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In the last episode athanasia suggested to Lucas that they use the sacred world tree to rescue the athing emperor but once Lucas showed her the set tree's sacred Branch she mindlessly touched it and found herself in an unfamiliar place so moving on the unknown place in which athanasia finds herself turns out to be the sacred world tree itself as she.

Stares at it and mindlessly reaches for it she falls unconscious in reality Lucas tries to wake her up and when she does her eyes glow strangely and she doesn't remember what happened only that she met the sacred world tree and it spoke to her the Mage scolds her for grabbing something so dangerous so thoughtlessly but she instead grabs his.

Arm excitedly and claims that she can save Claude with the sacred world tree something that Lucas finds baffling after calming her down he explains to her that she could lose her life in doing so besides they cannot induce Mana into clothe's body right now now since he's unconscious rendering all the techniques he knows practically useless.

However he promises to find another way soon but athanasia insists that she can do it herself confused he asks the how to which she finds herself just as perplexed as he curses the sacred world tree and decides to set fire to it later she says that she begged it for help and that's why it told her how it's done additionally there's another thing that.

She was taught but has forgotten completely Lucas is still pissed at the sacred world tree but digests it somehow because it is possible that athanasia begged it so much that it revealed its Secrets out of pity Lucas asks Al if she's aware that she might die if she uses the sacred world tree like that but she insists that she's willing to risk.

It all for the man who risked it all for her as the Furious Mage wonders about what's so special about having a family that she's going so far he curses his fate for being stuck with keeping the king alive simply because athanasia has asked him to otherwise he could have gone all out and annihilated everyone else the former Emperor etanithas and.

All the Nobles freeling her of the burden sighing he finally questions as she doesn't care that if she's dead the country will lose both that Emperor and the princess leaving it at the mercy of atanithus and the cruel former Emperor which leaves us speechless that night as she sleeps she has a vision about her country being.

Burned to ashes as the smoke Rises and covers the whole Sky athanasia stands amid the Castle's dust and debris silent and scared she wakes up gasping for air and wonders if it was a mere nightmare or a prophecy revealing to her what is going to unfold if the emperor dies but when she recalls the sacred World trees Revelation she feels like none of that.

Could happen since it feels like she can do everything on her own the following morning some Nobles meet with athanasia requesting to report something to the emperor directly she instructed them to inform her instead considering he was on leave but unfortunately they resorted to ridiculing his absence she appreciates their so-called loyalty toward the.

Emperor embarrassing them before gesturing them to leave as they turn around to leave in fear Felix appears behind them and intimidates them further as they run away the Knight recalls the news that the anti-imperial faction is rising Gathering soldiers and preparing for revolt which worries him further sometime later athanasia tells Lucas.

About her dream and wonders if that's something that might happen if Claude dies he says that it won't happen if the former Emperor comes back to rule the country since this is the country that'll serve him so it wouldn't make sense for him to destroy it if however the former Emperor does come back to rule it'll mean that the princess has.

Died too along with the emperor and if that happens Lucas may end up becoming the one who destroys the country and sets fire to every living being on this land but as long as he's here he reassures her that she won't get hurt so such a scene will never happen still worried about her father's Health though the princess insists that she wants to.

Use the sacred world tree after all since they both know it's the only way to bring him back Lucas starts trembling and tells her he won't allow it since she might die because if she does die nothing else will matter and and everything will turn meaningless to him so he won't let her just as she watches him in awe he reminds her of Jeanette.

And wonders if she plans to just leave her alone at the former Emperor's Mercy athanasia flashes a sweet smile and says that she has already talked to her and fixed their friendship the story goes back to when she had a conversation with Jeanette over tea a while back athanasia apologized for mistreating her for so long and admitted to herself and.

Jeanette that she had been deceiving her despite knowing her identity since the debutant ball out of the fear that she might take her place in the emperor's life Jeanette started crying to and apologized for saying mean things to her despite knowing what she was going through with the emperor's deteriorating Health as the girls hugged each other.

And made up with tears in their eyes athanasia promised to not hide anything from her again unexpectedly though Lucas is a little angry to know this and questions why she told Jeanette about everything a furnacea only smiles weekly and says that she deserves to know things that involve her so she can choose her own path and not be exploited.

By others more importantly though she reveals that Janet has sensed atarnetheus's presence too and has felt that sometimes her father appears as if he's somebody else as if he's possessed by someone then she again requests Lucas to let her use the sacred world tree simply because she doesn't feel like she'll lose to it now that she has.

Stopped running away and has faced herself finally Lucas is still worried and skeptical about the whole idea but understands that his words won't stop her anymore later athanasia meets up with Felix and reveals her plan to him as expected he opposes it at first but she insists that there's no other way leaving him with no other choice leaving.

A letter for Lillian with Felix and for IG kill with Jeanette affinacia moves forward with her decision to begin the ritual they take the emperor to a secret place and Lucas warns athanasia of the dangers of it for the hundredth time he explains that direct contact with the sacred world tree will take her Consciousness away metaphorically which.

Is akin to dropping a drop of water into an ocean one wrong move and you'll dissipate since one cannot distinguish oneself from everything else that exists the birds the roads the wind the Pebbles on the grass he nags her to pay attention to herself only and follow her father's Mana while her neck hurts from nodding for so long as she settles right.

