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In the last episode lady lanterra returns loon to the strelitz mansion where he meets his Knight and agrees to let the princess keep the bunny while she is immensely grateful for having such an adorable pet loon is thankful that although his life had been dark it was beginning to turn brighter so continuing with the story at the.

Imperial Palace Gardens two young men engage in a sword game in the end the loser is Jace de pavetti son of the Marquee while the red-haired winner is Crown Prince Kayden who tries to lighten up his opponent with a compliment but Jace pushes it aside noting that the prince's skills are still Superior to his the men trade credits for a while.

Then Jace changes the tone by asking the prince if he had met his sister shamelia as soon as Caden confirms the meeting Jace jumps on the offensive accusing the prince of treating the lady coldly and not considering her a Suitor surprised Kaden replies that he spent as much time with Jace's sister as he did with the Duke's daughter but Jace counters that.

With an allegation that the prince preferred lady lanterra to his sister now agitated the Imperial Prince explains that he was trying to reach out to the Grand Duke through dorona but Jace is not satisfied quiet deadly Caden reflects that he had only been close to hadiland and Jace more so with the Grand Duke who had lost everything then he.

Turns to the Marcus son and asks him to tone down for the prince was wise about who he lets in as Jace apologizes and makes peace with Kaiden and orderly announces the arrival of Lady lantera as she walks in holding her bunny the prince introduces her to the Marcus son in her mind she detests the role of a go-between for the Imperial Prince and.

The Grand Duke and deeply regrets the lie that started it all once she is seated the men proceed to ask about the bunny to which lady lantera reveals it belongs to the Grand Duke but in their minds the two men believe she is lying considering the grand Duke's hatred for rabbits and avoidance of women as she excuses herself the two are left.

Discussing the rare possibilities surrounding Headland and lady lantera alone Jace detests Kaden for his family's Fortune then loves hadelund for openly showing his love for a woman after hiding it from his friends then looking back at kaiden's wealth the Marcus son figures that the prince must stop showing interest in lady lanterra.

Or else he also falls in love with her and hands over the empire after collecting a letter from Caden the princess confesses to her maid that she finds today's male unusually thicker and Cadence stare too sharp to be drawn from fondness further she concludes that the prince might be suspicious of her but Ellie believes the man is just.

Dumbfounded by the princess Beauty and urges her to go ahead and fall into his arms still lady lanterra is convinced that Kaden is investigating her and loon quietly takes her side it appears that the Grand Duke has been writing to the Imperial prince in favor of her but Caden disregards his friend's words.

Knowing the prince's insatiable curiosity loon pities the princess for what Caden might do but loon swears he is not going to take it lying down but he can't explain why he feels the need to get so much more involved as the girls continue weighing the situation they hear a commotion outside and Ellie goes to check on it left alone lady.

Lantera remembers that Jace de parvetti had a look similar to Kaidens then the maid storms back announcing the arrival of the green haired Nemesis considering the Amity that has existed between the Marquis and the Duke's families garona and Ellie know they must prevent an undesirable situation so they rush over to the drawing room where Jace is.

Meeting the Duke so lady Yan Terror walks in just as the Duke is addressing his displeasure on seeing her Jace Rises up to kiss her hand briefly shooting a suspicious stare at her but the Duke ignores his daughter to admire a bottle of wine gifted by the Marcus son impatiently the older man jolts the conversation back to the unannounced.

Visit and Jace swiftly reveals he is here to address the unpleasant confrontation of ladyland Terror by his sister at this point the do pretends to be concerned that his daughter was put through the trouble and the parvetti hair offers a confidential document in return for a pardon as Jace turns to the Duke's daughter with compliments on her.

Looks the Duke hungrily devours the contents of the paper noting that it could redeem his gambling debts briefly he hesitates wondering if the young man was after his daughter then shamelessly excuses himself leaving the two together Lady Land terror is shocked at the Betrayal but worries more about the crown Prince's interpretation of the.

Situation seated in the drawing room where he is enjoying a glass of wine do Plantera pushes his daughter to entertain Jace de pavetti while he relishes the gift from the Markley's son of course the princess is appalled and declines a suggestion but she continues sitting down out of a sense of Duty so the parvetti starts to talk and she.

