He Will get A Level Up System And Turns into The Strongest Villain

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Our Story begins in the Hall of takes you and sacred Land one of the big sects in the East Wilderness we see our hero ichen an inner disciple complaining about his crush and their Saint Sue cage getting into an arranged marriage with goo Chang are protagonists got here right he has transgressed into a fantasy world where you guessed it he's the.

Villain and is a typical villain he's a stepping stone for the protagonist but not this time change has a mysterious game-like system backing him up this system is based on Fortune and fate levels going from black red orange yellow green cyan blue and purple Chen has a green Fortune meaning he's the lucky guy who will get everything in the.

World but our villain's Fortune is black literally doomed to fail Chang supposedly reincarnated and came from a higher world to a minor one this means he came to a scarce lower realm meaning he's literally the strongest person here Chen tries to reason or scream out his thoughts and rights to get his wanted girl and have plot armor but instead.

Gets banned punished by his clan he proclaims himself to be the hope and future of the sect but everyone there is against him because he doesn't know his role against the literal God at this Junction chuk Chuan Chang's servant has had enough and decides to deal with each end he attacks with lightning but each end blocks it with a fire punch shocking.

Everyone present to make it easier cultivation levels will be numbered while each level has a substage early middle late and Peak Chen's cultivation is at level three one level lower than chuk chuins but Chang already understands the e-chin being the protagonist and the fortunes chosen won't find it difficult to deal with.

Someone of a higher cultivation realm Chang rightly observes that the reason behind each end's every action is to stop Kings from marrying him mostly because she has 350 points with a yellow Fortune making her lucky as hell and the female lead so he decides to infuriate him even more by touching and speaking kindly to Kings suddenly the system.

Gives him a notification Kings had a change of heart making Chen lose 10 Fortune points and giving them to change he quickly realizes he's the lucky one what's the best way to increase his fortune and reduce his fate to become a stepping stone to the protagonist exactly steal the protagonist's untouched girl and keep her to yourself.

Don't try this at home boys ichen gets infuriated ready to kill anyone if that means getting changed to leave cage at this point change decides to step in he approaches Yi Chen and All Eyes focus on him he unleashes his demonic Aura applying pressure to everyone in the room and the impact sends each end to his knees changes cultivation is at.

Level 6 late stage which humiliates the hero in the presence of everyone such a feat gives change another plus 50 fate points and Chen gets -10 Fortune fate points can be used to raise his techniques tier and cultivation level seeing this change asks the system how much his fate value will increase should he kill yichen in response the system.

Informs him that if he kills echen then he will be doomed for the rest of his life the system however lets him know that he can continue taking Chen's Fortune value to increase his and when he has sufficient Fortune value he can kill the protagonist change decides to let each end go at least for the main time but each and isn't ready to go.

Without a fight so he punches change in the face or tries to because a barrier blocks Chen from attacking the former with a mere slap Chang slashes e Chen's face who goes reeling backward with blood streaming down his face the guards proceed to drag each and out but before they do Chang's makes it a point of asking Kings outright in front of Chen's.

Presence after being warned of what is at stake should she refuse a man-like change accepts his invitation unable to Bear what he is witnessing anymore ichen loses Consciousness this mental damage increases changes fate value by 500 and decreases Chen's by 100 after everyone leaves the sacred Lord sutachuan and his daughter engage in a private.

Conversation changes servant Lin Ming eavesdrops on their conversation and goes back to his Mass Master to report the father-daughter discussion from Lin Ming's report change gathers that the supreme leader of the taekshuan Sacred land died 300 years ago but the outside world doesn't know of his death which means that for them to remain strong.

Takes you in sacred land needs changes Support also the sacred Lord's wife was a noble lady from the upper Realms and went back to the upper Realms and so the sacred Lord wishes to search for his wife by having his daughter grab onto change the screen pops up congratulating change on having completed the first face slapping of the day by humiliating.

Chen as a reward he receives a starter pack the pack has three items an array destroying Talisman a rainbow cloak and a broken third of the world seed the one that draws changes attention is the third one he receives an instruction that he will be able to create a world and control his life and death after Gathering and refining the complete.

World seed in order to achieve this he uses all his fate points to cultivate and reach level 7 early stage in his cultivation the aura spreads all over for the kingdom and all are in all of change's Power King also Witnesses the scene which reveals that she has two souls in her body the good girl and the Baddie upon witnessing change's power.

The second Soul advises her to forget all about Chen and go with change but Kings refuses to listen to her King's comes to pay him a visit she tries to ask about the upper Realms where her mother is without knowing that change already knows about her and her father's plan he tells her to go up and see it by herself but she needs to reach level 6.

First she tries to offer herself to him and asks if he will protect her in the upper realm just then a notification screen pops up informing that King's temperament towards him has changed increasing his fate value by 200 while Chen's Fortune value has decreased by 40 proving his theory that he gets rewarded for stealing the protagonist girls I.

Know what you're thinking he starts to feign a lack of interest and doubt in King's real intentions this makes Kings attempt to please change even more even going as far as revealing that her bodily Constitution is is a benignian beauty physique as soon as she reveals her secret a screen pops up stating that she's intending to submit to him and.

That Chen's Fortune value has once again decreased by 40 while changes fate value has increased by 200. he asks the system if he can proceed further with her but the system gives him a hard no free guilt pass stating that he will get a fortune backlash if he goes forward right now he walks away and the system informs him that he got another 20.

