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Thank you for choosing Anime 25 Studio (subtitles enabled) Changing Fantasy Freedom の明物き出してやれShow a life of transformation and freedom! 実state がない分まだ出货ないno experience, still fail Name Quan Zi Xing desuFamous interpretation of self-nature, listen to the rumors 本懐果たした その先が见たいLong-cherished wishes come to an end, I want to see more Garan の emptiness 疎 な five bodyJust like the empty five bodies of Garan, just celebrate it all at once The name before the name by ってやるよ 観nianして top wear?Who is the one who submitted the report! How about giving up? win ち ち muscle na ぞ want to し て な い soil platform almost do luck orderThere is no desire for victory, victory or defeat is resigned to fate in the first place Answer えも出してやるよ Setsuna の Ming collection?Let me give you the answer! The flag that was waved in an instant?.

This sidehere do 々 tour り の most inWhile thinking hard 労働鸡の性だThis is the nature of the work rat Wake Up BankersWake Up Bookmakers Pay Back!To repay everything! todayWork hard! One verse One punchone sugar one whip AnswerにはFantasyをGive an incomparable answer Stand up my fav peoplerebel ! people i love.

Try し て kureTest me out! More cumulative skills 计ってくれ really newJudge me! With that brand new pocket knife 弾いてくれ People here are still surroundedPlay me! Everyone here is already besieged 对する人を解して この身の很点が思い知りたいThrough a person, I want to better understand the shortcomings of this body Ordinary world は troubled timesThe secular world is a chaotic world until there is no way out Every time FireWire よ まだまだ死ねないWhenever I go to the battlefield, I still can't die Anxiety Bodhi desu Shame and desire to holdWorrying Bodhi, Shame and Desire Embrace Together cheers し え え たdrink a cup, want to see more

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