He Underestimated by All people peep Idiot But Turns Out Fetch Divine Artifact and Develop into..[Manga recap]

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The First Central Hospital during the dayat the level 2 Gathering Place in junhai city.consolation room one of the OphthalmologyDepartment Dr Zhao Jiang Yu doctor ask you is this the wrong appointment this appearance doessee like a translation to zonks chiangyu can you describe the symptoms again he say my eyes don'tfeel comfortable there's a red layer covering object when looking of them.doctor asks how oldare you he said I am 18 year old's daughter you ask about my age Dr what else could I be asking isthis child really in the night Department he think if the red layer is really blood then 18 is notfar from Death right but the doctor looks quite energetic do you drink alcohol now Xiang sorryI was distracted doctors say I can't concentrate young man your ever mind let me take a look withmy own eyes dot look at the left they're no need.

To treat conjunctivitis obviously my Midas Touchhas arrived but being able to see a blood layers with the use of that to ensure the safety of thegeneral public dot the night Patrol department is about to launch a new round of recruitmentto expand its team for night patrols on the street 99 years after the great cataclysm wehave established a safe haven for survival the mutants have been retreating steadily and wehope that the future belongs to our great Zhao he it's better to think about it carefully aftergoing home that the above say tonight we're going to eat this problem seems a bit difficult you canpanicking now don't wear are going to be late that this sugar-coated Hawthorne looks so deliciousyou keep an eyes out for the way big sale come and take along old man be careful and watch yourstep during the Great cataclysm 99 years ago the.

Night Patrol Bureau was always the solid supportfor the citizens to Mom that handsome uncle is standing here foshishly brother do you want to buymedicine it's from the printing Factory he is our city really as safe as we think it is dot or asOlive the just carefully crafted lie brother do you want to buy medicine the boy had the medicinefrom the printing Factory is exactly the same as the genuine medicine at do you think you're a Godof medicine not well I have all kind of medicine are you giving them away for free if you don'tbuy it now you'll regret it and besides where are the monsters hey big brother don't be so angryI was just joking do you have do you sell Divine oil he's selling a bottle of divine oil for threethousand is too much don't blame me if I report him to the police station but then again thisis just a normal street like any others we have.

Arrived human Road please prepare to disembark isit another Hallucination is it time for a second growth spurt I have been feeling a little bit ofpain since earlier I must take a good look when we get home dusk Chiang Yu's residence this I feellike I've seen this tattoo somewhere before is this the culprit who hit me before I feel muchbetter now that more like it to thank goodness I almost thought I lost my shadow however with somany bizarre things happening today it wouldn't be that surprising even if did lost my shadow thatthis bath feels so good I knew it it's not that sample good news my shadow didn't run away atbad news it's alive that the boys say rise your hand left oh nice rise your right leg my headis buzzing how did this thing suddenly appear out of nowhere chiangyu's Shadow is this theattribute panel for the shadow that your Shadow.

Exits because of you it possesses all of yourmemories and is complete synchronized with your strength able to carry out any simple commandgive it however please note that doesn't have independent thinking ability without a physicalbody and it cannot speak.do you have all of my memories dot come over here why did you stopwriting what a lord of nonsense having all of my memories I could finish this type of problemin two minutes for fun.paster. could it be that the test question are too difficult to read outthe lesson from memory.oh my gosh what's the point of being a superhuman if my shadow cheats ontests I should just sell books instead of studying that there's potential so much potential thatlet me see if there are any other way to play shadow devouring devouring Darkness how exactlydoes this devouring work do you make physical.

Contact with your body or object's Shadows themanual or beginner's guide for me to reference the dark side of the world is it the strangeplace I saw before oh well let's take it step by step Dot and see what happens don't cheatyet do a few push-ups first and let me see hey okay I asked you to do push-ups where did you gowhere's my shadow the boy said hey where are you come on out were you there the whole time what areyou doing could be better to practice in the dark side of the world well you can go time to do someserious work mutton grilled chicken kimchi soup sleeping on my stomach made my back reallyhurt chiangyu opened the door well why the hurry what's up this early morning Lu yaoyao JiangYu's childhood friend and classmate and Arden and loyal fanned up the boy said why did her HP dropa little I this time right that's the reason why.

Did you come so early she hurried last night Isaw plan and say you're getting ready to start a new drawing and you've already decided on thecontent I want to see the collection of designs jianyu even if you don't want to show me outthere so need to close the door like this Jiang Yoo you did you go to the gym lately yet shesay no no you are a loner who hasn't exercised in many years but how could you have such perfectmuscles overnight did you do anything that no way how can I take something the thing is I've beenexercising lately she said it seemed that as long as my shadow was practicing the effect would betransmitted directly to me Liar it's impossible to get six packs ABS with a little exercise I'veseen some cases that were dealt with by my dad dutchyongyu there are some things that must notbe touched that there is still time to hold back.

