He Returns To Earth After Ruling The Underworld For 10,000 Years!

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Among the nine Hells the deepest is the ninth hell where the strongest demons exist an endless battle exists in the ninth hell to Crown the strongest demon there the great demon garkas easily fends off attacks by surrounding ninth hell demons laughing them off as mere tickles the great demon gallic enters challenging garkas to a fight a.

Ferocious battle ensues soon enough gallic has to fight off other green one-eyed demons as well summoned by garcaz to weaken him but galak fends them off with ease building on the belief that until he arrived it was believed that there would be no Eternal ruler of the ninth hell at all the Eternal ruler of the ninth hell gallic.

Bows before the Demon King Seated on the Demon's King Throne garlic is shocked by the king's decision to return to Earth as the king owns everything in Hell a deafening silence follows the king o Kang Wu begins to rant about being in the same place for thousands of years with the same views and the same monotonous routine balak attempts to.

Appease the King by presenting him with the head of focala to eat but is instead greeted by the dish being thrown at his head the king reveals that he wants to eat kimchi jigai which further confuses the surrounding demons who mistake it for a dish of blood and meat desired by the king of gluttony the demons are unfamiliar with the concept of cuisine.

As their idea of a meal is feasting on the losing enemy after a fight the king clarifies that he wants to read novels in manga but to no avail balak gallantly offers to be killed for failing to meet the king's desires much to Kang Woo's frustration of being misunderstood Kang woo then speaks of Desiring to be loved as he is repulsed by his current lover.

The queen of succubi Lady Lilith he sticks to his decision to return to Earth after ten thousand years of waiting and consuming the last Prince Baal the king orders balak to prepare the thing for his return to Earth balak doesn't seem excited about preparing the thing but the king orders him to do so harshly the black sorcerer aemon.

Completes all preparations accordingly but he warns Kang woo that putting so much magic into the armors of the seven princes of Hell could alter time and space creating a crack in the dimension Kang woo still sticks to his decision excited to get back to Earth the king proceeds to the Myriad demon Palace where the gate to Earth opens for his.

Exit Lilith begins to cry scaring Kung Wu she rushes after him claiming to join him wherever he goes horrified kangwu outpaces her and smirks as he finally leaves her behind but as he enters the gate a warning comes up stating that a nuclear crack has been detected this initiates the Gaia system there is a constant warning of the cause power.

Being stronger than its capacity defense defense mechanisms for all dimensions are also initiated the Gaia system approaches a system overload resulting in a failure another warning crops up complete exclusion on core crack is considered impossible this triggers the process of limiting the seal Kang woo in excruciating pain blacks out he awakens.

In a forest surrounded by trees he pulls up a status window to check on his body only to reveal that his powers have been sealed he looks up to see an army of green demons running towards him readying for an attack Kang woo prepares to attack as the creatures Lurch towards him from the forest but as he prepares to advance he realizes with a shock that.

Demonic energy is weak in the Myriad demon Palace he resorts to using the demon subnoxious power of the blade to attack the creatures which turn out to be e-rank Goblin monsters after finishing off the Goblins kangwu advances to level 4. he begins to physically feel stronger too to gauge some information about the place kangwu.

Absorbs the bodies of the Goblins gaining information on their biology but not on his whereabouts his demonic energy stats increased by one point which stuns Kang woo as the existence of demonic energy in this place probably means this isn't Earth at all he hears a shrill scream in the distance which doesn't sound like a monster or a demon.

Using his power of speed Kang woo bolts towards the scream praying for it to be human and there lies a girl with purple hair being attacked by the same goblins she has two eyes one nose and one mouth Kang woo fights off the Goblins after which the girl thanks him the girl introduces herself as hansiola Kang Wu is still quiet overwhelmed with emotions.

After finally witnessing a human being after 10 000 years he bows before her and demands her hand in marriage much to the girl's embarrassment friends Kang Wu apologizes for being overly excited to his dismay ciola has injured her leg as he steadies her and helps her out ciola's phone drops to the ground Kang.

Woo recognizes it immediately as a smartphone this Delights him as he realizes this must indeed be Earth meanwhile he helped ceola with her leg wound communicating with her happily in Korean he recalls how difficult it was to speak with the demons in hell in Korean after wrapping up the girl's leg Kung woo hands her the phone he sees the.

Year on the phone it is 2023 this means he has been in hell for five years he is confused with the time span relativity however he temporarily dismisses this fact and instead asks siola why she is in this place the girl reveals that she was solo gate hunting in e-rank Gate Kang Woo is fascinated and questions her about her level she turns out to be a.

Level 6 player ciola then questions Kang woo on why he is here he laughs it off as a long story the two approach a gate which appears to be a space Rift the existence of the gate again confuses Kang woo about whether or not this is indeed Earth and the size of the gate befuddles him about its maintenance the two walk through the portal the first.

Thing Kang woo notices are the two-eyed normal human beings all around him all are discussing players Bandits and tankers but they are very much humans Kang Wu Wells up with happiness after witnessing this to his complete surprise ciola invites Kang Wu to her place for a meal as a token of her gratitude to him Overjoyed he accepts quickly suddenly.

The duo is approached by two armed people asking to check their player cards Kang woo fumbles he has no player card so he chooses to use the demon dantalian's power of Oblivion thus distorting the officer's perception the officer under the Oblivion spell checks the card nods and walks off he then turns to ciola and they both head to her.

House siola happily introduces Kang woo to her mom as her Savior and the mom meets him with delight she welcomes him inside warmly promising a humble but filling meal to thank him although Kang Woo is upset that ciola's Mom is also there he is still grateful when he Compares this to his life in Hell the mother heads towards the kitchen to.

Begin preparing the meal ciola checks her phone and asks her mom whether she texted her the mom says she did and warns her daughter to contact her in a timely way Kang woo gets an idea why not use ceola's phone to glean information about his whereabouts he asks the girl for her phone and she happily hands it over she then joins her mother in the.

Kitchen Kang Wu is initially overwhelmed when using the phone after 10 000 years however he soon focuses on the task at hand and searches for news articles from 2018. five years ago he soon finds headlines about February 22 2018 labeled the day of cataclysm the news articles go on to explain how several Gates appeared out of nowhere all over Earth.

From which monsters emerged Firearms proved useless against these monsters and armies were massacred the USA headed the formation of a world Organization for Emergency Operations with Korea being the ninth country to join players began to appear the first of which emerged from the USA they are viewed as a source of Hope For Humanity having.

Gone through these articles congru assumes that he must have fallen into hell on February 22 2018 but he feels the need for more sources before reaching a solid conclusion ciola and her mother arrive with the food kangu is jubilant to see kimchi jigai he immediately begins to eat remembering the times he had to devour.

Hideous demons in hell that tasted like trash Ciela and her mom watch in astonishment as Kung Wu devours the food with absolute zest he asks for more rice which ciola cheerfully brings suddenly the door bangs open as a tall blonde man enters yelling angrily for ciola to come out the blonde man approaches ciola yelling at her about entering the gate.

Ciola is furious and screams at the man taehyun to get out of her house and leave her bee as she is a full-fledged player now on hearing this tahoon bursts out laughing calling her a low-level player he proceeds to lament how the both of them have a father who passed away early and a mother who doesn't earn much for a living ciola grows angrier as.

He hears this claiming taehoon is the reason for for this tyun grabsiola telling her to come to the andras guild with him she refuses calling it a trash Guild the two scuffled briefly tyun loses his temper again questioning siola's naivete and pushing her to become an offering instead their mother intercedes promising to do better and.

Begging her son to leave ciola alone taeyoon flings her aside mercilessly he begins to boast about having had a second Awakening and being a superior player however the hoon's ramblings are interrupted by loud slurping noises he breaks off and zones in on the source of the noise it is kung Wu happily eating his kimchi taiyoon walks over to him.

Demanding his attention but Kang Woo is oblivious and completely lost in his meal tyun is offended and rips the ball away from Kang woo Kang Woo is enraged erupting into demon form over his lost kimchi kangu and tayun erupt into battle over the spilled bowl of Kim GG guy Kang Wu eventually pins their hewn down claiming he has yet to pay for the.

