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This is the story recounting The emergence of a mysterious tower in the world which creates an opening leading to an endless overflow of monsters that invade the world however soon after several people possessing awakened superhuman Powers rise to confront those monsters popularly known as players these extraordinary beings emerge as.

Humanity's Newfound beacons of Hope emerging as a formidable Force within the world due to their strength and successful annihilation of monsters these players Ascend to the echelons of opulence becoming embodiments of wealth objects of envy and legends the protagonist of the story is a normal human being who works in a food delivery.

Service with a routine of varying sustenance to the guild offices one day as he Journeys back from his job he stops at a street signal his gaze drawn upwards to an expansive screen atop a building the screen showcases the appellation of a player xiaokuyu identified as a unique ability retainer looking at this 18 year old here 0 the.

Protagonist is awestra contemplating the unparalleled strength wielded by unique ability retainers he considers them to be potent among the Superhuman ranks endowed with incalculable strength and prowess he acknowledges that these players are akin to monsters capable of killing countless adversaries with a mere wave of their hand while he is.

Thinking about that the vehicle standing behind him start to sound their horns telling him that the signal has already changed apologizing to them he restarts his bike and moves ahead at night while parking his bike in front of his house he suddenly looks at the letterbox filled with numerous letters feeling surprised he runs towards the letter box.

However when he starts opening the letters they turn out to be documents regarding his loans school fees and Hospital fees taking a sigh he smiles thinking about what he was expecting and what it turned out to be taking the documents he goes inside where his sister greets him while he asks why she is still awake saying that she was doing.

Her homework she moves towards the fridge while the protagonist asks her about their mother while walking towards her room his sister tells him that their mother just fell asleep and is sleeping more soundly than usual which makes him feel good closing the door he turns to his sister asking if she messaged their mother when he was out but she surprises.

Him by wishing him his 18th birthday with a chocolate cake taken aback he asks where she got the money to buy the cake from inquiring if she used the money he gave her to buy new clothes in response she starts to joke stating that she has a lot of money and tells him to quickly come and Cut the Cake while he stands still engrossed in a thought he.

Thinks that even though all of her clothes are worn out she still cares more about him than herself and calls out to her addressing her as you John as she too as to him he thanks her for giving him such a surprise and she asks if he wants to read the letter before having the cake giving him a letter she puts the cake on a table while he starts.

Opening the letter thinking that she is written it for him however as soon as he opens the letter he becomes shocked while his sister starts to smile excitedly the letter that he is holding in his hand is not from his sister but is actually an invitation from the player association an image that paralyzes him in disbelief a few moments.

Later his astonishment changes to overwhelming emotion and he expresses his Joy at the player association calling him a player overwhelmed with joy at seeing him yujong tells him that she took it out of the letterbox because she wanted to surprise him saying that she congratulates him warmly and he feels over Joy thinking that he has.

Finally achieved what he wanted with tears in his eyes he thinks that their lives are going to change from that day on opening the door of his mother's room he looks at his mother lying on the bed and thinks that there is a specific motive that he wants to achieve the next morning he reaches the player association of South Korea feeling.

Amazed at its Grandeur looking at the building he becomes excited and Overjoyed to have finally reach such stage but then thinks that it is not the time to get caught up in emotions because it is just the beginning as he enters the building a girl standing inside welcomes him addressing him as player giju Kim surprised at her knowing.

His name Gidget thanks her and she tells him about the simple method of seeing his Player information asking him to give it a try complying he gives it a try by stating player info which leads to the appearance of a status window in front of him displaying his information looking at the question marks in front of the heading unique ability gaiju.

Turns to the girl and asks what these question marks mean hearing that she becomes surprised and congratulates him stating that he is the retainer of a unique ability and the question marks mean that his ability has not manifested yet hearing that did you becomes shocked and gazes at the status window realizing that she is right and that he is indeed.

A unique ability retainer feeling joyous ripples traverses being out of joy and nervousness his body starts to shake while the girl loudly starts to congratulate him on being a unique ability retainer that catches the attention of a person sitting nearby telling him not to feel so nervous the girl states that his trainer will.

Explain in more detail once he gets there in a moment just then someone calls out to her and she turns around thinking that he must be giju's trainer but is shocked to see the famous player siakuyu standing in front of her while jigyu is equally amazed to see him seku expresses his wish to become jigu's guide shocked to hear that Gidget asks.

If he is really referring to him and he agrees stating that he happened to overhear their conversation and learned that giju is a unique ability retainer this causes jigyu to Shake in nervousness again while the girl states that this is something that is technically not possible however she allows it this time stating that she has.

The authority to do it as an experienced manager and sick with thanks her after that Sam takes gidgee to the portal that leads to the dangerous Tower seeing which gidgey feels amazed turning to him siku asks if he is ready to enter and he agrees and they start walking towards the portal with siku advising him not to be nervous as they enter the first floor.

They catch the attention of goblins present in the surroundings as the Goblins start to rush towards them in countless numbers gidgeu turns to seku asking if they are always in such a huge number on the first floor in response seku reveals that the monsters can stack up due to complications in spawn times but this is the first time he has seen.

It happen causing gigue to get scared taking a sword sequo starts to proceed forward thinking that it works out for people like them and states that it will make things easier for him to explain he asks if Gidget knows about the hundred Goblin test and he agrees stating that it was banned due to its risk agreeing siku reveals that it was designed to.

Measure the player's potential based on the time it took to hunt 100 goblins without using any skills with that the stopwatch starts and siku leaps up stating that a clear within four to five hours indicated that a player had high potential slashing the goblins with his sword at a great speed he reveals that those who.

Cleared within two to three hours indicated Riker potential and those who did it within one hour were high rankers feeling amazed at whatever is going on before his eyes JiJi remarks that it is incredible meanwhile sikwu who is almost done slaying the Goblins uses his power to freeze the last one and states that the approximate clear time for a unique.

Ability retainer is 10 minutes hearing that giju is stunned realizing the potential of a unique ability retainer while silk who looks at his wristwatch estimating the time it took him to do it considering it to be unbelievable Gidget turns to sikwu asking how it is possible for Unique ability users to do it in 10 minutes when a high ranker does it in.

One hour siku explains that an ability user is much sharper than a normal player and takes only a few months to learn what takes years for normal players to learn walking away siku asks if Gidget is familiar with the Angelic guilt and get you a grease identifying it as the one with a very young Rancor as its Guild Master agreeing seku.

Reveals that most of their members are the people who were able to clear the goblin test in under three hours and states that he plans to make a guild that transcends them he states that for his dream to come true he needs talented people especially unique ability retainers like giju while gidgeu keeps standing still and staring at him he.

Then shares his hope to see gidgeu in the tower surpass his own limits after that he unfreezes the goblin he froze for gidgee to hunt and stands aside himself as the goblin rushes towards gidyu to attack siku tells him to keep his legs stiff and track the movement of the Goblin's ax and he complies while facing the goblin with confidence Gidget.

Thinks that he is surely going to achieve it and change his life five years later while a person standing on the first floor looking at the Battle going on between a goblin and a player he takes a sigh just the then his friend comes from behind apologizing for being late while the person states that he was having fun while waiting just then the.

Player fighting the goblin who turns out to be did you leaps up to launch an attack finally killing the Goblin and lies on the ground feeling utterly exhausted looking at him the person who just came asks if the hundred Goblin challenge is trending these days while the other one replies that he also thought the same when he came meanwhile.

Gigi opens up his info tab quickly and is frustrated to see the same level of his skills feeling disappointed he lies on the ground making the other players feel confused he thinks that he was invited into the tower at the age of 18 and was given a unique ability but even after five years have passed it still takes him at least one hour to hunt a.

Single Goblin surveying his unchanged status gidgey experiences a sense of disillusionment questioning why his level has remained stagnant over the past five years this anomaly Main containing a level akin to a beginner strikes him as highly unusual and puzzling on the first floor a fight goes on between a goblin and a player in.

Which the player slashes the goblin with his sword killing it in an instant after that he takes a deep breath and turns to get you along with several other players while he appreciates their effort and they address him as their guide after that he asks if everyone has leveled up and they agree stating that goblins are an easy target and they do not feel any.

Exhaustion even after killing so many of them in response gidgey Smiles stating that leveling up is very easy in the beginning after that he turns around and tells them to come to the entrance the next day so that they can climb up the second floor and they comply as he walks away they begin picking up the crystals dropped by the goblins and discussing if.

Giju is really that famous while one of them reveals that he is certainly famous hearing that the rest of them ask what he is famous for and the boy reveals that he has heard certain rumors about giju and the biggest one is about him being a unique ability retainer hearing that the rest of them feel surprised but he explains that they are just rumors.

And states that he would not be on the first floor if they were true to which the others agree just then another among the players reveals the second rumor about giju telling that he is the lowest ranking of all the players intensifying their surprise he reveals that although nobody says it out loud giju has a nickname that other players know and by.

Looking at gidgeu he Reveals His nickname to be the dysfunctional leveling player hearing which gives you feel sad after leaving that place gidgeu comes to a secret spot on the first floor that nobody passes through and stands under a tree thinking that it is a place where only a single Goblin comes once every day he turns around to find a.

Goblin with a spear in its hand that stands turning its back to him taking out his sword he comes out of the tree thinking of it as an easy target and plans to launch an attack before the goblin can notice him therefore he starts to slowly walk towards the Goblin while it keeps standing still with its back turned towards him suddenly gidgey.

Steps on something which makes the goblin attentive while he keeps proceeding slowly the goblin suddenly turns its gaze at him and rushes towards him at great speed attacking him with its spear realizing that his plan has failed he starts to confront the goblin with his sword which appears to overpower him after getting hit by the.

Goblin too many times gidgey realizes that it is going to be a hard fight as usual after some time at the Players Association gigyu comes out of the office holding the twenty dollars he got from selling the crystal of the only Goblin he managed to hunt in one hour thinking that taking out the money for his potions will leave him with no.

Profit he takes a sigh just then the door of the office opens and his colleague Teo comes out appearing sad looking at him Gidget asks if he is getting off from work that late and he agrees hearing that Jiggy remarks that he is working until late hours while Teo remains silent in response appearing to.

Be frustrated by something he holds his head and starts to move away apologizing for this attitude of his which makes kid you confused watching him leave Gigi enters the office and goes to taishik the manager asking if something is wrong with tail hearing his voice taishik who is engrossed in a deep thought while going through certain documents suddenly.

Gets startled remarking that he has finally come Tasha informs him that the clients he was in charge of that day will be taken over by tail the next day hearing that dig you feel shocked asking how it happened while everything was fine that day in response taishik reveals that they might have heard the rumors making him understand after.

Staying silent for a while gidgee remarks that it has nothing to do with being a guide but this is something that cannot be helped while taishik remains seated holding his head just then they hear the news on the television about the Angela Guild declaring their intent to take over the 75th floor which makes gidge you feel shocked turning to the.

Television they continue to hear the news while the broadcasters revealed that they will be working on clearing the 75th floor whose progress had stagnated until then hearing the news gidgee remarks that the members of The Guild are normal civilians who will never even get close to the tower while taishik states that players are Idols of.

All Sorts he states that since the gates can open anywhere and there is a chance for anyone to become a player it is not an unattainable goal for the people hearing these words Gidget gets into a deep thought while the broadcasters reveal that an s-rank gate has opened in America and their government wants the Korean Association to help them in that.

Regard while the news continues to be broadcast gaiju thinks that it is impossible for him to become Real Player and turns off the TV seeing that taishik asks why he turned it off when he was watching the news and he remains silent in response after a while Tasha hands him an envelope containing his salary for that day and he thanks him for it.

After that taishik tells him that Teo was already feeling bad for taking his place and forbids him to have a rude or blaming attitude towards him in response gidgey Smiles stating that it is not his fault and he should not be sorry about it in the first place taishik then tells him to come a little early the next day to make sure the transfer goes smoothly.

Turning to his computer taishik reveals that there is a job that is asking specifically for him making him feel surprised the next day he meets a new player named sea and pill on the first floor who wants him to become his guide and states that he has heard a lot about him from sikhu hearing about siku gidgeu becomes surprised and asks how they are.

Acquainted in response cnpol reveals that they are cousins remembering sikhu to be a good person gidgey Smiles feeling thankful for him turning to see and Bill giju asks him to introduce his team members and he he complies introducing all three of his team members who greet him warmly after the introduction giju tells them that they.

Will be rapidly clearing through the tutorial floor for the next four days and five nights pointing towards the way forward gidgee states that they must be aware of the basic details and he will explain the rest on their way after walking through the first floor throughout the day Gidget tells them that they will stop at that place and.

Set up a camp while he himself sits to prepare dinner coming to him one of his team members asks if he needs any help and he disagrees telling her to rest once she finishes putting up her tent as he begins preparing the suit they all comment that it has a very delicious smell and ask if he has been a chef while he tells them to come and sit.

Stating that it will be ready in a while sitting near the fire one of them states that he heard the rumor about gidgeu not being able to level up while seeing pill angrily tells him to keep quiet however Gigi Smiles in response stating that it is true and they can ask him anything else they are curious about putting the soup in the bowl he asks how.

The hunt was for everyone in response all of them share their experiences while he states that the goblins on the first floor are poorly armed and their movements are fairly obvious therefore he advises them to only think of it as training and work diligently to level up quickly as long as they meet a guardian making them confused giju reveals the.

Guardians to be the boss monsters that protect each floor and require guilds or large parties to defeat them he states that although they provide a lot of experience points and good items they are dangerous enough for even records to keep away hearing that all of his team members feel scared but he tells them not to be.

Scared since their regenerative cycle periods have been determined along with it he tells them that there are guilds that specialize in hunting them and the ones on the lower floors can be taken down quickly meanwhile on the fourth floor of the tower at the intersection between the Wilderness and the forest a monster that is running away trips on a.

Stone and falls down as it turns around it feels scared to see another monster standing behind it and starts to tremble when the other monster tears it apart this monster turns out to be a formidable boss monster on the fourth floor on the second day of the tutorial they reach the second floor and face gigantic Orcs who despite their.

Intimidating appearance are comparably easier to overcome than the Goblins upon reaching the third floor on the third day they encounter organized groups of defined Orcs and goblins these adversaries while physically imposing lack the intelligence required for Effective collaboration their inability to cooperate plays into.

The team's hands allowing them to exploit a clever strategy devised by Gidget resulting in Victory compiling these experiences in his journal sample attributes their successes and progression to get you understanding the high regard siku holds for him as siemple documents his thoughts gidgey notices and inquires about his actions.

Learning that sample has documented his experiences daily since joining as all of them start moving towards their camps siemple states that he might end up writing an autobiography when he becomes a ranker thinking that they have to enter the fourth floor the next day siemple states that after getting through that they will enter the test on.

The fifth floor while expressing his wish to get a job soon hearing that another member of their group expresses her curiosity about what job she will get while the third member expresses the same hearing about them talking gijube who is sitting by the fire looks up at the sky thinking about the challenges they will face on the fifth floor 4. the.

