He Would no longer Know Which One Is His Sis & He Has To Marry One Of Them

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After his father's passing, Mikadono Shougobecame the heir of their enterprise. However, during the funeral, someone claimed tobe his little sister. Typical stuff. But the thing is… This girl wanted to marry him!Before Shougo could see what his so-called little sister looked like, she had already disappeared.A year passed, and Shougo returned to Japan only to learn from his mom, Kanoko, that he wouldstudy at Miryuuin Academy, his father's alma mater. There he would finish high school andfind a woman suitable for marriage. If he accomplishes that, the Mikadono Group is all his.And, of course, a male transfer student – not to mention the heir of a huge company – is theeye candy of every girl on campus. Shougo meets Tsuruma Konoe, whom he saved from a speedingtruck-kun. He also gets acquainted with Kannagi.

Miyabi, who used to give him bombasticside eyes. But now, she competes against Konoe for Shougo's undivided attention.When everything seemed smooth sailing, Shougo received a Gran Belion birthdaygift, his favorite childhood show, from his self-proclaimed little sister. Shealso calls his phone randomly. Not only is she obsessed with him, but it also appears like she'sstalking him, as she also attends the same school! With that, Shougo's chances of dating someone fromMiryuuin grew slimmer as he feared he might end up in a Cersei and Jaime Lannister relationship!Luckily, Mr. X, a.k.a. Ikusu Mizutani, tried to help Shougo track his little sister.Having an illegitimate child that wants to marry the heir is a huge scandal for the MikadonoGroup, and it's his job to prevent that. However,.

Shougo later on discovered that this specialagent was a girl. But it's their little secret. Because of an indecent accident betweenShougo and Ikusu, Konoe and Miyabi decided to show him the appeal of women. They wentto the length of sleeping with him – just literally sleeping. But it's skin on skin,so your imagination's not too far off. However, Shougo started to feel cold towardsMiyabi after an unexpected circumstance. The girl brought him home to shower aftergetting caught in the rain, But when he was about to bathe, he saw a Gran Belioncharacter shampoo. Shougo might be reaching, but there's a chance Miyabi's his little sister.Although he knew it might hurt, he rejected her proclamation of love and marriage.[4].

Shougo can't stop thinking about Miyabiand her expression that night. Suddenly, his phone rings and a cute voice says, “Onii-chan.It's me.” But he remains unfazed as he instantly recognizes Ikusu. She uses a voice changerlike the little sister, but the mysterious girl's device seems more high-end. Shougo'ssure it's small and waterproof as she takes it in the bath. With that information,Ikusu promises to investigate further. Shougo tries to talk to Miyabi at school thenext day, but she ignores him. Konoe calls him, and she realizes something's bothering him.Her intuitions strengthen as she notices Shougo and Miyabi aren't laughing in classwhen Tanaka teases their teacher, Kotori. So Konoe finally confronts Shougo on the rooftopto ask what's happening. She totally picked up.

On Miyabi's weird vibe. He trusts Konoe to keep asecret, so he tells her that Miyabi might be his sister. However, it seems like his confidantdoesn't take the news lightly, as she hadn't attended their next class.— After taking out the trash, Shougo receives aphone call. His little sister seems distressed as her final words are, “Goodbye, Onii-sama.” Hehasn't finished overthinking when Ikusu sends him a photo message of a pink device. She calls rightafter to share the information she has acquired. IMT-270 is the voice changer phone Shougo's littlesister uses. The Kyoasu company released it to allow users to make calls using the voicesof performers and anime characters. However, it was banned shortly after, as it'sfeared to be used to perpetrate crimes..