Wasted food taehyun ridicules him for fighting over stupid kimchi jigay this triggers kangu even more he twists ahun up and demands he say kimchichi gay is a sacred food he torments tahoon until he repeats it louder and louder with the right tone he demands to hear to Hyun reach the seventh octave Kya Yoon eventually screams it out at the top of.

His lungs kangu reluctantly lets him go with a final warning to Tycoon about never degrading kimchi jigar again ciola is tending to her mother who is injured after her brief tussle with the deranged tyhoon meanwhile tahoon is half dressed and washing the dishes while still quite beaten up after his fight with Kang woo he mutters angrily to himself while.

Washing up kangu instructs taehyun to be thankful for the life he has much to dakun's annoyance after washing up he is summoned by Kang Wu Kang Wu uses the demon orobas power of dread on tygoon eliciting fear from him that will never wash away and turn him into a puppet as he squirms on the ground begging for mercy kangwu warns him never to mention.

The events that transpired to anyone outside the house and sends him away seola watches on marveling at how she has been saved yet again by kangu Kang woo on the other hand is scrolling through her phone he needs money and comes across an article on Magic Stones magic stones are stone-like cores found in Monsters with.

Magic power the darker these Stones the greater their ranks Kang woo asks to see siola Stone she hands it over it is an e-rank Stone from the Goblins kangu had fought off earlier Kang Wu doesn't sense any demonic energy in the stone instead he finds magic present within the stone this makes him question the origin of demonic energy he hands the stone back.

To ciola deciding to sell these magic stones to earn money he then asks her about nearby player support centers she informs him that the closest one is the head office near CL station she adds that she also has to visit the location and invites him to come along she proceeds to reveal that she was trying to earn some money for her family.

Reflecting on how foolish she had been but she is still determined to aim for her second Awakening kangaroo Marvels over how angelic ciola but also views her as a potential obstacle to his hunting efficiency he must focus on growing stronger and is therefore unable to help ceola at the moment if ciola calls out breaking his.

Thought process to his shock she asks whether he has his ID on him the duo renew Kang Woo's citizen registration card which serves as his ID card Kang Wu is dismayed to discover that no missing person reports have been filed for him even though he has disappeared for five years the two arrive at the head office of the player support center which is.

Magnificent in appearance Surprises kangu by giving him her old phone so he can contact her he is once again struck by her kindness she then heads off to register for the basic lecture the two-parted ways on the promise of having dinner together while marveling at the size of the center Kang Wu approaches a ticket machine he.

Inserts his ID card and upon verifying it the machine spits out a waiting ticket for him Kang Wu then follows a blue line to the testing room with his ticket he overhears two men discussing their scores in their first ranks kangu mauls over the big five Guild Masters who had managed to score an S rank on their first Awakening Kang Woo.

Is certain he will encounter them once he recovers his full Powers his ticket number is called out and he is Guided by a staff member to seat himself at a desk across from another employee the bespectacled staff behind the desk instructs Kang woo to place his hand on an orb Kang Woo is reluctant to place his hand as he feels it is too soon for.

People to know his true Powers but he does as instructed awaiting the results he is stunned when the instructor informs him that he is f rank Kang Wu is stunned he understands that his powers may be sealed but he is still ashamed that he is f ranked the lady behind the desk proceeds to explain that he will get an e-rank.

Player card allowing him to enter a same-ranked gate he asks the lady how he can raise his rank she explains that completing the basic course can earn him a d-rank another way is to provide a list of transactions carried out with his magic Stones Kang Wu fixates on the second option and thanks the lady as he gets up to leave as Kang woo leaves the.

Lady behind the desk sympathizes with him but just then the orb turns completely black she stares in bewilderment as it cracks in half wondering what had just happened she calls on the attendant to replace the broken orb out on the streets Kung woo Witnesses Bandits being rejected when looking for parties he briefly wonders.

Why before stepping up to a guard and producing his player card to enter a gate on entering the gate kangwu prepares to begin looking for Monsters before being interrupted by a giant man he mistakes for a bear the man tiesu asks him whether he is solo gate hunting and whether he has gone through a second Awakening two other people join them the.

Three are a party taeyesu invites Kang woo to join their party the other two members are shocked claiming Kung woo won't add value however taisu insists saying that Khan Wu would surely die on his own kangu is surprised at his kindness introduces himself as a 24 year old to Kung Woo's astonishment Kang woo.

Introduces himself too but politely declines taosu's offer to join the party tayasu is momentarily upset and warns Kang woo Of the Goblins he goes on to explain the larger Goblin hobgoblin which must be avoided Kung Wu thanks him for the advice ruling him out to be kind and bids farewell to the party before going his way.

He follows Goblin tracks before finally reaching a clearing full of goblins a battle ensues between Kung Wu and the Goblins Kang woo slashes left right and Center eventually finishing them off his updated stats roll up he has gained experience raising his level by four and his demonic energy by one point he uses his power of gluttony to pinpoint the.

Source of demonic energy which turns out to be the Goblins he discovers that consuming freshly deceased monsters earns him demonic energy points this means he can collect demonic energy and sell Magic Stones simultaneously kangwu begins to crave a chicken dinner with seola but his thoughts are interrupted by the arrival of a large Beast to.

Tangu's shock he realizes the Beast can use magic this is the feared hobgoblin Kung Wu prepares himself for a fight with the huge Beast he concludes that if only considering destructive power his demonic energy supersedes the beast's magic power then he begins battling with the monster the difference in weight proves to be difficult for Kang Wu who.

Realizes that his low stats mean he recoils substantially from being blocked while fighting he admires the hobgoblin's skills but kangu has a trick up his sleeve he summons the demon crossell's power of Rage which although multiplying the target's power does so at the price of the target's rational thinking resultantly the Hobgoblin.

Begins swinging wildly thus creating the opening Kang woo was looking for he swings back and attacks kangu successfully defeats the Hobgoblin his stats show up he has gained 150 bonus experience points for killing off a c rank boss monster the Hobgoblin his level has increased by three unlocking his second Awakening and propelling him.

To level 11. his second Awakening special ability insatiable hunger is also unlocked this allows him to absorb more demonic energy from defeated enemies through gluttony can Wu tests out the strength of his gluttony he sees darker smoke the total amount of demonic energy he has amounts to 19. he then proceeds to test how much stronger he is.

After the increment in demonic energy the increase is three times what he expected he is slightly taken aback mulling over the dangers of such sudden power increases kangwu also senses that the Seal of the Myriad demon Palace is weaker he surmises that each time he unlocks an Awakening the palace seal gets weaker hence if he keeps leveling.

Up he might regain his previous Powers citing more reasons for him to go to higher ranked gates after collecting the Magic Stone Kung Wu focuses on the next goal the third Awakening at level 20. Kang Wu and siola are having a chicken dinner at a busy restaurant Kang Wu devours the chicken hungrily while ciola looks on with ore the two chat and ciola.

Asks him whether he has family or friends he reveals that he has none ciola then offers her place for him to stay Kang Woo is astonished at the kindness and accepts the offer when ciola insists he has helped her greatly within a brief time period Kang Wu hansiola around 3 million won as a fee for staying with.

Her which she is reluctant to accept she is finally convinced as she is quite cash strapped herself Kang Woo is happy at the prospect of having kimchi jigayu to eat every day Kang Wu asksiola whether there are any d-rank Gates nearby she informs him there is one nearby although it is chock full of lizardmen.

Kang woo decides to head there the next day to defeat stronger beasts and thus unlock his Awakenings ciola offers kangu her brother's room to sleep in for the night they bid each other a good night and Kang woo Cuddles in bed enjoying the warmth softness and silence the next day Kang woo Witnesses the same Bandit he had seen the previous.

Day being rejected again he feels sorry for him but remains focused he enters the d-rank gate after getting his identity confirmed the previous night ciola had informed him that the lizard men present here were sharp listeners but lacking in eyesight he makes use of the power of Silence to move quietly through the new world ceola had also.