Curtly lets him know that she is not interested in the conversation though she should be grateful for his visit from her attitude Jace assumes the princess is demeaning his family and decides to confront her straight away the Marquis son asks whether ladyland terror is pursuing the Imperial Prince and she confirms it demanding that he.

Backs off then Jace starts to retort that Kaden and his sister will get married when do Plantera Cuts him off reminding the young man that lanterra became Duke while parvetti lost the war and settled for Marcus consequently the princess is annoyed at the Two Men and mockingly asks Jace to leave since he already complimented her looks as lady.

Lantera stands to make her exit Jace grabs her hand and begins to threaten her but she swings back challenging him to quit being combative since this is neither his jurisdiction nor his protocol aggressively the Marcus son tightens his grip on the princess hand insinuating that lady lantero was just another victim that was about to get.

Trapped in a scheme set up by the Imperial Prince while still straining her hand Jace alleges that Prince Kayden refers to her as the Beautiful Liar and starts to imply that he's doing her a favor when something shatters the window lodging a shot of glass deep into the man's hand from a conspicuous spot up a tree loon regrets missing Jace's wrist.

And the moans their futile friendship after receiving first aid Jace Lee's hastily while ladyland Hera takes the leftover wine from her drunk father and empties it at his feet later that night she asks loon why Caden would call her a beautiful liar and mocks his status then confesses that in the drawing room she had been more concerned and fearful.

About the physical confrontation sadly she laments that her higher rank and better looks have felt so useless at the time on hearing this loon regrets his equally redundant status and swears to take back his abilities when his body flares up with a mysterious energy watching lady lantera Grumble with mistreatment from duke lanterra Jace and.

Kaden loon yearns to console and support her so he instinctively touches her hand right right before the princess eyes the bunny's body instantly flashes with blinding light and swells up a hundred times overcome with shock lady lanterra collapses but Hedland catches her before she falls this occurrence also throws in an alarm as he struggles to comprehend.

Whether the magical spell had been lifted even without her kiss but first he carries her to bed and as he tucks her in saveth his freedom from the curse and decides he must leave briefly hardovan watches the princess sleep and Promises to write her and explain everything later as he walks out another flash of light transforms him.

Back into the bunny's body at the Grand Duke's Castle sen receives a letter detailing the events at the lanterra mansion and asks him to check the family records for any sign that the spell could be lifted by anything other than a kiss as he celebrates the good news send vows to do everything he can to help and wonders if he should start with.

Delivering some clothes since the Grand Duke had left his at the gardens the following morning princess lunterra Ponders how well she has played her cards with the Imperial Prince first she is impressed that she has managed to get his attention and be useful to him next garona figures she must find out what Kayden wants even without physical.

Social or political power but even with without these advantages the princess knows she has another kind of lead information about hadiland from what she knows the Cullen strelitz Grand duchy guards and maintains neutrality over all of the devil's Lair except for Lancel Q de chelina where the late strelitz Grand Duchess was born it had also come to.

Lady lantera's attention that although hadiland Jace and Caden appeared to be in an ordinary friendship there was a lot of trading going on among them and the Imperial Palace had been amassing magic Stones not only for their alleged power to increase the ability of the human wearer but that of the weapon adorned with them reflecting on princess.

Carlota's admission that Cayton had a collection of magic Stones Bigger Than lady lantera's necklace but still wanted more the young ladies insistence that her brother should force the wealthy Grand Duke to marry her and her plan to demand that the Grand Duke sends more stones to the country once he marry so confirms to garona what the Imperial.

Prince was after but she is not sure why Caden wants the magic Stones how much he needs them nor what the grand took feels about it and it will be hard to find that out without meeting headlander strelitz but since sen can tell her everything it will appear to the Imperial Prince that she has become closer to the Grand Duke and although.

She couldn't help Caden get more magic Stones she could appear to be the key to getting them from hadiland thereby proving she is not the Beautiful Liar now as she hands the bunny to send for examination and glooming he cannot help noticing her Brighter Smile and starts to flirt before loon jumps into the next room and slams the door shut when his.

