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Lloyd is a normal boy living in a small villagecalled Kunlun. He lives with his grandfather and older brother;their life is pretty mundane. However, all of that change after a coupleof years when Lloyd makes his way to the Azami Kingdom, where he will be joining a specialarmy. When he arrives to his army, he is met bythe East Side Witch called Marie, who allows him to stay with her while he completes hissoldier entrance exams. At first, she didn't care for Lloyd or thinkmuch of him, but sees him create a magic crystal. Marie's former master called Alka, who isalso the village chief, arrives and orders Marie to take care of Lloyd, as it seems heis actually quite powerful.

However, Lloyd has never thought of himselfas anything but ordinary. Lloyd runs into a young girl called Selen,who is being attacked by a strange monster. Lloyd uses his strength to defeat the monsterwith ease, and his presence also lifts the curse that has been torturing Selen sinceshe was a child. This makes Selen fall in love with Lloyd. The day of the exams arrives, and one of themilitary cadets senses Lloyd's power and sees him as a threat. He is also jealous when he sees Selen talkingto Lloyd. In a shocking twist, Marie reveals the truthbehind Lloyd's strength.

His village, Kunlun is also located near oneof the scariest dungeons with the strongest monsters in the whole country. Lloyd may be weak and ordinary in his village,but for the rest of the world, he is one of the strongest beings alive. The results of the exam arrive, and for somemysterious reason, Lloyd is not on the list of future candidates. The army officers Merthophan and Choline donot understand why Lloyd failed to pass the exam, since he isn't becoming a military cadetat the moment. Lloyd finds a job in a local cafe which isowned by a retired royal guard called Chrome.

The news of Princess Maria still being missingspreads through the land. Choline investigates why Lloyd failed thetest, and it is then that she realizes he wrote mysterious runes as his answers. Selen is determined to get Lloyd in the academy,so she decides to find Princess Maria and get Lloyd enrolled as her reward. Alka and Marie talk to Lloyd about his plansuntil the next exam. Marie confides an Alka about her father, KingAzami, who was being brainwashed into starting a war with the Jiou Empire. Alka refuses to help as the people from Kunlunare way too powerful to get involved in small.

Conflicts. Elsewhere, Selen fights Allan, who is oneof the students. But soon Lloyd arrives, Marie shows up inthe last second and uses her magic to fly Lloyd away from the battle. With this, she saved Allan because Lloyd couldhave killed him in an instant on accident. Lloyd is confused why Marie stopped the fight,but he thinks it's probably because he is too weak. Chrome figures out that Marie the witch isalso Princess Maria. Marie then explains that in three days herfather will most likely declare war at a summit.

But she doesn't know who is controlling hisactions, and Chrome decides to help. Selen, still in search for the princess, decidesto ask help from Marie herself. When Selen realizes that Lloyd lives withMarie, she gets jealous. Just before Marie reveals the truth abouther identity to Selen. Lloyd naively concludes that Marie must bethe hero saving everyone in secret. Marie uses his stupidity to further coverher tracks. Once Lloyd is out of the room, she asks forhelp from Riho and Selen. Chrome investigates all the assassins whoare searching for Marie, and finally finds who is behind the king's madness.

It is revealed to be Merthophan, and whenChrome confronts him, he admits all his crimes. But that is where things get complicated whenSelen, Riho and Marie arrive, the king reveals that he is possessed by a demon lord namedAbbadon, and that he was controlling Merthophan this whole time. Marie tries to stop her father with Lloyd’srune, but he breaks her hand. Marie figures out that while the people ofKunlun can't interfere in mere mortal conflicts, a demon lord is something Lloyd is allowedto defeat. Meanwhile, Lloyd finds Allan hiding from monsters,and he gives him the motivation and strength to fight and be a true soldier.

Alka is enraged because the monsters interruptedher romantic moment with Lloyd. With the help of Chrome, Riho and Selen fightMerthophan, they are able to hold their own until Lloyd arrives. The fight lasts not even a mere moment asLloyd defeats Merthophan with a single slap. Marie asks Lloyd to clean the dirt from theking. Lloyd does it, but he doesn't realize thathe is using a cleansing rune that has such strong magic. It is able to cast out the demon Abbadon fromthe king’s body. For a moment, the kingdom has been saved,but Lloyd doesn't understand any of it.

The next morning, Shoma arrives in the city,who is Lloyd's brother, but disappears before anyone can see him. Merthophan is exiled to Kunlun. Allan, who is grateful for Lloyd's help, submittedhimself to his service as payment. Allan also gets Lloyd to fully become a memberof the Academy. Marie and Lloyd go to a mysterious location,and there he draws a holy sword from a stone. There is a special match between two rivallingacademies coming up. Lloyd also learns healing magic with Selen. Meanwhile, Marie meets with several studentsfrom the rivalling academy.

Two sisters called Phyllo and Mena want tofind Riho. When they meet Lloyd, Phyllo attacks him becauseof his insane power. Riho is upset and doesn't want to come backhome or to the Academy. Lloyd takes Riho on a date to help with herreturn Home. On their date, Riho reveals that her prostheticMithril arm was supposed to help her draw a holy sword, but it just ends up drainingher magic. The following day, Micona tries to competewith Lloyd and prove that she is better, but Lloyd defeats her in an instant. Later, she goes to Marie to heal her becauseshe wants to spend time with her as she likes.