Informed him of the lizard men's aversion to fire Kang woo summons the devil andras's power of Hellfire lashing out at the three lizardmen he has come across Hellfire is unique in that it can only be put out with demonic energy or magic and eats away at the life force leaving behind the corpse for gluttony having defeated the lizard men congru.

Watches as his stats show him ascending one level he realizes that advancing is tougher now as he ascends to higher levels suddenly he encounters a group of people who offer him a spot in their Andrus Guild hunt Kang woo refuses and turns back the leader of the andras Guild Master will is offended by his arrogance he turns to a fellow Hunter.

Oppa who advises beating Kang woo half to death and dragging him out the gang gets excited at the prospect since it has been a while for them kangu comes across the Andres Guild again who inquire about his hunting process the conversation takes a sour turn as kongwoo angers The Guild again with his insolent attitude will summons the.

Lizardmen using sound announcing that around a dozen are approaching will thinks he has won the battle already but Kang Wu responds with a chuckle as he switches to demon mode and summons the power of sound will screams at him to stop which he eventually does but too late dozens of lizardmen approached the group.

The Andhra skill protects itself with a barrier while the lizardmen surround them the guild curses Kang Wu asking him whether he plans on committing mass suicide he laughs as he has protected himself with the power of Silence therefore trapping The andras Guild gang will of the Andres Guild is shocked to see a skill that somehow controls sound.

He yells at the team to keep the barrier in place while the lizardmen surround them completely horrified he watches as his team members get eaten by the creatures in a mad frenzy Kang woo watches on with Glee Kang woo then summons his gluttony power to absorb the Demonic energy only to be met with an error claiming that the power of.

Gluttony cannot be used against the protection of the Gaia system his demonic energy state is raised by only one point not being able to absorb the player's special powers with gluttony he resorts to using demonic energy raising his demonic energy state to 30. kangwu admires the increment reveling in the quality increase as well.

He walks away from the site focused on the third Awakening now three days later Kang Woo is enjoying yet another bowl of kimchi Juke with siola she questions whether he will be going hunting again today to which he responds in the affirmative she's concerned about his well-being but he waves away her concerns he then asks her about her.

Classes which she says will end in a few days he promises to go Goblin hunting with her then so she can attain the second Awakening after accepting a second cup of tea the conversation steers towards rumors surrounding the gates that sayola has heard the rumors entail the presence of coyote players these players fake their ranks and.

Attack other players Kang woo begins to worry whether these rumors have spread from the Andhra skilled but he is sure there weren't no Witnesses also the players looked like they had been mauled by the lizard man kangaroo heads off on another hunting trip during which he decides to be cautious regardless of whether he is indeed the.

Rumored Kayo player he soon advances to level 20 reaching his third Awakening his powers increase significantly and as he expected the seal on the Myriad demon Palace weakens further demonic energy seeps through the weakening seal he sees a Magic Stone and wonders whether he should inspect it too kangaroo's third Awakening comes with a special ability.

The ability to absorb magic inside the magic Stones by converting it into demonic energy he approaches the Magic Stone and picks it up he finds that he can absorb as much demonic energy from the stone as from an entire Beast also he can absorb the magic twice as quickly having earned sufficiently Kang Wu doesn't feel the need to go to the magic.

Exchange anytime soon but with a lot more spare time now he decides to test his new special ability a bit more using the power of the sky he levitates among the trees searching for the boss of the lizard men to challenge to a fight on hearing strange sounds kangu investigates only to discover it is tesu the kind hunter from before who had.

Invited Kang Wu to join his party tesu appears to have been betrayed by some players Kang woo suddenly realizes that he is witnessing the actual KO players that ciola had warned him about earlier the Kyo players lash out at tayasu who doesn't weaken under their beatings despite only having achieved his second Awakening the Kyle players however.

Revealed that they cannot kill tyusu Kang Wu contemplates whether to intervene and help tayosu with shock he senses demonic energy from the Gang he plants himself between tesu and the Gang the gang is taken aback but quickly decides to finish off Kang woo for intruding and witnessing the proceedings tayasu yells at Kang Wu to back off as.

One of the gang members attacks quick as a flash kangu throws him off as others come forward Kung Wu summons the power of Destruction before finishing off one of the coyote players Kang woo questions him about where he got his demonic powers from when he refuses to answer Kung woo summons the power of dread the player SEO taiho sputters out something.

About the Guild Master until he is quiet and immediately by a fellow player Kang woo throws off the player and turns back to Tahoe asking him to continue he coaxes the name of the guild out of dejo it is the andras guild tahu goes on to reveal that the andras guild held a ritual to bestow the Demonic powers on him he struggles to tell kangaroo more.

About the ritual he dies after he struggles for a bit Kang Wu is frustrated rated realizing that speaking of the ritual must trigger a device planted in the player's body which kills him tayasu recognizes Kung Wu and the two catch up the Bandit also awakens taisu recalls Kang Wu being at the e-rank gate to which he responds by.

Claiming he was there for a chore tayasu then thanks Kang Wu for saving their lives shaking his hand vigorously he also promises to repay the favor tyusu then complains about the Kyo players expressing his disbelief over the andras guild he speaks of alerting the Hua rang Corps which is a player unit under the government's Administration they will.

Conduct investigations immediately on hearing this kangu mauls it over and tells taiusu not to report whatever had just transpired promising to take care of the andras guild himself taiusu mistakes This Promise as a gesture of Justice by Kang Wu and vows to join him on his Noble Journey Kang Wu is bewildered by the resemblance between.

Tayuseu and balak the Bandit also profusely thanks Kang Wu vowing to repay the favor even though he is only a dudak boom which means Bandits should shut their mouths and bandage up which explains their fate of not being able to join party while taosu and the Bandit vow to join kangaroo in his fight for justices he wonders whether they have.

Both lost their minds however he does revel in the idea of someone being indebted to him he begins questioning tasu about his background taisu is level 12 having reached his second Awakening recently his first special ability was C Rank and he leveled up by hunting his second Awakening ability was a ranked kangu is impressed and asks him why he.

Did not choose to join a guild tayasu laughs and responds by saying he is no longer considering joining a guild as he now follows Kang woo Kang Wu agrees to let taosu on board to which taisu rejoices Kang Wu asks for a favor with ciola in mind he asks taosu to form a party with someone who is about to complete their basic training so they.

Can level up together on hearing that she is a Healer class taisu gladly agrees Kang Wu and taisu head over to the andhra's guild Kang Wu begins to interrogate one of them who identifies as Kang kyolho Kang Wu asks him why they were planning on capturing a player alive keelho is reluctant to give the details but after a blow from Kang woo.

He blurts out that they are meant to be sacrifices Kung Wu is initially shocked but then realizes that Hyun had said the same previously he leans closer to keulhu and asks him for a favor keoho is on a Barren poorly lit Street he is stopped by a lady with white hair who asks whether he is Keel hoe he says he is the lady states that he and tehu.

Had gone to collect sacrifices and asks what took so long before expressing horror at his beaten up face she asks where dejo is to which Keel ho responds that he is dead and that the lady should take the sacrifice already the lady demands to know how Tahoe died in a d-rank dungeon to which Keel ho answers that the gang had a high-level player.

Among them he hands her a suitcase with a barely alive sacrifice inside whom keoho claims to be the high-level player in question the lady accepts the sacrifice stating that they will now be able to get baptized she also adds that since day ho is dead keoho will now get all the Demonic energy to himself the lady begins to tease kill her about.

Probably killing dejo himself he angrily flances off the lady stares in Surprise the lady is field to be the guild leader she enters a red dimly lit room there is a small stage on which there is a table where a single person sits facing her the person at the table remarks on the guild leaders being late she responds by explaining that the gang had been.

Ambushed by a high-level player she is asked to bring forward the sacrifice amidst shouts and cheers from the onlookers the person at the table is the so-called great andras he claims to be able to quench the sacrifice's great thirst for power using demonic energy especially if he is a player the ceremony begins in which the magic.

