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Welcome to Panorama anime here's everything you need to know about season one of Demon Slayer Demon Slayer commensuroyaba is an anime series that follows the story of tundra Commodore a young boy becomes a Demon Slayer after his family is attacked by demons and his younger sister nezuko is turned into a demon Tundra Commodore a kind-hearted.

And hard-working young boy returns home from selling charcoal to find that his entire family has been slaughtered by demons with only his younger sister nezuko surviving albeit she turned into a demon herself Tundra means the Demon Slayer gyutomiyoka who tests tando's strength and ultimately allows him to become a Demon Slayer he tells him to go.

To matsugiri Tantra vows to find a way to turn his sister back into a human and sets off on a journey to become a Demon Slayer Tundra and nezigo encounter a demon in the temple while on their way to matsugiri they capture it batandro hesitates to kill it leaving it to burn in the sunlight urokodaki appears and criticizes tando's resolve and warns him.

About the consequences in nezuko horns a human orokidaki tests Tundra's worthiness by having him climb in to send the Hazardous Mount sagiri Tundra passes the test and arokudaki accepts him as a student recalling a used letter this guy requesting him to train tando to become a Demon Slayer Sandra undergo six months of rigorous training under.

Urakodaki to become a Demon Slayer corpse member including learning about total concentration and water breathing techniques to participate in the final selection he must slice a massive Boulder but six months of failed attempts leave him feeling hopeless he receives help from two fellow Swordsmen sabito and makomo who were former.

Students of rokadaki after six more months of training Tundra successfully slices the boulder in half during a final spar with sabito who vanishes with makomo and Haze Tundra and a group of other aspiring demon Slayers participate in the final selection they must survive for 7 Days among demons trapped in the mountains Tundra battles the hand demon.

Who targets the children of rokadaki and has killed all of his former students despite its overwhelming strength Tundra manages to slice his snack with his water breathing technique he then survives these seven days of final selection receives the ores needed to make swords and returns to orokadakis where he reunites with his mentor and.

Sister a swordsmith named hakanazuka gives him his sword which turns black and ominous Omen batandro doesn't give a his first mission is to investigate a town where young girls are being taken tandro travels to the Northwest Village to investigate The Disappearance of young girls he confronts the swamp demon and tandro struggles to protect the.

Girls but is overwhelmed until nezigo intervenes shockingly swamp demon that a demon is accompanying tanjaro Tundra asked the swamp demon about muzon kibutsuji but the demon refuses to talk after killing the demon he heads to his next mission in Tokyo there he smells the same scent as the day's family was killed and follows it to muzan in.

Disguise muzan escapes as Tandra fights a demon batandro vows to find him again muzana signs two demons to zamaru and yahaba to find and kill tanjaro Tandra was rescued by a demon named Tamayo and her assistant yushiro tamio is a doctor who wants to take down muzon and reveals it might be possible to create a cure for becoming a demon if they get blood.

Samples from high-level demons moves out has been in contact with Tundra accepts the task but they are attacked by susumaru and yahaba members of the 12 Kazuki basically some of the most powerful demons thankfully they defeat them or else the show would end way too early and after the battle Tundra and nezigo are given a healing Serum by.

Tamayo and they depart for their next mission on their way tonjour encounters zinitu agatsuma a Demon Slayer harassing a woman into marrying him Tundra stops him and reveals that he hoped to die during the final selection due to his weakness and low resolve they are directed to a woodland Mansion where two children inform them that demon has.

Taken their brother the supernatural room separate them zanito encounters a boar mask Demon Slayer while Tandra was transported to another room where he finds the sibling's oldest brother Tundra then battles the main demon recalling orokidaki's lessons about water breeding's adaptability to motivate him into fight Tundra then.

Takes the Demon's blood and gives it to tamio's cat then he finds anitu outside of the house being kicked by a rogue Demon Slayer for protecting nezigo's box Tundra defends him and fights the Rogue swordsman in the end they discover that the Rogue Demon Slayer zinosuke hashibira a muscular man with a face that looks like a girl Tundra and his.

Companions receive a mission from their Crow and head to mount natagumo at nightfall they encounter spider webs and Demon Slayers Who attack them they are now up against a family of demons zanitsu is chased by the son of the spider family and gets bitten zenitsu remembers his training and how his master encouraged him to hone his only.

Form of Thunder breathing he decapitates sun with his own varitation of Thunder breathing and attempts to slow the poison tanjaroni nosya come across daughter in attack she calls out to her father and he emerges from the forest to kill them guiyu and shinubu Tu Ashira the strongest demon Slayers arrive at Mount natagumo and tanjaro and inosuke's.

Blades are unable to cut father's tougher skin sunitu is discovered by shinobu who heals him Tundra finds and battles rui but is overwhelmed and is forced on the defensive inosuke is soon overpowered by father and is severely wounded giu arrives to rescue nosuke and kills father inosuke challenges guiyu because why wouldn't he but is refused.

Tundra's face is slashed by Ruby and nezigo joins the fight rui captures nezuko and reveals himself to be a member of the 12 Kazuki he restrains in her in Threads and challenges tando to cut his skin Tundra remembers his father's special breeding style and uses it to defeat rui and probably one of the most beautiful anime fights that I've.

Ever seen Kyu stops Rory from killing tanjaro because after all that he isn't dead and defeats him in about 0.5 seconds Beast shinobu confronts daughter and ultimately kills her rui sees tando nesigo's Bond before he dies realizing he created his family to feel a familial Bond rui remembers his pass and how he became a demon tando Comforts Ruby KIU.

Gets pissed and later tandro and nesigo are announced to be taken to the Demon Slayer headquarters tando is trialed by the hashira the strongest of the Demons player corpse for carrying as a go they discuss whether he should be executed alongside guiyu who defended him the winnishira stabs nezigo but their Master kagaya obeyashiki informs them that he.

Has sanctioned Tundra's situation and reveals a letter from rokadaki the former water hashira explaining that nezigo is fully capable of resisting humans kagara reveals that tando has also met muzan kibutsuji and was directly targeted by demons sent by him regardless the windshield remains a prick and temps nesigo but she resists.

And proves she can be trusted Tundra vows to kill muzan and kagaya tells him to start by killing a Kazuki demon these siblings are taken to the butterfly Mansion to recover and they reunite with zanitu and enosuke yay tando participates in Rehabilitation while he knows gains and needs to quit but then Tantra learns that Kano this girl passed.

The initial test with him uses a different technique called total concentration constant after some training Tundra is now able to match kano's speed and improve his techniques inspiring zanitu and enosuke to follow suit Tundra receives a new sword and succeeds in beating Kano inspiring him to ask shinobu about his hinokami kagura.

Muzan kibatsuji on ultimately marks the remaining lower ranks of his demon forces following Ruby's death sparing lower one he instructs lower one to kill tantro for more blood in the present Tundra inosuke and zanitsu are assigned to investigate The Disappearance of 40 people on the Mugen train kanawa decides to flip a coin yay and the trio board.

The Mugen train in an unconventional way where they find kyojiro the flame his hero and that's all for season one of Demon Slayer thank you guys for watching make sure to like share and subscribe and here's some other videos you might like till next time

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