Her Cousin Loves Her & She Ends Up Pregnant With His Son

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The story begins with John Durbeyfieldwatching a parade on his way home. He meets a man who says that John is a descendantof an aristocratic family called d'Urberville. Despite learning that he has no hiddenwealth to look forward to, John is still happy with his recently discovered lineage.Nearby, a group of young men sees women dancing by the fields. One of them decidesto join in on the dancing. Once he's done, he quietly leaves while looking back at a girlnamed Tess, who also watches him intently. Not long after that, John passes by, boastingabout his aristocratic lineage. A girl asks Tess if John has lost his marbles, but Tess, whoturns out to be his daughter, says that her father is only stressed because they lost their horse.When Tess gets home, Mrs. Durbeyfield tells her.

About the news. She then asksTess to care for her siblings while she goes to the tavern to fetch her father.In the tavern, John is busy showing off his spoon with the d'Urberville crest. Mrs. Durbeyfield thensays a wealthy woman shares the same family name as them in a nearby town, and they should sendTess to claim kin. That way, they can receive financial assistance in their time of need.Tess arrives just in time to hear her mother's plans and says she doesn't like the idea.Despite her protests and John's disinterest in the matter, Tess finds herself atthe d'Urberville estate the next day. Tess goes inside the estate and meets a man namedAlec. He claims to be the son of the rich Mrs. d'Urberville, who, as it turns out, is an invalid.Alec, who quickly takes a liking to Tess, treats.

Her well. He does realize her intentions for goingthere and tells her to put an end to it. Instead, he helps her by arranging for Tess to workat their estate by managing their poultry. Despite her better judgment, Tess accepts the joboffer for the sake of her family. As she leaves, her siblings ask if Alec is theman their sister will marry, and Mrs. Durbeyfield seems welcome to the idea.On the way to the estate, Alec starts making a move on Tess, which displeases her. Sheintentionally drops her hat so she can get down from the carriage and walk her way to the estate.While working on the poultry farm, a worker reveals that Alec's true family name isStokes, not d'Urberville. It seems their family bought the aristocratic titleso that they could feel important..

Later that day, Tess meets the blindMrs. d'Urberville, who tells her to try learning how to whistle for the sake of herbeloved chickens. One of the workers mentions Alec and Mrs. d'Urberville fails to hide herdispleasure toward him in front of her workers. Alec finds Tess struggling to whistle andgives her some pointers. With his help, she manages to get the hang of it. Alec alsoreveals that he's not in his mother's good books. Before leaving, he tells Tess she shouldgo to him if she ever needs help. Another woman passes by and scowls at Tessfor being Alec's new favorite hand. On their way back to the estate one morning,Tess unwillingly gets into a fight with the same woman. However, Alec is nearby andbreaks them up, taking Tess along with him..

While riding, Alec tells Tess he bought her familya new horse, which makes her feel confused yet grateful. During that time, Alec confesses hisfeelings for Tess and tries to make a move on her. Surprised, Tess pushes him off the horse, causinghim to bleed from the back of his head. Guilty, Tess apologizes to Alec and lets him kiss her.Alec then takes advantage of the opportunity. Despite her resistance, Tess fails to stop Alec'sadvances, and he ends up having his way with her. After that, Tess tries to go along with Alec'sdesires for a time but eventually realizes she can't take it. She decides to go home one morningwithout telling anyone. Alec tries to convince her to stay, but when he realizes he can't stop heranymore, he decides to just give her a ride home. Before parting ways, Alec tells Tess that if sheever needs help, she just needs to let him know,.

And he'll give her whatever she needs.Time passes, and Tess is now the mother of Alec's child. She cares for the baby wheneverpossible, even during her fieldwork breaks. One night, a priest comes to the Durbeyfieldhome to baptize Tess's baby. However, John stops the priest since he doesn't want thebaby to be baptized for the dishonor it brought to their family name. Since the priest can'tbaptize her child, Tess decides to do it herself. The next day, Tess informs the priest about whatshe's done. She then asks if the priest can give her baby a proper burial. The priest declines,saying it's not something he can decide on his own. Since the priest doesn't want to,Tess does it herself later that night. Tess leaves for another town to look forwork. She finds a job on a dairy farm owned.

By Mr. Crick. Tess quickly makes friendsand gets comfortable in her new workplace. She eventually learns about a young man namedAngel Clare, a parson's son that wants to be a farmer. One of the workers, Marian, says thatAngel is a silent man who seems to mock old aristocratic families. He is the youngman Tess met years ago who danced with the ladies in the fields near her village.Eventually, Tess catches Angel's attention, and he falls in love with her.The same thing happens to Tess, but it isn't strange since all the girls onthe dairy farm seem to have feelings for Angel. One day, while wearing their Sunday best, thegirls struggle to cross a flooded road. Angel arrives and carries all the girls across, whicheach of them likes. Tess tries to cross herself,.

But Angel says he went to all thattrouble just for her. At that moment, the girls knew who Angel had his eyes for.One afternoon, while harvesting milk, Angel and Tess finally surrender to theirfeelings and share a kiss. Angel owns up to what he's done and tells Tess he loves her.Angel returns to his hometown a few days later and gets greeted by a woman namedMercy. Angel says he's there to visit his parents quickly for urgent business.Angel joins his family for a meal, and his brothers belittle him for pursuing a career infarming instead of going to university and being more educated. After the meal, Angel tells hisparents it's about time for him to get married. Angel's parents are happy and say that Mercy willmake a good wife for him. However, Angel shocks.