Beside the unconscious Emperor he asks her to hold his hand and remember who she is just as she closes her eyes she spirals into the world of the unknown with events happening in the castle flashing right past her recalling Lucas's words she says her name out loud and right then a hand grabs her and pulls her out.

Of that place meanwhile a surprise Lucas stares at Claude finally understanding what kept Him alive for so long the hand that pulled her is revealed to be her mother Diana's who immediately hugs her and kisses her face telling her that she's missed her for so long and it's the first time that she's holding her affinacia is moved to tears when she.

Realizes who she is and mutters that she has missed her dearly Diana tells her not to cry and says that she's been watching over her all along she tells her she's proud of her daughter and is happy to witness the admirable person that she has become aphanasia questions how she's been able to watch over her if souls are reborn as somebody else after.

Dying and she says that she reluctantly left a part of her soul here because she was worried about the emperor and their daughter ethanasia cries and regrets that she has to leave to save her father soon even though it's her first time meeting her mother Diana Rish shows her that cold is all right and has been with her the whole time he was unconscious.

Furthermore he's aware of all that is happening inside and outside the castle he's also touched by her desire to save him however he's been a bit angry at her recklessness on the contrary thoughtlessly Diana caresses athanasia's face and says that now that she'd have seen how dauntless her daughter is she can finally leave in peace she then.

Points at the black dust looming over at a corner and tells athanasia to take the sacred world tree branch into it and bring her father back with her before leaving she hugs athanasia again and requests her to thank Felix and Lillian from her for taking care of her for so long as they part Diana cries.

That even though she has never held her daughter in her arms she has loved her since the moment she felt her presence in her belly wrapping her in her Embrace she confesses that she loves her before everything turns bright white at the same time Lucas is annoyed at the emotions that are flooding his heart despite having killed them so long ago.

He wonders why it's unbearable to think that athanasia might die and flashes back to a certain figure asking himself if that's how he felt too he believes that despite not knowing what having a family feels like he will be lonely if he never gets to see aphanasia again just as he glances back at her sleeping figure right next to Claude.

The barrier Ramen breaks with a flash signifying that the curse has broken but when he turns around he only finds clawed up and awake while athanasia still sleeps just as fear floods his mind Claude caresses athanasia's head and gestures to Lucas to stay silent implying that she's merely asleep meanwhile afanasif finds herself inside.

Her father's memories as a young boy who Bears a striking resemblance to Anastasia's hovers over a sick Claude she feels through his eyes just how happy he is to see his elder brother caring for him anastasius regrets Cold's condition blaming his mother and takes care of him through the night but things drastically change once they grow up and.

Anastasia starts despising him leaving Claude confused and heartbroken his mother wonders if the empress and her son bear hatred toward her child but cold tells her not to worry about him as they grow older clothes sorrow deepens and athanasia feels it in her bones but suddenly all of the pain changes into Fury once he finds out about his.

Mother's passing and learns that the last person who visited her before this is anastasius then everything goes by in a Flash with bludge and Silent screams only for Claude to be crowned as the emperor the dark and miserable world that Claude has begun to reside in disappears as soon as he meets Diana but it is rather short-lived and she passes.

Away soon athanasi's heart hurts on claude's behalf almost as if it's been torn apart when she feels his sorrow over Diana's passing but that unbearable pain vanishes as soon as he casts the black magic spell on himself as expected though his life after the incident becomes meaningless and boring filled with nothing but Solitude and endless.

Emptiness but when he stumbles across her his Darkness begins to crack with athanasia's light that resembles his late wife so much and bit by bit his curse breaks thanks to their little girl called wishes not to be parted from her and prays for her to be happy and healthy promising to do everything in his power to make sure of it this is.

Loudly depicted when athanasia gets caught in the Mana explosion and he recklessly throws everything away to save her finally understanding what Diana meant affinessia wakes up with tears in her eyes and smiles widely to see her father awake alive and greeting her as she lies in the bed cold sits by her side and asks her why she did such a.

Reckless thing knowing that it could have killed her she asks in the same thing but he says that he wanted to save her from the Mana explosion and that there was no other way but he regrets his choice saying that if he had known it would take away his memories and curse him he would have chosen death instead he curses himself for abandoning.

Her and scolds her for not choosing to abandon him and fix the situation for herself with Lucas's help as athanasia stops him from starting nonsense he recalls that his wife used to get angry at him for saying such things too effanacia recalls that in her father's memories she felt that he doesn't think he deserves to be loved and that is why.

He pushes it away she begins crying and decides to say everything that is on her mind out loud she reveals that it hurt her really bad when he pushed her away and humiliated her Claude answers that she's right to resent him and that he'll kill everyone who has mistreated her in his absence but she grabs his robe and tells him that he needs to say something.

Else before that he hesitantly apologizes and regrets treating her the way he did but she continues her brutal rant as he begs for forgiveness a tear leaves his eyes and athanasia begins to cry out loud too Claude hugs her as a result and repeatedly apologizes while she is relieved to find that her dad is exactly like her and both of them merely.

