He Is True A Reincarnation Of A Mortal But His Candy Made The Holy Maiden Beg To Be His Maid

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Chap 1 Five years ago, Chen Pingan came tothis world of cultivation. He had a system but he could not get strongeruntil he completed 1,000 missions. Every task was a trivial matter and his rewardswere things that can be used in real life. Even the fishes were system gifts. Sometimes, however, he wouldreceive a crappy reward despite his wish to receive Wifi and Air Conditioning. Despite his comfortable life, ChenPingan could sometimes felt he was tired. Right then, a system prompt appeared;a new task had been selected.

He guessed he would need to make toys forkids or a couple might be fighting again. To his surprise, he was askedto go to the Mountain Sect. Chen Pingan was a mortal andbelieved he could not get in. Then he asked the system if it wouldgive him a way to get stronger. The system answered that a man should be strong, giving him three months otherwise hewould be wiped out once he failed. Unsurprisingly, Chen Pinganhad already expected this. In the past 5 years, he received all kinds of strange tasks but now all ofhis hard work might go to waste.

However, he was optimistic andbelieved he could handle the task. Later that day, he started walking on a mountainpath when he suddenly remembered something. He did not know where theMountain Sect was located. The system told him to be self-reliant to whichhe retorted he did not count on it at all. To his frustration, he waslost and could not find any clues since an immortal sect wasusually hidden in the mountains. In the end, he decided to set tight andwait for something to fall from the sky. It was then that a girl fell out ofnowhere while screaming for her life. The sound brought Chen Pingan’sattention and made him look to his side.

Since his wait bore fruit, heproceeded to catch the falling girl. Looking at the smoke rising from the ground, heasked for an apology for failing to catch her. After the clouds of dust settled down, he sawthe girl lying on the ground unconscious and he wondered why a beautiful girl, who he assumedto be a cultivator, would fall from the sky. After a while, the girl’s face twitched. Soon, she woke up from her sleep,revealing her beautiful eyes. She immediately saw Chen Pinganwho kept poking her with a stick. The girl immediately retreated a distance away with tears in her eyes but Chen Pinganclaimed he did not do anything to her.

It was then that the girl noticedsomething and her eyes widened in surprise. She suddenly fell to her knees while she called Chen Pingan senior and beggedfor help which made him confused. Soon, another group of men appeared behind him. He fell into a panic and realizedthe girl was being chased. Seeing there were so many men around, ChenPingan whispered to the girl to run away. However, the girl kept on kneelingcalling for him with a pitiful expression. Chen Pingan knew her request wasuseless and he could not beat so many immortal cultivatorssince he was only a mortal.

At that moment, the group of men fellto their knees without hesitation. They asked for apologies for disturbing him. Confused, he asked them if it was forimmortal cultivators liking to kneel. Back at his home, the chickens were wonderingwhen would Chen Pingan return from his trip. The chicken was embarrassedsince it was a phoenix, it thought it was unlucky fornot being brought by its master. The carp also complained that as adragon, it still had to nest in the pit. They also thought about the kitchenknife who kept on shouting every day because of hunger and thirst,wanting to kill people all day.

The chicken assured everyone that if themaster did not want it to cut people, the kitchen knife would not dare. The scene changed and the woman who fell fromthe sky a while ago was now staring at Chen Pingan with awe as she believed she was notmistaken and he was not an ordinary person. On the other hand, the group of menremained trembling on their knees. Chen Pingan’s pressure was so strongthey could not get close to him and it was unexpected that the girl, MurongXue, would meet such an existence. The men were terrified as one look at them madetheir souls feel they would be annihilated. All of them sensed the same,Chen Pingan was a monster.

Seeing their horrified faces, he wasconfused and stammered with his words. However, it was enough to drive the man tomadness, and immediately pleaded to leave. Right then, Chen Pinganrealized they were good people. He put on a good face andasked the men to go away. As if their lives were pardoned, the group of men with tears in theireyes dashed away with gratitude. After settling the matter, the girl immediatelypounced at him for a hug, thanking him for saving her life to which he clarified he didnot do anything and he was only a mortal. The girl did not accept his words since a meremortal would not be able to scare off four Jin.

