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Welcome to DartToons, I am Polaris and today I bring you the most outstanding news from the world of animation. We will find returns new series trailers and much more. In our first news we have that Hbo Max Latin America has released the new animated series of Genndy Tartakovsky Unicorn Warriors Eternal, a.

Steampunk fantasy story produced by Cartoon Network Studios, Unicorn warriors eternal is a supernatural animated action series that follows a team of Heroes who awaken to battle an evil force, when a group of Heroes nicknamed Unicorn accidentally awaken in the bodies of teenagers instead of the.

Adult hosts who have incarnated in the past. The first two episodes are available on hbo Max globally with dubbing and subtitles in spanish. Hbo Max also recently released the trailer for the Clone High Revival, and the announces of the premiere date and new members in the school of clones of.

Historical figures, it should be noted that recently the series also had a controversy in India with the representation of Gandhi, this being the reason why we will not see this character in this new season Clone High will arrive this May 23 with two episodes on Max in addition to two new episodes that will debut.

Every Thursday from June 1 to June 22. Among other news, Disney Channel unveiled the first trailer for its new animated series titled Hailey's On It! a comedy- adventure that follows a teenager on a mission to complete each item on his long to-do list to save the world, while also.

Facing his feelings for his best friend Scott. Hailey's On It! will premiere on Disney Channel on 8 June in turn on Disney Channel and the next day on Disney plus for the United States. Continuing with the news we have that Greg Eagles the official voice of “Grim” of “The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy”.

Recently posted a photo on Twitter where he is in a recording booth claiming that he is about to do some “Grim stuff” for Cartoon Network studios, at first it would be logical to expect some kind of return of the iconic Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, But supposedly, it is actually a special episode of.

Two-parts of the JellyStone series, according to the synopsis of the special, a fault in space-time will cause that several iconic Cartoon Network characters to end up appearing in the city of JellyStone. For now, I cannot get an official source to confirm this information, so for the moment it is an assumption, but what is a fact is that there.

Will soon be a return of Grim on Cartoon Network… When I have more information I will be informing you. Among other news, Netflix recently confirmed this Wednesday that they will be in charge of issuing the long-awaited The Miraculous Ladybug movie “Awakening”, thereby ruling out Disney Plus as a possible.

Release platform, the film will also feature a renewed animation that will present in better detail some elements of the setting, expressions and traits of the characters, the film will be released in French theaters on July 5, 2023. that the global premiere will be through Netflix on July 28, and speaking of Netflix we have that.

The platform has finally presented a first trailer for what will be its next animated film “Nimona” that is based on the graphic novels of the same name created by Noel Stevenson whom you will remember by Shera Princess of Power. Nimona is a medieval adventure that follows a very impulsive shapeshifter who decides.

To become the companion of the knight Balister Blackheart and although he is not very convinced of the idea, Nimona will soon be able to help him prove his innocence for a crime he didn't even commit, its premiere on Netflix on June 30. Continuing with the news we have that Hulu has finally set a release date for the Futurama Revival, the.

New episodes of the series will debut on Hulu on July 24. They will be released weekly on Mondays from So this new season will be made up of 10 episodes. Hulu had previously announced that it had ordered a total of 20 episodes. Among other news Last May 16 we celebrate.

The day of indie animation, on this day we celebrate web indie animations and series and both artists and fans promote their favorite shows to make them known, for example on the official profile of glitch productions creators of Murd3r Drones celebrated by sharing a small preview of the next episode,.

Also, they shared some indie projects such as Monkey Wrench created by zeurel, Playground by Rodrigo Souza, Helluva Boss from Vivziepop ,of course the recent success Lackadaisy, the trailer for Far-Fetched Show by Ashley Nichols, The Legend of Pipi a fabulous animated short that you can't miss, Long Gone Gulch a pilot that we have already.

Talked about several times on this channel, a special mention to the animations of Sr. Pelo and much more, apart from this Maybe some of you remember a couple of years ago and that “Wellcome to Hell” At the time, it had millions of views on YouTube and in case you didn't know, this pilot is part of one of the special videos on this channel. Well, its creator Erika Western, in celebration of this date, confirmed that she would soon be encouraged to make a.

Second episode so If you want to know this series in greater depth, I encourage you to watch my videos about pilots and indie series. You can find the links in the information cards and in the description of the video, continuing with the news after almost a year since the premiere of the finale of Amphibia I bring you some.

Small news in celebration of the anniversary of the end of the series the Portal “The Gamer” conducted an extensive interview with Matt Braly about his thoughts on the production of the series, in addition to mentioning that the sales of the book Marcy's Journal were a surprising success for everyone, before saying goodbye, he does.

Comment that although he cannot officially announce it, he puts on record that soon we will have more amphibian books, it is still unknown if they will be a Journal, a prequel or continuation of the ending, but when I have more information I will let you know, among other news, We have news that Alan Ituriel, the creator of Villainous, recently.

Confirmed through their social networks that the series will make its debut in the US market on May 23 in Max, let's remember that although it has been a while since the episodes came out in Latin America, no official date had been set for an English version of the series a fact that English-speaking fans were not very happy with, this date.

Coincides with the premiere of the Max platform, which will also be on the 23rd of this month, so it may not be coincidence and this is part of a promotional strategy for this content renewal, however it is still excellent news for all English-speaking fans who had not yet been able to enjoy the show at.

The moment, a second season has already been confirmed but without an official date, as always before any news I will keep you informed. To finish we have that this Saturday we will see the expected premiere of the fourth episode of the second season of Helluba Boss, said news was released by its creator Vivziepop through.

Twitter along with a small gif, for At the time I edit this news the episode has not yet come out But based on all the advances that have been shown to us, we can assume that in this episode we will finally meet the demon Andrealphus who is Stella's older brother, in addition to this we know that we will see again Striker, who will try to.

Kidnap and eliminate Stolas of course commissioned by Stella herself according to some advances we will also have the participation of Blitz and Loona And possibly Moxie and Millie as well as a vision of both the ring of anger and the ring of laziness… And well , This has been all for today. Leave me in the comments which is the premiere you are.

Most looking forward to? I remind you that you can follow me on my social networks like PolarisM76 like my Instagram where we are more in contact or my Twitter where I share advances and more news, I'll leave you the links in the description, without more to say I'm Polaris and this was DartToons.

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