Built walls around themselves out of their fear of rejection Felix arrives at the scene a while later and is happy to see the princess awake upon getting questioned he tells the emperor that even though they've kept news about his return from the Nobles Bale demanding he proves his innocence against the accusation athanasia asks in if the.

Curse is still there but he says that he's fine now then he turns to Felix and says that they don't need to play along anymore and he'll handle the situation now that he's back since athanasia knows that handling the situation for her father involves a bloodbath she suggests an alternate means introducing Lucas to everyone as a magician of the tower she.

Proposes that if he makes an official appearance and testifies for claude's innocence the Nobles won't be able to say anything against them however Felix explains to her that even so they still need to punish the former Emperor and the Nobles who disrespected her effanacia recalls her treatment and how she was belittled in front of everyone.

And finally lets it Go leaving it to Claude and Lucas Felix is surprised to see Lucas collaborating with them of his Free Will and asks him the reason behind it since the Magician of the tower doesn't like intervening in Imperial matters he states that it's because somebody he knows is involved in this meaning atanithas and secondly it's.

Because if the Empire is on the verge of obliteration then it's the magician's duty to protect it ifanasia recalls her vision and affirms that they cannot allow the Empire to fall Claude Pats her head and Lucas suggests that they go settle the debts as soon as possible meanwhile ejekiel arrives at the Royal Palace to meet with anastasius and.

Requests a formal leave for his father on account of his poor health the former Emperor questions if his father has asked him to request it but the boy says that he's doing it on his own accord Anastasia's picks that he's trying to separate him from the Duke and answers that he'll let him take his leave after the investigation against claude's use.

Of black magic has been completed clenching his fist ejekiel questions him about the investigation and anastasius replies that they'll draw a magic circle and drip his blood into it if the circle reacts he'll be proven guilty though he plays Dom anastasius picks up on ejekiel's hidden intention and leaves his seat at once approaching the boy he.

Sighs and uses Magic to destroy the magical artifact in ejikil's grip and holds him by his jaw against the wall he commences dumb boldness for deciding to harm a member of the royal family on the Castle's premises but just as things get worse ejekiel holds his hand and activates a spell cast on him by Lucas.

It is revealed that moments ago he met with the princess and the Mage and it is revealed that ijakiel brought the artifact with him despite knowing that anesthes would catch up on it only so he could close the distance between them to activate Lucas's spell afanasia noticed his downcast eyes and noticed how his father being brainwashed and his family.

Being used by the former Emperor had taken a toll on him before leaving he turned to the princess and thanked her for putting her faith in him back in the present Lucas's spell propels anastasius to cast a barrier around himself but just as he does so the Mage appears out of thin air mocking the weakness of his defenses he.

Breaches through his barrier and as Anastasia's cause up blood Lucas questions him if he knows who he is the Mage provokes him by expressing disappointment over him possessing his descendant's body like some Demon anastasius tries to play dumb but Lucas tells him to cut the crap he pulls him up and breaks off a crystal that.

Contains his blood before taking him to the princess soon all the Nobles and Aristocrats are summoned to Lucas's Tower where athanasia addresses all their rumors about cold using black magic Lucas reveals that any lie spit under his roof will make the stagnant Mana run wild and injure the liar meanwhile anastasius decides to stay put.

In front of Lucas mentioning how even his evil spirit etanithus is unresponsive in his presence he also notices how confident athanasia is concluding that clold must have awoken she uses claude's blood to prove his innocence on a magic circle and proves that her uncle was in fact the liar then she uses the blood.

Extracted from anastasius by Lucas to prove that he is the one who has used black magic instead as soon as his blood meets the red magic circle the entire Tower gets tainted with a cloud of dark smoke which Spurs Whispers among the Nobles the meeting concludes when athanasia declares Anastasia's imprisonment which will be followed by a.

Thorough investigation and Punishment according to the laws much of a surprise though the former Emperor does not resist when Lucas chains him using magic meanwhile the Nobles who stood up against the princess in the emperor's absence and ridiculed her tremble in fear inside the prison a dejected anastasius asks the spirit of atanithus.

If he's not responding because he can't use him anymore later athanasia enthusiastically approaches Claude who was resting in the Castle's Garden under a canopy looking through some documents she tells him that she has done her job and imprisoned the former Emperor he Praises her for doing a good job leaving her confused and wondering why he isn't.

Going to kill him straight up upon being questioned he reminds her she's the one who told him to stay put so he is complying though he can take care of his brother any time that he wants especially after how he has treated her in his absence Claude says that he'd rather let her do things her own way he Praises how she handled the Affairs of.

The Empire behind his back flustered athanasius says that she's his daughter after all but cold insists that she has done an even better job than he does his words move her to tears and as she weeps she mumbles about how hard she has worked but before she gets to Express gratitude for her father's kind words cold starts pointing out her mistakes in.

Some of the documents leaving her speechless later in the evening just as athanasia deals with the presence she has received from the Nobles following the morning's events Genet comes up to meet her on the verge of tears she questions if her father has actually used black magic but before athanasia replies Jeanette requests to meet her.

