his full form. Melqart chuckles at his audacity yet agreeswith his proposal. Verthragna strikes them again with lightning, but Melqart protects them.Because of that, Verthragna summons his golden sword and pierces through the barrier. Thatcursed sword can steal divinity from a deity, causing the god to lose his godhood.At this point, Erica warns Godou to run away..

However, Godou feels he has the responsibilityto use the grimoire. Whether he uses it or not, he will die, so what choice does he have? Ericasmiles and tells him he's like Epimetheus, a fool. And so, she gives him agood luck smooch on the cheek. As soon as Verthragna breaks the barrier, Godoufaces the grimoire directly at him. A flash of blinding light appears, and the white horseattacks Verthragna. Godou falls back from the huge impact, but he remains standing. With a smile,he tells Erica he has stolen the golden sword. Godou asks Erica what he should do. Instead ofanswering, she holds his face, and their lips meet. Golden light surrounds the battlefield,and thousands of golden swords rise. One after another, they point themselves toward Verthragna.Without warning, one pierces through his heart,.

And he bursts into flames. In thatfateful moment, Godou becomes a Campione! [2]As Godou lies in her lap, Pandora, the all-giving woman, happily looks athim. He's the illegitimate child born of sacred birth produced by her and Epimetheus. Slowly,Godou wakes up and asks what she means. To put it simply, he has successfully slayed Verthragna.Now, he's the God-slayer, the King of Kings… The Campione.— Godou wakes up and realizes he's late for school.It's been a week since he became a Campione. He was forced to test his abilities againstother god-slayers, and now he's back in Japan. Yep, back in Japan with Erica, who preferssleeping bare. Hey, you two, isn't that too fast!?.

—During their morning tea, Shizuka, Godou's little sister, tries to understand hissituation, but she can't comprehend why her brother is unhappy with a clingy woman besidehim. Godou keeps telling Shizuka that Erica's behavior has completely changed, but Erica saysit's a way of showing her acceptance of his love. He wonders where she gets that idea, so Ericapoints out they've already shared a bed at Lucrezia's house and smooched. Godou quicklystops her because Shizuka might misunderstand. But it's too late, as Shizuka orders aone-on-one talk with his brother… ASAP! —In school, Godou sulks at his situation and how Erica has ruined his relationship with his sister.On the other hand, his classmates are excited.

About an Italian transfer student. She's also ofnoble heritage! Still, Godou remains uninterested, and visions of the ten avatars flood his mind.He recalls what happened that fateful day… To unlock the sword's magic, Erica gave him asmooch so she could transfer the key to him and slay Verthragna. On the brink of death, Verthragnacommends his chosen warrior, who has snatched the god of victory's Authority. He soon perished,and the ten avatars appeared before Godou. Still, Godou doesn't know why Erica'sin Japan. Suddenly, he realizes his classmate's news about the transfer student.To his dismay, his presumptions are right. Erica enrolled herself in his class. Oof!She announces her name for everyone to hear and clarifies one thing: she has alreadypromised her future to Godou Kusanagi. Uh-oh….

If that isn't enough, Erica clings to him,gives him a smooch, and terrifies the girl sitting beside him so she can take her seat. Theboys in the class are all jealous of Godou. To make matters worse, Erica spills she andGodou have spent the night together… He can't take it any longer! Godou grabs Erica'shand and drags her outside the room. However, to his surprise, he has takena different girl, Yuri Mariya. —Meanwhile, an enemy wants to know the whereabouts of theseventh Campione. Liliana Kranjcar reports what she knows, but his boss expects morefrom her. If she fails, she knows what's coming… —Walking home with Mariya,.

