He Is Most Unknown & Unlucky God But Is Genuinely God Of Catastrophe

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Got a wish? Many people in the Land of theRising Sun would usually visit a shrine, offer 5 yen, and pray to the gods.But what if… You can get a god on speed dial? -While her classmates are talking crap about her, middle schooler Mutsumi sees aPhantom, or ayakashi, outside their classroom window. Scared, she prays to God for help.Little does she know that there’s one nearby. Yato and his regalia, or shinki partner, Tomone,hear her plea. As they stand outside the school building, Yato flips a five yen coin and declaresthat her wish has been heard loud and clear. Tomone notes how huge the Phantom is, andYato tells her that everyone is stressed out since it’s exam season. Phantoms feedoff of the negative energy from people,.

After all. Size doesn’t matter becauseYato performs well with Tomone by his side. The god jumps and calls out Tomone’sregalia name, Hanki [Han-ki]. With Hanki in his hand, he cites his incantationto Rend the Phantom, “Thou who dares desecrate this land of the rising sun! I now lay waste tothee with Hanki and expel thy vast defilement!” After neatly slicing its body, Yato commentsthat it was just a plaything for his regalia. Once Tomone returns to her human form,she sniffs herself and complains about how disgustingly sweaty his hand is. Beforehe can even rebut, she tells him that she’s quitting. Surprised, Yato counters thatit’s only been three months, but Tomone angrily yells that she can’t take it anymore!Tomone starts sobbing, which forces Yato to.

Release her. With that, her true feelingsshow, and she taunts him while fleeing. “Thanks for nothing, you jobless, sweats-wearingbum who calls himself a god!” Ouch! But Yato isn’t about to let her have the lastlaugh – no, sir! He yells back, saying she’ll come running back to him once he makes it big. He’llhave 120 million worshippers and be a god amongst gods someday! Yes, keep dreaming, Yato!– And so, Yato is now back to his dailyroutine: being the “Delivery God.” After spray painting his number on a wall in apark, he takes a break and pulls out his bottle of savings. With what he has so far, he stillcan’t build even one shrine. He also needs to find new regalia first. Because even if he’sa god, he’s essentially unarmed without one..

He thinks he can’t take on anybasic jobs anymore, but when his phone rings, he enthusiastically answers.The caller asks for his help in finding “Milord.” Of course, he’s ready!– On the busy streets of the Near Shore, HiyoriIki and her friends, Ami and Yama, see a poster of a missing cat – whose name is… Milord. Theylaugh at the fact that some people actually give their pets names like “Lord,” “King,” or “God.”While Ami and Yama bicker over their favorite bands and members whom they call their “gods,”Hiyori is preoccupied with something else. When her friends ask who hers is, she tellsthem, “I’ve finished downloading my god!” How much more modern can this world get?First, a god you can call via cell phone,.

And now a god you can download? ***Seeing what Hiyori’s watching, Yama apologizes. See, Hiyori’s kind of a closet martial artsfan. Her parents don’t know anything about it, and Hiyori thinks that her mom will throw a fitif she discovers she’s into that kind of thing. The girls continue walking, asking Hiyori ifshe likes someone other than the martial artist Tono. You know, someone who’s within her reach?Thinking of an answer, Hiyori gets sidetracked when Yato passes by. They glance at each other,and she’s surprised when Yato starts screaming. Yato finally sees Milord and immediately runsto the middle of the street. But Hiyori suddenly pushes him out of the way, trying to savehim from – you guessed it, truck-kun! Well, technically, it’s bus-kun, but you get it.Ami and Yama panic as people say a girl.

Jumped in front of the bus. But Hiyorididn’t jump; she saved Yato! Or did she? –On the sidewalk, Hiyori scolds Yato for doing something dangerous. She’s right; hecould’ve died! But that’s not important right now. Yato looks at the more important thing happening.Hiyori follows his gaze and sees Yama calling out her name while holding her unconscious body inthe middle of the street. Huh!? Did she… die!? –Hiyori wakes up in their family’s hospital. Her mom, in tears, asks her dad to examine her.The doctor quickly does his job and calmly says she’s fine. Ami and Yama hug each other in relief.It’s surprising how Hiyori was hit by a bus, but all she got was a few scratches. Whileher parents discuss letting her spend the.

Night in the hospital, Hiyori asks about theother “guy” who got hit. But her friends say no one else was there, and her dadthinks her memory’s just still hazy. Feeling weak, she no longer argues, even if she’scertain someone else was there. She even remembers seeing herself on the street, too!– Hiyori is awakened by the sound of Phantoms thatnight. She hears someone ask, “So you can hear the voices of the Far Shore?”*** Hiyori jumps out of bed, and Yato teasesher that she must be fine if she can move like that. He eventually thanks herfor saving him and tells her he’s a god. Now, what would you do if a weird man bargedinto your hospital room, claiming to be a god?.