Stones are prepared andras explains how as The Player's desire for power grows so do his body heart and power he becomes increasingly demonized turning him into a complete demon keelho is due for baptizing that day but since he has refused to partake in the ceremony Andrus announces that there will be no baptizing that day Additionally the.

Sacrifices deemed onaless because because of which ondras claims ownership over it andras thirsts for the plentiful magic Stones fantasizing about holding several more ceremonies and getting even stronger he begins to absorb the Demonic energy flowing through the crack basking in it however there must be a medium present to avoid death while absorbing.

The Demonic energy Andros uses the sacrifice as the medium he allows it to absorb the Demonic energy until it dies after which Andros drinks its blood hence absorbing refined energy to his surprise Andreas notices that the sacrifice appears to be lasting longer than usual he takes it as a good sign since the longer they last the more.

Demonic energy can be obtained but as the amount of demonic energy keeps increasing without limit Andres is flabbergasted andras demands that the absorption of demonic energy stop as it crosses never before seen limits shocked he watches as the sacrifice sits up and speaks the sacrifice is Kang Wu Kang Wu cheekily.

Asks for the ceremony to take place once more the surrounding people are shell-shocked andras is infuriated and lashes out at Kang woo a fight ensues and kangu makes use of the power of the iron War which he finds more convenient to use with the absorbed demonic energy the surrounding people all attacked Kung woo on andras's instructions they fail.

To so much as lay a finger on Kang woo The Guild Master Ko Deo kyun then intercedes again choosing to use the power of Hellfire but much to theokun's horror kangwu responds with even more powerful Hellfire out of nowhere dyokun bows down before kanwoo proclaiming this to be the great incarnation of andras he claims that kangu is the long-awaited.

Messiah and King he then forces all the others to Bow before kung Wu as well Kang Wu deciding to play long summons the power of the sky and levitates over the Bowing throngs of people he proclaims himself to be the great andras the king of Hellfire he then instructs diokun to dismiss all his subordinates as he wishes to speak to him alone.

Kangwu tells him to cut to the Chase and that he is not the Andres at all as diokun very well knows Kang Wu then orders him to answer his questions only the first of which is how dyokun learned to create a crack with the magic from the magic Stones diokun answers that he was preached to a random person approached him one day claiming he could.

Attain eternal life if he followed the Demonic religion Kang woo asks him how he could accept the guy's offer without second thought diocune explains that he was too powerful overpowering The Guild and ordering them to choose between following him or death since that day The Guild has been unaware of the.

Person's whereabouts receiving all orders by mail and following them to the letter Kang Woon understanding the significance of this person demands to see the letters containing the orders diokun hands them over it turns out to be just one letter the letter contains a few sentences ordering the receiver to accept the Demonic religion and to.

Collect as many followers as possible to turn Earth into hell so the great evil entity can descend on Earth Kang woo surmises that diokun can't be the only one to whom this person has preached the Demonic religion he is also Furious that the idea of Earth being turned into hell he lays forward three orders to diokun to investigate the Demonic religion to.

Not perform the ceremonies again and to keep the events that had just transpired between the two of them diokun is afraid and agrees hastily it Dawns on Kang woo that the mess created by the andras guild will be difficult to clean up as this isn't the first time they have used players as live sacrifices since the government forces are involved he also.

Must stay wary of them as they might come after him if he begins investigating the Demonic religion but as Kang woo concludes it is all worth it having used the power of dread on the guild he decides they will not leak any information and he will discard them as soon as they have proven to be useful after the long day Kung woo heads back.

Home to ciola ciola is angry at Kung Wu as he has not contacted her all day and she is beginning to worry he apologizes and Promises to stay in touch next time ciola has already begun preparing dinner the usual kimchi jigai she informs Kang Wu that she has received her second Awakening during that day's hunt and she will not start to work to pay back Kang.

Wu siola goes on to explain that she has received a special ability called the blessing of light with her second Awakening to Kang woo this is great great news as he can now picture an amazing team formation with tayosu a Healer with a high ranked special ability and a tanker if these two work together their strength would surpass.

That of other parties Kung woo asks siola what Guild she is planning on joining despite getting various offers she has decided against joining any as she wants to help Kang woo but Kang woo turns her down gently by telling her that at her current stage she wouldn't be of much help to Kang woo he explains that forming a party now would distract.

Him from participating in serious fights or even gaining sufficient experience for proper training he needed to be part of a party with compatible people the best option for Ciela now would be to pair up with a tanker he knew with an a-rank special ability taisu and gained the necessary battle experience as soon as she leveled up she could form a party.

With Kung Wu and try for a higher ranked gate agrees happily stating that she would like to level up quickly and join Kang woo to support him on his missions while Kang woo plans the future course of action ciola places the kimchi jigay before him and all Kang woo can see now is the stew this time though ciola urges.

Him to try the stew with ramyun toppings Kang Wu gets overly emotional and vows to protect Earth with its kimchi jigay and ramyun toppings from the Demonic religion propagators back at the player support center Kang Wu is informed that his C rank player card will be mailed to his address the following day from C rank onwards the processed Magic Stone.

Eyed needs to be added to the card therefore rendering it impossible to provide the card on the spot on leaving the center Kang woo thinks about how he has had no proper rest since arriving on Earth Kang woo now wonders what he can do to rest up he remembers that he would watch webtoons or read novels before as he had.

No money to engage in other activities but he chooses not to do that opting instead to enjoy whatever he can on Earth what with all the work he has put in to be here Kang woo reaches a PC Zone he explores the menus on the monitor choosing ramyun from the games he goes for the most popular one the game like real life calls for the player to form a.

Party of five with varying roles kangu plays the game excitedly collecting gold with each monster he manages to kill his ramyun arrives and he begins to eat as he plays for the first time Kang woo tries a pickled radish and is mesmerized he follows it with a carbonated beverage likening the meal to Heaven he looks back at the screen only to see that he.

Has died in the game Kang woo cries out in alarm a red-haired girl wearing a cap approaches him wondering who is screaming such profanities the girl suddenly becomes aggressive lunging at Kang Wu and beginning to fight him she asks whether he has been sent by the mere Guild which is one of the top five guilds out there.

He says he isn't which the girl doesn't believe Kang Wu asks her which Guild she is in to which she proudly answers that she is in the top five she abruptly stops claiming that she was not to mention that however Kang woo has wandered off to pay his bill the girl is furious she follows Kang woo demanding to know his Guild and.

Stating that no a-rank player is without a guild to correct her misconceptions Kung woo produces his d-rank ID card the girl is shocked how could she not defeat a d-rank player the skills Kang woo had displayed during their brief care fossil were far from deranked Kang woo walks off leaving the girl befuddled once outside the Zone Kang woo reflects on.

Losing all his abilities but retaining his fighting reflexes due to years of experience nonetheless he is stunned at meeting another player of a similar level so soon the final move took him by surprise he was just as curious about her as she was about him the red-haired girl from The Zone yongju Nim is alone in an Alleyway she pulls out a device.

Like a cell phone and dials up the red roses strategy team she speaks to the operator who connects her to HR she connects with the HR leader park huyung-woo it is revealed that yonjunin is the red roses Guild leader yarjunim instructs Hyun Wu to run a background check on Kung Wu cleaning his name from the ID card Kang woo himself had just.

Shown her she is very suspicious as Kung Wu was skilled enough to react to her movements in time which clearly indicated he was far too skilled to be a d-rank based on his skills yuanjunim concludes that he must either be the guild manager or its leader she has personally researched extensively on the Demonic religion and suspects Kang woo.

Of being involved raising concerns about the Demonic religion becoming more serious whether or not Kang Wu was involved in the Demonic religion yongju nin was sure of one thing he was stronger than her this makes her insecure about her position as a high-ranking player she vows to find him and kill him Kang woo.

Approaches the guards of the mokdong sea rank gate but he is stopped the guards inform him that he has to be C Rank and in a party of five to enter as the chief troll has appeared inside the gate is optimistic that the boss monster will appear yet again as soon as he receives his license Kang woo admires C rank Gates better weapons and Vibes but is.