Father in the prison although she doesn't agree at first the princess falters in front of her beloved friend and both of them leave to see the former emperor in the prison but much to everyone's horror when they arrive at Anastasia's cell they find him bleeding and unconscious following that Lucas finds himself in a room where anastasius.

And Roger alpheus lie unconscious in their beds annoyed but under the pressure of the princess's request his size and agrees to treat them however athanasia doesn't understand how it happened to the former Emperor without their knowledge Lucas says that it's probably time for him to die since he already died once and should have stayed.

Dead suddenly glass shatters somewhere and Duke alpheus points a piece of it at anastasius while shielding Jeanette in his Embrace as the Mage and the princess watched them worried sick the dupe tells her to get out of the room and save herself from the dangerous man sleeping on the other bed even though he's frail.

And weak and can barely stand his worry for Jeanette shocks athanasia but just as he's sending her away anastasius wakes up and mistakes the situation thinking as if the Duke is trying to harm his daughter he gets up with difficulty and questions the Duke about what he's doing but before they make a scene Lucas makes them fall asleep.

Athenesia apologizes to Jeanette for not understanding the situation better and reveals to her that her uncle anastasius used his magic to possess the Duke which is why they are on bad terms currently the princess says that the Duke sings to cherish her a lot considering how desperately he tried to protect her despite his frail Health although she.

Doesn't get it at first first and feels overwhelmed by the situation Janet says that ever since she came to the castle she has felt like she was ignorant of all the political Affairs around her before athanasia believes that it happened because she was warded off from all the information by Roger alphius which also made her susceptible to being.

Used by others grabbing her by the shoulders she tells her to talk it over with Duke alpheus instead of looking at the bigger picture and making assumptions knowing all too well that the Duke protected Jeanette not for his political gains but out of genuine love coincidentally Duke alfius comes out of his room in jeannette's search right.

Then and the two make up meanwhile athanasia finds it strange that anastasius also acted like he was worried for Jeanette almost as if he was a completely different person on the other hand outside the castle a lot of nobles request to meet with the princess in hopes to apologize for their behavior toward her among them is dupliopold who.

Interrupted her out of this stain muttering curses at her and his breath while a dark shadow looms over him meanwhile Claude teaches athanasia in the garden who was a bit confused to find her father relaxing and lazing as if he's on an actual vacation nonetheless she words her worries and wonders if he's still feeling sick.

Claude says that although he isn't sick anymore he seems a bit out of touch to have let that thing approach them it is revealed that a possessed Duke Leopold has wandered into the Royal Garden plotting to kill the emperor immediately athanasia approaches him and questions why he's here but instead of answering the question he suspects that she's been.

Backbiting him and mocking him in his absence while sitting here she doesn't understand what he means and cold is reminded of young anastasius when he looks at the Duke and hears him out the Duke then threatens to hit the princess saying that they are all only special because they are Royals otherwise one hit from him would be enough to have.

Them shaking with via Justice athanasia trembles with fear after being reminded of her past life cold holds her by the shoulders and tells her to stand back as the emperor approaches the Duke the latter easily stumbles on the ground under the influence of The Emperor's overwhelming manner clove says that he is extremely.

Displeased because his vacation has been interrupted saying this he kicks the Duke and asks him why is insulting his daughter just then Lucas appears and laughs at the fact that eternethus has appeared again worried and scared athanasia asks him to stop the emperor but when he doesn't she runs up to him and stops him instead with.

Claude enough Onassis Embrace Lucas approaches the man and reveals that eternithus has already escaped his body Cole doesn't understand the situation and athanasia asks them why he let it Escape only for the Mage to smirk and reveal that he already knows where he'll go next just as athanasia worries about Jeanette Claude asks her about atanithas.

And wonders what connection he has with the former Emperor Lucas explains that he was possessing the former Emperor's body just like Duke Leopold the emperor asks him what's common between the two he possessed and the Mage deduces that it's because both of them possess dark self-deteriorating emotions such as jealousy Envy and resentment then.

Athanasia begins how rapid fire explanation according to Lucas and Recaps that etanithas became strong after Lucas broke his heart which drove him to use black magic moreover he caused the Mana explosion incident cursed his majesty and made the former Emperor commit atrocities surprisingly he understands the hafezad explanation.

And asks Lucas what happens when a person gets possessed by the said Spirit the Mage deduces that they possibly coexist reminding Claude of some events from Anastasia's past to which he whispers that he did it of his own accord affanacia then asks both Lucas and Claude to head over to Jeanette since she might be in danger to which.

Lucas asks her why she cares about her so much after a moment of confusion she says that it's because they are similar in how they grew up without seeing their mothers and grew up without their fathers around this shocks Claude but she quickly changes is her statement saying that she actually met hers when she was five being Lucky in reality.

Jeanette reminds her of herself from her previous life then she nudges everyone to come and save Jeanette again to which Lucas says that he doesn't know how to since atanithus is merely a dead Spirit now and killing Spirits is out of his area of expertise though He suggests that they seal the spirit while he's still in anastasius body which would be.

Their best course of action since he's Invincible as long as he can keep possessing bodies moments later they returned to the castle only to find a lavish dinner lay before them on the table with the possessed Anastasia sitting at one end of the table all dressed up Jeanette sits on his side and Lucas suggests that they go along with.