Call the police? Yep! Yato panics,telling Hiyori he’s not lying. He’s really the genuine, bonafide Yato god!Mm-hm. She definitely hasn’t heard of him. Well, okay, Yato is justan up-and-coming stray god. BUT! Just watch, and he’ll soon be known far and wide!A god that everyone bows and prays to! Someday, he will stand above all the other gods of the island!Hiyori stares blankly at him as he daydreams and talks about his job. After Hiyori tells him hername, Yato says they’re now even and jumps out of her window.– While in class the next day, Hiyoriwonders if seeing Yato the night before was just a dream. She clearly remembershis sweats, though, so it must be real..

Hiyori and her friends walk by the poster ofMilord again after school. She slowly regains her memory after seeing it and decides to look for thecat in hopes of fully remembering the incident. –Meanwhile, Yato is still searching for Milord when hehears a loud meow. He finally finds the cat, and when it runs into his arms, he realizesthat Phantoms are surrounding them. Even if the Phantoms are weak, they’re ALOT to fight, so Yato runs away. However, they’re faced with a bigger, frog-likeayakashi. Forgetting that he has no regalia, Yato puts Milord inside his shirt and chargesat it. But Hiyori suddenly appears and pulls him out of its path, saving him again.The Phantom uses its long tongue to attack,.

But Hiyori strikes back, hitting it with the“Savate” martial arts move of her favorite Tono. Yato is surprised, while Hiyori isdelighted that her great “god” helped her. When the ayakashi gets back up and charges towardthem again, Yato grabs Hiyori and flies them away to safety.– While catching their breath, Yato points outher “tail” and says her soul has slipped out. Confused, Hiyori looks behind her, andyup, she indeed has a tail. Yato then points at the girl’s unconscious bodyhanging on the fence, which shocks her. Don’t worry. She isn’t dead;her body’s just asleep! Before Hiyori can process what she’shearing, she collapses back into her body..

–That same night, Yato returns Milord to its owner and carries Hiyori to her house. Butwhen she wakes up and realizes who’s carrying her, she starts hitting Yato and calling him a perv.She looks for her tail and questions again if everything is a dream. And so, Yato finallyexplains that due to the accident, she’s now stuck between the Near Shore, where the livingreside, and the Far Shore, or the afterlife. Basically, she’s alive, but at the same time,she’s a Phantom. He says that Phantoms are the embodiments of emotional energy. Theypossess people and cause all sorts of trouble. The news has Hiyori screaming, so heclarifies that she’s just a half-and-half. But losing her body will be common for her now.Oh, and he doesn’t know if she can return to.

Being 100% human, sooo… Best to just accept it.Hiyori begs Yato to help her out. After all, he’s a god, right?But then he asks for payment, raising his hand to show how much it’ll cost.*** Five thousand? Five hundred thousand? Ohno, she doesn’t have that kind of money! Hiyori, he’s a god, remember? Everyone knowsyou’re supposed to offer five yen coins to gods! Dumbfounded, Hiyori looks for a coin andhands it to him. Yato flips it, saying, “Your wish has been heard loud and clear!Hiyori Iki, may our fates intertwine verily.” [2]Days pass, and Hiyori starts adapting to being half-and-half.She shampoos her hair in half-Phantom form while.

Her human body is asleep in the tub. Seeingand hearing Phantoms seems normal to her now. –At school, while changing for gym class, Hiyori’s soul splitsfrom her body again. Her friends are also used to it now, so they carry her to the infirmary.Hiyori watches them from a tree, thinking about how tough her situation is. But afterbirds fly by, she hops on the power line and thinks it’s also fun in its own way.She plays around on the wires and sees Phantoms in the distance. As she focuses, anotherone surprises her from behind, making her fall on the street.– Ayakashi are everywhere. They come in allshapes and sizes, all denizens of the Far Shore,.

Devoid of life. Only young children, animals, andthose who exist between the Near and Far Shores, like Hiyori and Yato, can see them.– Hiyori sees a baby who gets scared of aPhantom and playfully wags her tail to stop it from crying. After jumping on a powerpole again, she spots a black haze in the sky and realizes that this is what a “storm” is– a dark aura that ayakashi are attracted to. Feeling uneasy, she recalls that Yato said peoplebecome gloomy and lose control when possessed. Speaking of Yato…– He’s busy writing his number insidea train when he receives a call from Hiyori complaining that it’s been twoweeks, yet he still hasn’t helped her..