Next day as they enter the fourth floor giju explains that they will face the same monsters as on the third floor but this time they will be a little stronger with that he explains the strategies to them and tells them to attack following the instruction all his group members start to fight relentlessly against the powerful Orcs and goblins while he.

Stands behind them watching them suddenly he notices clouds of dust rising in the distance and becomes surprised thinking that this is not the day for the guardian to appear holding his sword he states that it is not a good sign for such a situation to occur calling out to the group members he tells them that they need to get out of.

The place quickly and instructs them to wrap up their fight as soon as possible saying that he quickly turns around and starts to pack up the bag while thinking that he has realized one thing after spending a long time as a guy holding his bag he thinks that the tutorial in reality is not a game and looks behind him where one of the members of his.

Group lies on the ground with his knee injured just as the orc is about to launch an attack on him cianpole runs to him and severs the orc's neck leaving his comrade stunned while they continue to fight gaichu thinks that one small Mistake by a single member of the group can lead to the annihilation of the entire party meanwhile the clouds of.

Dust keep coming closer and closer making him anxious suddenly after reaching them the dust cleared revealing the formidable boss monster who stands holding his gigantic weapon accompanied by numerous smaller Orcs looking at the fierce killing intent in its eyes did you quickly turns to his back and takes out a smoke bomb while instructing.

Everyone to run away with that he throws the smoke bomb at the monsters which causes a dense fog to spread everywhere while all the group members managed to come out of the fog the monsters are still stuck inside considering it to be the best chance to escape Gidget instructs them all to run away as quickly as possible and starts to lead.

Them while running away cnpil asks where they are going and jigyu tells him to follow him for that time stating that he knows of a good hiding place soon after they reach a cave located in the middle of the huge stones and start to rest there in order to regain their stamina turning to get you CM pill asks what that monster was remarking that it.

Resembled a gigantic Orc in response Gidget reveals that it was the guardian of the fifth floor and expresses his confusion at how he appeared but suggests observing the situation for now looking at his bags he states that they fortunately have an ample food supply so they should take it slow and wait for the rescue just then one of the members.

Of his group comes running to him telling him that hanul the girl in their group is not waking up after examining her condition Gidget reveals that she is poisoned by the goblin poison but tells them not to worry much stating that she will be fine after taking the antidote however as he begins searching for the antidote in his bag he does not find it.

And realizes that it fell from the bag while they were running away from the monsters this starts to make him feel uneasy because he made such an amateurish mistake and he thinks that he should calm down first thinking that he cannot be the one faltering he gets up wearing his bag and tells his group members that he is going out to give a.

Rescue signal hearing that all of them became worried stating that it was too dangerous and he should not go telling them not to worry Digi states that he has gone around the tutorial floors countless times and will just go to the hills and shoot a flare he assures them that despite looking weak he is the best level one player in the world and leaves.

The cave however as he gets outside the Cade he starts to feel nervous he thinks that because of the appearance of the Guardian the movement Paths of the monsters have changed which has made their appearance unpredictable hiding behind a stone he decides to leave the original route and look for another path while thinking that he has one more bomb.

Left for any emergency situation that might occur after that he starts to walk away expecting to reach the hill in three minutes and quickly return after shooting the flare while walking quickly he thinks that he just has to avoid encountering the guardian however without him even noticing the guardian suddenly appears behind him out of.

Nowhere feeling the presence as he moves his gaze behind him the monster punches in with such force that he goes crashing to the ground and gets badly injured while lying on the ground gidgeu throws the smoke bomb in the direction of the monster causing a dense fog to spread again and starts to crawl out feeling a lot of pain thinking that he must get.

Away from this place quickly he reaches for his gun and raises it up in the air stating that he is not someone who will fall for the same tricks twice shooting the flare he starts to run away thinking that he must create a distance between himself and the monster while running away he assures himself that there is no one else who knows this place better.

Than himself and he will surely find a way suddenly he looks ahead of him and feels surprised to find the door to the fifth floor a place that he wanted to jump into giving up on everything however he could not do it because of his family he thinks of it as a place where death is the only thing waiting for a level one like him and looks at.

The door wondering why he came there thinking that for a person like him who cannot even handle the fourth floor it is not possible to enter the fifth floor he realizes that he has reached a dead end just then the boss monster also catches up to him making him feel anxious after a little contemplation he thinks that there is still a choice.

Between a certain and an uncertain death and decides to enter the fifth floor thinking that he should have a look at it as soon as he opens the door he gets the notification that he has entered the first test and has met all the requirements upon opening the door gidgey finds himself instantly transported to an expansive open field.

Where he lies on the ground notifications promptly inform him that the difficulty level has been adjusted according to his skill level rising and bewilderment gidgeu's gaze falls upon a goat position before him simultaneously a notification enlightens him that his inaugural trial involves hunting this goat after briefly contemplating the.

Window ahead gidgeu directs his attention to the goat his surprise evident at the apparent Simplicity of the challenge drawing his sword he expertly thrusted into the goat's neck swiftly ending its life as a result a notification congratulates gidge you on passing the test which has in turn determined his role and potential.

Ability the Precision of his strike prompts another notification indicating an increase in the quality of the forthcoming reward gidgey is taken aback reflecting on his initial anticipation of facing certain demise and his subsequent encounter with an entirely unexpected scenario yet he wonders if this seemingly straightforward trial is.

Truly all there is to it in that very moment A peculiar sight captures his attention from behind compelling him to turn around he Witnesses thick hair-like substances and snaring his body gradually transforming into a foreboding dark expanse amidst this transformation the voice of a young child inquires about his presence startled gidgee opens.

His eyes his confusion mirrored in his gaze as he surveys his unfamiliar surroundings while he scans the surroundings The Voice persists questioning if he is their Master the weight of his confusion prevents a response eliciting a remark from the voice that someone incapable of answering a simple query can hardly be.

Considered a master baffled did you asked what they are talking about prompting the voice to reveal that they have long awaited this juncture and now seek a name from him the voice elaborates explaining that he must bestow them with a name to establish a link stating that ego has requested him to link with them these Revelations lead.

Jigyu to abruptly open his eyes once more only to find himself in a hospital room with his sister and taishik at his bedside seeing him await they express exuberant relief inquiring about his well-being gig you still grappling with confusion maintains a steady gaze upon them he learns that he was discovered unconscious at the fifth floor entrance.

Two weeks earlier taishik proceeds to recount the events following gigu's loss of consciousness The Guild members upon spotting the signal flare ascended to the fifth floor and vanquished the guardian monster albeit with its subsequent Escape while disappointment tinges gidgeu's emotions that the creature's getaway the safety of sea and.

Pill and his companions provides a relief to him after a conversation with his mother over the phone Jake you traverses the hospital Corridor he reassures her of his well-being and the coverage of Hospital expenses by Insurance turning to his sister he advises her to remain home and care for their mother pledging to notify them of.

His discharge date upon hanging up the call Jeju laments his inability to level up despite his triumph over the fifth floor determined he adorns a distinctive serpent-shaped ring and departs the hospital setting a direct course for the tower upon his arrival on the first floor the bustling activity of players engrossed in combat and leveling halts.

Briefly as gidgee steps forward evoking surprise as he moves amongst them the question of his Renown arises leading to the revelation of his notoriety as someone unable to progress levels amidst the ensuing confusion a bystander clarifies the outdated nature of this rumor unveiling gigue's new epithet the.

Tutorial slaughterer meanwhile a huge Army of goblins and Orcs assembles facing gidgeu discarding his bag he stands Resolute before the impending horde empowered by the Ring's enigmatic energy he charges his hand and infuses his sword with the same power vaulting forward he leaves the monsters astounded slashing through their ranks with.

Unparalleled speed catching them off guard as Gidget nears The amassed Horde he drives his sword into the ground with a mighty Force generating a shock wave that scatters the creatures in the midst of this formidable display the voice of the child re-emerges urging gidgeu to name them while dealing with the monsters Jeju gives him the name low and.

The voice replies that he likes the name with his overwhelming might gidgey vanquishes the entire horde of monsters when a window materializes revealing his new role as ego's partner and his unique ability linking with ego meanwhile another status window that appears display statistics of low revealing his level to be seven which as a result of.

Killing the monsters turns to eight while collecting the precious stones dropped by the monsters Jiggy remarks that it feels like just yesterday that he was struggling to eliminate even a single one of them he states that now it feels more difficult for him to collect the crystals instead of killing the monsters looks at his ring addressing it.

Is low and asks if he thinks the same about one month ago while roaming around on the first floor he came to discover his unique ability to link with ego feeling excited he realized that his unique ability was not a dream and that his decision to come to the tower right after getting discharged was correct despite considering his sister's.

Potential reaction to his Swift return to the Tower he deemed it inappropriate to remain idle as his info tab under when its first transformation in five years however he had no idea how to link with his ego and began thinking about that after a while an idea came to his mind and he started to swing his arm and try to link up using all his energy.

However he was unable to do that and became disappointed sitting on the ground to tie up his shoes he thought that he got too excited and felt relieved that no one saw him doing such a clumsy thing holding his head did you wondered how to make a connection with ego stating that he even gave that voice the name low.

However as soon as he took the name low a light began to shine in front of him and formed into a ball making him confused looking at the transparent ball gidgeu felt excited to have finally summoned it while the voice stated that Lou does not have a form currently and that its form will be chosen randomly he had been notified that the ingredients.

For the materialization of Lou would be automatically absorbed leaving him confused while he wondered what it might mean a strong wind began to blow taking away all his belongings one by one leaving him bereft suddenly the ball started to change its shape and a bright light emerged from the forest after some time when the light began to fade away.

Jigyu saw a unique sword floating in the air in front of him staring at the sword Gigi asked if it was really low and it agreed asking how many times it would have to repeat it and expressing its frustration Nation trying to calm it down did you asked what an ego was he asked if it was a soul but the sword disagreed stating that it was not a soul.

And revealing that it was also unaware of what it truly was frustrated by get you touching it the sword told him not to do that did you pierced it into the ground and asked if it could move by itself the sword responded that it could not do so currently but would be able to in the future prompting gigyu to ask if it could also break the link with him.

And switch its Masters however Lou replied that it was up to the master and they had no control over it hearing that Gidget became surprised and asked if the sword would be able to harm him once it became able to move Lou stated that although it was possible if Gidget died from the attack the ego linked to him would also disappear making it quite an.

Impractical idea feeling intrigued gidge you asked if the sword could feel pain as well and Lou agreed stating that it was a special type of ego that could feel all emotions and if upgraded all Sensations too hearing that jigu activated its pain perception and hit the sword with a stone to check if it was really the case afterward he began.

Hunting monsters with this new sword which proved to be quite capable reflecting on those times Jiggy remarks that there were instances when Lou rebelled a lot upon hearing this Lou calls it an embarrassing memory stating that even now it still gives them chills when they think back to those moments hearing this remark did you angrily.

Turns to it while low changes the statement saying that it was just calling did you a chill master and that it feels blessed to be in the company of such a person afterwards gihu turns to his back mentioning that it's already full and suggests heading back for the day which makes Lou happy gidgeu proposes that next time instead of.

Entering the tower they should try going into a gate however when jikyu shares this plan with taishik he forbids him from entering any Gates he reveals That high-ranking official have recently died in a gate in the U.S and that some of the gates have proven to be more dangerous than expected tashik also informs gidgey about the gates having.

Strange structures and architecture something that never happened in the past 23 years but started a month ago hearing this Jeju recalls that a month ago was when he met Lou and begins to sip his coffee considering the possibility of his suspicions meanwhile Tasha clarifies that he doesn't want jigyu to avoid the gates forever but to.

Stay away from danger giju agrees and thanks him for showing concern while taishik bids him farewell addressing him as the tutorial slaughterer which annoys him as jigyu enters the lift he starts browsing information about the gates on his phone after going through all the necessary details he realizes that even though taishik has forbidden him from.

Entering the gates he doesn't have a choice due to the financial issues he is facing while searching for people recruiting Hunters to enter the gate he takes out the contact information of one of them thinking that nothing dangerous will happen he clicks their phone number and connects the call soon hearing a voice from the other side the next day.

At the coffee shop JQ meets a person who introduces himself as song TSU ha and states that he will be the leader of the expedition song TSU asks if it's giju's first time gate hunting and gidge you agrees stating that he is still familiar with clear strategies and other things in response songs who hands him a document.

Stating that it is the contract and that things like profit distribution and breach of contract fees are quite standard while giju is reading the contract songs who tells him to see him again at Guri station at two o'clock two days later warning him not to be late gichu knows that gates are generally categorized into two groups one-time.

Gates that disappear after being cleared and sustained Gates that do not disappear allowing for repeated hunting although the rewards for sustained gates are much lower than for one-time Gates people usually prefer to enter the sustained Gates due to the lower level of difficulty there two days later Gigi reaches the required place on time and.

The group starts moving towards the gate while walking with the other members of the group jehu looks at them and finds them all to be quite awkward wondering if they came through employment sites just like him looking at song TSU and the girl coming after him he thinks that they seem to know each other just then songs who looks ahead and instructs.

Everyone to hold their positions stating that they are coming suddenly numerous monsters resembling zombies start to rush towards them from the dark passageway in front of them stretching his bow song TSU calls out to one of the members of his group who goes ahead holding a giant shield and collides with one of the monsters halting their.

Movement following that he gives the signal to his entire team to go ahead and kill them all while preparing to launch an arrow in their Direction following the instruction all of the team members take out their weapons and start killing the monsters while song Soo also begins launching arrows in their Direction while trying to kill the.

Monsters the members of the group find their bodies to be very tough seeing that one of them remarks that they are so needlessly sturdy especially when they have been rotting away however just then he notices jigyu standing in the middle of the Zombie Army slaying them endlessly and feel surprised suddenly Blood starts to stain the entire.

Passageway shocking all of them after their battle is over they sit in a corner of the passageway to rest when one of the team members runs to get you stating that it will be easy for them to clear the gate because of him all of them are impressed by gidge's ability and he tells them that he is currently at level seven leaving them astonished.

Remembering that he had the largest contribution in killing the boss monster of the gate one of them expresses his wish to join gidge's party after clearing the gate looking at song TSU Gigi thinks that he does not seem to mind but it is not polite to be acting like this in front of the party leader meanwhile the members of the group keep.

On praising him and he keeps acting humbly despite knowing that their prices are worth it after a while songs who turns to them instructing them to get ready to proceed getting up Gidget asks Lou if he is ready to continue while Lou states that the blood of zombies is no good in response gidgee states that they will soon reach the boss's room and.

Tells Lou to hang on for a bit meanwhile the two people from the group group who were praising him a while ago look at him murmur something into each other's ears and grin after some time they finally reach a gigantic steel gate leading to the boss's room looking at the massive steel bars gidgey wonders if they are meant to keep the boss monster.

Trapped inside just then songs who states that he will explain the clear method to deal with the boss monster Talon an enormous ghoul one of his group members interrupts stating that they have already researched all of this information before coming and suggesting going inside without wasting time however songs who insists that they.

