He modified into generally buIIied but it for hasten turns out this man is liked by lovable lady in his class

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The film tells the story of a male high school student named Jun will he comes from a modest family background with his mother working in the countryside and his father already has a new family this situation makes Jun Wu a quiet student not easy to get along with and often gets ridiculed by other students he is forced to move to a new school because.

Of an incident in which some students accused Jun Wu of stealing something when he is about to move a small incident occurs on the street and leads Jun Wu to meet a wealthy girl named subin she is a beautiful smart and very kind girl the first day of school is an unpleasant day for June Woo because he is there due to a bad incident so the.

Other students do not welcome him well luckily the chairman of the class named William will help him he is the smartest and the most outstanding student and he uses his intelligence to control the students in his class as for June Woo he can only remain silent in his life in a very chaotic condition and because he lives alone there he has to find a job.

After getting a job at a convenience store he gets a task to send some items where the destination is the address of his own school at that time we young and his friends are having private lessons here June who accidentally sees a watch in the trash he is carrying and suddenly Liam takes it after that it can be seen that we young as the son of a respected.

And Wealthy family the same as subin's family background this condition contradicts with Jun Wu who lives alone and is very modest one day trouble The Falls June will he is accused of taking the watch belonging to his homeroom teacher named Park Sun actually jinbu does not do that but because he has a bad record of being accused of stealing.

June cannot do anything anymore luckily there is not enough evidence so Jun Wu is doing fine it turns out that behind we Young's nice attitude he has a bad intention to rule the school so that it is under his control and even the teachers will follow him as well and Jun Wu who is very quiet understands this situation luckily the teacher's.

Assistant named Mr O really understand the situation as well as what Jun Wu often feels he believes that Jun Wu is a good student one day Jun Wu gets an assignment and he joins subin's members at that time subin gives him some assignments it remains unknown what it but every time they talk together it feels very awkward subin feels that Jun.

Wu is a good student who is very far from the Judgment of others because of that she always tries to help Jin will only with subin Jun mu's heart feels happy after that he meets wiyan Jun Wu wants to know the reason why we young keeps a secret about the watch before June has never done something harmful to him therefore he wants were young to.

Tell the truth but we young refuses because it will change his reputation at school so from that moment on June Wu and we young start to be enemies after school subin has to rush to meet her new private tutor which she does not really want to do but because her mother forces her she cannot help but do it and at.

That time she accidentally meets Jun woo and then boris's bicycle ah we're gonna enjoy having finished borrowing his bicycle she returns the bike at that moment subin feels that June Wu is really a very good man he even has also completed the task that subin gave him before making subin even happier to be close to.

Him on the other hand we young turns out to be under strong pressure from his father you must be a genius child just like his father and his brother as well subin also gets the same fate she keeps being depressed because her mother keeps forcing her to study and take private lessons according to what her mother wants the times they're experiencing are.

Indeed hard times they must be able to make wise decisions for the future the situation at school is still the same as usual is just that Liam's close friend named Kita has been dating subin's friend named so yeah however after that the problem arises again Hita finds Park Sun's watch in June Woo's Locker a meeting is then held again even.

Though the evidence is clear and even June Woo can be expelled from school we on ones June Woo to be forgiven he does this not to help Jun Wu but instead all of this is for himself so that he will be seen as a good person by the teachers as well as other students and furthermore his secret can be kept well however Jung who does not just want to.

Stay silent he will find proof showing that the person behind all the trouble is William but it is not easy because the whole school is under we own's control on the other hand subin will be included in a private lesson together with we young it's been decided by her own mother and at that time we hung meets Jun will whatever happens we um.

Believes that he will still win even though Jun Wu will keep an eye on him from then on this situation makes Jun Wu very sad he does not know what steps to take to solve the problem however for this problem he will try to find out and solve it himself and that makes subin happy as for we yawn he feels pressured.

By Jun Wu's existence you will find her way to get June expelled from school here it is revealed that Jun Wu was actually transferred to his current school not good as he stole something at his old school but because he protected his close friend named juho here after that they get a teamwork.