Yato says he eventually will, but heneeds to deal with something else first, causing Hiyori to doubt him again. He teleportsto the park where she is to prove a point. C’mon, Hiyori! Humans can’t do that! He’s reallya god! You should treat him with awe and wonder! Hiyori finds him sus becauseof his outfit, though. I kinda agree with her, Yato, sorry.The tracksuit and bib ensemble is fishy. Yato sulks, saying it’s not just a bib;it’s his fluffy-wuffy scarf! Uh… yeah, Hiyori’s had enough. Especially after a couple inthe park murmurs about her “talking to herself.” This also earns Yato another question fromher. How is he different from a Phantom when he’s invisible to most people too? Interesting.It’s fascinating that Hiyori asked this because,.

As Yato says, she’s more of a Phantom than he is.Just look at how she’s out of her body again! *** “Looks like you dropped something!” Yatoteases. He sure knows how to be annoying. But this god also cares. He warns her tobe careful because, as a living Phantom, she stands out. Once an ayakashi consumesher soul, she’ll lose who she is and cross the line to the living hell.Thanks for the warning, Yato, but in that case, you just need to fix her.Hiyori has paid her five yen in advance, so they already have a contract. There’sno going back now; he also needs that coin to save up and build his big shrine!And once again, he’s lost in his daydream. Hiyori breaks his bubble, stubbornlyasking him when he will help her. Finally,.

Yato explains that he can’t do it until he findsa new regalia – weapons for gods. Aha! So that’s why he’s completely useless right now!When Hiyori asks where his old one is, he lies and says he fired her, furtherexplaining that a regalia is human – a spirit, to be specific.– Before Hiyori can say anything else,Yato receives a call and disappears. Frustrated, Hiyori decides to take mattersinto her own hands. However, she’s quite lost on what “spirits” means and asks Phantoms tobe Yato’s shinki. After talking to small ones, she follows the “storm” in the distance, hopingto find one there. Yikes. Not a very good idea. –Meanwhile,.

Yato is working hard cleaning a bathroomto receive a 5 yen payment, as usual. Well, at least this time, he also got a can of beer.As he’s about to end his day in an old shrine, he gets another call from Hiyori, claiming shefinally found him a shinki. The god teleports to where she is again, only to discover that the“regalia” she found was actually a huge Phantom. Run!As the pair speed away from the ayakashi, Yato says that’s no regalia but atwisted ball of emotions and curses! Hiyori says she thought of it too but remembered thatthe god told him not to judge a book by its cover. Oh, so now she listens to what hesays? She shouldn’t have bothered! She should have bothered with howshe left her body behind! Again!.

When the ayakashi attacks them, Hiyori attemptsto fight back, using her tail as a distraction. Yato stops her and gets his arm bitten instead.He manages to strike back, making the creature temporarily retreat.– Once they’re at a safer distance, Hiyori asksif Yato’s arm is okay. He prevents her from touching it, saying it’ll “blight” her too.Being blighted is defilement that spreads and eats you away unless exorcised or cleansed.Yato then warns her about her tail not being an actual tail but a lifeline thatconnects her physical and ethereal forms. If it gets cut off, she’ll die.Suddenly, the Phantom spots them, and they run off again. They argue about helping eachother out when Yato abruptly stops upon seeing an.

Uncorrupted spirit in the distance. It’s a teenageboy’s, a difficult age… But he has no choice. “With this name and its alternate, I usemy life to make thee a Regalia! Thou art Yuki! As Regalia, Setsu! Come, Sekki!”A katana appears in Yato’s hand. He sees a montage of the spirit’s memories andcollapses, getting swallowed by the Phantom. Hiyori watches in horror, screamingout his name. Yato awakens inside the ayakashi and chants the Rend as he rips its bodyfrom the inside out. He falls from the air, lands on power lines, and then drops to the ground.Before he gets back up, Hiyori sees tears fall from his eyes.– After the fight, Yato is cleansing theblight at a shrine when Hiyori arrives,.

Having found her human body.Yato says they got lucky and tells her the regalia’s name is Yuki, orless formally, Yukine. The katana reverts to its human form; a teenage boy in a white robe.He introduces himself as his master and offers his jacket to the shivering boy, but he immediatelygets rejected as it apparently reeks of sweat. Hiyori offers her scarf instead, and Yukineaccepts. Yato stares blankly into the distance. Will he ever have a regalia that respects him?– [3]The next day, Yato rummages through a charity bin to find clothes for Yukine andbrings him to a restaurant to eat – not inside, but behind it, where he serves him a sardine.Does he expect Yukine to eat that? Well, yeah!.

He’s his regalia, so what his master says goes.When a stray cat steals the fish, Yato takes it back while continuing his monologueabout how a regalia must respect, worship, and serve his master. Adding that Yukineshould at least go and serve some tea. But they don’t even have a place to serve tea!Yukine never would’ve guessed that being a god means drifting around town, sleeping in the cornerof some old shrine to avoid drawing attention, and picking through trash bins for their necessities.– Yato spray paints his number on the wallagain, telling Yukine it’s for “missionary work.” Just then, their stomachs grumble,and the younger wonders if Yato really is a god when he can’t even provide food.“Don’t gimme that look. I’ll show you.