Godou apologizes for dragging her like that.However, Mariya nervously bows to him and asks for his forgiveness, as she knows killingher can't easily tame a demon lord's anger. Godou's bewildered by this until Amakasu fromthe Committee for the Compilation of True History arrives. He explains they're responsible forinvestigating any magical incident in Japan. Yuri is a Princess shrine maiden helping them out.After a while, Yuri appears, apologizing for intentionally letting Godou drag her so theycan talk to him. But he doesn't mind and even suggests she can call him by his name.When he gets home, Shizuka scolds him for the chaos he caused at school involvingMariya. Apparently, she's quite famous, and Shizuka doesn't like his brother sailingwith two girls. He already has Erica! However,.

He doesn't have the energy to argue with heras he still thinks about what Amakasu told him. Amakasu thinks Erica is the Red Devil of theBlack Copper Cross tasked to entice Godou to join their organization. As he pondersthis in bed, he finds Erica beside him, but he isn't in the mood to play her games. If shewants something, she should say it and not force herself to tempt him. In that case, Erica asksfor one more day to show him how she really feels. When someone says that, anyone wouldexpect a coffee or movie date… So… why the heck are they back in Italy???Arianna tells Godou that Erica's meeting is taking a while, and she has some errands.Finally, alone, the surroundings change, and a young girl appears. She's Athena, andshe's ready to retake her Snake avatar. However,.

Godou clarifies he doesn't want to fight her, butAthena calls him a liar. Still, she lets him be and disappears as owls flutter on Godou's face.Suddenly, Erica appears with three men from the Italian Magical Society. They're here towitness Godou's strength. Without warning, Erica summons her Lionheart sword and attacks him.Godou evades every hit, but Erica won't stop. She wants Godou to unleash his powers inthis duel. Summoning the Steel Lion, she orders it to rip Godou apart. He quicklycalls on the Bull to have the strength to throw the lion away. Afterward, he summons theraptor to give him speed to dodge the lion. The Magical Society applauds Godou'ssuperb abilities, but Erica clarifies there is a certain condition in using eachavatar. Tired of Godou's evasive tactics,.

Erica recklessly uses the Golgotha Words of Power.However, he smiles as she falls into his trap. Instantly, he summons the Boar to trample Erica.She flies off without a choice and lets the beast destroy the Colosseum. Girl, what!?She reminds Godou he can only use one avatar daily, but he suddenly tackles her to theground. With that surprise attack, Erica concedes. Meanwhile, the Magical Society approves of thisnew Campione's ability. Princess Alice's Prophesy of the Starless Night will soon commence, sothey entrust this divine instrument to him. Seeing the men's acceptance, Erica is happy forGodou and invites him for another smooch. However, Godou refuses because he doesn't feel the same.Still, Erica ensures she does this out of her own will. She's a prideful woman, yet sheadmits to truly falling in love with him..

While Godou blushes at Erica's words,the Gorgoneion suddenly appears on her hand. At that time, Godou is unawarethat the world's fate rests upon it. [3]The next day, Amakasu tells Mariya that unprecedented chaos willunfold involving Godou. Mariya doesn't believe he'd wanna be a part of that, but that's whatAmakasu needs help with. She needs to confirm it. Meanwhile, Athena follows Godou backto Japan to reclaim the Gorgoneion. —At school, Godou can't deny Erica's popularity. Consequently,he gets a lot of hate because students think they don't look good together. Still, Ericabelieves he'll be fine as long as he has.

Her by his side. Eventually, he'll understand.Later that day, Godou meets Mariya in the hallway, and she asks him if they can talk on therooftop. He goes as promised. She quickly reveals that Amakasu told her about him bringingthe Gorgoneion to Japan. However, he doesn't know what she's talking about and assures her hehasn't got any dangerous divine instrument. Still, Mariya describes it as a medal witha snake on it. Realizing what she means, Godou quickly places the Gorgoneion into her palm.Its appearance shocks Mariya, so Godou explains in a panic that he didn't know it was too dangerouswhen Erica gave it to him. Forgetting all formalities, Mariya scolds Godou for being toocareless and naive. As a demon king, he should be more aware of his actions – the world's fatelies on him! Calming down, Mariya reveals Japan.

