He Receives A Godly Machine and Becomes Overpowered

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Lin Xiu discovers a weird web page, and itshockingly absorbs him. System windows appear, telling him that theSuper God System will help him. In the 21st century, monsters invaded Earthbut were later wiped out by nuclear weapons. Monsters left behind the X virus that spreadaround the world and mutated zombies and new monsters. Survivors embraced martial arts, and theynow govern the world. Ma Qiang, Lin Xiu’s roommate, bullies him. He is bullied around for not having cultivationtalent. He thought he was at home, but it looks likehe got isekai’d by the webpage.

He recalls the memories of his current body. Ma Qiang continues to beat him up, and LinXiu looks for his cheats. The system window shows up and uses his angerto increase his strength. Ma Qiang is sent flying, and Lin Xiu tellsthem to get out. He opens his system’s lottery, and he gainsten thousand coins. Lin Xiu visits the infirmary, and the doctorcalls him Xiao Lin, the weakest student at Starshine Academy. She then tells him to take off his clothes. Lin Xiu asks what kind of treatment he needs.

He chooses one that will help recover thebullied body he possessed. The treatment starts, and he swears to bea new Lin Xiu. Meanwhile, class starts and Teacher Luo announcesan exploration. He looks for Ma Qiang, and a student claimsLin Xiu has sent Ma Qiang to the surgery room. Just then, Lin Xiu appears and asks to join. The other students are shocked at Lin Xiu’sappearance. One student mocks Lin Xiu’s strengths, andhe challenges the student to a fight. The two fight in the arena, and Lin Xiu dodgesthe attacks. He waits for the anger points while the teachermocks him for dodging.

The anger points maxed out, and Lin Xiu counterattacked,sending the student flying out of the arena. Teacher Luo applauds Lin Xiu’s performance. Lin Xiu asks for approval in the explorationof Area 20, a city that is heavily infected by the virus, and the loot there is high indemand. The monsters’ brains have magic cores thatcan help martial artists cultivate. Teacher Luo warns them that this is differentfrom training. Some are scared, but for Lin Xiu, Area 20is EXP heaven. Later that day, the students arrive at Area20, and Lin Xiu and his team immediately encounter a zombie.

Lin Xiu jumps forward and slashes the zombiein half. He levels up and gains strength. More zombies appear, and Zhang Yi appearsand kills them all. They travel more distance and encounter aLeader Zombie. A student challenges it, and Lin Xiu warnsYang Tian not to go near it. The zombie attacked so fast that it almostkilled the other student. Zhang Yi attacks it, but the zombie dodges. It then calls out more zombies. Zhang Yi runs away, but Lin Xiu on the otherhand is feeling excited.

Lin Xiu starts fighting the zombies, motivatingYang Tian to fight. Leader Zombie tries to sneak attack Lin Xiu,but he kills it. He gained massive experience points and strength. He tries to unlock a gene chain but failsbecause his level is low. Yang Tian praises him, and Lin Xiu acts arrogantly. The two travel more, and they reach the restrictedarea. Just then, they encounter a ranked-three-evolvedmonster snake. They run away, and Lin Xiu hides from themonster, but then a group of martial artists discovers him.

They try to harm him, but the huge snake frombefore discovers them. It eats up one of them, and the others getexcited about hunting a rare monster. After a few deaths and injuries, one managesto kill the monster. He blames Lin Xiu for luring it, and he claimsthat the loot is his now. The martial artist attacks him, but Lin Xiucounterattacks. He killed the martial artist, and he gainedmassive experience points and a chance at the lottery. He also extracts the monster’s core, whichis needed to increase cultivation and loot the items of the dead martial artists.

Lin Xiu stumbles upon a restricted area againand discovers a ranked-4 leopard. He plans to run away, but he notices Luo Ye,a rank-4 martial artist. She fights the beast and takes it down. Just then, the monster attacked with lightning,sending Luo Ye flying. Lin Xiu tries to steal the kill, but anothermonster appears. He runs away and gets cornered on a cliff. The beast leaps forward, and Lin Xiu escapesby jumping down. Lin Xiu survives the fall and discovers anunconscious Luo Ye. He saves her and admires her beauty.