Knight comes in hadiland briefs in that the princess is caught onto kaiden's scheme and instructs him to reveal everything that is not written in the novel except the grand Duke's current identity when sen hesitates wondering why his master had changed his stance hadiland explains that he now knows her better and is just being fair to her.

Still the Knight insists on asking how the Grand Duke worries about fairness and the bunny almost kicks him but demands to be sent back to the princess after the glooming lady lanterra is surprised to see loon in a bow that worries that he might be uncomfortable but when sen explains that the bunny would have already torn off the bow if.

It were uncomfortable she agrees and they carry on the conversation on a light note from her experience it was easier to get through to people when the conversation was about loon and his connection to heideland still she is surprised at how Cooperative sen has become about revealing his master's Secrets as.

Opposed to the account in the novel The Knight reveals that the Grand Duke hated bunnies but was changed by loon's special character but he likes gold besides black drinks any kind of water and prefers wine and Cocktails at this point loon quietly wonders why the princess is asking for personal rather than official information but sen.

Resumes his narration by revealing the Grand Duke slaughtered hundreds of evil spirits and not dozens says that he injured his leg and not the arm and of the Grand Duke mostly likes strawberry shortcake this gets sent a surprisingly fast blow across the face from loon smarting from loon's kick sen receives some attention from The Princess for the.

Injuries on his face as lady learned Hera apologizes for the bunny's Behavior the Knight quietly Savers her pampering which to him is a way to get back at his master finally the Knight compliments the princess but taming the bunny despite its wild ways while with other people and loon can't help but feel jealous about the conversation as Sam.

Profusely thanks to Rona and bids her goodbye the princess can't help noticing his unusually kind persona but she is quick to note the visit reminded her of a friend named Sadie who looked like Ellie she remembers how the two of them would spend their days minding their siblings and then sneak to have fun together she then recalls that Sadie.

Wanted to ride horses like boys when she grew up but before she can reveal what she wanted a heavy downpour interrupts her thoughts looking outside the princess notes that the rain had started just outside the forest and the sky was more depressing than the crows back in the woods she figures the dark mood reminded her of Sadie and decides to.

Take her to tour to her old house there she sadly notices that the place is deserted and recalls the time when Sadie set the house on fire killing herself thereafter villagers concluded that the girl was cursed and had an evil child before she went insane but they knew she had been abandoned by her lover Now Lady Land Hera wonders if Sadie was relieved.

That the man had left the village or sad that she could not reach him for Revenge talking to Loon she observes that the Crown Prince is in similar circumstances with all this efforts proving futile and for that she sympathizes with him but she notes that despite do plantera's orders she does not feel for Caden what the other ladies do although he looks.

And sounds great she believes the Imperial Prince is not interested in her yet and she does not know what she wants for herself either quietly loon suggests she escapes from duke Lund Terror and offers to help her with anything as if reading his mind the princess admits that she doesn't know how she would Escape or where she would go to find.

Happiness sadly she indicates that she has settled for marrying the prince because that is what appears to be the happiest place for the ladies still she hopes she could do everything just as she wished when she was younger noting her undying Spirit loon reflects on his life regretting that he never had to choose.

What he wanted because he inherited his role from his family and he had taken up his duties without a question until the magic happened on noticing his distant stare lady lanterra notes that loon appears to understand what she is saying and Cuddles him affectionately then apologizes for bringing up the sad topic.

And begins to leave Sadie's Old House suddenly a familiar voice reaches her and she recognizes Sadie's lover and wonders if he came to mock her death on hearing this loon struggles to flee from her arms and the princess quickly understands what the bunny is trying to do though she cannot explain how loon knows.

What is going on lady lanterra remembers how the rabbit had defended her from the Duke slowly she puts loon on the ground urging him to take revenge on the man and make him wish he was dead as she dedicates it to Sadie with his hands restraining a trembling lady's wrists Sadie's former lover mocks her struggles until a powerful force smugs into the.

Ground shocked but relieved the lady Shivers when she sees loon and goes dumbstruck when she realizes the bunny just smashed a man into a mound of trash just then lady lantera calls out the bunny and it goes running into her arms as the pet exit the scene a few neighbors watch from their houses and start talking and with the princess back.

