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Hello annadark is here today I will summarizethe wonderful anime echi you will find his name in the comments section do not forget to likeand let's go The Story begins with a young man named hayato kasukabe he returned years afterleaving his grandmother's Cafe but she has died he entered the cafe and then went to one of therooms he didn't find anyone so he sat alone but suddenly he heard a girl's voice what's going onis the house haunted by ghosts a few moments later a beautiful girl in lingerie appears in frontof him no one understands what is happening she started screaming at the top of her voice he ranaway but found another girl completely naked it's a shock he started running because he doesn'tunderstand what's going on the house should be empty the third girl the fourth girl the fifthgirl what the hell is going on he got shocked.

By this surprise then one of the girls came to himshe beat him because she thinks he's a thief then they tied him up but they found out the truth thegirls don't want to free him because he saw them naked he wants to know what the girls are doingin his house and also wants to know the girl's relationship with that Crone the girl said theywere that old woman's family this girl's name is akane halaji she said that the old woman hostedthe girls in the cafe and also she said that the old man wanted the girls to become her familythis girl's name is amitsuruga she is a member of the karate club she is getting excited becauseshe wants to continue living inside this Cafe but Alka macusawa does not want a strange man to liveamong them she asked him to return to Tokyo but he became very angry and said that he was the realowner of the house so he had the right to evict.

Strangers from his house but Alka said that hehad left his grandmother alone for three years she said they paid for her funeral everyone startedlooking at him pessimistically he got shy and said he actually had a fight with his grandmotherbefore he entered high school he also heard the news of his grandmother's death late he saidthat he would pay them the costs but first they had to untie him then he told them to leave hishouse immediately in the evening the girls went to the beach everyone is worried that hayata willkick them out of the house so Alka said we should ignore him just in order to continue living insidethe house for a long time in fact hayato doesn't just want to evict the girls he plans to demolishthe house and Cafe in order to build a parking space because this place is full of visitors inthe summer he just wants money this girl's name.

Is rijo tsukushima she is angry now becauseshe doesn't have the money to live somewhere else the girls want to know Ami's opinion onthe subject she becomes angry because she is the only girl hayato has ever seen naked she isjust thinking about but rijo said that there are other options for living at home she said thatmen always show strength and hardness but there are deviant thoughts inside their minds all thetime she said that men are like monkeys meanwhile hayato was thinking of a way in order to kick thegirls out of the house he was remembering when he cursed his grandmother while going to high schoolbut suddenly Alka comes to him she was dressed as a maid She also asked him to come to have dinnerwith them but she called him sir the poor girl became shy she remembered rijo's diabolicalplan the plan is simply to seduce hayato she.

Was feeling nervous and shy hey Otto said he wouldpay her money for making dinner she wants to cook the laugh but he wants fried chicken she doesn'tknow how to cook chicken and that's because she completely burned him he started doing complexcalculations but she didn't understand anything now it's Ami's turn to seduce hey Otto and she'salready wearing very tight clothes she wants hayato to go running with her in the evening hesaid that these methods do not work for him and also told her are you really going to go go outin such tight clothes so she got desperate and said that it was impossible for me to go outin these clothes at night they made dinner but girls laughed and enjoyed the meals but hayatowas sitting alone suddenly rijo told him that the bathroom is ready and he actually went to thebathroom but he remembered his grandmother again.

He told her that he wanted to finish his studiesin order to work in order to become rich but his grandmother said she only wanted a little moneyafter which she began to imagine that the girls came to him in order to wash his back then henoticed the door of the cafe was open so he went but he found akane he became angry because smokingis forbidden inside the cafe this is strange she said that she composes some songs to her bandthat's why she came here because it's quiet he went to his room but he doesn't know that thegirls are preparing a trap for him and actually this girl named shirajiku won she drank then shewent to hayato's room and she actually took off her clothes meanwhile rijo wanted to shoot a videoin order to threaten hey Otto but sudden only Army comes she beat heyada with all the force andalso said that the girls are under her protection.