He got hungry and fished on the river. While eating, Luo Ye attacks him. Lin Xiu swears he saved her and didn’t touchher body. He offers her a fish to eat, and they introducethemselves to each other. Lin Xiu asks for tips on how to be strong,but Luo Ye tells him that he has low potential. That night, Lin Xiu opens the lottery, andhe wins the big prize, a growth skill card. He thanks the system and giggles. Lou Ye asks if he is crazy. Just then, they hear something that mightbe a squad of martial artists.

Lin Xiu suggests leaving immediately and givesLou Ye a piggyback ride. The squad finds their traces, and the leaderorders his men to find them. Just as Lin Xiu complains about Luo Ye’sweight, they encounter a rank 2-viper beast with high combat ability. Luo Ye asks him to fight it with her sword. Lin Xiu follows her directions, and he killsthe beast. Just then, the beast makes a final attackand bites him. He kills the head, but he gets poisoned. The red viper’s poison makes a person horny.

Lin Xiu forcefully kisses Luo Ye. He apologizes, and she tells him to run tothe lake to calm down. While Lin Xiu is in the lake, a man findsLuo Ye. A squad attacks Luo Ye and captures her. Just then, Lin Xiu arrives and accuratelyrecites their identities and information recites their identities and information. They got scared and ran away. Lin Xiu carries Luo Ye again. Meanwhile, Zhang Liang gets furious and plansto ambush them.

The two hide in a hollowed tree to avoid monsters. The next morning, Luo Ye smells an incomingbeast. A rank-2 wild board appears, and it attacksLin Xiu. A day passes by, and Lin Xiu levels up thanksto Luo Ye’s guidance. Luo Ye has already recovered and plans tohunt the leopard from before. She warns Lin Xiu to raise his level, or shewill kill him. Lin Xiu gets out of the restricted area, anda squad member from before ambushes him. He got cornered, but his anger gauge maxedout, and he counterattacked. He manages to counterattack and kill the enemy.

He levels up and gains a new skill, Fury. The rest of the squad appears, and they allattack together. Lin Xiu then tries out his new skill and increaseshis stats. He quickly hides and finds one member witha spear. He snatches the spear and attacks the restof the squad. Zhang Liang and the others attack him, andLin Xiu waits for his anger gauge to max out again. The gauge maxes out, and he attacks ZhangLiang, but the spear breaks. Zhang Liang tries to attack Lin Xiu, but theschool doctor intervenes.

The doctor tells them to scram and Lin Xiuanalyzes that she is a rank 4 martial artist. The squad runs away, and Ruo Shui orders LinXiu to strip so she can treat him. Meanwhile, students report back to TeacherLuo, and Lin Xiu is still missing. They assume that he died, but Lin Xiu appears. Meanwhile, Zhang Yi brags about killing afew rank-one beasts. Lin Xiu opens his bag and shows a lot of rank1–3 beast cores, which surprises everyone. They accuse Lin Xiu of cheating, but the teachershuts down their claims. The teacher tells them to sell the cores inthe hotel. Lin Xiu sells the cores, and they can’tbelieve Lin Xiu suddenly became a billionaire.

Just then, Class 29’s top student appearsand shoves them aside. He proudly sells a piece of rank-2 core andcalls Lin Xiu trash. Lin Xiu dares to fight him. They start fighting. Lin Xiu blocks the top student’s attackand twists his arm. Class 29 tries to fight Lin Xiu’s class. The hotel boss stops the fight and announcesthat the rank 3 rooms are now sold. The students in Class 29 are shocked to hearthat. Suddenly, Teacher Luo and Class 29’s TeacherJiang appear.

Yang Tian explains what happened and scoldsLin Xiu, while deep inside he is proud that his normal class beats up class 29. Lin Xiu apologizes sarcastically, and theNormal class laughs. Teacher Jiang tells them to retreat. His classmates praise him, and Teach Luo tellsthem to move on and check their combat abilities. Later, Teacher Luo meets with Lin Xiu andZhang Yi to talk about the future. Moments ago, they were tested, and it turnedout that Lin Xiu was the strongest. Teacher Luo tells the two to pick a suitableweapon to use. Lin Xiu immediately picks up the spear andtells Teacher Luo that there is no spear user.

