He returns to his grandmother’s faded home nonetheless finds it plump of women

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Hello annadark is here today I will summarizethe wonderful anime echi you will find his name in the comments section do not forget tolike and let's go The Story begins with a young man named heyado casuke he returned years afterleaving his grandmother's Cafe but she has died he entered the cafe and then went to one of therooms he didn't find anyone so he sat alone but suddenly he heard a girl's voice what's going onis the house haunted by ghosts a few moments later a beautiful girl in lingerie appears in frontof him no one understands what is happening she started screaming at the top of her voice he ranaway but found another girl completely naked it's a shock he started running because he doesn'tunderstand what's going on the house should be empty the third girl the fourth girl the fifthgirl what the hell is going on he got shocked.

By this surprise then one of the girls came to himshe beat him because she thinks he's a thief then they tied him up but they found out the truth thegirls don't want to free him because he saw them naked he wants to know what the girls are doingin his house and also wants to know the girl's relationship with that Crone the girl said theywere that old woman's family this girl's name is akane halaji she said that the old woman hostedthe girls in the cafe and also she said that the old man wanted the girls to become her familythis girl's name is amitsuruga she is a member of the karate club she is getting excited becauseshe wants to continue living inside this Cafe but Alka macusawa does not want a strange man to liveamong them she asked him to return to Tokyo but he became very angry and said that he was the realowner of the house so he had the right to evict.

Strangers from his house but Alka said that hehad left his grandmother alone for three years she said they paid for her funeral everyonestarted looking at him pessimistically he got shy and said he actually had a fight withhis grandmother before he entered high school he also heard the news of his grandmother's deathlate he said that he would pay them the costs but first they had to untie him then he told themto leave his house immediately in the evening the girls went to the beach everyone is worriedthat hayata will kick them out of the house so Alka said we should ignore him just in order tocontinue living inside the house for a long time in fact hayato doesn't just want to evict thegirls he plans to demolish the house and Cafe in order to build a parking space because thisplace is full of visitors in the summer he just.

Wants money this girl's name is rijo tsukushimashe is angry now because she doesn't have the money to live somewhere else the girls want toknow Ami's opinion on the subject she becomes angry because she is the only girl hayato hasever seen naked she is just thinking about but rijo said that there are other optionsfor living at home she said that men always show strength and hardness but there are deviantthoughts inside their minds all the time she said that men are like monkeys meanwhile hayatowas thinking of a way in order to kick the girls out of the house he was remembering whenhe cursed his grandmother while going to high school but suddenly Alka comes to him she wasdressed as a maid She also asked him to come to have dinner with them but she called him sirthe poor girl became shy she remembered rijo's.

Diabolical plan the plan is simply to seducehayato she was feeling nervous and shy hey Otto said he would pay her money for making dinnershe wants to cook but laugh but he wants fried chicken she doesn't know how to cook chickenand that's because she completely burned him he started doing complex calculations but shedidn't understand anything now it's Ami's turn to seduce hey Otto and she's already wearing verytight clothes she wants hayato to go running with her in the evening he said that these methods donot work for him and also told her are you really going to go go out in such tight clothes so shegot desperate and said that it was impossible for me to go out in these clothes at night they madedinner but girls laughed and enjoyed the meals but hayato was sitting alone suddenly rijo told himthat the bathroom is ready and he actually went.

To the bathroom but he remembered his grandmotheragain he told her that he wanted to finish his studies in order to work in order to becomerich but his grandmother said she only wanted a little money after which she began to imaginethat the girls came to him in order to wash his back then he noticed the door of the cafe wasopen so he went but he found a game he became angry because smoking is forbidden inside thecafe this is strange she said that she composes some songs to her band that's why she came herebecause it's quiet he went to his room but he doesn't know that the girls are preparing a trapfor him and actually this girl named shirajiku won she drank then she went to hayato's room andshe actually took off her clothes meanwhile rijo wanted to shoot a video in order to threaten heyOtto but sudden in the Army comes she beat hayato.

With all the force and also said that the girlsare under her protection in the morning there are some people who came to consult with hayatobecause he wants to demolish the cafe but this person broke the shop sign hayato rememberedhis grandmother when she opened the shop so he became sad he also decided to keep this signbecause it is dear to his heart because it was his grandmother who raised him when his parents diedthen Oka brought a belaf dish to him and indeed when he tasted it he remembered his grandmotherhe began to cry because he wished his grandmother would see him go to university he wanted revengeon the people who made fun of his grandmother he asked Alka about how his grandmother died she saids he was laughing before she died he became happy because his grandmother had died and she was happythen he looked at The Ledger but The Ledger was.