In the morning there are some people who came toconsult with hayato because he wants to demolish the cafe but this person broke the shop sign heyOtto remembered his grandmother when she opened the shop so he became sad he also decided to keepthis sign because it is dear to his heart because it was his grandmother who raised him when hisparents died then Oka brought a belaf dish to him and indeed when he tasted it he rememberedhis grandmother he began to cry because he wished his grandmother would see him go to universityhe wanted revenge on the people who made fun of his grandmother he asked Alka about how hisgrandmother died she said she was laughing before she died he became happy because his grandmotherhad died and she was happy then he looked at The Ledger but The Ledger was all in a mess he issurprised because the cafe has not gone bankrupt.

Yet then he said that he was going to run thisCafe everyone was shocked by this sudden talk but then they agreed to live together in this househe asked them to introduce themselves and now these girls are going to work in this Cafe thatwill be run by hayato Will these girls succeed in business or are they the Devils of poverty whowill bankrupt the cafe this girl said she doesn't want to cook because her nails will come off Amidoesn't want to clean because her specialty is to dirty the place the beautiful akane suffers fromblood pressure so she can't get up early in the morning shurujiku doesn't know what to say alsoAlka hates cleaning so hayato got angry and asked them to stop complaining he also said that theyshould share business because they live together but Ami said that Grandma was doing all thesechores alone she was cooking and doing laundry.

Every day so hayato got angry and said that thegirls had killed his grandmother because of the hard work but shurujiku said that she doesn't hatecooking and cleaning so she will do all the work alone hey Otto of course disagrees because it'snot fair he wants everyone to participate in the business and now they are going to start cleaningup the place the girls finally agreed Ami was playing in the bathroom akane was frozen in placelike a statue Alka was actually working but hayato comes to her and started throwing orders at herso she got angry but suddenly he accidentally saw her underwear but suddenly rijo comes she toldher that her underwear is completely exposed soaka felt embarrassed and fell down but shehit hey Otto on the face because he had seen her clothes then he went to the laundry but whenOka came she screamed because he was going to.

Hang up her underwear but he was making fun ofthis and said that it was just an undergarment nothing more nothing less so the girls began tolook at him with very terrifying looks he began to apologize because he did not want to die at anearly age and also she asked him to clean the cafe in order to punish him and he actually went toclean the cafe but when he saw the coffee machine he remembered his grandmother again when he usedto make fun of the coffee machine because it was old-fashioned but his grandmother said that thismachine is one of the best types and also said that I am her favorite machine he wants to cleanit but shurujiku comes to him and says that this machine is very important for Grandma so he hasto be careful while cleaning and also she told him that dinner is ready but he doesn't want toeat now so she told him that he should come now.

And the reason is the promise they made to Grandmathat is they should always eat their food together like a family and they actually had dinnertogether and also got to meditate on the cherry trees really the table was very beautiful then hewent to the bathroom but Alka came to him and of course an awkward situation happened betweenthem she asked him to put a sign on the door saying the bathroom is busy then Army came andshe was very angry and she actually beat hayato very hard the next day is the opening day but heyOtto doesn't want to open right away so he decided to practice with the girls first on the job hesaid that as the owner of the cafe he should at least learn to make coffee he asked stalker toplay the waitress she was arrogant and also said that the coffee that hayata would make it willbe very disgusting but hayato was very confident.

In himself he was watching his grandmother makecoffee in the past so he started making a cup of coffee in the manner of his late grandmother andhe actually made the coffee quickly but he was shocked because the coffee tasted so bad the poorman was disappointed because it was impossible that he could sell this coffee at night heyada waspracticing making coffee but he didn't know how to so akane came to him he asked her to make a cupof coffee because she was making fun of him and in fact he became shocked because akane is veryskilled at it because she learned to make coffee from his his grandmother he went to her and askedher to teach him then he felt ashamed and told her to teach me please she smiled and told him thathe was very cute so he got shy and was about to go but she grabbed his hand and apologized to himhe told her that she was very shy when she smiled.

