He Time Trek back and forth to Procure Inspire His Arm and Set the World

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Zombies gather, and a boy violently knocks ona door while three others block it. The class representative asks them to let the boy insidebecause he is their classmate. She claims to take responsibility. They open the door, but the boyhas already turned into a zombie. Everyone runs, and Ye Bei gets bitten. Ye Bei then sees strangememories that look like he is being experimented on in the future and is transported back to thepast for revenge. Ye Bei wakes up and realizes he is back in the past. He recognizes a young Li RouXi, ordering them to open the door. Ye Bei laughs, seeing they have succeeded. He asks Li Rou Xito take responsibility and open the door. She complains, but Ye Bei calls her a hypocrite.She gets mad and tries to open the door, but the zombie pushes it open. Li Rou Xi fallsto the ground and sees their zombified classmate..

Everyone panics, and Li Rou Xi tries to use aclassmate as a shield. Just then, Ye Bei pushes her toward the zombie. The zombie grabs her, butYe Bei smashes the zombie’s head. The zombie and Li Rou Xi fall outside. Even if she asks for help,Ye Bei ignores her and closes the door. They block the entrance with heavy objects. They stop hearingLi Rou Xi’s scream. The others are now scared of Ye Bei, but some of them thank him and exclaimthat Li Rou Xi deserves to die. He then orders them to move aside, and he checks outside. Hisclassmates then close the door, but he just smiles and leaves. He approaches a zombie and smashes itshead. He picks up a green stone from there. It is an energy stone, the origin of the apocalypse,and a resource for apocalypse mechanics. Another zombie comes, and Ye Bei kills it whilehis classmates watch him. They argue about whether.

They should let him come back or not, and Ye Beisuddenly tells them to go out and enjoy killing zombies. A zombie comes, but he easily subduesit, and his classmates watch in fear. Ye Bei wishes them good luck and leaves. He explains thatthis is the start of humanity’s apocalypse, and Li Rou Xi had gotten him bitten by a zombie. He onlysurvived after cutting his arm. He suffered for fifty years until he met the mechanic, who senthim back to the past. A group of zombies attacks Ye Bei, but he easily kills them, and a familiarface watches him, swearing to kill Ye Bei. A horde of zombies arrives, and Ye Bei runs. Henotices a convenience store and knocks down the shutter while acting injured. Zombies arrive,but he slips inside the store. He checks the dark store and notices a girl hiding behind thecounter. A gang of thugs is watching the entire.

Scene. Seeing that a student easily kills thezombies, Centipede laughs, thinking that it will also be easy for them. Meanwhile, YeBei asks the girl to come out, but she is not responding. Ye Bei then acts injured, andthe girl comes out. He grabs her and orders her to hand over the shutter controller. The girl runsto hide, and Ye Bei scolds her for being gullible. In a flashback, Ye Bei with a chopped arm getstreated by the girl. She told him to rest after getting some food. Ye Bei was thankful to thegirl. Just then, she screamed, and Centipede tricked the girl into believing that they weredying of hunger. He claimed the store as his. He grabbed the girl, and Ye Bei watched as she wasmistreated and tortured. Back to the present, Ye Bei swears to protect her this time. Evenif she thinks he's evil, he has to be harsh.

On her. The girl comes to give him clothes, butYe Bei treats her harshly. He must fix her weak personality. Next, he needs to get equipmentand weapons and train his body. Meanwhile, Centipede orders everyone to kill the zombiesand rob the convenience store. Ye Bei comes out and asks the girl where her family is. Shementions that her father went out to stock up on resources. Ye Bei then scolds her forletting him in and warns her that there will be others who will trick him. He ordersher to follow all his words from now on. Centipede’s group is overwhelmed by thezombies. He uses some underlings as bait, and he escapes. The girl gives YeBei food and hot water. He eats quietly until Centipede climbs up thewindow. He orders Ye Bei to pull him up,.

