He Must Mate W/ Trainer Or She Will Carry out Him Repeat School All over again

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A student becomes enamored with his Englishteacher, and the two embark on a passionate affair without regard for the consequences. In winter 1943, Izzy informs his classmatesthat his groin hair has grown three-quarters of an inch. They rush to the bathroom to see, but theschool bell rings, so they decide to look at it later. As the students return to their classrooms,Olga stares at Stig Santesson, who lives in the same building as her friend, Lisbet. Later, while the English teacher, Viola, checksthe male students' attendance, they busy themselves.

With Izzy's hair measurements, passing arounda piece of chewing gum, and sharing notes. The teacher then accepts Albert as the classleader since he was previously one. When she calls Stig's name, she finds outthat he's also from Stockholm like her. As the new teacher writes on the board, Stigand his classmate have a heated discussion about women. During their break, the lads rush to the bathroomto measure Izzy's hair and realize he won their bet for having the longest. However, one of his classmates disqualifiesIzzy, claiming Jews have more hair than regular people.

Stig defends Izzy, saying that since he can'tcompete, he can get his money back from the bet, which his classmate begrudgingly relents. During class, Stig's classmate notices fliesand asks the former to kill them. After Stig deftly uses a slingshot to killthe two insects. After class, Viola calls Stig to stay andinforms him that she's aware of his classmates' shenanigans. Even though she's impressed with his slingshot'saim, she tells him to clean up the mess. She also asks him to read the note they werepassing around. Stig is too ashamed to read it aloud, so Violagrabs and reads the note but becomes embarrassed.

Over her students' ignorance about lovemaking. While Stig is cleaning above the chalkboard,he looks down at his teacher and admires her exposed neck. After his task, Stig returns to his apartmentbuilding when he hears loud music playing from his place, exciting him as he believeshis older brother has returned from the war. He rushes upstairs but finds his mother, Stina,alone. His mom then informs him that his brothersent a letter and that his leave has been indefinitely postponed. While getting the letter, Stig turns off thelight in their Christmas village to conserve.

Their batteries. He then reads his brother's letter aloud,and they discover that his transfer to the submarine is imminent. This worries them due to the older son's claustrophobia. Later, Lisbet pretends to run into Stig toget his attention, but he's late for his job at the theater, so he immediately leaves. Due to him being late, the movie is delayedso he can sell food, much to the audience's displeasure. Because of this, the projectionist warns Stigthis will be the last time he'll delay the.

Movie for him, but the latter bribes him withchocolate. The next day, Lisbet and Olga admire Stigfrom afar. Afterward, they turn on the radio so Lisbetcan practice the Stockholm dialect to impress her crush. At the cinema, his brother, Sigge, surprisesStig. Sigge admits he failed the submarine qualificationexam, but he'll retake it as he wants to be part of the underwater unit. Stig is worried about his claustrophobia,but his brother brushes it off. Sigge then sees his date, Lone, and throwsher a chocolate bar.

A hopeful Stig wishes they could go home togetherafter his shift but becomes annoyed when Sigge arrives home much later instead. Although angry, Stig reveals he hasn't toldanyone that his brother has returned. Sigge then attempts to turn on the desk light,but Stig stops him since they have to conserve energy. The brothers then excitedly discuss Sigge'supcoming boxing match in the Navy. Elsewhere, Stina uses a rubber duck to stopthe snores of their father, Seymor. Sigge hears it and smiles as he's truly home. The following day, Stig reads one of Viola'sdictionaries in the classroom when the teacher.

Arrives. He explains that he likes looking up unfamiliarwords and asking for help from his previous teacher, so Viola gives in to his request. Stig then returns the dictionary underneathViola's desk, using it as a chance to check her out. She notices his gaze and turns to find himstaring at her. Viola shyly looks away while Stig leaves. During recess, Stig looks up at the schoolwindow, hoping to see Viola. Lisbet attempts to get his attention by askingabout his pet turtle, but he ignores her.

Meanwhile, Viola passes the same window andsees Stig looking up at her. Bothered, she walks away. The following morning, Stig spies on his teacherat her home and tries to catch her attention in class. During their break, he reads the dictionaryagain while his classmates leave. Once alone, he returns the dictionary to theteacher's desk and smells Viola's chair. However, some of his classmates catch himin the act. Later, since Albert is in the nurse's office,Stig volunteers to go with Viola to the map room.

While heading up the stairs, Stig noticesa loose handrail and tries to fix it. Viola comes to his aid when she sees the mathteacher nearby and pushes them against the wall to hide. Excited by her actions, Stig kisses Viola,which she reciprocates. The pair then go to the map room to completetheir task when they hear someone entering. With tension heating between them, they quicklyhide behind the maps and make out while a science teacher searches for an anatomicalmodel nearby. However, the bell interrupts them, so theyquickly stop. In class, the two can't stop thinking aboutwhat happened.