It Claude walks up to the other end of the table while his robes magically change into more formal clothes as the two brothers stare at each other from end to end Claude asks him if he's alive thanks to atanithus and if so which one of them is you right now anastasius provokes him to kill him instead saying that it must be easier.

Doing it the second time clothes smacks and shoots a magical Beam at him saying that he was going to do it anyway the bean hits Janet's chair instead and anastasius uses a magical shield to protect her it confirms claude's suspicion and as he approaches his brother he reveals that he finally knows for sure that he did everything of his.

Own accord the kindness that he displayed as a child was nearly his hypocrisy and Claude thought he was only showing his true nature in adulthood when the curse played him after being betrayed by the sudden change in his beloved brother's nature he decided never to trust anyone again ever however his resolve was broken when he met Diana.

And fell in love but fate shattered him once again and he felt so deep that he gave up on himself going as far as to curse himself with black magic but again fate intervened and brought in happiness in the form of afanasia but that happiness as it cracked open his heart Claude wondered about his brother and Halle changed from loving to violent and.

Always provoked him despite knowing how much stronger he was compared to him right now it almost feels as if he was begging Claude to kill him this also means that he let a tarnifest spirit consume him despite having the power to resist him which was tested when Claude attacked Jeanette and he immediately saved her when asked about this.

Anastasia says that it's true that he didn't want to drift apart from his brother he fell to the spirit's Temptation then he smiles and turns to Claude asking if he would still forgive him despite it being so late but just as he says so his Aura changes again and he grabs janette's arm and pushes her at the emperor.

Just as he does so dust rises from a magic spell and it turns out that Lucas has intervened otherwise the former Emperor had planned to use Janet's body as a method to kill Claude and his daughter then the Mage asks for the emperor's permission to deal with the spirit of atanithus and Claude allows him Lucas stares at the scene before him.

And deduces that atanathus is determined to take all of them down with him and though the king and the princess Will Survive Jeanette won't and as she dies the princess would be sad sighing in defeat he buckles himself and apologizes to atanithus as everyone watches him with a blank expression he recalls how ethanessa had told him how his harsh.

Words made a tanithus the way that he is and advised that he should apologize to him back in the present Lucas tells him that he just took his frustration out on him had he known he become this tenacious he would have taken him in as his pupil but the apology goes to waste when anastasius replies that he's just as arrogant as ever even after so many.

Years Lucas asks him for how long he intends to stay in that dying body suggesting that he should either seek out the sacred world tree and purify himself or stop possessing bodies and he'll let him go unscathed then he smiles and extends his hand saying that if they ever meet again he'll take him as his pupil his words affect the spirit.

And he says that he has been in hell ever since the day he was rejected so why is he being apologized to now despite being grossed out at how obsessed he is with him Lucas extends his hand again and offers to help stop his suffering and surprisingly the spirit leaves anastatus's body and comes to Lucas but just as the Mage seals him.

Away he rushes to possess Jeanette's body instead after possessing Jeanette he blames Lucas for making him the way that he is and rejects all apologies Lucas loses his mind too and demands to know how it's his fault that he chose to become evil despite sending away so many people and neglecting many others he's.

The only one who became evil but eternifus refuses to hear anything and instead provokes him to come and face him and get destroyed as a result Lucas deduces that it was his plan from the start and their best course of action from here on out would be to seal Jeanette away along with the spirit because if they don't the spirit would.

Consume all her mana and she would die just as the Mage raises his hand to use magic to seal the spirit and Jeanette aphanasius stops him the spirit tells Jeanette that the princess wants to kill her and is merely waiting for an opportunity but Janette stays in control and tells him that she isn't that sort of person just as it curses her.

Athanasia runs up to her and Embraces her the Embrace pushes the spirit out and she asks Lucas to seal it on the other hand Anastasia smacks and asks a spirit to come back to him since there's nowhere else for him to run and suggests that they die together this time but cold gets in the way and wonders if he plans on dying once again smirking Lucas.

Seals the spirit away foreign still grossed out at his obsession and athanasia's size and relief Justice called glances at the kneeling anastasius Felix arrives with the Knights who are shocked to see the emperor in his good health and the former Emperor kneeling before him clove.

Then orders his arrest and accuses him of attempting to harm himself and the princess athanasia deduces that he deliberately called the knights at such a time to show the former Emperor being arrested in order to save groundless rumors the following morning code returns from his so-called vacation and the Nobles and Aristocrats who were.

Questioning his authority based on some groundless rumors just days ago start sucking up to him in no time news about the former Emperor's imprisonment also spreads like wildfire whereas the Nobles who planned the revolt and gathered soldiers are found out and are either severely punished or killed on trial anastasius is sentenced to death for.

Threatening Imperial Authority and plotting a conspiracy against the current Emperor the sentence is to be executed by hanging him into three days meanwhile Jeanette is acquitted based on the fact that she did not assist him Roger alfius's life is spared because he was brainwashed but a portion of his wealth is confiscated and his title.

Taken away as a result ajikiel takes over his duties as the head of the house finally three days later the former Emperor is hanged and executed as per his punishment but it is later revealed that the one who gets hanged is merely a dummy crafted by Lucas pardoned by the emperor on athanasia's request Jeanette and her father now disguised as Viscount.