Assignment and Jun Wu is paired up with subin as for we young he continues to put pressure on the teachers so that June gu gets into trouble but day by day some other students prefer to be friends with Jun Wu compared to We own even though Jun Wu is very quiet subin also feels happy to be working with Jun will she will work hard.

To help Jun Wu get good grades judging from their expressions it seems that they like each other however since June Wu is not very interested in studying it makes subin a little overwhelmed William bothers subin over again and offers to let her work with him he says that if she works with Jun Wu subin's gray will probably decrease however June.

Moo will not let that happen he will study harder for Sudan somehow Jun Woo's very quiet characteristic and is being hard to understand things sometimes irritate subin she has to think about what joonwoo really means by his words if she understands it maybe she will understand that Jun Wu has a feeling for her here William finds a way to get rid.

Of jun will he deliberately gets Jun Wu involved in problems with students at his old school in order to save his friend named juho Jun Wu must fight and that will get Jun woo expelled from school this matter worries subin she does not want Jun Wu to get into trouble again even though they come from very different families Jun Woo's character.

Succeeds to make subin feel happy but the problem is we young is always there in every moment they are together this makes Jun Wu feel jealous actually subin does not like it when we young pays more attention to her but subin cannot refuse it because their parents are very close even it is we young that makes subin can take private lessons.

With him do the previous fight experience by June wood he gets into trouble again at school he is considered a naughty student who often fights and only subin who understands the situation suddenly Mr Oak gets a letter from Jun Wu's friend namely juho Jun woohoo hears about it immediately goes to see juho it turns out that juho decides to quit.

School and go to the Village to work he leaves a letter to Mr oditelin that Jun Wu never stole anything he was transferred from his old school to protect chuho because of that Mr O find a way to help Jun Wun not to get involved in trouble again after that subin asks him to do their assignments together.

The situation between the two of them is very romantic as they are accompanied by sweet Smiles dream is something great stop sometimes then subin decides to stop taking William's private lessons she does not want we own to keep approaching her after that the vice principal wants their group assignments.

To stop behind it all it is we Young Who suggests it he does not want subin to always be with June will however since June Wu has practiced so hard he presents it with subin outside the classroom in front of Mr O it is very fun for them because they can complete the task together was afraid that monster but another.

Problem occurs Jun Woo's close friend juho has an accident and passes away one of the causes is some students who have been bribed by key towel with money which keytech himself is assigned by we young at this moment Jun Wu cannot hold back his emotion anymore so he immediately hits we on after that June Woo tells Mr oven that.

All the problems he has been experiencing come from we young William is afraid of being found out therefore after that he goes straight to Kita and tells him everything unbeknownst to them heat has girlfriend so yay overcures their conversation so yeah on the other hand Mr omids a student at.

Jun Wu's old school who witness and say that Jun Wu is innocent then the meeting will be held the next day before that Jun Wu meets Kita from this meeting it is revealed that Keith Ted did this because he wanted to be helped by we young to get private lessons for free and for the sake of getting high grades and so he herself promises to keep her.

Mouth shut from the problem as long as keytet does not get into trouble now the meeting is held the results of the meeting show that Jun Wu is still guilty this happens because we young has asked his mother to solve the problem with the principal there is nothing Jun Wu can do and he accidentally takes his anger out on.

Subin probably he feels subinasoni can trust so he is able to express his emotions to subin after that Mr O was officially appointed as their homeroom teacher this will help Jun Wu solve the problems that occur then Jun Wu accidentally sees subin being scolded by her mother because she.

Is Lefty Young's private lessons that moment makes Jun Wu understand that subin is also depressed and thus he is not the only one who has problems here Jun who tries to accompany her so that subin feels better subin who is still a little bit emotional says that she cares about Jun Wu all this time because she likes Jun will foreign.

says that she likes Jun Wu makes him cannot believe it and even makes him fall off his bicycle the situation between them becomes awkward there's no answer from June Woon so after that subin says that she is only joking even though in fact she really.

Likes June will actually June who also wants to say that he also likes subin but there is still no courage in him behind that there is a girl named Romy who looks interested in approaching Jun Wu she does several things to get close to Jun will but Jun Wu never responds to her.