Albert then returns after class when Violainforms him that Stig will return the map. However, the class president insists thatit's his task, much to Stig's irritation. Later, the students hear a plane flying overheadand go to the window to check it out, but their teacher scolds them for disrupting thediscussion. After school, they go to the airfield to observethe warplanes. His classmate notices that Stig looks ill,so the latter uses this chance to leave. He goes to Viola's flat and asks her whathe did wrong. A shocked Viola admits he's done nothing terribleand lets him in her apartment, where they kiss.

Afterward, the pair sit on the sofa, whereViola instructs Stig not to come by unannounced and to use the kitchen stairs to escape asher husband may arrive unexpectedly. Elsewhere, Kjell collects milk cans then leavesa woman's camisole on a fence. He soon arrives home, revealing that he'sViola's husband, so Stig quickly hides behind the door as the former plays a classical song. When Kjell pours a milk can's contents insidethe cuckoo clock, he attempts to grab a towel outside but is spotted by the latter. Much to Stig's surprise, Kjell thinks thathis wife is tutoring him, so the student plays along before leaving.

Viola then appears and is shocked to findKjell home but is relieved that her husband isn't aware of what happened. The two continue indulging in their passionin Viola's flat and the map room for the next few days. One day, Viola shares about her wealthy fatherand asks Stig about his dad to get to know him more. The latter reveals that his father is a privatechauffeur for executives but used to hunt moose. On another night, Stig is distracted at worksince it's also the night of Sigge's boxing.

Match. His manager then arrives, scolds him for notwearing his hat, and pushes him to sell food even though the audience doesn't want to buyany. After work, Stig finally goes to the arenaand is ecstatic when his brother wins. Later, Stig visits Viola and is about to joinher in bed when Kjell arrives. He quickly hides and flees when the coastis clear. Unsatisfied, Stig grows restless at home. The following day, Stig and Viola walk togetherat school but go separately when they hear his schoolmates coming.

After class, the student returns to Viola'shouse to surprise her with flowers since it's her birthday but finds the apartment empty. Kjell suddenly arrives with a bouquet butsuspects nothing when he sees Stig in the kitchen. The husband then plays Tchaikovsky's, “Romeoand Juliet,” and checks the time. He holds up his glass by the cuckoo clock'sdoor, and as soon it chirps, gin spits out from its beak and onto the glass, amusingStig. Kjell reveals that it's a trick to impresscustomers, then continues rambling about his job as a salesman.

He admits that he finds his real name boringand uses “Frank” with his clients since it makes them think of Frank Sinatra. The student just nods along, amused by theodd character. One morning, at her place, Viola departs forclass, leaving Stig a note to stay since Kjell is away. Before class starts, Viola accidentally revealsthat Stig is absent to Albert, who's confused about why she knows, so she immediately liesthat she met his mother earlier. During their break, she rushes back to herflat to make love again. One day, Kjell makes Stig listen to his collectionof classical music while he rambles about.

Nylon being an awful material for women'sgarments. Stig later returns home with one of Kjell'srecords and plays it. However, Seymor hates it and stops the recordercausing the angry son to fight him. Soon, Kjell catches Stig walking around thehouse in Viola's robe. To the student's surprise, the husband hasalways known about their relationship but didn't do anything since he did the same shortlyafter their wedding. Stig then returns home and finds a letterfrom Sigge, where he decodes his brother's secret message stating he's fine aboard asubmarine. Days later, Stig and Kjell quietly sit togetherand listen to classical music when they hear.

A radio broadcast of the German dictator. A drunk Kjell laments that he can't understandhis speech, so Stig tries to calm him down. On another day, Viola finds the two playingsoccer with the other tenants. She observes them for a while before she leaves. Eventually, Lisbet prepares something on herbed before joining her family as they attend Stina's birthday dinner. Stig gives his mother a new toy rubber duckas a present, making Stina laugh at their inside joke. When Stig leaves his seat, Lisbet followsand pulls him away while the others are distracted.

She leads him back to her bedroom, where sheoffers herself to him. She assures him not to worry as she's preparedeverything, including protection. However, Stig is too flustered to move, makingLisbet believe he's uninterested. Hurt, she hurriedly dresses up and tearfullytells him to leave. Days pass, and a bothered Stig is in Viola'sflat listening to classical music when the woman asks him to turn it down. Despite being angry, he complies and asksViola why she settled with Kjell. After revealing that she married Kjell becausehe wasn't after her father's money, Viola admits she can't leave him, knowing he'llspiral into depression if she does.

However, Stig questions Viola's motives andturns the music louder. Soon at school, Stig passes Lisbet but ignoresher. Later, he visits Kjell and is surprised tofind him drunk. From the newspaper beside him, the studentdiscovers that nylon garments are gaining popularity in America. Bothered, he tries to reassure the salesmanit's just a fad, but Kjell becomes frustrated and passes out. Viola arrives and wants to use this chancefor them to make love. However, Stig pities her husband, so he placesa blanket on Kjell before leaving, hurting.