Wary of the tighter security he needs to enter a loan to monopolies a party of three players passes by Kang Wu towards the sea rank gate discussing their plans to kill the chief troll Kang woo mulls things over then decides to use the power of rage on the apparent leader of the party the leader reacted immediately and began to reminisce in front of his.

Party members about the school days when they would get beaten up by thugs his members look in with confusion the leader then bursts out in anger declaring a massacre of all beasts to avenge the deaths of his siblings the anger is contagious and the onlookers all head towards the gate demanding its opening so they can kill.

All the beasts there with the guards distracted by the rookers an opening is created for Kang Wu who manages to sneak into the gate alone he is met with a desert with his demonic energy State just over 50 he decides to use the demon asteroth's power of observation with this he is able to observe the chief troll.

Unfortunately the chief is surrounded by other trolls making it difficult for Kung Wu to attack alone the group of angry players from before pass by Kung Wu which gives him an idea he decides to have the players take care of the other trolls while he finishes off the chief kangaroo advances for the attack and manages to kill the chief he gains an.

Additional triple X bonus however kangu is shocked that it took only one shot to kill the boss monster after rechecking the stats Congo gleans that the boss monster was as strong as expected it is kangwu himself who has grown even stronger he then decides to throw caution to the wind as he advances to attack attack the other trolls using the.

Power of the blade he causes internal explosions in the trolls finishing them off this earns him two levels with the skill Terra Blade rank a the skill is newly earned for Kang woo who tests it out he slices up the trolls in seconds defeating them again then using the power of gluttony he starts to absorb the victims but his demonic energy stats.

Only increased by two despite Kang woo exchanging all his magic stones for demonic energy he realizes that the higher his current stats the more difficult it is to raise them further now kangaroo only has four levels to go before his fourth Awakening he decides to hunt a bit more before calling it a day meanwhile the other enraged players.

Are disappointed as they haven't come across the chief troll or any of his minions Kang woo watches them planning to join them and leave the gate as quietly as he came in amid the commotion on leaving the gate the group started another Ruckus over being misinformed about the presence of the trolls Kang woo begins.

To sneak off but he is astounded to see the Horan core among the guards the commander of unit 3 of The Corpse bike Hawaii is also present she calls for everyone's attention and announces the presence of a coyote player appearing at d-rank Gates she then explains that the corpse will be conducting random inspections of players who have reached.

Their third Awakening then to Kung Woo's displeasure huayan demands to see his player card Kang Woo is in a dilemma he cannot Escape but he also has some past experiences that he cannot let the corpse especially huayan know about reluctantly kangu hands his player card over to the commander while she inspects it he tries to make conversation with.

Her she finally verifies the card and hands it back to Kang woo who asks for the name of the Kyo player the core is after she waves off the question thanking him for his help Kang Wu is now aware that the government is also investigating demon worshipers satisfied with the day's work he decides to head home but before that he calls up tesu.

And invites him to catch up with Kang woo a few days later Kang woo introduces siola at a cafe Kang Wu emphasizes the two forming a party and hunting in d-rank Gates as initially planned ciola describes her special ability called the blessing of light to taisu it allows her to heal and will let her buff taeyusu's strength stamina and dexterity she can.

Attack as well though not with much power kangu asks taisu about potential dealers for the party tawasu plans to introduce the candidates to Kang woo the next day before going out for hunting to which Kang woo and siola both agree plans have been finalized to meet near East Incheon the next day taisu has his eyes set on a d-rank gate there with.

Trolls which are stronger than lizardmen hence accelerating his and ciola's growth also terisu mentions that it isn't a swamp thus making the hunt easier Kang Woo is astonished at daisu's mental Acumen Kang Wu soon excuses himself from tayasu and siola's Company to go hunting as he has to level up more he is currently at level 29 only one.

Step away from his fourth Awakening in the hunting ground after killing a fair number of monsters Kung Wu senses the smell of human blood a massacre of at least six people he finally finds the bodies all have been killed Kang woo looks around for the culprit and is suddenly face to face with a hellhound Kangoo is shocked to see the.

Hellhound here on Earth the monster lurches at Kang Wu who attempts to fight back with his blade when the blade proves useless he channels the power of the dark spear however the hellhound is madly ferocious Kang woo looks for an opening and when he finds one he uses the power of Earth this again proves futile as the Beast gets up yet again.

For another attack now Kung Wu chooses to channel the demon battlement's power of thousand which apparently defeats the monster Kang Woo's stats pull up informing him that he has successfully defeated C rank cracks fragment raising his ex pay increasing his level by five and propelling him to level 30. thus he achieves his fourth Awakening with the.

Special ability ruler of demonic energy rank a this means Kang woo can now use demonic energy more quickly and naturally while concealing it from a other beings Kang Wu is puzzled about the crack fragment he wonders what a crack is and how the hellhound made it here in the first place he briefly contemplates then abandons the thought.

Process thinking it a waste of energy he then proceeds to use his power of gluttony to absorb the corpse after consuming it he decides to leave for Home on his way home Kang Wu sees the same red-haired girl who had attempted to attack him in the PC Zone she introduces herself as Chao yongju Kang Wu immediately recognizes the name as.

That of a famous player he had heard some other players mention at the support center he recalls that the name belongs to one of the top five Guild Masters and narrows it down to Red Rose so this was the Guild Master of red rose Kang Wu asks her what she wants from him she informs him that she has investigated him a bit she proves this.

By mentioning his name age date of birth and childhood to him she is correct yonju is curious how Kang woo Who was initially ranked f is hunting at c-ranked at gates in three weeks yoju continues saying she initially thought Kung Wu was a criminal but all his records from his fingerprints to his face checked out she surmises that he is.

A highly talented player who might surpass her in his abilities or even baik Kang Yoon Kang woo asks her what she is getting at and is astounded to hear that yoju wishes to sponsor him this means she will support him financially and help him level up faster when asked for the reason she claims that she admires his fast-paced leveling.

Up the sponsorship includes a temporary gate pass that grants entry to a rank Gates and below with no level restrictions if Kang woo wishes to form a party the red rose Guild will match him up with their members according to the classes he needs if he decides to sell his magic stones to the guild he will be exempt from taxes he can also.

Obtain equipment unique Rank and above will need deposits but epic Rank and below can be borrowed for free kangu can also get a house and a car but there are strings attached yonju mentions that the guild will assign Kong woo several tasks that he must fulfill whenever the time comes he cannot be told any further details.

About the tasks at the moment Kang Wu shrugs it off thinking he can refuse the tasks if it comes to that and he accepts the offer after accepting the offer Kang Wu asks about the commission request but yongju hasn't revealed it yet Kang woo insists on being stronger than she thinks to which she replies that she cannot reveal further information due to.

A lack of evidence Kang Wu needs equipment he is invited to yonju's house at seal station to obtain some the two get into yongju's lavish car and head off for her home the two bicker lightheartedly on their way to her house the house is as big as the support center inside he is introduced to park hyun-woo who is the team leader of the.

Personnel management team and moon yongho the commander-in-chief yonju and kangu make their way to the equipment room followed by yongku on reaching the equipment storage room yonju informs Kang Wu he can borrow epic Rank and Below equipment for free but for Unique Rank and above equipment he must pay a deposit since the unique Rank and above.

Equipment are Beyond Kang Woo's affordability range he chooses to go over the Epic equipment instead suddenly Young hoe is angered and demands Kung woo speak in honorifics when addressing yanju Kang Wu refuses yongho pulls out his sword preparing to battle Kang Wu for his insolence yonju stops him after the brief scarefuffle Kang Wu asks for.

Unique equipment if he forgoes the car facility he promises to return the favor twofold after thinking it over yonju agrees to allow him to borrow it but only after an internal meeting yong-ho is infuriated again after hearing Kang Wu call yanju Nuna he lunges at Kang Wu again but is sharply reprimanded by yonju and sent off the discussion turns.