Bottomline, the picture Ikusu sent earlieris what the phone looks like. Suddenly, Shougo remembers the first time he bumpedinto Konoe. Her phone is an IMT-270! He can't be mistaken! So… does that mean…Shougo rushes to look for Konoe. However, student council VP Rinka Kunitachi and PresidentMana Tendou reprimand him for running in the hallways. However, he has no time to explain.Instead, he asks for their help to find Konoe. Rinka hesitates, but Tendou is up for it!On the staircase, Shougo bumps into Mei Sagara. She inquires if he's now interested inher cafe, but he can't talk right now. He then sees Miyabi. Shougo asks forher help, but she declines. Desperate, he grabs her hand and stares at her intently,eye-to-eye. Well, who can say no to that?!?.

Shougo looks for Konoe everywhere until heremembers the background noises from her last call. Just as he expected, she's in the park. Theygaze at each other for a moment. With teary eyes, Konoe takes out her phone and calls Shougo.”I'm sorry,” she utters feebly. “I'm Onii-sama's little sister.” And the tearsshe has tried to contain finally burst. They sit on the bench to discuss things.Konoe asks him if he remembers the photo she sent on his birthday. Shougo does, but hehas forgotten the details since he hurt his head around the time the photo was taken.So Konoe takes him back to memory lane… Kumagorou, Shougo's father, was the one who tookthe picture. He and Konoe's dad were good friends. As children, they used to play together at themeparks, keeping Konoe in high spirits. However,.

On the way back, an accident occurred. Becauseof her playfulness, she almost got hit by a speeding car. If Shougo hadn't pushed her offthe road on time, Konoe might've met her end. When Konoe rushed to him, Shougo said, “Look atme. I wonder if it looks like I protected you, like Gran Belion.” At that moment, there is nodoubt he was her hero. No one could replace that. But after that, Konoe's dad and Kumagoroustopped talking, so she never saw him again. So the idea of Shougo transferring to theirschool excited her. She knew it was wrong but found all his details on their teacher's desk.Konoe thought her birthday presents might return Shougo's memories, but theydidn't. And regarding that phone, her father invented that. Since it has a voicechanger feature, she used it to greet him with.

A character's voice in Gran Belion—Perin-chan.However, Shougo clarifies that Perin-chan is a maid, not a little sister. The character justhappens to look up to Gran Belion, so she calls him “Onii-sama.” Nonetheless, Konoe apologizesfor what she did. She felt good pretending to be a little sister but didn't expect it to gothis far. It's just that when she was a kid, she wanted to be his little sister. Thatway, they'd stay together forever. But now, she feels guilty, having caused trouble to Miyabi.Besides that, Konoe promised Miyabi fair play in their competition to Shougo's heart. Nowshe feels like she's cheating. More so, Shougo telling her confidential things turnedher conscience. She can't stand deceiving him. Luckily, Shougo doesn't make a big deal out ofit. He understands Konoe thinks of him as a hero,.

So he's willing to help her in difficult times.They stare at each other in that one blissful moment until a screaming Miyabi arrives. She feelsbetrayed looking for someone Shougo has already found without notice. This isn't fair play at all!But being a good friend, Miyabi lets them explain. After all the misunderstanding hasbeen settled, she can finally assure herself that Shougo will marry her withoutreservations. She's not serious, right? Right? Well, she is. And like a bomb, she dropsanother explosive news on Shougo's life. When they were kids, they had a pretend wedding!Yep, they're also childhood friends. How many female childhood friends does Shougo have!?Everything's a big surprise to Shougo and everyone who helped find Konoe earlier.Miyabi narrated everything about how they met..

When Shougo was hospitalized, Miyabi's fatherwas also there as a patient. That's where their friendship started. They always played in thecourtyard, but Miyabi noticed something peculiar about Shougo. He always forgets things and thenremembers them again for a second. Despite his flaw, this girl's certain she's in love with him.When Miyabi's dad stopped going to the hospital, she cried every night because she could no longersee Shougo. But when she heard about him moving to their school, she felt her wishes come true.The sad thing is he doesn't even recognize her. When Shougo mentioned marriage the time he wasstranded in her house, Miyabi thought he finally remembered. Nonetheless, she's seriousabout tying the knot with him someday. But hold your horses, Miyabi! Konoewon't surrender without a fight. She.