Dan Stage experts with just his Dao Rhyme but thegirl believed he had his reasons for saying so. She immediately agreed to his words andunconvincingly proclaimed him a mortal. He cupped his fist at her and asked if she wasMurong Xue, the Holy Maiden of the Mountain Sect. After she confirm it was her, Chen Pingan told her his plan to go to hersect and asked if they could go together. Murong Xue immediately pointed in adirection, excited to have the chance to experience the immortal’s journeytogether with an extraordinary senior. While the girl excitedly thought of her future,Chen Pingan smiled brightly upon thinking he had found a back door to the Mountain Sect and couldexperience a flight of immortal cultivators.

Time passed by, and he turned impatient. He told the girl he was amortal and could only walk. He was silently expecting her to bring him to fly. Contrary to his anticipations, the girlproclaimed she would walk with him. Later, they reach a river wherethe girl started cultivating, leaving Chen Pingan on theside with a bored expression. With constant rumbling, water beganto gather and whirl all over her body. However, she failed to break through. The tamed whirlpool of waterburst apart and turned chaotic.

In the end, she was drenched, revealingthe smooth skin under her clothes. On the side, Chen Pingan wasannoyed about not being able to fly. Hearing the girl’s call for him, heimmediately asked what was wrong. She walked over to him andsaid she had a favor to ask. Chap 2 Soon, she arrived before him. Seeing her appearance, he asked her if the problem she wantedhelp with got anything to do with water. The girl was amazed after his words,declaring she admired him for his wisdom.

In his thoughts, however, she was making himunable to look at her due to her wet appearance. Appreciating the view, Chen Pinganwas mesmerized for a few moments. Noticing his dazed look,the girl called out softly. Blushing, he said it was nothingand averted his eyes. The girl, on the other hand, was amazed by hismysterious ways of knowing her situation. She called out to him again and walked closer. She slid into his embrace and begged himto help her since she could only rely on him for a breakthrough to which he answeredhe could not involve in her private matters. He immediately gave her a cup of warm water andexplained they would discuss what to do later.

He expressed that immortal cultivatorshad many means to achieve a breakthrough to which the girl answered shecould not ask anyone for help. The girl accepted the cup and she wasstunned when she took a sip from it. It was then she thought deeply of the meaningbehind his words and concluded that instead of observing water and awaiting enlightenment,she must be with water to be enlightened. Soon enough, a feeling of goodness surged withinher and she succeeded in breaking through. She immediately kneeled and thankedhim for his advice and in turn, she would never forget the great debt of kindness. With a helpless expression, Chen Pingancould only scratch his head in confusion.

Later, they reached the Mountain Sect. Upon arriving, he discovered MurongXue was the sect master’s daughter which made him wonder no more whyshe could not even dry her clothes. He entered the back door and thoughtthat even the handyman had to have qualifications to enter through thefront door which made him happy. Inside a room, Murong Xue told herfather, Murong Yunhai, about her journey. He asked her why would such amysterious man wanted to join the sect. On the side, Qing Xuan, an elder of the MountainSect laughed and treat her words as a joke. Annoyance appeared on her faceand declared she was not lying.

And even she too was shocked toknow his desire to join the sect. Learning he was outside waiting fortheir decisions, her father told her to say no more since she must have beendeceived by an unorthodox cultivator. He immediately stood from his seatand decided to deal with the liar. Seeing the irritated look on herfather, she tried to convince him. Soon, her father stepped outside. His eyes flared up as he saw theman his daughter had brought. He remember his daughter’swords then the man’s whole body was emitting Qi to which sheasked him if he could not see it.

Looking at Chen Pingan, Murong Yunhai’s voice ofdisbelief sounded, proclaiming the man in front of him was not only emitting Qi and it wasmore like his body was nothing but pure Qi. Seeing Murong Yunhai approach him with largestrides, Chen Pingan knew it was the Sect Master. With a courteous smile, he greeted Muring Yunhai. To his surprise, the Sect Masterbowed deeply and proclaimed he had committed a sin deserving deathfor letting him wait outside. Believing he was only a mortal,Chen Pingan fell into a panic after noticing the daughter and father pairwas overly respecting him out of nowhere. When she saw his flustered face, MurongXue whispered to her father and informed.