Meets a man named songhun song hoon is the eyewitness who knows that Jun Wu never stole parkson's watch and he knows that it was we young who stole it he chooses to keep his mouth shut and not get involved in the matter on the other hand subin decides to stay over at her friend's house because she is having an argument with her mother it.

Makes Jun Wu worry he intends to pick subinet that night and take her home however he instead sees subin with we young their closeness makes Jun mood jealous when subin returns home that night she and her mother stop fighting as for we young he is constantly under pressure from his father to keep studying as much.

Time as possible the next day June will meet subin again there is nothing happened between the two of them that day there is an exchange of seats in their class Julie is Jun Wu's chance to get close to subin but he is instead invited by Romy to sit alone with her this situation makes subin feel jealous after that it.

Is revealed that song hoon is the best student in mathematics he is the one that is mostly loved by the teacher and that irritates we on he does not want his top position in school to be replaced by sang Hoon so from then on they become Rivals whenever we young feel something Jun Wu always knows it then Jun Wu will make we young feel.

Guilty for everything he has done using his own way Romy begins to show her love for June Wu in front of subin the romance between them will be even more exciting now the exam time is coming all students study harder including Jun will when the exam is held subin suddenly gets sick quickly Jun Wu picks her up and takes her to the medical room until.

He even injures his hand then they have to complete the exam in the medical room together after that the situation turns awkward again because there are only two of them there and suddenly Jun Wu says that he also likes subin however suddenly we Young comes and interrupts the romantic moment so that.

The relationship between Jun Wu and subin is still uncertain after that subin's mother comes judging from her expression subin's mother does not like Jun will this is because Jun Wu's past is considered not good and also because he comes from a modest and unrecognized family the previous moment that has just happened to subin makes.

Her confused does Jun who really tell her his feelings at that time or is it just her hallucination because of that she tries to ask her friends what should she do at night Roni comes again to see June will apparently she really has fallen in love with Jun will this is again known by subin making her curious about Jun Woo's relationship with Romy.

Then subin immediately contacts him however it turns out that Jun mu's cell phone has fallen and is found by Romy then a misunderstanding ensues well it was here after that their class will be looking for someone who will be the vice chairman of the class even though we on does not want that Mr O has decided and.

The vice chairman of the class is June will this makes we young worry because Jun Wu might repay him for what he has done so far the days have gone by every moment they are together Jun Wu continues to pay more attention to subin and always protects her this makes subin fall in love with him even more on the other hand a small fight occurs between.

We young and songhun in the previous exam how actually William's score is lower than sang hoon's however William relies on his parents to turn things around so song hoon is a little annoyed meanwhile Jun Wu cannot stand it anymore if he continues to be followed by Romy then he says that he does not like Romy and has like someone else at that time.

June Wu wants to meet subin to explain their relationship however because subin is with her mother she prefers to discuss it the next day there are foreign the next day an open class is held all the parents from June Woo's Class come it can be seen that only Jun Wu's parent comes there modestly but in the open.

Class Jun Wu is able to show his intelligence that surpasses William's intelligence but actually before the Open Class Mr oaf has given him a helping hand after that June who invites subin to talk alone without thinking twice Jun Wu invites subin on a date by watching a movie together foreign.

he also says that he is not interested in Romi he only likes one person namely subin it really makes subin happy however Romy talks to her and says that she likes jinwu subin's feeling suddenly turns blue she does not know whether to be honest that she also likes Jun Wu or to give in and.

Let Jun Wu be with Roni meanwhile the story of song hoon and we young is getting more complicated actually sang Hoon can reveal the person who actually had stolen Park Sun's watch however if he does that his father will be laid off from his job because his father's boss is Liam's father and that makes song Hoon unable to do anything he will even.

Be transferred overseas because of that after some time subin decides to date Jun will even though at first they are very knee and cannot even sleep to wait for the day of their date that date turns out to be a happy day for both of them foreign gets a text from wean explaining that.

Previously Jun Wu had said that he would take subin away from him subin thinks that Jun who does not really like her and only plays games with her heart problem is she never asks Jun Wu about it instead she just keeps silent and continues to avoid June will because of this June who feels that he has made a mistake on their date after that subin.