Back to the unique equipment Kang Wu states that he wants armor he can move around in yongho who has not left yet overhears and challenges Kong woo to a duel if Kang woo wins he will win yonghu's armor which is unique rank with good basic effects yonju is upset with the idea as yongho is a level 67 player who.

Has attained his seventh Awakening however Kang woo agrees the three enter the training room for the fight Kang Wu orders yongho to draw his sword which he refuses as he doesn't want to use his full power yet Kang woo then channels the power of speed and lands a blow on yong-ho which might have been fatal if it weren't for his armor yongho is.

Completely taken aback while the two fight Kang woo continuously pokes fun at yong-ho which angers him even more Tang Wu summons the power of Shadow yong-ho is unable to see him for a while this creates a chance for Kung woo to creep behind yongho and use the power of Shockwave yonko falls to the ground shocked into silence Kang woo snatches.

Up the body armor he has won amidst yanju's profuse apologies over yonghu's aggressiveness the armor is unique rank gargoyle armor the armor adds to physical and magical defenses with the special effect of doubling the user's physical defense using calcification unfortunately the size is too large for Kung Wu yonju tells him that it will be.

Adjusted and delivered to him she also promises to kick yongho out of the guild along with respectful behavior from the other guild members once Kang woo has gone yonju contemplates the day's events she observes World ranker potential in Kung Wu to date there are eight world rankers who are the top players on Earth Korea.

Has not produced any world rankers yonju predicts Kang woo might be the first hyon Wu enters the room interrupting yonju's thoughts she informs him of yongho possibly being kicked out of the guild hyun-woo is upset by the news hyong-woo reports that the government has planted a spy in the Demonic order meaning the guild may get more.

Information on the order this time around Kang woo studies his stats and notices that the Demonic energy he has gained is static while his other stats continue to grow exponentially he concludes that he has already attained the targeted range since he defeated the hellhound and thus remains satisfied he heads off to mitsiola and tayasu at the.

East Incheon gate kangwu and siola meet tayasu as promised taisu introduces them to the potential new party members Kim SE hoon and Chua Yuan B Sehun is a level 12 player of the warrior class with a second Awakening and an a-rank special ability Yoon B on the other hand is a mage with a B rank special ability Kang Woo is impressed with sihoon on being.

Asked his opinion by taisu kangu states that he is pleased with the party members a tanker long and short-range dealers and a Healer that can heal and buff simultaneously additionally there are two players with second Awakenings and a rank special abilities saihoon and tayasu together with the b-rank members the party qualifies as a hard carry.

Party Kang woo decides to tag along with the party on their first hunt as an observer he states that he will intervene only when there is an emergency tayasu and yoonbi are ecstatic at the prospect the team fights well alongside each other against the trolls after the battle taiya Sue confident asks Kang woo.

Whether they did well Kang Wu Ponders and then answers that there is a lot to fix Kang woo begins to point out the faults he starts with tesu pointing out that while taysu distracts well and has sharp senses he tries to do everything through sheer strength he advises him not to waste energy throwing the monsters around but as a tanker to just.

Endure their attacks and Reserve his strength with ciola he Praises her for buffing tesu at the right point but he advises her against following up the buffing with the Arrow of Light to guard herself as a Healer she already receives sufficient attention and must avoid attacking as the tanker will not be able to do much to distract the monsters from.

Her Yoon B is advised to knock out the beasts with weaker lightning magic spells as she is the assisting sub dealer the main dealer is saihu saihoon is not given any further advice he has fulfilled his role perfectly while the Gang Praises saihoon for performing excellently kangaroo wonders how cyhoon has grown to be this skilled so quickly.

Guessing that he might be an actual genius Kang Wu leads the party to another point where they engage in battle again while keeping all of kangu's pointers in mind they perform far better with saihoon still fighting effortlessly to his horror Kang woo sees a demon wolf sprinting towards them the wolf attacks them congru channels the.

Power of thousand to fight it off he manages to kill the Beast his stats pop up announcing his successful defeat of d-rank cracks fragment raising his level by one who also fought alongside Kung woo against the wolf is injured the fact that he was able to fight against the wolf at all convinces Kung Wu that.

Saihoon is far more powerful than he poses to be Kang woo helps Hoist the injured saihoon up while using his omniscient power to scan saihoon's stats to his complete shock Kang woo sees that saihoon is rank Triple S and is a descendant of the martial arts Divine entity furthermore he is the chosen one and a hero destined to become the.

Protector of the world has Kang woo found the main character Kang Woo is astounded by saihoon stats and decides to establish friendly relations with him the gang is worried about saihoon's injuries saihoon thanks Kang woo for saving him praising his strength the party members gather around cyhun admiring his strength taisu points out.

That cyhun can join any Guild he wants to he highlights the mere Guild to which saihoon answers in the negative saying he will never join any Guild after the awkward interaction the gang gets ready to fight some more but Kong will calls it a day he advises the party to fight again the next day but without his presence this.

Time Kang Wu and siola take off for home on the way kangu gets urgent calls and has to excuse himself while sailor continues on home Kang woo meets sihoon he says he wants to discuss something in private so the two head to a deserted area suddenly Kung Wu begins to attack saihoon amidst the blows he mentions his interest in forming a close alliance.

With saihoon kangu states that the attacks are a form of insurance for the alliance while using the power of subordination suhun Cries Out wondering why Kang Wu is doing this Kang Wu promises him he will remember nothing of this fight and will continue to hunt and grow stronger alongside siola and taiso Kang woo leaves and Sehun awakens from.

The effects of the power of subordination he is surprised to see where he is believing he must have blacked out to end up alone in the deserted area so who feels a strong sensation of wanting to be stronger he expresses his desire to kill Kim yong-hoon the vice Guild Master of the mere Guild Kang Woo's stats updates show.

That the sole subordination of saihoon was successful and he is now registered as kangu's subordinate he can now even issue commands to cyhoon Kang Wu decides not to give any orders yet with the Myriad demon Palace still partially sealed and Kang Woo's obligation to still battle the Demonic order he is unable to predict when the demons might.

Reappear Kang Woo's phone rings it is diokun diokun tells him he has found a trace of demonic energy that may have been created by a monster at the b-rank gate by ouijanbu Kang Wu recalls that he has already encountered two crack fragments the hellhound at Sea rank gate and the demon wolf at d-rank gate this meant a demon stronger than the.

Hellhound might appear from the second hell Kang woo takes this as an opportunity to level up even further recalling how the hell hound had helped him level up significantly after he defeated him Kang woo exits at ouijanbu station and begins looking for the b-rank gate he Witnesses some other players returning from the.

Gate as they weren't allowed inside due to the presence of something strange within the government is passing it off as an unknown monster mutation the players Grumble complaining about the time and money they have wasted getting there the monster has already caused 10 player deaths Kang woo knows the monster mutation is actually a demon.

Rampaging around in the gate the guards tell a news reporter that the monster resembles a lion Kang woo realizes it is a buer the viewer is one of the strongest Predators from hell it looks like a five-legged lion with a special trait called the full stomach this means it gets full after eating five prey in a day and will not strike preemptively.

Kang woo calculates that since 10 players are reported dead the booer must have come two days ago therefore kangu only has to toss five monsters at the Beast wait for it to get full and then kill it kangu dials up yongju on his phone he describes the situation to her she agrees to let him in but warns him of a hefty payment.

He hands the phone to a guard who after speaking to yonju lets him inside the gate as an investigator of the monster mutation he is asked to provide information on the monster once he defeats it Kang woo agrees and is about to enter the gate until someone calls out from the crowd it is Kang sung TSU from the mere Guild and he states that.

If kangu is allowed in as an investigator he and his party should be allowed too sung Soo approaches Kung Wu and seems to recognize him as the person the red rose Guild is sponsoring song Soo himself has been a player for only three months and is already entering the b-rank gates after teasing Kang woo for a bit song.

Soo invites him to tag along with his party to the party's surprise kangu accepts the offer counting six members he needs just five for the buer's stomach to be full unbeknownst to the gang he invites them in before him the mere guild member sung TSU aimed to humiliate Kang woo but with kangwu's agreement on joining hands the media.