Him that the senior was cultivatinghis mind as a mortal for restraint and it would be better to agreewith his words than to anger him. But after seeing his look, her father felt it wasunacceptable to think of Chen Pingan as a mortal. Eventually, Murong Yunahi introduced himselfand confirmed Chen Pingan was joining his sect. Chen Pingan applied to be a handyman as longas they would allow him to stay in the sect. Murong Yunhai immediately denied Chen Pingan’srequest which the girl angrily contested. With a baffled expression, Chen Pingan wonderedwhy the girl was more anxious than him. Right then, a brilliant expression appeared onMurong Yunhai’s face as he declared his choice of resigning from his position as the Sect Master,proclaiming Chen Pingan as his replacement.

His words stunned Chen Pingan andmade up his mind to brand Murong Yunhai as crazy.Chap 3 Hurriedly waving his hands, hedeclined the position bestowed to him. This time, a solemn look appeared on their faces, realizing the position of Sect Master wasnot good enough for the senior to accept. Murong Yunhai coughed andsaid he would not be polite. Chen Pingan accepted readily and hope he would not be kicked out otherwisehis mission would be ruined. However, his worries were unfounded after the Sect.

Master declared he would be the onlySect Ancestor of the Mountain Sect. To his frustration, Chen Pingancould not help but scratch his face, realizing immortal cultivatorswere difficult to communicate with. Although he could not cultivate, he hadheard about the hierarchy of a sect. He was just a mortal and notonly to be an ancestor but he would not be even qualified to be a disciple. After thinking for a bit,he decided to persuade them. Right then, Murong Yunhai turned around andrequest Chen Pingan to proceed to the hall, declaring the matter is settled and thesenior would now be the Sect Ancestor.

Suddenly, Murong Xue grabbed her father’s sleeve. She expressed that her unclewas in the hall and had the same attitude as him before and it wouldbe bad if he disrespected the senior. After hearing his daughter’s words, he immediately dashed away, leavingMurong Xue to entertain the senior. Pointing at the Sect Master, he asked the girl if there was an internal emergencyto which she hesitantly affirmed. Later in the hall. Qingxian Zhang was staring at the treasurein his hand with an interested expression.

Right then, seeing Murong Yunhai had returned,he immediately asked if the liar was sent away. Murong Yunhai hurriedly grabbed his shoulders and explained that the senior’s strength wasunpredictable, further asking him not to be disrespectful later as the seniorwas already the ancestor of the sect. With an alarmed expression, Qingxian Zhang was in disbelief afterseeing Murong Yunhai was also fooled. He immediately stood from his seat and dashed outside to the liar with anannoyed look on his face. The moment he stepped outside,his eyes flew open in horror.

He saw Chen Pingan walking as though hewas an immortal who came down from heaven. His knees gave in. Kowtowing with sweat trickling all over his body, he asked forgiveness for notwelcoming the great master. After he witnessed the elder’sembarrassing situation, Murong Yunhai could not help but laugh at him. Within the elder’s mind, he waswondering why Murong Yunhai’s luck was through the heavens forcatching a mighty existence. Chen Pingan, on the other hand, felt hisintelligence insulted after seeing so many.

Immortals kneeling in front of him, wonderingif it was a courtesy between cultivators. Eventually, he thought it was likely and asked if he should also kneel causingeveryone’s expression to change. They hurriedly grabbed Chen Pinganand stopped him from his act. Right then, the elder’s treasure fell. It bumped toward Chen Pingan’s way. Picking it up, he suddenlyasked “Where did you get it?” The elder explained that the Illusory MoonSect Disciples had encountered found out that it was an object with an unknownmaterial and they could not open it.