Should listen even if they know about it since a mistake by even a single individual can make the entire group vulnerable inside the gate hearing that the person remarks that it is a useless drag leading the girl standing with song TSU to become enraged however without saying anything she looks at song Soo and calms down watching this gives you.

Remarks that it is weird while song Soo continues with the explanation while explaining the strategy songs who melts the iron bars with acid and they enter the room where they find pollen a huge monster sitting with its back turned toward them at first songs who loads an explosive arrow and fires it towards the monster to damage it a little growing.

Enraged by the attack Talon turns to them and starts to flail its fist at them as it rushes towards them to attack songs who tells the person with the shield to block those attacks for them which he does as it hunches over to change the pattern of attack giju and the second member of their group Rush towards it from different directions as.

They reach it and start to launch attacks its defense increases threefold preventing most attacks from having any effect on it while Tallinn sits down covering its head to save itself from the attacks song Soo calls out to get you stating that it is his chance complying gidgey leaps up in the air to launch a forceful strike while all of.

Them expect it to deal at least a little damage to the monster despite its 3 4 full defense while still in the air Digi was informed that his synchronization rate with Lou is increased and he is now able to use lose abilities more effectively surprised he reaches down to the monster and launches a forceful strike which unexpectedly kills Tallinn.

Leaving them all astonished as a result of killing the monster in a single strike giju receives a new skill called cannibalism that allows him to recover his health by devouring corpses looking at the formidable monster lying dead on the ground the other members of the group become even more impressed by gidgeu's abilities and ask for his.

Contact information just then songs who calls out to them revealing that an equipment item called the dagger of paralysis has been dropped by the boss monster while one of the members of the group expresses excitement to see the reward songs who states that according to the contract he will roll the dice to determine the reward distribution.

Hearing this the person standing with gidgey asks if he doesn't want to have the dagger making him confused the person states that he was the one who did all the work and deserves to take the dagger and he promises to support gidge you in that hearing that gidgeu quietly gets up while they think that there is no way he is going to refuse.

Such an offer looking at them gidgey thinks that after being a guide for five years he has developed an eye for people and knows that these two members of the group may not be trustworthy sitting in front of song TSU get you looks at him and the girl and thinks they appear to be quite the opposite but also suspects they might have something hidden up.

Their sleeve seeing that everyone is ready for the rewards songs who puts his hand in his pocket to take out the dice just then the two members of the group who were planning something exchange a gaze and one of them gets up from his place he takes the dagger placed on the floor and rushes towards song Soo to attack however before he can launch an.

Attack Gidget pushes him away and twist his arm causing him to drop the dagger and experience intense pain lying on the ground the person turns to get you stating that he thought Gidget was on their side considering that he cannot move thoughtlessly in such a situation the person calls out to his other fellow to help him while his friend starts to.

Tremble in fear suddenly the person lying on the ground also starts to tremble and says that he was just joking confused about the reason for their overwhelming fear gidgeu turns around and finds the girl standing behind holding her dagger he realizes that he didn't even see her take out the weapon looking at her.

Gidgee wonders if she's not a magician and considers her a very dangerous individual he also thinks the same of song TSU who didn't Flinch when a Nike was flying at his throat and was rather watching it calmly thinking about this gidgeu turns to them and asks who they are in response songs who states that they were intending to ask him the same.

Holding the attacker tightly Gigi asks what they want to do with these people hearing that the person who was helping the attacker speaks up stating that he only did that because he was getting paid for it and was unaware of the attacker's intentions meanwhile sansu asks why Gigi is asking him about the punishment and gidgey states that he was.

The target of the attackers and has the right to decide their punishment hearing that songs who stay still for a moment and then turns to Heron the girl understanding what he wants her to do Harem looks at the attackers with a fierce intent in her eyes and a strange Aura surrounding her body May making did you feel surprised she swiftly reaches.

The person helping the attacker and hits him on the neck causing him to fall unconscious in an instant seeing that jigy tries the same on the person he is holding and successfully makes him fall unconscious feeling surprised that the move really worked he reaches for the dagger lying on the floor and states that he will be taking it prompting song.

Soo the ask why it is so in response gidgey states that because he saved song soo's life he deserves to have this reward songs who considers it to be too much but Gidget remarks that an item of this caliber is not too much for a person like song Soo hearing that song TSU asks if jigyu knows about his identity in response jikyu states that.

If he has a strong person like Harem as his bodyguard then he must be no ordinary person himself giju says that he has no interest in their identities and he will go ahead to hunt further leaving these two people for them to take care of as he walks away Lou tells him that horm is a dangerous girl and jigu agrees stating that this is why he.

Did not fight with them Lou remarks that despite knowing that they were dangerous people gidge you left two unconscious individuals with them and took away the dagger as well however giju argues that he saved songs whose life which is why he deserves the reward and now he enjoys the privilege of staying behind while Lou absorbs the blood of the zombies.

After that Gidget decides to leave the place stating that there are no more zombies and they have absorbed enough blood He suggests they stop by the reward room before they leave reaching near the corpse of the boss monster gidgey stage that the reward room is a limbo space only accessible through this dead body however as he is about to.

Touch the monster's body he notices something shining on the wall and turns to low asking if there was something like that before in response Lou states that there was nothing like that going near the wall gidgey touches it remarking that it seems Hollow from the inside turning to low gidgeu asks if they should break it and Lou agrees.

Holding his sword gidgey starts to break it when Lou suddenly realizes something and tries to stop him but it is already too late soon after the wall collapses and huge clouds of dust begin to rise making did you feel astonished suddenly he senses another ego from this place and becomes surprised wondering how an ego can exist in a place like that.

Standing amidst clouds of dust gids you wonders if egos are that common and why he has not found them in the past five years Lou also suggests looking for the ego stating that it is here somewhere while giju covers his eyes and coughs due to the dust looking around jigy states that this place is too old for anything precious to exist here but Lou.

Insists he looks around mentioning there must be an ego in the surroundings suddenly as the clouds of dust clear gidgey notices a beautiful sword stuck into the stone and goes near it wondering if it is an Excalibur looking closely at the sword giju decides to grab it and hold it tightly in his hand to his surprise the sword begins to glow.

And a pure white light surrounds him he suddenly Hears A Sound asking if he is their Master looking at the bright light DQ thinks it will be a similar experience to when he met low but it feels a little different this time in response Gigi asks if they are the ego within the Sword and the voice agree increase stating they have been waiting.

For the master for a long time Jeju clarifies that he is not their Master but would like to become one hearing this The Voice asks him to give them a name and he quickly names them L after that he takes out the sword from the stone thinking that his experience of attaining the ego this time did not seem very unfamiliar because he had done that.

Before as well however just then he notices that the roof and the wall of the room he is standing in have begun to crack and start to collapse while Lil and L tell him to quickly run away to save himself hearing each other's voices Lou and Elle begin to ask about each other's identities while jiju tells them to keep quiet and starts to run out soon.

After he reaches for the corpse of the boss monster and touches it intending to enter the rewards room while the floor beneath his feet begins to crack as well as soon as he touches the body of the monster a notification appears asking if he wishes to enter the rewards room and he agrees suddenly a bright light engulfs him and he stares at something.

In front of him out of shock in front of him he sees a gigantic eye staring at him leading him to get Frozen in astonishment after he receives the reward and gets out the gate is demolished due to an unknown cause however what makes him happy is the precious reward he got from there including 30 Violet crystals and a.

Necklace that gives protection to its owner from illnesses this necklace leads to a little Improvement in his mother's condition and with the money he gets by selling the crystals he moves her to a better hospital for treatment after that he decides to climb the tower again and reaches the fifth floor finding it highly developed like a city and much.

Different than it used to be with the help of low and L he not only manages to clear the fifth floor but also the 6th 7th and eighth floors finally reaching the ninth floor standing there he thinks that he did not even dream of coming there until recently he remembers siku telling him that his level itself is not important as long as he keeps trotting.

His unique ability will manifest itself smiling at this Digi looks at the two rings he is wearing noticing that L has also leveled up quite a lot and because of synchronization he has started to feel stronger himself he thinks that he expected L to be very strong because of the demon sealed within her but L states that the demon was sealed within her for.

So long that all the power has dissipated apologizing it states that it does not even remember the demon causing gidgey to wonder if the gigantic eye that appeared in front of him was actually the demon checking Ella's stats get you remarks that he can grow more powerful if he has more Egos and decides to look for more of them hearing that.

Lou asks where he intends to look for those and he reveals that he knows of a place after some time at the item Auction House gaiju sits in an auction looking at the different items being sold and asks if Lo and L can sense any ego to which they disagree hearing that DQ thinks that he should have realized that egos are not that common just then.

The the host announces that it is time to display the last item of the day following that a unique bracelet is revealed that is capable of enhancing the Regeneration abilities of its owner looking at it l quickly recognizes it to be an ego making gidgee surprised after some time he walks out of the auction house unable to buy the bracelet due to.

Its high price and remarks that he had no idea that the auctions are that tiring however he tries to cheer himself up stating that his Dagger of paralysis sold for one hundred thousand dollars which is quite a lot having a lot of money he goes to the supermarket and buys some beef while leaving the market he talks to taishik on the phone telling.

Him about his wish to form a party and revealing that he came back from the gate a while ago hearing that taishit becomes angry stating that he told him to be careful and avoid the gates for the time being but guiju explains that it was just an F rank gate while crossing the road gidgee states that he is just a level one without his web.

Weapons and cannot do a solo raid because of that just like that he continues to talk while walking home after hanging up the phone gidgey thinks that everything seems all right since he has taken care of what was urgent and has also been able to buy some beef hearing that Al remarks that he is so humble to act this way after getting.

Such a large sum of money while loose stays rude as usual Gigi states that he wants to shift his house to a better place after earning a lot of money because he wants his sister to stay in a safe environment just then he notices a bright light shining at a distance and becomes shocked as he keeps looking the light begins to grow bigger and bigger.

Leading to the emergence of a gate as the news of the emergence of the new gate reaches taishik he sits in front of his computer to check for more details regarding it while browsing through the information taishik finds out that the gate appeared near giju's house and doesn't seem shocked about that however when he finds out that the report was.

Made by giju he is taken aback and loudly calls out to get you making all the other office workers confused meanwhile at the place where the gate appeared a person stands talking with gig you telling him about the process of entering the newly emerged gate just then Tasha comes to them asking if they are done talking and turns to get you.

Stating that he wants to have a talk with him after some time in a coffee shop while sitting at a table taishik drinks his coffee in one go and places the cup hard on the table turning to get you he asks if he is planning to clear the gate and get you a grease stating that he has grown a lot stronger and should not be underestimated by them.

Hearing that taishic holds his head remarking that giju is very stubborn causing gidgeu to laugh while he asks Which floor giju is currently on in response Gigi reveals that he is on the 11th floor with the same level of abilities hearing that taishik tells him to complete his preparations within four days and then come to him making him.

Confused taishik states that he wants to see if Gidget will be okay to go inside the gate and if Gidget is not prepared he will not let him enter no matter what four days later while standing in the basement of their Association building Jiggy remarks that he was unaware of the presence of such a training facility in their building looking at the space.

Expansion with a protective barrier around the wall did you thinks that he has been underestimating his Association just then taishik turns to him and asks if all this Sparks his interest a little making him confused when he reveals that he is talking about having a position in the association taishik suggests that he joined the association as an agent or in.

Some other position but guiji refuses to do so saying that he has no plans to settle down anywhere yet remembering tale gaiju asks what happened to him and inquires if he disappeared after Tasha got promoted in response taishik reveals that he joined the Caravan Guild and remarks that he is a completely different person than the one he knew.

Hearing this gidgee states that he wants to meet him seeing taishik folding his sleeves giju asks if he is not going to use a weapon for sparring hearing that taishic remarks that he seems to be looking down on him since he has been busy with his office work these days with that he clenches his fist and gives a single move to his hand causing gidgeu.

To face a violent gust of wind making him shocked stating that an expert is always an expert taishik tells him not to underestimate a former high-ranker like him surrounded by overwhelming energy taishik tells him to come and attack with all his might thinking that he cannot win against such a powerful person as taishik giju decides not to.

Give up without fighting however before he can make a move he faces another dangerous wave of Stormy wind that causes gidgey to drift away seeing him face a lot of difficulty competing with him taishik asks if he really came prepared making him think that he is nothing compared to a high ranker while he is thinking that taishik tells him to.

Focus stating that letting his guard down inside gate is equivalent to death thinking that taishik is right gidgey clenches his teeth considering that he has not come without a plan he remembers that four days ago at the player item auction Market he went to buy some armor while low and L stated that there could not be any better item.

Than them pretending to be on the phone gidgey stated that he cannot just go around like that and might find another ego while else stated that it will let him know as soon as it senses one after that he entered one of the shops and came across a steel armor and many other items the high prices of which shocked him after walking around the entire.

Market he quietly sat down on a bench lowering his head considering that the cheap armor is a very bad quality and the good quality Equipment is very expensive he wondered what to do just then both Lou and Elle called out to him making him attentive looking up he saw an argument going on between a child and a man appearing angry the child insisted.

That his grandfather is a skilled Artisan while the person was of the view that there was nothing special about his equipment disagreeing with him the child stated that his Grand father is very good while the person stated that there is no point in advertising a store that does not even do business properly just then Gidget came to the child asking if.

He would lead him to his grandfather's store making the child surprised feeling glad to have found a customer the child agreed and started to lead him towards his grandfather's shop while following the child did you turn to Lo and L asking if they were sure about their claim and they agreed stating that the clothes that the child was wearing were.

All egos Elle revealed that although it was an artificially made ego its strength was real while the child finally entered a room calling out to his grandfather in response his grandfather stated that he forbade him from bringing guests and asked why minsu the child was wearing the clothes he made despite having many nice ones.

Looking at their room Lou and Elle revealed that everything present in the room was all egos making giju astonished as they examined all the items Al expressed astonished at how a human could create such objects while Lou revealed that they were all missing a pair and were eagleless egos suddenly the old person appeared before.

Them stating that he had no intention of selling those items to someone who didn't even understand their value flipping the pages of a diary the Old Blacksmith jicalhong mentioned that he had encountered many people like gigyu who could not appreciate his work however as he looked up he found giju standing still in front of him and.

Reiterated that he wouldn't sell his things to people like him who couldn't use them properly in response gidgeu approached one of the racks and asked if Hong would sell them to him if he could use them but hauling considered this ridiculous and told him to go away taking a sword from one of the racks did you begin to read its details including.

Its level and unique abilities surprising Hong with his ability to read such information turning to him digu stated that he could indeed see the abilities of the weapons and acknowledge that Hong also possessed the same ability leaving him astonished Hoang excitedly told him to go ahead and try using it as having a person who knew.

The value of a weapon was a blacksmith's greatest wish Examining The Sword gidgee proclaimed that from then on its name would be sharpness while mensu Hawaiian and gidgey watched in anticipation the sword didn't react leading El to remark that it didn't like the name gidge you gave remembering this gidgee stands in front.