He wanted her to be ashamed but she was very coldthen he goes to the bathroom but Ami comes to him so she hits him again because she is stupid andalways does not understand what is happening the next day he took rijo with him to buy thegoods but rijo handled all the purchases because he didn't know what to do then they went to thetemple in order to receive God's blessing but she told him to respect his assistance and also to bowdown when he asked for something he felt guilty and understood so he went to apologize to the restof the girls but she is going up to a high place she lifted her skirt so that hayato could seeher clothes clearly she wants to do this thing in order to apologize to him because she actedcruelly with him a little while ago but he is nervous and also he made a fall because he couldnot stand and this table this morning the cafe.

Became full of customers there are only hayato andshurujiku in the cafe so there is a difficulty in dealing with customers but suddenly rijo comes shesaid that she knew that this thing was going to happen so she quickly quit school in order to helpwith work and actually she did it that night hey Otto was feeling tired and very exhausted becauseof business he didn't want to have dinner because he just wanted to sleep but Ami wanted to eathis food then akane asked rijo is she feeling well after working all day she really was feelingtired but she told her I'm fine everyone went to sleep heyada wanted to go to the bathroom but henoticed that there was a light in one of the rooms so he went there and actually found rijo awakeand she was working on the computer he asked her about the work she was doing at this late hourso she said that she was posting some photos.

Of the cafe on her social media pages in orderto get more customers but hayato asked her why she worked so hard even though she is a part-timeworker nothing more nothing less she became sad and told him that this Cafe saved her thanks toGrandma so she wants to protect the cafe at all costs she wants to bring more customers but hayatocalmly told her that he can't let her do this tiring job for a cheap price he just wants her todo the job in a normal way like any waitress but she began to look at him in a strange way and alsoshe began to remember the past and that's when one of the ladies said to her I don't know if this isher mother or not the important thing is she was making fun and said that rijo is pathetic she wason the street without any shelter so she wanted to work hard so she told him does hard work makeme pathetic he thought she was having a nervous.

Breakdown because her condition was strange sohe said he wanted to be fair but she began to remember Grandma when she accepted her like herdaughter she allowed her to work and stay in the cafe then she started crying so he put his handon her head and told her to stop crying because he would take care of her she felt tender but thenshe told him that she was not a child she was two years older than him then he left the room but shewas ashamed she fell in love with hey Otto in the morning everyone was joking but hayato said thathe wanted to launch an attack with a new strategy in order to consolidate The Spoils of War hewas really obsessed with the cafe thing so Olga criticized him Ben aking said that she was busywith one of the things this day so she went hey Otto doesn't know the reason because today isa day off soaka said that akane does concerts.

And plays guitar with her band members she alsodoesn't want her friends to go to those concerts because the band is not very good so rijo saidthat maybe she might be involved in something perverted but the stupid Army said that thething akane was involved in was selling squid then heyada went to buy a toaster oven and heactually bought the cheapest type in the store then he decided to go to see a movie but he heardsome girls talking about the beauty of the singer akhan he felt a little excited but decided to goon his way looking for a special movie to watch in one of the music clubs there is a big showof one of the Bands the singer was akhan there really is a big audience that loves her she wassinging and also playing at the same time really she was a failed singer I mean a popular singeramong people the song was motivational about the.

Difficult challenges of life but at the sametime hayato was watching her from afar so he intercepted her after the show and told her thathe needed to help her buy dinner items she felt ashamed because hayato said that he had watchedthe show moments before and also he criticized her song so she put her hand on her face and saidI want to die so he told her not to worry because he wouldn't tell the rest of the girls then theygot on the train he said he would work on the cafe until she could save money from music but she saidthat she practices singing in order to entertain herself and get rid of boredom nothing more andnothing less she said that there was no point in singing because she didn't have the talent but heAuto motivated her and said that he bought one of her CDs because that song affected his heart shesmiled and thanked him a week later the weather.

Was nice so the girls felt comfortable and relaxedeveryone was talking about hayato but rijo said why he Auto doesn't feel anything even thoughhe lives with five tax girls some are nervous ayuca is angry that he saw her naked and also onme the same but rijo said that it all happened because of a misunderstanding then Akin said thatshe wants to change the name of the band everyone wants to know the name but they are shockedbecause the name is musty mustache girls then they started talking about their fate after the endof the year this one said that heyada would kick them out of the house and bring in new employeesbut shurujaku said that maybe he will get married everyone became shocked everyone said they didn'twant to marry hey Otto but in fact every one wanted to but suddenly Akin said that she wanted toeveryone is shocked by this sudden speech but.