But Ye Bei pours hot water on his hand instead.The girl stops Ye Bei, and he gets mad at her. She insists on not harming others. As heclimbs the window, Centipede promises to be kind. Ye Bei sees a box cutter. Centipede comesinside and declares that he now owns the place. Centipede laughs at the girl’s naivety andtells her to be his slave. He is mad at Ye Bei for pouring hot water on him. The little girltells them that there is a lot of food inside, and everyone can eat together and be happy.Frustrated, Centipede tries to grab her, but Ye Bei cuts his fingers. He tries one more time,but Centipede kicks him away. Centipede steps on Ye Bei and keeps stomping on him. Ye Bei spitsblood on Centipede, and Centipede slams him on the wall. He continues stomping Ye Bei until thelittle girl stabs Centipede with the box cutter.

Centipede pushes her aside, and Ye Beihits Centipede's neck with a wooden stick. Centipede falls to the floor, and the girlcries out that she killed someone. Ye Bei tells her that she did what she needed to do.She whines that she only wanted to save him, but Ye Bei confirms that Centipede is stillalive and tells her to take a shower first. She exclaims to save him but Ye Bei kicksher outside the room. Ye Bei drags Centipede to the window and kicks him outside. Thezombies then start flocking to Centipede. Ye Bei noticed the girl was still behindthe door. He tells her that he killed him. The girl feels bad, but Ye Bei exclaims that shewould have died if she had saved him. He further exclaims that this is the apocalypse now, andthey need to kill to survive. Ye Bei walks away,.

And the girl follows him, but she suddenly falls.Ye Bei brought her into the room and discovered that she had a fever. He looked for medicine andfound a medicine box. He finds the girl’s illness record inside. Yao Yu Er was diagnosed withleukemia. He then realizes why she wants to save people. Ye Bei notices something in his pocket andbrings out the green stones. He wonders if it is effective for illnesses. The next morning, Ye Beiwakes up and sees the girl feel better. He then tells her to bring him food and pack up thingsbecause they are going to look for her father. Yu Er argues that she is told to stay, buther father has been gone for three days. Ye Bei suggests saving him, but Yu Er isundecided. Ye Bei gets mad at her for saving a random person but not his father.She panics and runs downstairs. Meanwhile,.

A military humvee plows through the zombies onthe streets. Ye Bei packs food, and Yu Er comes out packed like she’s going on an outing. Theyeat before setting out, but suddenly, a humvee crashes on the store's shutters. A fat guy comesout and is happy to see a convenience store. He gets inside and hoards the food scatteredon the floor. Just then, Ye Bei told him not to move while putting a box cutter on the fatguy’s neck. The fat guy throws food at Ye Bei and runs outside. He gets into the humvee,but Ye Bei follows him inside. As he tries to stab the fat guy, Yu Er shouts not to killanymore. She exclaims that if the fat guy dies, no one will pay for the store’s damages.The two pause and Ye Bei agrees. As payment, he requests the humvee and a driver. Hetells Yu Er to get inside and the fat guy.

Apologizes. As Yu Er lifts the heavy bag, a hordeof zombies approaches them. She quickly gets in, and they start driving away. The fat guy maneuversthe car around the block, killing zombies on the way. Ye Bei gets mad, but the fat guy exclaimsthat Ye Bei didn’t tell him yet where to go. Yu Er confirms that her father is stocking resourcesat Fudong Supermarket. The fat guy claims that the supermarket is already full of zombies.Ye Bei tells him to shut up and drive there. The group continues to travel while the fat guysings. Ye Bei tells him to stop, and the car stops moving. They don’t have fuel anymore. They panic,and zombies start flocking around the humvee. Ye Bei sees something and kicks the door open. Heunsheathed a blade and sliced through a zombie’s head. He continues slashing through the zombies,and the fat guy gets shocked. Ye Bei orders the.

