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Episode opens with Mash returning home after hisworkout session, However given that he forgot whether the door needed to be pulled or pushed, heforced his way in, breaking it. Upon seeing this, his 75-year-old father, Regro Burnedead scoldedhim, Mash being an amenable person, immediately apologized and proceeded to repent for it. Whilehe had good intentions in trying to fix the door, he broke it even further, Moments later, Mashasked his father why his workouts were only physical, That's when his father thought tohimself how Mash had no magic and skipped the question. Regro needed to go outside and askedMash not to go outside during his absence, While Mash agreed to his father's request, the moment hegot the chance, the protagonist ran to the city as he needed to purchase some limited edition Goblincream puffs. He was so excited to purchase them.

That he happened to disfigure the coins with hisbare fist, Although Mash immediately fixed them, his hood flew off and revealed that hehad no mark on his face. Upon seeing that, the citizens started to murmur about him, The samenews about an unmarked person in the city reached the ears of the magic police officer Brad Coleman,Back in the city, Mash had an encounter with magic police Terry, after which Brad arrived at theirlocation. The latter immediately identified Mash to be the unmarked person, Just as he was aboutto apprehend him, Regro came to Mash's rescue and carried him back home, Brad wanting to catchthem, used a spell to follow their tracks. Back at their home, Regro tried scolding Mash, buthe couldn't as his son was visibly upset by his own actions, Regro then asked his son to do hismorning workouts again as a form of punishment..

After Mash left, the magic police attacked theBurnedead household, This time it was Brad, Terry, and another magic police officer who were afterMash to put an end to him. As per Brad, the reason the Magic Realm prospered with people able to usemagic was that the government would actively kill unmarked magic-less people, Thus they needed to dothe same and wanted to locate Mash, However Regro refused to give Mash away. In the past, when Regrowas rejected by his family and society due to his low magic level, Mash an abandoned baby, seemedto be the only being who desperately needed him, If it wasn't for Mash, Regro would have committedsuicide in the past. Mash who around the same time had finished his workout and returned home,overheard Brad attacking his father, At this point, he broke down the door and took down twoof the magic police officers. Mash was fuming.

That someone attacked his family, so he plannedon defeating Brad, In response, Brad attacked Mash with some of his most powerful spells, but Mashwas able to easily deflect them and defeat Brad. Upon experiencing Mash's brilliance first-hand,Brad proposed a deal to Mash, In the Magic Realm, one exceptional student is revered as one ofGod's chosen, the titled being Divine Visionary, If Mash were to attain the title, itwould mean that he is accepted by God. If he is able to do so, Brad will leave Mashand his father alone in the mere transfer of all the fortune that Mash will receive, Uponhearing that there was a chance for him and his father to live peacefully, Mash accepted thedeal as he was to enroll in a magic academy.

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