Yet on the hunter rankings. Teacher Luo agrees and realizes something,but Lin Xiu runs away. He realizes that Lin Xiu has great ambition. Later that day, Lin Xiu gains a basic speartechnique card and looks for a speaking opportunity. He goes to the God Martial Hall and ordersa spear. The owner shows him a lot of spears, but LinXiu asks for a heavier one. The owner got pissed and brought out SteelSoul, the heaviest spear he had made. Lin Xiu lifts it and decides to buy it. Impressed, the owner sells it to him at adiscounted price of 1.2 million and Lin Xiu.

Didn’t have a choice but to pay it upfront. Lin Xiu went home and started cultivating. He feels like nothing has changed, but hewas shocked after checking his status. The system reminds him about the lottery resultshe got and spins the wheel. He wins a speedy growth package and wearsthe vest. The system starts a task, and the vest suddenlygets heavier. He tries to unequip it, but the system punisheshim. The system tells him that there is a rewardfor adapting as soon as possible. The next day, he went to school exhausted,and someone tapped him.

Ye Shuang greets him, and it is their firsttime meeting again after 2 years. Their teacher brought them to a few universitiesto see which one they liked to attend. Lin Xiu teases her that she chooses StarshineAcademy because he is there. Tang Ping, Ye Shuang’s classmate, arrivesand calls Lin Xiu trash. He challenges Lin Xiu to spar, and he agrees. Tang Ping attacks Lin Xiu but is easily countered. Tang Ping uses martial arts and attacks LinXiu, who can’t dodge because of the heavy vest. Tang Ping tries to show off in front of YeShuang, but Lin Xiu grabs his arm.

Lin Xiu grins and breaks his wrist. He follows it up with a kick, sending TangPing flying. Just then, Tang Tian, Ping’s brother, arrivesand punches Lin Xiu. Tang Tian is a senior and part of the top100 in the school. He punches Liu Xiu, and he is not able todefend himself while injured. Ye Shuang tries to defend him. Tang Tian tries to punch Ye Shung, but LinXiu pushes her aside and receives the blow instead. He crushes Lin Xiu’s arm, and Teacher Luoarrives to stop the fight.

He further threatens Lin Xiu, but Lin Xiuchallenges him to a duel after three days. Teacher Luo and Ye Shuang try to stop him. Tang Tian accepts. The news spread all over the academy. Ruo Shui treats Lin Xiu’s wounds and giveshim an expensive martial arts card. He thanks her, and she claims that he is oneof her people. That night, Lin Xiu trains so he can adaptto the heavy vest. Three days later, the duel happens, and alot of students and teachers watch. The duel starts and Tang Tian attacks witha killer move right away.

Lin Xiu blocks it, but he still gets injuredby Tang Tian’s sword energy. Tang Tian keeps attacking, but Lin Xiu keepsblocking them. Lin Xiu’s anger gauge is not yet full, sohe uses his martial spear technique, but Tang Tain’s technique overpowers him. Lin Xiu is knocked down but stands back upimmediately. He maxed out both the speedy package and theanger gauge. He removes his weights and surprises the audiencewith their heaviness. Lin Xiu claims the battle just started andTang Tian attacks him. He dodges and surprises Tang Tian with hisspeed.

Lin Xiu uses his all-out attack with the speartechnique and sends Tang Tian flying. But Tang Tian stands back up and drinks something. He uses a dig to power up and kill Lin Xiu. He overpowers Lin Xiu and kicks him away,following up with his sword. Lin Xiu shatters the sword. Teacher Luo explains that the drug’s sideeffects will make the user crippled afterward. The match continues despite the use of drugs. Teacher Luo discovers that the Tang FamilyHead is watching the fight and realizes he can’t do anything now.

Tang Tian continues to beat up Lin Xiu, andLin Xiu uses fury to fight back. They exchange a barrage of punches, and TangTian feels frustrated. He uses his strongest fist technique, butLin Xiu dodges and counters with a fist technique. Tang Tian calls it a weak punch, but the insideof his arm suddenly bursts. Lin Xiu tries to end him, but Tang Mu Baiinterferes. He warns Lin Xiu, and the emcee announcesthat Lin Xiu wins. That night, Teacher Luo visited an injuredLin Xiu, bringing both good and bad news. What is the news brought by Teacher Luo? I also want to know!.

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