Wants to marry Shougo, too!And so the contest for Shougo's future bride begins!To clarify, the Ganizeus shampoo holder in Miyabi's bathroom is a keepsake of theirfriendship that she treasured. Also, both girls weren't at Kumagurou's funeral, and they have asolid alibi. With that, Shougo's little sister's identity is still unknown. For all he knows, shecan be somewhere far away. On the bright side, it's neither Konoe nor Miyabi.— Meanwhile, Sagara concentrates on her notesand thinks about Shougo's little sister. —The following morning, Shougo wakes up in a rather awkward situation.The sun is just up, but the heat in his room is.

Steamy hot as Konoe dresses up in a daring outfitperfect for a honeymoon! But wait, there's more! Miyabi cooks breakfast with just an apron on!It seems like a nightmare for Shougo, but he has to face the reality that these two girlswon't stop competing for his favor. Oh, boy! [5]It's just 6 AM when Shougo receives a phone call. “Hello, Onii-sama!” the voice says.WHAT? AGAIN? Yep! But this time, it's the real little sister!She reminds Shougo to go to bed and wake up early, like in the principal's pep talk. How did sheknow that? Silly, she goes to the same school! Creepier than that, this girl also knows he staysup late watching adult fi—ahem—doing homework. Little sister worries that Shougo will havedead wood when they get married. Despite his.

Insistence that it won't ever happen, she'scertain they're destined for each other. And then she bids him goodbye and drops the call.Shougo still feels sleepy as he prepares for school. When he opens the door, he seesKonoe, who happens to wake up a little early, too. Hmmm, what a coincidence. She alsospeculates he's up late. The teachers might notice his bloodshot eyes. But no worries, as aclass rep, she has the solution: a peck on the cheek. See? A smooch solves all problems!Shougo can't stop thinking about Konoe's weird ways. But hey, if he's going to marry her,it'll be like that every day! And oh boy! Imagine how vulnerable she'll be on their weddingnight because she's his… “little sister!” Woah! Woah! Woah! Erase that thought!Anyway, Shougo immediately tells this.

Problem to Ikusu. They both speculate it'sKonoe since she's the only one they know who has that phone. But they can't reallybe certain. For now, Ikusu suggests they assume there's a third party involved.Since Konoe's phone is a prototype that was recalled before it went on sale, there'sa possibility that its model was leaked. In that c ase, there's no telling how many peoplestill own that device. Anyone can be a suspect. Moreover, Ikusu is also suspicious of those whohelped Shougo look for Konoe: Sagara, Reika, and Tendou. However, it's also possible thatsomeone outside the room might've overheard their conversation. The possibilities are endless!Suddenly, a bespectacled girl opens the rooftop door. She's looking for Shougo, but why?Apparently, the head of the newspaper.

Club is looking for him. She's also actingweird as she utters that fate brought them together. Fear not. Araya is not mentalYET. She's just acting out a character. Anyway, Shougo has piqued her interest. He's beenadmired by many, especially because he comes from a well-known family. And here at Miryuuin Times,they are responsible for telling the public the truth and satisfying their curiosity!In short, Araya wants an interview with him entitled [uwu voice] “The Number One BoyI Want To Be My Onii-chan, Mikadono Shougo”! Ah yes, she's totally delulu.The next few days, little sister wakes Shougo as early as 6 AM for the nextdays. It has been her routine, and he doesn't like it. The bags under his eyes say it all!Then suddenly, it's Miyabi picking him up from his.

Apartment. She also noticed his regular spacingout. Shougo thinks she has swimming practice this morning, but Miyabi clarifies it'll be later thisday and shows what's under her skirt—a swimsuit. Shougo attempts to avert his gaze, but itinevitably wakes him up more effectively than coffee. He pulls Miyabi's skirt down, but it dropsall the way through. Uh-oh. Do you know what's worse? Konoe happens to have arrived and seeneverything. RIP, Shougo. We're going to miss you! —During lunch break, Shougo tries to get some sleep in the infirmary. Sagara sees him and offersa better place to nap. However, there's a catch. He has to visit her cafe after that. Uhm, okay???Sagara takes Shougo to an old storage room. She invites him to sit behind the bookshelves.However, he's quite reluctant since napping.