Meets Romy even though she currently has an issue with her relationship with Jun Wu she still says that she likes joonwoo as well this makes Romeo upset on the other hand junwoo's mother meets subin's mother since subin's mother's hand is hurt she wants Jun Wu's mother to help her for some time to do the housework and other this brings them closer.

Together as for Jun Wu and subin subin decides to return to just being friends with Jun Wu even though Jun Wu does not know what he has done wrong however he will not force subin at night Jun Wu still wants to meet subin to ask for an explanation in which at that time subin is with we young subin immediately shows the previous texts sent by wee young to.

Jun woo making Jun Wu think that subin believes we owns words more than his at that moment Jun Wu understands that he is not worthy of subin foreign this situation really makes Jun woo sad and subin herself is aware that she has made the wrong decision if only she had asked the truth of the text beforehand.

Maybe their relationship would have worked out well however subin cannot do anything anymore from then on Jun Wu's character returns to what he used to be he prefers to be silent then talk a lot as for subin she feels very guilty then their school holds a field trip for a few days this time song Hoon returns to school it remains unknown when it.

Happened but his presence makes we young worry that song home will reveal all of William's bad behavior so far as for Jun Wu he still likes and protects subin in silence he is sure that the truth will be revealed eventually through a romantic song Jun Wu reveals that his love for subin is truly sincere.

From the bottom of his heart and he will continue to like her no matter what after returning from the field trip finally June Wu really goes out on a date with subin they become a very romantic couple and make other couples jealous their days from then on look so much fun but who knows what will happen if subin's mother finds out about their.

Relationship as an anniversary June Wu buys a perfume with a natural scent which you will give to subin every day they pass it together with a beautiful sweet smile on the other hand subin's mother meets weon's mother she's a little annoyed that we Young's mother does not want to help subin anymore subin's mother is a little disappointed.

About it but actually it is a good thing that maybe subin's mother does not realize it as for William's father he continues to put pressure on we own to study harder even summons we owns friends whose grades are the most competitive at school including sang human to compete in the lesson for we young the days are starting to turn sour.

He feels that people are starting to realize that he is not good enough including Kita he decides not to follow we young anymore even though he will lose the help of we hung after that Jun Wu invites subin to meet after the class is over here they share their life stories and make each other stronger to face the.

Reality that must be passed due to hiccups June Woo decides to stop by subin's house briefly for a drink and be exact subin's mother is at work but suddenly someone comes that turns out to be Jun Wu's mother inevitably Jun Wu and subin explain that they have been in a relationship jumu's mother agrees with their relationship.

She respects their feelings but Jun Wu's mother hopes that they will explain their relationship to subin's mother as soon as possible the first love they are feeling is really warm and is hard to be separated from then there is breaking news at school it is explained that we young has falsified his grades in an instant the news spreads out until it.

Depresses we own Jun who really understands what we young is feeling because he has also experienced such a situation even worse wean knows that his graves are always perfect because of his parents he feels that he is very weak in that matter it seems that song hoon is involved as for Jun Wu and subin they are still in the happy Zone every day.

They meet and decide to study harder because the school exams are coming soon after that subin meets her father she wants to introduce Jun Wu to her father however an issue occurs subin's father wants to end his relationship with subin's Mother he has a new family and this makes subin very sad Jun Wu understands what subin is killing even.

Though subin does not explain it he invites subin to have fun therefore she forgets the pain she is feeling at that time and he invites her to eat together at Jun Wu's place in that romantic moment suddenly subin's mother comes she is very angry and does not accept their relationship she does not want subin's future to be ruined because of.

Dating for that reason she wants Jun woo not to see subin again and subin's cell phone is confiscated so they cannot keep in touch anymore not only that but from then on subin will also be escorted by a woman who will continue to follow her apart from school joomoo understands the situation so he will not get close to subin even though their situation is.