Patterson prepare to leave the kingdom athanasia bids them farewell on the night of their departure and Janet promises to exchange letters with her afanasia also allows her to come and visit the palace whenever she wants to and just before she leaves the princess Praises her eyes which are devoid of the jewel blue now thanks to Lucas Janet.

Hugs her tightly Whispering the that even though she always believed that the only way to connect with her family was through her Jewel eyes she now knows that even without her eyes they are and will stay sisters athanasia is moved to tears as anesthetius watches them from the carriage meanwhile in the castle Claude recalls a time when athanasia.

Asked him if he wanted to reconcile with his brother as the bottles before him become emptier and his thoughts get filled with a picture of anastasius from their childhood he decides to show up whether Carriage awaits departure too why died anastasius watches him from afar before getting off the carriage immediately and asking him if he regrets.

Not killing him already after a moment of silence Claude questions if he wants to reconcile with his brother and reveals that his daughter asked him about this anastasius asks if he himself wants to do it and he outright declares that he has never once considered it Anastasia's bickers back at him with the same claim only for God to reveal that.

He is considering it now but his daughter has asked him to Jeanette uses the opportunity to express that she wants them to reconcile too making Anastasia change his statement and say that he will consider it too now but his daughter has asked him to as the two finally bid their farewell athanasia takes Claude to a higher spot.

To watch their Carriage leave despite his earlier protests meanwhile Janet watches her father's sincere smile and wishes that he would be more honest with his feelings as the moon shines brightly over their beautifully lit Golden Palace The Princess and the emperor stand on a tall tower ethanasia enthusiastically weighs them goodbye and Jeanette.

Reciprocates the gesture watching his brother stand there and watch him leave makes Anastasia suspicious of his sanity and he wonders if it's because he has a daughter now that he's doing these embarrassing things but despite it all he raises his hand to subtly wave him goodbye witnessing this from a stone cold and cunning former Emperor.

Athanasia nudges her father to do the same Claude ends up laughing at his brother's embarrassing gesture 2 and ends up waving back at him as the carriage slowly vanishes from their sight days pass and athanasia wakes up one morning to a beautiful dream about her parents lovingly holding her as a child the days of the after effects.

Makes her lazy and she turns up to meet with Claude a bit late on which she likely scolds her then he hands over a manual of the coronation ceremony order to her for memorization when she complains about how complicated all of it sounds he simply says that crowning the country's head isn't something that should be simple it turns out that.

Claude has decided to officially Crown the princess as the hair to the throne and has been dividing his Imperial work with her subsequently due to the weight of the extra work she hasn't had time to rest up or do the things that she used to do before was casually just as she's trying to cheer herself up ejekiel now the Duke of the alpheus house arise and.

Greets her afanasia asks about his father's well-being and health and he says that everything is moving for the better while he holds her hand when she asks him about his health and well-being he asks her if she's been worried about him him athenasia recalls how sick he got after Lucas casts a spell on him to bring down the former Emperor but IG.

Killed beams with bliss and tells her that he's perfectly fine however he wonders if she's free to lent in the time that she's spending conversing with him to which the princess says that lately she hasn't even had the time to sip tea or admire flowers suddenly Lucas arrives and isn't happy to see igeekiel as always ejekiel takes his leave before.

Kissing athanasia's hand and Lucas as pissed as he is wonders if he should just kill him after all a few days later Lucas brings a single blue rose for the princess from the Royal Garden when she takes it from his hand it magically turns into a flower bouquet as a result she gives him a surprised yet questioning look to which Lucas simply.

States that he did it because she mentioned that she hasn't had the time to look at flowers later as she's sitting in her bedroom in a daze she mentions to the maids that she hasn't thought about how much Lucas likes her just by chastising her all the time the maids end up reminiscing about how the emperor used to mention her puffy cheeks.

All the time too and must have wanted to touch them only to embarrass athanasia a few days later athanasia receives a letter from Jeanette who tells her about her life in the new state and invites her for a visit athanasia is happy beyond bounds but is also a bit skeptical since she has never stepped outside the castle later during a.

Meeting with Claude she notices how excited he is about her upcoming coronation ceremony setting about six months of time to prepare for it and promising to make it look spectacular afternoiseated juices that it's because he himself couldn't receive anything like a coronation ceremony and ascended to the throne through unusual procedures.

That he wants to do everything in his power to make it memorable for ethanasia and make sure that she doesn't face the same obstacles that he did deciding that she'll let him do as he pleases she asks him if she can go visit Jeanette's City Once the coronation ceremony has been been dealt with mentioning that she has received a letter of invitation from her.

Surprisingly Claude Connolly allows her and also asks her about Anastasia's Health indirectly noticing how different he has been since he met with Diana she wonders what superpowers her mother has but much of her surprise he then Whispers how it's going to be the first time that they'll go somewhere far away implying that he plans to come along.

Although she's happy she wonders what will become of the castle with both of them gone to which Claude simply suggests that they'll travel in secrecy happy about the fault of going on a trip with her father for the first time athanasia agrees later in the evening Lucas lases around in athanasius study room kniving her about when she'll be.