Instead began to highlight and appreciate their cooperation the group along with Kang Wu proceeds to enter the gate while they head towards the gate sungsu chooses to mock Kang woo along the way the mere Guild's master and the owner of the conglomerate mere Electronics is Kim jihuyun he was awakened as a player with his son Kim.

Yong-hoon five years ago when Gates opened suddenly all across the world using the finances obtained from Mere Electronics he leveled up quickly as a ranker eventually founding the mere Gil this means the mere Guild is overtly wealthy Kang woo contemplates causing a clash between the mere Guild and the red rose Guild leaving him to reap the.

Bounties but he decides against it with the realization that yongju is still quite useful to him once inside the gate songzu starts to grow impatient when the mutated monster is nowhere to be seen using his omniscient power Kung Wu searches for any signs of the Beast he senses the viewer nearby and since it is moving about it has not had its five.

Meals of the day this excites Kang Wu he uses his power of Temptation and soon enough a delicious smell pervades the atmosphere the buer smelling the scent begins to approach and the mere Guild prepares for battle while kangu looks on gleefully the booer arrives and starts to kill off the guild members one by one as Kung Wu keeps count.

The remaining Guild members Panic especially song Soo whose most brutal attacks prove worthless he is soon gobbled up by the buer Kung Wu gladly counts the last number five the buer with a full stomach settles down it is now at the point where it will not move unless it is attacked Kang Wu combines the power of the dark.

Spear and the power of Hellfire to finish off the Beast after manipulating the two Powers using his skills Kung Woo's stats refreshed to show that he has acquired the skill Biden rank s he is now able to gain more precise control over a registered skill he attacks the Beast finishing it off his demonic energy stats also Rise by seven reaching.

A level of 60. the condition of extreme demonic delays also achieved Kang woo reads that extreme demonic delay is the first stage one should reach in order to become a demonic Divine entity however no further information is provided Kang Woo is surprised he has not heard of this condition before but it confirms his previous suspicions that he might.

Become stronger on Earth than he ever was as the demon king of the ninth circle of hell he might even clinch a spot as a demonic Divine entity kangu then uses his power of gluttony to Devour the Buu's corpse his demonic energy increases by four from behind him sungsu who is still barely alive demands to know what Kang Wu is.

Kang Wu questioned sang TSU about who encouraged him to provoke Kang woo when he doesn't answer he torments him physically sungsu finally answers that it was Kim Young Hoon had asked yonju out before but she was rejected since then he has developed a strong hatred for the red rose Guild he began propaganda against the red rose.

Guild and pushed fellow Guild members to propagate the image that the mere Guild was Superior to Red Rose a picture of Yang Hoon Kang woo sees a resemblance with saihoon Kang Wu chooses to let song Zhu live because he has a role to fulfill the two exit the gate into a crowd of reporters and other onlookers.

Kang Wu puts on an act and tearfully announces that everyone else had succumbed to the creature's attacks and to song soo's surprise he gives all credit for surviving to sung TSU he describes how sung TSU gallantly chose to stay and fight the lion-like monster so it would not escape the gate and harm civilians.

He even lied saying that sung TSU fought the monster alone until he killed it Kang Wu even labeled Sun Tzu as a hero to the journalists sungsu ends up in a coma due to cerebral bleeding as a result of his injuries yonju is having tea with the sonari Guild Master zhongju hyungju is curious about Kang woo the subject of conversation soon changes to.

The Demonic order about which only the five guilds have proper information if information about the order and its human sacrifices were to be leaked to the public there would be chaos Kang woo enters the room hyungju excuses herself and leaves Kang Wu seats himself opposite yanju who presents him with a temporary s-rank gate permit.

She also warns him from hunting there Kang woo reveals that he overheard yonju's conversation with her friend yonju informs him that the red rose Guild is the only one among the five to cooperate with the government in finding out more about the Demonic order the guild will be rewarded handsomely for its cooperation but yongju reveals that.

She is also attempting to avenge the deaths of multiple Guild members at the hands of the order it strikes Kang Wu that this is the task yonju had prepared for him back when she first offered him sponsorship she confirms his thoughts saying the guild indeed does need his assistance in defeating the Demonic order yonju gives.

Kung Wu space to leave after he hears this but kangaroo agrees to assist the guild Kang Woo's reasons however lie in achieving even more demonic energy kangu is driving his new car to hawasio station in suwon meanwhile he reads about his fifth awakening's special ability which is the master of demons rank s the effects include being able to.

Summon a demon From Another Dimension the greater the Demonic energy of the Summoner the more powerful the summoned demon the summoned demon will also recognize the Summoner as his master and the demon summoning spell can be used once every three months the gate acts as a bridge to another dimension outside Earth the higher the rank of the gate.

The more powerful the beings that can cross over this is also applicable to the Demons of hell that were known as the cracks fragments therefore the higher the gates rank the more powerful the summoned demon Kung Wu thus opts to use his new special ability at the Yuan S rank gate the god approves Kang Wu's permit to enter the s-rank gate the.

Tighter security leaves Kung Wu flabbergasted and grateful for the red rose Guild's help on entering the gate Kung Wu is met with an oceanic view Kang woo sets up camp and tries to summon the Cerberus which is above the ranks of the third hell he activated the fifth Awakening special ability demon summoning a crack is.

Created to complete the summon because of the Demonic energy emanating from the effects of the Myriad demon Palace a deeper crack than usual is created Additionally the gate has a greenish Hue whereas all the past Gates Kung Wu has seen have had bluish Hues Kang Woo is informed that due to the malfunction of the Gaia system contact with the other.

World was not blocked a dimensional gate to the continent of Eleanor has been opened finally the stats let him know that the process has gone smoothly and a demon is being summoned the summon demon is echidna rank s Echidna is the hatchling daughter of the demon dragon kargath Kang Wu is surprised to see a dragon suddenly he is.

Surrounded by people who are speaking a foreign language he has never heard before they are also dressed strangely to understand them Kang Wu summons the power of communication he instantly deciphers their words Kang Wu approaches the gang and asks them who they are a blonde man among them introduces himself as Reynold Von arnang the third Prince.

Of the Anan Empire this Empire is alien to Kang woo on closer inspection kangwu notices that the speaker is an elf and another one of them is a dwarf this makes him wonder whether these people are from another world entirely kangwu notices the dying Dragon he has summoned he channels the power of resurrection and uses it on the creature the.

Onlookers are shocked the dragon is resurrected and thanks Kang woo for saving him Reynold is furious at Kang woo and demands to know how he could have resurrected a creature that caused a drought and a plague in the Empire killing several citizens the dragon insists it is not Behind These disasters.

But Reynold is insistent that the demon dragon has caused the despair Kang Wu is repulsed by Reynold's sense of self-justice in channels the power of explosion to fight him and his cronies Reynold is furious to find out that Kung Wu is a demon and vows to defeat him he lunges towards Kung Wu Kang Wu uses the power of explosion again along with.

The adaptation skill he also uses the Heatwave downpour the battle continues heatedly and Kang Wu is taken aback by Reynold's strength but he smirks at Reynolds honesty he chooses the blade slash and stabs Reynold chuckling at his stupidity Reynold is stabbed by Kang Wu his teammates cry out in despair while he commands them to escape while they.

Still have the chance Kung Wu is quite emotionally disconnected from the scene as he has battled in Hell without any anger remorse or guilt he is killed only for the sake of killing to him emotions were luxury in Hell hence he cannot stand the scene he is witnessing of Reynolds team members crying over his injury in fact a lady named Rayna from.

Among them volunteers as a victim in place of Reynold she also declares her love for Reynold in the process Kang Woo is completely unmoved he raises his fist to finish off Reynold but is interrupted by an update in his stats Kang Woo is informed that beings other than his familiar have crossed over the gate and intruded.

