He Tries To Place His Youthful Bro Harmless In Sus Village Of Girls

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Sometimes, a childhood friendis someone you won't forget, even if distance comes between the two ofyou. For Kazuma Hoshino, that friend comes as memories in his dreams. But for now, hehas to focus on bringing his younger brother, Ayumu, to the countryside. Ahhh, fresh air.Upon arriving at the train station, the brothers catch a bus without checking whereit's headed—an early recipe for disaster. They're supposed to go to Yamabiko, a place Kazuma’sunfamiliar with since he’s only been there once. Ayumu is quite excited to stay at Yorozuyo Inn:the same place their dad took him on his first trip. He barely remembers anything except forits appearance—an old building with a beautiful garden and a serene river. His first time wasso memorable yet felt strangely nostalgic..

After a few miles, Ayumu notices the mapin the bus… they’re going the opposite direction. OH NOOOOO! (the Jojo clip herewould be funny) Hearing that, Kazuma panics and decides to get off at the next stop.They check the bus schedules. The next one arrives in an hour, so they’re left withno choice but to sit on the station benches. Time passes and there’s no sign of the bus.Suddenly, Ayumu spots a monkey on the other side of the road. He calls it to give it somesnacks, but the monkey snatches away his cap. The animal quickly runs while Kazuma chases itinto the woods, leaving his brother alone on the bench. That’s some horror movie-level idiocy.The little robber crosses a river and mocks Kazuma. He continues… then slips in theriver. Water is wet! What a surprise! He.

Even climbs a tree in the middle of the forestjust to follow it. In a panic, the animal lets go of the cap. Our determined soldier finallycatches it but falls headfirst into the shrubs. Ayumu starts worrying. Rightfullyso, his brother is LOST. Just pray there aren’t any hungry bears in there.Suddenly, Kazuma hears rustling behind him. It’s a beautiful cherry-pink-hairedmaiden. She yelps in surprise. Another genius line escapes his lips: “You're…a girl?” he asks. Duh. The lady nods and shows him the way out to save him from his misery.Kazuma narrates how he got lost, while Ui Nakatsugawa strangely talks about food. Theyfinally reach the river and Ui teaches him the way to the bus stop. She's glad that it was herwhom Kazuma encountered and not a fearsome bear..

She then volunteers to show Kazuma how tocross the river safely. She effortlessly prances from one rock to another…revealing her… “heart” in the process. “So were you watching closely?” she shouts at himfrom the other side. Oh boy, YEAH. He was watching REALLYYY closely. Kazuma stutters but decides tocross the river without another word. He leaps onto one rock after another until a memory flashesback. It's quite vague, including the face of the short-haired girl he used to play with as a child.The memory clouds his mind, and he loses balance upon reaching the other side. In trueanime fashion, he conveniently trips over Ui, pushing her to the ground until theirlips momentarily meet. Plot, meet physics! Suddenly, a short-haired girl named Ibuki Hinatashows up. She’s enraged and ready to throw hands.

At Kazuma for pinning down her poor friendand k-k-kissing her! Despite his explanations, she kicks him into the dirt and threatensto call the cops. *Cue SWAT meme. Luckily, Ui butts in to defend Kazuma's innocence.This causes Ibuki to calm down and point in the direction of the bus stop. Despiteclearing up the misunderstanding, she remains hostile as he leaves. On theother hand, Yi cheerfully bids him farewell. Ayumu finally sees his brother but wonderswhat happened because he's a total mess. Kazuma assures him nothing to worry about andplaces the cap on his brother's head. However, another memory of that little girl infiltrateshis mind, yet he still doesn't know who she is. After a brief bus ride, the siblings reachYorozuyo Inn. It’s not as old and historical.

As Kazuma remembers. They enter the building and awoman greets them immediately. Kazuma then begins to introduce themselves but it appears she wasexpecting them. In fact, she was worried why they took so long. But now that they're here,she warmly welcomes little Ayumu and takes them to their rooms so they can freshen up.”So, auntie…” Kazuya minces his words and backtracks when the lady’s expression turnsgrim. “Young Miss!” Nope, not that either. “Sis” does it. He then asks if she's thelandlady of this inn, to which she confirms and introduces herself as Senka Yorozu. Fromnow on, she'll be their new guardian. What!? Also, the old Yorozuyo Innstill lives on behind the new wing. It exists as it does in Kazuma’s memories.Senka shows them to their own rooms, then directs.