Fat guy to come out and collect fuel from thenearby vehicles. He instructs Yu Er to remain in the car. The fat guy suddenly rememberedhaving reserve fuel at the back of the humvee. Ye Bei gets mad, and the fat guy claims hejust forgot about it due to shock. He tells the fat guy to help him with something first.He orders him to collect the pearls inside the zombies’ heads, and he demonstrates how to doit. The fat guy pulls out a shovel and digs out the pearls. He asks if they are worthanything, and Ye Bei tells him to shut up. He realizes something and plans to keep onefor himself. Later, Ye Bei finishes off the zombies in the area, and the fat guy collects alot of pearls. The fat guy then adds the fuel, and Ye Bei discovers Yu Er in pain. He gives hermedicine and tells the fat guy to drive off. The.

Fat guy introduces himself as Zhao Hang, an ownerof a vehicle repair shop. He made a sudden stop, surprising Ye Bei. They then discover that theroad to the supermarket is blocked by fire. Yu Er awakens to see the road blocked. ZhaoHang suggests changing directions, but Ye Bei suggests finding weapons and equipment first. YeBei asks Zhao Hang for a nearby electronics store, and Zhao Hang remembers something and drives.He remembers his blacksmith friend who made the sword Ye Bei is holding. After sometime, they arrived at the blacksmith shop, but zombies greeted them. Yu Er offers help incollecting the pearls. Ye Bei slashes zombies, while the other two gather pearls. A manobserves them and kills his men who have barged into his room. Another man reports aboutYe Bei, and the man rewards him with noodles..

The man orders him to clean the corpse andorders the others to fetch Ye Bei’s group. Ye Bei’s group clears off the zombies and bargesinto the blacksmith shop. He notices that the stove is still hot, but Zhao Hang’s friendis missing. He orders Zhao Hang to bring in the pearls they collected. Zhao Hang suggestscollecting the weapons hanging on the walls, but Ye Bei claims that they will be uselessin the future. He plans to create a stronger weapon. Ye Bei heats the forge and starts tocraft. He heats the blade and hammers it with concentration. He melts the pearls, and theyimmediately melt, making them look magical. Ye Bei pours his blood into the melted pearls,pours the solution into the blade he forged, and continues hammering. Meanwhile, a groupof men creeps around the shop. Zhao Hang is.

Perplexed by Ye Bei's ability to craft.After some time, the materials are now prepared. Meanwhile, Yu Er prepares somefood but gets abducted by the men outside. Ye Bei combines the materials and finishesa sword that can be seen in movies. He goes for the last step, to activate theweapon. He applies a high voltage, making the sword glow green, and Ye Beicompletes the sword. Just then, they hear Yu Er’s voice and discover her being abducted.They threaten Ye Bei to put down his weapon, but Ye Bei goes for a huge swing with his word,and a green slash flies at one of them and cuts a person in half. They panic, and Ye Bei swingshis sword again, killing the others. Suddenly, zombies appear, but Ye Bei slashes them all.The kidnappers escape toward a building,.

And Zhao Hang pursues them. Hestops seeing that they have a base. Zhao Hang worries that there is a bus blockingthe gate. More men come out and threaten him to leave his humvee. Zhao Hang tries to fightback, but a green slash passes by and kills the attackers. Ye Bei destroys the bus, and theyget in. Someone throws a knife at him, but he blocks it and kills the thrower. Ye Bei dodgesa gunshot, and the leader comes out. He wants to work with Ye Bei. Ye Bei tries to make a slash,but the leader points his gun at Yu Er. Ye Bei smiles and exclaims that he needs help with hisbig research. The leader laughs and welcomes him. Ye Bei tells Zhao Hang to go away if he wants.Zhao Hang warns him while slowly backing away. Men led Ye Bei inside the building. Later, Luo Xiangintroduces himself as the leader of the group..