Turned from the Feld man loon stares at a sharp edged signboard in the middle of the garbage patch until it loosens and drops down towards Sadie's Lover's head back at the Duke's Mansion the princess and her bunny are soaking wet and her maid is beside herself with worry and the rain is none of Lady lantera's concerns as she tries to understand what.

Happened earlier first she inquires about the Duke and is informed he has been moodly waiting for Jace to contact him and regretting the injury that Lord pavetti sustained at the Mansion after the brief Verona prepares for a bath and is asked what flower she would like today without much thought loon starts to guess Rose then lavender but.

Reflecting on the day's events decides she needs Rosemary just as the princess verbalizes the same instantly he is scared that he may be obsessing about her and vows to stay away out of respect meanwhile Corona has revealed to Ellie what happened at Sadie's old house and concluded that the bunny can understand what she says on hearing this Loom.

Strains his ears and catches the princess offering to demonstrate her Theory quickly he decides to confirm her suspicions and jumps toward her when she calls him as the ladies light up with excitement loon responds to more requests to lift his arm leg and head to prove the bunny can hear her Girona asks for a kiss and this sends loon reeling.

Back in fear of the consequences but when he looks closely he realizes she is asking him to kiss her finger so he minimizes the threat by comparing it to a kiss by an escort on the back of a lady's hand still hesitant loon holds the princess hand and slowly kisses the tip as he reproaches himself for hoping for the manner that might never come.

Back unaware of his predicament the two ladies applaud his skills then Lady Land Terrace summons him to go share a bath suddenly loon is gripped with paralyzing fear and embarrassment as the princess begins to take off his collar and tie he tries to resist willing her to consider what will happen in the future but the lady relentlessly persuades him to take.

It easy find finally as the bunny considers toppling a basin full of water lady lanterra begins to cough and offers to bathe loon first then wash up afterward she also orders some tea for herself and a salad for loon and starts to pour some soap into the Basin when the bath is over loon consoles himself considering the lady sees him as an.

Animal covered in fur and not a naked man as the two lion bed the bunny figures he has to find something that will restore his manner before he loses more Pride dignity and self-respect and watching the princess sleep soundly loon realizes he might Sue more to share more than just her bed for a while he has felt emotions boiling up inside him when.

He lies down beside her and is preparing to be rejected when she becomes aware of it the next morning Verona wakes up planning to meet the Crown Prince and notices the bunny beside her she starts to admire his backside then moves up to his tail and hair and pulls in closer for a warm cuddle there the princess informs loon that the first thing on her.

Mind is to spend time with him as the parvetis have breakfast amidst grumbling and glances chenillia inquires how Jace sustained an injury to his hand immediately their father shuts her down for lack of table manners and her brother piles up the humiliation by challenging her to try winning the Imperial Prince with that attitude when.

The young lady tries to explain her concern the Marquis backs up his son who then mocks his sister to try marching lady lanteras hair afterward as the maids brush her hair shamelia fantasizes about becoming the empress saying she would look down on her brother who at best would be a mere Duke like lanterra further shamelia imagines having a child.

With Kaden and thereby becoming the queen and says she would shake the Empire and her parents and brother would fear her but she realizes that lady lantera's looks give her a better chance than hers and considers ruining her face or humiliating the princess as she weighs the evil options the maid plucks a strand of hair and when chamelia.

Demands an explanation she shakily explains that she was getting rid of white hair immediately the mistress goes on a rampage pulling handfuls of hair from two mates heads and finally threatens to kill them if they wrong her again at the Imperial Palace Kaden observes the low rate of activity and asks Carlota to cut down the staff.

Numbers since she is the wild one so the princess explains that she is considering it but for the reason that the workers have been talking ill of Corona while on that subject the young lady complains that she has not yet met hadiland despite showing up during her brother's classes although she knows the ladyland terror may have put some.

Tension between the two men but Caden dismisses the allegations and then lightly asks Carlota to go easy on him then he reminds the Imperial princess that garona has been the median between him and hadiland and playfully asks his sister who she thinks the lady prefers feeling spitted Carlotta snaps back saying she has now decided to get closer.

