He Wakes Up In The Sport World As A Cursed Knight With Overpowered Skills – manhwa Recap (1)

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After they kissed and separated from each other'sarms emo me wondered if Ling Bing knew about the kiss or if she deliberately did it just thentwo young guys appeared sneakily but Emma Ming discovered them and they quickly ran away EmmaMing suspected the routine that the guys chose which seemed to be from the ice wolf Club emo Mingthen asked if Ling Bing still remembered that she had been living there as he tried to remind herof the batch of weapon and ammunition and also her ice wolf dagger so he told her that they wouldgo to the place and capture the guys yet lingbing seemed not to remember much about the place soEmma Ming told her not to worry as she might remember when they got there and she saw it theythen left for the ice wolf Club but as they were about to reach the place emo Ming told lingbingto wait until he saw a thunderbolt Matrix which.

Shocked him because it was only Joe Yen whomhe had taught before about the method and if he was inside it would be much simpler for emoMing the person in the building was shocked to see that Emma Ming was still alive Emma Ming thenobtained an illusion bandage and told lingbing to stay outside the building for him while she waitedfor his signal he then went inside and saw the two guys who had waited for him to let them fight andthey began the fight but the two guys told Emma Ming not to get closer to them and Emma Ming toldthem to move closer to him as he pretended that he could not hear them not knowing to the guys thatemo Ming had already made plans for a trap to trick them with the two guys then moved closer andmistakenly stepped on the Trap they then got ties and faced downward wondering how Emma Ming was sofamiliar with all the traps they then asked their.

Boss to come and save them but the boss made themunderstand that the traps were all arranged by emo Ming the boss however still felt great that EmmaMing was still alive Emma Ming was also happy to see the boss and they greeted each other afterseeing each other for a while they then released the two guys and asked one of them to serveemo meaning a cup of water the boss had already guessed what brought Emma Ming to him which wasto report to him that the president and the rest had died the two guys on their own were discussingas one of them said that he has not done a mission as his surroundings are all survivors a lady whoseemed to be a maid brought the water for Emma and when Emma Ming saw her he noticed that herexpression was so strange which made him wonder if they had met before just then the lady mistakenlyslipped and the tray fell off her hand as she got.

Up begging them the boss sent her away and theycontinued with their conversation about the East star people who were previously destroyed by themas the remnant party will naturally be enslaved by them the boss then asked emo Ming to join themas it would be more reliable to have him with them emo Ming then asked for the permission if he couldlet him bring some weapons with him the boss then made it known to him that if he is willing to helpthem then they would also have no reason to give him any resource from the club and the emo Mingshould never mind because the boss knew that emo Ming would not stayed even if he said so wherebyemo Ming then said that he already trusted that the boss would not be so meaningless just then ashe was about walking away he fell down due to his body that he felt was so heavy and before he knewit he was already tied down as he felt that he.

Could not move his body at all and when he openedhis eyes he was surprised to saw a young lady whom he wondered how she got there at that time theboss arrived and asked emo Ming how the water tasted which shocked emo Ming that it was Joe Yenwho tied him down because he treated Jo Yen like a brother but instead Joe Yen compared him to adog and does not see anything why he should think of helping someone like emo Ming because he gotjealous for the fact that people admired moming more than him and mo Ming made show Yen understoodthat it was because he worked the hardest Jo Yin then reminded Mo Ming that all those people thatadmired moming are now dead and that emo Ming has nothing else left but Joe Yen got Nana whom hetruly loved although Nana rejected him escaped from him but luckily for Joe Yen the church toldhim a secret method that he fed Nana fresh blood.

Regularly then he can own her forever Sho Yen alsoreminded emo Ming of that mate who struggled a lot but still wanted what was his own he got angryat Jo Yen but Joe Yen made him knew that he was the world's King and that emo Ming should notstruggle because Emma Ming was the next Target since he could not protect himself and tathe should not think of protecting lingbing who was inside the church because she was toldthat emo Ming was waiting for her there emoming out of anger made show Yen realized cat he wouldregret it as he wrote The Apocalypse exposed the ugliness of human nature but he had realizedthat Jo Yen was born with the evil personality and that if he let Joe Yin live more innocentpeople will be harmed and Emma Ming using his power to Freed himself then pushed Joe Yen awayto the floor that he was covered with blood and.

Still yet Joe Yen told Emma Ming not to think hehad already won him at that moment when Nana saw Joe yen in the pool of blood she ran to emo Mingand Nana saved him as he was about to be in danger emo Ming was however surprised and wondered whyNana saved him again seven years ago during emo Ming's mission to steal information about theEast Star he accidentally got exposed and was being hunted down Emma Maine got injured and wasnot allowed to escape but at that critical moment he hid in Nana's room by mistake and passed outsurprisingly for emo Ming Nana did not report on him nor did she ask who he was but instead shebandaged his wound consoling him that the bandage would not hurt him it was all thanks to Nana ashe successfully escaped from East Star when he was about to leave he told Nana that he had somethingimportant to do then so he asked her to wait for a.