Very complicated June Wu will still like her somehow Jun Wu can only study hard and make subin happy and proud of him after that kite meets Jun Wu he apologizes to Jun Wu for his mistakes in the past and Juno has forgiven him on the other hand Mr O's looking for clues about we own's truth that falsifies his own grades he means an old teacher who.

Has long known we young the news turns out to be true we hyung has completely falsified his grades back to Jun Wu he has decided to attend the Art Academy and will enter the Art University later with Mr O's help he is able to get a painting course several days have passed and the final exams are held subin gets a perfect score Jun Wu also achieves.

Better grades than before as for we young he gets a very different score than usual usually he is the best and gets first place but now he is ranked 36 making his mother very worried after that June finally gets to meet his father during the meeting subin contacts June wood using William's cell phone unintentionally she overhears Jun Woo's.

Conversation with his father at that time his father says that he does not want junwoo to see him again he already has a new family so Jun mu is no longer welcome subin goes straight to Jun Wu at that time because she knows I must really hurt Jun Wu's feelings joomoo does not want subin to come near.

Him he does not want subin to get in trouble again with her mother as she approaches jinwu subin can only comfort Jun Wu through a letter that is sent to Jun Wu's working Place feeling uneasy Jun Wu goes to subin's house that night he knows that at that time subin is thinking about him the next day at some distance June Wu says that he has.

Decided to take a painting course he will work hard even if he has to be overwhelmed with school schedules painting courses and work then trouble comes to a yawn the people from the education department come and are going to investigate the case regarding the falsification of William's grades as well as the issues related to it in.

Which Jun Woo's past problems will also be revealed it turns out that behind this all is sang hoon's father who had reported it to the education office Jun Wu and the others also know about it they come to siwi Young even though Jun Wu really hates him he's a good person he hopes that we on will tell the truth and will solve the problem himself by.

Accepting all the consequences the next day is Jun Wu's birthday having collected her courage subin wants to celebrate his birthday with the help of their friends Jun mu is happy about that but he does not want to be with subin for too long because again he does not want subin to be scolded by her mother.

After returning home subin tells her mother that she has just met Jun Wu on his birthday her mother forgives this because actually on June Woo's birthday her mother is also there and she sees that subin really likes June will but because of that subin's mother meets Jun Wu's mother she asks Jun Wu's mother for help so that Jun Wu follows her moving.

Both his school as well as his residence she does not want Sue Ben to get bad grades as a result of dating however Jun Wu's mother refuses she is also a mother who understands that this kind of situation is not so good however she respects the feeling of his son namely Jun will she does not want to arrange Jun Wu's life according to her wishes.

Time passes by a secretly subin often meets with Jun will they still like each other and promise to hold on to each other no matter how hard the situation is until subin's mother approves of their relationship besides an investigation by the Department of Education begins we have is sentenced to have falsified his grades and at that.

Time subin has just found out about Jun Wu's past life that turns out he has never been involved in Theft at all supin realizes that Jun Wu has survived very strong all this time without her knowing subin feels guilty because she has not known about it long ago after that wean apologizes to Jun Wu for his treatment so far and after that he.

Decides to leave school I was always scared to face the truth the days turned calm after that until one day Jun Wu wants to meet his mother at this moment he realizes that his mother is in trouble his mother's restaurant has been closed for a long time and Jun Wu has just found out about it he feels guilty for not accompanying.

His mother and her grief even though his days are fun with subin sometimes he also thinks about his mother finally June mood decides to move and will live with his mother before that he wants to meet subin's Mother he wants subin to be given permission to date him for just one day and after that Jun Wu will move and live with his mother subin is very.

Happy to get permission from her mother to date Jun will even if it is only for one day the day of the date is really fun but subin's expression is not so happy it turns out that she already knows that after this Jun Wu will live with his mother and separate the distance between the two of them to be honest subin cannot stand it.

However there is nothing she can do and Jun Wu does not want sugan around when he is about to leave he does not wants subin to see his departure because it must be very painful but she sees Jun Wu's bicycle parked at his residence with several paintings created by Him depicting their romantic.

Moments at school this makes subin really want to meet Jun will luckily she is still given time to meet him this meeting is not the beginning of the farewell and the farewell is not the end of their meaning this drama is over

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