Chen Pingan scratched hischeek and said the material was just ordinary wood and inside was only food. Hearing his words, everyone askedhim if he could see what was inside. Chen Pingan answered he did nothave that skill and explained that he knew about it because hewas the one who made the thing. Right then, he remembered the past when he wasgiven a task to make toys for the children. He decided to find some woodand make some Luban locks. Back to the present, Chen Pingan explainedthat the mechanism was broken which was the reason why no one can open it so hecould only open it in another way.

After searching for a while,he brought out a terrifying knife which immediately spread adestructive aura around the room. Looking at the knife, everyone felttheir lives flash before their eyes. Horrified looks were painted on their facesas they instinctively took a step back, realizing the knife held greaterpower than immortal weapons. At that moment, everyone finally realizedChen Pingan was holding a Legendary Artifact. As the knife hit the wooded treasure, everyone felt the world rumble as thougheverything was on the brink of collapse. The elder was so shocked at the sight, hefelt the laws of the world had collided.

Soon, the wooden treasure wasopened, revealing the mystery inside. Chen Pingan turned his head and with confusion,he asked why everyone was hiding far away. They did not answer his question and wonderedwhat was the thing inside to which he explained that it was a candy and he made it as a rewardfor the children after they opened their toys. As she brought the candy near her nose, MurongXue discovered a strong spiritual power. Full of curiosity, sheimmediately swallowed the candy. Right then, a surge of energy flooded her body and she advanced from the first level of pillformation directly to the tenth level. She hurriedly took his hand and thank him for her.

Helping to save her life and for guidingand giving her a chance to break through. With a hint of shyness on her face,she asked him if she could repay him with her body.Chap 4 Smoke burst out from hisnose and his face turned red. The girl was beautiful andher figure was good and now, she was offering herself tohim just because of his candy. A moment later, Chen Pingan decidedto decline after thinking her father might not agree and declared he did notneed her body on such a trivial thing. Murong Yunhai, however, was happily giving his.

Approval and believed his daughter’soffer was the best way to repay him. Realizing the girl’s mentalitystemmed from her father, Chen Pingan resolved tobring her to the right path. He explained that chastity was not somethingshe should give just because of his candy. The girl replied that after he cameto the mountain, he needed a servant. At that moment, she pounced at him andexpressed her intention to be his maid. Seeing Chen Pingan’s hesitantface, sadness overwhelmed the girl, and she questioned if she was really bad looking. Glancing at his side, Chen Pingan saw herfather’s thumbed up, expressing his blessing.

The elder on the side turned demonic andasked Murong Yunhai to stop since they agreed to make his daughterthe elder’s daughter-in-law. To the elder’s frustration, Murong Yunhaiasked the elder to snatch his daughter if he had the capability since he could notprevent his daughter from her desire. The elder seated in anger after seeingMurong Yunhai kept a Great God in his sect. Right then, the elder thought of his son andmaybe he could also offer him to the senior. As if sensing the elder’s sinister thoughts,Chen Pingan could not but tremble in horror. Chen Pingan felt his body turn cold and wonderedwhat weird things the elder was thinking about. After hugging each other for a while,he asked the girl to let go of him.

Contrary to his request, the girl tightened herhug and declared she would never let him go. Looking at the system display, Chen Pingancould only sigh after discovering there was no normal person in the sect the system threw him. Fortunately, his task to join theMountain Sect had been completed. Chen Pingan then discussed his joband found out he was only needed once the sect made some important decisionsor encounter unsolvable difficulties. In the end, Chen Pingan directlyasked if they could fly him back home. Later, they brought Chen Pingan back tohis home with a teleportation formation. However, seeing his depressedexpression, Murong Yunhai was shocked.

Although they traveled so fast, in thesenior’s eyes, it was as slow as turtle speed. Unknown to them, Chen Pinganwas complaining inside how the speed was too fast and hedid not feel that he had flown. Walking inside, he asked everyone tocome and have tea before they leave. Sighing in relief, Murong Yunhai asked ifhe could arrange a better place to which Chen Pingan politely declined since hecould not leave his fish and chickens. Right then, the surrounding aura intensified. The chicken revealed a glimpse of its might. Everyone’s eye’s widened as theyfelt their bodies freeze in terror.