Ye Bei introduces himself and claims that he knowswhat Luo Xiang knows about the apocalypse’s start. He further claims that Luo Xiang is establishingthe Nether Dragon Gang. Luo Xiang gets surprised and gets more interested in Ye Bei. Ye Bei thenshows the green pearl, and Lu Xiang laughs out loud, exclaiming that Ye Bei really knows him.Luo Xiang then confirms that he knows a little secret about the zombie virus. He asks ifthe pearls are related to Ye Bei’s sword, and Ye Bei did confirm. He hands over his swordto someone, but the man can’t lift the sword. Ye Bei starts explaining how the pearls form insidethe zombies’ heads. The pearls are called energy black metal, which gathers energy as time passes.It has great adaptability for the body and metal, making it great for making weapons. Luo Xiangasks if it can make someone a god when they eat.

It. Ye Bei laughs and explains that most whotried it became zombies. Luo Xiang asks what happened to the rest, but Ye Bei asks for theirattention first and activates the black metal, making the building’s engine short-fuse. Inthe dark, Ye Bei picks up his sword and cuts Luo Xiang in half. He immediately killsLuo Xiang because he is the one who used the black energy metal to wreak havoc inthe future. He then proceeds to kill the rest of the gang. Ye Bei checkson Yu Er, and Zhao Hang arrives. He picks up a gun to keep, and Zhao Hang commendsYe Bei’s plan. He notices a woman and claims to have been captured by Luo Xiang. She bringsthem to Luo Xiang’s resources. Meanwhile, a gang member survives and sees a dead Luo Xiang.He notices and picks up a black metal and recalls.

Ye Bei talking about it. He swallows the blackmetal, and he screams in pain. Yu Er wakes up, and Ye Bei enters the room with resourcesin a bag. Because it is raining outside, they decided to stay for the night. Meanwhile,Ruo Xi is enjoying a shower when a man appears and tries to assault her. She screams for help, andthe windows shatter. The man angrily checks on it, and he shouts in pain. Ruo Xi takes a peekand sees the man impaled by a thorny monster. Ruo Xi screams, and the monster cries out thathe is not a monster. Ruo Xi asks who he is, and he explains that he was shot and ate the blackmetal. He mentions that Ye Bei dug the black metal out of zombies’ heads and ate one to survive. RuoXi gets agitated hearing Ye Bei’s name and asks for his location. She asks the monster to bringher there so she can kill Ye Bei. She claims that.

They are enemies. She exclaims how strong themonster is. The monster explains that he feels energized now and asks Ruo Xi why she is notscared of him. Ruo Xi laughs and seduces the monster with her body to hunt down Ye Bei. Themonster exclaims that he’ll help her. Just then, he releases Ruo Xi and screams in pain. The nextmorning, Ye Bei’s group leaves the building, and Zhao Hang cries upon seeing the humvee’scrushed roof. Ye Bei then realizes something is wrong. He slashed the roof and turned theHumvee into a convertible. The engines still work, and they set out. Along the way, they notice agroup of students—they were Ye Bei’s classmates. The students run away from the zombies, and Ye Beislashes the zombies chasing them. He greets them, and they thank him. They are planning to goto a human camp on Lake Island. They ask Ye.

Bei for a ride and food to eat. Ye Bei tellsthem to shut up. He will share food if they do something for him. He asks Zhao Hang to explainthe rules. Zhao Hang teaches them how to dig for the black metal. She even assures them that it iseasy and not scary. Ye Bei slashes the zombies, and the rest collect the black metal. Two hourslater, they collected a lot of black metal. Ye Bei orders Zhao Hang to give them food as payment,even if it hurts. Just then, something jumps on the car, and the thorny monster appears. Ye Beirecognizes it as a mutated ability user. He orders everyone to run and tries to fight the thornyzombie. Just then, Ruo Xi appears and surprises her classmates. She orders the thorny zombie tokill Ye Bei. As Ye Bei and the zombie confront each other, a ball of flame almost hits them.From afar, they discover a mutated flame zombie.