Of taishik with a fierce intent in his eyes and charges forward holding his sword while taishuk remains still as he draws near Tasha gives a single wave of his arm causing gigyu to drift backward taishik states that jigyu is still hesitating to attack and advises him to aim for the vital spot with all his strength so he can harm him thinking.

That his opponent is a former High ranker giju decides to concentrate and starts launching simultaneous attacks but taishik effortlessly evades them this pattern continues for some time with gidgeu attacking and tasic blocking until eventually taishik launches a punch into gidgee's abdomen this leads gids you to enter the memory of his.

Visit to Hong's store where he was unable to link with any of the egos present in the shop seeing his confusion Lou revealed that egos are very picky about their owners telling him not to make useless attempts deciding to try one last time gidgeu picked up an armor and proclaimed that its name would be Bernhardt this caused a bright light to.

Shine in front of him with a notification that he had successfully linked with the ego excited to have finally done it gidgeu took the armor receiving a notification that due to his current lack of abilities bernhardt's abilities had also been reduced remembering this Gidget stands still ready to take taishik's punch as soon is.

Taishik strikes a bright light begins to Glow with a notification that Bernhardt has accumulated damage surprised taishik stares at the bright light and a massive blast erupts causing both of them to fall in different directions colliding with the wall gidgey feels immense pain and falls to the ground as he sits there coughing hard Taisha throws a bottle in.

His Direction telling him to drink it and stating that it is a potion to heal his internal injuries taking the bottle gives you Smiles stating that his hands are shaking and he can't even open the bottle just then taishik states that gidu has passed surprising him repeating that he is past the Test taishik shows his scratched hand to him stating that.

He didn't expect gidgeu to be able to give him a scratch remembering giju's confident confrontation of the attack taishik asks what it was in response gidgeu Smiles stating that it was the impact of his item taishik reveals that if the gate isn't cleared within a week the association will send their agents and he wishes gives you the best of luck.

In clearing the gate reaching the gate Tasha conforms gidgeu that he is given five days and if he doesn't come out during that time taishik will go inside himself and drag him out in response gidgee states that he won't need taishik to do that turning to get you taishik asks if he has packed all his things and GID you agrees with taishik advising him.

To take care looking at taishik's concern Lou remarks that it's such an easy level asking why taishik is so concerned and Gidget replies that taishik is like a father to him and he's worried about him assuring taishik that he'll be back soon gidgey enters the gate while walking through the dark passageway gidgeu shares his hope for.

The gate to be a sustained one confusing the egos he explains that if it's a sustained gate he can earn a lot of money Lou asks how Gigi will know if the gate is sustained or not and Gidget replies that he'll have to clear it first to find out he mentions that if it's a or or a basement gate there's a high chance it will be difficult but if.

It's a maze gate it will be easier holding the sword he effortlessly pierces it into the mouth of the gigantic wolves that appear all of a sudden and starts killing them at a swift speed turning to the dark cave behind him he sees a large pack of wolves gazing at him with Fierce intent in their eyes.

Looking at them he smiles excitedly stating that it's time to level up charging at the pack of wolves gidgee starts to kill all of them with the help of low L and Bernhardt their combined powers make him strong enough to confront the dangerous monsters with confidence for a long time all three egos keep working together and leveling.

Up after some time Gidget sits down stating that they should take a break he looks at his wristwatch and remarks that it has only been five hours he feels the gate to be very easy similar to his experience of facing Orcs And wonders if it's because it's an Ephraim chewing on the flesh he thinks that it would not have been possible for him to enter such.

A gate alone but he has been lucky this time he thinks that he definitely needs a player rank but it is something measured without any equipment and if he stays away from his ego he still has level 1 abilities and cannot get up proper evaluation no matter what he thinks that even tashik will not be able to do anything for him regarding that.

Just then Al informs him that if his abilities Advance he will be able to maintain a connection with them regardless of the distance in response gidgey states that he hopes for the same but is not sure how to enhance his abilities as Lou starts to show its usual rude Behavior gidgey hits it with his finger causing it to experience a.

Lot of pain while he is putting the water bottle in his bag a window appears in front of him revealing the skill of cannibalism acquired by Lo and he states that he does not understand what it means considering its literal meaning to be eating One's Own Kind giju asks if Lou also possesses the skill of consuming other egos causing it to.

Become annoyed stating that he was just joking did you gets up saying that he is rested enough and it is time to proceed further after filling up the crystals in his bag he remarks that it has already filled to the brink and thinks that he will have to buy a new bag with enlargement Magic on it suddenly he notices buff potions in his bag and.

States that if he drinks those he should have more space holding them in his hand he looks at the gate in front of him while Lou remarks that he feels the strongest energy within this gate stating that the boss monster might be inside stating that this is the reason why he is drinking those gidgey starts to drink the potions and moves ahead.

However after walking a long distance he does not find any trace of a monster and thinks that at this rate he will lose all the effects of the potions he drank earlier meanwhile Elle and Lou keep saying that the energy they are sensing is getting stronger and stronger assuring him that the monster is around somewhere suddenly he sees a bright.

Light shining at a distance and states that they must be near the monster telling them to keep quiet gidgey starts proceeding in that direction and emerges from the other side of the cave in front of him under the bright Sky lies the formidable boss monster a gigantic wolf with a very powerful Aura incomparable to that of Talon just then the wolf.

Feels his presence and opens its eyes to find him standing nearby standing up the wolf unleashes its sharp teeth with a fierce intent glowing in its eyes seeing that Luke calls it an impressive creature while L tells gidgeu to be careful meanwhile gidgeu himself thinks that the pressure he feels from the presence of the wolf is much greater.

Than what he felt in the presence of the boss monsters he encountered previously this makes him realize what a real boss monster looks like while the wolf jumps from its place and rushes towards him with a high killing intent in its eyes seeing it jigy holds both his swords tightly to defend himself against the attack as soon as the wolf comes near.

Him the swords strike its strong teeth causing gidgey to experience a forceful jerk reaching the side of the wolf did you quickly pierces one of his swords into its neck realizing that it is very shallow feeling a lot of pain due to the attack the wall wolf backs off a little and lowers its head making giju confused suddenly the wolf gets near him and uses.

Its head to throw him away causing him to crash to the ground at a distance managing to stand up with the help of his swords did you thinks that its defense is stronger than he expected but he has no choice but to slowly accumulate damage having decided that he smiles and looks at the wolf coming towards him with its eyes glowing with.

Anger thinking that it is not bad to confront tough opponents remembering how he faced difficulty defeating even a single Goblin in the past he drops his bag and leaves to attack the wolf stating that fighting stronger enemies is his specialty stating that he launches a fierce attack on the wolf leading it to deal some damage after.

That he jumps down the wolf at a distance while the wolf charges at him intending to tear him apart using its teeth however JQ blocks the attack using his swords and pierces one of them into the neck of the wolf again just like that he he continues launching countless attacks on the wolf to weaken it while feeling exhausted himself however the.

Wolf keeps growing angrier with each attack and tries to fight back after some time gidgeu sits on the ground feeling utterly exhausted while the wolf lies on the ground badly injured thinking that he was almost close to death gidgey states that if it were not for the buff potions in Bernhardt he would have lost and died looking at the.

Wolf he remarks that it was a very strong monster which cannot even be compared to Talon holding the sword he thanks the wolf for dying with his hands and pierces it into the monster's body causing blood to spurt out following that he gets the notification that he has defeated the boss monster and has gained experience while Lou starts to.

Absorb the blood and abilities of the monster as Luke keeps on absorbing the blood giju suddenly gets a notification that the skill of cannibalism has been activated making him surprised immediately after receiving this notification the spilled blood of the wolf begins to rise forming a strange Aura while jigyu stands still feeling.

Confused about the unfolding events a few moments later JQ receives a notification that Lou has successfully absorbed Chiang Kang the boss monster and transformed it into an ego looking at a large blue crystal floating in the air before him Gidget asks what is happening in response Lou states that it does not know as it has never heard of a.

Monster turning into an ego this causes gidgey to remark that he will have to investigate further turning to L Gigi asks if it knows anything but L says the same stating it cannot be of any help in this matter contemplating the ego transformation get you wonders if Lou has Chang King's ego but loot denies having anything of the.

Sort hearing this gehue becomes even more confused considering that lacks the skill required to possess it at that moment his own status window appears informing him that he is the one who has obtained Chiang Kong's ego feeling surprised Gidget wonders how to activate it and whether he should yell the skill name however recalling his past efforts.

To link with low he decides to try it later leaving both Lou and L confused getting up he states that he was able to assess the usefulness of cannibalism and also obtained a blue crystal that is much more precious compared to the purple crystals he previously acquired with that said he begins to walk away intending to head to the rewards room.

However as soon as he reaches the spot where the boss Monster's corpse was lying he finds it missing feeling shocked he remarks that he needed to touch the dead body of the boss man monster to enter the reward room and becomes angry with Lo believing it consumed the entire monster on his second day inside the gate gidgey starts.

Exploring the area with the intention of finding something watching him Lou remarks that he is wasting time while Elle suggests he go outside to seek help however he states that he cannot do it considering that if an anomaly like the last gate he entered occurs then the authorities will start questioning him he also reveals that if he goes outside.

Without clearing the gate it will lead to a gate break that will cause a lot of Destruction and deaths therefore he states that he must finish what he started because he is the cause of it and he must achieve it no matter what while Elle appreciates his sense of responsibility Lou responds in the usual rude manner claiming that he is just.

Intending to clear up the mess he created giju tells them to keep quiet mentioning that taishik will enter after four days allowing them to avoid the worst case scenario hearing this Lou remarks that taishek is is an impressive human on the third day of his quest gidgee searches the entire Meadow but fails to find what he is looking for.

Frustrated He suggests killing all the monsters in the area and both Lou and Elle agree considering it a good idea having decided on that course of action gidgey starts moving through the previously avoided tunnels killing all the remaining blue wolves finally on the fifth day he successfully eliminates all the monsters within the gate and wonders.

What to do next he contemplates whether he will have to break the entire cave to clear the gate just then both Lou and Elle call out to him at once informing him that all the energy of the gate is gathering in one place as he looks ahead a bright light begins to shine leaving him confused bewildered he inquires where all this energy is gathering and.

They tell him it is going towards the place where he killed the boss monster back at the association when he arrives taishik remarks that if jig you had come out an hour later he would have gone in to look for him curious taishik asks why he was so late remarking that with his level of skill he was expecting him to finish it in two days in response Gigi.

Reveals that he killed the boss monster on the first day but there was a problem that caused the delay leaving Tasha confused giju explains that the boss Monster's body disappeared preventing him from going to the reward room surprised taishik asks what he did in that case and jigy reveals that he killed all the remaining monsters making.

Taishik realize why he brought back so many crystals gidgeu recalls that after he killed the last monster all the energy from the gate started to accumulate in the boss room and he ran towards the Meadows to see what was happening as he exited the Cade he witnessed a strange sight feeling like the world was breaking into pieces and.

Converging into one place suddenly the energy transformed into a bright ball which he held in his hands receiving a notification that he acquired an ego fragment leading him to the reward room hearing this taishik feels surprised while gidgee shares his belief that the gates might be egos leaving taishik shocked taishik informs him that he will.

Deposit his payment for the crystals and the gate clearing rewards into the bank account which will be about fifty thousand dollars and gidgee thanks in for that while walking out taishik asks if he will be going straight to the hospital and gives you a grease mentioning that his mother must be worried about him as he unlocks his car.

Tasha insists on giving giju a ride and asks him to get in but Gidget hesitates stating that he does not want it tashik pushes gidgeu inside the car starting to drive sitting in the car get you feels embarrassed and uneasy because of the car's pink color which is usually associated with girls taishik finds his Expressions amusing and laughs hard.

While driving the car at a very fast speed at the hospital giju meets his mother and finds her condition to be much better than before Lee leaving taishik with her he takes you John his sister to buy her a drink after they leave their mother thanks taishik for taking care of giju but he humbly states that he is the one receiving gidge's.

Help all the time while walking through the corridor guiju notices you John continuously yawning and asks why she is feeling so sleepy reminding her that she needs to study for her upcoming exams yujung responds that she was just taking a nap to prepare for the exams gidgeu advises her not to work too hard and to take care of herself while she asks him.

To buy her the same protective necklace as their mother just then an old woman approaches them and asks if giju is yujong's older brother seeing her you Jong smiles and asks why she isn't asleep yet addressing her as granny in response the woman explains that she was just taking a walk in the corridor which she heard their.

Voices turning to get you she appreciates him for making his sister a good person surprising him she Praises him as well stating that he seems to be an energetic young man and Gigi thanks her for the compliment stating that she might have Disturbed their walk she walks away telling them to take care while walking.

Away she suddenly turns around and calls out to get you telling him that certain energies are always in conflict with each other therefore she urges him to be careful and not lose himself leaving him confused hoping the best for him she starts to walk away while he stands still wondering what she meant looking at his Rings he wonders if she knows.

Something about him and his abilities the next morning did you leans against a wall in the hospital remarking that it is much better and more comfortable than the damp cave he spent five days in just then the hospital staff approaches him asking if he is the guardian of Sujin Lee gichu confirms this and inquires about the reason for their arrival in.

Response the doctor with a serious Russian on his face asks if he has some time to talk after some time outside a gate players who have just come out after a few gays are busy talking about their plans before heading home just then one of them notices gidge you quietly passing by and informs the other that he is the famous player known as.

Tutorial slaughterer stating that he is a big fan of gig you the other person asks if he should go and greet him and his friend agrees however as he looks closely at gidgeu he finds his Expressions to be very serious and remorseful feeling confused meanwhile gidgey remembers his conversation with the Doctor Who informed him that his.

Mother is in a critical condition due to severely damaged muscles the doctor mentioned that her medical complications have progressed significantly and that it's too late to treat her while remembering that he enters the gate and goes towards the gigantic ox-like monsters that look at him while holding their weapons meanwhile the words of the.

Doctor keep a coin in his head reminding him that she has a maximum of one year and a minimum of three months left to live remembering that he becomes overwhelmed with remorse and lets out a scream running towards the Fearsome monsters with his sword in hand slashing the monsters he states that it is all this.

Fault thinking that he should have put his family before everything and shown a little more courage in the past with that he leaps up to attack the monsters thinking that he should have become stronger faster just like that the day turns to night and gidgee stands under the heavy rain holding both his swords watching him Lou asks if he has a death.

Wish remarking that he should be strong while El says that his mother's condition is understandable and they should empathize with his suffering after some time he enters the 19th floor of the Tower and all the other players feel surprised to see him holding so many bags looking at him they start giving different remarks with some.

Revealing that he has been hunting for the last two weeks and has reached from the 11th to the 19th floor in such a short time calling out to him someone asks if he needs some help holding the bags stating that they look heavy but he does not reply and keeps looking down with a grave expression on his face hearing the voice the players turn aside.

