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In the 1600s while fighting the Sekigahara army,Toyohisa decides to stay behind to stop the enemy, so his army could retreat. He can't fight themalone; he is seriously injured. While his body is wounded and bleeding profusely, he finds himselfteleported to a gleaming white hallway, facing a man named Murasaki and hundreds of doors on bothsides. He is then pulled into the nearest door and transported to another world. A strange landinhabited by all sorts of fantastical creatures. Here, he meets other great warriors who diedin history. The infamous warlord, Nobunaga Oda, and the ancient Archer, Yoichi. They are summonedhere as “Drifters” to fight against “Ends” who were responsible for creating the Orte Empire, andthey are trying to destroy humanity. That evening, the village of the Elves was attacked by Orte'sarmy. Toyohisa, without a moment's hesitation,.

Rushes to rescue them because his life is savedby two Elves, and now it's time for Toyohisa to repay them. In the Orte Empire, making bows aregetting involved with drifters is both felonies. So this place ascends to death simply because twovillage boys saved Toyohisa, who is one of the drifters. When the field burns and the fire beginto spread, Toyohisa appears. In just a short time, he easily defeats four enemies in a row, causingthe rest to panic and flee for their lives. Now, Toyohisa puts all his strength into the swordand throws it away. He uses a special technique, a technique of breaking an opponent's armor withthe hilt of a sword which is one of the fearsome techniques of samurai. When it is all over,everyone invites Toyohisa to sit on a chair. This means that from now on, Toyohisa willbe their king, and Nobunaga and Yoichi will.

Assist him in conquering this world. At the sametime, in a place at the western end, the army of the Demon Lord known as Ends, appears. They aregreat warriors who were summoned to this world just like Toyohisa, but they loathe everythingin the world. Their purpose is only to eliminate and exterminate humanity. That's why Octobrist,a magical organization, is formed with the task of rallying all the drifters against ends. But incontrast to drifters, ends are those who can use magic and they are very strong. Not only that,but they also possess a powerful army including bloodthirsty, orc races, and even Dragon riders.Through the narration of one of the Octobrists, Olminu, Toyohisa's team learns who their enemy is.Then Toyohisa's team starts taking the first steps in the plan. After capturing a castle, rumorsof drifters spread throughout the villages..

After that, the All villages revolt, and the OrteEmpire gradually fall into decline. Everything goes smoothly into Toyohisa's team's location isdiscovered. at this time, End sends an army to attack them and is led by Jeanne, a French heroinewho had been convicted of witchcraft in the past. That's why Jeanne has summoned his world as amember of the Ends. Contrary to Toyohisa, Jeanne is no ordinary person, she's too proud of her ownpower. Toyohisa realizes that and cooperates with a magician, Olminu, to create two walls ofspringboards for an attack. At this point, Olminu is shocked because Toyohisa's fightingstyle is no different from that of a demon. At the moment, Yoichi is fighting Gilles. Although allof Yoichi's arrows hit the weak point in Gilles' body. But somehow, he's still not dead and fightsmore and more madly. Just then, another party.

Mage appears and uses a six-barrel gun to defeatGilles. Then Gilles down, his body turning to salt and then slowly dissipating. This guy's Olminu'smaster, the great Cardinal of Octobrist. It is his mission to assist the drifters to destroy theends. Haruakira is a famous Japanese onmyōji master, accompanied by two cowboy drifters and onefrom the Roman Empire. Despite his advanced age, Hannibal is not the average person, he's a masterof tactics. When night falls, Toyohisa intends to free the dwarves, but most of the elves oppose it.For them, the dwarves are the enemy, a feud for a hundred years. But Toyohisa is still adamant aboutthis, he walks alone in the dark. Upon witnessing that scene, the elves changed their mind andhelped Toyohisa. Using compost, sulfur, and black hole. Toyohisa's team makes gunpowder and uses itto make bombs, but their use is not to attack and.

Create sound and light that makes enemies scaredand terrified. Toyohisa takes advantage of that, causing enemy troops to lose their world to fightand begin to disintegrate. Then the city gate suddenly opens, where it is the largest arsenalof the empire and is guarded by a heavy army, heavy armor, heavy sword, and heavy spear.However, Olminu is nicknamed The Stone Coffin, her stonewall magic can be called the best inthe world. After the heavy armor is destroyed, Olminu follows the orders of an old man fromthe Roman era that she uses a stone magic wall, combined with arrows to create ladders on thewall. Then Toyohisa's army sweeps the surrounding soldiers and successfully captures the castle andrescues the entire dwarves. Meanwhile, far north, the scouts discover a terrifying secret, a bronzedragon, one of the six great dragons has joined.

The army of the Black King. But there's somethingeven more frightening, there are monsters that are blowing the field. The Black King wants to becomea savior by letting monsters take the place of humans. The power of the Black King's immediatelife, depending on how he uses it, can be used to save someone, or take someone's life. The nextmorning, Toyohisa and the dwarves made Muskets, a weapon so easy to use that anyone can becomea soldier with a single pull of the trigger, that is the fastest way to create an army. ThenCount Saint-Germi's group appears. Although he looks like a clown, he is also a drifter, oneof the three great Orte nobles, and he comes here to sell his empire. In other words, he willhelp Toyohisa become the new king of the empire. With Saint-Germi's power, the nobles are allexcept Toyohisa as the ruler. But just then,.

Something unexpected happens. A member of theBlack King turns two nobles into puppets and sends soldiers inside the castle. But he does notexpect one thing, the warrior known as the most dangerous person in human history, Toyohisa,is present here. At the moment when Rasputin thinks he is the perfect King, Toyohisa simplyhumiliates him by ignoring and destroying his subordinates. Rasputin leaves in anger becausehis coup plan has failed. The Black King gives an order that Hijikata and Rasputin will sendan army to the Orte Empire to destroy everything there. Toyohisa's team anticipates that theybegin to assemble an army to prepare for the upcoming battle. Nobunaga will lead the Musketsarmy and Toyohisa will lead its army of dwarves, they will be infantry. Yoichi will lead the Elfarmy as a guerrilla fighter. When night falls,.

The battle begins. With the power of Musketplus smoke and fire, the Black King's army grew afraid and does not dare to attack anymore.At this moment, Toyohisa and an army of Dwarves appeared in Sophia into the minds and bodiesof the enemy. At the command of the captain, the enemy troops divide into small teams and begindispersed throughout the city. They burn the house to obscure the view of the Nobunaga army. Theenemy commander, Hijikata is very knowledgeable about guns. He recognizes the seal on Toyohisa'sshirt from the Shimazu clan. Historically, the descendants of Toyohisa slaughtered the entireclan of Hijikata. When Toyohisa mentions it again, Hijikata gets really angry. He uses high-levelmagic to read dozens of shadows to attack Toyohisa. Because Toyohisa knows he can'twin in head-to-head combat, Toyohisa takes.

Advantage of the surrounding terrain to fightin a non-systematic style, which makes Hijikata field his spies. He uses all his strength in asingle slash to directly cut Toyohisa's katana in half. At that time, Toyohisa could only standstill to defend himself. But at that moment, Toyohisa smiled. At this point, Hijikata is reallyshocked because out of all the enemies he has met, Toyohisa is the craziest. As the battle becameintense, the Black King suddenly ordered Hijikata to retreat immediately. In this battle, Toyohisa'sarmy wins. And the anime ends. This is the Anime Title and has 12 episodes. Subscribe for morevideos like this, thank you for watching.

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