Her, and surprises to see Lloyd lives withher. The matches between the two academies beginand the prize is the holy sword Lloyd found. The tournament begins in Phyllo versus Selen,but their match doesn't last long as Phyllo breaks the rules. The next match is between Lloyd and Mena. And while Mena uses her strongest water magic,Lloyd still wins with ease. Riho swears to defeat Rol, Riho and Rol fightboth using their best spells, but Riho uses a special grade spell that causes Rol to passout from fear. Rol is later furious when she finds that theprize has already been claimed.

Rol uses Phyllo to kidnap whoever took themagical sword, but Phyllo makes a mistake and steals one of Alka's crystals. Afraid that something has happened to Marie,Lloyd runs to search for her. He confronts Philip and she demands that theyfight until one of them dies. He suggests an arm wrestle match and thendefeats her. Phyllo for some reason, decides that she wantsto marry Lloyd now. Allan later saves Rol and by accident getscredited with saving the entire town. A mysterious wizard seems to have manipulatedRol and her memories so that he gets his hands on the sword. he wants to master a dungeonin Kunlun, Lloyd takes a part time job cleaning.

A hotel. The hotel's owner called Coba, confides inhim that someone or something is attacking the workers of the hotel. Lord Threonine, who is one of the most difficultguests in the hotel, talks with Lloyd. Threonine meets one of Coba's maids calledKikyou. They talk about Coba, may be raising threatensin the deep forests, threatens are linked to demon lords. Kikyou later accuses Lloyd of having threatensas he is quite powerful. Kikyou tries to drug Lloyd with putting somethingin his tea, but Coba drinks it instead.

Kikyou runs away in fear of being caught andCoba starts to realize maybe her and Threonine are behind the attacks on his workers. Selen and her father arrive at the hotel. Her father wants her to marry Threonine'sson, but Lloyd appears just in time. Lloyd and Selen go on a special date whileinvestigating. Kikyou tries to give Lloyd an antidote massage,but runs away when Selen shows up. Selen tries to have a moment alone with Lloydat the hot spring. But then Alka, Marie, Riho, Phyllo and Menaall show up. Meanwhile, Kikyou meets with Minoki, Threonine'ssecretary.

She reveals that in secret she was creatingthe treats. Then she is taken over by the demon lord calledEarl King. Lloyd and Earl King fight, but it doesn'tlast long. Lloyd manages to tear out Earl King's demonseed and then Minoki returns back to normal. Shoma and Alka have an argument and it isrevealed that Shoma has been working with her enemies to find the holy sword. Selen's father allows her to continue beinga soldier and allows her to marry whoever she wants. Micona is introduced to Shoma and a strangepriest called Father Souh.

Elsewhere, the king instructs Lloyd and hisgang to fight and defeat a monster snake in a difficult dungeon. Father Sou makes the decision that he willbe the one to fight the snake first. The gang all enter the dungeon, and they aresurprised when they find an infected Micona. She is infected by Trent and she tries tofight Lloyd. She gets the upper hand in battle when Lloydgets injured protecting Selen and Phyllo. With the help of his friends, Lloyd findsthe strength and finally defeats her. The giant snake awakens and reveals to beVritra, an ancient being that is the source of Alka's powers.

Sou shows up and kills Vritra, but the snakesoul escapes and Selen's belt that is made of its material. Sou swears he will unleash Kunlun’s dungeonand then teleports away. The dungeon starts to collapse, so Alka teleportsthe entire group away to safety. Due to a mix up, Allan is hailed as a herowho defeated Vritra and got the title Dragon Slayer. Lloyd remembers that the name Sou is fromold Kunlun legends and it belonged to a fierce villain. Allan, as the hero is forced to fight in anexhibition match at the event.

Meanwhile, the gang all leave from Kunlun. They are also joined by a dwarf called Yook. The group is shocked to see just how muchpower an average villager of Kunlun has. Riho realizes that in Kunlun, dragons arelegendary monsters, but just annoying pests to get rid of. All the girls impress Lloyd's family, whileSelen feels left out. Marie talks to Merthophan who reveals thathe received a strange egg from a merchant, which is the egg that started all the problemsin the kingdom. To make sure Alka remains hold of her powers,the gang needs to bring Vritra's body back.

To life. Also, it is revealed that the dungeons byKunlun hold numerous demon lords, and the villagers are the guardians in charge of keepingthe world safe. The dungeons also keep a mysterious forcethat if unleashed, could change the entire world. The danger is because of Vritra's body beingdestroyed the dungeons have begun to open. Yook reveals that the holy sword Lloyd foundcan open the prison, and he also starts to bring back Vritra in the form of an egg. Because of the process, Alka temporarily losesher powers.

The moment Alka's guard drops, Yook is revealedto be a traitor. Her main goal is to open the dungeon. Yook teleports everyone back to his army andcloses all portals. She also traps Lloyd in Kunlun. After a while, Lloyd manages to find Alkaand free her. with a special blaster, Alka teleports Lloydback to his army. During the ceremonial match, Sou and the kingargue about their joint nations taking over the entire world. Merthophan and Shoma fight, while Sou revealshe is an artificial creation by Alka.

His purpose was to save the world, but afterhe completed the mission, he couldn't die. Now he wants Lloyd to kill him and give himpeace. Suddenly, Lloyd shows up and accuses Yookof faking Vritra's resurrection. Marie realizes that Lloyd has no idea whatis truly happening, but uses his stupidity to defeat Yook and her creatures. Selen steals the egg from Yook, and Alka arrives,now fully powered. Yook is apprehended by Lloyd and somehow Allanis again given credit for Lloyd's heroic actions. Lloyd decides to stay and live with Marieand her friends. And the anime ends.

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