And are surprised to see the members of the spear Guild standing in front of them just then one of the guild members Grins and suggests carrying the bags for jiju in response Gidget takes out his sword and puts it on the person's shoulder shocking him looking at the sword emitting powerful energy the person asks if giju is unaware of his.

Identity but gidgey tells him to keep quiet and go away looking straight at him with Fierce intent in his eyes did you tells him not to greet for other people's things looking into his eyes the person starts to tremble with fear realizing that he has never seen this much bloodlust in anyone before a person comes from behind and asks what is going.

On recognizing him as the agent of the association The Guild members become anxious and start to run away while threatening did you after they go away the agent reaches gig you asking what is going on as gidgey turns to him he introduces himself as xiangyun the security agent of the ninth floor from the association and asks him about the.

Matter giju tells him that the players of the guild seem to have an eye on his bags looking at the large number of his bags seonghun states that they are enough for him to understand why people are behind them after that the agent asks if he is giju Kim leaving him surprised after some time gidgee stands in an office asking what he did for them.

To place a bounty on his head he says that the person who brought him there was seonghun who told him that the head of the department had promised to give him a bonus for that hearing that taishic remarks that he will have to double xiong Hun's bonus this month for bringing him back hearing that did you asks what he wants.

From him and tashik replies that he did not contact him for two weeks after entering the tower which made him worried taishik also reveals that there is a way for his mother to recover which surprises him he explains that there is only one method to cure an illness with an unknown cause remarking that giju is aware of it after thinking for a while.

Gigi asks if he is talking about an Elixir the all-powerful potions that can cure any Illness but states that they are very rare agreeing taishik reveals that only three elixirs have ever been found until that time with one is the test reward in the beginning stages of the tower in response Jeju recalls that the other two were found as the clear.

Rewards in Gates surprised that jigyu knows about it taishik remarks that he knows more than expected and Jiggy replies that he has researched a lot about it considering that he will not need to tell him in much detail Tasha gives him a hint about the connection between the two gates hearing that Gidget realizes that he is.

Talking about the maze Gates he knows that May's gates are the type of gates with a notorious level of difficulty with monsters of various ranks a powerful keeper and frequent traps that can be challenged by anyone while he is thinking about that taishik reveals that two days ago the third maze gate appeared in America after that taishik.

Tells him to wash up before visiting his mother and leave the bags in his office assuring him that he will sell them and send the money thanking him gidgee leaves the room while taishik slouches on the chair stating that he feels like picking up smoking again the next day after making all the preparations for departing for America did you meet.

Sunghoon the agent seung-hoon tells him that he has been made in charge of guiding him to the gate and will receive an extra bonus for that he informs gidgeu that the department head has taken care of all the document related Logistics and the necessary supplies have also been prepared after that he begins to walk stating that they will.

Have to depart and asking gidgey to follow him however just then Gigi stops him telling him to wait after that he enters the 20th floor of the Tower and clears the test allowing his skill to evolve and enabling him to tap into a greater amount of the ego's power looking out the window Gidget thinks that although his skill has only.

Improved a little he can feel his body flowing with much more strength compared to before the test while he is thinking that seung-hoon comes to him stating that it usually takes a whole day to clear the 20th floor's test but he did it within 20 minutes which makes him surprised after that he asks if they should depart.

And gidgee asks about the time of flight stating that he feels like he used up too much time but sunghun reveals that they won't be getting on a flight confused Gidget stares at him while he reveals that they are going to enter the fifth floor the Maze tower sunghum reveals that although it is not common to meet players from different countries.

Inside due to the separated regions the tower is connected to the entire world after that they visit the Korean Hunter Association branch office which is located on the fifth floor of the tower entering the floor through an elevator gaiju expresses his surprise at the presence of electricity in such a place asking how it was operated in response.

Sungun reveals that it is powered by crystals instead of electricity and the entire Tower is like an artifact causing gidgeu to question how much they spend on this place after that Gidget leads him to a room and opens the door stating that they have arrived making gidge you amazed in front of him is a colossal International.

Transport portal Management Center walking inside Gidget states that he never expected to use the international portal while some whom tells him not to underestimate what Tasha can do stopping near the portal of the USA sunghun says that they will have to use this one and shows his Association card to the person standing near the portal.

After that he states that they should now take a ride on the world's fastest vehicle and start to walk inside after some time in Los Angeles did you and seung-hoon travel in a car while jiju is busy flipping through the papers in his hands while reading the details he learns that several high-rankers have announced their participation in the.

Gate raid including the USA's iron shield Europe's Athena and Cory as Demon King while he is wondering if he will be okay among such people the car stops and sunghoon tells him that they have arrived as he gets out he finds a highly guarded Place referred to as the modern day hell in front of them is a gigantic portal to the third maze gate which is.

Named Harry and's maze while they are discussing something with a soldier a person notices them remarking that they look like Koreans and that he has never seen them before however as he looks at Gidget using his special Vision skill he becomes shocked causing the person sitting next to him to ask if anything is wrong in response.

He reveals that Gidget is just a level one and seems to have no special skills surprised at his inability to find gidgeu's skills the person removes his glasses and gets up turning out to be a girl and remarks that it is very interesting after sunghoon departs gidgey starts marking his paths using an Infinity spray declaring that everything.

Is cleared he realizes it has been a week since sunghum left and now feels confident enough to fight three gigantic spiders at once however he also fears becoming too complacent by getting used to one type of monster and wants to challenge even stronger adversaries so he begins searching for the boss's room to confront the boss monster during his.

Search Digi recalls a ball of thread given to him by seung-hoon he told that it is the item that allows him to return to the entrance of the gate at once and was a gift from taishek along with the advice to run away if he faces a stronger monster remembering their advice to use it to save his life jigy thinks that he has no plans to use it.

Until he gets the Elixir even if he dies suddenly he hears the loud Cry of a girl and readies both his weapons charging them with energy he asks the egos if they also heard the voice and they confirm it but suggest he avoid going there fearing it might be a trap however he states that even if it is a trap it would not hurt to check it out thinking.

That it might end up being a bigger threat in the future after a while gidgey finds a young girl tied to a tree with strong Vines crying for help suspicious of why a young child is inside such a dangerous gate and noticing she is Korean he wonders if it's an illusion or a polymorph trap he remarks that this situation reminds him.

Of the monkfish after contemplating for a while he decides that it would be best to pretend that he did not see it because there are too many suspicious things about it to which Lou agrees however as gidgey turns away the girl calls out to her mother apologizing for being unable to pay her hospital bills making gidue emotional and empathetic.

Towards her looking at his Expressions Lou warns him not to fall for it stating it's a clear plot and even a nine-year-old child will be able to figure it out however despite Lou's warning gaiju tightly holds his swords and runs towards the tree cutting all the vines and freeing the child instantly after saving her did you asked.

How she ended up there and she explains that she got separated from her party when she got distracted for a moment she introduces herself as sujung Jung and reveals that her original Talent grants her a buff skill gidgeu understands that she was brought to this dangerous place at such a young age because there aren't many people with buff type Talent after.

Thinking a bit gidgey gives him a box stating that it is a safe Zone placement kit that isn't High ranked and only lasts for a day hoping it will help her find assistance however when she requests to go with him gigue declines stating that as a player she is responsible for her own life hearing that she grabs her arm and.

Begins to request earnestly stating that she is very good at supporting and will definitely be helpful she states that she recently became a player and was brought to the gate because of her original Talent she reveals that she followed them because they promised to give her a lot of money for that Gigi reiterates that his goal is to clear the.

Gate so he will not be going back agreeing to take her along he tells her that it is going to be dangerous and although they will split the rewards he will not give her the elixirs if they ever come out hearing that sujang asks if he is really taking her along and gidgee states that if she is not helpful to him he will.

Hand her off to another party along the way agreeing she thanks him while he thinks that he is only taking her because having a supporter can make hunting easier and not because of his empathy or her resemblance to Eugene however Lou still does not agree with his decision but remains quiet after a while as they start to move forward they.

Come across countless gigantic venomous ants watching them Jeju tells sujang to give him a buff and she complies as a result of receiving the power buff he leaps up and launches an attack slaying countless Venom ants with overwhelming speed and reaching the last one with a lot of strength he pierces his sword into the body of the last ant causing it.

To collapse and die after that Lou begins to absorb the blood of the Dead monsters increasing its poison resistance just like that they keep hunting for two weeks with each other's collaboration which makes hunting much easier than before while sitting to rest and have food soojung informs jigyu about the increase in her level and he.

Congratulates her for that thinking of gidgeu as being of a higher level she states that it will not be long until she reaches his level causing him to feel a little nervous and state that it is something impossible suddenly did you feel something and quickly gets up telling her to keep quiet and stating that he has felt a presence going near.

The wall he peers through it and sees the giant iron guilt led by America's high ranker iron shield coming towards them considering that iron shield must have felt his presence gidgey feels anxious thinking that he might be attacked if he gets mistaken for a spy and thinks that he must run quickly however just then the wall that he is.

Hiding behind breaks into pieces with a sudden attack causing him to fall to the ground feeling shocked after the wall is destroyed gigy looks ahead of him and finds the formidable sword of iron shield pierced into the ground before him as iron shield looks at the broken wall his Guild members ask why he threw the sword in that direction finding no.

One near the sword he contemplates for a while and then states that it is nothing and he seems to have made the wrong call meanwhile within a cave at a distance gidgeu and sujang stand feeling badly exhausted due to running trying to regain her breath sujang asks why they are running away without doing anything wrong.

In response Gigi states that they did something wrong by spying on the iron guilt which can lead to surprise attacks and is therefore forbidden among the players as he gives her the water bottle she remarks that it is rare for anyone to attack like that out of nowhere but he explains that the big guilds have lots of enemies which makes them.

Cautious as he sits near his open bag suchung asks if they are supposed to take the long route to avoid them but he disagrees stating that they will be following them from a distance gichu tries to justify it stating that it is actually a good thing if two or more skilled parties take the same path which proves that they are taking the right.

Path after some time they get out of the cave and start to follow the marks made by the iron Guild members while doing that gigy turns to sujon stating that she should be glad that they are following the guild because they have removed all the monsters in dangers of the traps in their way however as he turns around he realizes that sujang is.

Not behind him and and he wonders Where She Went just then both Lou and Elle start to warn him of danger telling him to quickly Dodge however while he is still wondering what they are referring to iron shield appears behind him stating that they have finally found him feeling shocked gigue turns around but before he can do anything iron shield.

Grabs his face and crashes his head into the wall causing him to lose Consciousness after some time he starts hearing faint voices and slowly regains Consciousness causing iron shield to remark that he has finally woken up grabbing him by his hair iron shield asks who has hired him calling him a spy thinking that he does not even know how.

To speak English jigy wonders how the person came to know that he was spying on him meanwhile the person asks who he is and how he was able to fool the senses stating that he will kill him painlessly if he is being honest understanding the word kill gidgey becomes startled requesting him not to do that and trying to say that he was.

Not spying and just hunting while iron shield feels surprised at him not even being able to speak English properly one of his Guild members states that he might be pretending to not know English stating that they will see iron shield calls out to Rogers one of his Guild members and a person comes out seeing him JQ recognizes him as Roger's hand a.

Korean-american who publicly announced that he was joining the iron Guild looking at him jehu wonders if they know that he is Korean just then Roger sits near him and states that jig you must know him since he is quite famous in Korea showing him his healing potions Roger states that he came to find out that jigyu was Korean from this and.

Remarks that all his items are very expensive apologizing for the rough greeting Roger states that their Guild Master is not in his best mood at the moment coming to the actual topic Rogers asks why jig you spied on them which group he is associated with and how he fooled the senses of their Guild Master hearing these accusations did you.

Explains that these are all misunderstandings and that he is just a normal player who does not have any affiliations he explains that he did not do anything to fool iron shield senses and thought that they knew about his presence and were fine with him in response Roger smiles and takes out a dagger raising it in the air which makes.

Jig you confused suddenly he brings the dagger down and pierces it into gigu's leg causing him to screen in immense Agony while Roger's remarks that his body is not stiff at all stating that he is unaware of how a loser like gidgee entered the gate Rogers asks why he dared to fool them from the start and states that Gidget must be after the.

Elixir meanwhile The Guild Master stands behind them with a person holding gidgeu's swords after looking at the swords closely the person states that he cannot see a status window for them and they are so dull that they won't be able to cut even the skin of an orc hearing that iron shield contemplates for a while and then states that they will let.

The blacksmith handle it later telling the person to keep them safe and the person complies the person states that compared to the holy sword of the Guild Master these swords are nothing more than a lump of metal meanwhile Rogers finishes all the healing potions of giju by stabbing him again and again and putting them on his wounds looking at.

Gidgeu's angry expression Rogers tells him not to make that face stating that he is just using his potions on him after healing his wound Rogers asks him once again to tell him who his men Master is in response Gigi repeats that he has no such intentions and came to the gate alone although his motive was not just hunting in response Roger slaps.

Him so hard that he states that they are not joking he states that they had already used inspection to inspect gidgeu stats before he woke up and even the rope that is binding him is just a normal Road and not a special item saying that Rogers angrily remarks that he cannot believe that a person who cannot even break free from a normal.

Rope has come to such a dangerous place by himself just then the Guild Master calls out to Rogers telling him to have his meal and continue the investigation after that feeling angry at gidue Rogers kicks him and moves away telling him not to act smart after they leave Gigi starts to tremble in remorse and disappointment.

Thinking that he knew he was lacking in many areas after sparring with taishik along with that despite knowing that there was a zero percent chance of him clearing a may-style gate he still could not get rid of the thought that he might do it however all he had to trust was some borrowed power which was simply taken away from him making him powerless.

To this extent as he sits on the ground lowering his head someone watches him from a distance stating that the distance is approximately two kilometers the girl who was watching him states that they will most likely be scouting near the checkpoint for a while saying that she turns to another member of her group who is wearing a masquerade and.

Asks what she will do after enduring brutal torture with his fingers and toes cut bones crushed and body stabbed countless times gidgey sits on the ground surrounded by a pool of blood he recollects that it has been four days since he was captured by the iron guilt looking at him iron shield remarks that.

He is a stubborn individual mentioning that he would have recruited giju had he been a little more talented calling out to one of the guild members iron shield instructs him to bring one of gidgeu's Swords he states that he initially thought to melt and recycle those swords but has changed his mind and will now use gidgeu's own weapon to kill him.

Holding gidgeu's sword iron shield declares that Gidget will be buried in a historic gate which is an honorable death for a player with that he comes closer intending to kill him cleanly however as soon as the sword touches gidgeu's body giju manages to establish a link with Lou receiving an overwhelming power gaiju opens his eyes.

When the sword disappears from the hands of the Guild Master making him confused breaking the ropes and throwing away the stone he was tied to gidgey summons The Sword in his own hands he directs its powerful energy towards iron shield placing the sword at his chest and shocking all the members of the guilt how ever iron shield surprises did you.