Kazuma to the shower since he badly needs one.The size of the bath is astounding and Kazuma feels quite kingly. As he removes his garments,he’s shocked to find a girl cleaning inside. It’s ALMOST a generic anime trope. No screams and slapshere. Well, the innocent lady gains unexpected guests in this male visitor and his tiny friend.Kazuma panics and runs out – but he accidentally bumps into Senka. This causes him to fallwith his legs spread wider than a child’s gleaming smile. Big Sis bears witness to hisindomitable spear. What are you doing, stepbro? When he returns to his room afterwards, today’sevents play back in his mind. Falling from a tree, an accidental smooch… Even worse, hisweapon has been unsheathed and witnessed. Tears stream down his face.He gets all smiley again when.

Ayumu suddenly enters his room to call himto dinner. Senka jokes around that their welcoming feast will be served by a… ehem..woman without garments. Without hesitation, Kazuma protects his little brother’s innocence.It was all a joke and dinner goes normally. After dinner, Ayumu shyly asks his brother ifthey can sleep together for the night. It’s an unfamiliar place after all. Aww, some wholesomebrotherly love to counteract earlier events. The following day, Senka introduces thesiblings to their hired guide to bring them to school. She's Tsumugi Toudou,a senior in Yamabiko South High. Oh no, it’s the girl from the bath yesterday.Kazuma blushes and apologizes for yesterday’s indecency, but Tsumugi shrugs.There's nothing much to see, so it's okay..

Ouch! “Not surprising with that size,” Senkaadds. Talk about pouring salt on an open wound! The three then walk to school together.Kazuma explains that Ayumu is quite sickly, so their novelist dad thought it best tomove somewhere with clean air. The family has plans to fully relocate here in the futureso they’ve been sent in advance to check it out. Upon reaching Ayumu’s school, Kazuma wisheshim luck on his first day. Tsumugi then flashes a mysterious smile at the olderbrother as they head to the high school. Meanwhile, Ibuki notices that Ui has beenspacing out a lot lately. The latter denies that it’s because of yesterday’s events, butit’s written all over her face. It’s at this time that their teacher arrives and introducesthe new student. Of course it's Kazuma. And yes,.

The two recognize him – albeit with differingreactions. And so the plot thickens… [2]Ui’s in deep sleep and dreams about eating cake withher beloved big brother. She remembers how he wiped the cream off her lips, but it suddenlybecame a vivid memory of Kazuma's. OH YEAHHHH. Speak of the devil, they’re classmates now. Sheseems happy to see him but Ibuki’s disgusted by his presence. She loudly voices out her brashopinions, but there’s nowhere else to transfer our poor protagonist. This little school in theboonies only has one class for second years. As people wonder what their relationship is, Ibukiquickly retorts they’re not even acquaintances. Kazuma speedily introduces himself to theclass. Then Kokubaru Minami, a.k.a. Daigo,.

Reveals himself to be the teacher's son and asksif they can ask the new student awkward questions for fun. Sensei isn’t too happy about being called“Mom” here and throws a piece of chalk. The boy is able to dodge the projectile but falls from hisseat. Oh, it’s free now! Sensei assigns Kazuma there, while Daigo is given an old box as a desk.Kazuma ends up sitting beside the warm Ui and shares pleasantries. On the other side, though, isthe strict Ibuki who’s watching him like a hawk. Class ends and the interrogation swiftlycommences. The questions are pretty generic until they get to his relationship with Ibukisince they seem to know each other. She denies any associations with his degenerate but remainsmindful not to spill Ui's accident. Instead, she portrays him as a violent animal who pusheda girl over in the mountains. Ui chimes in,.

Stating it was a misunderstanding. Good girl.Their classmates put two-and-two together: the aforementioned girl is Ui! As it becomesthe hot topic for today, Kazuma and Ibuki get in a heated argument over her deceptiveness.Their rambling is so intense that they fail to notice their teacher has arrived for class. Oops.Even during class, Ibuki exerts every effort to create space between Kazuma and Ui. Lunchtimearrives and Daigo invites him to lunch, seemingly impressed with his exploits so far.The unexpected occurs: these two boys sit with… the two girls for lunch. Food is a peacemaker.Ui might not look the part, but she eats enough to feed a village. First dish is a ricebowlwith vegetables. Second is a box with side dishes. Dessert comes in the form of homemademuffins. All of this is exclusively for her own.

Consumption. Does all the food go to her… assets?Kazuma asks if yesterday’s picked vegetables made it to her lunch. Yes, they did. But then… whywas Ibuki with her? It appears that she made a sidetrip to the girls’ secret hangout spot:a viewing platform in the mountains. They’ve frequented the place since they were little anddestress by screaming their worries there. On random days, Ibuki goes there just to shout“Yahoo!” because its echoes cheer her up. After class, Ui volunteers to tour Kazuma aroundYamabiko while Ibuki and Daigo tag along. Kazuma asks if he can bring Ayumu along and they allagree. He gives his lil bro a call and they agree to meet at the bridge. But before headingoff, Kazuma spots Tsumugi waiting for him by the school's entrance. She joins their entourage.Apparently Tsumugi’s the school beauty which.