Beside a senior is awkward. Plus, she'sa girl! But Sagara assures him there's nothing to worry about. Besides, she'sjust a month older than him. And their conversation cuts as she immediately dozes off.But no matter how much Shougo tries, he can't sleep with all of Sagara's heavy breathing. Hestands up and discovers naughty magazines in the corner. He fights the urge to look at it. Hisconscience says no, but his impulsive thoughts tell him it's okay to be curious. Unbeknownstto him, his internal struggles wake Sagara up. —It's a Sunday, and Miyabi accompanies Shougo to Sagara's cafe. As they open the door, Kurumi,the cheeky and slightly precocious little sister, greets them. She gives them a menu of theirabsurdly named food. Miyabi orders a chocolate.

Parfait while Shougo wants a “love omurice.”However, Kurumi refuses to take his order if Shougo won't say it properly. Aftermuch persistence, he finally says, “The omelet rice which a clumsy little sisterhas made with utmost love!” Phew! That's so long and weird. But Shougo gives it a pass. It'sokay as long as the food is edible. Well, jokes on him. It's saltier than the Atlantic Ocean.Finally, Sagara appears and asks him if the moe has killed him yet. Apparently, no, whichthe owner sees as an outrage and disgrace! —The following day goes the same: little sister wakes Shougotoo early, causing him to feel drowsy all day. Luckily, he has a nap place now. But when he opensthe door, Sagara greets him in a cat-maid costume,.

“Onii-chan, welcome back, nyan~!” AndShougo shuts the door, tired of all this BS. Sagara apologizes, convincing him to stay.She explains she just wants to give her “cat's meow tail” a try. But Shougo wants to learn moreabout her, starting with why she runs that cafe. “I'm an abandoned child,” she says.Social services found Sagara when she was about one or two years old. They're also theones who gave her name. She was a gifted child, enough to attract a universityprofessor to take custody of her. Sagara's father taught at the Universityof Massachusetts. While he was away, her mother cared for her and handled their coffeeshop. But when she fell ill and passed away, the cafe was sold. Sagara had to move inwith her father abroad. Fortunately, she.

Got some money two years ago from her publishedpapers. With that, she bought back the shop. Shougo wants to know what her paper isabout, so Sagara looks for it from the stack of books. However, she accidentally dropssome on the floor. While she picks them up, Shougo notices something on her desk—anIMT-270 phone. Uh-oh, here we go again! —Shougo immediately informs Ikusu about this. But howcome a senior becomes his little sister? Well, Sagara's date of birth isn't clear, so there'sa possibility she may not be older than him. Suddenly, Ikusu senses someone eavesdroppingon them. It's the bespectacled girl from the newspaper club. But this is not aboutShougo's interview. She has heard rumors.

That Sagara will close the cafe andmove abroad soon. Can this be true? [6]Sagara reminisces about a part of her childhood until she hears a knock on the door.It isn't a shock for her, as she already expects Shougo. However, it's not about the phone Shougowants to discuss. It's about the rumors of her moving away. Sagara confirms it, as the cafe willeventually go bankrupt. But Shougo won't let this happen as it holds many good memories for Sagara,so he promises to help her get more customers. At home, Sagara can't stop thinking about howamusing Shougo is. What does a novice know about saving a business? Still, it's better this way.Sooner or later, everything will go according to plan.—.

Shougo goes to Tanaka the following morning tohelp him visualize the advert he drafted. He also agrees to do the interview with Arayabut on one condition. She has to include the ad he made in the Miryuuin Times. Sincehe has tickled her good mood, she accedes. Later that day, Sagara surprises Shougo withKonoe in a cat-maid outfit. This makes him blush beet red, but Miyabi teases that anhonor student can't handle being a waitress. But Konoe insists she can prove her wrong.Suddenly, the tail in her skirt lifts up, exposing her unmentionables. The thing has aspecial mechanism that adapts to the wearer's emotions. Uh-huh, no complaints from Shougo.Meanwhile, Rinka teaches them how to cook the perfect omelet while Tendou volunteers totaste-test it. It's sooo good! With that,.