Also the Gaia system is ruling out foreign Intruders this means the foreign people would all disappear soon but Kung Wu remains focused on killing the foreigners and Gathering their equipment he lunges for the attack but it's too late the Gaia system successfully rules out the foreign Invaders causing Reynold and his fellow beings to vanish.

Fortunately the dragon Echidna is still there Kang woo suddenly realizes that the appearance of the Gaia system and all the odd monsters in the other Gates has begun ever since he arrived from hell he is the cause of all the Ruckus Echidna interrupts his thoughts asking whether the strangers are still present.

He tells her they aren't and proceeds to heal her while healing her he asks about the continent Eleanor Echidna tells him that Eleanor was a different world that was based around the Arnon Empire the people of Eleanor used swords and magic and the world had elves monsters and Dragons this makes Kang woo wonder whether all the monsters aside from the.

Demons had arrived from Elena Echidna has shrunk herself making it easier for Kang woo to transport her the two head for ciola's house Echidna tells Kang woo a little about herself she was living with her father before he disappeared she would spend days reading books in the lair then one day Reynold came into her Lair attempting to kill her for the.

Plague and drought that she claimed she wasn't the cause of but Kang woo tells her that he believes her despite what she may be accused of back home ciola Thorns over Echidna she updates Kang woo about the haunts her party has been on they are about to get their third Awakenings and level up to Sea rank Gates.

She thanks Kang Wu for everything she has achieved so far kangu wonders whether this is what being loved is the next day kangu wakes up later and more tired than usual and heads out to the kitchen for breakfast he is astounded to see Echidna in human form she explains that she had felt a strange sensation before going to sleep and upon Awakening.

She was a human girl Kang woo feels there may be some connection between his tiredness and echidnus strange Sensations kangu asks ekidna whether she can change back to her real form and she demonstrates that she can unwisely Kang Wu decides it is better for her to stay in human form so he can take her along easily on hunts.

And other missions Kang would tell yonju about the events that transpired and all about Echidna he requests an ID for Echidna unfortunately yonju also claims to know nothing about the Gaia system but she agrees to the ID card Kang woo begins to make another request before he is interrupted by bike quayen walking into the room huayan recognizes Kang Wu.

As the rookie ion Zhu is sponsoring she also remembers seeing him in front of the C rank gate yonju is surprised to see that the two have already met Kang woo proceeds to make his request for a S rank suwon entrance pass in suwon yongju warns him of the creatures lurking there wyverns Mountain Giants giant ogres and the lq arrow she particularly warns him.

Not to go near the lake but she finally agrees saying that he might be able to start hunting at the S rank gate the next day she lets him off with a final warning about the dangers of the gate yonju turns to huayan who informs janju that one of their members who had infiltrated into the Demonic order had managed to get a video clip with.

Compelling evidence the contact point to receive the video is suwon at the huaseu station the following day yongju recognizes it as the same place as the s-rank gate Kang Wu which is to hunt at the following day kangwu and Echidna set off for hunting at the S rank gate Kang Wu promises to go hunting with ciola and her party soon which excites her as they.

Reach suwon kangwu alerts ekidna to three things she must be careful about never go near the lake never get involved in direct fights with the monster and never transform into her original form Echidna agrees Kang Wu summons his omniscient power soon enough he finds a giant ogre nearby he begins by summoning the power of Temptation.

After drawing the ogre to them he summons the power of thousand unfortunately this doesn't even budge the Beast so he resorts to the power of the dark spear when he is snatched up by the ogre Echidna intervenes by using the Dark Storm and The Power of thunder and lightning the duo successfully defeats the s-rank giant ogre kangaroo's XP.

Increases leveling him up by one just as they are walking away from the sight the two are attacked by wyverns Kang woo grabs Echidna and uses the power of Sky to get away but the wyverns are fast Echidna transforms into her Dragon form she defeats the wyverns this makes kangu wonder whether Echidna could be stronger than him Echidna used up a lot of her.

Strength during the fight and instantly loses Consciousness when she switches back to human form when she awakens kangaroo tells her not to transform again like that he also realizes that Echidna has absorbed his demonic energy after becoming his familiar the more she uses his demonic energy the greater the power she wields the greater the Demonic.

Energy kangwu possesses is the more demonic energy Echidna can use two more ogres approach the duo Kang woo prepares for a fight but they are both destroyed by two men one of them is the Guild Master of the specialized Bandit Guild on Yuri Charming hyuki the other is the Guild Master of heinel and the number one ranker in Korea baik Kang Yoon they.

Offer to help Kang woo in Echidna though mockingly he thanks them and manages to get out of the gate with Echidna on their way to some shops to get Echidna new clothes Echidna shocks Kang woo by pointing to a dark alleyway saying she smells the scent of human blood there the person who had infiltrated the Demonic order was caught trying to send.

The video clip with compelling evidence while trying to escape he remains determined to try and get the memory card containing the clip to Hua Yan he struggles to walk this is where Echidna spots his smell kangu and Echidna come face to face with the escaped infiltrator the dying man hands over the memory card to Kang Wu Kang woo uses his.

Omniscient power on the memory card to find more details about it he gleans that the player is dong hoon and he has completed his sixth Awakening which means he must be highly skilled as only 60th level players who have crossed their seventh Awakenings can enter S rank Gates Kang woo slides the memory card into his phone only to see a video.

Clip containing inappropriate imagery suddenly he is surrounded by red mask people they declare that since Kang woo has watched the video clip he cannot live he is also instructed to hand the memory card over but he refuses willing to protect the first inappropriate imagery he has seen the masked strangers attack.

Kang Wu uses the power of the Iron Wall and the power of speed against them the strangers who turn out to be from the Demonic order start to transform into demons to fight off Kang woo kind grew opted for the Terra Blade to defend the attackers successfully wiping them out out of nowhere yongju and huayun appear beside kangwu they are shocked to see.

Each other there yonju asks Kang woo whether he has come across a memory card containing a precious video clip he answers in the affirmative showing her the card yonju asks him to hand it over since she has to use it at once Kang Woo is confused as to why Kang woo hands over the memory card to yongju who insists that the two watch it together.

Kang woo explains what had happened with the memory card and the attackers confused about the reasons yonju is astonished to see the contents of the video however Wayan points out that it is only a cover-up and the actual video can be accessed by using the video decrypters at the headquarters the four set off for the Hua rank Corps.

Headquarters back at the headquarters Wayan announces the death of dong Hoon to the fellow Corps members instructing them to further devote themselves to the mission at hand and to compensate the deceased's family huayan asks to speak to General Chang hyongjae but is informed that he is on a foreign trip to Japan to investigate an s-rank gate.

Hyunje is the highest Authority in warang first corpse and also away on Superior he is so powerful that only baked Kang Yoon can face him Hua yon and the rest then leave for the investigation room to watch the video the video shows a dimly lit Red Room with a stage two people are visible one is kneeling on some stairs before the.

Stage and the other is on the stage facing the other way the kneeler informs the other person the Cardinal that the preparations for the summons will be completed in three weeks he also tells the Cardinal that sponsorships have also been received from a big Guild with the majority above B ranks he goes on to state that it.

Wouldn't be long until their wish is fulfilled after which the order would reward them generously he is cut off by the Cardinal and admonished for his far-reaching Ambitions the Cardinal Ends by declaring that there is a rat present in the room before looking directly into the camera the video ends Kang woo draws three.

Deductions from what he has just seen there must be someone with greater Authority than the Cardinal they were preparing to summon something on Earth and there is a big Guild sponsoring them he announces that it would be prudent to discover the guild supporting them He suggests weaning off information by beating the big guilds he goes on to.

Explain that the Demonic order people Target players with low ranks but high-ranked special abilities also there has been an increase in Ko players at low ranked Gates and an increase in missing person cases thus a rumor can be spread that there is a talented player at a low ranked gate he is sure this will cause the Demonic order to chase.

This person due to their insatiable hunger for power yonju points out that most high-ranked players with low rankings are part of one Guild or another she also refuses to lend any of her Guild members for the purpose of being bait kangu smirks thinking of cyhun as the bay we really hope that you enjoyed the first part of this manual.

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