Done with her paperwork just as he mentally criticizes her diligence and workholic personality athanasia complements his stylish clothes saying that he looks cool following that day Lucas dresses up in one fancy dress after the other making athanasia wonder what's wrong with him one evening he requests a company on a garden stroll to.

Which she agrees as they wander through the garden athenase asks then he'll visit the sacred world tree again since she used the tree branch that he meant to use for himself he plainly shrugs it off saying that he planned on using it on her to begin with so that she would live a long healthy life with him but since she has absorbed a part of it.

Already she'll have a long life anyway so it's all right just as athanasia wonders what that's supposed to mean he rants about how the sacred world tree keeps asking him for favors every time he visits it sometimes it's a request to visit some plague second place and sometimes it's a disaster-stricken country but since he always ignores it.

It doesn't matter much to him as a shiver runs down her spine at his peculiar personality and strange upbringing she asks him about his parents he replies toughing at his collar that he never had one and was just born in his Tower which is also his oldest memory a finessia asks him what's wrong with his collar and he complains.

About the tie around his neck that's choking him and wonders how the Imperials wear things like this every single day athanasia offers to fix it for him and as she unties it with a serious expression on her face Lucas watches her with some kind of deep longing in his eyes which somehow propels him to lean into her direction.

Making her startle and wonder what's up with his stare Lucas Whispers And she must like his long hair or maybe it's his face that she likes embarrassing a finessia she immediately tries to walk away from the scene but he follows after her to get his ribbon tied around his collar eventually she gets up and ties it wondering why he isn't doing it.

Himself when he can just use magic later in the evening ejekiel visits her and requests her company for a cup of tea as they settle down he tells her about the state that Jeanette is currently living in and calls it a place that is Lively starting at the break of dawn and starts its days with the smell of the ocean cries of the seagulls and the sound of.

Ship horns learning that the princess has never stepped outside the Royal Palace he playfully invites her to visit the alpheus mansion and state someday emphasizing the fact that she has never seen anything except the castle which he finds amusing she calls him mischievous and wonders if it were Lucas instead she would have scolded him ejekiel says that.

It's because all his life was always planned out for him to the point that it became plain boring he only found happiness for the first time when they shared the secret of their secret meetings making him forget about his position he thanks the princess sincerely making her eyes Sting with his brightness later as she's wondering how.

She's being swayed by both Lucas and IG kill she concludes that maybe she has a soft spot for handsome men after all observing Felix as he arranges some items with Lillian she says that he's handsome out loud making him embarrassed the mates agree with her and wonder if the Knight is planning on getting married anytime soon Felix says that he.

Isn't that good with women but the maids hike him up saying that it's easy to find someone you enjoy spending time with making aphanasia wonder if enjoying the time you spend with someone is what matters the most in case of Love and Marriage later she asks Claude what he loved about Diana making him wonder why she's asking it out of the blue but he.

Answers anyway saying that it was many things starting from how optimistic and bright she was almost like the Sun but he suddenly stops and asks her why she's asking such a question startled and embarrassed at the sudden question aphanasip blurts that she just wants to know what it's like to fall in love though taken aback and growing.

Suspicious Claude initially lets it pass only to Bowden his daughter with heaps of work to fill in the free time she has had lately making her internally complain about his overprotectiveness at night as athanasia lies in her bed she wonders about how everything worked in her favor from anastasius being forgiven and Jeanette finding her new family to.

Her finding the love of her father and meeting her mother the following morning Lucas asks her to have dinner with him to which she agrees wondering what's up with him when she arrives at the dinner spot she finds it beautifully decorated with fancy flowers and lights along with a finely dressed Lucas as he invites her.

To a seat compliments her and talks to her formally afanasia wonders if he's trying to mimic ijikiel the question catches him by surprise and he bursts into a fit of anger before succumbing back into his seat and sighing at the fact that acting like a romantic male lead isn't for him he reveals that he has been reading a novel that the.

Princess likes and was only trying to mimic the male lead because she seems to like such things athanasia bursts into laughter and forms a how cute he can be sometimes before telling him that he's cool enough just the way he is despite being annoyed at the fact that she's laughing at him Lucas feels relieved that she isn't crying about her father's.

Deteriorating Health anymore by Nightfall she stands on her balcony lost in deep thoughts about what ajikiel and Lucas even like about her the next day as she's studying under clothed supervision she tries to ask him questions about what to do if you're confessed to but he plainly cuts her off insisting that she's still a baby.

Annoyed afanasia leaves a spot at once with her gone Felix mentions how the princess has grown up from a tiny fairy to a young woman asking for dating advice just as he wonders who the lucky guy to hold her hand would be in the future code grabs in by the collar and tells him to get back to work just as the.

Emperor leaves he regrets appointing fools like FedEx to take care of his daughter fools who couldn't even keep annoying men away from her making Felix wonder if she'll even be able to get married a while later athanasia watches Lucas from a distance wondering how to ask him what he likes about her when he spots her he flashes a sincere smile.