They put it on the menu, named “Domineeringlittle sister's high-class lady omelet.” This sends Rinka into a tizzy – she's not domineering,right? Right????? Sorry, Rinka, but you kinda are. —At the cafe, Konoe practices walking around with her sensitivetail, but she keeps failing. Shougo tried to fix the problem, but it kept getting worse. Again,no complaints about the fan service. Hehehe! —The following day, Shougo gives out leaflets. He also becomes popular with the freshmen, as theycall him Onii-chan-senpai. Among the freshies is Kurumi. Oh, she's also studying in Miryuuin!”Let's do our best together to liven up the cafe!” she says.—.

And so, Shougo serves as a waiter in thecafe with volunteers Rinka and Tendou. He's just talking to Miyabi when the other customersask if they can take a picture with him. Ikusu comes just in time to help, so the girlsnow have two cute boys to take pics with. —After a week of hard work, Sagara informs Shougo that the cafe's sales are improving. Thisnews relieves him so much. But she has a more important matter to discuss, such as asking himfor marriage. WAIT, WHAT? That escalated quickly! It's reasonable, right? If Sagaraand Shougo's genes are combined, they'll have the strongest child! On that thought,they should start creating one now, as in, NOW. Fortunately, Ikusu calls him to help lookfor her hat, which she left at the cafe..

Shougo doesn't find anything, though. Hemeets Ikusu outside, only to learn it's just a trick to stop what's about to happen.Besides, she has information about the phone. The author of the technical paper about thevoice changer feature is Mei Sagara. Now… the plot thickens.— Shougo wakes up at 6 AM. But curiously, there'sno phone call from his little sister. He goes to the balcony and sees the curtains in a roomacross from his apartment. Blue with yellow stars, like those in Sagara's secret room! Was she spyingon him all this time?!? Thinking it through, Shougo gradually sees the whole picture.— That morning, Shougo immediately goes to Sagarato confront her. Since there's no point acting.

Innocent, she admits to everything. However,she mistakenly assumed he was interested in her. Nonetheless, Shougo asks Sagara abouther father's funeral. She confirms talking to him on a bright clear day.WRONG! Shougo got her with this trick question. He remembers it was snowing then, whichverifies Sagara isn't his little sister. However, he has to give her credit for planningeverything smoothly. She almost got him. Shougo narrates everything to Ikusu. Sagarahad a flawless scheme, from calling him too early to taking him to her secret hiding placeuntil he discovers the phone. The rumor of her moving to America was a ploy so that he would helpher. However, she didn't expect him to succeed. Although she planned to get closer to him,she also foresaw that she would fail. Her.

Next plan would've been to move away andlet Shougo overthink she's really his little sister. But why bother with all this?!Apparently, Sagara met Shougo's little sister when they were kids. It was in hermother's cafe, actually. Sagara's mom even remarked that they were like real siblings.Shogou begs her to tell him who she is. However, Sagara refuses to reveal her identitybecause she knows the Mikadono Group won't welcome an illegitimate child warmly.She doesn't want her friend to go through harsh rejection. But Shougo firmly promises toprotect and accept her unconditionally as his little sister, no matter what his family mightsay. Sagara understands but can't tell him until she's confident he can live up to his words.Ikusu calls Shougo soft for letting it go.

At that. He accepts that with a smile.Meanwhile, Sagara remembers the strange favor Shougo asked of her: being friends withhis little sister. She thinks he's strange, but he seems like a good older brother.And so, the search for the mysterious sibling continues. For every revelation Shougo finds out,things just seem to become more unclear. Still, he won't stop searching until he finds that missingpuzzle piece in his life: his “little sister.”

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