By blocking the attack with his bare hands remarking that Gigi was hiding his real strength iron shield states that he felt the Demon King's energy from him and is not surprised that she took an interest in him remarking that he used him as a plaything iron shield asks how he managed to trick the detection which even The Demon Kane cannot do he states.

That he still needs to get more information out of him while jigy thinks that it is time to reveal his true strength meanwhile the girl with a masquerade orders her team to initiate the attack and an arrow is launched in Iron Shield's direction that pierces his hand looking at the arrow iron shield recognizes it as an Artemis arrow and.

Realizes the attack was initiated by Athena just then Athena and her team reveal themselves confirming iron shield suspicions breaking the arrow iron shield asks if it is simply a declaration of war against them in response Athena standing at a distance starts to laugh remarking that his sense of humor has improved quite a lot in.

This time swinging her weapon she states that there hasn't been a time when she wasn't at War and throws the weapon in the direction of iron shield in response iron shield takes out his sword and pierces it into the ground with all his might this leads to a giant Shield emerging before him with which Athena's weapon collides leading to a massive.

Explosion that even causes the trees to break while gidgeu stands amidst the storm covering his eyes iron shield calls out to Rogers telling him to keep gidgeu alive and restrain him and he complies turning back to Athena he pulls his sword out of the ground stating that they will put an end to this fight today once and for all raising his sword in.

The air he orders his Guild members to prepare for the battle after a while a Relentless fight initiates between the two groups that shakes the entire Forest hearing the sounds of the battle Roger's remarks that he is getting chills only by listening to them say that they are really monsters turning to giju who stands holding his sword he asks if he.

Does not think the same looking at him standing ready to fight again Roger states that their Guild Master instructed them to keep him alive however remarking that he will believe if they tell him that they have accidentally killed him he leaps up and disappears from digu's sight making him confused reaching behind him Roger.

States that he cannot let him live after he has seen his true self saying that he brings the sword near jigyu's neck when jigyu who was waiting for an opportune moment shouts out stating reflect making Rogers confused just then a bright light begins to emanate from his body successfully connecting him to Bernhardt which accumulates the damage leaving.

Roger shocked suddenly a blast erupts from that area covering everything with dust and smoke after some time Rogers lies on the ground feeling hard to breathe while Gigi sits in front of him suddenly he gets the notification that Bernhardt has reached its maximum accumulation limit and has started to disintegrate with.

Bernhardt disintegrating and falling apart JQ starts to step towards Rogers as he reaches for him he raises his sword into the air Paul Rogers requests that he stop and spare his life however without listening to him gidgeu pierces his sword into Roger's body causing him immense pain and causing him to lose Consciousness after he falls unconscious.

Gidgeu himself lies on the ground feeling a lot of pain due to the wound he received from the iron shield and thinking that it won't stop bleeding just then he hears the voice of a child calling him brother and asking if he is all right turning to the voice he sees a figure of a young girl standing near him and thinks of her as his sister yujon.

Asking what he is talking about the girl states that she is sujung and comes forward which surprises gidgeu sitting near him she asks if she can save him and get him an Elixir and what he will do for her in return she asks if he can give his life to her or become her slave looking at her gidgey raises his hand stating that he has one more objective.

To kill iron shield and destroy the iron guilt remarking that these are two objectives rather than one sujang asks if they have an agreement in response gidgey states that he also wants her to bring his sword back from a person whose appearance he explains in detail hearing that she becomes annoyed asking how many more extra conditions he is going to add.

Just then the person who was observing gidgee outside the gate comes to them remarking that giju is certainly an interesting person and sujang the Greece turning to the person sujon reveals that from the looks of it he is a good-natured person but is actually evil natured inside and someone has suppressed his true nature looking at.

Rogers she asks if the person saw how Gigi stabbed him stating that this was not something one does out of anger stating that he aimed directly for the vitals she remarks that it was his first time killing a person yet he did it cold-heartedly without hesitating watching Rogers closely the person asks what she plans to do with him stating.

That his wound is fatal but he does have quite a high level and will recover if left like that in response suchong states that they will leave him like that and if he recovers this is his fate and he remarks that it would be preferable for them to let him live with that her appearance suddenly starts to change and she states that Revenge.

Becomes sweeter the longer it lasts with her appearance completely changed she states that it is the coming of the Demon King making the person confused telling him to keep quiet she remarks that names like that are made up by people who don't know what they are talking about walking ahead with an overwhelming energy emanating from her.

Body she states that she will be the one to kill the demon king after some time Jeju finds himself standing inside a dark cubicle space realizing that this place is inside his dreams that have been haunting him for the last five years looking at the Rope hanging in front of him he stretches his hands towards it remember remembering that.

This dream disappeared after he met Lou getting out of the cubicle space he grabs the row and finds a bucket hanging down from it this makes him realize that even after getting over a wall he is still stuck in the well he was originally in he thinks that even his dreams have started to mock him and he was simply lucky to grab the rope that.

Drew him up and his own strength was involved nowhere just then someone appears behind him calling him a loser and asks how long he will be complaining about the broken link and the power he borrowed with a demon-like appearance the creature tells him to recognize his own power instead of relying on others confused he asks who the creature is.

When L appears behind him stating that he is right surprised he turns to her and she states that all of her power belongs to him telling him not to despair just then he opens his eyes and gets up with a jerk when sujang's comrade remarks that he has finally regained his senses confused about who he is he thinks of sujang and then looks.

At the person wondering if he is someone related to The Demon King meanwhile the person Smiles stating that his Lost Swords have been recovered and our next Sam and he looks down finding Elle and Lou lying on the ground near him the person then tells him to rest for a little longer stating that although they healed his wounds with potions he should.

Not move too much suddenly the ground begins to shake badly and the sky starts to turn red making gidge you confused as he looks up towards the sky he is shocked to find sujung floating in the air and her transformed appearance suddenly the ground in the forest starts to crack and a massive blast erupts leading to the emergence of a bright.

Light from under it while huge rocks start to float up in the air shocked to see it did you asks what it is and the person tells him that it is the demon commander stating that it must be his first time seeing it the person reveals that the demon Commander is the owner of this mace while a gigantic demonic creature.

Appears before them making giji realize that it is actually Harian suddenly the ground begins to shake badly and the sky starts to turn red making giju confused making him realize that he will have to fight it in order to clear the gate meanwhile sujon floats in the air in front of the monster with a confident smile on her face suddenly the commander.

Opens its eyes with a fierce glow in them and unleashes its powers causing a gate to appear behind it which shocks get you gazing at the gate you wonders how it is possible for a gate to appear inside another gate while the person tells him to stand aside stating that he might die if he gets distracted instructing jiju to stand behind him the.

Person clenches his fist causing a single drop of his blood to fall to the ground creating a protective barrier around them looking at it Digi becomes even more shocked and asks if this is really a barrier to which the person agrees remarking that he is quite well informed meanwhile the demon Commander gives a signal to the portal causing.

Deadly monsters to overflow from it and Rush towards sujang to attack as the monsters approach sujang stands still in front of them and slowly begins to emit a strong energy that surrounds her when the monsters start attacking her the layer of energy transforms into a ball and unleashes formidable ink Flames causing all the monsters to go flying.

Backward the ink Flames then transform into a gigantic sword that sujang effortlessly lifts up with a single move of her finger leaving gidgey stunned observing the sword held by sujang against the demon commander and countless monsters jigy remembers Roger's words about the fight resembling that between Divine beings just then.

Sushung raises the sword and directs it towards the demon Commander as a result the sword goes towards the demon Commander at great speed creating a massive explosion that destroys the entire forest in the morning after the Relentless battle ends the once green and thick forest appears to be completely destroyed resembling a.

Battlefield meanwhile in the reward room Gigi opens the Box containing the reward for clearing the gate and finds an Elixir inside while the egos congratulate him on his achievement as gigy holds the box he realizes that he is truly succeeded though he feels more frustrated than happy for lacking a sense of reality sujon who is standing.

Beside him states that she has kept her promise to help him achieve that stating that he still has to take his revenge sujang asks if he is expecting her to help him with everything turning to her gidgey asks if her real name is also sujang and she agrees revealing that she is Korean as well sujung then opens her reward box and.

Finds an Elixir inside and ball her comrade also finds the same reward inside his box giving the bottle of Elixir to Gig you soojung tells him to keep it surprising him stating that she is fulfilling the condition of helping him take revenge on the iron guilt she tells him to think of it as part of her job she remarks that his body is not in.

Good condition currently and The Elixir will completely heal him making him capable of taking Revenge handing him the bottle she states that getting it was not her goal in the first place she only wanted to become a commander surprising him with her gesture holding the bottle gidgey decides to stop comparing himself to others and grow.

Stronger by himself after a little contemplation he turns to her and asks if there is something she wants from him in return for giving him such a valuable thing he asks if she intends to make him her lifetime slave but she disagrees stating that she only wants him to become her disciple surprising him even more she states that he is currently.

Useless because he is weak and instructs him to come to her after he clears the 50th floor of the Tower so that she can train him sujang then uses her skill to instill this information in his mind creating evidence of the existence of the contract which causes him a slight pain in his head she states that he does not have any skills or abilities at the.

Moment and advises him to try to learn as much as he can remembering something she states that she looked at the swords he has remarking that they are very unique and says that she will tell him a way to strengthen one of them surprising him however before that she instructs him to drink The Elixir she gave him stating that it is a risky method and he.

Needs to be very prepared meanwhile in another part of the forest the members of the iron Guild are still engaged in fighting against Athena's group as gig you stands aside holding one of his swords both L and Lou tell him not to trust sujang stating that she is a very dangerous woman however ignoring their words Gidget keeps moving towards iron.

Shield who stands at a distance looking at him seeing sujun coming behind gig you iron she field addresses her as the demon stating that she stole the boss monster while they were busy with the battle in response suchung clarifies that it was not theirs in the first place and encourages gidgeu to do what she has told him Gathering his courage.

Giju calls out to iron shield stating that he will kill him and rushes towards him holding his sword however instead of getting scared iron shield gives a cruel smile and rushes towards gidgeu at great speed causing him to feel anxious reaching near him iron shield remarks that giju has changed a lot and asks if he has become the subordinate of sujang.

The demon or if he was already one however considering that it does not matter iron shield states that he will have to kill gigy within this gate as iron shield charges at him intent on killing him Gidget remembers the time when he drank the elixir in the reward room while drinking The Elixir he received a notification that his body.

Was fixing itself and sujang and bald looked at him in curiosity after drinking it did you turn to sujang remarking that he did not feel much change in his condition agreeing sujon revealed that the changes were in his abilities and latent Powers which were much greater than the changes in his body leaving him surprised stating that.

Those small changes could determine a player's life or death she told him that the most noticeable change made by The Elixir was improving his senses thinking about that gitu successfully Dodges iron shield Swift attack causing him to crash to the ground from a distance realizing that the Elixir really had an impact on his senses gidgeu thinks that the moves.

That were previously unfamiliar to him are now becoming easier for him to understand while he is fighting iron shield sujung stands at a distance quietly watching him and jigyu recalls her saying that he is just one step away from becoming a high-ranker he remembers her telling him that he was no match for a strong person like iron shield and.

That the best he could do against him was to dodge his attacks therefore she suggested he not tried too hard to win against him when there are other easier Solutions as well remembering that he looks at the calm expressions of iron shield and thinks that it is not his ignorance but his confidence in his ability meanwhile iron shield looks at.

Him closely and asks if he is really the underling of the Demon King thinking that he activates the power of His holy sword he rushes it gives you at a very fast speed to launch an attack recalling sujang's advice to not be intimidated and just go for it gidgey blocks the attack with his sword as a result of the collision between Al and.

The holy sword Elle's abilities get awakened and she starts to absorb the powers of the Holy sword leaving iron shield shocked however due to Gigi's low level of abilities only a fraction of the Holy sword's powers are absorbed after the absorption is complete get you Smiles knowing that his tactics of embarrassing and demotivating iron.

Shield were to create distance he thinks that he jumps behind him and stands at a distance from him taking out the thread ball that Xiang hun gave him and telling him that it can help him escape the gate taking out the thread he starts to open it which slowly surrounds him making iron shield realize what he is trying to do stating that he cannot let him go so.

Easily iron shield charges at him with his sword while Gidget keeps standing still with the thread slowly covering his body as soon as iron shield reaches him the thread covers his body completely transporting him to a different place and saving him from the attack realizing that he has disappeared iron shield feels increasingly.

Frustrated and enraged while he is standing still at his place sujang calls out to him from behind asking if they should have a chat and he turns around to see her surrounded by an overwhelming malevolent energy after some time a car arrives outside the gate and xiong hun comes out of it happy to see gidgeu waiting for him at a.

Distance they head back to Korea and gidgee shifts his mother back to their house talking to taishik on the phone he informs him about the situation and states that he will be waiting for his return to Korea after hanging up the call DQ turns to xiongun thanking him for his help during all that time and.

Telling him to take care sometime later his mother opens her eyes and finds gidgee sitting beside her who feels happy to see her awake and asks if she is all right in response his mother states that she only wanted to see him one last time before she dies and starts to cry thanking him for coming back however Gigi assures her that everything.

Is going to be all right his mother states that there is something she always wanted to tell him and is about to reveal it when her condition starts to deteriorate telling her to hold on for a moment gidgeu quickly opens the bottle of Elixir and makes her drink it after drinking it she stays in a state of unconsciousness for some time and a.

Bright light emanates from her body beginning the healing process that makes gidgee relieved feeling relaxed after such a long time gidgey lies down near her mother's bed and falls asleep immediately watching him Al calls out to him while Lou states that he has gone through so much in a single day Al expresses concern about getting more.

Involved with sujon but Lou says there's nothing they can do and suggests letting gidgee rest for a while late at night while Gidget is in a deep sleep the light emanating from his mother's body becomes brighter and she suddenly opens her eyes gidgeu's phone starts ringing continuously but he does not answer it.

Meanwhile Yu Jiang who is calling him on her way home from school becomes enraged she thinks that after being away for a whole month he only sent her one text to come home and isn't even picking up her calls filled with anger she decides to scold him when she gets home and starts to walk fast after some time she arrives home and opens the door calling out to.

Get you while expressing her frustration at his behavior and stating that they were worried about him just then their mother calls out to her surprising yujian without saying a word she runs to her room and finds her standing there stating that jigy is sleeping in his room and asking if she is hungry seeing her yujian becomes overwhelmed with.

Emotions feeling both happy and surprised at the same time after a while Gidget wakes up to the aroma of his mother's soybean suit and overhears her talking to yujian which fills him with emotions he thinks that behind the closed door of his room is the scene he longed to see and even risked his life for however he knows he has to greet her.

With a smile so he gets up and opens the door finding their mother preparing dinner shocked he stares at her and yujian remarks that his expression is even more intense than hers while their mother invites him to have dinner after having the delicious dinner gidgeu tells Yu Jiang about how he entered the maze gate and got the Elixir from there.