Points on Fortune and 100 on fate just because Kings realized he never did something wrong he gets informed by his servant who is spying on Chen and they go to the dungeon he was placed on Chen doesn't like his visit but change has no interest in him he just wants to meet Chen's Master a remnant of a powerful spirit inside Chen's ring Chang's tries.

To convince the spirit to leave ye Chan and come with him but the loyal Spirit refuses to leave ye Chan as he Chen had saved her from completely dying unfazed by the rejection change gives the spirit medicine for soul repair as a present he leaves after telling the spirit to give his proposal some thought after they go back to his residence Elder Ming asks.

Chang why he didn't kill yichen if all he needed was the remnant soul in response Chang lets him know that Chen is a lucky person and he may accidentally enter an ancient ruin while being chased gain the evil weapons approval an attack the takes you in sacred land this evil weapon belongs to the eight Barren demon gods of ancient.

Times which is the exact reason why change came to the lower realm after instructing Ming to keep an eye on each end change goes into seclusion during this period he buys from the shop the primordial Spirit technique three days later three Elite sects of the Eastern Wilderness arrive at taekshuin's sacred land turns out that Chen ordered his.

Master and Remnant Spirit to spread the news of the Supreme Leader's death and now they are all asking for the spiritual veins Sue takes and tells them that even though the Supreme Master is dead he still has someone else he and his sacred land can rely on but the Masters only mock him in reply when he still refuses to hand over the spiritual.

Reigns one of the Masters wuji attacks sutakshuin with a powerful artifact known as the Limitless Tower of the great Sun Empire but before the attack could make it to its destination changes Force fills the whole surrounding and stops the power of the Tower from taking effect all the elders are shocked at the aura in power they even start to think.

That maybe Supreme Master Su is still alive change who is still in seclusion upon witnessing how strong his newly acquired power is decides it is time to face the challengers on her way to go get him to save them Kings gets stopped by each end right outside changes residence she asks how he got out of the prison and he promises to get her out of.

Takes you in sacred land but Kings refuses telling him she can't betray her sect by leaving them in a time of trouble when he Chen tries to speak ill of change she jumps to his defense and calls each and all sorts of names for trying to leave the sect even after all they've done for him meanwhile King's words and actions towards you Chen.

Causes changes fate point to increase by 250 while you Chen's Fortune points decreased by 50. it is at this moment that change who had been listening to the whole conversation decides to step out Kings begins to panic as she believes change will misinterpret seeing her with each end so to prove her innocence she draws her sword and.

Plunges it right into each end's chest yichen is shocked and angered at this betrayal and Promises to see Kings again before running away change Praises her actions and gives her a hug this action increases changes Fortune value by 60 and his fate value by 300 change gets to where the Masters are gathered just in time to see them threatening to force.

Their way in one of the Masters sees change and rushes at him ready to attack but change overpowers him by merely blocking his attack with the back of his palm he then grabs his fist and pushes him back all three Masters decide to face him together to attack first and he easily defeats them however the last one attacks with his Limitless Tower and.

Unsuspecting change gets trapped inside the artifact the Masters begin to mock change as they thought they had won when suddenly rays of light emitted from the tower and then the tower shatters into million pieces as change emerges surrounded by his powerful Aura his eyes turn red and a purple beam emits from his fingertip the aura begins to spread.

And fire accompanies it and destroys all that the Masters have brought along with them both animals and humans after the incident the elites have no choice but to bow down to the takes you in sacred land as their master and leader during a meeting with these Elites sacred Lord Sue takes you and receives a message that the third Prince of the great Zia.

Empire of the Central State has invited people with talent to attend the Forum a mark Chang had left on the Mind convergence pill he gave the remnant Spirit shows him that echen is headed towards this Central State for this reason change accepts the invitation three days later change arrives at the central Heavenly city of the Central.

State and receives a notification that a new Fortune chosen has been detected literally Another Hero in the central Heavenly city of the tinking realm new news begins to spread that the ancestor of the Lynn family Lin Ming changes servant has returned from the upper realm change pays a visit to the Lynn household everyone is full of joy to.

Meet him however they are surprised at how he treats change with so much respect as he proceeds to leave one of the elders instructs his daughter keohan to show change around she introduces herself to him and the system reveals that she's not only waifu material but also has 200 points of yellow Fortune the new Fortune chosen is a powerful.

Demonic cultivator soul that has possessed keohan's brother Lin tan as soon as he gets close to change he senses him and prepares himself for the challenge heughen starts showing change in Kings around the city and change begins to ask her questions about Lin tan an unsuspecting and eager to please starts talking about her brother.

Including how he used to be useless but suddenly became responsible and even started cultivation as change starts to inquire more about Lin Tian she slowly begins to suspect her other Sudden Change Change receives a notification that after clearing his fortune value if he can kill the new fortunes chosen that is presently dwelling inside lintan's.

Body he will receive an additional Heavenly reward this makes change more determined to harvest lintan's Fortune value the more keohan suspects lend tan the more his fortune value decreases leading to an increase in Chang's Destiny value the spirit in Lin Tan's body has finally keyed into the fact that keohan is suspecting him he is also.

Aware that change is the cause of this suspicion and this angers him as payback he places a Heavenly demon Outlaw curse on Chang's using 15 years of his lifespan to kill him in the worst case Chang will lose his mental abilities watch this next video see you on the next one

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