All in a mess he is surprised because the cafehas not gone bankrupt yet then he said that he was going to run this Cafe everyone was shockedby this sudden talk but then they agreed to live together in this house he asked them to introducethemselves and now these girls are going to work in this Cafe that will be run by hayato Will thesegirls succeed in business or are they the Devils of poverty who will bankrupt the cafe this girlsaid she doesn't want to cook because her nails will come off Ami doesn't want to clean becauseher specialty is to dirty the place the beautiful akane suffers from blood pressure so she can'tget up early in the morning shurujiku doesn't know what to say also Alka hates cleaningso hayato got angry and asked them to stop complaining he also said that they should sharebusiness because they live together but Ami said.

That Grandma was doing all these chores alone shewas cooking and doing laundry every day so hayato got angry and said that the girls had killedhis grandmother because of the hard work but shurujiku said that she doesn't hate cooking andcleaning so she will do all the work alone hey Otto of course disagrees because it's not fairhe wants everyone to participate in the business and now they are going to start cleaning up theplace the girls finally agreed Ami was playing in the bathroom akane was frozen and placed likea statue Alco was actually working but hayato comes to her and started throwing orders at herso she got angry but suddenly he accidentally saw her underwear but suddenly rijo comes she toldher that her underwear is completely exposed soaka felt embarrassed and fell down but shehit hey Otto on the face because he had seen.

Her clothes then he went to the laundry but whenOka came she screamed because he was going to hang up her underwear but he was making fun of this andsaid that it was just an undergarment nothing more nothing less so the girls began to look at himwith very terrifying looks he began to apologize because he did not want to die at an early age andalso she asked him to clean the cafe in order to punish him and he actually went to clean the cafebut when he saw the coffee machine he remembered his grandmother again when he used to make fun ofthe coffee machine because it was old-fashioned but his grandmother said that this machine isone of the best types and also said that I am her favorite machine he wants to clean it but sureojiku comes to him and says that this machine is very important for Grandma so he has to be carefulwhile cleaning and also she told him that dinner.

Is ready but he doesn't want to eat now soshe told him that he should come now and the reason is the promise they made to Grandma that isthey should always eat their food together like a family and they actually had dinner together andalso got to meditate on the cherry trees really the table was very beautiful then he went to thebathroom but Alka came to him and of course an awkward situation happened between them she askedhim to put a sign on the door saying the bathroom is busy then Army came and she was very angry andshe actually beat hey Otto very hard the next day is the opening day but heyado doesn't want toopen right away so he decided to practice with the girls first on the job he said that as theowner of the cafe he should at least learn to make coffee he asked falca to play the waitressshe was arrogant and also said that the coffee.

That hayata would make it will be very disgustingbut hayata was very confident in himself he was watching his grandmother mother make coffee inthe past so he started making a cup of coffee in the manner of his late grandmother and heactually made the coffee quickly but he was shocked because the coffee tasted so bad the poorman was disappointed because it was impossible that he could sell this coffee at night heyada waspracticing making coffee but he didn't know how to so akane came to him he asked her to make a cupof coffee because she was making fun of him and in fact he became shocked because akane is veryskilled at it because she learned to make coffee from his grandmother he went to her and asked herto teach him then he felt ashamed and told her to teach me please she smiled and told him thathe was very cute so he got shy and was about.

To go but she grabbed his hand and apologizedto him he told her that she was very shy when she smiled he wanted her to be ashamed but shewas very cold then he goes to the bathroom but Ami comes to him so she hits him again because sheis stupid and always does not understand what is happening the next day he took rijo with him tobuy the goods but rijo handled all the purchase because he didn't know what to do then they wentto the temple in order to receive God's blessing but she told him to respect his assistance andalso to bow down when he asked for something he felt guilty and understood so he went toapologize to the rest of the girls but she is going up to a high place she lifted her skirtso that hayato could see her clothes clearly she wants to do this thing in order to apologize tohim because she acted cruelly with him a little.

While ago but he is nervous and also he madea fall because he could not stand this table this is the end of the first part pleasesubscribe to the channel see you next time

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