Then she said that she was joking meanwhile heyOtto comes but Ami jumps on him so he almost dies she didn't mean it but he was angry and he wantedto cut her to Pieces the next day rijo came home from studying but suddenly she heard Strange Talkinside the kitchen between hey Auto and shurujiku she thinks that something perverted is happeningbetween them so she quickly entered but she didn't find anything she was teaching him how to makea sandwich so she wants to join them and help them prepare the sandwich but suddenly he becomesashamed so shurujiku said that he is the owner of the cafe so he should do these things naturallyrijo also said the same thing so he put his hand on her head and said thank you she smiled at firstbut got angry and hit him on the hand then she continued to teach him how to make a good sandwichwith meat but rijo was very jealous so she stopped.

Them she said that the way of making this sandwichis an old way so hayato has to learn a fashionable way that suits young people she said that it wasGrandma who invented this recipe but hayato said that Grandma is old so shurujiku became very angrythen she asked him did he eat a sandwich prepared by Grandma before or not but he said no so she gotexcited and said that she would make one for him now Grandma's style in return rijo will preparea sandwich suitable for young people and indeed after a few moments they have completed cookingbut he does not want to choose is because he does not want to make an insult during the selectionso he said that his stomach is already full and he cannot eat more then he left and left thegirls in the kitchen at night during dinner Almy admired the sandwich made by hayato so he becameashamed after a while Ami started to behave in.

A strange way everyone noticed this she becamecalm she always wants to clean the cafe and also she gave up on stupid and strange actions andthis is strange but akane told heyato that Ami was defeated by one blow in a karate matchso she switched he went to her in order to motivate her but she was feeling very desperateshe said that her coach told her that there are impossible things that we can't achieve even byworking hard and what is meant here is Talent so ayuca is angry with the words that the coach saidbut hayato said that the coach's words are true to a certain extent then he told her that shealready has the talent but she behaves stupidly sometimes so he gave her some advice and askedher to keep trying and actually she returned to normal but suddenly a disaster happens she droppedweights on the new computer that hey autobah he.

Became angry but she suggested something decentto him and actually this time he did that thing a Yuka is shocked by the scene in front of her soshe dropped the weights on his phone he started chasing her around the house in order to dothat decent thing with her witches to catch the fruit even from the stupid Army she was inshock from the command that hayato did the next day the cafe was full of customers shurujiku wasabsent-minded so hayato alerted her a little Ani was very active but she broke some dishes becauseof her stupidity this stress was due to too many orders the rest of the girls have to come nowin order to help so he asked rijo for help she doesn't hear him so he went to her and asked herto come quickly but she doesn't want that because she has work to do today he wanted to convinceher that he needed her help but she was very.

Stubborn and didn't want to work he decided toask for help from the rest of the girls but rijo blocked him from entering but he ignored her andentered the room and he actually found the girls but the girls are chained changing their clothesso they hit hayato on the face at night he would do the dishes and clean the kitchen but he wasvery tired from the day's work he began to say that he had over relied on the girls he did notwant to exploit them for his personal interests so he decided to go to them in order to say thatthey were strangers but when he came and he found a surprise the girls prepared a small party forthe two-month anniversary of the opening of The Cafe he wondered when they did all this the factthat rijo was the one who planned everything do you remember when hayada went to rijo in order toask her for help at that moment she was preparing.

The party so she asked the girls to take off theirclothes because underwear is hayato's weak point so that he wouldn't find out about the party andactually he was surprised by all these things and thanked the girls meanwhile a call comes to akanethe caller is her mother then the episode ends and next morning hayada was doing his laundry but theannoying Alka comes to him she doesn't want her clothes to mix with his clothes the reason is thatshe said that hayato's clothes are strange casting clothes but hayato said that he did it in orderto avoid expensive electricity and water bill then when he was working on the computer rijo cameto him she noticed that the relationship between hayato and Alka is never good so she suggestedthat he improved that relationship she also told him to make an effort at it he is angry becausethis girl is so rude but nevertheless he began to.