Garners Kazuma some praise from Daigo – muchto Ibuki’s annoyance. However, he can't help but worry about Ayumu. Tsumugi reassures him thateverything’s fine. After all, her youngest sister, Kasane, is in the same class as the littleboy and is accompanying him towards the group. Ayumu shyly introduces himself to Kazuma'sfriends. They can’t believe someone so cute can be related to Kazuma. They nearly ask if the twohave different mothers but Kazuma senses this and clarifies right away that they don’t. If that'sthe case, Ayumu surely is one of God’s favorites. Tsumugi once again notices how Kazuma walks insmaller steps just to adjust to Ayumu’s slower pace. She sweetly calls it out, which flusters theolder brother and elicits silly smiles from the gang. He doesn’t spare any time in changingthe subject and asking where they’re going..

First, they stop over at a convenience store whereHikonans usually go. But for some quality snacks, Ui suggests they shop at Yahho. The store'sname is Yakata, but it’s been renamed by the locals. Surely enough, it has enough treatsto rival Willy Wonka’s factory and they end up buying a LOT. Afterward, they gatheraround a table to showcase their loot. Ui takes out multiple cheese-flavored snacksbecause they’re her favorite. “So that's why it tasted like cheese,” Kazuma mentions. Startled, Uiimagines that he’s referring to her lips from the little smooch. It appears he’s equally confusedsince he was referring to the muffins from lunchtime. Lesson learned: Guilty little girl!The tour continues. Ayumu’s amazed by everything Tsumugi knows about the place. Upon reaching theshopping district, Kasane discusses every store.

Owner's personal life, from marriage to familyproblems, like a university lecture. Well, she isn’t Yamabiko's “Fast-Eared Girl” for nothing!What’s next? Well, Ui wants to take Kazuma to Twin Peaks to see the lookout. Legends say agodly couple used to live on that mountain, but their love turned them into lazy individuals.So the heavens punished them by splitting the mountain's top in half – separating them fromone another forever. But the people believe they still call on each other, uttering, “I longfor you. I want to be with you.” Their love is so great that it echoes throughout the plains,bearing a fruitful land. This legend is the root of Yamabiko’s name and they celebratea festival to commemorate it every fall. Hearing that, Ui gets an idea. She'll take Kazumato the famed Kotama Shrine. But getting there.

Requires a million stone steps uphill…. RIP, legs.As soon as they reach the bottom of the steps, Ui speeds off for a race and Kazuma daringlyaccepts. The rest decide to refrain from the juvenile behavior and take it slow. Hemanages to secure a narrow victory over Ui. At the destination, they run into MadokaKoumoto sweeping the temple grounds. Ui introduces him, but Madoka’s shockedspeechless by his arrival. She repeats his name and runs away. Is there some backstory here?Before the day ends, the group brings the Hoshino siblings to Backpipe: a coffee shop they frequent.They share a HUMONGOUS Jumbo Parfait and giddily exchange stories. After Ui finishes eating,Kazuma notices cream on her lips and gently wipes it off. This triggers a memory andshe instinctively calls him “Onii-chan.”.

Everyone stares at her in disbelief andtries to come up with explanations, so Ui lies and tells them it was an accident. Itseems innocent, but she seems oddly fixated on the thought of Kazuma as an older brother.Meanwhile, the two siblings are enjoying their time in this new setting.[3] Visions of the short-haired little girl appearonce more. She loves flowers, so her friend gifts her a beautiful flower ring. However, thisisn't Kazuma's dream: it’s Madoka's. PLOT TWIST! Wakey-wakey time. Senka heads to the boys' roomto wake them, but she hears something profound. Ayumu playfully comments that Kazuma’s so excitedin the morning. “It” keeps standing up. “Then get it over with.” “Alright, I’m going to start.” Ididn’t know this anime rhymed with Poku Mo Bico!.

“STOP!” Senka screams as she barges in, only tofind out Ayumu is fixing Kazuma's stiff…. Hair? Perhaps her mind needs some spiritual cleansing.After breakfast, the brothers head to school. Ayumu smiles, realizing Tsumugi’s observationsregarding his Onii-san’s tiny strides are true. On the other hand, Daigo meets them alongthe way and accompanies Kazuma to see his dear little brother off.They continue until Ui and Ibuki catch their attention. It’s the usualrowdy morning until Kazuma notices a presence behind the shrubs. It disappears immediately.It’s lunchtime. The two boys rush to get some sandwiches before Ui drools over hertable. Although it’s become evident that rumors of his “pushing” havespread throughout the school. Moreso,.