What I can do.”*** Yato sits across from Hiyori inthe restaurant and proudly says, “See how charismatic I am?” Yukine thinksit’s more like extortion than charm, though. When a waitress serves a glass of water and asksfor Hiyori’s order, Yato calls her attention and asks for three glasses. The server issurprised, failing to notice the two boys before. It also confuses Hiyori. She thought peoplecan’t see them?? Yato clarifies that they’re not invisible, just hard to notice. Once noticed,they’re seen as normal people but quickly forgotten since they’re from the Far Shore.– After eating, Yukine and Hiyori wait for Yatooutside the restaurant. The boy thanks her for.

The meal and asks how she knows Yato. Shetells the story about her loose soul and then asks what he did before becoming a regalia.Yukine doesn’t really remember anything from when he was alive. The farthest he can remember iswhen he was suddenly a katana in Yato’s hand. Just then, the sardine-thief cat from earlier walkstowards Yukine, and Hiyori crouches beside it. He blushes when he catches a glimpse of her chest.Yato, exiting the restaurant, feels a stab of pain and immediately scolds Yukine for havinga dirty thought. Apparently, gods and their shinki share the same mind and body, so hesenses any wicked thought in the boy’s mind. –Suddenly, Yato receives a call for another job and instantlyteleports. They accidentally bring half-Phantom.

Hiyori after she jumps to catch them from runningaway. It’s ABOUT time they do her job request! Yato thinks they were called in for a fake job asa trap, but the god of learning, Tenjin, starts speaking. Both Hiyori and Yukine immediatelyrecognize him. The pair bow down, mesmerized by his godly aura – the complete opposite of… ***Will this MC’s suffering ever end? Tenjin asks Yato for Yukine’s name andcalls one of his shrine maidens, Tsuyu, to explain that it’s disrespectful to bow toanother god in the presence of the one he serves. Hiyori gets excited upon seeing thebeautiful ladies. They introduce themselves as the “Tenjin Sisters,” andTenjin clarifies that they’re his regalia. –Finally, Tenjin says.

That he needs Yato’s help to eliminate Phantoms.The god of learning has his hands full during exam season. Yato has nothing else to do, anyway.Before he can even answer, Tenjin taunts him. He opens his purse, pulls out a bill, and teasesthat Yato’s probably a little low on change. Hiyori and Yukine watch the ridiculousscene in front of them. They can’t believe there’s also income inequality for gods.This must be why the world’s so unfair. –After all the mocking, Tenjin tosses a five yen coin to Yato and calls uponhis newest shinki, Mayu, to show them the way. Surprise! It’s Tomone!Hiyori and Yukine approach her excitedly, asking what it was like tobe Yato’s shinki. To their disappointment,.

Mayu says, “Yato was a homeless and joblessguy in sweats who called himself a god.” After the ex-partners argue like a couple,Mayu takes them to the railway. She explains that the area is often plagued by “storms,”allowing ayakashi to corrupt and take control of people. Hiyori is determined tohelp, but Yato declines. He says, “If someone wants to die, I say let them.”He explains that a soul can’t even become a regalia if it has completely been possessed.Whether they are dead or alive, it makes no difference. Hiyori gets mad at this and flees.Yato starts walking away too, but Mayu reminds him it’s already a done deal with Tenjin. Yukine cutsin, asking if it’s okay to let Hiyori run off like that and eventually persuading him to do the job.–.

Meanwhile, Hiyori finds an ayakashi on aschoolboy’s shoulder and successfully kicks it. But more Phantoms appear, and they captureher, tying her to the tracks of an oncoming train. Thankfully, Yato and Yukine, in his katana form,rescue her on time. Now, the real work starts. As the train moves, they see another schoolboypossessed by a Phantom. He almost jumps in front of the train, but Yato quickly saves him,slashing the ayakashi and, well, other things. –As the sun sets, Hiyori walks up to Yato and Yukine. She’s delighted that the god helpedafter all. Yato shrugs, saying he only refuses to let anyone die in front of “these guys.”Hiyori ponders. All the regalia she’s met so far are young and innocent, which means noneof them died from taking their own life. They.

Must be people who still wanted to live.Having others waste their lives in front of them is something Yato can’t stand.The girl tears up at the realization. –Later that night, Yato and Yukine sleep at one of Tenjin’s shrines when the younger is awakenedby the cold. Yato tosses the jacket he took from the charity bin to Yukine, telling him he didwell in his first job. The boy glances at Yato and lies down, covering himself with the jacket.A chance encounter changes Hiyori’s and Yato’s lives forever. Hiyori now wantsto return to her original state, while Yato’s hellbent on being remembered.Here’s to hoping they both achieve their goals!

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