Ye Bei and Ruo Xi get surprised, and sheasks the thorny zombie if it is his friend, but he doesn’t know. The flame zombie leaps andattacks the thorny zombie. The thorny zombie pushes it back, but it fights back with itsflame breath. Ye Bei and the others ran. Ruo Xi orders the thorny zombie to follow them, buthe is pinned down by the flame zombie. The flame zombie fires off the flame and almost hits YeBei’s group. Ye Bei gets separated from his classmates and orders them to hide. Ye Bei’s groupenters the underground parking lot. Meanwhile, the thorny zombie asks the flame zombie totalk things out. He mentions the black metal, and the flame zombie cries upon hearing the word.He mentions being forced to eat one by a group, and he wants to kill them all. The thorny zombiesympathizes with him, and Ruo Xi interrupts them..

The thorny zombie claims that he can track YeBei’s scent. The thorny zombie explains to the flame zombie that Ye Bei is knowledgeable withblack metal and might know how to turn them back into humans. The flame zombie then offers help.After some time, Ye Bei’s group is discovered. They are cornered by the two mutantzombies. The thorny zombie attacks Ye Bei, but he shoots Ruo Xi using his gun. Thethorny zombie panics and blocks all of Ye Bei’s gunshots. Ye Bei fires off a slash,and the thorny zombie runs off with Ruo Xi. The flame zombie attacks Ye Bei, and Yu Erdistracts it. Ye Bei hits the nearby pipe, and water extinguishes the flame zombie. Heslashes its right arm and tries again to slash, but the flame zombie dodges. The thorny zombiewarns Ye Bei, and both mutants with Ruo Xi run.

Away. Ye Bei gets weak and feels relieved thattwo ability users ran away. Zhao Hang asks for their origin, and Ye Bei explains that, by a onein ten thousand chance, a person swallowing the black metal can become a strong ability user.Zhao Hang asks why Ye Bei knows all of this, and Ye Bei promises to tell them in thefuture. They then continue to move out. They discover the car is totally unusable. YuEr then mentions that she knows this location and that her father's old friend lives there.She points out the direction and claims that he is a good person. She claims that hishouse has tall walls and lots of computers. Ye Bei then asks to check the place, assumingthat her father is already there. Meanwhile, the thorny zombie collects black metal and goesback to check on Ruo Xi. She trembles in pain and.

Asks for all the black metal he collected.The thorny zombie goes out and talks with the flame zombie. They plan how to capture YeBei so they can become humans again. The flame zombie introduces himself as Zhou Bo, whilethe thorny zombie is Wang Sheng. Meanwhile, Ye Bei’s group is getting nearer to theirdestination. They encounter a flood and enter a tunnel through the waterway. Justthen, Ye Bei falls unconscious and drowns. Wang Sheng checks on Ruo Xi and discoversher groaning in extreme pain. A dark, ominous aura blasts out from the building. Ina flashback, Ruo Xi tortures Ye Bei and drowns him in the water. Ye Bei wakes up and sees asleeping Yu Er beside his bed. She wakes up and informs him that they are at his father’sfriend’s house. Zhao Hang appears with food,.

And an old man appears while commenting on theirgroup’s combination. Yu Er explains that the old man discovered them through the CCTVs andrecognized Yu Er. He saw everything and asked where Yu Bei got his weapon from. He triesto get up, but the old man explains that the sword drained his energy. He introduces himself asZhang Han, and Ye Bei remembers the famous zombie researcher from his other future. He claims to bea self-proclaimed professor, and Ye Bei thinks it is just a coincidence. Zhang Han asks to researchthe weapon for the sake of humanity’s future. Ye Bei agrees, but he wants something in return: aliving zombie. He leads them to his lab and is amazed that only Ye Bei can lift the sword. YeBei gets impressed by his lab, and he plans to make a weapon. Zhang Han insists on watching him,but Ye Bei claims that his process is a secret.