The stalker continues to lurk within his vicinity.Lunchtime ends and Kazuma finally locks a visual on the spy. He gives chase but the girl is toofast, causing him to almost stumble over Madoka. Luckily, he's able to grab her to maintainhis balance, but she instinctively knocks him over due to a fear of being touched.She promptly apologizes and runs away. It appears Lady Luck likes Kazuma quitea lot. Coincidentally Tsumugi is in the hallway and takes care of him in the nurse'soffice. There she explains that Madoka has a phobia of men due to her strict upbringing. Hergrandfather also taught her Judo, so that was a demonstration. Despite his painful misfortune,Kazuma chooses to understand the girl’s plight. One sunny afternoon, Kazuma oversleeps and wakesup in the afternoon. Senka informs him that Ayumu.

Has gone off with his sketchbook, so it would bebest to explore on his own as well. This would also give the staff time to clean their rooms.Kazuma does as told and embarks on a walk. However, his back pain reminds himof the incident with Madoka. Might as well pay the shrine a visit to apologize.He ascends the steps and finds her sweeping the grounds as usual. Although… it looks like shewants to avoid him. Before she can run off again, he bows his head in apology. She reciprocates,but hopefully she’s not thinking it’s a prerequisite to another judo match. Ourboy wouldn’t survive another one of those. They sit on the porch to clear things up.Both of them feel sorry for making each other uncomfortable the other day. She finallyasks him to call her by her name, and it’s a.

Splendid reconciliation. As Kazuma preparesto leave, Madoka nervously asks if the rumors about him pushing Ui in the mountains and doingstuff to her are true. Woah, news spreads fast. Finally, he uses this opportunity to clearthings up, and Madoka understands. But.. he admits that the river accident led toan accidental smooch between him and Ui. This shocking revelation plays back a memoryin her mind: a flower ring and the kind boy who gave it to her. Tears begin streaming downher cheeks – but before he can ask what's wrong, an acorn flies toward his forehead.”Summoned by the sky, the earth, and man! Swift death to evil!” a green-haired girl chantsatop the nearby tree. “I'm Koyori Toudou, bringing evil to its knees!” Oh wow, it’s achuunibyou in the forest. It’s the STALKER!.

Koyori points at Kazuma, calling hima parasite and reprimanding him for polluting Uicchi's innocence.. and now,making Madoka cry! He’s vermin in this peaceful community. Since she woke up today andchose violence, she throws more acorns at him. Madoka blocks Koyori's projectiles and pleadsfor her to stop. For her sake, she concedes for the day – but Kazuma better not rest easy.”Doron!” she chants. Madoka quickly falls to her knees and faces the ground. What’s going on?!Irritated by his lack of common sense, Koyori explains he has to kneel and bow down whenever shesays “Doron,” so she can disappear. After multiple tries, Kazuma finally plays along but takes apeek as Koyori slides down the tree and runs away. *sighs* She’s really something else.-.

After another uneventful day in school, Uiinvites the gang out; but Ibuki can't walk home with them today because of archery training.It seems that she's so skilled that she’s known as the Hikonan Robinhood. In that case, Daigoconcludes only Kazuma and Ui will be walking home because he has.. and he’s hair-flippin’proud of it… supplementary English lessons! Hearing that, Ibuki threatens Kazuma if he triesto do something “weird” to her precious Ui. Walking home, Kazuma is curious aboutwhat Ibuki means by something “weird.” Ui knows exactly what that is but just awkwardlylaughs it off. Before they can explore the topic deeper, they find Ayumu who keeps them company.Ayumu shares that he joined the art club. Ui volunteers to be his model, but he anxiouslyadmits he’s not sure if he’s good enough to draw.

Her yet. Kazuma takes notice of his flustered faceand places his forehead against Ayumu's. Ui’s a little surprised… but the boy has a fever! DespiteAyumu’s apprehensions, the older brother takes him on a piggyback ride. This is cute.Observing the two brothers, Ui can't help but remember her Onii-chan.He’d do the same for her too. She can't help but wish Kazuma would carry her likethat—his hand on her thighs… We think Ibuki’s got her eyes on the wrong person.Back in their room, Ui makes an odd request: he check her temperature with someforehead-to-forehead contact as well. Oh, you sly girl. Sadly for our excitable degens outthere, they’re interrupted when Nee-san arrives with some snacks. She knows what’s goin’ on here!With Ayumu being well taken care of when he feels.

Sick, Kazuma feels more convinced that moving tothe countryside is the right decision. However, he has yet to find out more about themysterious girl in his dreams. But for now, he enjoys the company of his newfoundfriends, despite how strange they are.

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