Which led to an improvement in their mother's health looking at their mother who does not even have a trace of her illness left huge young states that he is unsure of how to react to such great news while get you less calling out to get you their mother states that he had a hard time just because of her apologizing to.

Him for that however gidgee states that it was not really that hard for a capable person like him and they all laugh the next morning taishik visits jigyu's house and is warmly welcomed by his mother who invites him to stay and have lunch with them however he politely declines explaining that he needs to discuss something with gidgeu privately.

Taishik then hands her a handbag and she expresses gratitude for taking care of gidgeu after that they head to a restaurant where taishik orders an extravagant meal and drinks stating they have the ultimate cause for celebration curious taishik asks how jig you obtained The Elixir stating that he barely controlled himself from asking.

That on the phone in response jigyu who has been thinking about something for quite a while asked tiptasik is interested in his mother causing him to feel shocked by this sudden question stating that he has felt it a lot of times DQ says that he will be rooting for him causing him to feel shy meanwhile the meal they ordered is also.

Served and they get back to the discussion of The Elixir before revealing the details of that giju asks if taishik has brought the barrier generator by any chance and he agrees but asks why in response jigy reveals that it is going to be a long and complicated story after that he starts to tell all the events that happened.

Inside the gate causing taishik to feel enraged at the people who tortured him telling him to calm down gaichu says that there is no reason to get angry stating that he will punish those members of the iron Guild himself hearing that taishic remarks that Revenge has to come from the energy that a person has and for that Gidget needs.

To eat and starts feeding him the remaining meat being already full jikyu refuses to eat more and quickly shifts the conversation to another debt he needs to repay while discussing Revenge he then inquires about the guardian of the fourth floor and Tasha informs him that a c-rank subjugation Squad was developed the previous day revealing the.

Details of the squad members taishik confidently states that they are powerful enough to take down even the guardian of the 30th floor and will report their success soon meanwhile on the fourth floor of the tower a person runs for their life realizing they need to inform the association that the sea rank squad has been completely wiped out.

Suddenly the boss monster appears behind them with Fierce intent in its eyes and a moment later a loud scream Echoes In The Empty Forest the next morning did you sits in the car with siongun who tells him about his necessity to get himself and his mother examined after taking that Elixir however he tells gidgeu not to worry about that stating.

That taishik will take care of it he then tells him about the yellow Crystal that he received as a reward along with the Elixir and reveals that he is given half of its selling amount to taishik according to jigu's wish going through the document xiang-hoon reveals that he still has about 20 million dollars left and informs him.

About the selected location for his new house after telling all that sianghun asks if he has any questions while gidgeu who is blankly staring at him states that he has none but asks if he can choose the location of their house in response Xiang hun reveals that taishik has made him gidgeu's personal assistant and.

Saves his number on gidgeu's phone stating that he is looking forward to working with him looking at him jig you wonders if he was always like that giju and xiong hun then reached dong Daemon and are taking out huge briefcases from the car when xiong Hoon asks what he plans to do with these briefcases filled with eight million dollars in cash in.

Response Gigi reveals that some armor that he bought on credit got destroyed for which he has to pay and buy some new equipment as well causing seon to ask how much it cost in response Jeju reveals its price to be 3.5 million dollars leaving xiong hun shocked remembering that the Old Blacksmith loaned him such a huge amount Gigi.

Thinks of him as crazy just like himself who accepted it without a second thought meanwhile in the workshop where the old man is busy forging new weapons his grandson comes to him informing him about the arrival of a guest making him confused meanwhile in the room after taking all the briefcases down Xiang hu moves upstairs telling gidgey that he.

Will be waiting for him there just as he leaves the old man arrives recognizing gidgeu and remarking that he has changed a lot in just a few months coming to him Gigi asks if he has been well and he agrees stating that he received the money gidge you sent through the association which was a little less hearing that jigyu apologizes to him.

While he states that he was only joking stating that he understood from the letter accompanying the money that it was just a will he states that he was not expecting guiju to return alive causing gidgey to laugh and state that he has finally come to pay back the rest of the money just then the old man notices jigu shirt.

Closely and inquires if Bernhardt is dead and he agrees revealing that it disintegrated while saving his life hearing that the old man feels sad and stays silent for a moment but then states that this is something it was made for and asks gidgeu to tell him about bernhardt's final moments the next morning as yujian wakes up she finds.

Guiju and their mother ready to leave for somewhere and asks where they are going in response Gigi reveals that they are going to be examined remembering if they had already discussed that earlier yujiang suddenly notices gidge's improved physicality and asks if he has suddenly grown taller after some time in the fitting room seonghun also shares.

His surprise at gidgee's improved physicality and remarks that he should become a model or a celebrity stating that he has grown three centimeters taller overnight and has even gotten more muscular xiongun states that the Elixir really has a wonderful impact remembering how yujian reacted upon knowing that this was the impact of the.

Elixir Digi states that his sister said the same just then gidgeu's Expressions change and he thinks that it might not seem like something significant but it is actually a big chance he remembers how he used to work really hard and hardly got any Improvement in his physicality in the past just then the results of his examination.

Are also sent to them and seon Hoon reads them for him seong Hoon reveals that if the level of stamina he currently has had been possessed 25 years ago he would have broken world records in the Olympics hearing that did you asks him to tell him about the current standards to which he reveals that he is almost at level 10.

In current times causing him to get surprised and then smile in excitement telling him not to be surprised already xiang-un reveals that his magic and Mana control are s array and he has the potential of a high ranker hearing that gigue does not appear to be much surprised prompting seong Hoon to ask about the reason behind his lack of.

Excitement while xiamoon tells him to get at least a little excited gigy turns around and smiles thinking that this news is not new to him just then the door opens and tashik enters asking if they are done and jig you agrees asking about his mother in response taishik reveals that she is perfectly fine and much stronger than an average man.

Leaving jiju surprised in addition taishik reveals that despite being a normal civilian she has the ability to use items intensifying gig use excitement and astonishment stating that he will give the details later taishik tells gidgeu that he has come in person to see him for some other purpose having said that taishik remarks.

That gidgeu has not been hunting these days and gives you a grease stating that he is taking a break these days he thinks that he wants to rest until L completely absorbs the powers of the Holy sword while Elle apologizes for the delay meanwhile taishik asks when he plans on starting again and he reveals it to be after the weekend hearing that.

Taishik asks him to free up some time next week prompting him to ask if something is wrong taishik reveals that they have lost communication with the c rank subjugation Squad making him shocked he goes on to state that they are currently in the process of preparing a b-rank squad to send on the mission revealing that the boss monster.

Has still not been defeated while gidgee stays silent taishik states that an even bigger problem is that the monster possesses the capability of hunting the players to grow more powerful leaving Gigi shocked meanwhile seonhum stands at a distance looking at their serious expressions and wonders what they are discussing thinking that a.

B-rank subjugation team consists of 30 members 60 percent of whom are B rankers gaju thinks that he is not even aware of his rank as he sits in taishik's office taishik tells him to take the official reg assessment stating that he does not have to worry about being able to equip items anymore taishik assures him that his physical attributes might be.

Deranked but considering his potential he will surely get a b-ray however jigy states that he will need to be above level 100 to become a b-rank while he is only level one asking if talking about potential will not be too ambiguous in response taishik explains that Mana capacity and utilization directly translate to practical combat and gives.

Some examples of unique ability retainers to make it clear in short taishik states that the levels are not important but the amount of stats that increase upon leveling up hearing that Gidget asks if he will not stand out after getting assessed and tashik agrees stating that it is obvious when an unlevel able tutorial killer.

Suddenly becomes a b-rank he states that there will be a little controversy that will make him famous in the media which they cannot avoid in any case and asks if he does not want that in response jikyu states that the members of the iron Guild must be looking for him and he does not want to stand out in such a situation.

Hearing that taishik remarks that he is excessively careful but respects his decision while clarifying that he cannot give him a rank of his own accord he says that he thought Gidget would willingly get assessed in order to get a rank that drastically changes the way a person is treated in response Gigi remains silent and takes aside while.

Taishik shows him a paper stating that there is still a way for him to participate in the raid confused gaiju asks what it is and tashik reveals it to be a list of the guilt participating in the raid taishik tells him that he can join one of those guilds temporarily and offers to become a middleman in that while he.

Asks who would want to take in a complete stranger like him he also states that if he leaves right after the raid is over he will be included in the list of members who quit which will affect the reputation of the guilt however just then he notices The Guild named Morning Star which is headed by sea and pill and includes all three of.

His group members which leaves him surprised the next week a person named Daniel Kim greets the guild members stating that he has been appointed the captain of the subjugation Squad saying that they will leave as soon as all the people arrive he says that he looks forward to working with them and they share the same thought after some time.

While walking towards the fourth floor giju who accompanies sea and pill and his friends thanks them for taking him in while they state that they basically owe their lives to him he feels bad for not doing more but did you assures him that whatever he is doing is more than enough and he is grateful for that and wishes to have an opportunity to fight.

The monster hearing that siempo laughs stating that they might not get a chance because there are so many famous individuals in the group making gidge you confused C and pill reveals that the Squad Captain dongae according to the rumors is about to be promoted to an a rank looking at Donnie effortlessly killing the monsters.

Coming in his way like insects they state that even getting close to a rank is a huge deal while Dage walks ahead of them looking at him gidgeu wonders if he truly has something amazing to offer like the demon king or iron shield while the ego's remark that his standards have become uselessly High just then hanul approaches him complimenting his change.

Appearance which confuses him while another member agrees asking if he did something to his face while looking at them gidgey wonders if you really changed that much while Lou remarks that his Vibe has certainly changed and they have started to get an impressionable feeling about him hearing that Gidget turns to them and clarifies.

That it is not related to plastic surgery and that he only gained a job specific skill on the fifth floor resulting in him growing a bit taller upon hearing that all of them Express their astonishment and wish to have such a skill as they continue walking ahead while they walk and talk to each other in a friendly manner the members of.

Another guild watch them with a cold expression on their faces after some time the group reaches the fourth floor of the Tower and Dani instructs the search party to track the guardian while telling the others to rest for a bit complying the search party leaves for the tracking Mission while the rest settle down to rest while sitting with.

His group under a tree gidgey looks at all of them considering that CN pill is an Archer hanyul is a mage Xiang Woo is a swordsman and j-woon is a tank asks about the logic behind naming their Guild Morning Star while CM pill feels embarrassed by that question the rest of the group starts laughing which causes him to become annoyed just then one of.

Them reveals that sample decided on that name because of gidgeu he says that when jig you left the cave to call for hell siemple saw a light shining from him just like a morning star and gave this name to his guilt meanwhile CM pill keeps expressing his frustration and his group members laughing at him stopping them from fighting did you tells them to.

Speak more casually with him stating that he is not their guide anymore and they agree in response they also tell him to become more comfortable with them and he agrees while they are busy talking someone stands at a distance looking at them coming near them the person states that the world has really changed causing gidgey to become.

Startled turning to them he finds the same Guild members who were observing them a while ago when one of them states that they seem to have come on a picnic looking at them jikyu asks who they are and cianpole replies that they are members of the brother guilt and the person talking is a b-ranked player yansiac Nam hearing that did you asks.

About their job and seeing pill reveals that they are quite famous he states that their slogan portrays survival of the fittest they pursue strength and they are known for valuing tradition and loyalty above everything else while they discussed that yanceyuk remarks that they are useless and this is the reason why they are only Sea Ray hearing that.

Jawan becomes enraged but Haniel tells him to ignore them meanwhile yansia keeps on mocking them stating that they must think of themselves as useless individuals who were being let into a b-ranked subjugation Squad he states that they should be on guard more than anyone else instead of gossiping lazily and they should be more useful than.

Porters at least hearing that all of them feel enraged but control themselves while the members of The Guild walk away stating that they are no fun after they leave sample turns to gidgeu apologizing to him for getting insulted because of them while he keeps looking down suddenly donge who is standing at a distance feels an overwhelming amount of.

Energy coming from giju and turns around with a shot meanwhile gidgeu who is sitting still holds his chest while L and Lou ask him to calm down and control his emotions stating that his murderous intent is growing stronger feeling confused about his own reaction deju thinks why he is feeling so angry when the situation.

Wasn't that frustrating and wonders if it is a side effect of the torture he endured as he contemplates this Dani approaches them and mentions that there seems to be some disturbance he clarifies that he is not blaming gidgeu for anything but as the Squad Captain he needs to know what's going on and did you agreece with an idea in mind gidgeu.

States that there was a bit of friction and he wants to request something from donye regarding it which leaves dong a confused getting up gidgee states that he wants to spar with the player yansiyak Nam believing that resolving any conflict between players before going into battle is the best approach hearing this yanceyuk turns to him.

Surprised by the statement and the other players standing around expressed their astonishment as well meanwhile doing a questions if giju is sure about it emphasizing that the difference between a c and a b rank is significant giju says that he is aware of it and adds another condition explaining that his Guild is currently a backup Force while.

The members of the Brother Guild are the main Attack Force he believes that practical combat strength is more important than ranks and proposes switching positions between the two guilds if he wins against yansia which shocksion Phil confused the members of gigu's Guild ask why he is suggesting such a thing and he apologizes for not.

Discussing it with them asking them to trust him just then yanceyuk approaches him stating that jigyu cannot decide everything on his own and pointing out that they have nothing to gain from the fight in response gidgey states that if yansiak beats him he will give him 500 million and says that it is a very good condition hearing that the members of.

The Brother Guild become surprised and wonder if he is serious one of them speculates that jig you might later deny his own words but yanceyuk argues that it's not possible when many people have heard him turning to dange he states that this is a jackpot for them and there is no way they will lose it remembering the overwhelming energy he.

Felt from giju donye thinks that it was a coincidence he should confirm it by this fight and allows them to spar after a while all the players circle around giju and yansiak while Danga explains that the use of weapons is prohibited and the fight will end when one side forfeits looking at his swords held by sea and pill gidgey wonders if this much.

Distance is fine and Lou reassures him that the more he progresses the greater the distance he can maintain with the links meanwhile yanceyuk who appears very confident in his win states that he will let gidgeu have the first blow as ending the battle too quickly wouldn't be fun and invites gidgee to come at him observing the gaps in yanceyuk's defense.

Gidgeu wonders if he is being baited but he decides to trust his agility and close the gap to make the first move instead of Simply gathering information as he gets closer and prepares to launch a punch yancioch remains still in Smiles making gidge you wonder if he possesses the skill of an immediate activation counter-attack however considering that.

It is too late to pull back gig you decides to draw back his body as quickly as possible and prepare the hit back when yansiak launches a counter-attack with that in mind he reaches for yansiak and forcefully punches him to which yansiak does not respond and collapses to the ground becoming unconscious seeing that the other members of the.

Brother guilt and donge become shocked and gidgew is declared the winner which makes his group members happy looking at gidgee standing with his group and the members of the Brother Guild trying to wake their leader up dangy thinks that jigue's movements were hard to follow even for himself Hebrew believes jiju will be the biggest variable in this.