Making her wonder how pretty he is Lucas immediately sends away the noble he was talking to making athanasia mention how he despises people and yet puts up with them somehow he specifies that he only hates the disgusting Nobles because of their greed making athanasia mention how she's a noble too the Mage plainly says that he doesn't mind if it's her and.

Even as she acted like the rest of the Nobles he wouldn't mind as long as it's her aphanesia is left in awe at his words and wonders about how she would have continued to believe that she had to be different from the other Nobles in order to be likable had he said something along the those lines just as she fidgets with her fingers with a.

Crest Fallen look on her face Lucas asks her why she's wearing such an ugly expression she bickers at him about being a one with a pretty face and enjoying its merits before deciding to leave but he stops her in her tracks saying that it was a joke then she turns to him and asks that she's pretty instead and Lucas innocently states that.

She isn't ugly afanasi wonders why he likes her then if not because she's pretty and a flustered Lucas says that he isn't sure either only that she's the only person in the whole world who he wants to protect the princess is touched by his words and tells him that she has fun when she's with him and on the night that they had dinner together she had.

Butterflies in her stomach and she thought he was pretty but she has only ever seen him as her friend up until now promising to start seeing him in the same light as he sees her she asks in if he would like to go on a date with her to the village that they visited once he outright agrees in fact he proposes that they leave right away but she postpones.

It because of the piled up work in her office meanwhile Roger alfius brings a letter from the princess to IJ Keel and upon noticing his visible happiness asks him if he still Harbors feelings for her ejekiel says that it's beyond his control and his father only hopes that his son doesn't get hurt in the process of loving the unattainable princess a.

Few days later while having lunch with Claude affinessa is lost in her thoughts about Lucas flustered at how aware she has been of him lately called asks her what's on her mind and she abruptly blurts out Lucas's name just as she tries to cover it up with excuses the quiet cold size and asks her to quit walking on eggshells around him moreover.

Even as she's still far too young he says that he doesn't intend to stop her from finding her own happiness besides he has already decided to make all her wishes come true in the world so she should rather focus on the coronation at the moment and think about the rest of the things later just as athanasia Chuckles at his annoyed expression she.

Thinks about how much she cherishes such moments with her father later they discuss the coronation ceremony and as he notices her quietly cold says that he's a little sad when she asks him why he asks her to rest up and prepare for the ceremony instead soon the day of the crowning ceremony arrives and the princess gets all dolled up by the maids.

Claude arrives to escort her looking just as dazzling he asks for her hand after complimenting her and they leave to greet all the guests awaiting them meanwhile Lucas hears the rumors about athanasia among the guests which are mostly on the positive side feeling happy that he doesn't need to wipe anyone's memory at the same time ejekiel.

Arrives at the ceremony with his father and seeks out the princess to greet her on the other hand as the emperor and the princess walked down the hallways athanasia asks in what he meant by saying that he can't help but feel a little sad although Claude Dodges her question at first and tells her to forget about it he eventually opens up.

And says that he said that because he noticed how much she has grown from the little clumsy kid that used to follow him around and soon she'll become an adult find someone and get married and he'll be left all alone it's thinking about how lonely he will be that's making him a bit sad his words move ethanasia to tears and the emperor asks.

FedEx to call for the maids to fix her appearance both Lucas and ejekiel arrive on the scene right then and wonder about what's up with the emperor and athanasia regretting her ignorance of of his emotions athanasia Embraces Claude And Promises to never make him feel sad saying that she doesn't need to get married Claude asks her to stop crying.

But she insists that she won't get married and as anticipated he's delighted to hear it he tells us she can do whatever she wants and kneels before her asking her not to cry since the ceremony is about to begin made soon arrive and fix the princess's makeup before the emperor asks for her hand again and they head to the ceremony as.

The coronation begins all the Nobles whisper about how much the princess has matured since her debutant they admire her beauty and how she encapsulates the entire essence of being a royal cold then crowns her before embracing her in front of everyone while Lucas Felix and the rest watched them with soft Smiles on their faces as hails from the Nobles.

For the princess's longevity occur the halls and the Common People shower them with their best wishes Claude and athanasio watch over them from the castle and he mentions how she isn't anxious anymore unlike her debutant aphanasia smiles and mentions how the love of her people and his presence by her side make her feel like the happiest.

Person on Earth after the ceremony the emperor and the princess visit the common folk in their carriage and just as the people show them with flowers and prayers athanasia feels Jeanette's presence in the crowd offering a red rose to her stunned she immediately takes a flower offered to her and turns to her father who already knows of the.

Situation learning that he let Jeanette into the state for her sake moves her to tears and she sincerely thanks him suddenly magical snow like confetti starts drizzling from the sky and athanasia is reminded of her meeting with a sacred world tree finally remembering what it had said to her to move on with what she believes to be.

Right and to trust her choices is what it told her and she smiles remembering it now as tears threatened to fall from her eyes she hears all her people saying about her glory and the blessings of Heaven that have befallen them finally finding the happiness that she has been craving in her past life she eventually moves on to become one of the most.

Powerful impresses in history and this is how this story concludes hope you enjoyed this joyous Journey with us and if you still haven't had your fair share of Royal drama and heartthrobbing romance we've started another similar story with a reincarnated girl as the illegitimate child of the richest family in the Empire you can find it right here.


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