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Han Fei is a comedian. He dreams to bring happiness and laughterto everyone. Unfortunately one day he found himself unableto smile. He goes to a super shop to buy something. There the owner of the shop asks him why healways looked so unhappy. Also tells him his whole family watches hisprogram; they are all his biggest fans. They don't find the food tasty without watchinghis program while eating. Han Fei found no word to say. The owner suggests him to work in the filmindustry.

Han Fei asks for new games which come recentlyas he has played all the games over here. The owner asks him if he ever played healinggames before. The owner says this game checks a lot of positiveenergy into one's life and suggests that he give this game a try. Han Fei asks what's the name of this game. the owner replies with a perfect life. When he starts playing the game. He Figures out the game has already completed5 rounds of internal tests and undergone 3 major changes tonight, the sixth internaltest.

Han Fei thinks they're still in the midstof an internal test so how did the owner get this headset? Besides the webpage says that the game isinstalled through space capsules. Han Fei thinks he has been scammed. At that very moment, he thinks to give ita try as he already purchased the game. As he starts the game, it saysDecember 31st news the construction of Xinhu Smart City has entered its final face, thecreation of an internal automatic and fully interconnected smart city is a significantmilestone in our story. Multiple countries have restarted their antitrustinvestigations into deep space Technologies.

A terrible fire occurred on an antique street. On the outskirts of Xinhu City,Many secondhand shops have been destroyed in the fire. The possibility of arson cannot be ruled outat this moment. Han Fei feels something is wrong so he triesto open the headset. But the game screen shows the biological memoryinformation connection with the nervous system already successfully uploaded. And the first generation administrators accounthas been activated. It's midnight.

Han Fei fell to the floor. His head is hurting. He clearly felt something stab him. He is confused if he has already entered thegame. His sense of hearing, sight, smell, and touchdoesn't seem to differ much from reality. He starts to find the game interesting ashe is in his game's home. He thinks of working hard to level up hischaracter and starts to enjoy himself to the fullest. He also can date a virtual girlfriend andexperience virtual familial affection and.

Romance. Someone knocked on his door. It's an older woman. She tells him today is new year's day andhe has made some dumplings as a new tenant of this house if he is interested to havethem. First Han Fei feels awkward and says not tocome. but again that old woman tells him she andher grandson are two people and they made a lot of dumplings. It would be a waste if they couldn't finishit.

Han Fei thinks it might be a guided questand then agrees. The granny lives on the third floor its justone floor down from Han Fei. They find the fuse of the house has burntout, and Han Fei offers her he can fix the fuse. As he fixes the fuse the game screen sayshe has completed a task by changing the fuse. A friendly relationship with neighbors isthe first step towards a perfect life. Granny brings some freshly stewed fish soupand tells him to drink it while it's still hot. Han Fei gets confused by seeing fish souphe thinks granny invites him to have dumplings.

She unlocks a locked room and calls her grandsonChen Chen to have food with Han Fei. She served them meat. Surprisingly the ingredients still haven'tthawed as the electricity has been cut off for a few days. Granny goes to cook more food. Meanwhile, Han Fei offers Chen Chen some fishsoup. But that kid throws the soup away and sayshe's not going to eat anything that's taken from a coffin. Han Fei was surprised to hear the word coffin.

In the meantime, granny enters the room andasks Chen Chen what's the problem. he replies all of her ingredients came fromthe coffin. She tries to pacify him but he runs away whilesaying he knows coffins are the only place where the dead are placed. Han Fei becomes confused and thinks the kidis mischievous; he should help granny to clean up. He looks for the Broom and the dustpan. Suddenly Han Fei thinks “why would the kidthink that the fridge is a coffin?” Does he think that it could be possible thatthere's a body hidden inside the fridge?.

The game begins to be interesting. With confusion, Han Fei opens the fridge andsees everything is normal in the fridge. Suddenly granny enters and asks him what'she doing. He replies hurriedly he is just helping herwith cleaning. While cleaning he says he has been livingall alone far from family for work. But here today he feels like family with her. They will be a good neighbor. Says some moral talks and thanks granny forthe food. The game screen says Han Fei's Kindness lefta good impression on Granny.

Granny's Favorability increased by 5. Granny comes to Han Fei that there is somethingunusual to his room he should not live there for long. He asks what's wrong she stops him and saysno to asking too many questions. And suggest him to lock the bathroom doorbefore sleeping at night. Han Fei got scared and runs away to his apartmentand thinks why the kid is locked inside the room, and he saw a fridge a tv, and just lightsin her apartment what's the reason for the fuse out? Is there another fridge in the kid's room??.