Later on, Yu Er monitors the CCTVs throughZhang Han’s computer room. She hopes to see her father come. Zhang Han asks if the other twomen with her are alright. He is scared of Ye Bei’s intelligence and aura. He also mentions how ZhaoHang looks like a person with ulterior motives, and Zhao Hang hears it all. Zhao Hang claims ZhangHan is weirder because he has a research lab, fuel tanks, a solar cell field, and huge compartmentsfor food and clothes. Zhang Han exclaims that he expected the apocalypse a long time ago andprepared for it. His goal is to save all humans, but Zhao Hang points out that using CCTVs invadespeople’s privacy. Ye Bei interrupts them and takes Zhao Hang’s blood. Ye Bei leaves as he warnsthem to prepare for something worse. Meanwhile, Ye Bei’s classmates are stranded. Ah Fengconcludes that it is better to take some.

Black metals for themselves. He wants to have thepower to break through the zombies. Just then, they notice a purple tornado from afar. Onthe other hand, Ye Bei has been working hard to create weapons. Yu Er then exclaimedthat she had seen her father on the CCTV. Zhao Hang goes out, and Zhang Han ordershim to go around the mountain. He gets mad at the old man’s nagging. ZhaoHang walks further and encounters a horde of zombies. He feels confidentafter gaining a weapon from Ye Bei. He slashes through them and asks for more. Henotices the huge tornado raging from afar. He keeps killing zombies and asks Zhang Han ifthey have seen the tornado. Based on his sensors, it detects that the tornado is around levelsix and orders Zhao Hang to retreat. Zhao Hang.

Apologizes to Yu Er for not finding herfather. Zhang Han assures Yu Er that her father can survive. Just then, Zhang Han’s zombiedetector goes off, and Zhao Hang confirms that he is bringing in a zombie. He remembers YeBai wanting to research one. Zhang Han gets excited and storms out of the monitoring room.Zhao Hang cuts its limbs, and Zhang Han gets excited. Zhang Han now gets along well with ZhaoHang, and Yu Er is happy to see them. Meanwhile, the bad weather clears out, and the zombiessurprisingly mutate into a more grotesque form. They can now move quickly and attack peoplehiding in their homes. They start attacking people’s homes, and screams are heard everywhere.These mutated zombies attack Ye Bei’s classmates, but a white mutated zombie kills the zombies.They recognized the mutated zombie as Ah Feng.

Screams envelop the streets, and a familiargroup watches the scene. Zhou Bo is amazed, and Ruo Xi asks for Ye Bei’s whereabouts. WangSheng confirms he is in the lab in the mountains and offers to kill Ye Bei immediately. RuoXi stops him because she wants to kill Ye Bei slowly with her own hands. She wants himto feel despair and hopelessness. Meanwhile, Ye Bei’s group is preparing to leave the lab, butZhang Han tells them not to continue because the city is overflowing with zombies, and they arecoming towards the lab. He estimates that there are thousands of them. Zhao Hang asks if theyangered the zombies enough for them to come to their location. Zhang Han asks Zhao Hang toreport to Ye Bei. Zhao Hang knocks on the door, and Ye Bei already knows the news. Zhao Hang seeshim relaxed and calm, but Ye Bei claims that he.

Didn’t have enough time to make equipment. ZhaoHang asks how to deal with the army of zombies. Ye Bei claims that he did warn them, and it isfaster than expected. He then claims that if Zhang Han is Professor Zhang from the legends, then hecan overcome this situation. Zhao Hang gets mad at his nonsensical talk and leaves Ye Bei alone.Zhao Hang climbs a tower and sees the zombies. He panics and gets in the car. He asks Zhang Hanto open the gates, and if they don't return, they’ll need to find a way to escape. Yu Erworries, but Zhao Hang swears he won’t die easily. He drives around and shoots the zombies with hisspecial gun. He gets excited, and he shoots more. Can they survive this zombie wave? Hmm… It seemslike someone is controlling them… If you like this video, make sure to give us a like andsubscribe to our channel. See you next time!.

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