Noticing their unsightly expressions,Chen Pingan ask if something was wrong. While wiping away their cold sweat, they answered Chen Pingan they were alrightand only felt out of breath for a moment. Realizing it was a bunch of weak humans,the chicken turned its head away in boredom. Chen Pingan hurriedly proceed to prepare tea and asked everyone to tour hiscourtyard while they wait. Everyone pleaded for Chen Pingan not togo but their cries were all for naught. Horrified looks appeared on theirfaces as they realized it was all over. They had never experiencedwhat they had witnessed today.

A peach tree that was surrounded by Qi. A fish pond surrounded by Qi. Chickens surrounded by Qi. Even the broom rhymes with Qi, it wasa whole courtyard overflowing with Qi. Looking around, Murong Xuewas terrified and her father believed the senior was testingthem so they needed to hold on. At this moment, with all the terrifyingtreasures around, everyone was at the end of their ropes.Chap 5 A second later, an expression ofpain appeared on Murong Xue’s face.

She felt her chest tighten and calledfor her father with great difficulty. Right then, Chen Pingan’s light cough was heard. In an instant, the terrifying entitiesin the courtyard broke into cold sweats. The pressure they emitted vanished without atrace and everyone immediately felt relieved. Murong Yunhai suggested theyshould check the ancestor even though he volunteered to prepare their tea. Everyone agreed to him andproceeded to walk inside. After he opened the door he saw Chen Pingan whowas choked by the tea and called out for him. Chen Pingan told them to sit downsince the tea had just been brewed.

Turning around, he saw everyone’s paleexpressions as sweat trickled down faces. He wondered if they had donesome exercise in his yard. He thought about it and concluded they wouldnot be so tired since his yard was small. Looking at the girl’s tired appearance,Chen Pingan assumed she was the culprit. With a slight blush on his face, he dismissedhis thoughts and poured everyone’s cup of tea. The energy fluctuating around the tea gleamedwith heavenly radiance capturing everyone’s mind. They assumed the tea was some kind of elixir and its might should be comparableto the ancestor’s kitchen knife. As he brought the tea and took a whiff ofits aroma, he was instantly invigorated.

Everyone’s spirit was lifted. The spiritual root determines the speedand purity of spiritual energy absorption. Without hesitation, Murong Xue drank her tea. Seeing various expressions on their faces, Chen Pingan wondered if somethingwas wrong with his tea’s taste. The next second, no one waitedno more and drank their tea as though they had been dehydrated for many years. Soon, everyone asked for a refill. After they heard their ancestorsaying there was not enough,.

Everyone felt their heartsache and cried in despair. Chen Pingan scratch his head and reasoned he had drunk all the water andnow there was nothing left. The elder suddenly smiled andreached for his storage ring. The next moment, the elder raised hishand, proclaiming the water had arrived. Anger appeared on Chen Pingan’sface and sent everyone out. Outside, he waved them away and said drinkingtoo much would be bad for their health. After they bowed and thanked him for his teaching, Chen Pingan looked at their departingbacks and wondered what he had taught them.

Now that they were out of his sight, he sighed and decided to go shoppingin the town for some food to eat. In another place, the sunblazed with scorching heat. An old man glanced at the skyand noticed a sign of epiphany. He was the former ancestor of theMountain Sect and at this moment, he decided to watch the sun for achance to break through the bottleneck. Right now, he could not make any mistakes. Soon, the sun was moments until its apex. The old man cleared histhought and focused his mind.

Right then, his chance hadcome and he was almost there. At that moment, however, a loud voice called out,resulting in him vomiting a mouthful of blood. The old man’s aura surged chaotically as heard the man who arrived proclaimhe brought some great news. The man was Murong Yunhai, andafter noticing something amiss, he carefully asked the old man why he was upset. In an instant, the old man unsheathed his blade. With anger bursting uncontrollablyin his heart, a golden silhouette of materialize on his back as he charged forward,proclaiming he had bad news for Murong Yunhai.

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