He realizes he didn't have a good look athis new home. Then he finds newbie tasks to complete sothat he could understand this world faster. The tasks are taking bath watching tv andsleeping. He becomes disappointed. He thinks granny suggested him to sleep afterclosing the bathroom door maybe it could be a hint so he thinks of sleeping. Then automatically after thinking of the sleepinggame confirms he has accepted the sleeping task. He enters the master bedroom and sees everythingis in bright red over there.

When he goes for locking the bathroom doorhe figures out that the door only locks from the inside. He somehow put a shoe rack IN front of thedoor to lock it and takes a knife in hand. Then tries to sleep. After some time he is wondering if nothingis happening. He visits the personal attributes of the game. And noticed one has one life and after a death,all attributes will be deleted. Suddenly he hears a sound. Some noises coming from the bathroom.

He can't believe himself as he locked thebathroom and there was no one when he turned the lights off. Suddenly the door unlocked and a hand cameout from the bathroom. He got scared. And thinks whatever the thing is can't passthe door because he put a shoe rack in front of that. Han Fei can't overcome fearless then he thinksto log out from the game, but the logout button is grayed out. The game says he can only log out after completingone mission and have to play for at least.

Three hours. He figures out that the thing is a strangecreature. He feels he is going to die now. Then he thinks he has completed one missionby installing a fuse in granny's house, now he just needs to play the game for 3 hours. And he remembers the time and figures outhe just needs to survive 16 minutes more. He is too much frightened and thinks the otherresidents of this building are safe which means it can't harm anyone outside the room. He decided to pass time here if it comes towardshim he will escape after 16 minutes he will.

Just log out. While thinking all this the creature disappears. He runs towards the door and escapes fromthe room. He goes downstairs to the granny's apartment. He sees some plastic bags which is unfamiliarto him. He didn't see these bags inside granny's fridge. Suddenly lights cut off. He runs towards the main door of the building. the creature follows him.

He sees the door is locked, and while he triesto unlock the door the creature comes near him. He checks if the times are up but still, itneeds 2 minutes 58 seconds to go. The creature wrapped him up. and in the meantime, he finds the logout buttongreen and just logged out. He is finally out of the game. He then hears the game sound saying in hisbrain that he has completed the first season and has to complete the second season within24 hours. He was then surprised he is not wearing theheadphone why he still hearing the sound.

Then he noticed blood inside the headphone. He t hen tries to call the police as he feelsthe game is trying to kill him. Then the game says he is not supposed to showthe game detail to anyone, if he does so he will die due to brain death. He starts to feel more pain in the brain. It's the morning he wakes up from sleep. He doesn't know when he fell asleep last night. Just then, the police come to visit him, heis surprised as the game didn't let him call the police then how did they come now?.

There was a fire in the district under theirjurisdiction and the security camera showed that Han Fei had appeared at the scene priorthat's why they are here to ask something from him. Then he was just about to tell them aboutthe game. But at that moment game warns him that theywill explode the black box inside his brain after three warnings of not sharing info aboutthe game with anyone. Then he makes a plan that he will tell everythingto the police but won't say it happens in the game. Then he describes everything as like everythinghappened in real.

Hearing about the ghost police don't believehim. They asks him yesterday what was he doingin antique street at 1.30 pm. Then he replies he goes to visit the second-handgames shop. He then says they can interrogate the shopowner. Then the police ask him where did he findthe shop owner. All the shops over there already closed threemonths ago. Han Fei is shocked to hear that. He says he bought a video game from the shopthree days before. He forces them to believe him, but they don’tbelieve him and start to suspect him.

They say yesterday afternoon all the shopsburned to the ground. Then Han Fei writes down the description ofthe shop owner and tells them to investigate. Just then one of the cops got a phone callfrom the team leader, Wang. He tells Mr. Wang about Han Fei, he thinksHan Fei has a very serious case of social anxiety. He also adds that after interrogating HanFei he figures out that Han Fei is completely insane. On the other side, another cop is analyzingtheir database with Han Fei’s description. Surprisingly they find out that the guy died3 days ago.

The cops tell him to go with them to the policestation to clarify a few things. Han Fei agrees with them and tells them healso wants to visit the Antique street Because he wants to see everything by himself. At the police station, he meets with a girl,Lu Xue. She beat a group of guys that's why cops arrestedher. Han Fei finds her sensible enough and tellsher everything, Then they understand they have to find thatold granny, Meng Shi. That girl promised him to help out. And break the door of the station.