Think of a way in order to tame this wild animalbut suddenly Akin comes to him she said that he should praise her and also he should tell her thatyou are attacks he said that praise does not work with them so she was ashamed then aka told himto hurry up to prepare the cafe for the opening he hates her very much so he asked her to shuther mouth he does not want to take orders from the waitress but he did not complete the sentencebecause he remembered the words of akane and Alka he must improve his relationship with the staffso he said that she was impressive but his facial features were strange she hit him on the faceand said that his facial features are provocative although hayato really praised her but she wantshim to smile at her in a romantic way really this girl is very annoying then shurujiku came she saidthat hayato is not a bad person but Ami told her.

Yes he is not bad he is just a little pervertedat night he was sitting alone and also making some coffee then he went to his room but rijo came tohim she asked him to go to Alka in order to tell her that the bathroom is ready and he actuallywent to her but he found her in the maid's clothes she said that she was trying on the outfit thatshe would work in tomorrow he was shocked by this surprise she said that the grandmother said thatthis outfit was funny he started telling her that she became great when she wore this outfit he saidthe that she was annoying but this outfit made her look beautiful he is shocked because now he hasinsulted her but the opposite happened she smiled and said that his words were nice he was surprisedby the reaction because he praised the clothes and not Alka but in fact she made the clothes so sheis very happy she said that grandma told her that.

Hey Otto Never Knows Lies he wondered why thegirls believed Grandma's words is it holy words or what at the same moment shirajiku comes she isdoing strange things because she is drunk because of the wine that was put in the food Ami also cameshe took some pictures in order to threaten hey Otto this is a trifle the next day hayada wasworking on the computer again but Ami came to him she wanted to know exactly what he was doing so heimmediately fired her after they had a meeting he gave them last month's wages everyone is shockedbut he said that he had been investing in stocks for a long time and fortunately those stocks haveincreased in value so he won't have financial problems anymore in the evening heyada was sittingalone by the sea but Army came to him they started talking about Grandma and also started jokingwith each other then she decided to go home but.

Suddenly she said that the most precious thingsbreak easily she apologized and said to him if something precious to you broke because of meI'm sorry he didn't understand anything but when he came home he found his phone and laptop in aterrible State they broke it was stupid Ami who broke the phone and computer and that's becauseshe was carrying tea and weights at the same time so the weights fell on the computer and thephone now hey Otto is angry and is about to kill Army but meanwhile shirajiku comes she said thatthe company in which heyada was investing shares has been bankrupt due to a major Scandal the poorguy is going to have a stroke because of the bad news he decided to sell the shares immediatelybut he can't because the computer doesn't work Ami started doing perverted things so he lost hismind and was about to kill stupid Army finally it.

Was time for the cafe to open the girls put on auniform he asks the girls to work hard to revive the cafe again Oka told him to avoid fights withcustomers who misbehave only he had to ask them to leave and indeed a few moments later some men cameto the cafe of course they ordered a cup of coffee and they really liked the taste and also foundout that the owner of the cafe is the grandson of the previous owner and she is a grandmotherthe cafe is now full of customers everyone is happy because of the good treatment by the girlsbut suddenly an old person comes hayato remembered this person when he was insulting his grandmotherhe became insulting hayato and also said that he was the reason why the cafe continued becausethis person gave the grandmother a sum of money he asked hayato to bow down in order to thank himthis person was extremely provocative but hayato.

Was very cold he didn't want problems from thefirst day so he made a bow but he kept insulting Grandma so the girls attacked him hey Otto stoppedthem but this old man insulted shirajiku in a perverted way he lifted her skirt so heyado becameangry and kicked him out of the cafe the important thing is that the cafe has customers but thereare a few customers hayato began to feel Despair and frustration because he is bankrupt he thoughtthat the cafe would bring him a lot of money on the first day so he has prepared a plan in orderto get out of trouble there is a big Festival held once a year this Festival is attended bypeople from different places from Japan so he will take a cart with some of the products thatthe cafe sells in order to promote them at the festival everyone is starting to produce some newfoods shurujiku wants to make some biscuits with.