The lady. During class, Stig writes his answers on theboard when Viola discreetly unbuttons her dress to make him look. She then secretly shows him a note to visither later, but he excuses himself. He sneaks into the ladies' locker room andhides inside a vaulting box, where he spies on Lisbet. Stig manages to get her attention by aimingat her with a slingshot, so the latter tells her friend to use the bathroom first beforethey leave. This lets her discreetly climb inside thebox for private time with her crush.

Later, the next class rolls the vaulting boxinto the gym with the two still inside, leaving them no choice but to stay. The pair finally escape the box after classhas ended. Lisbet is amazed at how knowledgeable Stigis about intimacy, but the latter lies that he got it from working at the movies. The lady is happy to have her feelings reciprocated,though the man doesn't share the same enthusiasm. At home, Stig hears an alarming update aboutthe explosion of the submarine Ulven on the radio. He anxiously checks Sigge's letter, confirmingthrough their secret code that his brother.

Was aboard the same submarine. Stig becomes devastated but hides his tearsas soon as Stina returns. Soon, he receives Sigge's last telegram beforethe explosion and drinks to calm himself. Later, he hears another update on the missingsoldiers when he realizes that his mother is home. He quickly goes to the kitchen and tries todrown out the radio by turning on the faucet, but Stina overhears the news. A shocked Stina realizes that Stig alreadyknew. He admits that someone from the Navy deliveredthe news earlier and sincerely apologizes.

To his tearful mother for not telling hersooner. However, Stig tries to reassure her that theNavy has sent ships to search for the soldiers. Elsewhere, Viola waits for Stig when the cuckooclock chimes and spits out gin on the table. Angry, she pulls it out and cries. Desperate to see her lover, she goes to thetheater where Stig works. Meanwhile, Lisbet and Olga are also in thecinema watching a movie. Lisbet then gets up to search for Stig whenshe hears moans. Lisbet opens the closet and is horrified tosee him with Viola, quickly slamming the door on them.

At school the next day, Stig tries to apologize,but Lisbet is disgusted and wishes never to see him again. Elsewhere, Viola is drowning her sorrows inalcohol when Stig arrives and snatches the glass from her. She tries to kiss him, but he pushes her awayas he realizes how toxic their relationship has been. Furious, Viola smashes the wine bottle andthreatens Stig, forcing him to succumb to her wishes. Days later, Viola meets with the school principalto voice out her concern about Stig.

After class, she talks to Stig privately,but he quickly tells her it's over between them. However, Viola declares that she has decidedto fail him because he was absent without a parent's note. In truth, however, she can't stand him beingin her classroom. Furious, Stig chases after Viola and pushesher into the storage closet. He asserts that he wasn't present in her classesbecause she instructed him to wait for her in her apartment. He threatens to tell the authorities abouttheir relationship, but Viola argues that.

No one will believe him. During the next class, Stig writes on thechalkboard when Viola pulls up her dress to seduce him. Not having it, he kicks her table down, sothe teacher then calmly orders him to leave. Later, Stig is called to the principal's office,where he's informed that he'll be repeating the class next year. Refusing to be defeated, he runs back to theclassroom to get Viola's grade book, hoping to get the note she secretly wrote for himas evidence of their relationship. However, the teacher had ripped the page outalready.

Next, he visits an inebriated Kjell and begshim to talk his wife out of failing him, but the latter remains passive to his pleas. Disappointed in the man, Stig storms off. Making matters worse, a Navy officer arrivesone day and takes Stig to the hallway to formally announce Sigge's death. During this, the other students enjoy theirbreak outside when a plane dumps gasoline on the grounds. Someone then sets the fuel on fire which causesinjury to some students, but Stig is unfazed and leaves.

A tearful Stig then goes to the cinema, wherehe watches a newsreel about the Ulven submarine disaster in an empty theater. The empathetic projectionist sits behind himand tells him he'll turn off the reel soon so they can go home. Soon, Stig and his parents attend the funeralof his brother and the other soldiers who perished. On the train ride back home, Stina apologizesfor not writing to the school to excuse Stig's bad grades and attendance, thinking that herson's performance was hindered by working late nights and worrying about Sigge.

However, she does sense something else iswrong, but Stig says he'll tell her when she's older and wiser. Noticing Seymor has disappeared, Stig goesoutside, where he finds his father tearfully singing and hugs him. Soon, during the school ceremony, Viola handsout the certificates when Stig barges in, walks right up to her, and shows her his member. He then leaves without taking his certificate,and Viola cries. Stig breaks into the school and grabs allof Viola's dictionaries. Finally, he leaves the premises, taking withhim the knowledge it can offer.

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