Then Han Fei figures out Lu Xue is a policeofficer. One hour later Han Fei was freed to go, afterhaving an interrogation with the team leader Mr. Wang. Cops see he is the first person they meetwho has a danger score of zero. They think either he is a noble hearted personor he is a dangerous, phenomenon criminal. They decide to follow him secretly. Han Fei gets a call from director Jiang Yifor an act. There he comes to know the act is going tobe over in a horror movie. Han Fei tells them he has never worked ona horror movie, and the director then tells.

Him that an actor should never confine themselvesto a single role. Jiang Yi clarifies Han Fei about his roleand the story. He gave an audition and passed it. Then he got a text from Lu Xue, she foundMeng Shi. Han Fei and Lu Xue go to meet Meng Shi. And sees that she is already dead, a decadeago. And her grandson Chen Chen’s real name isMeng Chen and he also died 10 years ago. They talk with Meng Shi’s son. Meng Shi remains unmarried her whole life.

And adopted three children. Among them, he was the eldest. His name is Meng Changshou. After Meng Shi retired, she managed a beverageshop by herself. The cops found several animal corpses anda dead man in the freezer. And on the same day, both Meng Shi and MengChen disappeared. Several days later the police found them ina cold storage facility in the old city area. Lu Xue says after understanding everythingshe thinks the killer is one of three brothers. Whom Meng Shi tries to protect.

She thinks Meng Shi gave the killer a chance,something like surrender within a week. Then Meng Changshou says his second brotheralso disappeared after a few days, but he Is sure that his brother is not the killer. They decide to investigate the case. Lu Xue tells Han Fei about the Human jigsawcase from 10 years ago which is also a mystery. Han Fei is shocked because coincidently thehorror movie he is going to do is on this case. Lu Xue says the first two victims were foundon the 4th floor of this building. They visits the apartment and met with uncleWei, the father of the second victim of the.

Jigsaw case, Wei Youfu. Han Fei remembers in the game that he liveson the 4th floor and granny lives on the 3rd floor. And in reality, granny lived on the 3rd floorand the 4th floor Wei Youfu. Coincidentally Han Fei is going to act inhis role in the movie. All of this altogether can’t be a coincidence. He thinks if he can stay in this home maybehe will survive. So he talks with uncle Wei and says that heknows Wei Youfu and did ever Wei Youfu mentioned about him.

They talk about Wei Youfu’s last wishesand Han Fei shares his number with his uncle. Han Fei comes home and checks the contentsof the case. He studies the Human Jigsaw case. He enters the game to understand everything. After entering the game he starts to playas he planned before joining the game. He first goes to find Meng Shi and thinksthat he will complete any task over there and will stay 3 hours over there so that hecan choose to log out anytime to ensure his safety. He knocks on the door of Meng Shi.

Then he hears a noise, something heading hisway. He sees the creature once again and startsto run towards the 4th floor as if he goes to the Downstairs he will die because themain gate of the building is already locked. He is on the 3rd floor and the creature ison the 6th floor. He somehow manages to enter the apartmentand locks the door. He smelled blood. The creature didn’t leave, he thinks somethingis wrong with his neighbors. Three hours passed and he thinks of completinga task so he can ensure his safety by logging out anytime.

He chooses to watch tv as this one is theeasiest task right now. He has to turn off all the lights and he can’tmove his eyes off the tv for 30 minutes. He has no option than doing this. The creature appears again and starts to scareand divert Han Fei’s eyes. Han Fei is determined he can’t take hiseyes off the tv. He patiently tolerated everything. He sees Wei Youfu and his wife Amei on tv. Finally, he completed the task. And upgraded to level two.

He found a landlord’s ring in the inventory. After the landlord died his loving familymade a ring from his Ashes this lost ring has become a bridge between life and deathas long as Han Fei wears this ring he can feel their presence. His attribute of physical strength upgradesimmediately applies. He goes towards the 3rd floor to see the grannyand convince her to help him. The ring gets cold, as it reminds him thecorridors are not clean. He finds something unusual in front of thegranny's door. He thinks it might be because of her neighborthough granny didn't open the door yet.

He logs out and thinks of gathering more knowledgeabout the victims. He wakes up at 9 and starts to get ready thoughJiang is waiting for him. He goes to the set and sees the killer islate. The killer's name is Zhan Lele. He is too dumb in acting that's why the directorasks Han Fei to take over the killer's role. Can Han Fei successfully portray the killerthrough his acting? If you like this video, make sure to giveus a like and subscribe to the channel. See you next time and check other videos onour channel.

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