HELLS PARADISE EP 1 | Recap x Key Takeaways

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Episode 1 introduces our main character Gabimaruthe hollow, an elite shinobi. We see Gabimaru undergoing failed executions due to his superhumanbody and a curious woman inquires as to why he refuses to die. But asks himself, why won’t hedie? At last Gabimaru was presented before the woman and learns she is a skilled executionerfrom the well known Yamada clan. Her name? Asaemon Sagiri. He immediately senses she can killhim and Gabimaru puts up a struggle and avoids near-death. Sagiri digs into his past and we learnthat the reason he continues to live is for his wife. She is the chief's daughter of Gabimaru’sNinja Village. After attempting to quit being a ninja, the chief sets up Gabimaru. Sagiri was ableto show gabimaru that he actually isn't Hollow, he loves his wife. Sagiri poses a negotiation,if he partakes in the shogunate's upcoming.

Expedition to the underworld and findsthe elixir of life he can receive a full pardon. Gabimaru agrees and the two headout to join the rest of the participants Post episode takeaways-His wife is the first person to show gabimaru that he isn’t hollow inside-The dull setting of the execution grounds reflects gabimarus personality on the outsidecontrasted with his colorful ninjutsu & the island which reflects his inner passion.-We learn there will be 13 episodes

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