Concentrated flour alcohol hayato is surprisedby this thing but she said that this is something like that people can eat while walking she saidit's safe even for the boys but in the meantime rijo comes she wants to help them prepare anythinghe asked her to leave because there was nothing that needed her help so she got so angry hey Ottosaid he was going to give her the cafe while he was going to the festival he said that she is agenius so she will succeed in running the cafe of course he he is lying but she easily believed hiswords she became excited and happy then she left so shurujiku finished making cookies but he askedher how she made her a skilled cook she said that when she was little she went with her fatherto a restaurant from that moment she became interested in learning to cook also she said thatthe smell that was in that restaurant is similar.

To the smell of hayato when he sweats he becameshy because the girl behaves in a strange way but she said that she was joking with him no more andno less but after a few seconds she jumped on him in a respectful way she said that he smelled niceand she couldn't restrain herself so she pounced on him he didn't know what exactly was happeningshe began to say that the smell of men's sweat contains something that excites women so now shewants to do several things with him literally she began to undress him he really doesn't know what'sgoing on but then he finds out that the reason is the smell of alcohol that she put on the biscuitshe got drunk just because of the smell she really is poor moments after rijo comes to the kitchenshe becomes Ang angry because she thinks hey Otto has taken a break with shurujiku in order to doother things with her he said he didn't mean to.

But shirajiku started saying perverted things sorijo intervened immediately meanwhile Alka has developed work clothes but she asked Tommy whatkind of work she wants to work in the future but Ami said that she wants to become a Justiceheroine who eliminates villains really she's stupid but a few moments later heyado comes tothem he was in a nervous state so he took flowers from Alka everyone is shocked because shirajikuwas running after hayato but the problem is that she was completely naked so he put flowers on theopen places but Alka and Ami beat him up because he is a villain who exploits girls at night hewas sitting with akane he said that he didn't know what he would serve to people at the festivalit was impossible for him to serve biscuits mixed with alcohol so Akin said that she has a completemenu that she made with Grandma this list contains.

A large number of meals and foods for spring hegot so happy he asked her to give him that list the day of the festival came they actually broughtseveral different foods with some coffee but some Merchants came and offered some foods to hayato hedidn't want that but Ami took them all meanwhile Alka was sleeping but Ami came to her and putfood in her mouth she woke up because she was about to die then she went to wash her face butsuddenly she found strange people looking at her in a frightening way and actually she was latecoming back so Ami said she probably slept in the bathroom but hayato heard her voice askingfor help and these people really wanted to take her to drink with them she rushed to hayato andtold him to help her he said that this girl works for him so they can't take her the bastardsare getting angry but traitors and people get.

Involved in the problem they want them to leaveor they will call the police and they actually left immediately at night everyone is happythat the plan is going smoothly hayato said that they have to work hard on the second day ofthe festival in order to get perfect results the next day they went to the festival but they foundthe place where they sell completely wrecked the actor is that person who came yesterday with hisfriends that young man is the grandson of the old man who previously insulted Grandma's Cafe hehas influence in the city so he is not afraid of anything hayato decided to withdraw from thisFestival in order not to cause problems for the rest of the merchants on the way Alka apologizesbecause she is the reason but he says he has a second plan so he asks her for help and theyactually returned to the cafe and equipped a.

Mobile cart this cart was made by Grandma beforethe cafe opened he decided to create a page on social networking sites in order to promote thecafe and they actually took the cart but they were surprised by the huge number of customers thematerials had run out so Ami was running to the cafe in order to get supplies at night when hayatowas coming home with the girls he found the people who smashed his card at the festival he said thatthis is a crime but this person does not care and beat hayato but Ami came and defeated the peoplewith him she was about to eliminate that old man's grandson but she collapsed due to week suddenlyshe shot some flowers into his eye and in fact she easily defeated him she said that this is a secretweapon that she created in order to eliminate the villains people are surprised because this girlis strong but hey Otto said that the strongest.

Girl in the cafe is the Rabid [__] Army sothey immediately ran away he recorded the words that the person said and also he said that he didall this in order that they would not smash the cardigan because it was Alka who designed it shebegan to look towards hayato with admiration the

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