While as he promised to be back very soon and Nanapromised to wait for him as expected of Emma Ming he found the ice wolf sword and asked if lingbinghad remembered about it since he had gone to pick her up but it seemed like she had not rememberedbut at least the ice wolf club symbol returned to her hand just then someone came who opened thedoor angrily and shocked Nana it was actually the members of Joe Yen who were all shocked tomeet their boss lying on the floor dead which made them wonder how the boss died and that waswhen one of them suggested that since Joe Yen had died then they did not need to care about hisrules anymore and then someone also cited Nana and wanted to know what a rich family's girls tastedlike but nana shouted back at him telling him not to come closer to her as she already went to MoMing to save her but Emma Ming told her not to be.

Scared as nothing would happen to him Nana thenexplained to emo Ming that he heard those people saying there was something good hidden in wherethey were and Emma Ming told her to let them get down and check it and when they got to the placethey saw a young lady and a young guy whom Joe Yen had tied down Emma Ming then ordered that theyshould be buried as they were all sacrifices for the church and he also promised to definitely findthe evil church and take revenge for the people Emma Ming found himself in a precarious situationas he stood before Nana sharing his concerns about her safety he firmly believed that it was inher best interest to remain where they were while he and lingbing forged ahead however Nana'sdetermination to accompany them was unyielding she clutched emo Ming's shirt tightly her eyes filledwith a mix of fear and determination pleading with.

Him to take her along on their treacherous JourneyEmma Ming in an attempt to dissuade Nana from her insistence enumerated the advantages of stayingput he assured her that their intended destination held an abundance of food water and fortifiedshelter offering a higher level of protection compared to the risks they would face togetherdespite his rational arguments Nana refused to be swayed her grip on emo Ming tightenedas she expressed her unwavering resolve to remain by his side even if it meant facing deathmeanwhile lingbing a witness to this emotional exchange grew increasingly agitated she perceivedNana's Behavior as a threat to their safety and an unnecessary distraction Ling Bing regardedtheir mission as a matter of life and death and she couldn't fathom why Nana couldn't comprehendthe gravity of the situation sensing lingbing's.

Frustration emo Ming felt compelled to takedecisive action in a Swift and unexpected move emo Ming pushed Nana against the nearby wall hoping toemphasize the severity of their circumstances with urgency in his voice he implored her to understandthat the apocalypse was not a game lives were at stake and death could strike at any moment emomeans drastic measures stunned Nana and for a fleeting moment she questioned her resolve emomeans frustration escalated to a point where he even raised his pistol A desperate gesture toconvey the seriousness of their predicament the sight of the weapon brought a chilling realizationto Nana if she persisted in her desire to follow them emo Ming had no choice but to relent knowingher stubbornness could jeopardize their already tenuous survival the trio eventually found atemporary Refuge behind a sturdy building seeking.

Respite from the chaos and rampaging hordesof zombies observing the Relentless pursuit of the undead Emma Ming formulated a strategy topreserve their energy he understood the importance of avoiding unnecessary encounters as eachconfrontation carried the risk of injury or death however Nana seemed oblivious to the imminentdanger continuing to engage in conversation despite Mo Ming's attempts to caution her againstdrawing the attention of the zombies in a sudden turn of events emo makes Keen observation skillsallowed him to notice A peculiar phenomenon the zombies driven by an unseen Force began retreatingin fear his Gaze fixated on one particular zombie with an eerie appearance unlike anything he hadencountered before in that critical moment emo Ming harnessed his latent power activatinga connection with Ling Bing to an outsider.

His actions may have seemed inappropriate or evenperverse but he was solely focused on the imminent threat lingbing sensing the urgency and ammomeans connection swiftly unsheathed her gleaming sword prepared to defend against the encroachingdanger with a Resolute determination she charged forward alongside emo Ming both Warriors Unitedin their quest to confront the unknown Abomination however their Valiant efforts were met with Fierceresistance resulting in wounds inflicted upon both combatants as the battle raged on emo Ming becameacutely aware of the dire situation they faced he wiped a trickle of blood from his mouth a solemnreminder of their vulnerability and the fragility of their existence in this post-apocalyptic worldthe gravity of the moment hung heavily upon them forcing Emma Ming to contemplate lingbing wasseen as she made a slash at the zombie which did.

Not scratch the zombie's skin this showedhow thick the zombie skin was so emo Ming realized that if they should continue to fightthey might attract more zombies so he informed lingbing to retreat first as he tried to connectwith lingbing all of a sudden warning started to sound which indicate that the synchronizationrate with lingbing has decreased emo Ming was shocked meanwhile a violent Aura spread outfrom lingbing as she stood against the zombie

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