Them by saying he wants to marry Tess, not Mercy.When he returns to the dairy farm, Angel doesn't waste time and proposes to Tess. However,Tess rejects him despite admitting that she loves him. She also doesn't givehim the reason behind her decision. Tess suffers after rejecting Angel'sproposal and asks for her mother's advice. Mrs. Durbeyfield tells her not tosay a word to Angel about her past with Alec. One night, Tess tries to tell Angel the truereason why she rejected him. She fails. Instead, Tess tells him it's because of fear that he willhate her if he learns she descended from a line of aristocrats. Then, Angel proposesagain, and Tess agrees to be his wife. Later that night, Tess writes a letter forAngel and confesses the truth about her.

Past. She slips it under his doorstep,hoping that he'll be able to read it. In the morning, she waits for Angel outside hishouse. When he gets out, Angel happily approaches Tess and gives her a warm hug. The two finallylet go and let their love and happiness blossom. One day, after delivering flowers to Angel'shouse, Tess learns that when she slid her letter that night, it went under Angel's rug. Shenow realizes that he never knew the truth about her all along. She tries to tell Angel abouther past before they get married but fails. During their honeymoon, Angel confessesthat he had an affair before she met Tess and asks for her forgiveness. Tess quicklyforgives him, and hopeful that he will have the same reaction, she confesses her secret.Much to her surprise, Angel couldn't handle.

The truth. Dazed, he walks out of the house, indisbelief that he was living a lie all along. Tess goes after him to apologize, but he saysshe is not the woman he loved. At that point, he thinks of her as another woman that took theshape of his lover. He also blames everything that happened to Tess on her aristocratic lineage.The next day, Angel tells Tess that as long as Alec is alive, they can't be together ashusband and wife. Wanting to save face, Angel sends Tess home and tells her tostay there until he's ready to be with her again. He then decides to travel to Brazil.Before he leaves, Angel gets a visit from one of the girls from the dairy farm. Knowing she alsolikes him, Angel asks the girl if she'd leave everything behind and join him in Brazil.The girl says she'd do so in a heartbeat..

Angel then asks the girl if she loveshim more than Tess. To his surprise, the girl says no. She tells him no girl onthe farm loved him more than Tess. Saddened, Angel leaves the girl and makes his way to Brazil.Sometime later, Tess makes her way to see Marian. While on the road, a man tries to pick her up buteventually recognizes her as Alec's fancied woman. Tess reaches Marian's home by nightfall,and the girls embrace each other. Marian, who got fired from the dairy farm for becomingan alcoholic, is also in a difficult state but welcomes her old friend nonetheless.Tess stays with Marian while working in the muddy fields nearby. She later discoversthat the man who recognized her by the road is the supervisor of that place.One day, Tess visits Angel's home,.

But nobody answers her. She thenreturns to continue working with Marian. Having discovered that Tess isworking in one of his fields, Alec pays her a visit. Alec says he knew nothingabout her circumstances until her mother wrote to him about it. He says he would've fulfilledhis role for their child if she had told him. Alec asks Tess to come to her senses and go withhim, but she refuses his offer. He then tells her that her father is ill and that her entirefamily will be evicted when he passes away. Alec says he wants to give his sincere help,but Tess keeps rejecting him. In his frustration with Tess's hardheadedness, he insults Angelfor abandoning her, which makes Tess angry. When her father passes away, Tess and her familybecome homeless. Alec once again offers to help.

Them, but Tess, knowing full well what he wants inreturn, continues to reject his offers. Tess and her family camp outside the town's church afterfailing to find a temporary place to live in. Some time passes, and Angel comes home. Hetells his parents it took him a while to return because he fell ill and had to recover.Angel finds Tess's letters and starts reading them. He goes to Tess's hometown but discoversthey no longer live there. Angel eventually meets with Mrs. Durbeyfield, who tells himto leave her be. However, after he begs and she takes pity on him, Mrs. Durbeyfield tellsAngel that Tess is in a town called Sandbourne. Angel and Tess finally meet in Sandbourne.Tess reveals that she is now married to Alec and tells Angel they can nolonger be together. Angel leaves,.

And Tess finds herself moping and in tears.Alec, who seems to have gotten used to Tess moping, treats it as one of her usualmorning routines. He reads the papers and tells her to get ready to visitone of their friends later that day. Sometime later, the housemaid sees Tessleaving the house in a hurry. She then notices something dripping from upstairs and,when she inspects it, discovers that it's blood. Tess meets up with Angel at the train station.She reveals that she took Alec's life. Angel immediately promises that he won't abandon herand will do everything to protect and save her. The couple gets out at the next station andheads north on foot. Angel says they will go abroad once they reach their destination.They eventually find a mansion for sale.

And break into it to stay for the night.In the morning, the mansion's caretaker arrives and sees the couple. Realizing this,the two quickly pack up and leave the place. After a long day of walking, Angel and Tess stopby Stonehenge to rest. When the morning comes, Angel watches Tess sleep as the police arrive.The police tell him they can no longer escape since the entire country is already looking forthem. Angel looks at Tess and asks the police if they can let her sleep a little longer.When Tess wakes up, she realizes the police are waiting for her and says she is ready. Thecouple goes with the police, and eventually, Tess gets hanged for the crime she committed.subscribe for more videos like this turn on notifications and leave a likeit really helps the channel.

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