Raid just then the scouts sent for the tracking Mission return badly panting surprising them meanwhile in the association's president's office taishik reports to the president about the formation of a b-rank subjugation Squad that departed on Friday morning while reading the squad members details the president comes across gidgee's name.

Remembering the association's basement training the international portal and seon hoon's assistant work he remarks that tasic has shown extravagant special care to an outside player turning to him the president asks toxic if he has an explanation for all that meanwhile on the fourth floor giju and his group reach the monster as part of the main.

Attacking group The Monster with its back turned towards them keeps consuming the dead bodies of the players and other monsters it killed looking at it they think that as players they might get used to death but seeing a creature treat its own kind as mere prey is not easy to accept seeing the monster Donnie charges his.

Sword with overwhelming energy and unleashes a water jet cutter directed towards the creature enraged by the attack the monster turns to them and Dong a calls out to the Troops telling them to start the attack meanwhile giju and his group stand behind holding their weapons ready for the order gidgey remembers the plan of subjugation.

Recalling that the waterjet cutter attack of donge was just a signal for them to begin their powerful spell as the main troops attacked the monster it starts to run towards them when the backline tankers step up and make an earth wall carrying their strong Shields they create a boundary that blocks all the attacks of the monster using their.

Defensive skills simultaneously they keep blocking the powerful attacks allowing others to attack back during that time the drank and Below Porters start to throw the explosive items over the shields while the range dealers also join in with their Ultra long range attacks all these simultaneous attacks directed at the.

Monster bewilder it and cause a massive explosion proving it to be a simple yet effective strategy however gidgeu who is thinking about something else turns to see and Bill stating that they should not rush to the front at the moment and should observe the situation instead confused by this suggestion cmple argues that they finally got a chance to become.

Part of the main attacking group but suddenly stop speaking and looks ahead with surprise in front of them the monster breaks all the stone Shields protecting them into pieces causing a massive explosion that makes Donne confused while Gigi thinks of it as the biggest problem with this strategy the monster comes out from the clouds of.

Smoke holding a giant blade and lets out a loud scream reaching the middle of the group of players the monster starts to wreak havoc by injuring the players and throwing them in different directions drinking the healing potions the players wonder how long it has been since the battle started and realized that it has not been five minutes and the monster.

Has already started to overpower them however looking at dongay they remarked that it is amazing that he can stand confidently against such a dangerous monster meanwhile dongy charges his sword with powerful force and rushes towards the monster launching a powerful strike however as he looks towards the monster after launching the strike he.

Realizes that the monster's wounds are healing very quickly due to its incredible regeneration skill considering that he orders the two main teams to start the attack while the backup team is instructed to prepare for the battle meanwhile gidgeu keeps standing still and Sample states that they also need to get ready because it.

Will be their turn soon in response JQ states that he is understood making them confused and starts to walk towards the monster holding both his swords while they keep on telling him that it is dangerous he reaches near the monster which is emanating strong energy from his body looking back at the Players jigy smiles and thinks that the players.

Who graduated from the tutorial would never be able to understand what he knows with that he leaps up and starts launching Swift attacks stating that the patterns of the monster's attack similar to regular Orcs And the difference lies in physicality and regenerative abilities remembering his visit to the blacksmith shop to buy new equipment.

Gives you smiles thinking it to be the best opportunity to test out his newly linked ego's Powers with that he leaps up again and reaches the monster at great speed launching countless attacks leaving it bewildered looking at Herms his shoes that possess an ego he remembers that they possess the skill of increasing the speed of their owner to a.

Very great extent after a few moments Blood starts to spurt out of the monster's body causing it to scream in agony which leaves all the other players in a state of astonishment looking at the the monster getting weak due to the attacks donye calls out to Gig you stating that it has a powerful regenerative ability and they need a.

Deep blow rather than several light attacks stating that it is going to be a battle of attrition doni instructs him to say the stamina however just then he realizes that the Regeneration of the monster has stopped and become surprised meanwhile gidgeu stands still and Reveals His necklace an ego that slows down the process of healing and.

Increases the Mana recovery rate after a few moments the monster gets up again and changes the patterns of its attacks leaving all the players bewildered however gidgeu who is standing still thinks that this attack pattern change is not impressive but simply the flailing around of a low-level monster who has been concerned smiling he thinks.

That he predicted all of this in advance and leaps up again launching a fatal attack on the monster that leaves all others astonished landing on the ground he looks at the monster screaming loudly out of pain while all the other members of his group stare at him Amazed by his power after a while he rushes forward again and gives a powerful horizontal.

Slash to the monster thinking that it is an orc after all and cannot scare him no matter what following that attack he keeps on launching continuous strikes causing blood to continuously spurt out of the monster body after some time the other members of the squad stare at him in shock while he stands near the boss monster lying dead on the ground while.

The players expressed their astonishment at giju taking down the monster alone he receives a notification confirming his victory over the low-ranking demon fareth realizing that it was indeed a demon did you feel surprised as loose cannibalism skill activates and the monster starts to be devoured witnessing this all the other players become.

Shocked while Gigi remains standing still and receives another notification that the egorification of ferret has failed with the monster's body now disappeared gehu stands still while donge keeps looking at him in astonishment turning to the other players he instructs all the injured members to focus on their recovery and.

Tells the non-combatants to start organizing the front lines leftover belongings he advises them to remain attentive and not let their guard down then walks towards gidgeu asking for a private conversation as they walk aside get you wonders if donge is going to investigate him for The Disappearance of the corpse as he knows the guardian's.

Corpse hold significant value considering that all the Spirit Stones and reward items will now be inaccessible jigy suspects that Daniel plans to blame him for that however he believes there is no concrete evidence that it's solely his fault as it was an irregular fight and donga cannot make Hasty assumptions while these suspicions.

Filled jigyu's mind dongy gets straight to the point and offers him to join their guilt making him realize what his intentions were gidgey responds appreciating the offer but stating that he's not interested in joining any group currently and says that he temporarily joined the Morning Star Guild to participate in the raid understanding.

Gidgeu's decision dangy expresses his desire to maintain a good relationship with him so he gives gidgeu his business card suggesting that gidgeu can contact him if he ever changes his mind or needs assistance after leaving the tower gidgee stands with the members of the Morning Star Guild outside the association building showing his.

Appreciation for their efforts turning to see in Bill giju asks why he didn't join saku's kind guilt gidgey remarks that he is very capable has more than enough potential and connections and would have been very successful if he joined but siemple states that it is nothing special cmpel explains that he didn't want.

Others to think his recruitment was based on nepotism and that he aimed to achieve everything on his own he then poses the same question to gigu suggesting that Saku would have highly appreciated someone like him after some contemplation gidgey states that it's nothing extraordinary and starts laughing just then other members.

Of their group approached them asking about their discussion and inviting them to join them for lunch however get you politely declines explaining that they have to shift their house so he needs to go home and pack up and he bids them farewell he assures them that he will contact them once the shift is completed taking out his phone giju recalls that.

He had to call his assistant Xiang Yoon after the raid was over however as he opens his phone he finds a message from taishik telling him to call right after the subjugation is over after a while he reaches a building where taishik meets him apologizing for calling so late taishik reveals that the president of the association wants to have a dinner.

With giju hearing that did you felt surprised thinking that it was so sudden and that he should have made some preparations if he knew thinking that the president is a self-made man who is popularly known as the hidden giant of the Korean player industry get you wonders why a person like that would want to meet him just then they reach.

The 10th floor of the building and Tasha conforms gidgeu that the president wants to cook for him as cooking is his hobby as they reach the door of taishik's apartment he opens it and calls out to the president starting a very informal conversation after a while taishik asks about the menu stating that he did not have much at home to cook the president.

States that he got the groceries and tells him to set the table meanwhile jigy looks at the old man standing and wearing an apron in front of him with surprise realizing that this person is the president of the association turning to gidgee the president brings his hand forward greeting him while giju also brings his hand forward feeling nervous.

While the president is talking to him in a friendly manner he suddenly looks ahead and becomes shocked feeling an overwhelming amount of power surrounding him realizing the intense pressure gidgey thinks that he is someone who is really powerful and capable enough to become the head of the group of superhumans looking at his Expressions.

Taishik tells him to take it easy and calls the president dad leaving did you shocked at the realization that taishik is actually the son of the president after some time the dinner is served and gidgeu begins to eat while still feeling shocked to hear such a fact meanwhile the president states that he has heard a lot about him from taishik who has given.

Him a lot of help with his authority as the general manager while gidgee stays silent in response taishik stops him saying that they are at the dinner table and he should let Gidget eat properly in response he states that he is just saying what he needs to say while taishik argues that gidge you cannot even swallow the food.

Properly because of him turning to get you the president states that he has an offer for him asking if he is interested in listening feeling nervous gidgey asks what he means and the president states that the association would like to hire him in response Gigi states that he is not interested in joining any organization currently when the.

President interrupts saying that it is not like that he clarifies that he wants gidgey to become a mercenary for the association at night while returning to his house Gidget remembers taishik's words that his father is not trying to pressure him or force him into anything instead he only wants to give him proper labels to justify his receiving help.

From the association so that he can help when he wants and take what he deserves remembering Taisha call it a good offer did you thinks that it should not be bad if taishik has said it to him but he does not feel good about getting affiliated with someone remembering seku's kind guilt he thinks that when he was flailing around as a level one siku.

Became famous as the leader of one of the top guilds in Korea he remembers that he has only been in his debt since he met him thinks that he cannot be in debt forever and eventually wants to stand next to him as an equal meanwhile inside the tower a fight goes on between a monster and two players who keep on missing the Target and try hard to.

Finish it off just then the monster emerges from the Flames once again and charges at them when one of them gives it a fatal blow that leads to its death after the monster dies they take a sigh of relief and wonder if they should proceed one of them states that it is already nighttime and they should just hunt two more of them having decided.

That they start to move ahead feeling a little chilly but thinking that it is because of the night that they feel this way however considering that the 26th floor generally has a hot climate they find it strange and unusual after walking some distance they reach the edge of the hill and think that the monsters might be at the bottom of the.

Hill however as they look down they are shocked to see all the monsters frozen along with the entire Forest meanwhile down the hill a person calls out to the Guild Master who is sitting upon the frozen body of a monster and tells him that they are unable to find the thing they were looking for hearing that the person gets up and turns out to be sukwu.

Who tells his Guild members to return a weekly player show goes on in which it is revealed that last weekend the Angela Guild declared that they would clear the 80th floor causing a commotion around the entire world the host explains that the Guild Master who was a global rank one candidate and another high-ranker reinforced that Korea is the nation of.

The strongest players she states that this is the reason why they have organized a high-ranker special event the purpose of which is to introduce them to the living legend Azura taking the discussion forward the other host states that even amongst the original five high-rankers there is very limited knowledge available about Ashura.

Remembering that show Gidget turns to taishek asking if Azura known as the strongest player alive is really the president of the association and his grandfather in response taishik agrees leaving him astonished but tells him not to spread this information stating that it is a secret with that Tasha gives him a ring leaving him confused taishik.

Reveals that it is a kind of identification supplied to The Mercenaries with which he can exercise Authority equal to that of the managers making did you surprised he states that Xiang hun will give him all the other details telling him that they have made xiong hun His official secretary starting that day he further explains.

That Gigi will receive the treatment of a high ranker regarding many things related to the Tower or gate clearing and will be rewarded for completing the mission he also reveals that Gidget will have the right to decline any Mission as a mercenary leaving giju astonished and he remarks it to be the best offer meanwhile in New York in the main.

Building of the iron Guild iron shield stands looking out of the window when a person comes to him asking if they were called as he asks what their request Quest is the person who turns out to be Rogers stands behind him requesting to be sent to Korea stating that he will do anything to go there allowing him to go there iron shield reveals that he will.

Make a branch in Korea and send him there as a manager so that he can do as he wishes for revenge or otherwise along with it iron shield states that he will bestow nine upon him realizing that nine is the powerful holy sword possessed by him Rogers becomes over excited and thanks him for that looking at him iron shield states that he has to become the.

Stepping stone for their Revenge remembering the Demon King he turns around with one of his legs replaced by an artificial one and expresses his anger vowing to tear her to shreds the next time they meet meanwhile traveling in a car gidgey looks at the stat window of L and remarks that it has grown considerably stronger after absorbing.

The power of the Holy sword however he wonders where to get an actual holy sword and asks if L is aware of it but it's states that she is not after thinking about it for a while he turns to Lou asking if it has any idea regarding that he states that Lou claimed that it was unaware of how to use the ego Shard that they got from.

Chang King's ego but in the case of ferret's ego it was absorbed into it therefore he asks if it feels like anything has changed after absorbing the ego meanwhile xiongun who is quietly observing him asks if he cut his hair and he agrees getting that it grew a lot so he just trimmed it a little observing xiangyun Lou remarks that it seems like.

He is able to hear their conversation but gidgey states that it is impossible and repeats his question and Lou states that is unaware of that disappointed by that reply he turns to seonghun asking where they are going in response seon Hoon reveals it to be a unique gate in yusu whose rank keeps fluctuating between f and c and he needs to clear it.

Thinking that it is his first mission as a mercenary gidgeu states that he feels a little nervous how however seonghun states that he does not need to feel nervous since their first objective is to Simply gather information and he will be going in as well saying that Xiang hun asks if he knows that there are code names given to the mercenaries of the.

Association but Gidget replies that he has never heard of that before seon Hoon reveals that it was decided that morning in a meeting that his code name is Morningstar making him surprised considering it to be a great coincidence gidgey thinks that sienpo will be very happy if he finds out but he notices that Xiang hun has started to laugh.

Which makes him annoyed after a while they reach the gate where the people guarding it welcome him addressing him as Morningstar which surprises him the person introduces himself as the manager of the Players Association in yusa while gidgee asks him to lift his head feeling uneasy this way he requests that they simply call him by his name.

Which causes song him to start laughing again making him frustrated the manager explains that the gate in front of them appeared four days ago and was immediately determined to be a unique gate so nobody has gone inside hearing that Xiang hun remarks that their first goal in that case is to scout as originally planned and inquires about.

The available Manpower in response the manager states that they should be able to put together a b-rank subjugation Squad upon request which would be sufficient stating that they have already gathered all the supplies the manager says that they can leave as soon as they are ready however just then they notice gidgee walking towards the gate.

Become shocked and start to run after him reaching near him they state that it is a unique gate and it's dangerous to approach it recklessly ignoring their words gidgey turns to Lou and L asking if they are sure about what they said and they agree with that he touches the portal causing it to become red which resembles a situation where a gate break.

Is about to occur making everyone shocked while gidgey stands in front of the portal others start to contact the headquarters and request backup from other guilds thinking that the monster will soon start to overflow from the gate while they are expressing their shock at such a sudden gate break gidgey realizes that L and Lou were indeed true.

When a window appears in front of him asking him to confirm the link this clarifies to him that this gate is indeed an ego in reality we really hope that you enjoyed this manwa make sure to like And subscribe for more

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