Might be the prophecy's focal point.At the temple, Mariya explains that when a god recovers its true form, theStarless Night will cover the heavens, and the underworld will swallow their world.Princess Alice's prophecies are never wrong, and the Gorgoneion holds the Gorgon's power.Hearing that, Godou wonders why they can't just break it. Well, it's not that simplebecause destroying it requires a lot of time and magic. Erica appears out of nowhereand agrees with Mariya's knowledge. However, only she, the Red Devil, can loveGodou and treat him like a plaything. Mariya reprimands her for bringing chaos toJapan, but Erica's unbothered and puts all her faith in Godou to solve the crisis. Onlythe King can stop the mass destruction. Former.

Axis powers fighting, INTERESTING………..Since she's here, Erica asks Mariya to use her Spirit Vision to detect somethingfrom the medal. Mariya does as she's asked and quickly sees Athena in her visions.Instantly, Erica and Godou search for Athena's location. Slowing her down is risky,but it's better than letting the world crumble. Erica warns Godou that he'll be against thedaughter of Zeus, so he should be careful. They don't need to look far, as Athena appearsbefore them. He repeats he doesn't want to fight her. She doesn't care because she'll retakewhat's hers, no matter what. Still, she can sense they don't have the Gorgoneion. She strikesat them, but Erica deflects it with her sword. Athena senses that Godou's different, but he'sstill a threat. Perhaps, they can settle this.

Dispute with peace. However, that will only bringlethargy. In a blink of an eye, Athena cages Erica with her god barrier and confuses Godou with hersuper speed. Unexpectedly, she holds his face and lands her lips on his. He tries to fight back,but Athena successfully has him in her grasp. With her fatal lips, Godou falls andfaints helplessly. With a sworn oath to protect her master, Erica breaks thebarrier and turns her sword into a lance. Athena wonders if she's certain to risk herlife for the god-slayer. With every attack, Erica assures her it's a knight's desire. Butno matter how fast she is, Athena is quicker. However, Athena fails to foresee Erica'sambush, giving her a bleeding cut on her hand. She's quite amazed because it's been a whilesince a human has wounded her. Still, she thinks.

Erica is foolish as her wounds heal instantly.Athena attacks her opponent, but Erica manages to avoid it. She lashes out her lance at Athena frombehind but only breaks it into pieces. However, it's a trick as the shards turn into metalbars, caging Athena. While she's distracted, Erica hastily escapes with Godou.— Meanwhile, Liliana blocks Mariya's way and insistson taking the Gorgoneion. But Mariya refuses as she will seal this while Godou and Erica delayAthena. With persistence, Liliana decides to take it by force. Fortunately, Amakasu arrives, drivinghis car to save Mariya. He hastily claps and cages Liliana in a magical box.— Godou wakes up two and a half hours later.However, he feels guilty seeing Erica's.

Wounded hands. Erica blushes at his concernand tempts him to a romantic scene since actions are better than words. Despite makinghim smile, Godou tells her they have no time for that. They have a rogue god to handle.He then panics, thinking about Mariya. Erica assures him she has someone to help her.They only have two choices in this dire situation. Either let Athena regain his trueform and watch as she annihilates the world, or those with the power to resist muststand in opposition. Godou gets to decide. Godou can use the Golden Sword, but learning aboutAthena through mere words can take about a hundred days. Without a better choice, Godou allowsErica to use the Words of Power to understand Athena faster. Shutting him up, Erica movescloser to smooch him. Ravish him more like!.

She then tells him everything he has to know aboutAthena. Suddenly, Godou interrupts their lesson as he quickly notices something different.Looking at the horizon, darkness rapidly swallows the city as Athena makes her move. Shesearches for the power of the Ancient Snake, and she won't let anyone stop her…Not even the infamous Campione. Godou's errand of returning an obscureartifact turns into the battle of a lifetime… with the world's safety inthe balance. Save us, O King Godou!

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