Yet he you too much blah blah hey what are you dodoing you wouldn't use some Lethal Weapon on me this is what don't move this is an instrument fortesting the pollution index she say killing alien races ingesting foreign object hand resentmentwill cause pollution to a certain degree and if it was not purified in time the accumulationwould cause a human to turn into an abnormal from them why ability comes from the evidenceon my chest what kind of pollution could this have damn it seems that the device respondswith it that weight a gun you won't kill me right no luyau can't find out the abnormalityoccurrings and my body must stop she say well it seems normal that the boy despite your wordsyou pointed your weapon at me my father taught me to be more careful in everything the small boysay by the way I recently drew some famous comic.

Characters do you want to see them.she excited Iwant to see give it to me quickly can you control yourself a little.you look like little childrengive them to me quickly I cannot wait he say this was very dangerous but I got away with it thatthis Shadow version was he training all night The Amazing I can already feel the result of lastnight's training Jiang say but these exercises are not enough lets it make more difficult little boypush-ups planks push-ups with two fingers on one hand and a push-up and tiger pose Jan let's doa set of Martial exercises then standing body exercises that he shouted now we will increasethe difficulty crawl like a Spider-Man dot she think lifting the legs in the L position runningwith weights and abdominal exercises she listening he really training apparently my doubts were toomuch well that worried me a lot but luckily he's.

Really fine let go I will go home and read someComics disaster calendar year 99 January 20th day of obtaining shadow shadow training all nightsand didn't feel any fatigue this is too shameful you as young people how can we be content withour current situation small boy excited should I be able to kill Lu yaoya with signal punch now noit's time to work hard uncles LL came here today he also works in the night watch so he probablydidn't notice anything unusual about me Uncle LL is getting old and has lost an arm I think Ican kill three uncles LL and 10 Liao Yao with one punch now damn it life can't go on like this Imust work hard to gain extraordinary abilities the shadow is training and I'm finishing my workthe growth rate of Shadow point is very slow it took a lot of Shadows to provide eight pointaccording to this progression I don't know when I.

Will be able to collect TenPoint to activate thatperhaps if I turn to the dark side myself I'll be able to improve faster is this the dark side thatit's exactly the same as my room finally I go out unexpectedly I can't get out of my room or theplace I can only enter the dark side from outside the real room in others words it feels like thereal world here that this makes me angry hmm is it a person you came to help me shadow circleopen up he think that scared me to death what is that thing why did the gate appear and thatthing attacked me without explanation fortunately training all these days has made me more flexiblethis guy can't hurt the idiots tried to kill me so I will never have mercy on him January 28th I hada fight with him for the first time unfortunately January 29th the Second Battle Revenge againfailed I was hit in the chest and my ribs almost.

Broke that she think have you been fighting withsomeone these days you still known the pain but you will become arrogant when your body getsstronger not right there's only one month left so what do you plan to do only one month left.hesays of course it's martial art tests you won't forget it right art related practitioners alsobecome at the bottom of the society people are no longer interested in entertainment but inNational Affairs instead that those fighting in the Vanguard like the night guards attracted a lotof attention and became stars in people's hearts to become a night guards one must the passivemartial arts exam set up by the state as long as you pass the martial arts exam it means thatyour life will not be ordinary she think actually I don't want to participate in the martial artsexam the boys say what she say I actually want to.

Learn about music jianyu if you want to learngo and learn is it possible that Uncle Ching disagrees she it's not that he doesn't agree youdon't tell others law have changed this year as long as the qualifications are up to the standardeveryone Jiang Yu Ha they didn't respect one's wishes before they allowed student with averagethe pressure on the night watch increased if there is no accident I will definitely take the martialarts exam the boy thinks so the small instruments that Lu yaoyao had brought out that day almostmade a sound there were so many subtleties on the day that I certainly couldn't hide it at thetime the night guards wouldn't be good with a gun by the way can the reagent you used last time beused to prevent alien species thought this tool can only be used to detect alien and supernaturalbeings if you encounter a really different kind.

You can run as long as you can make emergencycall before you die she say the injuries in your body have been healed I will back be first Jungyukoff and said your family must have some basic knowledge of the parent normal can I see that doesshe think are you interested in it and plan to make the public examination in the future reallywell of course most importantly I intend to create it something about superhuman and alien bloodComics truly hurry up and tell me about it Jiang Yu ah this I just said it like this and you'reso excited the initial idea is a skinny boy named Ben who gets bullied all day at school but hasa kind heart with the help of his kind classmate kind teachers kind Aunt relaying on extraordinarywillpower being succeeded in transforming others just that the night Watchman didn't plan to sendhim to the battlefield until alien species invaded.

The city there was a powerful alien speciesthe pink skull brought a blue Comics Cube

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