To ladyland Terror so she can meet Hedland and find out what he likes but Caden ignores her little Ambitions and urges her to back in for Corona's love because Carlotta is just like him that's when the young princess explodes with rage demanding to be left alone meanwhile at the lanterra Mansion the Duke breedly announces an invitation for.

Garona to the Imperial Palace and demands that she gets ready fast tucked in bed with her concerned bunny the princess coughs uncontrollably holding a letter from the Imperial princess duplantera rushes to Corona's bedroom and flashes It Wide Open hysterically tapping at the note without looking at his daughter the man announces that it.

Was written by the Imperial Prince because he also desires to meet lady lanterra frantically boiling with greed the Duke notes that the infant rotation is for the following day and then goes on to fantasize at his daughter's trips to the Imperial Palace had finally trapped the Prince when he finally looks at her do Plantera blindly compliments.

Her appearance then pauses before ordering her to wear the wig because it attracts more attention after reminding garona of his high expectations the Duke slams the door as he exits in his wake Ellie laments on the man's insensitivity urging the princess to inform him that she is unwell but lady lantera dismisses the suggestion as the maiden notes.

Corona's fever she challenges her to stay but the princess insists she would manage the visit after plenty of sleep and then pushes her out to fetch her some medicine left with the stubborn lady loon wonders why she is pushing herself to get the prince's attention even though she was doing it out of fear quietly he pities a continued search for.

Freedom from Duty from her days as Larissa and now as garona the lady has in Jewett captivity so much that if someone flees her now she would not leave until death now washed and dressed lady yantara prepares to leave but the bunny tags at her dress begging her to stop so the princess promises to play with him later but loon aggressively.

Demands that she reconsiders while he is still in a good mood ignoring him Corona lies to Ellie about her fever then hands over the bunny to the maid explaining that it would distract her so lady lantera thanks the maid and excuses herself leaving the vexed bunny and a whimpering maid slowly loon looks around at the large silent room and notices an.

Open window as garona boards The Carriage heading to the Imperial Palace Ellie starts briefing her about the medicine obtained from the butler hurriedly the maid indicates the herb would energize the princess for about four hours but make her fatigue afterward then she Stars explaining the remedy for the fatigue but the carriage.

Unexpectedly takes off before she can say now on her way the princess admits she has taken on more than she can handle and because she cannot afford to mess up the visit lady lantera passes up the medicine to justify this action she tells herself there was no better way to feel energetic but remembers cuddling.

Loon in the bed frantically she credits the presence of the bunny for pushing herself but realizes that she misses him especially right now then she recovers her composure and reiterates that her insistence on going was to keep everybody out of trouble at the palace Gardens Corona reveals to Carlota that the grand dude likes strawberry.

Shortcakes and she excitedly admits preferring the same summoning a servant the young princess orders more of the dessert and demands to know the best shot for the pastry finally the Imperial Prince speaks admitting he had made a mistake a suspecting lady lantera and apologizes revealing the direct correspondence was just a test and to.

Make it up to her lady Elantra Demands a reward having fixed the Imperial Prince's debt to her Girona insists that he guesses what she wants just then Carlota finishes debriefing the servant and interrupts Corona demanding that they go to the best poulstery shop so the prince combines the two ladies wishes and asks them to name a date and.

He will buy them the whole store at this Carlotta pretends to find her brother hilarious but quietly observes that he has become more and more foolish further she figures he and dorona will get together and the lady will help her hook the grand took then the prince turns his folly to ladyland Terror and asks her opinion on the offer and amidst yawning.

Dorona accepts it and starts to exit the palace but while climbing a long flight of stairs a bout of choking coughs rocks her body and she begins to spin and sway clutching onto a pillar lady lantera regrets not taking the medicine scolding herself for being stubborn as she starts to figure what to order from Ellie's when she gets back veronis is.

Interrupted by a rustling in the bushes now dizzy she catches a voice calling her then feels a hand on her shoulder shoving the hand off the princess swings around to a figure standing over her and she Squints to make out its identity and this is how the second part of this manual ends if you like the story and want us to continue please comment down.

Below the name Verona foreign

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